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A test, grade 7, February 2014, BLUE GROUP 1. Write the question words.

What Who Where When How How long How old How much How many What time How fast How tall a) _____ are you? 1,58 metres. b) _____ CDs? There are 4 CDs. c) _____ does it go? 130 km/h d) _____ is she? Shes eleven. e) _____ do you go to school? By bus. f) _____ have you had that car? For 6 years. g) _____ is this? It's a pencil. h) _____ is this? It's my sister. i) _____ is by the door? The teacher. j) _____ is History? On Mondays. k) _____ is milk? In the fridge. l) _____ do you live? In the town. m) _____ are you? I'm fine, thanks. n) _____ is milk? It's 1,5 KM. o) _____ do you get up? At 6 o'clock. p) _____ is by the door? An umbrella.