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For Sale ^^ 1BHK+1T ^^ Apartments in Olympia Opaline Chennai Call @ 92788 92788

Olympia Group of real estate firm recently launched Olympia Opaline residential Project at Navalur, Chennai. That have 1, 2, 3 ! "#$ %lats& 'partments (ith ultra amenities at Chennai )est location. This project launched at Navalur that is )est location in Chennai. Total units of Olympia Opaline surrounded (ith pollution free eco * friendly environment its e+clusive chance to )uyin, your ama-in, properties. Olympia Opaline Site lan .

Olympia Opaline Amenities . Premium leisure facility /deal for adults /deal for the house(ife Community #all 0(immin, Pool Children1s Play 'rea Gymnasium 2!23 0ecurity 4ain 5ater #arvestin, 6ideo Phone (ith /ntercom 7i)rary "adminton Court 5i.%i Connectivity Tennis Court

Olympia Opaline !o"ation lan .

Olympia Opaline !o"ation . 1. Old 8aha)alipuram 4oad, adjacent to 0/PCOT /T Par9 2. Navalur, Chennai

!o"ation Hi#hli#hts$ Opaline is strate,ically located close to the famous 0/PCOT /T Par9 on the si+.lane, Old 8aha)alipuram 4oad, in the heart of Chennai1s /T corridor and is the home to /T majors such as Co,ni-ant, TC0, Polaris etc. The Chettinad #ospital is a mere : minutes drive. The 'merican /nternational 0chool and the ;" <ain 'rts 0cience Colle,e is also near)y. Olympia Opaline %loor Plan .

Basi" %etails . 'ddress=. Navalur, Chennai Project 0tatus=. >nder Construction 7aunched ;ate=. 'pr, 2??@ Possession ;ate=. Oct, 2?1A Types= 'partment . 1"#$, 2"#$, 3"#$, !"#$ Total >nits=. 3B?? 0i-es=. :A3 sC ft . 2:?? sC ft Total 'rea=. :? 'creDsE 'vaila)ility=. Fes For Boo&in# G

Call >s G 92788 92788 Hmail G en'(iry)propti#er@#mail)"om

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