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grammar, elt
grammar, elt

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He writes a letter He told me a story. He will not beat the dog. They knew it This pot contains ink She was reading a book Why did he punish you?

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A letter is written by him. I was told a story by him / A story was told to me by him. The dog will not be beaten by him It was known to them. Ink is contained in this pot A book was being read by her. Why were you punished by him.

Voice is the form of the verb which shows whether the subject does something or the subject has something done to it.
ExRam helps Mohan(Active) Mohan is helped by Ram (Passive)
I - Subject Ram is the doer of the action i.e. He is helping II – Subject Mohan is the receiver of the action i.e something is done to him, he is helped

1. 2. 3.

The object of the active verb is put in the subject position The passive form of the verb is to be supplied. i.e. is helped The number of the verb is changed according to the number and person of the subject. The subject of the verb in the active voice is made the object of the verb in passive voice and is introduced with the preposition by or with some other suitable preposition.


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Verb I form /s, es = is/am/are +V3 Is/are/am + ing = is/are/am +being +V3 Has/have +v3 = has/have +been +v3 V2 = was/were +v3 Was/were +ing = was/were +being +v3 Had + v3 = had been +V3 Will/shall +v1 = will/shall +have been + V3

No passive of Perfect Continuous & Future Continuous me = I us = we him = he her = she them = they

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Do, Does or Did does not appear in the passive voice. Has, Have, Had or any of the modals like Can, May, Will, Shall or When, Where, Why, how or what does not change its beginning position when Active voice is changed into passive. Ex – What does this box contain (A)

What is contained in the box. (P)

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Someone has stolen my cash box. One should keep one’s promises. I expect you to help her. He wants to kill the snake. When will they announce the results? Post the letter Do you speak Telugu?

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My cash box has been stolen. Promises should be kept. I expect her to be helped by you. He wants the snake to be called When will the results be announced? You are requested to post this letter / Let the letter be posted. Is Telugu spoken by you?

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