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Housing Utilities Food $1262.00 $271.00 $260.00

Lizzie Morrill A4

Transportation $600.00 Clothes $75.00 $119.00

Health Care

Entertainment $125.00 Personal Care $50.00

Miscellaneous $250.00 Student Loans $470.00 Savings $244.00 $3726.00 $44712.00

Monthly Expenses Annual Expenses Federal Taxes State Taxes

$10709.00 $2917.00 $58338.00

Annual Salary Needed

Jobs I can do are Civil Engineers- At least a bachelors degree, yearly for the U.S is $75120.00. Architectural and Engineering Manager- At least a bachelors degree, yearly in the U.S is $124870.00. Mechanical Engineer- At least a bachelors degree, yearly in the U.S is $80580.00.


Artistic was my highest score I can be an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, actress, dancer, graphic designer, fashion designer, writer, or a sketch artist. These are some things that I really want to be.

Enterprising was my second highest score. Some jobs I can be are Industrial Engineer, architectural and engineering manager, real estate agent, I really want to be a civil engineer and/or an architect.

Investigative was my third highest score. Some jobs I can do are mechanical engineer, physicist, environmental engineer, historian, chemist, or a robotics engineer.

Social was tied with investigative. Some jobs I could do are preschool $27130.00 and kindergarten teacher $27130.00, or elementary school teacher $$53400.00. Many of these kinds of jobs are not ones that I would like to do, I prefer to solve problems and create new things to help people.


My highest score was for architecture and construction. I can be a drafter, architect, I want to be self- employed I would earn $68890 a year and I want a masters degree, interior designer, or landscape designer. All of these jobs I am very interested in. I love drawing and making things pretty.

My second highest score was for arts, audio/visual technology, and communications. Jobs I could do are actress, dancer, writer, or sound engineering technician. These jobs are cool ideas but I am not very interested in them. I love performing in school musicals but I dont want to do it for a job.

My third highest score was for education and training. Jobs I could do are elementary school teacher, preschool teacher, or kindergarten teacher. I really like babysitting but I dont have enough patience to be a teacher.

The job I really want to do is a civil engineer and an architect, even though these surveys say otherwise, I know I really like engineering.