Max 2013

! he I lonourable Boh Foster

Mayor 1he Cit) of Long Beach
333 West Ocean Boulevard

Long Beach
CA 90803 I SA

RE: Formula I

Lone Beach

Dear Mayor Foster

It is m\ understanding that your Cit} Ulome>. Mr. Robert shannon, has confirmed thai the current agreement for the operation of an automobile race, between I he Grand Prix association

ol Long Beach and I he ( it\ does not provide for an automatic renewal upon its expiration in
June of 2015.

Furthermore that if you and the ( it\ ( ouncil ^o determine, the opportunit) to operate an automobile race through the Cit} Streets o\ I ong Beach can be put out to open bid.

Please be advised that I ormula I is interested in returning to your ( ity. mw\ we will consider the appropriate emit) to make such a bid if you decide to permit such a process.
We will await vour decision. Yours sincereh

(X : Robert shannon Esq. Christopher R. Pook

'•' •

. . . . mvni'J subsiding ,•: I .
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