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Have the will of a tiger, the speed of a

cheetah and the heart of a lion

Meet The Team

Roisin Moloney, Amy Walsh, Sundas Arshad, Iffat Khalid, Jennifer O Neill, Aoibhin Monnelly

Team Manager - Iffat Khalid

Iffats job as team manager is to not only act as a leader for the team but also help in organizing the main required stages to bring the team to success and achievement. Iffat will also be operating equally within the work of each team member.

Marketing & Communications Manager - Roisin Moloney

Roisin will be in charge of the sponsorship and advertising of the team which is vastly crucial throughout the whole competition. Roisin will also make sure that we do not exceed our budgeting plan and will be in charge of designing the website.

Design Engineer - Jennifer O Neill

Jennifer will be playing a major role in this project as making the design of the car as good as possible and efficient is the most important feature involved. Jennifer will be responsible for the aerodynamic design of the car and will be make sure that the car can be manufactured.

Manufacturing Engineer - Sundas Arshad

Sundas will be in charge of manufacturing the car and is to make sure that our car can reach the highest standard possible! Sundas is also willing to offer help if needed within the work of the team members.

Resources Manager - Aoibhin Monnelly

Aoibhin will act as a resources manager for the team and will make sure that all materials and equipment for the car are available for the team when necessary. Aoibhin will also be in charge of getting the uniform designed.

Graphic Designer - Amy Walsh

Amy brings along her exemplary technical graphic skills to the team and enjoys using computers. Amy will also make sure that the team has a powerful identity that is sure to catch anyone's attention!

Laminar Flow/Turbulent Flow
The more laminar flow we have the better! Laminar Flow occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers, with no disruption between the layers.(Is the way air flows past something).

Downforce is the aerodynamic force that is applied in a downwards direction as a car travels forwards. This helps the car travel faster through corners.

There are many types of bearings, each one is used for different purposes. The two main type of bearings are thrust and radial bearings. The radial bearing load comes from the weight of the car and the thrust bearing load comes from the cornering forces when you go around a turn.

Aerodynamics is the study of airflow around and over an object. It is an essential part in the design of Formula One cars. A teardrop and a bullet are two examples of the most aerodynamic shapes possible. It is very important to make our car as aerodynamic as possible so for some parts of the car we decided to use the teardrop shape.

Team Identity
Team Name
We chose the name Team Cheetah because the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. We wanted our car to be related with something that is extremely fast so as a team, we came up with the name Team Cheetah. This name also creates a strong image of speed, force and acceleration.

Our motto is there to motivate, inspire and encourage us throughout the whole competition. If we have the will of a tiger, the speed of a cheetah, and the heart of a lion, we are sure to come 1st in the Junior Category and achieve our goal!

Our logo represents an atmosphere of racing, strength and power. The cheetah captures a vision of eagerness to reach the finish line which in our logo is the checkered flag. Our font for team cheetah is simple and sufficient as our cheetah explains our teams identity considerably.

Cheetah Max Speed Life Span Population Weight Diet Prey

Worlds fastest land mammal 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. 10-12 years 9000-12000 remaining 35-65kg Carnivore Gazelles

For our marketing innovation, we finalized on the idea to contact a zoo in Ireland and ask them to make a 1 minute video for our team. In that video, we would kindly request them to wish us the best of luck for the competition, speak a little about cheetahs and elaborate on their wildlife, also capture the cheetah that they have in their zoo in the video and if they could also mention how people can help save the remaining cheetahs in the world and a make a difference. This marketing innovation will help spread information about the F1 in Schools competition including in our school and will also be beneficial for our teams advertising.

Interesting Fact

Cannot purr and roar like other big cats

Car Design

Orthographic Projection
An orthographic projection represents a three-dimensional object in two dimensions. It is essential for us to create an orthographic projection of our car so we can discover the car in sufficient detail. In the opposite picture, the first sketch is a plan view and the second sketch is a front elevation.

Jennifer as teams design engineer created the 3D version of our car using the software Photoview 360. As we want our car to be the fastest, we have to make sure that we can design the car as aerodynamic as possible. We finalized on the idea to make the top shape of our car in the shape of a teardrop as it is known to be the most aerodynamic shape possible.!

Initial Sketch

Sketches of various nose designs

Resource & Planning


To make sure that the team is being advertised, we will use social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, along with youtube. We will make and design a website which will have all the information and details about the team, along with our sponsorship guidelines. We would try to advertise our team on the local newspaper and local radio. We would accomplish this step by contacting the manager of the radio station and the school reporters of the newspapers.

Roisin, as marketing and communications manager, will try to contact various local and national companies to gain sponsorship for our team. We will create sponsorship letters outlining the benefits the companies will receive if they sponsor us. In the sponsorship letters, we will also include our sponsorship guidelines which will outline all the different type of ways the company will be advertised. For example, the companies logo will appear on our website, on our facebook and twitter page, on our car, on our uniform and various other places. Roisin will organize meetings with the companies if necessary and provide them with all the information about what this competition is about!

Sponsorship Guidelines
Amount Website Facebook Twitter Branding (T-shirts) All other branding Press releases Car

Any Donation Bronze 150 Silver 300 Gold 450

Sponsorship Letter

Team Identity


Car Manufacture Car Materials

150 200