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MFE126 Drawing check list and comments / suggestions Before submitting your drawing for grading check the

following: 1 2 + . 6 4 7 9 1( 11 12 1+ 11. 16 14 17 19 2( !ll lettering and information ty"ed on the drawing is ca"itali#ed $a%e file as &12' your initials' ((1 ) etc *his is the drawing number ,art name is a noun for the "art name ,ut your name in the block abo%e the title block Drawing tolerances s"ecified as defined for this class /0/1 (+(' 0/1 (1(2 unless otherwise s"ecified 3sometric %iew for the "art is in the u""er right hand corner for the drawing and is small in si#e and shaded /1/- scale2 Drawing %iews are located as defined for orthogra"hic "ro5ection 6erify you are using + angle "ro5ection on the drawing tem"late before inserting model Dimension callouts do not o%er la" an e8tension or dimension line Dimension is readable clearly Dimensions are not crowded and are clear' concise' and accurate Drawing %iews s"aced e:ually on the drawing !lso the %iew si#e does not o%erwhelm the drawing si#e Drawing format is in !;$3 and not 3$< =heck that the units are in inches !ll drawing data is within the drawing border ,art material is s"ecified >our choice or it will be s"ecified ,art finish is s"ecified 6erify all features or surfaces' hole locations' are dimensioned "er the rules in the a""ro"riate %iews the best shows the "art features or sha"e ?a%e other "erson check you drawing for com"leteness and accuracy @se the $& ! si#e drawing tem"late and not the format used in $& book cha"ter 2 ;otes are located in the u""er left corner >ou ha%e sam"le notes @se them Dimensions are clear and accurate 3f you are adding dimensions at the drawing le%el then you failed to dimension the feature at the sketch le%el Ao back and add the dimension to the model