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Research @ the Library: Introduction to Research

Search Log
Fill this out as we go along in the workshop
Remember – searching isn’t an exact science. There are MANY right answers!

Your Topic: Example topic: What effects does drug abuse have on teens?
Effect of gambling on crime rates?
Key words:
 teens
Key words (single word or 2 word phrases drawn from topic):  "drug abuse"
_________________________ Synonyms:
_________________________ Check?: thesauri dictionaries encyclopedias

Synonyms?: ___________________  teenagers

___________________  adolescents
___________________  "substance abuse"

Check?: □ thesauri □ dictionaries □ encyclopedias

Example searches:
 "drug abuse" and teenagers

Your search (connect key words using AND & OR):  "drug abuse" and (teenagers or adolescents)

_________________________________________  ("drug abuse" or "substance abuse") and adolescents

Information needs?: see "Information Needs Checklist"

Information needs: in U.S., last 10 years, peer-reviewed
Subject Guide(s): _______________ _______________
Subject Guide(s): Health and Biology, Behavioral Sciences
Research database(s): _____________ ____________
Relevant research database(s): Academic Search Premier,

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