Transit time - how to set this up in Oracle purchasing

For items having tranist time ,how to update against a supplier or item.In case say i have a transit lead time of 5 days and when i send a PO to a supplier thro iSupplier portal does the shipment date change based on the this tansit lead time.Overall how to hadle this parameter in Oracle purchasing. transit Times can be setup between 2 Inventory Orgs in the ship Methods for the Shipping Networks . For a Supplier Lead times can be entered in the Pre-Processing , Processing and Post Processing Lead times in the 'general planning ' tab for the Item Please let me know if you have any questions to add to other comment it is also possible to specify supplier scheduling attributes on the ASL including processing time and supplier capacity calendars - all for planning purposes. If you take a look at the Sourcing Rule setup you also find an option to specify transit time - this allows for supplier specific transit and processing time modelling per item. Thanks for your reponse.Once i set the transit lead time in Sourcing rule/ASL/Item attributes ,does it reflect in the schedules sent to the supplier in the form of shipment date.Say for eg. for a supplier has transit lead time of 25 days and the item is required after 25 days at the buying company.Will the supplier get a BPA release indicating a shipment day for the item as today (is shipment date column av in PO documents?).Would be great if u guys can thro more light on this stuff.

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