File Handling & Sub-Programming

Chapter 13

Using file-handling techniques the same 'data can be . • These records can be organized in different ways. • BASIC supports two different techniques to organize files – • Sequential files – • Random access files .What are files? How files are handled in computer? • A computer can process large amounts of data. It is always useful to store input and output it a data file.used over and over again or modified. • A file consists of record stored on a secondary storage device such as disk.

a file must already exist. it must first be activate or accessed with the use of an OPEN statement. Once a file has been opened for output.The open and close statements • Before a file can be read or written. we can write information on it using the WRITE statement. • To be used for input. which is like the PRINT statement except that is places a comma after each item of the output . • The OPEN and CLOSE statements are used to open file for processing and to close it if necessary processing.

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