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Reagan Hansford Mrs. Hensel English III 21 February 2014 Annotated Bibliography: Diabetes Scott, Rebecca Lovell. "Diabetes.

" Genetics & Inherited Conditions. Ed. A. Knight Jeffrey, 3d ed. 3 vols. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2010. Salem Health Web. 14 Feb. 2014. This article was created to tell the genetic and inherited conditions about diabetes. It covered risk factors, etiology, genetics, symptoms, and diagnosis of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a syndrome in which the body cannot produce and distribute insulin properly. People that get diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have to take daily shots of insulin to cover the food they eat, so it doesnt turn into all sugar. After evaluating this article I have determined that this source is going to be the least useful. Although it does give me some reliable information, it doesnt cover all the facts I will need for my research. This source only tells me the science behind diabetes while my other source includes how it affects a person and their daily lifestyle. I believe that this article is not biased because it is giving me facts and details about diabetes; the author is not stating his opinion or feelings in this article. The goal of this article is to inform the readers about diabetes and give informational facts about what it is and what it does. The only way this fits into my research is by giving facts about diabetes. This can help me explain to the readers what diabetes is, how it is caused, and how your chances of getting diabetes are increased. This article will be a little helpful although it is not fulfilling my whole research. It only answered some of the background questions I had about diabetes it doesnt answer how it affects a person in their daily life. This source would be more useful if it gave me more personal information and experience. Spencer. J.E.H.C. Cooper. and B. Milton. The Lived Experience Of The Young People (13-16) With . Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus And Their Parents- A Qualitative Phenomenological Study. Diabetic . . Medicine30.1 (2013): e17-e24. Academic Search Premier. Web. 14 Feb. 2014.

This article was created to give informational facts and give peoples experience of having type 1 diabetes. Some of the things it covers are risk factors, symptoms, personal experience, and treatment. Symptoms of diabetes are always thirsty, having to use the bathroom a lot, losing weight, and getting weak. People that have been diagnosed with diabetes have a hard time adjusting to taking daily shots and counting the carbohydrates of every meal.

This article is going to be the most useful for me out of my two sources because it answers both parts of my research question and gives detailed information. My other source only gave me scientific facts about diabetes. This information is very reliable with all the facts about what diabetes is and where it comes from. This has a lot of experience about how individual people are affected by diabetes. This source is a little biased but its opinions about what others are going through which is helpful in my research. The main goal of this article is to give the readers an informational experience about the affects of diabetes. After reviewing this article I have discovered a few new things that I didnt know before about diabetes. This article is going to be helpful in my research because it has all the information for my topic question. This source is going to fit into my research for a lot of reasons, mainly because it gives me all the answers that I will need in my research. It gives a lot of valuable information and experience with people that have diabetes. This has changed how I think about my topic because now I know that there are many other families that are going through the same thing as mine.