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Published by: Karl Simon Revelar on Mar 03, 2014
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The Mensa Mini Quiz is owned by British Mensa Ltd and cannot be reproduced or published in any form other than in the News, Portsmouth to accompany an item about Mensa testing. These puzzles do not constitute an IQ test and must not be described as such. Acknowledgement: Mensa is pleased to offer puzzle content for reproduction/transmission free of charge on condition it is appropriately credited to Mensa and/or carries the website address www.mensa.org.uk For further information on Mensa and a copy of the Home Test: write to: Mensa, FREEPOST, Wolverhampton, WV2 1BR freephone: 0800 05 63672 e-mail: enquiries@mensa.org.uk or visit: www.mensa.org.uk and apply online.

'Puzzles courtesy of Mensa. See www.mensa.org.uk'

uk' . What are the words? The BLANK told his class that he had been BLANK fishing during the holiday. (Numbers can be used more than once.Pla Mensa The High IQ Society MENSA MINI QUIZ – No 4 1. See www. What is it? 2.mensa. What is the five-letter word? PUSH ARM WHEEL HIGH 4. 5.) How many different combinations are there? 2 3 5 10 15 20 25 50 3. Rearrange the letters of DUE CROP to give a word with a similar meaning. Replace the blanks in the following sentence with two five-letter words. What letter should replace the question mark? B D F H E M J L ? 'Puzzles courtesy of Mensa.org. The same five letters must be used for both words. In the box provided place a five-letter word which can be attached to the end of the given words to form four longer words. Add together three of the following numbers each time to reach a total of 60.

6. multiply and divide can each be used once only. Assume you are using a basic calculator and press the numbers in order. 5. 4: Tutor and trout. multiply and minus 'Puzzles courtesy of Mensa.mensa. 8: 18 using divide. etc) 6: 36. minus. 20. 2: Four. See www. replacing each question mark with a mathematical sign. 10) (50. What is the highest number you can possibly score? 6 ? 2 ? 2 ? 4 ? 2= Answers: 1: Produce. When completed no row. column or diagonal line of any length will contain the same letter more than once. 15) (25. 5) 3: Chair.org. 5: V. What number is missing from the following sequence? 4 9 16 25 ? 49 64 81 7. On each row the alphabetical position of the first letter plus the alphabetical position of the second letter gives the alphabetical position of the third letter (A=1. 25. What letter should replace the question mark? M ? S N S E A E 8. Plus. B=2. (20. 20. They are all square numbers. plus. Complete the square with the letters of MENSA. 20) (25. 7: M.uk' .

If AE = 4 and GN = 7 what does OW = ? 7.org.mensa. What is it? 4. See www. What number is missing from this sequence? 2 4 3 9 4 ? 5 25 6 36 2.uk' .MENSA MINI QUIZ – No 5 1. What number should replace the question mark? ? I V N 8 H O 3 G J D 4 8. Which three letter word can be attached to the beginning of the following words to form five longer words? FOOD FRONT LED SIDE SON 3. Which two letter word can be placed in the centre of each of the following words to form a longer word in each case? DOES CORNED GOWN OUTING 5. Rearrange the letters of ‘IT IS CLEAR’ to give a nine letter word with an associated meaning. What is the value of the bottom row of the grid? 74 ? 63 70 6. What letter should appear next in this sequence? Z X C V ? 'Puzzles courtesy of Mensa.

3. The number is the amount of alphabetical places between the first and second letter. A circle is worth 22.mensa. cordoned. These letters appear from left to right on the bottom row of a keyboard.ANSWERS: 1: 16. 'Puzzles courtesy of Mensa. a triangle is worth 15 and a square is worth 13. See www. 4. 5 and 6 are squared. Moving clockwise along each edge.uk' . 3: Realistic. 6: 8. 2: Sea.org. subtract the alphabetical value of the second letter from the first letter to give the number. godown and outdoing. 5: 65. 7: 6. 8: B. 4: Do to give dodoes. The numbers 2.

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