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ABSTRACT Dental plaque is a soft deposit that accumulates on the teeth.

More than 500 bacterial strains may be found in dental plaque. In addition to the bacterial cells, plaque contains a small number of epithelial cells, leukocytes, and macrophages. The cells are contained within an e tracellular matri , which is formed from bacterial products and sali!a. Taking of this e periment, the dentistry students could cultured bacterial of dental plaque and identification morphology of colony and then could made gram"s staining as first phase in identification of dental plaque. In this e periment, took a sampel of dental plaque from the sub#ect and then put in glass homogeni$er within % ml &0 mM potassium phosphate buffered. Then, made it to homogeni$ation with glass homogeni$er. 'fter it, made fi!e serial dilution and then put %00 (l solution of ), &, 5 serial dilution to *+I agar and spread glass bead into *+I agar. Then, put the *+I agar to incubator for 5 days. 'fter it, made gram"s staining. ,or the last of gram"s staining, looked the glass slide with microscop. Key words : dental plaque, bacterial, grams staining