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Name: Kaylynn Low Title of your researc !a!er: Developing an Identity as a Photographer Su"#ect of your se$ior !ro#ect: Digital Photography %& Researc !a!er sy$o!sis 'at least () *or+s,: The focus of this paper was to cover a variety of cameras available on the market today as well as several common techniques that photographers use in their work. ome e!amples of these topics mentioned are a point-and-shoot camera and macro photography. (& Pro#ect +escri!tio$ 'at least )- *or+s,: .i/e a ste!-"y-ste! e0!la$atio$ of e0actly * at you +i+ for your !ro#ect& "or this pro#ect$ two separate mentors were shadowed for a collective total of si! hours. Due to an unforeseen circumstance$ however$ I was not able to find a consistent mentor in order to complete the remainder of these hours. In place$ I observed online seminars posted by a credible art school resource$ and also spent numerous hours working individually on my skills. 1& Relatio$s i!s "et*ee$ researc !a!er a$+ !ro#ect: %y research paper included the basics that every photographer should know which includes the types of cameras that are available for use and the common types of photography used. %y physical pro#ect focused more on the individuali&ed matter of developing an identity and maturing as a photographer. 2& I$formatio$ a"out t e !ro#ect: '. 3& C& Total ours s!e$t o$ t e !ro#ect: () *ours + ,- %inutes Tas4s i$/ol/e+ i$ com!leti$5 t e !ro#ect: hadowing a %entor Learning and *oning Photographic Techniques .esearch couting Photogenic Locations Picture Taking and /diting 6ate starte+ o$ t e !ro#ect:

0ctober (1$ 21(, 6ate !ro#ect *as com!lete+: 3anuary 24$ 21(5 6& List materials use+: 6anon .ebel T7 D L. 6amera %7 ,)1 Tripod iPhone )s 6amera List e/ery resource use+: 0nline Photography eminars The 'mateur Photographers *andbook ; ussman<6rowell Photo /diting oftware 8= 60 6am +



Circle 7es8 No8 or NA '$ot a!!lica"le, A& 6i+ you use a$ i$ter/ie* i$ your !ro#ect 3& 9a/e you as4e+ for a+/ice:comme$ts a"out your !ro#ect from ot er !eo!le; C& 9a/e you e/er +o$e t is ty!e of !ro#ect "efore; 6& <oul+ you recomme$+ your !ro#ect area for future se$iors; If yes8 e0!lai$: >ot 'pplicable If $o8 e0!lai$: peaking from personal e!perience during this pro#ect$ it may be difficult to find a consistently active photographer to shadow in the winter months$ as the winter months are the slowest time of year for most photographers due to weather. 7es 7es 7es 7es No No No No NA NA NA NA

=& A$s*er i$ () *or+s or less: A& <oul+ you feel t reate$e+ to s o* your !ro#ect to a$ e0!ert for e/aluatio$; < y or * y $ot;

I would feel generally nervous$ yet not threatened because I completed this pro#ect to the best of my abilities. 3& List 1 t i$5s you a/e lear$e+ from com!leti$5 t is !ro#ect& Photography is a respectable art form in its own right. The work of a photographer is very individuali&ed. 'lthough the work of some photographers may be similar$ every photographer has their own unique style of work. C& List !erso$al satisfactio$s you 5ai$e+ from t is e0!erie$ce& I completed the pro#ect to the best of my abilities despite an unforeseen obstacle. I feel as if I have grown not only as a photographer but also as an individual. I am reassured in the career path I have chosen to follow later in life. =& E0!lai$ a$y !ro"lems you e$cou$tere+ i$ com!leti$5 your !ro#ect& The only ma#or issue I faced during this pro#ect was finding a willingly consistent mentor to shadow. >& < at 5ra+e *oul+ you 5i/e yourself for your !ro#ect; Justify t e e/aluatio$ i$ at least () *or+s& I would not award myself a high ' for this pro#ect because of the fact that I technically did not have a mentor for fifteen hours$ however I believe I am worthy of a low ' or a high ? because of the fact that I still completed the pro#ect to the best of my abilities and did try very hard and with numerous different contacts to find a mentor. ?& If 5i/e$ t e o!!ortu$ity8 * at *oul+ you +o +iffere$tly re5ar+i$5 t is !ro#ect si$ce you $o* ca$ s!ea4 from e0!erie$ce; If I were able to change one specific thing about this pro#ect$ I would go back and be sure that I would be able to secure a mentor before the pro#ect itself began. If I had faced the same difficulties that occurred at an earlier time$ I would have changed my topic of research.