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Reference: The Arterial Tree

Ascending Aorta
Right coronary artery Posterior interventricular (mostly) SA nodal (60%) Right marginal Anterior interventricular Left coronary artery Circumflex SA nodal (40%) Posterior interventricular (sometimes) Left marginal Posterolateral

Brachiocephalic artery

Right common carotid Right subclavian Internal carotid Opthalmic Anterior cerebral Middle cerebral

Orbital group Occular group

Left common carotid artery External carotid

Aortic Arch


Meningeal branches Anterior & posterior spinal Ascending & descending branches Posterior inferior cerebellar Basilar artery Mediastinal & sternal branches Thymic branches 6 anterior intercostal branches Musculophrenic Superior epigastric

Left subclavian artery

Internal thoracic

Thyrocervical trunk Costocervical trunk (mostly) Axillary Brachial Bronchial arteries Profunda brachii Superior & inferior ulnar collateral Radial Ulnar

Thoracic Aorta

Oesophageal branches Mediastinal branches 3rd to 11th posterior intercostal arteries Subcostal arteries Superior phrenic artery

Inferior phrenic artery Left gastric Coeliac trunk Common hepatic Right gastric Hepatic artery proper Gastroduodenal

Right gastro-omental Superior pancreatoduodenal


Left gastro-omental Short gastric arteries Dorsal pancreatic Inferior pancreaticoduodenal Middle colic

Abdominal Aorta

Superior mesenteric artery

Right colic 15-20 jejunal & ilial arteries Ileocolic

Middle suprarenal arteries Renal arteries Gonadal arteries Lumbar artery Inferior mesenteric artery interlobar arcuate interlobular afferent arterioles

testicular/ovarian Left colic Sigmoid arteries Superior rectal Obturator Superior vesical Vaginal (F) / inferior vesical (M) Middle rectal Internal pudendal Inferior gluteal Uterine (F) / deferential (M) (umbilical) Iliolumbar Lateral sacral Superior gluteal

Anterior division

Inferior rectal Perineal Posterior scrotal/labial Urethral Arteries of penis/clitoris

Internal Iliac artery

Common Iliac Common Iliac

Posterior division

Inferior epigastric Superficial epigastric Superficial circumflex External Iliac artery Femoral Popliteal Superficial & deep external pudendal Lateral femoral circumflex Medial femoral circumflex Perforating arteries Anterior tibial Posterior tibial Sural Genicular arteries

Deep femoral Deep circumflex