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Multidimensional Erlang-B dimensioning

This webpage shows a simple example for applying MDE.

The applet for MDE is designed for three circuit-switched services, e.g. Speech !"." #bps$ Switched Data %& #bps$ 'ideo Streaming !"( #bps$ )or each service, the traffic load in Erlang *Erl+ needs to be defined, e.g. Speech !, Erl$ Switched Data " Erl$ 'ideo Streaming ! Erl$ )or each service, the bandwidth demand in basic bandwidth units has to be defined. This has to be for the gross data rate including overhead, e.g. for a lin# in -T./01 Speech !"." #bps 2 overhead 3 !( #bps$ Switched Data %& #bps 2 overhead 3 (! #bps$ 'ideo 4onferencing !"( #bps 2 overhead 3 !%" #bps$

Note that the values for overhead factors are just EXAMPLE values! ou need to specif! the correct values for the services and interfaces considered!
0ext, the basic bandwidth unit has to be defined, e.g. ! #bps or the greatest common divisor of the gross data rates, i.e. for our example 5 #bps. The resulting number of basic bandwidth units bbu$ per service are1 Speech !( #bps 3 " 6 5 #bps 3 " bbu$ Switched Data (! #bps 3 5 6 5 #bps 3 5 bbu $ 'ideo Streaming !%" #bps 3 !( 6 5 #bps 3 !( bbu$ 0ote that also ! #bps is a feasible value for bbu but re7uires a little bit more computation time. 8n that case, the resulting bbu demand would be1 !(, (!, !%".

"emar#$ %he demand in &asic &and'idth units must &e an (N%E)E"!

8n the next step either the available interface lin#$ capacity has to be defined in bbu or in the case that this value needs to be determined the re7uired bloc#ing probabilities have to be entered. %he complete example

Speech1 !, Erl, " bbu, !., 9 bloc#ing probability Switched Data1 " Erl, 5 bbu, "., 9 bloc#ing probability 'ideo Streaming1 ! Erl, !( bbu, :., 9 bloc#ing probability

%he result

.e7uired capacity in bbu$1 !!!., .esulting bloc#ing for Speech1 ;., 9 .esulting bloc#ing for Switched Data1 !.< 9 .esulting bloc#ing for 'ideo Streaming1 &.( 9

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