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How to make Christmas Savings

How to make Christmas Savings

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Published by Bronwen
How to make Christmas a little more stress free with Christmas savings tips.
How to make Christmas a little more stress free with Christmas savings tips.

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Published by: Bronwen on Oct 13, 2009
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Due to the current economic crisis that is very real and present for a lot of people, this Christmas

will be more about working out how to find and make Christmas savings, instead of the ridiculous amounts of money that have been spent in previous years on one day of the year! So, we need to consider how we can maximise our Christmas savings so that we can still have a great Christmas, but not one that leaves us out of pocket! So, here are some tips on how to survive with the aide of Christmas savings! Plan ahead-there are always Christmas savings to be had if you are one step ahead of Christmas and have planned in advance. Make a note of who you want to buy for, how much you are going to spend and also the non negotiable list, which means that there are ‘must haves’ on the list for your perfect Christmas. But, keep it realistic, as although a red nosed reindeer delivering all your present may be festive, it may not be within the budget! By planning ahead, you are keeping in mind how much you want to spend on who, instead of going shopping on a whim and spending more than you bargained for. By having a non-negotiable list, you can also cut back on other non necessities so that you can have what you want off the list without denting your Christmas savings. Cash is king-if you do a lot of shopping in local markets, Christmas shows or fayres, then take cash. By having ready money instead of cheques or cards, you are in a favourable position as you can barter with sellers and negotiate prices down with them as small businesses often prefer cash. This is a key point as there are so many local Christmas attractions in the winter months that you can find beautiful unique gifts for a fraction of the price which really helps with your Christmas savings. You will also find that you don’t start the new year with masses of credit card bills to pay off! Keep an eye on specials- relating to the above point, if you start your Christmas savings quest early, then you are at an advantage to find lots of specials and discounts. This is because, there are always offers in high street shops that can serve well as gifts, but also the internet is a great place to find bargains, especially if you use a cashback website as you will then get a percentage of your money back. Hopefully these Christmas savings tips will help you this Christmas have a happy and festive time!

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