How to setup security for accessing inventories to specific stock keepers or responsibility document (English & Arabic) By

Tark Abubakr Saudi Arabia For

Pre request: 1. Inventory setup is contains at least one locator definition. 2. Items is locator controlled 3. You have to setup the locator control with at least 2 segment 1 st segment will be assigned to the inventory code. From Locator control Key Flexfield define locator.

Locator control Segments: Segment1 is Inventory name Value set is sub-inventories table lest Change security type to Non-Hierarchical security .

At stock locators segments: o Enabling Security chock box Copy the value set Name (Such “CST_SRS_SUBINVENTORY”) Go to Security >> Define .

Define security rule: o Security rules o Security rule elements Assign security rule as shone: .

.Each of responsibility can access to sub inventory or more.

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