Treating FIV/FeLV: Get LTCI for your Cat, NOW

Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator (LTCI)
available to licensed veterinarians in the United States from IMULAN BioTherapeutics. You may also visit to find local veterinarians that currently use LTCI. THE ORDER FORM IS ATTACHED.

For Pet Owners: Please print this out and provide this sheet to your veterinarian. LTCI is

receipt. a. $20.00 for every 3-pack. b. $35.00 for every 10-pack Veterinarians must purchase product directly from IMULAN in order to be eligible for reimbursement. This offer is only good until end of 2009. No product purchased after 2009 will qualify. Please fax your veterinarians proof of purchase or your receipt to 866.603.9526.

Rebate: IMULAN will issue the following reimbursement directly to owners within 30 days of proof of

For Veterinarians: LTCI is a potent regulator of CD-4 lymphocyte production and function. It has been shown to increase lymphocyte numbers and IL-2 production in animals. Lymphocyte T-Cell Immune Modulator is intended as an aid in the treatment of cats infected with feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and/or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and the associated symptoms of lymphopenia, opportunistic infection, anemia, granulocytopenia, or thrombocytopenia. How to Order: IMULAN may be ordered directly from IMULAN BioTherapeutics, LLC. by a licensed veterinarian via fax (866-603-9526), online order (, or over the phone (816-749-4016). Outside of United States: LTCI may be shipped internationally. Veterinarians or distributors seeking to purchase LTCI should first check with their local regulatory officials to make sure about any import requirements. How Supplied: LTCI is supplied in 3-dose or 10-dose packs. LTCI is administered by subcutaneous injection upon diagnosis of the presence of FIV or FeLV disease. LTCI may be given weekly for the rst month, then every other week for second month, then monthly or as necessary thereafter depending on the patient's response.
This product license is conditional. Additional efficacy and potency test studies are in progress.

Phone Toll Free: 877-892-9595 Fax Toll Free: 866-603-9526

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Product: Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator Fax orders to: 866-603-9526
SECTION 1: ACCOUNT SET-UP Date: Doctor Name: Veterinary State License #: Hospital Name: Phone Number: Fax Number: email: SECTION 2: ORDERING INFORMATION Date Order Placed: Number of 3 packs Ordered Number of 10 packs Ordered: Shipping Address: Hospital Name Street Address City, State and Zip P.O. Number (if applicable) SECTION 3: PAYMENT INFORMATION Credit Card Type: Credit Card Number: Name As it Appears On Card: Expiration Date: Security Code: (3 digit code on back of credit card) Billing: Street Address City, State and Zip Visa MasterCard

Phone Toll Free: 816-749-4016 Fax Toll Free: 866-603-9526

Visit: email:

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