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To Whom This Letter May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I submit this letter of recommendation for Lisa White. I have had the privilege of working with Lisa as a student at James Madison University in her teacher preparation courses in the Elementary Education Program. Specifically, Lisa was a student in my elementary science methods course, ELED 432. Lisa possesses both superior academic and personal skills that will allow her to continue to experience the success that extends beyond her years at James Madison University. She already exemplifies the characteristics of an excellent teacher, leader, and person and would be an excellent addition to any school faculty. Lisa’s performance in her work at James Madison University is exemplary in every way. The quality of her work in unit and lesson planning is exceptional and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of student learning and understanding. For example, in teacher preparation courses, students are frequently asked to present developmentally appropriate lessons on various content. Lisa possesses and demonstrates a natural ability for presenting content in such a way that is both engaging and effective in the delivery. She successfully adjusts instruction to respond to the various levels of understanding that would be expected in an individual classroom or clinical setting. She already has a command of copious amounts of teaching and learning strategies that will serve her well in diverse classrooms or any setting involving children. Lisa’s time in her clinical experiences (i.e., practicum and student teaching) provided a rich cultural diverse teaching experience that better prepares her for the diversity in today’s classrooms. Each of these traits exceeded expectations in her student teaching placements, all three practicum placements and microteaching exercises in her methods courses. Her hard work and commitment to teacher preparation is indicative of her dedication to becoming a master teacher. Lisa’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in her celebrated academic career at James Madison University including her outstanding academic record in both her cumulative work at James Madison and her teacher education course work. She has worked as a reading buddy, mentor, and volunteer in the local schools. These extracurricular activities, above and beyond the traditional activities associated with teacher preparation, represent her dedication to teaching and learning. Lisa’s natural movement towards leadership roles among her peers is a testament to her people skills and overall maturity. Her magnetic personality brightens any room. Fellow students look to her as a role model and she possesses compassion and concern for her peers that is admirable and refreshing. Lisa’s maturity level is well beyond her years. She approaches challenges with an upbeat, positive attitude without letting them break her stride. You would be hard pressed to find a student that matches Lisa’s sincerity, compassion, intellect, and drive to better herself and community. Lisa’s successful participation in classroom settings requires her to create emotionally and physically safe environments that promote the most learning for each individual, a skill that will continue to serve her well in the public school setting. As a current faculty member in a College of Education, I am aware of the expectations of the teaching profession and the essential qualities for successful teaching. I believe that Lisa possesses the necessary skills to be a master teacher. As a teacher educator, she is a student that has made a lasting impression on me. I am aware of the type of student that makes the maximum contribution to and receives the maximum benefit from opportunities. Lisa is that type of student. It is with no reservations that I recommend Lisa for a teaching position in your school and school division. Sincerely,

John Almarode, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education