Manufacture of Lamp Base 1. Collect MDF from stores 2. Mark out and cut MDF to shape 3.

Glue together to make one large block 4. Machine/ cut MDF block to shape of lamp base . !and do"n #. $ppl% 2 & 3 la%ers of "atered do"n ' (/ () *+$ glue and allo" to dr% for 24 hrs ,. !and do"n again -. Fill upside do"n Cope "ith sand. .. *lace Drag on top of Cope/ appl% chalk. 1(. *lace MDF base inside Drag and pack "ith sand. 11. !trickle off Drag and turn entire mould o0er. 12. 1mpt% Cope of sand/ appl% more chalk and place Cope back on top of Drag 13. $dd runner and riser so that the% both connect to the MDF base. 14. *ack "ith sand. 1 . !trickle off Cope and remo0e runner and riser tapered pipes. 1#. $dd 0ent holes to Cope to allo" steam and air to escape. 1,. *our molten aluminum into runner until it comes out of the riser/ then allo" to cool for se0eral hours. 1-. 2emo0e cast from mould and cut off the runner and riser sprues. 1.. Machine an% imperfections off the aluminum base/ sand "ith "et and dr%/ then polish. 2(. Drill an -. mm in the top of the base for the thread. 21. 3hread hole "ith an M1( tap/ using the first/ second and third taps respecti0el%.

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