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The Strangler Tree

The Strangler Tree

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Published by Fanny Sylvia C.
High school poetry.
High school poetry.

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Published by: Fanny Sylvia C. on Jul 26, 2007
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The Strangler Tree

The strangler tree claws wet black soil sinuous fingers outstretched.

Sky mist sieves through forest shadows sink into soil; the strangler sips this wealth cradled by firm boughs. Grows.

She cleaves her obsidian nails about the coarse strength, the ashy bark of her buttress.

Her arms stretch, bulk, thrust themselves into the white-foamed sky standing on the canopy.

She guzzles of the light, clenches between her thighs the mother tree reaches her cold arms further.

In this tight prison, the crib stills; maternal fires smolder crushed in silent wet heat.

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