Charles H.

Tillman, Acting- Mayor
City o /ac'son, -ississi..i

/ac'son Police!ent 9indsey :orton, C(ie o Police

htt !""###.$ac%sonms.go&

P(one: )01*;)0*0;4< Fa=: )01*;)0*1,)< ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Date: Contact(s): February 27, 2014 Colendula D. Green, Public In or!ation " icer #!ail: c$reen%city.&ac'son.!

P(one: )01*7+0*7,++

"n February 2,, 2014, t(e -adison Police!ent en$a$ed in a (ot .ursuit c(ase in t(at be$an in t(e /ac'son city li!its. 0ased on t(e in or!ation co!.iled by t(e /ac'son Police!ent, an alle$ed incident occurred at t(e 1ar$et 2tore in /ac'son and outside t(e &urisdiction o t(e -adison Police!ent. 3ccordin$ to t(e incident re.orts -adison Police " icers en$a$ed in a (i$( c(ase .ursuit 4it(out t(e aut(ority or assistance o t(e /ac'son Police!ent. 1(e -adison o icers (ad no arrest .o4ers or an alle$ed cri!e t(at occurred in t(e city o /ac'son. 1(ere 4as no re5uest or assistance to in6esti$ate a cri!e in /ac'son. 1(e o icers only contacted /PD a ter t(ey 4ere already on scene at t(e 1ar$et 2tore and .ursued a (i$( s.eed c(ase. 1(e /ac'son Police!ent .olicy re$ardin$ (i$( c(ase .ursuits ta'es into consideration t(e in(erent dan$ers o (i$( s.eed c(ases on t(e .ublic t(orou$( ares. 1(e acts t(at (a6e been .resented to date did not s(o4 t(at a cri!inal act occurred t(at 4ould &usti y a (i$( s.eed c(ase. 3s a result o t(e action ta'en, at least one innocent by*stander 4as seriously in&ured. 3s a result o t(e actions ta'en by t(e -adison .olice o icers, t(e /ac'son Police!ent (as solicited t(e -ississi..i 0ureau o In6esti$ations (-0I) to conduct an inde.endent in6esti$ation. Public sa ety in t(e City o /ac'son is t(is!ent7s ulti!ate concern and res.onsibility. 8e encoura$e t(e assistance o ot(er a$encies but only 4it(in t(e !eans allo4ed by our .olicies and t(e la4. ###

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