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Many Faces of Death

Many Faces of Death

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Published by Dew Nada

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Published by: Dew Nada on Oct 13, 2009
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Before I go any further I would like to apologise to my
father and to my brother and his girlfriend, should
they ever hear this talk, for they may feel that it is
too personal a story and therefore should not be told.
However, in the teaching of spirituality it is noticeable
that a story makes the strongest impact on people, no
matter what their sex, age or educational background.
Teaching linked to a story sinks more deeply into the
mind of the listener than does dry theory which is
not apparently linked to life. I know that for all of you
the question of death and how to handle it will have
more meaning and be more helpful if I link it to a real

One person, I feel sure, will be very happy for me
to tell this story and that is my mother herself, for she
said to a friend of hers that if she ever recovered she
would devote her life to helping people. Although she
did not recover, the use of her story to illustrate the
problems and possibility of spiritual growth in the
death process goes some way towards fulfilling her
wish to help others.

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