Tell Us a Story
Invent a story which includes at least THREE of the following: AN EARTHQUAKE A GUN $10,000 IN CASH A POLICEMAN A FALSE PASSPORT A DIAMOND PLANE TICKETS A STOLEN CAR A ROBBERY A MAN CALLED JAMES A WOMAN CALLED ANN Discuss the questions in groups and write your ideas in the box. Then write the complete story in pairs, using and, so, because, but and then.
WRITE YOUR IDEAS HERE 1 Why was Dave late home from work? How did he feel? Why?


How did his wife Kate feel? Why? What did she do?


What two things did Dave do when he got home?


Dave went into the bedroom and telephoned someone. Who was it? What did they say How did Dave feel after the phone call? What did he decide to do? Why?



What did he have in his briefcase? What did he do with it/them?


Kate walked into the bedroom. Why was she angry?


What did Dave say to her? Did she believe him? Why (not)?


Somebody knocked at the front door. Who was it? What did he/she do or say?


Dave left with the person at the door. Where did they go? Why?


How did Kate feel after Dave left? Who did she telephone? Why?


What happened at the end of the story?

com ©20I3 . Encourage them to use the linkers (and. make one copy of the worksheet for each student. because.TEACH-THIS. The questions in the worksheet provide a framework for the story. so. Students must include at least three of the items. Encourage them to write notes rather than complete sentences. students write their story in pairs. then) when writing their story. Students can put their stories up round the classroom and vote on which they like the most. Written by Amanda Goodman for Teach-This. but.COM Tell Us a Story This writing activity helps you to teach the past simple and linking words. When they have made notes for all the questions. events or people at the top of the worksheet in their story. Before class. Procedure Put students into pairs. Give each student a copy of the worksheet and tell them that they are going to invent a story. Students discuss each question in turn and write their ideas in the appropriate box.