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Leroy Panther's 43 Defense (High School)

Leroy Panther's 43 Defense (High School)

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Published by tonydwilliams
4-3 defense
4-3 defense

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Published by: tonydwilliams on Mar 03, 2014
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Our defensive philosophy will center around a foundation of stopping the run. An effective run stopping defense must form a TOUGH physical presence. We will expect our defensive players to play hard to the whistle. I was once told that we are not all smart and we are not all fast !ut we can all control how hard we play the game" PLAYERS and COACHES MUST UNDERSTAND: #I$%I&'I()  $I*&'I%IT+  ),)%UTIO( - SUCCESS %O($I$T)(%+  %O(.I#)(%) - SUCCESS G/)AT #)*A(#  G/)AT )..O/T - SUCCESS DEFENSIVE THEORETICAL GOALS: 0. /)A# 1)+$ &U/$U) TH) 2A'' TA%1') 3. $TO& TH) /U( 4s5uee6e down inside force to alley7 8. GAI( &O$$)$$IO( O. TH) 2A'' 9. HO'# O&&O()(T $%O/)')$$ :. $%O/) O( #).)($) “A defensive p a!e"#s va $e %& %'e %ea( )an and *i +e (eas$"ed +! 'is dis%an)e f"&( %'e +a a% %'e end &f %'e p a!, -.&+ S%&&ps/ U &f O0 a'&(a

COACHING DEFENSE 0. .U(#A*)(TA'$ Attac; *ove Tac;le 3. &O$ITIO(A' A'IG(*)(T $TA(%) A$$IG(*)(T %hanges !y call 8. &)/$O()'' A2I'ITI)$ /eport changes in play and attitude 9. +OU/ W)A1()$$)$ A(# &O$$I2') A#<U$T*)(T$ %ommunicate thoughts to each other :. $TU(T$ A(# 2'IT=)$ 'i;e the !ac; of hand review when find extra time>rest period “ 1e *an% %& d& %'e )&((&n %'in2s/ $n)&((&n ! *e 3, As a coaching staff we place our players through routines on a daily !asis. The o!?ective !ehind those routines is to create confidence in each individual so they can play with the greatest possi!le speed on the foot!all field. )ach coach will !e held responsi!le for arriving at practice prepared to sell our philosophies to our ;ids. If you come unprepared the ;ids will recogni6e that. This may lead them to second guess you which may lead them to second guess themselves. +our preparation can help !uild your positional players confidence. POINTS OF EMPHASIS DURING EVERY DEFENSIVE PRACTICE SEGMENT: 0. 3. 8. 9. *)(TA' $T/)(GTH *A1) TH) 2IG &'A+ %/)AT) TU/(O@)/$ &'A+ TOG)TH)/ WITH )(THU$IA$*A T)A*  GOA'

“Leave as i%% e %& )'an)e as p&ssi+ e3 P"epa"a%i&n is %'e 0e! %& s$))ess, B Pa$ ."&*n

will repeat the coverage call after huddle !rea. B Di)0 Ve"(ei HUDDLE PROCEDURE A coach % 0.I@) TH/)) A(# OUT$ E. 9. HO'# O&&O()(T$ TO U(#)/ 03 &OI(T$ 8. (O *)(TA' &)(A'TI)$ G. is set '20 will get the call from sideline '28 will !e responsi!le for the strength call Haw. ) '28 H % '20 T '23 ( / Tac. $%O/) F. and strength call . :. 3. THI/# #OW($ “If !&$ d&n#% inves% ve"! ($)'/ &sin2 *&n#% '$"% %&& ($)' and *innin2 *&n#% +e ve"! e4)i%in2. . WI( TH) GA*) 3. (O 2IG &'A+$A /U($ O@)/ 0: +A/#$ &A$$ O@)/ 3: +A/#$ :.O/%) AT ')A$T 8 TU/(O@)/$ D. *A1) A'' H2IG &'A+I O&&O/TU(ITI)$ 0C. 8.PANTHER DEFENSE GAME GOALS 0. WI( EC TO DCJ O. AT ')A$T . HO'# TO U(#)/ 0CC +A/#$ /U$HI(G 9.le and (ose sets huddle 8 yards from the !all '23 will call down and distance once yard stic.

O O ) T ( / $ * W % ) H % GAP RESPONSI. Our fundamental coverages will !e cover 3 and cover 8 which will !e discussed later. Our teaching progressions will start with the 9B8 front and progress into !oth the :B3 and 9B9 variations with their techni5ues and .ers and four defensive !ac.. This front will !e called in the huddle as . We will also have front calls that will align us in variations of a :B3 and a 9B9 as it will !e seen on the field. The gaps and techni5ues areas followsA # % 2 A A 2 % # O OO . The huddle call will align our players in techni5ues.ey changes.ASE.LE ROY 5-6 DEFENSE This is our !asic defensive alignment showing four down linemen three line!ac.ILITY: )ach player will !e responsi!le for a gap on the 'O$ !ased upon the huddle call. O O O O O O O O . O O O E D : 9 8 3 0 C 0 3 8 9 : D E .

e !ase alignment *I1) may need to cheat to strong 2 gap #TKs !oth 3i tech. O O ) ( T / $ * W % ) H % .e ad?ust to !ehind his (O$) O O O O O O O O . call7. O O ) T ( / $ * W % ) H % .ASE 7 UNDER. to wea.. O O ) T ( / $ * W % ) H % .side *i.ASE 7 TIM 7 8 A '2Ks ta. 4versus midline short trap 7 O O O O O O O O . O'2 must . )nd moves from a Di to D tech.es 3i to strongside T 8 tech.8A (O$) ta.now he is the wrong shoulder player. O O O O O O O O .ASE 7 OUT 7 8 A a change of gaps for )(# and O'2 4strong>wea.

et of )(#.O.ASE 7 . for spill with flow to or cut !ac.s up to E tech in hip poc. $ and * follow flow . with flow away O O O O W % H O O O O .ASE 7 1IDE 7 6<=: front 9 no change from 2A$) tech 4 can call U(#)/ or TI*7 control gaps spill traps to '2Ks. O O ) T ( / ) $ * % .ASE 7 STG3 S9UEE:E 7 8A $A* wal. O O ) T ( / . O'2Ks must fill % gap if window open. O O ) T ( / $ * W % ) H % . 4versus !oot or action pass tendency7 O O O O O O O O . 7 8A )(#$ s5uee6e all pulls instead of wrong shoulder 4spill7 from outside techni5ue.ey across % and T face to playside.. )agle and Will loo. 4wea. s5uee6e also with WI''7 &ossi!le HcrossI stunt explained later O O $ * % ) H W % O O O O O O .

e to send )AG') 4$$7 opposite of $O'I# call 4%over 3 'oc. can !ring Haw. O O $ A ( T / * W % H ) % . O O $ A ( T / * W % O O O O . O O A T ( / $ * W ) H % % STRONG SOLID 7 TIM 7 8 O O O O O O O O .STRONG SOLID 7 8A #TKs switch strength sides with ( in 0 tech and T in 8 tech $O'I# side )(# in 9 tech with 2 gap responsi!ility if no game called 4games will !e illustrated later7 E T)%H '2 to $O'I# side two 8 tech '2Ks. would li.>)AG') to 'O$see diagram7 O O O O ) % H 1EA> SOLID 7 6 A notice how %O@)/ 8 call can !ring )agle closer to 'O$ O O O O O O O O .

O O O O O O O O . O O A ( T / * W % ) H . O O $ A T ( / * W % H ) % O O O O $ % O O O O .D. O O $ A ( T / * % ) H STR3 SOLID HEAVY 7 8<6 4stg> wea.7 heavy tendency to run stg or wea.L3 SOLID 7 8 O O O O W % O O O O .

An extra #T will enter and the HAW1 will exit.side 8 tech.now what games are played on strongside" We will !e aggressive &)()T/ATIO( TH/OUGH &)O&') ')@)/AG) #O*I(AT) We will never avoid !loc. The HH)A@+I lineman will play a wea. over GKs . O O O A T ( H / * W % ) 4wea. $A* and )AG') A/) 8 . OUT 8. WI'' and *I1) stac.GOALINE<SHORT YARDAGE 7 “HEAVY. : from the end of 'O$ and cover the L3Ks.e 9 tech to the strongside. &I(%H 3.s in this situation O O O O O O O . to your side and must .LE CROSSA )AG') and $A* run cross stunts with #)Ks. The huddle call will !e stg or wea. 0 tech for (O$) the TA%1') will ta.AC>ER FIREA I'2 opposite (O$) will creep and !lit6 gap DOU. #)Ks must cover the L3Ks . %/O$$ 9. %orners cover L0Ks.ey flow cover !ac.7 $ 4strong7 % SOLID GAMES ?5 and @ %e)'A: 0. 'OO& . A(%HO/ plays a E tech and will run games with TA%1').

#T that twists must flex from the 'O$. O A An)'&" %*is% $ O O T . * O ( O / W .T1IST STUNTS: #T that goes first must cheat alignment. * O ( O / W O A N&se %*is% $ O O T . * O ( O / R$s' %*is% W O A Ta)0 e %*is% $ O O T .

Inside rusher must spill everything and outside rusher must contain everything. 1now down and distanceMwho are we tac.CROSS and GO STUNTS: With !oth types of stunts the moving '2 should start from a Hs5uee6eI alignment.lingNN Sa( )"&ss $ O A O O T . O ( O / W 1i 2& . O ( O / W 1i )"&ss Sa( 2& $ O A O O T .

1now down and distance to focus on whom to tac.AC>ER .le" O A SMASH $ * 4show7 W 4sugar N7 O O T . %overage dictated !y formation. Opposite !ac. O ( O / Sa( and Mi0e O A 1HAM O O T ..now down and distance to focus on whom we are tac. O ( O / Sa( and 1i W $ * 4sugar"7 SAFETY .LIT:ES: .er may HsugarI *I1) may HcreepI also. O ( O / 1i and Mi0e W $ 4sugar N7 * 4show7 O A S1AT O O T .LIT: #T rules for all of these HactionI !lit6esA false alignments and stunt into gaps away from the !lit6ing $A* or WI''.ling" .

O ( O / 1i <Ha*0 4peel7 O A THUNDER $ ) $am creeps $am flushes )agle and Anchor feed Anchor must peel on /2 teach H6oneI !lit6 principle Haw. and /ush feed /ush must peel on /2 teach H6oneI !lit6 principle O O T . O ( O / Sa( and Ea2 e INSIDE .LIT:ES ?A GAPSA . must cover down for )agle * 4sugarN7 W H O O T .4peel7 O A LIGHTNING $ * 4sugarN7 W H Will creeps Will flushes Haw.

#TKs must . $olid call 9 tech will drive inside shoulder to control 2 gap !ut to not get washed down.Two '2Ks will !lit6 A gap.le. 1now down and distance and whom we should focus on tac. #)Ks must reali6e that the play will spill !e ready to contain and tac.ey.now this false align and fill 2 gap on snap.ling" O A MEMPHIS O O T .e must go opposite of $am>Will SOLID STUNTS: /eg. . O ( O / Mi0e and 1i W $ * 4showB C tech7 *i.now when to plug and when to scrape on flow .e must go opposite of $am>Will O A MIL1AU>EE O O T . O ( O / Mi0e and Sa( $ * 4showB C tech7 W *i. '2Ks must .

O O . ( O T O / * 4plug7 W 4scrape7 O O O . ( O T O / * 4plug7 W 4scrape7 O CROSS $ O A O . ( O T O / * 4scrape7 W 4scrape7 O LOOP $ O A O .O OUT $ O A O .

The front is our strong $O'I# front with some personnel differences. ( O T W O N&se %*is% / * O $ O A O .Ta)0 e %*is% $ A * ( T W / O $ O A O . ( O T W O R$s' %*is% / * GOALINE PAC>AGE STUNTS: Our goaline pac.age adds an extra #T and ta. The )AG') 4$$7 and $A* are 8 x 8 responsi!le for L3Ks.$7. 4.es out the Haw. .

O OUT A $ 437 O T O . O O O . ( O H O O / ) * 4scrape7 W 4scrape7 O LOOP O O . ( O H O O / ) 437 * 4plug7 W 4scrape7 O CROSS A $ O T O .

O H W 4.age will ta. We will Hs5uee6eI T) with (>'2 4loose E tech7.E CROSS $ A 437 O T O ( * . Our $OO()/ pac. ( and W will ?am L3Ks and play curl>flat.A $ T * 4plug7 ( H W 4scrape7 / ) O . If a T) is in the offensive formation shade ( to strength and )nds will play Di tech.I/)N7 O O / 437 ) NIC>EL PAC>AGE “SOONER. . ( O H W O O / ) * O DOUL. %orners and safeties will play OKs with cover 3 reads.AC>ER FIRE $ A O T O .e out the (O$) and add a #2>'2 !ased on personnel a!ilities.

$A* TWI$T :. *A( U(#)/ B )AG') and HAW1 free LI:. /I&B 3>8 8.O O ( $ % * O O . $OO()/B man 9. 'I=B3>8 3.O O A T / W O O .O O A T / W O O % ) H &/)$$U/) &A%1AG)A 0. *I1) TWI$T %O@)/AG) %HA(G)$A 0.( and W !oth creep left side !lit6 O O ( $ * O O .

e must cover middle and dog a L8 to either side we will man up over the top. $am will !lit6 either A gap and must give the (O$) a call.O O A T / W O O % ) O O H 4cover 3 techni5ue7 SOONER all out !lit6 *i. O O .% % ) 4cover 3 techni5ue7 H O O RIPB ( and W creep right side !lit6 O O ( $ % * O O .

and covered hand down . $tance 3.O O A T / W $ * O % % ) H $A* 4*I1)7 TWI$T$ O O ( $ * O O .O ( O O . covered foot !ac. 8 pt.O O A T / W O O POSITIONAL TECHNI9UES/ FUNDAMENTALS/ DRILLS STANCES AND STARTS DEFENSIVE LINE $TA(%) 0.

DC J of weight on hands :.nees !ent ?ust over GC degrees feet ?ust outside shoulders 3. . $TA/T 0. H&ower %leanI off the 'O$ 3.e on !loc.s $TA/T 0. foot replaces down hand 8. !ac. flat toes forward !utt slightly raised free hand out and ready to attac.nees 8. feet ?ust outside shoulders toeBto arch relationship 9.))T HA(#$ ')@)/AG) A'IG(*)(T 1)+$ /)A#$ H)A' 'I() &U/$UIT TA%1'I(G . 3 pt. wor. hands gra! outside num!ers get under chin lift" LINE. hands out in front of . downhill to 'O$ into responsi!le gap 8. drive off lead foot and exaggerate low movement in practice 3. on . !ent . 3 pt.nees ready to ta. 8.ey step with foot to side of flow do not cross over no false step !ac. 3. chest should stay over . !utt should stay !ehind heels FUNDAMENTALS DEFENSIVE LINE 0. strong leg forward for safeties outside leg for corners 8. feet under shoulders 3.wards 3. !ac.ers with leverage and hands in num!ers and HcleanI the path to the !all DEFENSIVE . 9.AC>S $TA(%) 0.nees athletic stance head up eyes on . weight on !alls of feet heals !arely off the ground 8.AC>ERS $TA(%) 0. .eys $TA/T 0.8.e on !loc. ta.

E T)%H .LINE. 8. .AC>ERS 0. .eet and Hands 3.I)'# . 3. . 8 T)%HK$ . In and outB rip across face . And !all movement i.U'' . /everse out ii.ling 9. 3.U(#A*)(TA'$ !.U(#A*)(TA'$ DEFENSIVE . 9. 1eys /eads and /ush A.U(#A*)(TA' #/I''$ A'IG(*)(T #/O& =O()$ 1)+$ A(# /)A#$ %O@.3  8  :  : A&A%H) 40>3 .AC>S 0. :. 'everage 8. 2arrelsBstart each from 8 pt.I)'#7 TA%1'I(G LeR&! F&&%+a - Defensive Line D"i s Main C&(p&nen%s: 0. 9. Tac./O(T a. 8.OOTWO/1 ')@)/AG) A'IG(*)(T 1)+$ /)A#$ WI(#OW$ TA%1'I(G 2A$)U(#)/TI* $O'I# .

T ( Anchor /ush LeR&! F&&%+a - Line+a)0e" D"i s Main C&(p&nen%s: 0. all shaded C 0 8 : E G tech. tac.lingB during E on E i. one step and press 3. wor. on stem call HmoveI 8.le 3. ). twists 0. 5 p%3 S%a+ and G"a+ 4speed extension thum!s gra! LKs7 iii. seat rollB H H H H ii3 Hea ine 0. S%ee" and Rip.er7 i.ling 9. 3. one step and rip Tac. speed > rip 4or7 ?a! > swimB #' choice iii. hit and shed 8. 8 stepB right and left shoulders 3.2. H&&ps 4speed7 and D$((ies 4?a!>swim or rip7 ii3 = !d3 fi2'% 0. $wivel hips down yardline 4eyes on coach7 . 6 &n C#sB vs run !loc. $huffle rip v. #. . $pin and num!ers 'everageB initiate with !all movement i. %. press and ripB strip tac. coverage F&&%*&"0<A2i i%! A. iii. pursuit 3.le iii. !ase down pulls !oth ways dou!le teams etc. B p%3 4hands high thum!s up roll hips through !ag7 ii. $huffle punch iv. H/allyI drill 1eys and /eadsB i.s 4also go 8 on 37B C d"&p 'and %& snap 0. 'ine drill 4single !ac. $e d$((iesB wrap !ase foot fire !all call 4straight ahead 9: degree right and left7 0.stance and start iv3 6 p%3 0. &ass /ush and $tunts i. press and swimB strip tac.

machine gun v. to line and repeat across field . i. approach and fit 3.ii. tac. 'ateral 4one way w>shiver !ag7 v.ness 3. rightBleftBsettleBshuffleB !rea. 2all up and '2 settles and shuffles to %oachKs eyes iii. 'ateral shuffle !ehind up into windows 4shiver !ag7 2. : yards awayB '2 shuffleB alleyBshuffleBalleyB press on !rea. 2ase . 2oard 4!ags7 wor.Bpower angles ii.a2s A. 9 pt. 3 pt. 1ey to playside G ii.B sta! and gra! iii. D pt. E and : techni5ues 8 tech '2Ks LeR&! F&&%+a Defensive . :CJ tac. 0.leB head across wrap roll carry !ac.Ks > W . 9 stepB 9: degrees with !oards or !ags 0. on shoulder action>draw %. $huffleBAlleyB&ress i. 4shiver !ag7 iv.a)0 D"i s Main )&(p&nen%s: 0. on you ii. on arm action 2. 9: degree !rea. )ye Opener 2.ling 8. Agilities i. &ressBripBwrap 4!all7 Ta)0 in2 A.pedal and !rea.eysB whole group i. /ally #rill Read 0e!s and C&ve"a2e A. 2ac.ers7 i. and forth on coach7 vi. alignment coverages F&&%*&"0 and A2i i%! A. approach and press 8. One foot in hole ii. &ositional 4$olid techni5ues7 i. 9:Ks 4multiple !ac. 8 . On yard lineB /2 ?ogBsprintB?ogBsprintB !rea. 5uic.B Hfoot !efore fistI 4D inch step7 iv. Two feet in hole iii. Option 4!one T 7!last 4!one I7 wingBt responsi!ilities 2. 'ateral 4multiple responseB !ac.

Ta)0 in2 Open hips drill 2& GC 2& post 2& fade $huffle GC $huffle post $huffle fade 2p weave 2p postBcorner turnover Oh 1now" #rill &ic. Alley Tac. 1.orm Up 0. E:J eyes up !ite !all chest through chest %. coach drop !all for fum!le drill players yell 2A''" 2. <..et &A$$ 2A'' %A''" see diagrams A. I. cov. 3 vs cov 8 9. cov. use option draw reads 8. cov. #. cover the tree i. 0>3 field drill i. cov. %.2. 3 and 8 ii. add !loc. 0CCJ use !ags to tac.le in alley 3. %over : and : apache iii. . start toe to toe #2 !p /2 !ra. man principle 2. ). 6one principle ii. 9 and man free . to shed C&ve"a2es A. E:J eyes up !ite !all drive chest through chest 8. G. &oc.ling 0. '.ling 0. $ideline Tac. . H.es right or left 9: degrees as #2 gets to five yard line 3.

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