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HCAI Update
Date: To: February 27, 2014 Health Care Facilities

Sunset Date Announced for Three Health Professions
As previously communicated, the unregulated versions of health professions that became regulated in 2013 would receive a ‘Sunset Date’ in HCAI. On May 1, 2014, the ‘Sunset Date’ will take effect in HCAI for the unregulated versions of the following professions: • • • Kinesiologist Acupuncturist Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

How does the “Sunset Date” affect me and my business?
Once the ‘Sunset Date’ takes effect, only Providers using the ‘Regulated’ version of the above professions or another valid profession will appear on Ontario Claims Form (OCF) dropdowns within HCAI.
• • Providers must update their details with the ‘Regulated’ version of the professions by May 1, 2014. Saved drafts of OCFs that use the unregulated version of the profession will still show the Provider, but these OCFs cannot be submitted.

Next Steps
• • • Review HCAI’s September 2013 Bulletin and October 2013 Newsletter for information about the above-noted Regulated Health Professions in HCAI. Ensure individuals at your health care facility that are affected by this change have received a registration number from their Health Regulatory College. Review the instructions on how to update a Provider’s information in HCAI.

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