October 13, 2009

Dear Finance Committee:
RE: America's Healthy Future Act
http://finance.senate.gov/sitepages/leg/LEG %202009/100209_Americas_Healthy_Future_Act_AMENDED.pdf

Attempting to pass a socialized health care plan that forces me into compliance is a perverse disregard of the U.S. Constitution and an assault on my rights as a citizen! I REJECT – any – socialized plan that takes away my right to choose (by including a public option, or individual mandates), or dramatically increases the reach and size of the federal government. The American people want less government – not more! American taxpayers are already being crushed under the weight of too much taxation and a swelling 10-18 percent unemployment rate, now is not the time to pass a health care measure that some estimates suggest will take 13 percent of our household income to fund! Listen to the voice of middle-class Americans who are demanding you REJECT this mad dash toward socialized health care. Please know that I am carefully monitoring your actions regarding this bill. We the People have spoken – LOUD & CLEAR! NO SOCIALIZED, GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE IN THIS COUNTRY! Sincerely, Kat

PS. STOP bankrupting MY country!
CC: Widespread distribution!

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