an apologetic denial

this is another poem
I started
to unite it all in one

Sankara has done it
he done it before
this was to be another


there is no duality
it cannot be

it is words
a little weakness


malcolm evison

rejoice people
raise your voices and rejoice
war has been outlawed
by decree of the infallible
i suppose we should all go to church
get down
on our knees
chant hail marys in trafalgar square
he stated to the u.n.
that war is evil
this great philosopher
the world is a marvellous place
such a beautiful place
and by decree
of the vatican
we must love one another
and i’m game
so long as i start with you

malcolm evison

A diary is an epitaph,
The words of mine
Do not read sweetly,
But cold.

Corrosive, that’s what they are
I write of the mind’s corrosion,
Write out of fear
Not admiration,

But most importantly
I write to find love.

malcolm evison
Feel The Fear Tighten

Feel the fear tighten
as the man
looks at his freedom
and cannot find a way
to turn.

Feel the release
as he is told
that things will not change -
and share his disbelief.

Feel the joy
of the man who finds
what he had lost
during the search.

Feel the fear tighten
as they discover
the man has found himself.

Malcolm Evison

with Hitler
Churchill and Mussolini
confirms a hell

heaven standards
are much greater
Christ will be
in such

good company

imagine the millenium
with Lenin and Trotsky
in dialectical debate
with the Almighty

Stalin might be in either camp
he’s such a cunning
just think
of the ways to suppress

the good book

Christ would be exiled
to Hell

malcolm evison

There is no greater sorrow
Than that
When one weeps alone -
No fear can match
That of the lonely man.

No fear can match
That which I catch
In my solitary den

malcolm evison

be queer and proud
of it / if that’s the way
you feel -
just love your neighbour
fly your banners
so high you fly

then gently

lay your poppy
on the streets
of the living


malcolm evison

blood red
the rose displays
its silver veins
now – in this empty
solitude -

the vibrant ease
of song floods out my mind –
her face appears
yet in peace -

the windows shine
with night
gently stroked
by the last echoes
of her song –


into my heavy eyes –
feeling her sorrow
yet not seeing
the full depth
of her fear

malcolm evison

A psychiatrist is duty
cunningly disguised as man –

defending the historic truths
once made by mindless men
he views the scapegoat
through a microscope
and the freedom
proves embarrassing –

the victim has the time
to stand and stare
but will not say that
these are sheep
and those are cows

he has no need

the doctor states it for him.


Enter the clinic as a man
depart as a role
leaving the poem

malcolm evison
spaces of the free

enter the spaces of the free
like tied and structured
sheer fall of the well

break bonds of liberty
and set the foot rest
shackles free
from their deformity -

the first noel is my
last heaven
Christ strewn across the soot hills
of the sky

the merry chants
of fiery spirits
sing for him
a lullaby -

wrapped in the sealed ears
of the ploughed and ground down
beasts of dismay

wilting and cooling
in the sun drenched
frost parched
desert of the city

[cont’d overleaf]
[spaces of the free - cont’d]

fearing the feeling
felt of former fun
and city streets full of sun-
flowers that sparkle
like daisies
in the cool thighs
of the girls

Malcolm Evison
(A poem for Caroline)

Witnessing a fresco
In the chapel of my mind –
I could not rest.

My past emblazoned on the walls
Of this my secret hermitage,
I wept:

All colours had gone, and only words
Hung there, empty
Empty and cold.

Quietly in the night,
I saw eternity decay,
And knew my life must change.

I awoke,
You arrived,
My transient future.

malcolm evison

I walked by the
resurrected Christ
and he looked
he looked at me - he said
take up your cross
and follow me

No bloody fear I thought
no bloody fear
I’m a coward
but I suppose
it takes a brave man

to be a coward
when so summoned

malcolm evison

Today is all my bygone days
this evening is the dawn
of my eternity,
of loving faces, smiling eyes
of touching fingers
sliding carefree
down the mossy slopes
of always never.

Only then, will I see you smile,
only now, do I feel your tears
gliding down
the deities
and landing on their feet
of clay.

Today is mis-spent hours
wasting into
the gilt and glory
that was youth –
no symbols,
only words,
softly spoken by the pollen
freely given to the bee.

And I receive them
gratefully –
feeling the touch of your fingers
through my shroud
of fear.

I often wonder about God
and how he got tangled up
in the thought process

the whole idea
of thinking
baffles me - just how
could man think
without language

I always think
in terms of words
like you - me - the world

then I’m no longer puzzled
about God

malcolm evison

i hurt you
but then – coldly –
in swift pursuit
hurt me –
i weep too –

malcolm evison
untitled - love song (for tatty)

it is because
and only
you are
and because you are
only because
i am
happy i am
because you are
and i love you

malcolm evison
Untitled poem – needless

needless to say
christmas came early
that year
and i reached eternity
upon cloud nine
i saw my girl
with someone else
i was so happy
because she was functioning
i smiled and thought
i’ll function soon

malcolm evison
untitled poem - silence

I fear silence
for death approaches silently
and is silent

I see no heavenly shore
no angelic host
with harps and bugles

only the glow
of self righteousness
and God with a gun

and the gun in his hand
is an automatic (beyond his control)
with a fitted silencer

I fear silence
for death approaches silently
and is silent

malcolm evison
Untitled Poem - slightest chance

there’s only the slightest chance
to you it may seem
there’s no chance at all
and you may be right
i hope not
i hope that one day
we’ll feel it together

malcolm evison