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Hn vn Wikipedia ting Vit

Hn vn
Bch khoa ton th m Wikipedia

Hn vn (ch Hn: ) l mt phong cch truyn thng bng vn bn ca Trung Quc, da vo cc ng php v t vng ca Trung Quc c xa, lm cho n khc vi bt k hnh thc hin i ca Trung Quc ni. Tuy nhin, vic phn bit vn chng c in, vn chng Bch Thoi v vn chng Trung Quc r rng l xa [cn dn ngun]. Nhc c in Trung Quc c mt ln c s dng cho hu ht tt c mi th t trc khi chnh thc v trong thi gian u ca th k 20, khng ch Trung Quc m cn (trong cc thi k khc nhau) ti Hn Quc, Nht Bn v Vit Nam. Trong s ngi ni ting Hoa, Hn Vn c thay th bi Bch Thoi () ting Trung Quc, mt phong cch vit l tng t vi Trung Quc hin i, ni ting Hoa, trong khi nhng cng ng ngi ni ngn ng phi Hn phn ln khng s dng Bch thoi trong ting bn a ca mnh. Hn Vn c bit n nh hanmun () trong ting Hn Quc v nh kanbun () trong ting Nht.

Hn vn
Khu vc Trung Quc, Hn Quc, Nht Bn v Vit Nam (Vng vn ha ch Hn) khng chnh gc khng xp hng H ngn ng Hn-Tng Ting Trung Quc Hn vn Phn nhnh H ch vit ch Hn M ngn ng ISO 639-1
zh chi

Tng s ngi ni Hng Ng h

V d
Bnh Ng i Co - Nguyn Tri Hch tng s - Trn Hng o Thin Chiu - L Thi T

(B) (T)


ISO 639-3

lzh ( /iso639-3 /documentation.asp?id=lzh)

Tham kho

Frederick William Baller (1912). Lessons in elementary Wen-li ( /books?id=7bNDAAAAIAAJ&dq=zung+kuh++soo+kyi+tok&q=mandarin). China Inland Mission. Truy cp ngy 15 thng 5 nm 2011. J. J. Brandt (1936). Introduction to literary Chinese ( /books?id=kGFkAAAAMAAJ) (n bn 2). H. Vetch. J. J. Brandt (1973). Wenli particles ( Vetch and Lee. Herrlee Glessner Creel bin tp (1952). Literary Chinese by the inductive method, Volume 2 ( University of Chicago Press. Truy cp ngy 15 thng 5 nm 2011. Raymond Stanley Dawson (1984). A new introduction to classical Chinese (n bn 2). Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-815460-0. Evan Morgan (1931). A guide to Wenli styles and Chinese ideals: essays, edicts, proclamations, memorials, letters, documents, inscriptions, commercial papers, Chinese text with English translation and notes ( (n bn 2). Christian Literature Society of China. Truy cp ngy 1 thng 3 nm 2012. Abel Rmusat (1822). lmens de la grammaire chinoise, ou, Principes gnraux du kou-wen ou style antique: et du kouan-hoa c'est--dire, de la langue commune gnralement usite dans l'Empire

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Hn vn Wikipedia ting Vit

chinois ( cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false). PARIS: Imprimerie Royale. Truy cp ngy 15 thng 5 nm 2011. Ly t Th loi: S khai ngn ng Ch Hn Ting Trung Quc Trang ny c sa i ln cui lc 17:07, ngy 18 thng 2 nm 2014. Vn bn c pht hnh theo Giy php Creative Commons Ghi cng/Chia s tng t; c th p dng iu khon b sung. Xem iu khon S dng bit thm chi tit. Wikipedia l thng hiu ng k ca Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., mt t chc phi li nhun.

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