Stress refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism, human or other a nimal to respond adequately to mental, emotional, or physical

demands, whether a ctual or imagined . Stress is classified into two categories one is Distress and another is Eustress. Distress is bad type of stress when demands are great whic h lead to bodily and mental damage. It is damaging, excessive or pathogenic (dis ease producing) stress .Eustress is the good type of stress (opposite of Distres s) and refers to the optimal amount of stress, which helps promote health and gr owth . There are three types of stress Acute Stress, Episodic Acute Stress and C hronic Stress. Acute stress comes from demands and pressures of the recent past and anticipated demands and pressures of the near future . Episodic Acute Stress is reactions to be over-aroused, short-tempered, irritable, anxious, and tense .Chronic stress is the stress of unrelenting demands and pressures for seemingly interminable periods of time with no hope, the individual gives up searching fo r solutions . In this study the main focus is on university population`s general stress which are greater academic demands, being on one s own in a new environmen t with new responsibilities, exposure to new people, ideas, and temptations, lik e Wright found out that Relationships with family and friends, eating and sleepi ng habits, and loneliness may affect some students adversely (Wright,1967)

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