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Gauravkumar Patel (300765205) Shahbaaz Siddiqui (300755262) Assignment 3:

Here, User start with X and we are going to test different moves of computer in response to user's move. Below are different Test Cases.

Test Case 1: Entry at Center

Test Case 2: Entry at Corner


Test Case 3: Random Entry

Test Case 4: Position to avoid winning

0 X 0 X

0 X X 0

Test Case 5: Winning Move

0 X x X

0 X 0

Test Case Specifications:

Test Case 4: Test Case Title : Make a position to avoid winning. Condition : User is just already secure position (2,3) and (2,2) and it just needs one position (2,1). But now it's computer's turn so it will put on position on (2,1) to avoid user from winning. Precondition: X 0 x 0 x X 0

Action: It's now computer turn. Post Condition: X 0 0 0 x x X 0

Test Case 5: Test Case Title: Winning Entry Condition: Computer already secures position (1,2) and (1,3) and now it's computer turn so it places on (1,1) which is winning move. Precondition: 0 x x x 0 x 0

Action: It's computer turn and computer places on (1,1). Post Condition: 0 0 x x x 0 x 0