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Approved Browsers

Approved Browsers Note: You must have access to a computer with an operating system among the types listed below that is able to connect to the Internet using one of the browsers indicated. If your browser isn't on this list, it may not operate properly when using this IHP site. Netscape for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP: Netscape .!!

Netscape ".!!

Netscape for Macintosh: Netscape .!! # ".!! $ownload Instructions atest version of Netscape Navi!ator "#rowser on$%&:

Microsoft 'nternet ()p$orer "M*'(&for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP: .& # ".!! $ownload Instructions '(I) *pgrade for +indows ,-%.&&&%N/%!P 0or your protection, 0ragomen, $el 1ey, 2ernsen 3 4oewy, 44P does not s+pport #eta versions of browsers. 54)1/: If you are using a 'icrosoft Internet )6plorer for +indows version 7.6 you will need to upgrade your browser before using this site. 'f %o+,re not s+re which version of Netscape Navi!ator or Microsoft 'nternet ()p$orer %o+,re c+rrent$% +sin!- fo$$ow these eas% steps: Windows: 8. 9lic: on .e$p in your browser's top menu bar. .. (croll down to A#o+t Navi!ator or A#o+t 'nternet ()p$orer. ;. /he top line of the resulting window displays your browser version.