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Trumpet Tune in D Major

Trumpet Tune in D Major

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Published by Elisa Bebber
Trumpet Tune in D Major
Trumpet Tune in D Major

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Published by: Elisa Bebber on Mar 03, 2014
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Commissioned in honor of Deborah Rice by her husband, Davi.d, on the occasion of their twenty-fifrh wedding anniversary.

Trumpet Tune in D Major
For 3 to 5 Octave Handbell Choir
Handbells used: 34,



= F -__:

in ( ). in [ ].

PERFORMANCE NOTES: 3-octave choirs omit notes 4-octave choirs omit notes 4 and S-octave choirs omit 5-octave choirs omit notes

notes in

in { }.



David N. Johnson Setting by William H. Griffin


Copyright @ 1962 Augsburg Publishing House, admin. Augsburg Fortress. Reproduced by permission of Augsburg Fortre ss P ublishers. This setting Copyright @ 2010 by Beckenhorst Press, Inc. Sole distributors of this setting.

HB363-4 .

FrB363-5 .

time) IIB363-6 . I r ]\ rr r -t-iJ r rit. (2nd.(3r l(! or tr r rt-tl U l-If -r.

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