Maharshi Bhrigu's

Bhrigu Sutras

The original book BHRIGU SUTRAS, which I am translating has no introduction whatsoever and hence, I am unable to say anything about the author thereof. It gives valuable hints and aids, in delineating the character & fortunes of a native , in various walks of life. What is popularly known as Bhava Phala (effects of the 12 houses) in standard texts, is dealt with a direct touch, and with particular reference, to the planets stationed in various houses, the aspects they receive and the fact, that a planet is in exaltation, own or enemy house. Even a cursory perusal of the book, would convince even a professional astrologer, that this book can enable astrologers, to predict the future of a native, and form an opinion about planetary dispositions in a horoscope, with a fair amount of ease. Sage Bhrigu, like other authors, has described in anumber of slokas, acts of sexual perversion, arising as a result of peculiar planetary mappings. With a view to maintaining literary decency, these have simply been termed as "sexual perversion". It will be seen that the Sage indicates occurrence of certain important events in a native's life at specified ages. It was noticed by me, in a number of horoscopes, that, though the events forecast, have actually occurred, the years of their occurrence (in about 50% of the cases) were different. I have not been able to ascertain, as to how the Sage has fixed the various ages, at which the events were to occur and why they occur late, in a number of cases. Despite this slight discrepancy, Bhrigu Sutras, will prove to be a valuable aid to practising astrologers in making decisions, on important questions concerning nativities. Part II of this book is comparable to a First-Aid Box or South Indian Cuisine - Aviyal which can contain all the vegetables that a cook can lay his hands on. Important

2 information on Bhava Phala, transits, assessment of strength of planets, major periods and their effects etc. have been included.


Effects of Planets in 12 Houses
Bhava Phala
Om Sri Suryanarayanaya Namaha

Effects of SUN in different houses

Bilious constitutionally; eye troubles; intelligent; observes religious rites; acidic stomach; foolish; very few children; quick-witted; talks only as much as necessary; liking for travels; sight-seeing; happiness in general In Aries In Aries with benefic aspect on SUN In Aries with conjunction/aspect of malefic/debilitated planet injunctions. poverty; eye troubles. The evil effects will be nullified if there is also a benefic aspect. In Leo Material happiness and bodily comforts. Reputation and good education. Higher knowledge. Proud; inclination to disregard religious


In Cancer eye-sight. In Capricorn In Pisces In Virgo Conjunct with benefics Conjunct with malefics dysentry in the 3rd/7th year. OR In Libra is also a benefic aspect.

Higher knowledge; some diseases; good

Heart disease and heart attack. Great liking for women. Loss of wife; ungrateful. Good health; grateful. Sufferings from higher fever and The evil effects will be nullified if there

The effects stated above for SUN in various signs of the zodiac will arise if the specified sign also happens to be the Ascendant at the same time. These effects will be in addition to those stated in the opening para.

SUN in 2nd House

Diseases of the mouth; dental troubles; punishment from King/Govt. in the 25th year & losses thereby. In Aries/Leo arise. Very good wealth and landed property. Conjunct/Aspected by malefic education; mean minded. Conjunct/Aspected by benefic Eye/ear troubles/diseases; meagre None of the above malefic results will

Wealthy; good eye-sight.

Conjunct Mercury If the dispositor of SUN is in exaltation/own house of ancient sciences;

Talks in lighter vein.

Talks succinctly and clearly; knowledge broad-minded; bodily comforts; lives like

a King.

SUN in 3rd House

Intelligent; no younger brothers; loss of elder brother; in the 4th/5th/7th/8th/12th years, suffers bodily. Conjunct/Aspected by benefic Conjunct/Aspected by malefic have 2 mothers; valorous; wealthy. If the dispositor of SUN is strong and favourably placed If the dispositor of SUN is conjunct/aspected by a malefic If the dispositor of SUN is conjunct/aspected by a benefic happiness. Prosperous brothers. Cruel hearted; cruel professions; will not afraid of fighting; reputation.

Brothers will enjoy longevity.

Loss of wealth.

Wealth; material prosperity;

SUN in 4th House

Defect in any limb/organ; proud; enemity with public; hot constitutionally; mental worries; after attaining the age of 32, native will succeed professionally and in many respects; in addition to engaging himself in public charities; attains knowledge and becomes valorous. If dispositor is exalted or in own house, charities; travels in high class or in quadrant/trine rocking chair & the likes. Conjunct/Aspected by malefic or the house to live-in; will be 4th house happens to be Libra or enemy house. sign for the SUN Conveyances,; great wealth; conveyances; enjoys "jhoola" or

Rickety/poor class conveyance; no spending his lifetime in a rented

SUN in 5th House Poor wealth; bulky body; death or misfortune to father in the 7th year of native; shrewd & intelligent; very few children. If dispositor is strong If dispositor is affected by malefics If SUN is conjunct Rahu/Ketu serpent god. birth of sons. birth of daughters. Loss of children due to wrath of


If SUN is conjunct Mars If SUN is aspected by benefic will arise.

Loss of children due to enemy. None of the above malefic effects

SUN in 6th House Large number of enemies; few nephews and in-laws; growth of wealth and agricultural income; eye troubles in the 20th year of native. If Conjunct/Aspected by benefic will arise but the native will interest in chanting Mantras and have never-ending worries. If dispositor of SUN is conjunct or relations and enemies. aspected by benefic If dispositor of SUN is weak native's father being very weak. Destruction enemies, in addition to Good health; good number of None of the above malefic effects be constitutionally hot; great

SUN in 7th House

The native's marriage will not take place on attaining marriageable age but at a much later stage; hatred towards opposite sex; interest in women other than wife; 2 marriages; a long distance travel in the 25th year; having to consume food of inferior quality; humorous in nature. If SUN or dispositor happens to be in Own House/in Exaltation If SUN or dispositor occupy Debilitation, enemy house OR aspected/conjunct malefic indicated. The native will have only one wife.

More than one marriage is

SUN in 8th House

rich. devotion to God.6 Few children. devotion to God and Preceptor. liking for men Aspected/Conjunct malefic money on immoral irreligious. Long life. in good books of superiors. If Aspected/Conjunct benefic above but the native will & bodily ailments. If dispositor is strong If dispositor is exalted/in own house Landed property. meditation. eye troubles. Long life for father. No such malefic effects indicated possess meagre wealth. wastes purposes and will become . ability to earn well. Does public charities like erecting Will become somewhat a misfit of questionable character. If in Aries/Leo temples/rest houses etc. possesses wife and children. Longevity for father. reputation. SUN in 10th House The native will possess command over knowledge or reach a stage in scholastic career by the 18th year. attains a status in life. If in Libra/in enemy house/ professionally. hatred towards father. good profession. loss of cattle SUN in 9th House Charitable minded. meagre prosperity. boils and itches on head or diseases on head in the 10th year of native. If in Aries/Leo prosperity. If in Libra/enemy house or Aspected/Conjunct malefic If conjunct benefic Loss of father.

loss of wealth. unsteady mentally. MOON in Aries. pilgrimage or long-distance travel in native's 15th year. If conjunct malefic his wealth. If conjunct lord of 6th diseases and sorrow. If conjunct malefic bed/cot. Will suffer from long standing Will not even possess a good Will enjoy blessings of God and Effects of MOON in different houses MOON in ASCENDANT Very handsome looking. Taurus or Cancer wealthy. will fritter away SUN in 12th House Will suffer from appendicitis in the 36th year. the native will possess good conveyances. Interest in ancient literature and shastras. wasteful expenses. great prosperity. sweet tongued . love for brothers/sisters. Wealth. If dispositor is strong will enjoy life.7 SUN in 11th House Good agricultural income. influence in higher circles. costly & decorated conveyances. from the 25th year onwards. If in Aries/Leo of wealth. harms quadrupeds. sinful in all actions. will earn as a broker or through his capacity to talk diplomatically and cleverly. lives outside one's native place. If conjunct lord of 4th amounts of money. happy. control over large Good conveyances. but not very intelligent. good amount Conveyances. besides having too many enemies.

If in Cancer and is waxing or Full Moon If in Cancer and is waning/conjunct malefic conveyances. Early loss of mother. The native will suffer from diseases. will be brought-up on breast-milk of women other than his mother.rheumatic complaints. moderate prosperity. interest in women other than his wife. Well educated and wealthy. any aspect Poor education. Aspected by benefic wealth. no Conveyances. happiness. intelligent. growth of financial and agricultural prosperity. stingy. suffers punishment from King/Govt in native's 24th year. If MOON is strong If MOON is conjunct benefic humanity. resulting in loss of wealth. no cattle wealth. valorous.8 soft skin. MOON in 4th House Enjoys high class food. little happiness. abundance of milk. strong build. If lord of Ascendant is weak If lord of Ascendant is aspected by benefic Very healthy. Healthy. well-versed in MOON in 3rd House Average number of brothers and sisters. If conjunct malefic If conjunct benefic If MOON is standing alone without worldly affairs. Long life for mother. Well educated. diplomatic in talking. wealthy. Public charities and service to MOON in 5th House . sickly mother. poor diet. wealthy. MOON in 2nd House Congenial environments. distinct professional achievements through the help of King/Govt in his 18th year.

abundance of milk. interest in prosperity. Free from diseases. Conjunct Rahu/Ketu too many enemies. stingy. gain of quadrupeds. intimacy with a widow in his 36th year. lead a kingly life.9 The native's wife will be very good looking but a bit quick-tempered and will have a birth-mark in between breasts. will have more daughters and only one son. The native will possess good feeding others. will have no brothers with his own brothers. sexual enjoyments from 32nd year. . sufferings from want of finance. thirst for money. favours from royalty. will forsake his relatives due to women. blessings from Goddess. will possess two wives. If MOON is weak If MOON is conjunct benefic Totally malefic results. strong build. Loss of wife. Two wives. his education MOON in 8th House Little or no conveyance. accidents in water. looks through one eye or one who looks sideways. Will not be lucky. cruel. diseases/disorders arising due to poor digestion. truthful. If conjunct/aspected by benefic If conjunct/aspected by malefic If MOON is waxing & nearing Full Moon intellect and power of expression. likely to meet his death in water. Commits sinful deeds. suffers from OR will not be on brotherly terms MOON in 7th House Sweet talk. suffers from Extreme poverty. great love for women. too many worries. Conjunct malefic long-standing diseases. Blessings from God. Will have only one wife. If lord of 7th is strong If MOON is weak If exalted or in own house without suffers due to woemn. moderate hunger. steady growth of MOON in 6th House Poverty.

If debilitated/conjunct malefic arising therefrom in the 20th/27th year good deeds. protecting and Very heavy expenses. Gain of properties. MOON in 9th House Highly learned.10 If MOON is weak If exalted or in own house Moderate longevity. good longevity for Poor prosperity and will suffer early MOON in 10th House Academical attainments. If dispositor is weak If dispositor is strong If MOON is strong stones and articles white in colour. public activities. devotion towards God/Preceptor. highly educated. very intelligent. If dispositor is weak and is badly placed obstacles due to wife. helpful to others. like constructing temples/wells etc. Loves wife. professional failures and MOON in 11th House Highly learned. prosperous children. very charitable towards public. precious Conveyances drawn/driven by feeding a number of people. If nearing Full Moon or strong father. If conjunct Venus men. will beget children early in life. children. reputation. If conjunct malefic or standing in a malefic house loss of parents. Long life. If dispositor is strong deeds. kind hearted. Great prosperity. OR is conjunct/aspected by malefic Public charities and praiseworthy Intimacy with widows and bitterness of the native. . praiseworthy habits. Financial gains.

If in enemy or malefic house rheumatic/shooting pains. navel of more than average size. or 2nd If Mars under these circumstances is aspected by benefics If exalted or in own house sight. itches and the like. expenses and lossess of questionable nature. at the same time Learned. ugly face. learned. financial prosperity. well built body. worries on various counts. expenses on women and luxury. excess of anger. company of rogues. excess of anger. MARS in 2nd House Poor education. Enjoys excellent health. extraordinary valour. stealing habit. kind hearted. Eye troubles. If conjunct or aspected by malefic(s) OR staying in malefic house Poor longevity. Goes to hell after death. If lord of 11th is standing in 6. Good eye-sight will result. moneyed. persons. cruel hearted. venereal diseases. reddish hands.11 MOON in 12th House Consumes inferior quality food. enjoys favours from highly placed Eye diseases. 12. gambling losses. suffers from peculiar diseases. If exalted or in own house sight-seeing. Goes to Sreshta Loka after Effects of MARS in different houses MARS in ASCENDANT Wound marks on body or marks caused by boils. If conjunct benefic If conjunct malefic/enemy If conjunct benefic and malefic death. reputation. few children. long life. Higher education and good eye- . finds difficulty in feeding himself.

Courageous MARS in 4th House Adversities in the home of the native. aspected by benefic If aspected by malefic If occupying friendly house Loss of borhters. death of father in his 8th year. few The native will be weak. If aspected by benefic no younger brothers. long life for mother. brothers. hates brothers. financial income.having to live in old or indecent house.12 If in malefic house/aspected by malefic Eye troubles. in own house/exalted/friendly house If debilitated/conjunct malefic relatives. enemity with want of clothes and MARS in 5th House . having to quit his native place. If conjunct Rahu/Ketu questionable character. Intimacy with women of bitterness with brothers. MARS in 3rd House Native's wife will be of questionable character. longevity for brothers. If conjunct benefic and at the same time property. want of Loss of mother. If conjunct/aspected by malefic If exalted or in own house valorous. If conjunct benefic house of his own and may have to live in finance & agricultural produce. ill health to mother. No blemish on wife's character. insufficiency of food. Prosperity. household The native may not have a another's house. Conveyances.

but there will be foreign travel. failing that the than his wife. marital happiness and conveyance in his 27th year. uttering lies. ungentlemanly actions. The above malefic effect Loss of wife. defeats enemies. mental Good number of children. children.13 Sufferings from want of finance. in addition. If aspected/conjunct malefic disorders and allied diseases. If lord of 8th from Ascendant is conjunct malefic valorous and may be given away in adoption. wields powers delegated from enemies. sexual Sexual perversions Contacts with women in . In malefic house conjunct/aspected by malefic enjoyed in full. troubles The native will become MARS in 6th House Reputation. with malefic aspect If connected with Saturn If conjunct Ketu menses. If exalted or in own house feeds others. by King/Govt. in bad books of superiors. very shrewd. Loss of children. Loss of wife. there will be pains. No such disease. If in Virgo/Gemini If aspected by benefic Possibility of leprosy. few or no children.. If conjunct benefic and at the same time native will develop intimacy with a woman other standing in exaltation/own house/friendly house perversions. The above effects will be rheumatic and shooting MARS in 7th House If it happens to be a malefic sign and/or Mars is conjunct malefic even if the 7th happens to be Aries/Scorpio If conjunct/aspected by benefic will NOT occur. capable of achieving success in undertakings. sufferings from wounds/cuts in his 6th year.

capable of . few children. If conjunct benefic longevity. If occupying malefic house OR T. Failures in undertakings reputation. rheumatic and shooting pains. loss of more than 1 wife the native will commit Loss of wife. thereof fairly strong If conjunct malefic and professional reverses. Long lived brothers. Intimacy with servant- MARS in 8th House Eye diseases. urinary diseases. adultery. longevity below 60. If conjunct with lord of 9th/10th Raja Yoga will arise. able-bodied. loss of professional earnings from his 18th year.14 if also conjunct another malefic if there is a benefic aspect adultery. good Rheumatics diseases and Full longevity. loss of father. interest in chanting hymns. stealing habit. MARS in 9th House Loss of father.B. MARS in 10th House If Mars is in 10th with dispositor prosperity. good devotion. If Mars is strong Prosperity. conjunct/aspected by malefics If dispositor of Mars is strong Good health. moderate prosperity. If Mars is conjunct/aspected by enemy OR with debilitated planet If conjunct Rahu maid or widow.

ungentlemanly actions. If conjunct lord of 11th If conjunct benefic prosperous brothers and prosperity. Lucoderma. slight defect in any organ. bitterness with gentlemen. • If conjunct or aspected by benefic or staying in benefic house Good health. proficiency in witchcraft and black-magic. MARS in 12th House Sufferings from want of finance. Effects of MERCURY in different houses MERCURY in ASCENDANT Learned. . High class Raja Yoga. excess of bile. rheumatic and bilious constitution. lustrous body. sinful deeds. MARS in 11th House The native besides enjoying financial prosperity. quarrels and misunderstandings with brothers in native's 17th year. Lordship over a town.15 If conjunct Jupiter Gain of landed property. deceitful. • If conjunct malefic or staying in malefic house Diseases generally. knowledge of astrology. will become a man of manifold activities. • If exalted or occupying own house Happiness with and from brothers. sweet talk. pilgrimage in the native's 27th year. kind hearted.

good number of children. well built body. • If dispositor is strong . In this Yoga. contented. praiseworthy habits.. • If conjunct/aspected by Jupiter Proficiency in mathematics and astronomy.. MERCURY in 3rd House Gain of gold in native's 15th year. Rheumatic and phlegm in diseases. wasteful expenses. worships Dushta Devata • If conjunct/aspected by Saturn Troubles to left eye. self confident. interest in shastras. if conjunct lord of 6th or debilitated planet . acquires good amount of wealth by his 15th year. • If conjunct malefic or staying in malefic/enemy house or debilitation Poor education. financial prosperity. praiseworthy habits. forsakes comfortable bed. MERCURY in 2nd House Talkative. No such defects.. proficiency in debating and in use of arms. moneyed.16 • If debilitated or conjunct or aspected by malefic Will go to hell after death. • If conjunct auspicious planet Charities.

uttering lies. happiness from father and mother. • if dispositor is strong Prosperous children. • If dispositor is weak Sufferings to brothers. fear complex. courageous. loss of happiness. • if Mercury is debilitated . bitterness with relatives. • if conjunct Rahu/Ketu/Saturn Loss of conveyances. • if conjunct Venus/Jupiter Many conveyances • if dispositor is strong Conveyances like palanquin. knowledge. acquires money through questionable means in 16th year. well-being of mother. birth of children doubtful. broad eyes. MERCURY in 5th House Fear of death for uncle. sweet tongue. MERCURY in 4th House Courageous. • if dispositor is weak Loss of children.17 Brothers prosper. intelligent.

will write or edit books. • if conjunct benefics Gain of conveyance and horse in native's 24th year. broad-minded. knows how to talk according to times.18 The native will be adopting a child. uncharitable deeds. • if conjunct Ketu Acquaintance/intimacy with widow and monetary gains therefrom. showy and proud. • if dispositor is strong Prosperous nephews. charitable disposition. influence in hgiher circles in the native's 30th year. very good reputation. good wife. proficiency in chanting mantras/hymns. • if in Aries/Scorpio Leprosy of blue colour. MERCURY in 7th House Happiness and well-being of mother. • if conjunct Rahu/Saturn Rheumatic and shooting pains. MERCURY in 6th House Respect and presents from King. • if dispositor is strong . obstacles in the direction of native's education. quarrels with distant relatives.

MERCURY in 10th House Good deeds. • if dispositor is strong Good longevity for father. highly learned in shastras and Veda. public charities in the 25th year. highly prosperous. interest in meditation or being aloof. • if in exaltation/own house/conjunct Jupiter . • if dispositor is strong The native will enjoy full span of life. good amount of patiency. hates Preceptor. proficiency in music. professional earnings through business. • if dispositor is conjunct malefic or debilitated or in enemy house Poor longevity. longevity for father. hgihly courageous. • if dispositor is weak or posited in malefic house or conjunct Mars/Saturn/Rahu Loss of wife. This Yoga occuring in the horoscopes of girls will result in loss of husband or the native herself suffering from leprosy. charitable.19 Only 1 wife. eye diseases in the 28th year. MERCURY in 8th House Number of children = 7 . reputed. MERCURY in 9th House Large number of children.

• if conjunct malefics Fickle-minded. Effects of JUPITER in different houses . meagre education. retrograde or conjunct malefic Opposes religious sacrifices. MERCURY in 12th House Knowledge. MERCURY in 11th House Kind hearted. financial prosperity and birth of son in his 27th year. • if conjunct malefic Loss of money through low-class people. sickly mother. • if conjunct benefics Expenses on charity and in the right directions. bitterness with highly placed persons including King. • if exalted/in own house/conjunct benefic Financial prosperity.20 Religious charities/sacrifices. • if combust. valorous in battle.

financial and agricultural prosperity in his 16th year. • if exalted or occupying own house High financial prosperity. longevity below 60 years. likes travel.21 JUPITER in ASCENDANT • in Sagittarius/Pisces Well-versed in various shastras. • if debilitated or occupying malefic or enemy house or conjunct malefic Ungentlemanly actions. • if conjunct Rahu Wife's character will be of a questionable nature. an elevated position after his 16th year. quarrels with his friends and well-wishers. • if conjunct malefic Obstacles in education. stealing habit. no children. contacts people with evil intentions. children. • in Cancer Full benefic results. no children. JUPITER in 2nd House Financial prosperity. ungrateful. proud. fickle-minded. irreligious. • if debilitated or conjunct malefic Drunkard. forsakes his own relatives. . intelligence. kingly life. vulgar in talk. deceitful. happy long life.

broad eyes. suffers without enough finance or house. loves his family. loss of mother. • if dispositor is strong and occupying Subha Vargas (benefic classifications) and if there is also conjunction of Venus/Moon Conveyances like horse or those drawn/driven by human beings. spacious house. expenses on account of King/Govt.22 JUPITER in 3rd House Highly stingy. poverty. good deeds. hence the native becomes uncharitable and cruel. pilgrimage in his 38th year. . abundance of milk and cereals. growth of brothers. unhappy. attains captaincy or professional elevation through King's favour in his 18th year. wanting in courage. interested in feeding others. ill-disposed towards relations. JUPITER in 5th House Intelligent and clever in acting according to circumstances and time. • if conjunct/aspected by malefic Jupiter in this Yoga becomes malefically disposed. patience and tolerance. household property. indecisive. • if dispositor is strong Prosperity to brothers. disinterested in religion and charities. • if dispositor happens to be strong and is at the same time stationed in a malefic/enemy house or debilitated Loss of children but will have a minimum of 1 boy. forsakes relations. JUPITER in 4th House Happiness. good number of children. intelligence.

• if conjunct benefic or is in exaltation/own house without any malefic conjunction The native will have only 1 wife hailing from a rich family. wound or boil-marks on body. • if staying in Capricorn/Aquarius conjunct with Rahu/Ketu Leprosy of the worst kind. Besides. JUPITER in 6th House Defeat of enemies. the native will enjoy Raja Yoga from his 34th year. . In this Yoga. if there is benefic aspect. • if conjunct benefic Freedom from diseases. the above evil results will not occur. possesses a chaste and devoted wife. • if conjunct malefic or staying in malefic house Rheumatic pains and diseases due to cold. increased number of nephews and in-laws.23 • if conjunct Rahu/Ketu Loss of children due to wrath of Serpent God. JUPITER in 7th House Good education and financial prosperity. heavy gains in various directions. • if dispositor is weak and is conjunct Rahu/Ketu/Saturn/Mars and aspected by malefic Loss of wife.

• if dispositor is conjunct malefic Intimacy with widows after his 17th year. JUPITER in 9th House Charitable. uncharitable deeds. long life for father. performs religious sacrifices in his 35th year. meditation or likes being aloof. weak constitutionally. • if conjunct malefic Commits sin. respect and honour from a number of people. feeds and protects a number of people. studies Gita or philosophy. JUPITER in 10th House Charitable. learned. • if dispositor is strong High class religious sacrifies. public charities. • if dispositor is conjunct benefic and is staying the 8th Long life. good deeds. • if in exaltation/own house Full span of life. moneyed.24 JUPITER in 8th House Poor longevity. • if dispositor is weak Poor longevity. .

Jupiter is the highest ranked benefic planet. • if conjunct MOON Effortless financial gains. ungentlemanly character. JUPITER in 11th House Learned. . suffers from tumours/wounds. • if conjunct benefic or in exaltation/own house Goes to heaven after death. • if conjunct benefic OR conjunct malefic+benefic together The native will enjoy high class conveyances and great prosperity. few children. Another benefic in conjunction with Jupiter will therefore become a formidable beneficial combination whihc is said to confer highly auspicious results. The Sage seems to suggest that one or two malefics in conjunction with such a formidable benefic combination cannot noticeably alter these benefic results. moneyed. Note : The learned authror says. JUPITER in 12th House Mediocre finances. interested in studies. intimacy with enciente women.25 • if conjunct malefic or staying in malefic house Unsuccessful professionally. horse or conveyances in his 32nd year. • if conjunct malefic Goes to hell after death. proficiency in mathematics/astronomy. commits adultery. that the native will enjoy conveyance and increased prosperity if Jupiter is in 11th with the conjunction of another benefic only OR conjunction with a benefic and a malefic together. expenses on right lines. in this sloka.

• if dispositor is conjunct Rahu Prolific progenitor. • if conjunct/aspected by lords of 8/12 or Venus is otherwise weak Hard hearted. • if dispositor is weak and posited in 6/8/12 Eye sight will be affected. In this Yoga. • if conjunct benefic Costly jewels. 2 marriages. taste for feminine company. • if there is a benefic in the 4th or the dispositor of 4th is conjunct with a benefic Very high prosperity. begets a good wife in his 32nd year. if Venus is occupying own house. fastidious in dressing. long life. learned. very high class Raja Yoga arises. lustrous body of golden colour. eats costly dishes. patience and tolerance. loves wife. fairly large family. helpful to others. . moneyed. praiseworthy habits. VENUS in 2nd House Wealthy. • if conjunct debilitated or inimical planet OR aspected by malefic Stealing habit. rheumatic and phlegmatic diseases. handsome looking.26 Effects of VENUS in different houses VENUS in ASCENDANT Knowledge of astronomy. kind hearted.

patience and tolerance. commits adultery. • if dispositor is weak or debilitated or in enemy house Loss of brothers. • if debilitated or conjunct enemy planet Professionally unsuccessful. ungentlemanly actions. spends life outside his mother province. sexual perversion. : Night blindness. enjoys wealth. intelligence.27 if conjunct MOON while the above Yoga is occuring. loves his wife. • if dispositor is strong and in exaltation/own house Growth of brothers. VENUS in 4th House Lustrous body. happiness with sisters. acquires conveyance and establishes himself in his profession in his 30th year. • if Venus is conjunct malefic Quarrels with brothers. financial losses. happy. bereft of family. VENUS in 3rd House Very stingy. eye troubles. abundance of milk. • if dispositor is strong Loves mother. prosperity in all directions. . patient and tolerant. intimacy with widows.

good wife.28 VENUS in 5th House Intelligence. recipient of costly presents from relatives. adviser. VENUS in 6th House Good number of nephews and in-laws. • if conjunct malefic or debilitated or staying in enemy house Loss of wife. no children. successful in all directions. conveyances. good children. will have a prosperous father-in-law. fond of kissing. • if conjunct benefic or staying in exaltation/own house Long life. expenses in wasteful directions. defeat of enemies. dull-headed. presents from King/Govt. commits adultery. utters lies. VENUS in 8th House . 2 marriages. • if dispositor is strong Increased number of nephews and in-laws and also enemies. VENUS in 7th House Highly sexed. • if occupying malefic house and/or conjunct malefic or debilitated planet or Venus is combust Loss of children. suffers from diseases. fond of women. • if conjunct benefic Intelligent. grown-up wife and children. strong and healthy. the native will also enjoy prosperity through his wife.

wields power. • if conjunct malefic Unsuccessful professionally and commits sinful deeds. neat and tidy in dressing. VENUS in 10th House Chivalrous. • if conjunct benefic Full span of life. • if conjunct benefic High prosperity and kingly environment. discontented. • if conjunct lord of 4th/7th High class conveyances. long-lived father. happy. prosperity and paraphernalia. knowledge of sexology. VENUS in 9th House Charitable. performs many religious sacrifices and praiseworthy charities. commits adultery. many conveyances. loss of money. gentlemanly.29 Happy. • if conjunct malefic Early death of mother. praiseworthy wife. poor longevity. . sickly constitution. good profession. • if conjunct Mercury/Moon Possesses high class conveyances. danger to life of native's mother in the 4th year. possesses a good wife and children. talkative.

enjoyments on cot. gain of land. • if conjunct malefic Mean minded. kind hearted. • if conjunct benefic High financial prosperity. • if conjunct malefic. goes to heaven after death. high financial prosperity.30 VENUS in 11th House Learned. . • if conjunct benefic Many conveyances. • if conjunct malefic Gain of money through questional sources and ungetlemanly actions. or lord of 8th or debilitated Poor financial gains. goes to hell after death. VENUS in 12th House Extreme poverty. Effects of SATURN in different houses SATURN in ASCENDANT The native will suffer from rheumatic and bilious complaints.

• if in own house Paternal prosperity. • if conjunct malefic Bitterness and hatred towards brothers. loss of happiness. 2 mothers. • if exalted or occupying own house Prosperity to brothers. SATURN in 4th House Loss of mother. • if debilitated or conjunct malefic Commits sinful deeds and earns livelihood through inferior trades. profession in inferior trades. . SATURN in 2nd House Financially a poor status.9 or 10 High prosperity and Raja Yoga.31 • if exalted Lordship over a village or town. eye diseases. financial and agricultural wealth. heavily in debts. particularly younger ones. • if Saturn enjoys lordship over 4. poverty. two wives. SATURN in 3rd House Loss of brothers.

• if exalted or in own house Gain of conveyances. happiness due to his high status in profession. rheumatic pains. . profession in inferior trades. wound marks on body. suffers much sorrow. Financial and agricultural prosperity. • if Saturn is strong in 5th Only one wife. SATURN in 5th House No children. SATURN in 6th House Defeat of enemies.32 • if Saturn happens to be lord of Ascendant Long life for mother. • if Saturn has lordship over 8th house Malefic results generally. poverty. • if aspected by Jupiter Two wives. intimacy with women of questionable character. sinful deeds. adopts a son/daughter. • if conjunct Mars Travels far and wide. Raja Yoga of a moderate order. SATURN in 7th House Lean-bodied wife.

SATURN in 9th House In his 39th year. earns his food as a labourer. will do public charities of a high order like erection of rest houses.33 • if exalted or in own house Intimacy with many women. intimacy with women of lower class and addicted to drinking. • if debilitated or in enemy house Short life. intimacy with women from lower walks of life. • if conjunct Ketu Sexual perversion • if conjunct Venus Sexual perversion. SATURN in 8th House Poverty. tanks and the like. if there is Raja Yoga in the horoscope. the presence of weak Saturn in 9th causes cancellation thereof. • if exalted or in own house Full span of life. • if exalted or in own house Full span of life for father. . • if Saturn is weak Short life for father.

• if conjunct benefic Successful and daring professionally. • if conjunct malefic Loss of eye-sight/eye.34 SATURN in 10th House Bath in Ganes in his 25th year. respect from highly placed persons. self respect. Effects of RAHU/KETU Dragon's Head/Tail in different houses . conveyances. respect from highly placed persons. gain of land. stingy. • if exalted or in own house Learned. SATURN in 11th House High financial prosperity. bilious constitution. • if conjunct malefic Professional setbacks. high prosperity & kingly paraphernalia. SATURN in 12th House Develops defect in any organ. goes to heaven after death. • if conjunct benefic Good eye-sight. wasteful expenses.

• if aspected by benefic Marks on face. sesamum. mental happiness. full longevity. dark complexion. • if occupying Aries.35 RAHU / KETU in ASCENDANT Still born children. RAHU / KETU in 3rd House Abundance of oil-seeds like mustard. loss of mother and sorrow thereby. enjoys happy company of two wives. courageous. • if conjunct malefic Early loss of mother. RAHU / KETU in 4th House Various ornaments. til. . loss of children and suffers sorrow thereby. • if conjunct benefic Mark on neck. Taurus or Cancer Kind hearted. RAHU / KETU in 2nd House Suffers from various diseases. • if conjunct malefic Two wives or two marriages.

Birth of children will occur after conducting pooja of Naga Pratima (golden image of Serpent God) in manner prescribed in Bhrigu Sutras Chapter VIII. • if dispositor is strong Longevity 60 years. Rheumatic diseases. RAHU / KETU in 5th House No children or loss of children due to wrath of Serpent God. stealing habit. RAHU / KETU in 9th House .36 • if conjunct benefic :Long life for mother. company of rogues. sinful deeds. RAHU / KETU in 8th House Serious diseases in native's 32nd year. wrath of king. second wife will suffer from tumour. RAHU / KETU in 6th House Courageous. Sloka V. poor finances. irreligious. RAHU / KETU in 7th House 2 wives or 2 marriages. intimacy with widows. • if conjunct Moon Intimacy with women in higher walks of life. very happy life.

mean habits. hates his Preceptor. profession in inferior trades. professionally in business/trade and earnings therefrom. intimacy with low born women.37 No children. RAHU / KETU in 10th House Intimacy woth widows. • if conjunct benefic Goes to Heaven after death. financial and agricultural prosperity. early loss of father. company of rogues. RAHU / KETU in 11th House Good number of children. Assessment of Strength of Planets Assessment of Strength of Planets SUN Aspects 7th House Only . • if conjunct Jupiter or Mercury Will renounce the world OR become a sanyasi. some knowledge of shastras. RAHU / KETU in 12th House Few children. servitude. eye diseases. irreligious.

However malefic a Moon may be.38 SUN is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • • 100% benefic (equivalent to Jupiter) if occupying Sagittarius. Even when weak Moon is aspected by both Saturn & Jupiter. it is considered 50% benefic. it is considered 75% benefic equal to Venus. Malefic results will be bestowed by SUN when occupying quadrants [1. it is considered 100% benefic. Benefic effects will be conferred by Moon. equivalent to Jupiter.6.7. When possessing 75% of rays (assuming 100% for Full Moon). 5. 11 and 12th houses in a horoscope.4. if as a benefic. it stays in quadrants/trines. MOON is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : . Moon is full benefic when owning trines. 9]. • • • When Full Moon occupies Sagittarius or Pisces.8. Jupiter's aspect on Moon is enough to make it a benefic. it is considered 100% benefic. Full MOON is 100% benefic comparable to Jupiter. it is considered 100% benefic equivalent to Jupiter. When Moon is aspected by Jupiter (irrespective of the rays possessed by Moon). it's only 25% benefic. When Moon is between New Moon and Full Moon OR Full Moon and New Moon.10] and trines [1. 9] SUN is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : • • • SUN is a 50% natural malefic Malefic when owning 3. 5. FULL benefic if owning trines [1. MOON Aspects 7th House Only MOON is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • • • • • • when MOON is weak.

• • • MOON becomes a full malefic when aspected by Saturn. MERCURY Aspects 7th House Only MERCURY is considered a benefic under the following circumstances: • • • • It is considered to be a 50% natural benefic. MOON becomes a malefic when owning 3. Malefic effects will be conferred by Moon if as a malefic. 11 & 12th houses. When owning trines. if conjunct or aspected by malefic.39 • • • Weak Moon is considered 75% malefic. . 8. When owning 3. MARS is considered a malefic under the following circumstances: • • • It is considered to be a 75% natural malefic. 6. When staying in quadrants/trines. and also when combust. When debilitated (irrespective of the number of rays. it is considered a full malefic. MARS Aspects 7th House Special Aspects : 4th House & 8th House 4th House Aspect is the strongest MARS is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • When occupying Ascendant and/or owning quadrants/trines. 8. 6. 100% benefic (equivalent to Jupiter) when conjunct weak Moon (Full Moon also). even when nearing Full Moon or a Full Moon). Benefic effects will be conferred by Mercury when as a benefic. MOON is considered 100% malefic comparable to Saturn. it occupies quadrants or owns Ascendant & 10th house simultaneously. Even when occupying Cancer. 11 or 12th houses. it stays in quadrants/trines.

6. When owning trines (1. 8.40 MERCURY is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : • • • Considered 75% malefics when conjunct malefics. 6. 5. 9) When occupying quadrants OR owning Ascendant & 10th house simultaneously. Confers benefic effects when occupying quadrants (1. 75% malefic when owning 3. 100% benefic when conjunct weak Moon (Full Moon also). 7. it is considered malefic. When occupying 6. . 5. 8 or 12th houses. if it is conjunct/aspected by malefics. Even while staying in Gemini/Virgo. JUPITER is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : • • When owning quadrants OR 3. When owning trines (1. 11 or 12th houses. 4. 8. VENUS Aspects 7th House Only VENUS is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • • • • It is a 75% natural benefic. 9). JUPITER Aspects 7th House Special Aspect : 5th House & 9th House 5th House Aspect is the strongest JUPITER is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • • • It is considered to be the highest of all benefics or a 100% natural benefic. 11 or 12th houses. 10) OR owns Ascendant.

KETU Aspects 7th House Only . RAHU Aspects 7th House Only RAHU is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • • When owning quadrants/trines.41 VENUS is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : When owning quadrants or 3. Malefic effects will be conferred if staying in quadrants/trines. When owning 3. 6. 11 or 12th houses. 6. Malefic effects will be conferred if staying in quadrants. 8. SATURN Aspects 7th House Special Aspects : 3rd House & 10th House 3rd House Aspect is the strongest SATURN is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • When owning quadrants/trines. When staying in Capricorn (equivalent to Jupiter). 6. RAHU is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : • • • Total or 100% natural malefic. When owning 3. 11 or 12th houses. 8. SATURN is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : • • • Total or 100% natural malefic. 8. 11 or 12th houses.

On Major Periods . The planet in Capricorn receiving Moon's aspect will be capable of conferring auspicious results. 8. Malefics standing in 10th (without any conjunction/aspect of benefics). Very strong or exalted planet in opposition to equally very strong or exalted planet become ineffective.42 KETU is considered a benefic under the following circumstances : • When owning quadrants/trines. 6. Malefics acquire benefic qualities or power to confer benefic effects by reason of their stay in Ascendant or lordship over the Ascendant or quadrants/trines. Benefics when they own Ascendant & 10th house simultaneously. weak Moon in Cancer and any planet in Capricorn. 11 or 12th houses. assume Jupiter in Pisces. When occupying quadrants/trines. is also capable of confering auspicious results. the native will be serving servants. If 3 similar malefics stand in the 10th. KETU is considered a malefic under the following circumstances : • • • Total or 100% natural malefic When owning 3. On Aspects Planet being aspected by Moon is already receiving the aspect of Jupiter. e. Exalted Sun in Aries and exalted Saturn in Libra. Benefics in quadrants give benefic results. Both become ineffective.g.g. will confer servitude. becomes all the more benefic. malefics in quadrants give malefic results. e. Malefics staying in 5 and 9 result in greater adversities for the native.

in the Major Period of a planet in friendly house. will be equal to that of a Major Period of malefic. • If SUN is standing in 5. 7 or 9. Angaraka Dosha Kuja Dosha Mangali . • The Major Period of the planet in conjunction with Rahu. auspicious results. the Major Periods of planets. who is occupying Ascendant. auspicious results. • Highly auspicious results will occur in Major Periods of planets in own house. figuratively speaking. • The effects of the Major Period of a planet in retrogression will be of a moderate order. operates.43 • When the Major Period of Saturn. the native will not even get alms. In other words. if such a malefic is aspected by another malefic friendly to the former. if aspected by another planet which is also in own house. the native will be faced with servitude. the native will go on a pilgrimage and will enjoy an elevated position professionally in the Major Period of SUN. • There will be financial gains in Major Period of malefic standing in 5th house. Likewise. if aspected by a planet which is also in a friendly house. If such Saturn is conjunct with other malefics. will produce very good results. being aspected by planets of identical strength. however good it may be from other points of view. if aspected by another planet enjoying own navamsa. So also in the Major Period of a planet enjoying own navamsa.

Whilst everyone is conscious of this evil. Similarly. in some cases. Even for boys with this or similar evil. but we support the view of those Sages who say that this evil operates with full force from Asdt. declare that no horoscope exists and arrange marriage without consideration of horoscope. We have therefore. to this evil and have also been witnessing cases of boys and girls remaining unmarried until well past their youth because of non-availability of suitable horoscope with this evil. From our personal contacts with astrologers and students in the field. in some cases at least. out of sheer disgust. We personally do not subscribe to this view in full that the dosha arises from Asdt for boys and from Moon/Venus for girls. it operates from Asdt. 50% force from Moon and with 25% force from Venus without distinction of sex. the presence of Mars in 7th/8th from Ascendant. how the evil works and how it ultimately leads to premature death of the native or his partner. that the seriousness attached to Kuja Dosha is unwarranted. In such cases. resulting in youth being wasted. . Many such marriages have taken place and there are cases of such couples carrying on normally. How does Angaraka Dosha arise ? In practice. Moon and Venus. 8th etc. that there is no correct appraisal of what constitutes Kuja Dosha and that unnecessary and unwarranted importance is being attached to it in a large number of cases. come to the conclusion. Some have even searched thousands of horoscopes.44 The detection of Angaraka Dosha in the horoscope of a would-be bridegroom or bride. Quantum of Angaraka Dosha The slokas referred to above merely say that the evil arises by virtue of stay of Mars in certain houses but not the quantum of evil in the different houses. from Moon also. to put off his/her marriage by several years. we have been able to measure the importance attached by the public. is all that is wanted to condemn a horoscope with Kuja Dosha but the sloka #s 108-109 above say that Kuja Dosha arises if Mars is found in Asdt/2/4/7/8/12 for boys and in 1/2/4/7/8/12 from Moon/Venus in a girl's horoscope. It is not uncommon to come across advertisements seeking horoscopes of boys/girls with Kuja Dosha in 7th. to find a suitable match with Kuja Dosha. extending over years. The following Table in use in the Malayalam speaking areas of South gives clearcut idea of the quantum of this evil in different houses and signs and with what force. but thrown off as a hopeless case. is enough nowadays. the parents sometimes. the same process is followed. the horoscope with this evil is not even considered by others. with a view to pick-up a match with equally strong Kuja Dosha. in some cases. to shortcircuit spinsterhood for the girl. the quantum of evil which arises by reason of Mars staying in different signs of zodiac is also not given. thus establishing. We have brooded over the question whether it is in God's purpose of creation to let some bachelors remain unmarried and thus deny the greatest enjoyment in life. it appears that the majority do not know precisely the extent of the Yoga.

SATURN.45 TABULATION -----> indicating the quantum of evil contributed by planets SUN. Planets standing in Ascendant. 4th and 12th houses Bitter Enemy Plane Debilitatio Enem t n y Sign Sign Moola Own Exaltatio n Trikon Hous a e Friend' Intimat s e Sign Friend's Sign . RAHU & KETU occupying specified positions from ASCENDANT. MARS. 7th & 8th houses Bitter Planet Debilitation Enemy Sign Saturn Rahu Ketu Mars Sun 192 64 180 60 168 56 144 48 108 36 96 32 48 16 128 120 112 96 72 64 32 Enemy Exaltation Sign Moola Own Friend's Intimate Friend's Trikona House Sign Sign 24 36 12 Planets standing in 2nd.

• The values given above are for calculation of the evil from Ascendant only. While calculating with reference to Venus. find out the values for all the malefics standing in the stated signs & total them-up A • From Moon. the above values should be reduced to 50%. Mars standing in 1/2/4/7/8/12 constitutes what is called Kuja Dosha. the above values should be reduced to 25%. find out the values for all the malefics standing in the stated signs & total them up C reduced to 25% Now. How to assess Dosha Saamya • From the Ascendant.46 Saturn Rahu Ketu Mars Sun 48 16 45 15 42 14 36 12 27 9 24 8 12 4 9 3 32 30 28 24 18 16 8 6 • The above table is designed primarily to ascertain the Dosha Saamya or the evil contributed by malefics standing in 1/2/4/7/8/12. A+B+C = P P divided by 128 would give the exact quantum of dosha. find out the values for all the malefics standing in the stated signs & total them up B reduced to 50% • From Venus. . Thus. the table is usable for both purposes. While calculating with reference to Moon.

From our extensive studies in this connection. Excessive indulgence in sex is definitely harmful. Natives suffering from this evil. If there is no shanti/remedy.47 Angaraka Dosha is also like-wise calculated from Moon/Venus.and the man suffering from this evil.The thirst grows with the age.mental as well as physical. How does Angaraka Dosha Operate ? Beyond stating that the Angaraka Dosha causes death (or premature death) of wife/husband or alternatively estrangement or divorce. No wonder one's life gets shortened. 0oo0oo0 Vidya Visharada Jyotisha Kalaanidhi Prof NN Krishna Rau. we have concluded that a person with this evil (as a result of having Mars in 7th). nothing is mentioned in the standard texts as to what will be the behaviour of a native with this evil or the manner in which the Yoga operates and leads him/her to premature death. To be conscious of one's own defects. tries it outside. is to let one arm oneself up against it. which may prove fatal in the end. either through Yogic Kriyas and Asanas or through prayers. would have. would be well-advised to exercise control of mind. one will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that it was all due to one's past Karma. as life passes. as some modern men would put it with a sense of pride. either clinically or through religious ceremonies. a greater thirst for sex or fond of women. The craze goes on increasing quickly and a sort of degeneration sets in . failing to get full satisfaction. goes in for sexual perversion. MAFA (1905-1964) 0oo0oo0 . The craze for perverted sexual acts sets in. under the guise of new methods of approach or innovation and because one is shy to try this nonsense at home.

One has to read a horoscope impartially. therefore. 1961* Because many a prediction made by students of Astrology fail (the most recent and glaring one being that of election of President John F Kennedy for one reason or another. tables etc. who was only a babe in arms then. with an unbiased mind and the horoscope details should be approached . had the rare courage to forecast beggary in the 50th year of a native. we should not doubt the Hand of God behind each horoscope. must have implicit faith in God. First and foremost. some of the apparent causes of failure of predictions made by many. with an Estate to his share of the order rupees fifty lakhs. Credit goes to a Hindu Astrologer of Bombay who at the end of 19th Century. both the student and the professional. as I have been able to guess from my experience. detail in this note. in the first six slokas of his immortal astrological classic BRIHAT PARASHARA HORA.based on which an opinion could be expressed on a horoscope.Not only did the prediction come true 100% but the writer was able to witness how the saying BUDHI KARMAANU SARENA worked. the reasons for which they are unable to detect.48 How Do You Read A Horoscope ? This note is dated October 31st. Actually. this science is for those who implicitly believe in God and sayings like BUDHI KARMAANU SARENA and so on. Maharshi Parashara says. I am also detailing the various items of information. it is but natural they get dejected and go about asking professionals How do you read a Horoscope? I shall. Just as we believe that every pot of milk we buy contains ghee. The writer knew the native of that horoscope intimately. this is NOT a science for those who (a) learn astrology with a view to minting money with the help of planets and thus change their present plight or (b) want to test the correctness or (c) desire to change the status of a horoscope by knowing its weakness and perform shanties to overcome such weakness and thus jump over the purpose of creation or (d) desire to go against the Will of God.

So. I once came across a case where. I also make a note if there was an eclipse (Lunar or Solar) on the preceding and following Full Moon or New Moon days. Almost all the Maharshies of India including those who have compiled the Maha Vakya. almost all the top-ranking astrologers use Raphael's Ephemeris. While noting down graha-sputa. which fooled many astrologers. possibly the graha-sputa (planetary positions expressed in signs. said to be the gist of destiny. Leave them alone. Almost three decades ago. as they forecast many auspicious events whilst nothing . Sun or Moon has to be taken into consideration. Also. as all the secrets of God's creation cannot be known to mankind. which may not come within the rules. there no two Panchangas (almanac or ephemeris) which tally with each other. lord of 5 and 10 standing in good position. I think. approach the matter in a cool and dispassionate manner.49 in an inquiring mood with utmost respect to the planets and not as if one is going to do a simple arithmetic calculation. unless I have checked and recast the horoscope with reference to Raphael's Ephemeris for the Year of Birth and using Prof. These have their own effects. Where a horoscope does not fit in for a native or where predictions go wrong. if there are any strong parallel aspects between planets. Jyotishacharya CG Rajan of Madras openly admitted that the Vakya method of compiling panchang cannot be relied upon. The grahana peeda for Rahu. Today. subject to making due allowance for the difference in Ayanamsa. Vakyas and what not. today. there may be a freak case. Ramayana. My fear that the Indian panchangs are not accurate is so much that in the last 15 years. for the planetary positions are periodically verified through large telescopes. Other phenomena to be noted are : whether any planet is in Ati Manda Gathi. The reasons for these discrepancies are our Panchang compilers are still following the out-of-date siddhantas. I have never read or given an opinion on a horoscope. one should have firm faith in Astrology and then only. Manda Gathi or Ati Seegra Gathi or Sthambana (stationary). where there is no possibility of error. proceed further. I am afraid the majority of horoscopes that we are called upon to read nowadays are wrong in certain respects. degrees and minutes) given in most Indian horoscopes do not tally with the actual positions occupied by planets on date of birth when verified with the positions given in standard ephemeris (converted to Nirayana). Like the Siamese Twins or Dionne Quintuplets. during the major period of Mars. Veda. one in a thousand. I have observed that parallel aspects many a time broadly act like a conjunction in one sign. Now coming to the subject proper. Vedanta and Gita have certified and assured us that Astrology is the LIGHT with which one can read the AKSHARA MALIKA (garland of letters) written by Lord Brahma on the forehead of everyone. The majority of the horoscopes that we see today are those erected with reference to such unreliable panchangs. BV Raman's Ayanamsa. Maha Bharatha. locate the error and rectify the horoscope.

There is thus the " equal . place them in the order of their positions (ascending order by degrees). Rectification There is almost a fancy for many to rectify a horoscope. we get the bhava arambhas. BV Raman wherein he was reading the horoscopes of natives of different continents using his ayanamsa and tallying certain personal events in their lives. found any reason to forsake this ayanamsa. from Rasi Chakra itself.50 like that happened and the reason I found was that the Lord of major period (Mars) was stationary on the day of birth. Whilst its importance is realised. so that. The reason for failure of a prediction need not always be due to the difference in ayanamsa. Broadly speaking. with the possibilities of Mercury and Venus finding their way into different signs when checked-up.even there. I changed over to this Ayanamsa some 20 years ago having read a number of articles by Prof. Prof BV Raman. Navamsa chakra should be drawn as the astrologer can estimate the kshetra bala of a planet from this and Rasi chakra. as they actually stand on the horizon. Bhava chakra is of pivotal importance. so far. I have not. This is called for only in cases where actual readings begin to fail and not in all cases as a rule. from these. Ayanamsa The Ayanamsa used by me is that followed by my Guru. you could make out whether a planet is in subha madhya or papa madhya (hemmed in between benefics/malefics) and the proximity to one another or a malefic. It may be due to wrong time of birth or not reading a horoscope with correct graha-sputa or failure to do rectification of a horoscope where needed. Where there are two or planets. erect the Rasi Chakra placing (within the signs) the planets. Navamsa is compared to the roots of a tree. subha madhyama for a planet enables it to confer benefic effects more than what the present astrologers estimate. Remember the adage GRAHANAAM AMSAKAM BALAM. Further. I have explained a method of rectification based on actual events in life and adjusting Garba Sista. a majority of horoscopes we now handle are correct only upto Rasi Chakra . Hindu astrologers merely find out the ascending degree and also the 10th bhava madhya. of more than ordinary importance. Further. Having ascertained the correct graha-sputa. opposites of these being descendant and Nadir. Subha madhyama or papa madhyama occurs rather rarely and is certainly. through whose grand-father's books I first started my study of astrology.

I cast the Bhava Chakra using Western methods and the Table of Houses published by Raphael's . In other words. The Rasi. thus having two lordships. Aspects In many cases. is exactly Western. For instance. may in fact be having lordship over 3 or 4 houses. It happens. the methods of casting a horoscope and compiling graha-sputa I follow. so that while giving predictions. for major part of India. the astrologer sees (a) whether a planet is in bhava sandhi or Rasi sandhi. thereafter. whereas the astrologer would be giving predictions based on one lordship only following the Bhava Chakra drawn by him in Hindu fashion. in the first navamsa of Pisces and another in the last navamsa of Virgo is taken as full. using the same ayanamsa used for conversion of graha-sputa of the horoscope. an aspect between a planet in the last navamsa of Pisces and another planet in the first navamsa of Libra is ignored for the latter happens to be in the 8th sign from Pisces. Navamsa. in many cases. Quite possibly. The Bhava Chakra (Nirayana) alone is drawn by me in circular fashion (in Western fashion) showing the Bhava Arambha of each house (in place of the cusp points) and planets are inserted in the same manner as if it were a Western Horoscope. planets like Saturn who own two signs. I think this is one reason why. Having worked out this type of Bhava Chakra. subha/papa graha madhya (b) proximity to malefic/benefic if any in same sign (c) the gravity of combustion if any or planetary battle and (d) lordship of a planet in exact proportion. in many major periods and subperiods. Thus. suddenly spring up causing bewilderment both to the native and the astrologer. this system is good enough for Equatorial Regions and say up to 15° on either side of the Equator. events not forecast. aspects are being considered as if there's a wall at the end of . with the help of which. that planets like Sun and Moon will be owning say half of one house and half of another. aspects are not assessed in a realistic manner. it is converted into Nirayana. Dasamsa (profession) and any other chakra necessary in a particular case are drawn in traditional style. The astrologer having a look at the traditional Bhava Chakra (in the absence of Bhava arambhas) reckons lordship over 2 houses and bases his predictions on that. In other words. this system may not be found wanting. The 7th house aspect between a planet say. the individual cusps are obtained for each latitude. To ensure greater mathematical accuracy. the entire chart is converted into Nirayana by deducting the Ayanamsa. Similarly.51 house " system followed at least for every 3 houses put together. This system is known as Placidian.

if the lord of a house is strongly placed and the house itself is either conjunct or aspected by a benefic. Yogas All the yogas operating on a horoscope. SUN in NIDRA Avastha is said to cause Oedema. so that the strength of a planet can be assessed and used for determining the quantum of auspicious/inauspicious effects. Sayanadi Avasthas Sayana Avasthas of the 9 planets and their effects (vide BRIAHT PARASHARA HORA) have to be found out and used in giving predictions concerning Major periods/Sub-periods.52 each sign. Not taking note of all yogas in a horoscope. the yoga effects should also be considered at all stages. is the minimum requirement. is sure to take the native higher up. assuming both are weak also ? Such insignificant Yogas should be discounted. auspicious as well as inauspicious. Yogas applying to the 12 houses in a horoscope are given bhava-wise in SECRETS OF KERALA ASTROLOGY and HORA RATNA MALA I would draw the attention of readers to the set of CHAMARAADI YOGAS in Appndix B of HORA RATNA MALA. two or three yogas are likely to be found in a number of horoscopes. In brief. the strength of planets on the lines of VIMSOPAKBALA as enunciated by Maharshi Parashara in his BRIHAT PARASHARA HORA. the . Dasa Varga Tabulation Ascertain from the Dasa Varga table. One. When it does occur in some one's Surya Dasa. The same Kesari Yoga between Jupiter as Lord of 9th and Moon as Lord of Asdt and if both are strong. one of the Chamaraadi Yogas arises concerning that house. but no notice is taken of them.Appendix E.Opposite conditions bring in one of the Ava Yogas indicating malefic results. consideration of the 120 yogas given in Hora Ratna Maala . For instance. Aspects should be considered somewhat on the lines of the graph given below : though it may not be necessary to work out the aspect strength mathematically. Whilst there are actually lakhs of yogas. What is the use of Kesari Yoga between Jupiter as Lord of 8th and Moon as Lord of 12th. should be noted along with their effects and whenever a planet is considered. is also a reason for failure of predictions. It should be remembered that an inauspicious yoga is like a drop of poison in a pot of milk.

Further. number of children can all be predicted . These effects are given in Nadi Jyotisha published by Meena or in the Novermber 1954 issue of Astrological Magazine. not predicted it. What is the use of Jupiter transiting your second house from Moon Sign if there are no bindus in that sign in Jupiter's Bhinna Ashta Varga ? There is a belief among learned astrologers that future indicated by the Ashtaka Varga methodology never fail. sex. the very same Ashtaka Varga tables could be used for assessing the transit effects throughout the course of life of a native. Nakshatra Chakra Almost the whole of Nadi Jyotisha is based on the constellation on which the planets are standing. there is a difference when such Mercury is standing on REVATI. Mercury is in debilitation. Again. Find out the constellation on which the 9 planets are standing and note down their effects. whilst a planet on its own star is said to be in Sookshma Swakshetra. Shad bala Do not condemn a planet the moment you see it in debilitation or debilitated navamsa. page 780. but he is on his own star and in Ascendant. contributing to positional strength. Even the dates of important events like death of father/mother. Another sloka by Maharshies say that it is only through the Ashtaka Varga that the impact of a malefic yoga on a horoscope or the goodness of an auspicious yoga could be be assessed or weighed. Even though Mercury is debilitated. but consider whether it has any of the shad-bala (six kinds of strength). Ashtaka Varga is the method by which the day to day transit effects could be deduced. birth. Ashtaka Varga The method of ascertaining longevity by the Ashtaka Varga has been stated by Maharshies to be the best among all the known methods ASHTAKA VARGA DASA MAARGAM SAVESHAM UTTAMOTHAMAM.53 native gets bewildered. for the astrologer has not worked out these avasthas and hence. A planet standing in its own house is said to be Swakshetra. Assess even roughly how it stands with regard to each one of the six kinds of strength. his own star. Seldom do we see horoscopes giving details of this type. In the Example Horoscope. marriage.

and in remarks column. make a note of the constellations on which the 9 planets stand at birth. if any. says that Vimshottari Dasa System is the best. (5) Note the graha-sputa (position of the planets in sings. call this (1) Yoga phala. Other Dasa System cannot stand in comparison with Vimshottari in many respects. (3) Sayanadi Avasthas of planets and their effects (4) Ashta Varga tables for all the 9 planets.9. Ascendant and Gulika. degrees. both in bhava phala and in major period/subperiod effects. number of bindus in Ashta Varga.10 acquire a special power to confer good effects. how good a horosocope is and to what heights the native would go on the material plane. I am convinced that omission of Gulika altogether does contribute to a partial failure of predictions. Major Period/sub-period effects (Vimshottari) Maharshi Parashara. While so doing. academic achievement etc. Whenever a doubt arises regarding the correctness of Ascendant in a horoscope. indicates the summit (or height) which the native will ultimately reach/attain. standing in own house/enemy house etc. Gulika Gulika is accepted as a sub-planet only in Kerala and parts of South India..minutes) of the 9 planets. with individual effects.. If one knows the date and time of any important event in one's life. who wrote the first great book on Astrology. standing on their own star or on auspicious stars. The sub-planet is looked at so reverently. Only a few Maharshies have written about effects of Maha Dasa. The sum of the status of all the 9 planets. We have thus far found out the various yogas in a horoscope. . Kerala astrologers treat the Asdt as correct if Gulika is in Asdt or in trines. Chidra. combustion etc. The position occupied by Gulika is as much a virtual point as Rahu/Ketu. Rasmi Chintha There is no doubt that this methodology provides us with an easy yard-stick to determine in a few minutes.5. note down important points (such as Yoga associated with. make a note of the planets. Others ignore it. the Asdt. Similarly. Sookshma and Prana Dasas.54 from the same set of charts. and only where it fails. such as an accident. Samudaya Ashta Varga and their effects.) All these inputs help an astrologer form his opinion.on a separate sheet of paper. standing on special star. These can be made use of in cases where rectification of birth time is required. should Kala Chakra Dasa be relied upon. Asdt and Gulika -. narrow escapes. Planets standing on stars owned by lords of 1. Call this (2) Nakshatra chakra. Note these on a separate sheet of paper.

when favourable transits take place. I am personally of the opinion that there is a limit to depending on these. Whichever Major Period may be running. however. namely. inauspicious effects come to the fore. a shanty cannot produce effects beyond what is indicated in a horoscope. it gives the special effects for different conjunctions/aspects on the lord of the sub-period. based the degree occupied by Moon at birth rather than based on tithi/lunar day. In general. the actual givers of any benefic/malefic effects to a native are Sun. bhava phala will be . The English translation MAHA DASA PHALA & BUKTI PHALA is unique in one respect. Miracles may have occurred in individual cases to the extent justified by a native's horoscope. and whether they are favourable or otherwise. mediocre or average. the bhava rasi b. they are the executive officers. planets aspecting that house. It also includes Dasa Phala under Dravida Shastra which gives the particular months and stars when some notable events are likely. Garba Shishta (balance of Major Period at birth) may be arrived at using the chart for the same given in Brihat Parashara Hora. auspicious effects arise and when transits are not fabourable. Make full use of these. If any two are GOOD and the rest poor.55 rectification could be made if events do not tally with the ongoing Sookshma/Prana dasa. planets standing therein d. a man destined to suffer poverty cannot be turned into a rich man by any amount of shanty nor can one destined to suffer diseases be totally relieved of the same by chanting AROGYA SOOKTA. benefic/malefic effects are presented to a native. do consider the transits that are going to occur then. Morals from other texts A careful perusal of Sukra Kerala Rahasya (Secrets of Kerala Astrology) reveals that opinion on a house has to be pronounced with reference to :a. Whilst giving predictions concerning effects of any future sub-period in any major period. lord of the bhava c. For instance. Shanties Whilst we hear about the wonders played by shanties. It is only through these planets. Moon and Jupiter.

Bhava and Dasamsa Chakras c. the following data. Navamsa. Here is a yard-stick to measure bhava phala. the Ayanamsa used still vary. is a MUST : a.000 - . Sayanadi Avasthas and effects d. I am convinced that the greater the attention paid to a horoscope.56 average. If all these are strong. However. Correct graha-sputa b. the greater is the accuracy of prediction and that. publisher) is when considering a planet.N N Krishna Rau October 31. get a FREE Computerised Horoscope and apply corrections with reference to Raphael's Ephemeris OR Chaithra Paksha Panchang ---. Having translated so many works on Astrology. Suryanarayana Rao is a must-read . Nakshatra chakra with phala e. OM SADGURU PARAMATHMANE NAMAHA OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE SIVANANDAYA sd/. reading Maha Dasa and Bukti Phala with reference to transits that take place when the bukti runs.publisher] . Under these conditions. Computerised Horoscopes are the in thing today. Times have changed.. Ashta Varga Phala for all the planets and Asdt f. A similar moral from Sarwartha Chintamani (English Translation by Prof. the planet under consideration is taken to be strong. 1961. 1961 [This is an edited version of the article written on 31st October.. look also to its navamsa and the lord of such navamsa. Rasi.

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