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PROGRESSIONS 1 Find the second term of geometric progression that has a common ratio of

1 2

and sum to

a infinity of 22. 2 Find the number of terms in the geometric progressions 4, 8, 16, that must be added up to a give a value of 684. 3 Given 1, x and 2 are three consecutive terms of a se!uence. Find the value of x if the se!uence. " #a$ is an arithmetic progression f #b$ is a geometric progression 4 Given k =1. %1 is a recurring decimal. Find the value of k.

&he diagram sho's several circles 'here the radii of the circles increase by 1 unit consecutively. (ho' that the circumferences of the circles form an arithmetic progression but not the areas. )ence, find the total circumferences of the first five circles.

Fahmi is allo'ed to spend an allocation of *+1 million 'here the ma,imum 'ithdra'al each day must not e,ceed t'ice the amount 'ithdra'n the day before. -f Fahmi 'ithdra's *+2%% on the first day, determine after ho' many days the amount the money allocated 'ill be used up.

. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14

&'o food stalls, A and B, sell fried noodles from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

2n one particular day, stall A sells k plates of fried noodles by 3 a.m. and the sale increases constantly by m plates every hour. 4y 2 p.m., the total sale in 6 hours is 145 plates and the number of plates sold in the last hour is 42. Find the values of k and m. 2n that particular day, stall B sells n plates of fried noodles in the first hour and the sale increases constantly by plates every hour. -f both food stalls happen to sell e,actly the same number of plates by 2 p.m. Find the value of n.



&he diagram sho's part of the graph of y against x. -t is /no'n that x and y are related by the e!uation and b are constants.
bx ab + x

, 'here a

#a$ (/etch the graph of straight line of

. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14

1 y


1 x

#b$ 0alculate the values of a and b.

6ariables x and y are related by the e!uation

2p, + qy = 7,y

. against
1 x

8hen a graph of

1 y


dra'n, the resulting line has a gradient of 1 and passes through #


Find the values of p and q.

&he diagram belo' sho's a straight9line graph of xy against x.

#a$ :,

#b$ "e

. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14


&he variables x and y are related by the e!uation x2 y = 2 ; 7x2. :,plain ho' a straight line graph can be obtained based on this e!uation.

-n a certain e,periment, the speed, v ms91, and the time ta/en, t of a particle are /no'n to be linearly related. &he follo'ing table sho's the corresponding values of t and v from the e,periment. v #m s-1$ t #s$ 2% %.24 7% %.77 4%


#a$ <lot a graph of t against v and dra' the line of best fit. #b$ 8rite the e!uation of the line of best fit obtained #a$ #c$ From the graph, find the value of v 'hen t = %.4 s.

&he variables of x and y are related by the e!uation 2#y ; 1$2 = kx + t, 'here k

. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14

and t are constants. #a$ -f the graph of #y ; 1$2 against x is plotted, a straight line is obtained. Given that line passes through the points #%, 1%$ and # k and t. #b$ )ence, find the gradient and the intercept on the Y-a,is of the straight line obtained by plotting he graph of y2 against #x > y$.

, %$, find the values of

INTEGRATION 1 (/etch the graph of y = ?x7 ; 1? for the domain 2 x 1. )ence, find the area of the
. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14

region bounded by y= ?x7 ; 1?, the x9a,is, the line x = 2 and x = 1.

Find the coordinates of points M and N sho'n in the diagram on the above. &hen calculate the area of the shaded region.

&he volume generated by the shaded region 'hen it is revolved through 76%@ about the x9a,is is 62

unit7. Find the value of k.

Given the point P#2, $ on the curve 'ith gradient of function 7x2 4x ; k. &he tangent

. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14

at point P is parallel to the straight line y 2x ; 1 = %. Find the value of k. )ence, find the e!uation of the curve.

&he volume generated by the shaded region 'hen it is rotated through 76%@ about the y9a,is is 2 unit7. Find the value of k.

. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14

&he diagram sho's the shaded region bounded by the curve y = generation is 6 unit7. Find the value of t.

x2 7

; 1 , the line y = t

and the y9a,is. 8hen the shaded region is rotated through 76%@ about the y9a,is, the volume

(/etch the graph of y = #x ; 4$2. )ence, calculate the volume generated 'hen the region bounded by the curve y = #x ; 4$2, the x9a,is and the line x = 1 is rotated through 76%@ about the x9a,is.

Given that #1, 1$ is a stationary point of a curve 'ith gradient #a$ the value of k, #b$ the e!uation of the curve, #c$ the e!uation of normal at the point #1, 1$

dy dx

= >1%x ; k. Find

. )a/ 0ipta +ooi )oe 1eap 2%14