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Lesson 3 Understanding Technology Learners

Lesson 3 Understanding Technology Learners

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Published by Annaliza Gando
Educational Technology 2
Educational Technology 2

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Published by: Annaliza Gando on Feb 28, 2014
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Lesson 3 Understanding Technology Learners

Annaliza Avanzad-Gando

Today’s Learners • Smarter and addicted to the Internet • Concentration in classes are questionable. • They become alive through video presentation. for they are uneasy to simple sit and listen. group activities and computer classes. .

sending txt messages.Today’s Learners • New learners spend too much time talking with friend on their cell phones.) • Information technology or digital learners. . interacting through social media and surfing the world wide web (www.

. • Research shows multitasking can be detrimental since this prevents concentration and the completion of specific tasks .Concerns of Today’s Learners • Underdevelopment of new learners along social face-to face interaction skills. • Multi tasking – performing tasks simultaneously.

• Balancing of the good and detrimental changes observed among new learners of the information technology age. characterizes professional work in the new world of information technology.Concerns of Today’s Learners • Multitasking. however. .

PARENTS OF YESTERDAY • Proficient readers • Focused on tasks at hand .

TRADITIONAL TEACHERS OF TODAY Use the traditional education program applicable to learns of the past. . Self imposed? Practice due to limitations due to limited materials/facilities.

2. Choose at least 2 appropriate website/education sites for learners. Report in class. Search the World Wide web for websites that can be use by digital learners to assist them in learning. .To aid the new digital learners of today : 1. 4. Research on their advantages/disadvantages and explain how these sites can help digital learners. 3.

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