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Hermann Samuel Reimarus: professor of oriental languages at the University of Hamburg in Germany.

He wrote in secret some 4000 pages subjecte to higher criticism of bible. His wor! was publishe in seven fragments by his frien Gotthol "phraim #essing$ several years after his eath. %he last fragment$ %he &ims of 'esus an His (isciples$ publishe in )**+$ presente 'esus as a faile 'ewish revolutionary whose ea bo y was stolen from his tomb by his isciples in or er to sprea the story of his resurrection. ,en!ateswar steam press e ition of the -havisya .urana printe in -ombay in )+/0 an reprinte by 1ag .ublishers in /002 is the most complete version available$ containing all the main features of the four manuscripts. &siatic researches: !now more about these wor!s an who wrote these.