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Dear Assistant Professor Chien-Kuo Chiu, This is Daniel Santoso.

Im currently an undergraduate bachelor from Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia. Recently, I decide to enroll my application for post graduate study at Department of Construction Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. When I was searching for information about NTUST, I read your profile at NTUST Construction Engineering Department's website and I am interested about your major field. I am realized that deterioration study will give a large contribution for construction engineering development. Especially in the feasibility of existing building, It can give more effective solutions than build a new one. I want to participate on these projects. I believe, studying at NTUST will be a big step for my study. Further more, under your guidance as my advisor, I can rapidly advance my interest and improve my knowledge on Construction Engineering. I realize that you must already have plenty of other students that you are in charge of, but since your major field is part of the reason I decided to apply, I thought I would ask you first.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you would be willing to become my advisor. It will be my honor to receive your positive feedback.

Best regard, Daniel Santoso