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Part 1 Concerns 1. If you were Patty, what concerns would you have about being a rescue worker?

? - Death, bacteria and virus, toxic heavy metals in water affect to the skin 2. Are any of your concerns health-related? Order your health-related concerns from highest concern to lowest. - Highest death, central nervous system effects, learning disabilities; medium abdominal pain, irritability, insomnia; lowest headache, flu, skin effects 3. How many of these concerns exist only in the flood conditions present in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina? - Pollution, contamination, diseases

Part 2 Lead 1. What are some possible sources for the lead in the flood water? - Paint, batteries, projectiles for firearms, electrodes, paint pigment, etc. 2. How could you determine where the lead comes from? - By the point source cars 3. What populations/individuals are at the highest risk from the lead in the flood waters? - People that are close to the dumps, factories or high population areas

Part 3 Soil 1. What are some reasons why the concentration of lead is so high in New Orleans soil?

- Because they use many pesticides that contain lead. 2. Would you expect a difference between New Orleans and New York City soil? - Yes, because New Orleans has more farm field than New York so the more farm they have, the more pesticide they use to control the insects and animal eating their crops, the more lead they have in the soil also. 3. Would you expect a difference between New Orleans and the soil in a very small, rural town? - Yes, the smaller the farm is, the less pesticides they use = the less lead they have in the soil 4. What precautions could Patty take to minimize her exposure to lead? - Safety mask and clothes 5. Should Patty stay and help the rescue effort or should she quit her job? - This base on her health, if shes too weak to help the rescue effort, she should quit her current job. And find another job in same field but safer for herself and family.