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Agile Scrum Master Course
eDecapolis Consulting & Associates

Agile Scrum Master Course is a two-day course of in-depth seminar on the art of serving as an effective Scrum Master, and on the Scrum Method. This course will provide tools, techniques and understanding needed to be an effective Agile Scrum Master.

This workshop is appropriate for those who would not only like to learn more about Scrum but also leave with the knowledge necessary to get started using Scrum. All roles can benefit: developers, testers, analysts, technical writers, architects, project managers, business managers, and executives.

Day One
     Agile and Scrum Overview Scrum Framework Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Scrum Artifacts and Events Sprint

Day Two
 Scrum Practices o Preparing the Product Backlog o Backlog preparation and Estimation Techniques o The Sprint Planning Meeting o Tracking the Sprint o The Sprint Demo and Review Daily Scrum Sprint Review Meeting Backlogs and Burn Down Charts Release Planning The Art of Scrum Master

    


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