Misleading Concepts

Sometimes someone asks us if we believe in God and, it does not take more than a few seconds for us to answer: Yes! But, one should seriously start thinking about it. After all, we have to be honest and ask ourselves what we believe in relation to God. It is easy to say that we believe that God is all, that God is love, abundance, life… But if he is everything, why the world we see does not reflect the manifestation of what we believe God to be? I think this is a good moment to show why some of our concepts are misleading and why what we say we believe does not go with what we see manifested in the world. God is everything that surrounds us, as everything is made of the same substance and there is nothing beyond God. Therefore… God is abundance and, so, there is no place for limitation and shortage. God is infinite supply; therefore, there cannot be poverty. God is love, for this reason; there cannot be suffering, lack of love. God is life; therefore, there is no infirmity, sickness or death. God is infinite intelligence, so, there cannot be any insanity, mental deficiency, lack of limitations of memory, of intelligence, capacity or creativity; God is the only power, consequently, there is nothing that opposes Him, and there not being power in disease, scarcity, fear, hazards… God is the way, so there is no possibility of going astray. God is joy, so there cannot be dissatisfaction. God is peace; therefore, there should not be affliction, war, misunderstanding. God is light; consequently, there should not be ignorance, darkness, purgatory, hell. God is everything; therefore there is not the possibility of separation between God and you, never, nowhere, in whatever situation. God is Presence, so one is never alone. God is Omniscience, hence; nothing goes unnoticed by God, not even you most insignificant worry. God is the Truth; as a result, everything that opposes to God is not true and does not really exist.

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