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Dear AIESEC Local Commitee UNS Herewith, I would like to give you my motivation and reasons why I am interested

to join this Organization to become VP ER AIESEC. Im a second- year undergraduates student studying Management in one of State Universities in Solo and hopefully will be receiving m y undergraduates degree in 2016. My activity in university Ive learning about new knowledge that I never know before, especially about Economics, Business and Global Problem of Human resources also. I have a big ambition in my life. It is to be a Successful Entrepreneur who care about Social too witch includes an Environment, culture, and poverty especially in Indonesia. Basicly I love to learn about Entrepreneurship so I want to have a position in AISEC that discuss about problem and solve about it. Because as I know we have a lot problem about poverty in Indonesia, example about how to control and increased Indonesia GDP to make Indonesian people richer. I am keenly interested in acquiring new experience and hopefully can get a new skills from being VP ER in AIESEC. From the many experiences that I have obtained, I hope that I can apply many of the skill and knowledge I have learned in this organization. For this reason I want to be VP External Relation to open up my opportunities to have connection and working in a companies or institution, have experience and can learning from the problem that I get and will be critical person for get a solve. And certainly I will prepare to build the relationship with all member so I can sharing and discuss about the project with them. With the spirit of Entrepreneurship, I believe that I can do a project as good as I can. All these activities will improve myself and make me more mature and have a critical think than before. I always enjoy working in new environment and new peoples because everyone actually have a different think with me so I can widen my knowledge about anything from a discussion. In conclusion, I certain that because Im smart, organized person, and always open to sharing anything. I can prove to be a good thinker in a one of projects of AIESEC. Thank you for your time and consideration.