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Sale - Back Door Collection

Sale - Back Door Collection

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Published by Rotimi R Agoro

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Published by: Rotimi R Agoro on Mar 02, 2014
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Step Name Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Description In AURA, type in a catalogue number (e.g. 103/7058) in the Stock Enquiry screen. On the PoS, type in a catalogue number (e.g. 103/7058) and press [Enter] Check the details of the item against the AURA back office Stock Enquiry screen. Type in a quantity of [2] and select [F1 - Main]

Expected Result The details should be as expected. The till will prompt 'Please enter the required quantity followed by the appropriate stock button (or F1 - OK).' The details should match those on AURA. The till will prompt 'Please select 'Automatic' for a Collection Point or 'Back Door'. The till will add products to the transaction and will display the prompt 'To sell, key a 'catalogue number and enter' or select an appropriate option.' The till will display the tender function keys, where [F1 - Cash] [F2 Card] [F3 - Cheque] [F4 - Voucher] [F5 - Euro] [F6 - Company Credit] [F7 - Discounts] [F8 - Sales] and the prompt 'Total to pay is £nnn.nn Please select the appropriate tender.' The till will display the cash function keys, where [F2 - Basket value] [F3 - Value to nearest £1] [F4 - Value to nearest £5] [F5 - Value to nearest £10] [F6 - Value to nearest £20] and the prompt 'Please enter the tender amount and press the OK button' The till will process a sale and print a receipt. Check the receipt to ensure that the correct item is shown, the tender details are correct, and the receipt will state 'PLEASE COLLECT YOUR GOODS FROM THE BACK DOOR'. Check cash drawer opens The Saleable Stock and Stock Movements should be updated with the transaction details accordingly.

Step 5

Highlight 'Back door' and press F1 - OK

Step 6

Press [F8 - Total]

Step 7

Tender the sale with [Cash]

Step 8

Select [F3 - Value to nearest £1] In AURA, type in a catalogue number (e.g. 103/7058) in the Stock Enquiry screen and view the Saleable Stock and Stock Movements.

Step 9

[Company Credit Card] is not displayed on till The cash function key is displayed Passed All item is displayed on till receipt Passed Salable stock is updated Passed . is displayed Failed [Euro] .Actual Result Details is displayed Prompt message is displayed Details is displayed on AURA Prompt message is displayed Pass/Fail Passed Passed Passed Passed Note Prompt message is displayed Passed The following function keys.

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