What is Allah Hafiz?.

What is Allah Hafiz? ‘Allah Hafiz’, its composition is upon two words which are as follows. 1.

‘Allah’ from Arabic language 2. ‘Hafiz’ from the Persian language So as per the logical and linguistic structure the speaking of two words of two different languages is not proper and not good. In its place it is proper and good to say the two words of the one language which is as follows. 1. ‘Fe aman Allah’ (Arabic language) 2. ‘Khuda Hafiz’ (Persian language) For many centuries in the sub-continent ‘Khuda Hafiz’ already in use and still it is in use in the Persian areas where the Persian is spoken and these words are cited independently as maxims in their own right. These words are still known by heart and spoken by minstrels and other persons throughout Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and wherever Persian in spoken and understood such as in the lands of the Indo Pak sub-continent. If this present generation for some reason and due to unknown basis if not interested to say ‘Khuda Hafiz’ then they can use ‘Fe Aman Allah’ which is composed of two Arabic words which is proper and correct from the logical and as well as from the linguistic requirements. It should be noted that this article presents in the pursuance of research and intellectual persons and other learned Islamic persons for the proper understanding of this matter in the right direction. I hope that anybody when knows the above facts and information then he should use the correct words and guide the persons in the right way. Mohammed Abdul Hafeez Translator ‘ Muslim Saints and Mystics’ (The Tadhkirah al-Awliya of Farid Eldin Attar)

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