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Faith in Action

March 2, 2014
If you are new to our congregation, we would like to get acquainted. Our pastors, deacons and caregivers are ready to answer your questions. Infants and children are welcome in our worship. But, if it should occur that the worship is too confining for your child(ren), childcare is provided for infants and toddlers up through two years of age in the Nursery located right down the hall at the 10 a.m. service. ctivity !ags" are availa!le for your child(ren) !y the front doors. #ur $orship %ervice is televised &ues., ' p.m., and %unday, noon, on ca!le (hannel '. )lease chec* the (ommunity +oice (hannel ' or for the schedule listing or changes. ),- %- let us *now when someone in the church family enters the hospital or is in need of a pastoral call. &he pastors place high priority on such visits and calls. )hone ./00.1'021/0 or for 3ev. 4edeiros ./00.12051'6 or 3ev. 4itchell ./0071/077/1. reas of 3escue ssistance8 availa!le at stairways during any emergency, especially for disa!led persons. -mergency personnel attend to these areas immediately upon their arrival. In the event of a heavy snowstorm, there will !e at least one worship service at 10 a.m. on %unday morning. 9or more information on changes or cancellations, listen to radio station $&I( 4 (10.0) or $9%B, (hannel 5 listed under :nited (ongregational (hurch. Service Notes &he flowers this morning are given in loving memory of friends ; family !y <arrell ; (athy $ilco= >reeting this morning are ,isa ; Brad 9reeman, (arol ; &om ?irch!urg. #ur <eacon >reeter is Bo! ?erold. &he <eacons assisting with (ommunion are ,aureen (urley, <orothy ?ern!erg, 9ran 4aynard, (athy $ilco=, Bailey Brenn, rmand @ohnson, <ale Aasai, Brian )a!st. &he (onfirmand serving as colytes is 4arissa )aolangeli. &he (onfirmand assisting with (ommunion is Ayle 9erguson. &he 3ose of 3emem!rance is given to the ?oward family. Ash Wednesday is 4arch ', which mar*s the !eginning of ,ent. ,ent is the 20 days period (not including %undays) of repentance and renewal preceding the cele!ration of -aster. &wo !rief (ommunion %ervices offer the opportunity to mar* the !eginning of the %acred seasonB 7800 a.m. (hancel (ommunion and 1800 p.m. +espers %ervice, preceded !y the soup supper at /800 p.m. which everyone is invited. 9or those interested in receiving ashes, this too will !e part of our services. Pilgrim Fellowship volunteered at the )anca*e Brea*fast today, %unday, 4arch 6. &his 9riday night, 4arch 1 from /850 0 7800 p.m., will !e our ne=t Friday ight !O"I# I$%&' Both @unior and %enior ).9. groups are invitedC 9eel free to !ring friends and snac*s to shareC %ee you thenC >od !less you all. (ook )iscussion* (ome Doin &onDa Aelly and 9ran 4aynard &O)A+ at 2800 p.m. to discuss the !oo*, An Altar in the World !y Bar!ara Brown &aylor.

I,We would like to attend the -t. Patrick.s )inner scheduled for -aturday, !arch /0 at 1 p.m. NameEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE )honeEEEEEEEEEEEE Num!er attending8 dultsEEEE (hildrenEEEE 4eals8 (orned Beef FEEEEE(hildrenGs meals FEEEEEE &otal mount HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 -t. Patrick.s )ay )inner I &he @unior and %enior )ilgrim 9ellowship groups will sponsor our annual corned !eef and ca!!age dinner, with carrots, potatoes, Irish soda !read and dessert too, %aturday, 4arch 1' !eginning at /800 p.m. 3eservations may !e made using the slip a!ove. &he cost is H11Jadults, H'Jchildren, or H50Jfamily (6 adults K children). (hildrenGs 4enu will !e availa!le. Invite your friends and families, and come have a delicious time togetherC )roceeds will !e used for Louth >roup activities. ()lease indicate how many corned !eef dinners and how many childrenGs meals and place this along with your chec*, made out to 344&, in the offering plate) 4all to !eeting5 In gratitude to and appreciation for all the faithful mem!ers who attended our annual meeting !udget discussion on @anuary 6/, 6012, the Business (ommittee is calling on all mem!ers of :((& to !e present today for a special congregational meeting to receive, discuss and vote on the proposed 6012 Budget. $e will also act on a proposed amendment to rticle M section B1 of the !ylaws8 Current Wording (1) Music Committee- The Music Committee shall recommend to the Business Committee the employment o the Minister o Music and shall have oversight o the music o the church. )roposed mendment (1) 4usic (ommittee I &he 4usic (ommittee shall recommend to the Business (ommittee the employment of the 4inister of 4usic and shall have oversight of the music of the church. &his committee shall !e composed of si= mem!ers, two mem!ers to !e elected each year for a term of three years. &he mem!er senior in service shall call the first meeting. In order to facilitate a very important discussion in the life of our faith community, our special @aNN %unday schedule will !e as follows8 we will cele!rate the ,ordOs %upper together, immediately followed !y our (ongregational meeting at 10850 4. $e will provide childcare in order to ma*e it possi!le for parents of our young ones to !e present. $uest Preacher2 Please 6oin us !arch 7th to welcome our new (onference 4inister and our guest preacher, 3ev. Aent %iladi. ?e is loo*ing forward to worshiping with us and getting to *now us. Lou donGt want to miss this wonderful day. A new (i8le -tudy 8egins 4arch ' for lent 0 the )assion and <eath of @esus. $ritten !y @ohn ). >il!ert, a pastor, (hristian educator and Bi!le %tudy author, &he )assion and <eath of @esus provides clarity and understanding to the most difficult period of @esusO life8 what we *now as ?oly $ee*. ll are invited to attend. &his study will also !e offered in a small group format, hosted !y Aitty )enton and 4idge ?urtu* on &hursday evenings. 9etired !en.s :uncheon will !e on 4onday, 4arch 5, 11850 a.m. at $illington )iNNa. men of the church are invited to attend. ll retired

9etired Women.s :uncheon will !e on &uesday, 4arch 5, noon at 3einGs <eli, 25' ?artford &urnpi*e, +ernon. )lease call Bar!ara 3o!inson at ./00.1'0.6/6 for reservations. 4eet at the church at 11850 to car pool. ;OI &%# !3-I4 O &%# $9## 4O!!I&&##' $e are loo*ing for one or two people to Doin the group that plans and presents four concerts a year. $e meet 20' times a year, following an 11800 service, usually once !efore each concert. -ach committee mem!er shares in the tas*s associated with the concerts. !usic on the $reen presents (9OA)WA+ 9#"3# on 4arch 1/ at 5850 p.m. in our sanctuaryC <an and nnette )avone will showcase some of your favorite Broadway showsC &hey have !een involved in musical theater for years and will present a wonderful assortment of familiar favorites. 4eet the artists after the show at our reception. <onation H10. 4hurch -cholarship Applications I pplications for our (hurch %cholarships (for graduating seniors who have demonstrated involvement in the church particularly in its service and mission life), the <r. @ames ). (ornish %cholarship (for a graduating high school student entering a medically related field), the @oseph and %andra 9erro %cholarship (for a graduating &olland high school student or a mem!er, or a child of a mem!er, of :((&, attending the (onnecticut %tate :niversity system or the :niversity of (onnecticut maDoring in -ducation) and the 3uth %uess 4emorial %cholarship (for a graduating high school student planning on studying Nursing) are availa!le in the (hurch #ffice. &he deadline for turning in your completed application is pril 50. :essons of Faith in -trokes of a (rush< Iconography2 Weekend Workshop2 Friday2-unday, April =21. (hristopher >osey will lead participants through his wor*shop, peppering hands0on instruction in applying layer after layer of paint, with tid!its of religion iconographic history while participants write (paint) and pray with their icons. By the end of these three days, each participant will have completed or !e close to completing an icon. 9riday, pril 2, 107 pm, %aturday, pril ', 7am01pm and %unday, pril /, 160' pm. &he wor*shop is on a sliding scale fee H100011' includes materials. %ome scholarship availa!le. No previous s*ill rePuired. 9or more information please contact the church office at ./00.1'021/0, email8 3ev. @udy 4edeiros at or chec* out our we!site at Prayer Workshop II * #ur ne=t 4any $ays to )ray wor*shop will !e held on %aturday, 4arch . from 7am016 noon, as we continue to e=plore and develop faith practices, especially as we move into the season of ,ent. ll are welcome. )articipation in the previous wor*shop is not a prerePuisite. )lease register or call the church office !y 4onday, 4arch 5.

Prayer 9equest 4ards 2 $e now have prayer rePuest cards availa!le in the pew rac*s for anyone wishing the community to hold their Doys andJor concerns in our prayers. <eacons and caregivers will wander up and down the aisles during the first hymn. )lease write clearly so we can easily incorporate your prayer rePuests during our prayer time. #n (ommunion %undays your present pastors and caregivers will lift prayers during their private devotional times. !ndowments are ultimately an act o aith in the uture o our church. "ave you thought a#out including your church in your will$ This Weeks CalendarMarch 2 throu h March ! %unday 18500781' a.m. )anca*e Brea*fast .82' a.m. @oyful +oices 7800 a.m. (hildrenGs (hoir 7850 a.m. (ommunion and (hurch %chool 10850 a.m. (ongregational 4eeting 2800 p.m. Boo* <iscussion0 n lter in the $orld" /850 p.m. (hristian -ducation 4eeting 4onday .800 a.m. dult -=ercise 11850 a.m. 3etired 4enGs ,uncheon /800 p.m. %taff 4eeting &uesday 16800 p.m. 3etired $omenGs ,uncheon 2850 p.m. (ornerstone %oup Aitchen '800 p.m. (onfirmation (lass 1800 p.m. )arish Nurse 1800 p.m. Bi!le %tudy $ednesday sh $ednesday .800 a.m. dult -=ercise 7800 a.m. (hancel (ommunion 7850 a.m. Bi!le %tudy /800 p.m. %oup %upper 1800 p.m. +esper %ervice with (ommunion 1850 p.m. (hoir &hursday 7800 a.m. 9oodshare 4inistry 4o!ile 1800 p.m. (a& (conference room) 9riday 1800 p.m. ((lassroom) 1800 p.m. @uniorJ%enior )9 4ovie Night %aturday 7016 p.m. )rayer $or*shop 10800 a.m. ((lassroom) %unday <aylight %avings Begins .850 a.m. $orship 781' a.m. @oyful +oices 7850 a.m. (hildrenGs (hoir 7850J1181' a.m. Blood )ressure %creening 10800 a.m. $orship and (hurch %chool

0000000000000000000 >Please place in offering plate or deliver,mail to 4hurch Office? 000000000000000000


5800 p.m.

<ance Lour )rayer