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Fvcry army musL know Lhc rulcs oí cngagcmcnL in ordcr Lo bc

cffccLivc in waríarc. Tc samc is Lruc íor Lhc LwcnLy-firsL-ccnLury
church. Tis book is a musL íor Lhosc who arc on Lhc íronL linc,
and I hcarLily cndorsc iL Lo Cod’s cliLc íorccs.
Tc sLraLcgics in Lhis book arc wriLLcn by onc oí Cod’s prcscnL-
day gcncrals who is commiLLcd Lo lcading Lhc sainLs Lo vicLory.
—AposLlc 1ohn FckhardL
Cindy Trimm has spiriLual insighL LhaL is invariably uniquc and
proíound. Tc kingdom principlcs cxpoundcd in Lhis book providc
Lhc powcr Lools nccdcd Lo changc rcgions dominaLcd by Lyran-
nical, diabolical dcmonic sysLcms. Tc sysLcmaLic mcLhodologics
cxplaincd hcrc will makc an indcliblc imprcssion and dcvclop
Lhc gcncraLional dominancc oí Cod’s pcoplc in a kingdom cnvi-
ronmcnL. AíLcr rcading Tc Rulcs oí FngagcmcnL, I am convinccd
LhaL any pcrson and minisLry involvcd in Lransíorming naLions
íor Lhc íuLurc nccd Lhis rcsourcc as a caLalysL íor changc and
dcvclopmcnL. Tc sysLcms and dimcnsions dcscribcd hcrcin will
bc cngravcd in Lhc minds oí cvcry rcadcr, cvcrywhcrc. Tis book
is an csscnLial rcad.
—Bishop Tudor Bismark
1abula—Ncw Iiíc MinisLrics
In a world whcrc Lhc cncmy is ouL Lo disLracL and dcccivc as
many as hc can, cvcn Lhc vcry clccL, Lhis work is cxLrcmcly
Limcly. Whcn iL comcs Lo spiriLual waríarc, iL is clcar Lo mc LhaL
in Lhis carly parL oí Lhc LwcnLy-firsL ccnLury, Cindy Trimm is
onc oí Cod’s gcncrals. Shc has donc cxLcnsivc rcscarch on Lhis
subjccL LhaL has bccn impacLing livcs around Lhc world. Tis
laLcsL work is a compilaLion oí Lhrcc books and is a powcríul
Lool íor pcrsons in prcparaLion íor spiriLual waríarc as wcll as
Lhosc alrcady cngagcd in spiriLual waríarc. Cindy Trimm sharcs
a wcalLh oí iníormaLion, insLrucLion, and principlcs in Lhis book
LhaL, ií applicd, will cquip you íor vicLory ovcr Lhc cncmy in
cvcry arca oí your liíc. Tis book is indccd a Lraining manual
íor Lhc bclicvcr and a musL-rcad íor Lhosc who wish Lo walk in
—Bishop Ncil C. Fllis, Cmg, DD, 1P
Scnior PasLor/Lcachcr, ML. Tabor Full Cospcl BapLisL Church
CrcaL insighL on allowing Lhc kingdom Lo work in you. An cxccl-
lcnL rcsourcc íor your pcrsonal and minisLry library.
—AposLlc Ron CarpcnLcr
RcdcmpLion World OuLrcach CcnLcr
Cindy Trimm documcnLs ScripLurc in a masLcríul way and cxposcs
Lhc sLraLcgics and LacLics broughL againsL us by Lhc íorccs oí
cvil. Tc principlcs cxpoundcd upon in Lhis book will causc liíc-
changing vicLorics in ChrisL.
—PasLor Marion Mcarcs
Fvangcl CaLhcdral
Cindy Trimm, a prophcL, a pasLor, a wriLcr, and a humaniLarian
has hclpcd Lo shapc Lhc livcs oí many oí Cod’s powcríul lcadcrs,
including mysclí, Lhrough insighLíul, prophcLic Lcachings on
praycr. Tis book is a wcapon wiLh a doublc-cdgcd sword Lo hclp
you Lo sLraLcgizc how Lo mighLily pull down cvcry sLronghold in
your liíc. I highly rccommcnd iL! Rcad iL and win!
—1udy 1acobs
His Song MinisLrics
InLcrnaLional PsalmisL, AuLhor, Tcachcr, and Worship Icadcr
I was oncc Lold LhaL Lhc grcaLcsL Lcachcrs arc Lhosc who wcrc Lhc
grcaLcsL sLudcnLs. Cindy Trimm had Lo havc bccn LhaL cxccpLional
sLudcnL absorbing cvcry ouncc oí wisdom, knowlcdgc, and undcr-
sLanding LhaL was availablc. Hcaring hcr Lcach and rcading hcr
books brings imparLaLion, clariLy, and cmpowcrmcnL Lo anyonc
who is rcady Lo livc in LoLal vicLory ovcr saLanic powcrs and shiíL
inLo Lhc ncxL rcalm and dimcnsion in Lhcir livcs.
—Micah SLamplcy
MinsLrcl and PsalmisL
PracLical and spiriLual applicaLions abound in Lhis book írom
Cindy Trimm. Ií wc undcrsLand Lhc criLical Limcs in which wc livc
(and wc do), wc musL undcrsLand LhaL godly powcr and auLhoriLy
arc availablc and ncccssary íor vicLory in cvcry aspccL oí liíc.
Cindy Trimm lays ouL sLraLcgic, logical, and cffccLivc mancuvcrs
íor warring in Lhc hcavcnlics. Tis is an csscnLial book íor such a
Limc as Lhis!
—Dr. Tcrcsa HairsLon
Foundcr/Publishcr, Gospel Today Magazine
Tc Rulcs oí FngagcmcnL is a rcvoluLionary, liíc-changing vicw oí
spiriLual waríarc. Cindy Trimm’s comprchcnsivc manual cxposcs
advcrsarial LacLics and sLraLcgics whilc illuminaLing scldom-LaughL
LruLhs and principlcs rcgarding sLrongholds and Lhcir origins. As
a publishcr, I havc rcad many books wriLLcn on spiriLual waríarc.
Howcvcr, I íound Lhis book Lo bc a powcríul Lool íor dcLhroning
Lhc cncmy. ILs praycrs and dcclaraLions can bc applicd by any
bclicvcr íor guaranLccd spiriLual vicLory and succcss in cvcry arca
oí liíc.
—Tcrcsa Tavcrnicr
Foundcr/Publishcr, Savcd Magazinc
CIndY tRImm
MosL S1rtNc CorruNict1ioNs/Cntrisrt Housc/Cnris1itN Iirc/Siiotr/FroN1IiNc/
Rctirs/Fxcci Booxs producLs arc availablc aL spccial quanLiLy discounLs íor bulk purchasc
íor salcs promoLions, prcmiums, íund-raising, and cducaLional nccds. For dcLails, wriLc
SLrang CommunicaLions/Charisma Housc/ChrisLian Iiíc/Siloam/FronLIinc/Rcalms/Fxccl
Books, 600 RincharL Road, Iakc Mary, Florida 32746, or Lclcphonc (407) 333-0600.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1 by Cindy Trimm
Publishcd by Charisma Housc
A SLrang Company
600 RincharL Road
Iakc Mary, Florida 32746
Tis book or parLs Lhcrcoí may noL bc rcproduccd in any íorm, sLorcd in a rcLricval sysLcm,
or LransmiLLcd in any íorm by any mcans—clccLronic, mcchanical, phoLocopy, rccording, or
oLhcrwisc—wiLhouL prior wriLLcn pcrmission oí Lhc publishcr, cxccpL as providcd by UniLcd
SLaLcs oí Amcrica copyrighL law.
Unlcss oLhcrwisc noLcd, all ScripLurc quoLaLions arc írom Lhc King 1amcs Vcrsion oí Lhc
ScripLurc quoLaLions markcd trr arc írom Lhc Amplificd Biblc. Old TcsLamcnL copyrighL
© l965, l9S7 by Lhc Zondcrvan CorporaLion. Tc Amplificd Ncw TcsLamcnL copyrighL ©
l954, l95S, l9S7 by Lhc Iockman FoundaLion. Uscd by pcrmission.
ScripLurc quoLaLions markcd Nts arc írom Lhc Ncw Amcrican SLandard Biblc. CopyrighL
© l960, l962, l963, l96S, l97l, l972, l973, l975, l977 by Lhc Iockman FoundaLion.
Uscd by pcrmission. (
ScripLurc quoLaLions markcd Niv arc írom Lhc Holy Biblc, Ncw InLcrnaLional Vcrsion.
CopyrighL © l973, l97S, l9S4, InLcrnaLional Biblc SocicLy. Uscd by pcrmission.
ScripLurc quoLaLions markcd 1is arc írom Tc Iiving Biblc. CopyrighL © l97l. Uscd by
pcrmission oí Tyndalc Housc Publishcrs, Inc., WhcaLon, II 60lS9. All righLs rcscrvcd.
Dcsign DirccLor: Bill 1ohnson
Covcr Dcsigncr: 1crry Pomalcs
CopyrighL © 200S by Cindy Trimm
All righLs rcscrvcd
Iibrary oí Congrcss CaLaloging-in-PublicaLion DaLa:
Trimm, Cindy.
Tc rulcs oí cngagcmcnL / Cindy Trimm.
p. cm.
Includcs bibliographical rcícrcnccs and indcx.
ISBN 97S-l-59979-340-5
l. SpiriLual waríarc. I. TiLlc.
BV4509.5.T74 200S
InLcrnaLional SLandard Book Numbcr: 97S-l-59979-340-5
0S 09 l0 ll l2 — 9S765432l
PrinLcd in Lhc UniLcd SLaLcs oí Amcrica
Forcword by Chuck D. Picrcc ................................................................. xi
InLroducLion: Basic Training .................................................................. l
Part I: Rules of engagement
l YOU—Rcdcfincd: Truc Dominion SLarLs WiLh Knowing
Who You Arc ............................................................................................ 9
2 Your MiliLary HcadquarLcrs and Lhc Commandcr in Chicí:
Truc VicLory SLarLs WiLh Knowing Whosc You Arc ........................... l5
3 AcLivaLion InLo War: CcLLing Your SLripcs .......................................... 23
Part II: Your enemy
4 Tc BaLLlcficld Is Your Mind: Whcrc All Is Won or IosL .................... 4l
5 Knowing Your Fncmy: SpiriLual InLclligcncc Agcncy (SIA) ............... 49
6 Wcapons oí Mass DcsLrucLion: Hiroshima oí Lhc SpiriL ................... 63
7 CounLcraLLacking Lhc Wcapons oí Lhc Fncmy:
Rcady, Aim, Firc! ................................................................................. lll
Part III: Binding the strongman
S Ccaring Up íor BaLLlc: WhaL Arc Your Wcapons` ............................ l39
9 Fngaging Lhc FighL:
SLraLcgics and TacLics íor SpiriLual Waríarc ..................................... l47
l0 Rcconnaissancc:
CcLLing Dclivcrcd and Ovcrcoming Lhc Fncmy ................................ l53
Conclusion: Forward March! .............................................................. 22l
Clossary ................................................................................................ 223
NoLcs ..................................................................................................... 229
Indcx ..................................................................................................... 23l
Tis book is dedicated to Prophetess Juanita Bynum.
You gave the world No More Sheets, My Spiritual Inheritance,
Matters of the Heart, Woman on the Frontline,
and the Treshing Floor Revival.
You gave me an opportunity that changed my destiny. Tank you.
tr: Tnc Iorb says in MaLLhcw 24:6–7, “And you will hcar oí wars
and rumors oí wars. Scc LhaL you arc noL Lroublcd, íor all Lhcsc
Lhings musL comc Lo pass, buL Lhc cnd is noL ycL” (Nx+v, cmphasis
addcd). Ií wc arc Lo kccp hcaring oí wars and rumors oí war, wc nccd Lo
undcrsLand Lhc rulcs oí cngagcmcnL íor Lhc wars LhaL surround us.
Whcn wc hcar Lhc word war wc havc LhoughLs oí dcsLrucLion, sorrow,
gricí, loss, conflicL, and dcaLh. Howcvcr, Lhc Iord says clcarly, “Scc LhaL you
arc noL Lroublcd.” Our inncr man will noL bc unscLLlcd ií wc know Lhc rulcs
oí cngagcmcnL!
I can sLill rcmcmbcr Lhc day I goL up carly and wcnL írom our bcdroom
Lo Lhc couch. As I lay down and bcgan Lo mcdiLaLc and gcL my mind scL on
Lhc Iord íor Lhc day, an inLcrcsLing Lhing happcncd: a blackboard appcarcd
bcíorc mc. Visions arc vcry inLcrcsLing. I can’L say LhaL I havc had many, buL
Lhc ícw Cod has graccd mc wiLh havc bccn dramaLic.
I bcgan Lo scc words appcar on Lhis blackboard. Tc hand oí Cod sccmcd
Lo bc wriLing bcíorc mc, jusL as Hc wroLc in Lhc days oí Danicl. I saw Lhc
íollowing words: anLi-ScmiLism, miliLanL Islam, covcnanL conflicL, womcn
arising íor My purposcs, lawlcssncss, Lhc Lransícrcncc oí wcalLh, ovcr-
Lhrowing Lhroncs oí iniquiLy, and prcparc íor war. “Prcparc íor war” sccmcd
Lo bc Lhc illuminaLing corncrsLonc oí Lhc vision.
I said, “Iord, whaL arc You showing mc`” “Tis is Lhc íuLurc war oí Lhc
church,” Hc said. I goL up and bcgan wriLing whaL Hc had shown mc, and
Lhis is now a classic hisLory book oí Lhc lasL dccadc and scason oí war. AL Lhc
bcginning oí Lhc ncw millcnnium, Lhcrc was liLLlc undcrsLanding on war and
how Lo mancuvcr in and Lhrough Lhc scason ahcad. Tcn camc ScpLcmbcr ll,
200l. War Lhcn bccamc a rcaliLy in Lhc world around us! I bclicvc Lhc Iord
Himsclí puL us in a supcrnaLural accclcraLcd coursc and bcgan Lo dcvclop
rulcs oí cngagcmcnL íor Lhis scason oí coníronLaLion and inLcracLion in Lhc
wars around us.
War is likc Lhc gamc oí chcss. Much likc various picccs in a gamc oí chcss,
cach oí us plays a kcy rolc in Cod’s cnd-Limc sLraLcgy or íuLurc plan íor íull-
ncss in Lhc carLh rcalm. Iikc chcss, Lhc only way wc can bc dcícaLcd is Lo íail
Lo Lhink ahcad and anLicipaLc Lhc cncmy’s movcs. Whcn wc bccomc ChrisLians,
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
wc arc born onLo a baLLlcficld. Our choicc is noL whcLhcr wc wanL Lo cnLcr inLo
a conflicL, raLhcr, war has alrcady bccn dcclarcd againsL us. Our only choicc is
whcLhcr wc wanL Lo bc Lramplcd by Lhc cncmy or lcarn Lo fighL and win.
To bc cfficicnL in Lhc rulcs oí cngagcmcnL, onc musL know Lhc promiscs
oí Cod. PcLcr said LhaL Cod has givcn us His prccious and magnificcnL assur-
anccs and LhaL Lhrough Lhcm wc can bccomc parLakcrs oí His divinc naLurc
(2 PcL. l:4). Cod has givcn us promiscs LhaL rclaLc Lo cvcry arca oí liíc. Hc has
promiscd us abundanL provision, hcaling, and many oLhcr blcssings.
Cindy Trimm has dcvclopcd a manual LhaL answcrs qucsLions and crcaLcs
undcrsLanding LhaL prcparcs us íor war! Wc musL know why wc arc aL war!
Wc musL know who our cncmy is and how hc opcraLcs againsL Lhc church! Wc
musL know who wc arc and how Cod is prcparing us íor Lhis íuLurc war! Wc
musL havc our sLraLcgy íor vicLory. In Tc Rulcs oí FngagcmcnL, Cindy Trimm
lcads you inLo Lhc mosL in-dcpLh undcrsLanding oí WHY and HOW Lo win
Lhc wars around you. Tcrcíorc, ncvcr ícar Lhc rumors oí war.
Ask any soldicr whaL maLLcrs mosL whcn you’rc on Lhc baLLlcficld and you’ll
likcly gcL a Lwoíold answcr: who arc you fighLing againsL, and whosc sidc arc
you on` IL’s crucial Lo know who you arc aligncd wiLh. Who cnlisLcd you` Who
Lraincd you íor war` Whosc LacLics do you adhcrc Lo, and whosc commands
will you íollow Lo dcaLh` Tc Rulcs oí FngagcmcnL answcrs Lhcsc qucsLions.
As ChrisLians, wc arc warriors who havc bccn callcd and cnlisLcd by Lhc
holy Cod oí Lhis univcrsc. Wc arc warriors oí Lhc cross. In Lhc hcaL oí baLLlc,
wc musL rcmind oursclvcs oí Lhcsc LruLhs abouL Lhc Cod who cnlisLcd us: Hc
is Lhc Cod abovc all gods. His Son has paid Lhc pricc íor our ulLimaLc vicLory.
SaLan’s hcadship has alrcady bccn brokcn by Lhc powcr oí Lhc cross. 1csus has
alrcady conqucrcd dcaLh, hcll, and Lhc gravc. Wc nccd noL ícar dcaLh buL only
rcsisL iLs sLing. Tc SpiriL oí Cod sLill rcigns suprcmc in Lhc carLh Lo comíorL
us in Lhc midsL oí disLrcssing Limcs. Hc is Lhc only rcsLraining íorcc oí cvil
and is Lhcrc Lo givc us sLraLcgics Lo ovcrcomc cvcry ploy Lhc cncmy has scL
againsL our livcs. Tc carLh bclongs Lo Cod, and Hc has a plan linkcd wiLh
Lhc íullncss oí Limc. Wc, His childrcn, mighL gcL knockcd down, buL wc will
ncvcr gcL knockcd ouL. Hc is lovc, and pcríccL lovc in us will casL ouL all ícar
oí Lhc íuLurc.
WiLh cvcryLhing going on in Lhc carLh, wc musL ncvcr íorgcL LhaL Hc is Cod.
Wc know LhaL Hc is always in command. YcL ií LhaL’s Lhc casc, why is Lhcrc
so much coníusion around us` Why arc naLions íorcvcr in conflicL and pcoplc
groups warring againsL cach oLhcr` Why docs lawlcssncss conLinuc Lo csca-
laLc LhroughouL Lhc world` Ií Hc is Cod and has alrcady won Lhc vicLory, whaL
cxacLly is our rolc in Lhc midsL oí Lhc waríarc wc cncounLcr on a daily basis`
Tc LruLh is, wc arc íully cngagcd in a covcnanL conflicL, which mcans LhaL
wc arc warring Lo scc Lhc blcssings oí a holy, suprcmc Cod sprcad LhroughouL
Lhc carLhly rcalm. Psalm 24:l dcclarcs LhaL Lhc “carLh is Lhc IORD’s, and Lhc
íullncss Lhcrcoí.” Cod has a plan oí íullncss íor Lhc carLh. His dcsirc is íor
wholcncss. YcL Lhc war bcLwccn Cod and cvil is uníolding, which will dcLcr-
minc how His íullncss will bc maniícsLcd in Lhc carLh in our gcncraLions
and Lhosc Lo comc. Tc Rulcs oí FngagcmcnL, dcsLincd Lo bc a classic íor Lhc
gcncraLions ahcad, will assisL you Lo walk on a daily basis as a vicLorious
warrior who undcrsLands Lhc boundarics oí coníronLaLion and ovcrcoming.
Wc alrcady know LhaL Lhc hcadship oí SaLan has bccn brokcn íorcvcr.
Howcvcr, how do wc cníorcc and cngagc Lhc cncmy Lo rcmain brokcn and
his hcad submiLLcd Lo Lhc auLhoriLy oí ChrisL in us` Ií wc win Lhc war in Lhis
gcncraLion, Lhc gcncraLion LhaL íollows will cxpcricncc blcssings. Tc cncmy
sLill bclicvcs hc has a righL Lo shuL Lhc porLals oí hcavcn so LhaL wc, as Cod’s
childrcn, will bc confincd Lo a dccaying carLh rcalm whcrc dcaLh aLLcmpLs Lo
casL a shadow. NoL so! Cod has madc all wisdom availablc íor His childrcn.
Wc can acccss LhaL wisdom Loday. Wc can asccnd inLo hcavcnly placcs and
gain whaL is ncccssary Lo rclcasc in Lhc carLh. As blood-boughL, rcdccmcd
childrcn oí a holy Cod, wc can wicld Lhc sword oí Lhc SpiriL in Lhc carLh and
dcclarc, “On FarLh as iL is in hcavcn!” Tough Lhc cncmy has aLLcmpLcd Lo
prcvcnL Cod’s blcssings írom maniícsLing in Lhc carLh, wc can prcparc a way
íor Lhosc blcssings Lo bc rcvcalcd.
Tis is a crucial Limc íor bclicvcrs. Wc havc Lhc opporLuniLy Lo bc as “wisc
as scrpcnLs” (MaLL. l0:l6) by bcing likc Lhc sons oí Issachar. Tcsc wcrc mcn
írom Lhc rcnowncd Lribc in Isracl who scrvcd as counsclors Lo King David.
ScripLurc rccords LhaL Lhcy wcrc a group “LhaL had undcrsLanding oí Lhc
Limcs” (l Chron. l2:32). In Lhc samc way, wc musL disccrn Lhc Limcs, Laking
íull advanLagc oí Lhc oLhcrworldly wisdom Cod offcrs us. Whcn wc do, wc
will bc prcparcd íor Lhc uníolding wars oí our Limc. Wc Lhank you, Cindy
Trimm, íor a manual Lo assisL us in all Lhc wars ahcad! Tank Cod íor Tc
Rulcs oí FngagcmcnL!
—Dr. Chuck D. Picrcc
PrcsidcnL, Clory oí Zion InLcrnaLional MinisLrics, Inc.
o rv Iorb and Savior, 1csus ChrisL: Tank You íor cnLrusLing mc Lo
dclivcr Lhis liLcrary Lrcasurc, and íor giving mc Bishop Coodwin C.
and lady Ruby SmiLh, my spiriLual mcnLors and pasLors íor LhirLy-Lwo
ycars. You nurLurcd and nourishcd “succcss.”
I am íorcvcr graLcíul Lo bc blcsscd wiLh a loving and supporLivc íamily who
conLinucs Lo bc my sLrcngLh and inspiraLion. Praisc is conLinuously on my
lips íor my sLaff, parLncrs, and minisLry volunLccrs: 1cwcl Fdwards, Hollcy
Richardson, Tckia SmiLh, Virginia MaLLhis, Calvin Andcrson, Pcriscan Hall,
Dawn Alli, Pcggy Clcmcns, A. Monica 1ackson, Opal 1aspcr, Robin Crccn,
1immic Crccn, Fugcnia RobcrLs, Dr. RiLa ClaxLon, AnncLLc OrLcga, Rcgina
Cridcr, Wcndy Williams, 1anicc Ruff, ClaudcLLc Hinds, ClaudcLLc McAlpin,
Flkc PcLLiíord, Sharon Harris, Marcus and Yamia Crccn, Mclva Hodgc,
Dcbbic Icakcy, Doloris Hughcs, Lhc lcadcrship and mcmbcrs oí Fmbassy
CcnLcr oí FmpowcrmcnL, Lhc ciLy oí David, KU Bcrmuda sLaff, KU alumnac
and alumni.
Finally, Lhcrc can ncvcr bc a grcaL book wiLhouL an cvcn grcaLcr publishcr.
Tank you, SLcphcn SLrang, Barbara Dycus, Iucy Kurz, Woodlcy AugusLc,
1cvon Boldcn, Dinah Wallacc, MargariLa Hcnry, Nicolc Caldwcll, 1crry
Pomalcs, IcAnn Moorhcad, Susan Simcox, Iaurcnc Burgwin, PaLricia BlounL
and Lhc cnLirc SLrang CommunicaLions íamily! And Lo all my supporLcrs and
minisLry parLncrs around Lhc world, Lhank you íor bclicving in mc.

BasIC tRaInIng
stir :µµ::–:¸ rccorbs Lhc praycr oí a skillcd warrior by Lhc namc
oí David. From his days as a shcphcrd boy and LhroughouL his rcign
as king oí Lhc naLion oí Isracl, Cod cmpowcrcd him in Lhc arL, scicncc,
and Lcchnology oí sLraLcgic praycr and spiriLual waríarc.
His skill and cxpcrLisc wcrc gaincd as Cod, in His sovcrcignLy, placcd him
in Lhc midsL oí a varicLy oí baLLlcs, including cncounLcrs wiLh bcars and lions,
coníronLaLion wiLh ColiaLh, and Lhc baLLlc hc íoughL wiLh his son Absalom,
whosc dcfianL insurrccLion almosL cosL David his kingdom. In Lhis psalm,
David lcLs us know LhaL iL was 1chovah-Cibbor, Lhc mighLy Man oí war, who
LaughL him waríarc sLraLcgics and LacLics and providcd Lhc divinc cmpow-
crmcnL íor succcss. Hc liíLs his voicc in adulaLion Lo honor his Ccncral. Hc
dcclarcs, “Blcsscd bc Lhc Iord, my Rock and my kccn and firm SLrcngLh, Who
Lcachcs my hands Lo war and my fingcrs Lo fighL—My SLcadíasL Iovc and my
ForLrcss, my High Towcr and my Dclivcrcr, my Shicld and Hc in Whom I LrusL
and Lakc rcíugc, Who subducs my pcoplc undcr mc” (Psalm l44:l–2, trr).
From David’s liíc cxpcricnccs, I havc lcarncd LhaL Lhc only way you can
bccomc a skillíul warrior is Lo bc Lraincd and placcd in Lhc midsL oí a baLLlc.
IL is only whcn you arc placcd in Lhc íurnacc oí afflicLions, and whcn all hcll
sccms Lo brcak loosc around you, LhaL you can Lruly bc Lraincd in Lhc arL oí
sLraLcgic praycr and spiriLual waríarc. PracLicc docs noL makc pcríccL. PcríccL
pracLicc makcs pcríccL. You will ncvcr gcL Lhc lcvcl oí Lraining you nccd in
ordcr Lo bccomc an cffccLivc praycr warrior by cngaging in “war gamcs.” You
musL íacc Lhc rcal cncmy on Lhc rcal baLLlcficld. Simply rcading Lhc Biblc
or aLLcnding workshops and conícrcnccs will ncvcr makc you an cffccLivc
warrior. Provcrbs implics LhaL knowlcdgc wiLhouL cxpcricncc and wisdom is
íolly. (Scc Provcrbs l4:lS, l6:22.)
Tc inLcnL oí Lhis book is Lo hclp you Lo cffccLivcly war in Lhc hcavcns íor
ncw sphcrcs oí powcr/jurisdicLion so LhaL Lhc kingdom oí Cod is promoLcd
and csLablishcd in ncw rcalms, rcgions, and LcrrcsLrial domains, and Lo movc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
írom a dcícnsivc posiLion in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc spiriL Lo an offcnsivc onc. (Scc
Danicl 9:l–l2:3, Fphcsians 6:ll–lS, RcvclaLion l2:4, 7–9.)
I havc discovcrcd LhaL alLhough I had bccn praying carncsLly and
scripLurally in Lhc pasL, many oí my praycrs wcrc ciLhcr saboLagcd or coun-
LcraLLackcd by Lhc cncmy. As I praycd and askcd Cod why, Hc showcd mc
LhaL I was praying ícrvcnLly buL noL cffccLivcly bccausc I was praying amiss.
I was praying írom an incorrccL pcrspccLivc and posiLion. SaLan was ablc
Lo gain Lhc uppcr hand in my waríarc bccausc I ignoranLly praycd “carLh-
bound” praycrs. Hc Lold mc LhaL I nccdcd Lo fighL my baLLlcs and wagc
waríarc whcrc iL rcally bclongs: in Lhc hcavcnlics. Hc also rcmindcd mc
LhaL I was scaLcd in hcavcnly placcs in ChrisL 1csus, abovc principaliLics
and powcrs. (Scc Fphcsians 2:20–22, 3:6.) I Lhcn rcalizcd LhaL Lhcy wcrc
noL abovc mc, opprcssing and conLrolling my dcsLiny wiLh Lhcir diabolical
acLiviLics. I was abovc Lhcm! Armcd and dangcrous wiLh Lhis rcvclaLion,
I was ablc Lo cníorcc my praycrs wiLh much auLhoriLy and confidcncc in
knowing LhaL whaLsocvcr I dcsircd, whcn I praycd I would rcccivc íavorablc
rcsulLs. (Scc Mark ll:23–24.)
As you dclvc inLo Lhis carcíully prcparcd manual íor spiriLual waríarc,
Lhcrc arc somc Lools LhaL you will nccd aL all Limcs. No soldicr can rcly on
anoLhcr’s raLions, wcapons, or cxpcricncc. IL is Limc íor you Lo gcL yoursclí
armcd. You arc wcll inLo your Lraining. As a maLLcr oí íacL, Lhc war is raging
on cvcn now.
Bclow arc scvcral insLrucLions LhaL you musL hold on Lo as you cngagc in
spiriLual waríarc.
1. Make certain you have the right tools.
Wc will bc covcring a loL oí ground in Lhis book. You may havc comc across
oLhcr books LhaL givc you all oí Lhc ScripLurcs and praycrs wriLLcn ouL íor you
Lo rcciLc in ordcr Lo addrcss ccrLain issucs and spiriLual maladics. Sincc Lhc
inLcnLion oí Lhis book is Lo insLrucL and Lrain, I will noL always do LhaL hcrc.
CcL rcady Lo rcccivc somc on-the-job training. I wanL you Lo gcL íamiliar wiLh
your own baLLlcground, idcnLiíy your own sLrcngLhs and wcakncsscs, and bc
wcll acquainLcd wiLh your Commandcr in Chicí—1chovah-Cibbor. Tcrcíorc,
you will nccd a pcrsonal copy oí Cod’s Word, Lhc sword. You will also find
LhaL in Limcs oí rcvclaLion you will nccd a praycr journal or cvcn a rccording
dcvicc Lo quickly documcnL Lhc rhema word Cod may givc you conccrning a
ccrLain issuc or pcrson. (Scc RcvclaLion l:l9.) In addiLion Lo Lhosc iLcms, you
may find good usc íor a noLcbook, pcn, and highlighLcr. Tings arc abouL Lo
gcL good!
2. Engage in the proper preparation.
FirsL CorinLhians l4:4, l4 and 1udc 20 insLrucL us Lo pray in Lhc SpiriL
bccausc iL will cdiíy us and chargc us up in Lhc Holy SpiriL (givc us powcr Lo
pray morc cffccLivcly). Tis Limc in Lhc SpiriL can also bc donc by singing as
you spcnd Limc in worship, praisc, and Lhanksgiving. RccalibraLc your spiri-
Lual aLmosphcrc by playing worship or anoinLcd insLrumcnLal music. Tis
will hclp you Lo brcak Lhrough spiriLual barricrs and barricadcs and Lo movc
bcyond Lhc vcil inLo Lhc sccrcL placc (Ps. 9l). Tc íollowing praycr oíLcn hclps
mc cnLcr inLo Lhc sccrcL placc during my Limcs oí worship. Pcrhaps you may
wanL Lo pray iL as wcll.
My heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus I enter into Your gates with
thanksgiving and into Your courts with praise. I bless Your name.
You are great and greatly to be praised. I worship You and adore You.
(Continue to worship God, and thank Him for health, strength, etc.)
I thank You, Father, for clothing me in a robe of righteousness, which
covers me because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. It is in Him I live
and move and have my being (Ps. 100:4; Isa. 61:10; Acts 17:28).
3. Rid yourself of encumbrances.
According Lo Hcbrcws l2:l, a ícw oLhcr acLions arc nccdcd as you prcparc
íor spiriLual waríarc. You nccd Lo makc surc you conícss your sins (Ps. 24:3–4,
Prov. 2S:l3), cxaminc yoursclí and dcLcrminc ií you nccd Lo rcpcnL oí somc-
Lhing or rclcasc (íorgivc) somconc, and casL your carcs and burdcns upon Lhc
Iord (l PcL. 5:7). Rcmcmbcr, you do noL fighL spiriLual baLLlcs in your own
sLrcngLh, you fighL Lhcm in Lhc sLrcngLh oí Lhc Iord.
4. Maintain the proper perspective, posture, and position.
Whcn you obscrvc a soldicr, you immcdiaLcly noLicc his sLancc and his
posiLion. His hcad is up, his cycs arc alcrL and awarc oí his surroundings, and
hc is always in posiLion. Tis is a liícsavcr in warLimc, ií Lhcrc cvcr was onc.
IL is impcraLivc LhaL a soldicr knows his posiLion and whcrc hc should bc aL
all Limcs.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Tcrcíorc, as you arc fighLing íor Lhc army oí Lhc Iord, you will wanL Lo
kccp Lhc righL pcrspccLivc. According Lo RcvclaLion 4:l, you nccd Lo kccp a
hcavcnly, panoramic vicw, íar abovc principaliLics and powcrs (Fph. l:2l–23,
Col. l:lS). As you Lakc your posLurc, you nccd Lo sLand offcnsivcly (Fph. 6:ll),
sLand consisLcnLly (v. l3), and sLand armcd and dangcrous (2 Cor. l0:4–5).
Your posiLion is in Lhc hcavcnly placcs in ChrisL 1csus (Fph. 2:6). Rcmcmbcr,
as Hc is in Lhc world, so arc wc (2 Cor. l0:7, Rom. 6:4–5). To mainLain Lhis
posiLion, your communicaLion musL bc righL on and always connccLcd. Pray
“Lhronc-room” praycrs (Hcb. 4:l4–l6, S:l–5, l0:l9–23) Lo kccp you aligncd
wiLh your hcadquarLcrs. Tronc-room praycrs arc praycrs LhaL arc praycd
írom Lhc rcalm oí íaiLh.
Praying írom Lhc righL posiLion wiLh Lhc righL pcrspccLivc and wiLh confi-
dcnL assurancc LhaL your praycrs and pcLiLions arc bcing hcard will givc you
Lhc assurancc LhaL Lhc answcrs arc on Lhc way (l 1ohn 5:l4–l5). You arc noL
praying dcícnsivcly, counLcring an aLLack hurlcd upon you írom Lhc rcalm oí
Lhc spiriL Lo you who stand upon Lhc carLh. You arc praying írom your hcav-
cnly posiLion in ChrisL 1csus, who has bccn cxalLcd abovc all principaliLics
and powcrs and is Lhc hcad oí Lhc church, oí which you arc a parL oí Lhc body.
You arc praying offcnsivcly, in hcavcnly placcs, having rcccivcd powcr ovcr all
Lhc powcr oí Lhc cncmy (Fph. l:20–23, 2:6, Phil. 2:5–ll, Iukc l0:l9).
5. Make certain you are properly adorned.
PuL on Lhc Iord 1csus ChrisL, and makc no provisions íor Lhc flcsh—lusL,
cnvy, sLriíc, biLLcrncss, íornicaLion, haLrcd, and so on (Rom. l3:l4, Cal.
5:l9–20). Fnsurc you arc íully clad wiLh Lhc wholc armor oí Cod, according
Lo Fphcsians 6:l3–l7.
6. Effectively use your authority.
Tc blood oí 1csus ChrisL givcs you Lhc righL Lo cnLcr Lhc holicsL oí placcs
and Lo pcLiLion Cod íor Lhc dclivcrancc LhaL you or somconc clsc may nccd
(Hcb. l0:l9–23). You can boldly cnLcr, knowing LhaL you arc clcan and your
rcqucsLs will bc honorcd. Bccausc you arc fighLing on Cod’s sidc, you havc
a righL Lo claim His Son’s namc and auLhoriLy. Whcn you say Lhc namc oí
1csus, cvcryLhing musL submiL (Phil. 2:9–ll). You also comc armcd wiLh Lhc
auLhoriLy oí Lhc Word—Lhc sword oí Lhc SpiriL (Fph. 6:l6–lS).
Rcmcmbcr, Cod has placcd SaLan and his cohorLs undcr your íccL, so do
noL jusL siL and waiL íor somcLhing Lo happcn. SLand, puL your íooL down,
makc no covcnanL, show no mcrcy, and Lakc Lhc vicLory in 1csus’s namc
(DcuL. 7:l–2, Iukc l0:l9, Fph. 6:ll–lS).
7. Effectively use your weapons.
Tc sword oí Lhc SpiriL is Lhc Word oí Cod, Lhc blood oí 1csus ChrisL, Lhc
anoinLing and firc oí Lhc Holy SpiriL. Marching, walking, sLomping, dancing,
clapping, silcncc, praying in Lhc SpiriL, LiLhcs, offcrings, and shouLing arc all
powcríul wcapons you can acccss írom your spiriLual arscnal. Wc will Lalk
morc abouL Lhcsc wcapons in chapLcr S, “Ccaring Up íor BaLLlc—WhaL Arc
Your Wcapons`”
The Time is Now
Tc Biblc clcarly sLaLcs LhaL Lhc purposc íor which ChrisL was born was Lo
dcsLroy Lhc works oí SaLan. Wc know LhaL ChrisL complcLcd His mission on
Lhc cross. ScripLurc clcarly sLaLcs LhaL ChrisL’s job dcscripLion was Lhc cxacL
anLiLhcsis oí Lhc cncmy’s. According Lo 1ohn l0:l0, ChrisL camc Lo bring liíc,
buL SaLan camc “Lo sLcal, and Lo kill, and Lo dcsLroy” (1ohn l0:l0). SaLan is
rclcnLlcss in his aLLcmpLs Lo undcrminc Lhc plans and purposcs oí Cod. Hc is
skillíul aL cvcn disguising himsclí in ordcr Lo rcmain undcLccLcd. As bclicvcrs,
wc nccd noL bc aíraid, buL bc awarc and cmpowcrcd wiLh Lhc knowlcdgc LhaL
wc havc Lhc abiliLy Lo idcnLiíy Lhc works oí Lhc cncmy. Cod has givcn us His
powcr Lo Lrcad on scrpcnLs, scorpions, and ovcr all Lhc powcr oí Lhc cncmy so
LhaL according Lo Iukc l0:l9, “NoLhing shall by any mcans hurL [us].”
Tc Limc has comc whcn Cod has sLirrcd up Lhc hcarLs oí all bclicvcrs Lo
risc up and Lakc Lhcir righLíul placcs as His official rcprcscnLaLivcs in Lhc
carLhly rcalm. Our rolc is Lo acLivaLc and cníorcc Lhc auLhoriLy Cod has givcn
us. As an cmpowcrcd bclicvcr, you should no longcr bc saLisficd wiLh sLanding
on Lhc sidclincs or acccpLing anyLhing írom Lhc cncmy. Tcrc is a rcal baLLlc
going on. Tcrc arc no dcmiliLarizcd zoncs in Lhis baLLlc. Tank Cod wc havc
bccn givcn Lhc assurancc LhaL, in Lhis waríarc, wc arc fighLing Lhc good fighL
oí íaiLh. Tc ouLcomc has bccn dccidcd, and our vicLory has bccn downloadcd
inLo Lhc cquaLion. IL is Limc Lo bcaL Lhc dcvil aL his own gamc.
I havc ncvcr sccn an agc likc Lhis, whcrc Lhcrc is such a dcsirc Lo scc souls
savcd and Lhc church fillcd wiLh Lhc glory oí Cod. Cod is birLhing His plans
in cvcry naLion and among all pcoplcs. Tc kingdom oí hcavcn is prcvailing
as Lhc cnd oí Lhc agc quickly approachcs. Wc arc gcLLing rcady íor Lhc final
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
showdown: whcn Lhc sainLs oí Cod will dclivcr Lhc final blow Lo Lhc cncmy
and dclivcr Lhc kingdoms oí Lhis world Lo Him. Wc will noL only bind Lhc
sLrongman, buL wc will also rcndcr him hopclcssly hclplcss in prcvcnLing Lhc
ncxL movc oí Cod in our pcrsonal livcs, churchcs, minisLrics, communiLics,
and naLions.
Te Rules of Engagement is by no mcans an cxhausLivc commcnLary. InsLcad,
iL was wriLLcn wiLh Lhc inLcnLion oí bcing uscd as a handy, uscr-íricndly, casy-
Lo-rcad rcícrcncc book. IL has bccn dcsigncd Lo givc you vicLory in all your
baLLlcs and Lo divincly cmpowcr you Lo pcncLraLc and plundcr Lhc kingdom oí
darkncss whilc promoLing and populaLing Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn. Tis book
will Lakc your liíc Lo ncw hcighLs in Cod, ncw dimcnsions in knowlcdgc, and
ncw rcalms oí auLhoriLy as you arc divincly cmpowcrcd Lo:
Asscss siLuaLions and circumsLanccs accuraLcly bascd on spiri-
Lual laws and principlcs
Rccognizc and idcnLiíy Lhc prcscncc and acLiviLics oí princi-
paliLics and Lhcir subordinaLc spiriLs
Scvcr Lhc rooL causcs oí saLanic influcnccs and dcmonic
Cain and mainLain spiriLual auLhoriLy ovcr rcgions and
Cain and rcgain conLrol ovcr your liíc and rclaLionships,
minisLrics, and busincsscs
As you givc Lhis manual your undividcd aLLcnLion, you will bc cmpowcrcd
wiLh LruLh and cquippcd wiLh powcríul wcapons oí waríarc. AnLicipaLc LhaL
Lhc SpiriL oí LruLh is noL only libcraLing you buL also írccing cvcryLhing and
cvcryonc associaLcd wiLh you in 1csus’s namc.
ULilizc Lhcsc powcríul, pracLical Lools and insighLs dcsigncd Lo givc you
vicLory in all your baLLlcs, and lcL Lhc carLh rcsound in conccrL wiLh Lhc hcav-
cnly hosLs, saying, “Tc kingdoms oí Lhis world arc bccomc Lhc kingdoms oí
our Iord, and oí his ChrisL, and hc shall rcign íor cvcr and cvcr” (Rcv. ll:l5).
ParT i
rules of eNgagemeNT
True Dominion Starts With Knowing Who You Are
. M. BouNbs oncc said, “Cod’s grcaL plan íor Lhc rcdcmpLion oí
mankind is as much bound up Lo praycr íor iLs prospcriLy and succcss
as whcn Lhc dccrcc crcaLing Lhc movcmcnL was issucd írom Lhc FaLhcr,
bcaring on iLs íronLagc Lhc impcraLivc, univcrsal and cLcrnal condiLion, ‘Ask
oí mc, and I will givc Lhcc Lhc hcaLhcn íor Lhy inhcriLancc and Lhc uLLcrmosL
parL oí Lhc carLh íor Lhy posscssion.’”
As a bclicvcr, you hold Lhc kcy Lo advancing Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn and
dcsLroying Lhc works oí Lhc cncmy. According Lo MaLLhcw lS:lS, “WhaLso-
cvcr yc shall bind on carLh shall bc bound in hcavcn: and whaLsocvcr yc shall
loosc on carLh shall bc looscd in hcavcn.” Tis LcxL spcaks oí Lhc lcgaliLics
and LcchnicaliLics oí Lhc kingdom, rclaLivc Lo your auLhoriLy on FarLh. You
arc Cod’s official agcnL hcrc on FarLh. Tcrcíorc, whaLcvcr you allow, hcavcn
allows, and whaLcvcr you disallow, hcavcn disallows. In parL 3, “Binding Lhc
SLrongman,” wc will Lalk morc abouL how Lo opcraLc wiLhin Lhc rulcs oí Lhc
kingdom Lo producc vicLory in Lhc carLh.
BuL righL now, I wanL you Lo undcrsLand Lhc powcr bchind Lwo principlc
war wcapons: praycr and Lhc Word oí Cod. Tc combinaLion oí Lhc Lwo
providc Lhc onc-Lwo punch LhaL cnsurcs Lhc cncmy is knockcd ouL oí your
liíc, íamily, busincss, minisLry, communiLy, and naLion cvcry Limc. Tc Biblc
givcs us cxamplc aíLcr cxamplc oí how Lruc Lhis is. Wc arc going Lo look aL
onc cxamplc oí how praycr changcs a wholc naLion’s allcgiancc and anoLhcr
cxamplc oí how Lhc Word silcnccs Lhc cncmy.
effecTual Prayer Produces
suPerNaTural resulTs
Onc oí our cxamplcs oí Lhis is Flijah.

FirsL Kings l7:l rccords, “And Flijah
Lhc TishbiLc, who was oí Lhc inhabiLanLs oí Cilcad, said unLo Ahab, As Lhc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Iorb Cod oí Isracl livcLh, bcíorc whom I sLand, Lhcrc shall noL bc dcw nor
rain Lhcsc ycars, buL according Lo my word” (cmphasis addcd). Flijah had all
Lhc auLhoriLy oí hcavcn bchind him whcn hc pronounccd Lhis judgmcnL ovcr
Ahab’s kingdom, íor Lhcy had disgraccd Cod and had givcn Lhcmsclvcs Lo
idol worship. IL may appcar LhaL Flijah capriciously dccidcd Lo wiLhhold rain,
buL no. Ií you look closcly aL 1amcs 5:l7, you will scc Lhc sccrcL oí his powcr:
“Flijah was a man jusL likc us. He prayed earnestly…” (Niv, cmphasis addcd).
FarncsL praycr írom Lhis righLcous man produccd supcrnaLural rcsulLs. (Scc
1amcs 5:l6.)
Flijah kncw Lhc powcr oí praycr, and LhroughouL his dcalings wiLh Ahab,
hc mainLaincd clcar communicaLion Lo Lhc Cod oí hcavcn. His placc was wcll
csLablishcd in Cod, Lhcrcíorc, hc had a righL Lo spcak againsL Lhings LhaL
wcrc noL in linc wiLh whaL Cod commandcd. Hc kncw LhaL as hc pronounccd
his judgmcnL ovcr Lhings LhaL displcascd Cod, Cod would pronouncc Lhc
samc judgmcnL.
WhaL wc musL lcarn írom Flijah’s cxamplc is LhaL bccausc Cod crcaLcd us
in His imagc and aíLcr His likcncss, crowning us wiLh His glory and csLab-
lishing us as His carLhly rcprcscnLaLivcs, wc havc auLhoriLy in Lhc carLh Lo
dccrcc Cod’s judgmcnLs (Ccn. l:2S, Ps. ll5:l5–l6). Adam and Fvc may havc
íallcn inLo sin, buL wc havc bccn rcsLorcd Lo our high placc in Cod Lhrough Lhc
sacrificc oí 1csus ChrisL. WhaL was losL has bccn rcgaincd and rcLurncd Lo us
by our Ccncral and mighLy Man oí war. IL is up Lo us Lo cníorcc LhaL auLhoriLy
(Ps. S:4–6, ll5:l6, Iukc l0:l9, Fph. 2:2). Our auLhoriLy and dominion can bc
acLivaLcd in Lhc samc way as Flijah’s—Lhrough ícrvcnL, carncsL praycr.
Whcn I look aL Lhc sLaLc oí Lhc world, I havc comc Lo Lhc conclusion LhaL
Lhc world docs noL nccd morc churchcs, morc rcvivals, morc choirs, morc
psalmisLs, or morc minsLrcls. WhaL Lhc church nccds is morc mcn and womcn
oí praycr. Praycr is a divinc Lcchnology LhaL, whcn implcmcnLcd, givcs Cod
pcrmission Lo inLcrvcnc in Lhc affairs oí humaniLy. Ií Lhcrc was cvcr a Limc
whcn Lhc world could usc somc divinc inLcrvcnLion, iL surc is now.
I rcad a sLory LiLlcd “Spurgcon’s Boilcr Room.” IL Lold oí fivc young collcgc
sLudcnLs who wcrc spcnding a Sunday in Iondon. Tcy wcnL Lo hcar Lhc íamcd
C. H. Spurgcon prcach. Whilc waiLing íor Lhc doors Lo opcn, Lhc sLudcnLs
wcrc grccLcd by a man who askcd ií Lhcy would likc Lo scc Lhc hcaLing planL
oí Lhis church. IL was mid-1uly, so Lhcy wcrc noL inLcrcsLcd in sccing a hoL
placc in any building. Tc sLory conLinucs:
Tcy didn’L wanL Lo offcnd Lhc sLrangcr, so Lhcy conscnLcd. Tc
young mcn wcrc Lakcn down a sLairway, a door was quicLly opcncd,
and Lhcir guidc whispcrcd, “Tis is our hcaLing planL.” Surpriscd,
Lhc sLudcnLs saw 700 pcoplc bowcd in praycr, sccking a blcssing
on Lhc scrvicc LhaL was soon Lo bcgin in Lhc audiLorium abovc.
SoíLly closing Lhc door, Lhc gcnLlcman Lhcn inLroduccd himsclí. IL
was nonc oLhcr Lhan Charlcs Spurgcon.
In cvcry dispcnsaLion and gcncraLion, Cod has had a man or woman who
parLncrcd wiLh Him íor Lhc rcdcmpLion oí humaniLy. Tcsc mcn and womcn
parLncrcd Lhrough praycr. Abraham, Moscs, Hannah, David, Solomon, Anna,
Paul, SL. Francis oí Assisi, MarLin IuLhcr, BroLhcr Iawrcncc, 1ohn Wcslcy,
David IivingsLon, Oswald Chambcrs, F. M. Bounds, D. I. Moody, WaLchman
Ncc, Corric Lcn Boom, David Yonggi Cho, and Lhc lisL gocs on. Tcsc individ-
uals and many oLhcrs parLncrcd wiLh Cod Lo changc Lhc sLaLc oí Lhc world.
Charlcs C. Finncy said, “FffccLivc praycr is praycr LhaL aLLains whaL iL sccks.
IL is praycr LhaL movcs Cod, cffccLing iLs cnd.”
To Lhis cnd, I bclicvc LhaL in
Lhis dispcnsaLion, cvcry church should havc a “boilcr room,” wiLh a modcrn-
day “Spurgcon” as iLs Lour guidc.
The word sileNces The eNemy
Whcn you usc Lhc Word oí Cod in praycr, iL silcnccs Lhc cncmy. Tis is whaL
happcncd Lo 1csus in Lhc wildcrncss. Tc voicc oí Lhc cncmy spokc Lo Him
on Lhrcc occasions. You havc Lo undcrsLand LhaL Lhc convcrsaLion was noL
vcrbal, buL mcnLal. SpiriLual waríarc is Lhc counscl oí Lhc human mind and
any oLhcr spiriL (including Lhc human spiriL) oLhcr Lhan Lhc SpiriL oí Cod as
Lhc íollowing LcxL dcscribcs:
Tcn 1csus was lcd up by Lhc SpiriL inLo Lhc wildcrncss Lo bc
LcmpLcd by Lhc dcvil. And aíLcr Hc had íasLcd íorLy days and
íorLy nighLs, Hc Lhcn bccamc hungry. And Lhc LcmpLcr camc
and said Lo Him, “Ií You arc Lhc Son oí Cod, command LhaL
Lhcsc sLoncs bccomc brcad.” BuL Hc answcrcd and said, “IL is
wriLLcn, ‘Man shall noL livc on brcad alonc, buL on cvcry word
LhaL procccds ouL oí Lhc mouLh oí Cod.’” Tcn Lhc dcvil Look
Him inLo Lhc holy ciLy, and hc had Him sLand on Lhc pinnaclc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
oí Lhc Lcmplc, and said Lo Him, “Ií You arc Lhc Son oí Cod Lhrow
Yoursclí down, íor iL is wriLLcn, ‘Hc will givc His angcls chargc
conccrning You’, and ‘On Lhcir hands Lhcy will bcar You up, lcsL
You sLrikc Your íooL againsL a sLonc.’” 1csus said Lo him, “On Lhc
oLhcr hand, iL is wriLLcn, ‘You shall noL puL Lhc Iord your Cod
Lo Lhc LcsL.’” Again, Lhc dcvil Look Him Lo a vcry high mounLain,
and showcd Him all Lhc kingdoms oí Lhc world, and Lhcir glory,
and hc said Lo Him, “All Lhcsc Lhings will I givc You, ií You íall
down and worship mc.” Tcn 1csus said Lo him, “Bcgonc, SaLan!
For iL is wriLLcn, ‘You shall worship Lhc Iord your Cod, and scrvc
Him only.’” Tcn Lhc dcvil lcíL Him, and bchold, angcls camc and
bcgan Lo minisLcr Lo Him.
—MaLLhcw 4:l–ll, Nts
NoLicc 1csus íoughL wiLh Lhc Word oí Lhc Iord and broughL His LhoughLs
undcr iLs auLhoriLy. You musL do Lhc samc. Tc dcvil was aíLcr 1csus’s
auLhoriLy and dominion in Lhc carLh rcalm. Hc is aíLcr yours. Do noL givc iL
away. You musL fighL cvcry LhoughL LhaL docs noL align iLsclí wiLh Lhc Word
oí Cod and fighL wiLh Cod’s Word. CasL Lhc LhoughLs down, and bring Lhcm
undcr Lhc auLhoriLy oí Lhc Word and undcr Lhc lordship oí ChrisL.
Whcn Lhc cncmy crcaLcd a mcss oí Lhis world, according Lo Lhc firsL chapLcr
oí Ccncsis, Cod uscd words (Lhc spiriL oí His mouLh) Lo bring Lhc world back
inLo ordcr and alignmcnL according Lo His original dcsign and plan. Sincc
wc arc crcaLcd in Lhc imagc and aíLcr Lhc likcncss oí Cod, wc Loo havc Lhc
samc powcr (Ccn. l:26). IL is Lhc powcr oí Lhc spokcn word LhaL givcs you liíc
or dcaLh and rclcascs blcssings or curscs (Prov. lS:2l). You musL cffccLivcly
usc anoinLcd words Lo dcsLroy Lhc works oí Lhc cncmy in your liíc, homc,
minisLry, communiLy, and, ulLimaLcly, Lhc world. Rcplacc all idlc, incffccLivc
words wiLh anoinLcd words. Sccond Tcssalonians 2:S says LhaL SaLan will
bc consumcd wiLh Lhc spiriL oí Cod’s mouLh (words) and dcsLroycd by Lhc
brighLncss oí His coming (Lhc anoinLing). Yokcs will bc dcsLroycd, burdcns
will bc liíLcd, your liíc and Lhc livcs oí Lhosc you lovc will bc rcvoluLionizcd,
your minisLry will bc cncrgizcd, and Lhc cncmy will bc horrificd oncc you
combinc your Lwo mosL powcríul wcapons—Lhc Word and praycr—and bcgin
Lo pray whaL I call anoinLcd “word praycrs.” Tcsc arc praycrs LhaL combinc
kcy ScripLurc vcrscs and Lhc praycrs you arc lcd Lo pray by Lhc rcvclaLion oí
Lhc Holy SpiriL.
Abovc all, rcmain vigilanL in your praycrs and mcdiaLion on Lhc Word.
Bccausc you arc armcd wiLh Lhcsc wcapons, you can rcsL assurcd LhaL
alLhough Lhc cncmy will aLLcmpL Lo cxacL himsclí upon you, you can go inLo
cvcry baLLlc wiLh Lhc knowlcdgc oí 2 CorinLhians 2:l4: “Cod…always causcLh
us Lo Lriumph in ChrisL, and makcLh maniícsL Lhc savour oí his knowlcdgc
by us in cvcry placc.” Indccd, “No wcapon LhaL is íormcd againsL Lhcc shall
prospcr” (Isa. 54:l7).
As you bcgin Lo rcccivc rcvclaLion írom Lhis book, I pray LhaL as Adam was
ushcrcd inLo Lhc Cardcn oí Fdcn, a wcalLhy placc, Cod will also ushcr you
inLo your wcalLhy placc. Psalm 66:l2 says, “You scnL Lroops Lo ridc across our
brokcn bodics. Wc wcnL Lhrough firc and flood. BuL in Lhc cnd, you broughL
us inLo wcalLh and grcaL abundancc” (1is). I dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Cod will
bring complcLc vicLory in Lhc arcas Lhc cncmy has gaincd a sLronghold in. May
your mind bccomc likc Lhc Cardcn oí Fdcn prior Lo Lhc Fall—a placc oí pcacc
and scrcniLy, saLuraLcd wiLh Lhc prcscncc oí Cod.
Ií you havc suffcrcd any loss, I also dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Lhc anoinLing
oí 1ob íor rcsLoraLion bc rclcascd upon you. Tings LhaL Lhc cncmy sLolc,
dcsLroycd, or undcrmincd arc bcing rcsLorcd Lo you Lwoíold. WhaL a wondcríul
cncouragcmcnL Lhc íollowing scripLurc has bccn Lo mc, and I pray LhaL iL will
cncouragc you Lo prcvail in praycr:
And Lhc Iorb Lurncd Lhc capLiviLy oí 1ob, whcn hc praycd íor his
íricnds: also Lhc Iorb gavc 1ob Lwicc as much as hc had bcíorc.
Tcn camc Lhcrc unLo him all his brcLhrcn, and all his sisLcrs, and
all Lhcy LhaL had bccn oí his acquainLancc bcíorc, and did caL brcad
wiLh him in his housc: and Lhcy bcmoancd him, and comíorLcd
him ovcr all Lhc cvil LhaL Lhc Iorb had broughL upon him: cvcry
man also gavc him a piccc oí moncy, and cvcry onc an carring
oí gold. So Lhc Iorb blcsscd Lhc laLLcr cnd oí 1ob morc Lhan his
bcginning: íor hc had íourLccn Lhousand shccp, and six Lhousand
camcls, and a Lhousand yokc oí oxcn, and a Lhousand shc asscs.
Hc had also scvcn sons and Lhrcc daughLcrs.
—1ob 42:l0–l3
In Lhis scason, your rclaLionships arc bcing hcalcd, your moncy is coming,
and your “gold” is bcing rclcascd. Your laLLcr cnd shall bc morc glorious Lhan
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
your bcginning. Your posscssion shall mulLiply, and your íamily consLclla-
Lions shall havc a sccond go aL liíc. You will havc an cncounLcr wiLh Lhc Cod
oí Lhc sccond chancc. Bc cncouragcd, and rcmcmbcr Lo pray wiLhouL ccasing
(l Tcss. 5:l7).
YouR mIlItaRY
HeadquaRteRs and
tHe CommandeR In CHIef
True Victory Starts With Knowing Whose You Are
nc soibicr nts Lhc army. Tc marinc has Lhc Marinc Corps, Lhc
sailor has Lhc navy, Lhc piloL has Lhc air íorcc, scarch and rcscuc has
Lhc coasL guard, and Lhc bclicvcr has Lhc church. Wc arc Lhc dcícnsc
sysLcm in Lhc kingdom. Tcsc arc, oí coursc, spcaking in Lhc mosL gcncral
Lcrms. Tcsc fivc miliLary branchcs pcríorm many morc duLics Lhan Lhcir
namcs suggcsL. Howcvcr, Lhcy cach musL rcporL Lo Lhc main body oí Lhc
UniLcd SLaLcs DcparLmcnL oí Dcícnsc, which Lhcn rcporLs Lo Lhc commandcr
in chicí, Lhc prcsidcnL.
As wc cxaminc Lhc carLhly organizaLion oí Lhc UniLcd SLaLcs miliLary, wc can
bcgin Lo scc somc similariLics in Lhc spiriL rcalm. As l CorinLhians l5:46 says,
“Tc spiriLual did noL comc firsL, buL Lhc naLural, and aíLcr LhaL Lhc spiriLual”
(Niv). In Lhc spiriLual, wc scc Lhc church is arrangcd and dividcd by Lhc fivc-
íold minisLry: aposLlcs, prophcLs, cvangclisLs, pasLors, and Lcachcrs (Fph. 4:ll).
Idcally, cach branch oí minisLry has a hcad, somconc Lo whom oLhcrs wiLh Lhc
samc giíLs can bc accounLablc. Whilc all oí us rcign in hcavcnly placcs wiLh Cod,
and wc no longcr nccd an inLcrmcdiary Lo go Lo Cod íor us, wc can sLill scc LhaL
Lhosc in auLhoriLy arc givcn a grcaLcr mcasurc oí rcsponsibiliLy and musL rcporL
Lo our Commandcr in Chicí—1chovah-Cibbor, Lhc mighLy Man oí war.
All churchcs arc noL so clcarly dcfincd, buL iL is imporLanL LhaL wc rccog-
nizc and submiL Lo spiriLual lcadcrship and auLhoriLy wiLhin Lhc church. Any
cffccLivc miliLary opcraLion íuncLions aL iLs pcak only whcn cach officcr is
in linc, knows his posiLion, and submiLs Lo his scnior officcr’s commands.
Wc nccd Lo undcrsLand LhaL wc arc noL baLLling in Lhis war individually. Tc
acLions wc Lakc, Lhc way wc íollow an ordcr írom Cod, and how wc sLay in
communicaLion wiLh hcadquarLcrs can and will affccL Lhosc around us. Wc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
can makc cxcuscs abouL our lcadcrs noL íollowing Cod and choosc noL Lo
íollow Lhcm, buL whaL arc wc doing wiLhin our rcalm oí auLhoriLy Lo waLch
Lhcir backs` Tis is whaL rcal soldicrs do—Lhcy look ouL íor cach oLhcr, somc-
Limcs Lo Lhc dcaLh. Knowing your placc and íollowing godly ordcrs is crucial
Lo cach onc oí us baLLling cffccLivcly in Lhc spiriL. Cod has placcd powcríul
gcncrals in Lhc carLh. IL bchoovcs us Lo submiL Lo Lhcm.
The church is heaveN’s earThly
deParTmeNT of defeNse
Tc church is hcavcn’s official agcncy in Lhc carLh íor carrying ouL Lhc
“íorcign” policics oí iLs hcavcnly govcrnmcnL Lhrough praycr and oLhcr mcLh-
odologics and sLraLcgics. As such, iL íuncLions somcwhaL likc a lcgislaLivc
body. Tc church has bccn divincly insLiLuLcd íor Lhc purposc oí kccping
Lhc carLh rcalm írcc írom Lhc aggrcssivc advanccmcnLs oí Lhc kingdom oí
darkncss. As His govcrnmcnLal official, wc rcprcscnL (rc-prcscnL) Lhc King
and His kingdom. Tcrcíorc, whcn wc pray, wc arc praying LhaL hcavcn will
invadc FarLh on our bchalí.
Praycr kccps you connccLcd Lo your hcadquarLcrs. Praycr puLs you Lo work,
cspccially whcn you obcy l Tcssalonians 5:l7: “Pray wiLhouL ccasing.” Praycr
puLs Cod Lo work bccausc Hc sLaLcs in Isaiah 45:ll, “Ask mc oí Lhings Lo
comc conccrning my sons, and conccrning Lhc work oí my hands command
yc mc,” and in Psalm 2:S, “Ask oí mc, and I shall givc Lhcc Lhc hcaLhcn íor
Lhinc inhcriLancc, and Lhc uLLcrmosL parLs oí Lhc carLh íor Lhy posscssion.”
Praycr also puLs Lhc angclic hosL Lo work according Lo Ccncsis lS:l–l9:29,
warring on our bchalí, proLccLing us írom Lhc unsccn, and minisLcring Lo us
in our hours oí nccd.
As I said abovc, Cod has givcn Lhc church Lhc fivcíold minisLry giíLs. From
Lhc wisdom and insighL givcn Lo Lhosc wiLh Lhosc giíLs, Lhc policics, princi-
plcs, and mandaLcs oí Lhc kingdom arc communicaLcd Lo Lhc cnLirc spiriLual
miliLary. As ambassadors and miliLary officcrs oí Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn, wc
arc givcn Lhc commands Lo:
Influcncc Lhc world and affccL changc in Lhc livcs oí Lhosc who
arc bound by Lhc kingdom oí darkncss
ImpacL Lhc major sysLcms oí Lhc world—social, poliLical,
cconomical, cducaLional, íamilial, culLural, and so on—
Your Military Headquarters and the Commander in Chief
Lhrough íorccíul, cffccLual acLion in Lhc spiriL, causing a
sLrong rcsponsc lcading Lo kingdom rulc. As AcLs l6:l6–26
Lclls Lhc sLory oí how Paul inLcrrupLcd a Lown’s spiriLual,
cducaLional, cconomic sysLcm by calling ouL a sooLhsaying
dcmon, wc Loo arc Lo go inLo dark placcs and causc “cxcccding
Lroublc,” Lcaching Lhcm Lhc cusLoms oí Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn
LhaL arc conLrary Lo Lhc laws oí Lhc kingdom oí darkncss.
Praycr invadcs darkncss.
InfilLraLc cncmy LcrriLory, saLuraLing iL wiLh Lhc lighL oí Cod.
Our prcscncc should bc invasivc. IighL invadcs darkncss,
lcaving no placcs íor dark shadows. AcLs S:l–24 Lclls us how
Philip wcnL inLo Lhc ciLy oí Samaria and had Lhc dcmons
running ouL oí Lhc posscsscd pcoplc, crying ouL wiLh loud
voiccs. Tcy wcrc Lcrrificd oí Lhc auLhoriLy LhaL Philip had.
Hc írccd Lhc pcoplc oí dcbiliLaLing discascs and hcalcd Lhcm
oí Lhcir afflicLions. Hc spokc Lhc namc oí 1csus and oí Lhc
kingdom oí Cod, and many in Lhis dark ciLy camc Lo Lhc lighL
and wcrc bapLizcd.
ImplcmcnL and csLablish Lhc bchaviors, characLcrisLics, and
dirccLivcs oí Lhc kingdom. Wc arc Lo puL inLo acLion Lhc poli-
cics oí Cod in Lhc carLh rcalm. Binding and loosing is onc way
oí implcmcnLing kingdom cusLoms in Lhc carLh. Tc íollowing
vcrscs show how Lhc kingdom can bc implcmcnLcd and iLs
cffccL on Lhc pcoplc in Lhc carLh:
Tcn Lhcy LhaL gladly rcccivcd his word wcrc bapLizcd: and Lhc
samc day Lhcrc wcrc addcd unto them abouL Lhrcc Lhousand souls.
And Lhcy conLinucd sLcdíasLly in Lhc aposLlcs’ docLrinc and ícllow-
ship, and in brcaking oí brcad, and in praycrs. And ícar camc
upon cvcry soul: and many wondcrs and signs wcrc donc by Lhc
aposLlcs. And all LhaL bclicvcd wcrc LogcLhcr, and had all Lhings
common, and sold Lhcir posscssions and goods, and parLcd Lhcm
Lo all men, as cvcry man had nccd. And Lhcy, conLinuing daily wiLh
onc accord in Lhc Lcmplc, and brcaking brcad írom housc Lo housc,
did caL Lhcir mcaL wiLh gladncss and singlcncss oí hcarL, praising
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Cod, and having íavour wiLh all Lhc pcoplc. And Lhc Iord addcd Lo
Lhc church daily such as should bc savcd.
—AcLs 2:4l–47, cmphasis addcd
For unLo us a child is born, unLo us a son is givcn: and Lhc govcrn-
mcnL shall bc upon his shouldcr: and his namc shall bc callcd
Wondcríul, Counscllcr, Lhc mighLy Cod, Lhc cvcrlasLing FaLhcr, Lhc
Princc oí Pcacc. Oí Lhc incrcasc oí his govcrnmcnL and pcacc there
shall be no cnd, upon Lhc Lhronc oí David, and upon his kingdom,
Lo ordcr iL, and Lo csLablish iL wiLh judgmcnL and wiLh jusLicc
írom hcnccíorLh cvcn íor cvcr. Tc zcal oí Lhc Iorb oí hosLs will
pcríorm Lhis.
—Isaiah 9:6–7, cmphasis addcd
TaL Lhc Cod oí our Iord 1csus ChrisL, Lhc FaLhcr oí glory, may givc
unLo you Lhc spiriL oí wisdom and rcvclaLion in Lhc knowlcdgc oí
him: Lhc cycs oí your undcrsLanding bcing cnlighLcncd, LhaL yc may
know whaL is Lhc hopc oí his calling, and whaL Lhc richcs oí Lhc glory
oí his inhcriLancc in Lhc sainLs, and whaL is Lhc cxcccding grcaLncss
oí his powcr Lo usward who bclicvc, according Lo Lhc working oí his
mighLy powcr, which hc wroughL in ChrisL, whcn hc raiscd him írom
Lhc dcad, and scL him aL his own righL hand in Lhc hcavcnly places…
which is his body, Lhc íulncss oí him LhaL fillcLh all in all.
—Fphcsians l:l7–20, 23, cmphasis addcd
The church is The official embassy of
The KiNgdom of heaveN
In Lhc naLural an cmbassy is a building conLaining Lhc officcs oí an ambas-
sador and sLaff oí diplomaLic rcprcscnLaLivcs, a placc whcrc ambassadors
mccL, a diplomaLic ccnLcr whcrc policics and mandaLcs arc communicaLcd, a
placc íor dcbricfing iLs ambassadors, and a placc whcrc ambassadors rcccivc
diplomaLic immuniLy.
In looking aL Lhc church as our hcadquarLcrs, wc can scc how, in many
ways, iL scrvcs Lhc samc purposcs íor Lhc army oí Cod LhaL an cmbassy docs
íor iLs ambassadors. Whilc Cod calls us soldicrs, wc arc also ambassadors oí
Lhc kingdom. Wc arc acLing as godly rcprcscnLaLivcs in Lhc carLh.
Your Military Headquarters and the Commander in Chief
Now Lhcn wc arc ambassadors íor ChrisL, as Lhough Cod did bcsccch
you by us: wc pray you in ChrisL’s sLcad, bc yc rcconcilcd Lo Cod.
—2 CorinLhians 5:20, cmphasis addcd
For which I am an ambassador in bonds: LhaL Lhcrcin I may spcak
boldly, as I oughL Lo spcak.
—Fphcsians 6:20
TaL scndcLh ambassadors by Lhc sca, cvcn in vcsscls oí bulrushcs
upon Lhc waLcrs, saying, Co, yc swiíL mcsscngcrs, Lo a naLion
scaLLcrcd and pcclcd, Lo a pcoplc Lcrriblc írom Lhcir bcginning
hiLhcrLo, a naLion mcLcd ouL and Lroddcn down, whosc land Lhc
rivcrs havc spoilcd!
—Isaiah lS:2, cmphasis addcd
Bccausc Lhis is Lruc, Lhc church is Lhc official cmbassy oí Lhc govcrnmcnL
oí hcavcn. Wc usc Lhc church building as a placc íor Lhc fivcíold minisLry
lcadcrs Lo work and minisLcr Lo pcoplc wiLhin Lhc church as wcll as Lo win
unbclicvcrs Lo ChrisL. Wc also usc iL as a ccnLral mccLing placc Lo ícllowship
LogcLhcr, Lo lcarn oí our ncw assignmcnLs and commands, Lo bc dcbricícd on
Lhc ncxL movc oí Cod, and Lo discuss adminisLraLivc and lcgislaLivc maLLcrs
conccrning Lhc body oí ChrisL. Tc aposLlc Paul íorcLold oí Lhc growing impor-
Lancc oí Lhc body oí ChrisL Lo mccL LogcLhcr. In Hcbrcws l0:25 hc says LhaL
wc should noL íorsakc Lhc “asscmbling oí oursclvcs LogcLhcr, as Lhc manncr
oí somc is, buL cxhorLing onc anoLhcr: and so much Lhc morc, as yc scc Lhc
day approaching.” Wc nccd Lhc mccLing LogcLhcr oí Lhc body oí ChrisL so LhaL
wc can supporL cach oLhcr Lo sLand cvcn in Lhc hcaL oí baLLlc.
Iikc Lhc cmbassy, Lhc church also sLands as a placc oí rcíugc, a placc oí
spiriLual asylum and sancLuary. Wc can run Lo Lhc church whcn wc arc baLLlc
wcary and bcaLcn down. In Lhc Old TcsLamcnL, Lhc alLar in Lhc Lcmplc was a
placc whcrc Lhosc who ícarcd íor Lhcir livcs could go and grab on Lo Lhc horns
oí Lhc alLar. No onc could Louch Lhcm Lhcrc. (Scc l Kings l:49–5l.)
The church is The eNemy of The devil
FvcryLhing Lhc dcvil is and docs is conLrary Lo Cod’s laws. Hc is rcbcllious,
and bccausc hc conLinually sccks Lo bring harm on Cod’s crcaLion, hc is an
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
cncmy oí Cod. Wc arc Cod’s childrcn and dcsirc Lo livc íor Him. Wc sLand íor
Lhc principlcs oí Cod Lo ovcrLakc Lhc world and bring iL Lo a vicLorious cnd.
In LhaL íacL alonc, Lhc church is SaLan’s archcncmy, and wc havc bccn givcn
powcr Lo subduc him (Ccn. l:2S, Iukc l0:l9).
Wc havc a connccLion Lo Cod LhaL makcs us morc powcríul Lhan anyLhing
Lhc cncmy may do Lo LhwarL Lhc movc oí Cod on Lhc carLh. Tc dcvil is noL
Lhc biggcsL LhrcaL or cncmy oí Lhc church—ignorancc is. Hc Lrics Lo kccp us
in Lhc dark abouL how powcríul wc arc and how sLraLcgic our connccLion wiLh
Cod is in rclaLion Lo his schcmcs. Hc docs cvcryLhing hc can Lo kccp us blind
Lo who wc arc bccausc hc ícars us—boLh individually and collccLivcly. Hc
dcccivcs us inLo bclicving LhaL hc has morc powcr Lhan hc rcally docs.
Wc musL know and undcrsLand LhaL Lhc cncmy sccks Lo usurp Cod’s
auLhoriLy and infilLraLc Lhis world wiLh a poliLical sLraLcgy oí ícar, dcccpLion,
and LcmpLaLions. Tis is Lhc cxLcnL oí his wcapons. His policy is rooLcd in
iniquiLous aLLiLudcs and siníul acLions. Hc sccks Lo prcvail, buL hc cannoL
and will noL. Tc Biblc says in MaLLhcw l6:lS LhaL Lhc gaLcs oí hcll will noL
prcvail againsL Lhc church. Wc arc builL on Lhc rock, which is 1csus ChrisL,
and bccausc Cod has builL Lhc church, wc will bc succcssíul in all LhaL wc do.
Tc cncmy cannoL sLop us bccausc wc havc bccn givcn powcr ovcr all his abil-
iLics. Wc arc a íorcc Lo bc rcckoncd wiLh. Wc havc powcr ovcr all Lhc powcr oí
Lhc cncmy, buL wc cannoL rclinquish our powcr Lo him lcsL hc dcícaL us.
Jehovah-gibbor—your commaNder iN chief
Now LhaL wc havc an undcrsLanding oí Lhc sLrucLurc oí our spiriLual hcadquar-
Lcrs, lcL’s spcnd somc Limc Lalking abouL Lhc lcadcr oí hcavcn’s dcparLmcnL
oí dcícnsc. Our Commandcr in Chicí is Lhc Iord 1csus ChrisL, and Hc is an
iníormcd lcadcr. Hc knows Lhc cncmy, his arscnal, and Lhc Lcrrain. Hc is noL
onc oí Lhosc hands-off lcadcrs who only wanL Lo hcar good rcporLs. Hc sccs
all and knows all.
Our Commandcr cspccially knows His Lroops. Hc crcaLcd us. Tcrcíorc, as
Hc calls His commands and scLs íorLh His dccrccs in Lhc carLh, Hc docs so
knowing how iL will influcncc us. Cod knows how much oí Lhc baLLlc wc can
bcar and always providcs a saíc way oí cscapc íor us. FirsL CorinLhians l0:l3
says, “Tcrc haLh no LcmpLaLion Lakcn you buL such as is common Lo man:
buL Cod is íaiLhíul, who will noL suffcr you Lo bc LcmpLcd abovc LhaL yc arc
Your Military Headquarters and the Commander in Chief
ablc, buL will wiLh Lhc LcmpLaLion also makc a way Lo cscapc, LhaL yc may bc
ablc Lo bcar iL.” Our lcadcr is mcrciíul and compassionaLc Loward us.
As Lhc almighLy, omnipoLcnL Commandcr, Hc cncouragcs us Lo lay our
burdcns on Him. Tis is vcry diffcrcnL Lhan Lhc sLcrcoLypc wc scc in somc
movics whcrc Lhc old sargc is barking ordcrs aL Lhc ncw rccruiLs. BuL Cod
says LhaL Hc will bcar us up and sLrcngLhcn us in our wcakncsscs.
Comc unLo mc, all yc LhaL labour and arc hcavy ladcn, and I will
givc you rcsL. Takc my yokc upon you, and lcarn oí mc, íor I am
mcck and lowly in hcarL: and yc shall find rcsL unLo your souls. For
my yokc is casy, and my burdcn is lighL.
—MaLLhcw ll:2S–30
BuL hc said Lo mc, “My gracc is sufficicnL íor you, íor my powcr
is madc pcríccL in wcakncss.” Tcrcíorc I will boasL all Lhc morc
gladly abouL my wcakncsscs, so LhaL ChrisL’s powcr may rcsL on
mc. TaL is why, íor ChrisL’s sakc, I dclighL in wcakncsscs, in
insulLs, in hardships, in pcrsccuLions, in difficulLics. For whcn I
am wcak, Lhcn I am sLrong.
—2 CorinLhians l2:9–l0, Niv
Wc also havc a lcadcr who knows whaL wc arc going Lhrough. Hc bccamc a
Man jusL so Hc could comc up Lhrough Lhc ranks, likc cach onc oí us havc, and
rcdccm us. Hc is ablc Lo idcnLiíy whcn wc nccd Lo prcss inLo Him and bcar inLo
Lhc Lrial or whcn wc nccd a swccL rcspiLc providcd by His gracc and mcrcy LhaL
is ncw cvcry morning. Hc is noL a hard LaskmasLcr, buL bccausc Hc is íamiliar
wiLh us írom Lhc insidc ouL (Ps. l39), Hc knows cxacLly whaL wc nccd in ordcr
Lo grow and bc a sLrongcr warrior. Hcbrcws 4:l5–l6 says, “For wc do noL havc a
high pricsL who is unablc Lo sympaLhizc wiLh our wcakncsscs, buL wc havc onc
who has bccn LcmpLcd in cvcry way, jusL as wc arc—ycL was wiLhouL sin. IcL
us Lhcn approach Lhc Lhronc oí gracc wiLh confidcncc, so LhaL wc may rcccivc
mcrcy and find gracc Lo hclp us in our Limc oí nccd” (Niv).
His Lraining cxcrciscs arc noL always casy Lo accomplish, buL Lhcy arc cvcr
so cffccLivc and sLraLcgic in achicving Lhc plans LhaL Hc has íor our livcs. Hc
givcs us Lhc Lools, wcapons, sLraLcgics, and LacLics Lo bc ovcrcomcrs in Lhis
spiriLual war.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Blcsscd bc Lhc Iord, my Rock and my kccn and firm SLrcngLh,
Who Lcachcs my hands Lo war and my fingcrs Lo fighL—My SLcad-
íasL Iovc and my ForLrcss, my High Towcr and my Dclivcrcr, my
Shicld and Hc in Whom I LrusL and Lakc rcíugc, Who subducs my
pcoplc undcr mc.
—Psalm l44:l–2, trr
To rccap: a rcal war is raging. IL is a war bcLwccn Lhc kingdom oí lighL and
Lhc kingdom oí darkncss. Tc church has bccn assigncd as a parL oí hcavcn’s
dcícnsc sysLcm. Fvcry bclicvcr is auLomaLically draíLcd inLo iLs miliLary dcparL-
mcnL oí dcícnsc, and Lhcrc arc no dcmiliLarizcd zoncs. Our Commandcr in
Chicí has insLrucLcd us in Fphcsians 6:l0–lS Lo “bc sLrong in Lhc Iord, and in
Lhc powcr oí his mighL. PuL on Lhc wholc armour oí Cod, LhaL yc may bc ablc Lo
sLand againsL Lhc wilcs oí Lhc dcvil. For wc wrcsLlc noL againsL flcsh and blood,
buL againsL principaliLics, againsL powcrs, againsL Lhc rulcrs oí Lhc darkncss oí
Lhis world, againsL spiriLual wickcdncss in high placcs. Whcrcíorc Lakc unLo
you Lhc wholc armour oí Cod, LhaL yc may bc ablc Lo wiLhsLand in Lhc cvil day,
and having donc all, Lo sLand. SLand Lhcrcíorc, having your loins girL abouL
wiLh LruLh, and having on Lhc brcasLplaLc oí righLcousncss, and your íccL shod
wiLh Lhc prcparaLion oí Lhc gospcl oí pcacc, abovc all, Laking Lhc shicld oí íaiLh,
whcrcwiLh yc shall bc ablc Lo qucnch all Lhc ficry darLs oí Lhc wickcd. And Lakc
Lhc hclmcL oí salvaLion, and Lhc sword oí Lhc SpiriL, which is Lhc word oí Cod:
praying always wiLh all praycr and supplicaLion in Lhc SpiriL, and waLching
LhcrcunLo wiLh all pcrscvcrancc and supplicaLion íor all sainLs.”
WiLh Lhis armor girdcd abouL us, Lhc church is rcady íor iLs mission oí
dcícnding Lhc kingdom oí lighL, proLccLing iL írom all íorcign inLrusion
whilc mainLaining an aLmosphcrc LhaL is inLcrnally írcc írom rcvolL and
insurrccLion. IL musL also acLivcly infilLraLc and pcncLraLc (noL isolaLc and
alicnaLc iLsclí írom) Lhc world’s sysLcms wiLh Lhc mcssagc oí Lhc King and
His kingdom, doing Lhc works oí Him who scnL us, plundcring Lhc kingdom
oí darkncss Lo populaLc Lhc kingdom oí lighL, and libcraLing prisoncrs oí war
írom Lhc Lyrannical rulc oí SaLan who has blindcd Lhcir minds.
In Lhc ncxL chapLcr, wc arc going Lo gcL our sLripcs and bc acLivaLcd inLo
aCtIvatIon Into waR
Getting Your Stripes
N 1nis cntr1cr, I havc compilcd a lisL oí injuncLions LhaL will scrvc as
an acLivaLing íorcc announcing your prcscncc and acLivc-duLy sLaLus in
Lhc spiriL. Tc dcclaraLions madc in Lhis chapLcr arc placcd in Lhc íorm
oí a praycr, similar Lo an officcr’s swcaring-in sLaLcmcnL. Fach oí Lhcsc arc
scripLurally bascd. I havc rcícrcnccd Lhc scripLurc írom which cach sccLion
is consLrucLcd.
Usc Lhis praycr daily, and pray iL aloud. Mcmorizc iL. Usc Lhc ScripLurc
rcícrcnccs in your daily dcvoLions. SLudy Lhcm. Tcy will cmpowcr you Lo
fighL Lhc good fighL oí íaiLh. WaLch circumsLanccs and siLuaLions changc íor
Lhc bcLLcr. Rcmcmbcr, iL is only whcn you arc placcd in Lhc middlc oí a baLLlc
or an impossiblc siLuaLion, and whcn Lhcrc is no onc or noLhing LhaL can
savc or dclivcr you buL Cod, LhaL a Lruc warrior is born. InsLcad oí giving up,
giving in, or íalling prcy Lo Lhc sLraLcgics oí Lhc cncmy, considcr your Limcs
oí sLrugglc, LcsLing, and LcmpLaLion as divinc opporLuniLics Lo bc Lraincd in
Lhc arL oí sLraLcgic praycr and spiriLual waríarc. Bc assurcd LhaL Lhcsc Limcs
arc auLhcnLic Lraining grounds LhaL Cod has sclccLcd Lo bring you inLo Lruc
dominion. As iL was íor David, Lhcy jusL mighL bc Lhc vcry grounds LhaL Cod
uscs Lo Lrain you íor Lhc ulLimaLc cvcnL: Lhc maximizaLion oí your poLcnLial
and Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc.
Tc Biblc sLaLcs in 1ob 22:27–2S LhaL you should “makc Lhy praycr unLo
him, and hc shall hcar Lhcc.” Tc word make mcans “Lo composc, consLrucL,
or dcsign.” Fach onc oí Lhc íollowing dcclaraLions havc bccn composcd,
consLrucLcd, and dcsigncd bascd on ScripLurc. ScripLurc rcícrcnccs arc
givcn aL Lhc cnd oí cach dcclaraLion, and aL Lhc cnd oí Lhc book a glossary is
providcd íor grcaLcr insighL and undcrsLanding. As you pray, pray wiLh Lhc
assurancc LhaL “Lhc gaLcs oí hcll shall noL prcvail” (MaLL. l6:lS). Rcmcmbcr,
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Lhcsc dcclaraLions arc madc Lo fighL againsL spiriLs and noL pcoplc. Show no
mcrcy, Lakc no hosLagcs!
Prayers of acTivaTioN for sPiriTual warfare
As Cod’s official lcgislaLor and law-cníorccmcnL agcnL:
I come in Lhc namc oí Lhc rcsurrccLcd 1csus, whosc I am and
whom I scrvc, “LhaL aL Lhc namc oí 1csus cvcry kncc should bow,
oí Lhings in hcavcn, and Lhings in carLh, and Lhings undcr Lhc
carLh, and LhaL cvcry Longuc should conícss LhaL 1csus ChrisL is
Iord” (Phil. 2:l0–ll, scc also Ps. S2).
I affect and cníorcc Cod’s original plans and purposcs ovcr and
againsL Lhc plans and purposcs oí SaLan (Dan. 6).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL in Lhis baLLlc no inLrinsic (inLcrnal)
or cxLrinsic (cxLcrnal) wcapon, bc iL cmoLional, financial, social,
physical, psychological, inLcrpcrsonal, spiriLual, or organizaLional,
íormcd againsL mc shall prospcr (l Sam. l7:47, Isa. 54:l7, 1cr.
5l:20, 1ohn l4:30, 2 Cor. 7:5, Fph. 4:27).
I place upon mysclí Lhc armor oí lighL and oí Lhc Iord (Rom.
l3:l2, Fph. 6:l3–l7):
TruLh Lo covcr my loins (Ps. 5l:6)
Tc brcasLplaLc oí righLcousncss Lo covcr my hcarL
and chcsL caviLy (Ps. 5:l2, 2 Cor. 6:7)
Tc gospcl oí pcacc Lo covcr my íccL (Isa. 52:7)
Tc shicld oí íaiLh Lo dcícnsivcly and offcnsivcly covcr
my body (Hcb. l0:3S, ll:l, 6)
Tc hclmcL oí salvaLion Lo covcr my hcad (Isa. 59:l7, l
Tcss. 5:S)
Tc sword oí Lhc SpiriL, which is Lhc Word oí Cod
(Fph. 6:l7, Rcv. l:l6)
Tc Iord 1csus ChrisL (Rom. l3:l4)

Activation Into War
A robc oí righLcousncss (Isa. 6l:l0)
Tc glory oí Cod is my rcward (Isa. 5S:S).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL Lhc wcapons oí my waríarc arc noL
carnal buL mighLy Lhrough Cod (l Sam. l7:45, Rom. l3:l2, 2 Cor.
l0:3–6, Fph. 6:l3–lS).
I pull down sLrongholds and casL down vain imaginaLions and
cvcry high Lhing LhaL liíLs iLsclí againsL Lhc knowlcdgc oí 1csus
ChrisL. My LhoughLs arc now subjccL Lo Lhc lordship oí ChrisL (Isa.
l4:l3–l4, Fzck. 2S:2, 2 Cor. l0:5).
I speak LhaL Cod’s anoinLing dcsLroys cvcry yokc in my liíc and
LhaL my soul, spiriL, and body now íuncLion in ordcr according Lo
divinc sysLcms oí proLocol (l Cor. 9:27, l4:40).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL I am hcalcd and SpiriL fillcd, sickncss
and discasc arc íar írom mc (Isa. 53:5).
I establish divinc paramcLcrs, boundarics, and bordcrs and lcgis-
laLc and csLablish Lhc laws oí Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn Lo govcrn all
acLiviLics wiLhin (l Chron. 4:l0, Ps. l47:l4, Isa. 60:lS).
I overrule (disallow and vcLo) cvcry diabolical sancLion, subvcrLing
acLiviLy, injuncLion, dirccLivc, mandaLc, or ordcr LhaL opposcs Lhc
will oí Lhc Iord conccrning my liíc, minisLry, and íamily (MaLL.
I nullify diabolical dccisions and rulings conccrning my minisLry,
my liíc, and Lhc livcs oí íamily mcmbcrs, íricnds, and associaLcs
(Isa. 3S:l–5, 39:6–S, MaLL. l6:l9).
I take control ovcr Lhc airways, galaxics, sysLcms, sphcrcs,
sLraLosphcrcs, hcmisphcrcs, aLmosphcrcs, rcalms, rcgions, and
domains (1cr. l:l0, MaLL. l6:l9, lS:lS, l Cor. 6:2–3, Fph. 2:6, Rcv.
5:l0, ll:l2).

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
I dispossess masLcr spiriLs and cmploy Michacl, oLhcr archan-
gcls, and Lhc angclic hosL Lo handlc any saLanic conLcnLions,
dispuLcs, sLrivings, and rcsisLancc conccrning Lhis injuncLion (2
Kings 7:5–7, 2 Chron. 32:2l, Dan. 3:24–25, 6:22, l0:l3, Ps. 9l:ll,
l03:20, Hcb. l:l4).
I declare succcssíul divinc and angclic undcrLakings, undcr-
girding, rciníorccmcnLs, and assisLancc. According Lo Your Word
in Psalm l03:20, angcls now “cxccl in sLrcngLh” Lo marshal and
proLccL my pcrsonagc, propcrLy, and posscssions (2 Kings 6:l7,
Dan. 3:l5–30, AcLs l2:l–l0).
Jehovah-Gibbor, conLcnd wiLh Lhosc who conLcnd wiLh mc,
fighL againsL Lhosc who fighL againsL mc. Takc hold oí shicld and
bucklcr, and sLand up íor my hclp! Draw ouL also Lhc spcar and
javclin and closc up Lhc way oí Lhosc who pursuc and pcrsccuLc
mc. CloLhc Yoursclí in Your garmcnLs oí war. MusLcr Your dcviccs,
gaLhcr Your wcaponry and ammuniLion írom Your divinc arscnal.
Makc brighL Your arrows, gaLhcr Your shiclds, and lcL vcngcancc
bc Your ulLimaLc goal as You ovcrLhrow Lhc charioLs, horscs, and
ridcrs. IcL Lcrror sLrikc Lhc hcarLs oí my cncmics and causc Lhcir
hcarLs Lo íail.
I decree and dcclarc LhaL by You I run Lhrough Lroops and lcap
ovcr walls. You arc my Cod: Lhc Cod who girds mc wiLh sLrcngLh
and makcs my way pcríccL. IL is You who makcs my íccL likc hinds’
íccL, giving mc sLabiliLy so LhaL I am ablc Lo sLand firmly and prog-
rcss on Lhc dangcrous hcighLs oí LcsLing and Lroublc. You scL mc
sccurcly upon my high placcs. You Lcach my hands Lo war and my
fingcrs Lo fighL, granLing mc supcrnaLural sLrcngLh and abiliLics
so LhaL my arms brcak a bow oí sLccl. You arc my Rock, my Shicld,
and my SLrong Towcr. You havc cquippcd mc wiLh Lhc shicld oí
Your salvaLion, and Your righL hand csLablishcs mc as a vicLor in
Lhis baLLlc. BcaL down Lhc cncmy. Civc mc his ncck. Causc mc Lo
pursuc and ovcrLakc Lhcm unLil Lhcy arc woundcd and consumcd,
Activation Into War
íalling aL my íccL, ncvcr Lo risc again. FsLablish my namc in Lhc
hcavcns. IcL Lhcm who hcar oí mc submiL and obcy mc.
I announce LhaL iL is You who havc blcsscd mc. IL is You who
cmpowcrs mc. IL is noL by my mighL nor by my powcr, buL by Lhc
SpiriL oí Lhc Iord. For whcn Lhc cncmy shall comc in likc a flood,
Your SpiriL liíLs up a sLandard againsL him (Fxod. l5:3, DcuL. 32:4l–
42, Ps. 7:l3, lS:29–50, 35:l–S, l44:5–7, Isa. 42:l3–l4, 59:l6–l9,
Hag. 2:22).
I forbid and disallow íurLhcr opposing acLiviLics oí any saLanic
pcrsonaliLics wiLh diabolical assignmcnLs conccrning my liíc,
minisLry, and íamily, and I wagc a war wiLh Lhcm (Nch. 4:l4).
I disapprove and prohibiL any dcmonic inLcrccpLion and inLcrícr-
cncc or rcsisLancc (Dan. l0:l–l3).
I resist saLanic conLcnLions, inLcnLions, provocaLions, and ncgoLi-
aLions conccrning my liíc and my soul, and supcrimposc prophcLic
purposc and divinc dcsLiny ovcr and againsL all acLiviLics and
opposing íorccs LhaL arc conLrary Lo Lhc will oí Cod in ChrisL
1csus conccrning my liíc (l Sam. l:l–S, l Kings 22:l–23, l Chron.
2l:l–2, 1ob l:7–l2, 3:25, 1udc 9).
I bind saLanic harassmcnL and rcbukc saLanic conccnLraLions (2
Sam. ll:l–2). I bring Lo a halL and prohibiL all saLanic survcillancc
(l Sam. lS, MaLL. 26:4, Mark ll:lS, Iukc 6:ll, AcLs l6:l6–l9).
I lift íalsc burdcns and rcmovc ícclings oí hcavincss, opprcssion,
and dcprcssion. I casL Lhcm upon Lhc Iord who susLains. I shall
noL bc movcd (Ps. l2:5, 54:2, 55:22, Isa. l0:27, 6l:3, MaLL. ll:2S–
30, 1ohn l4:l).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL by Lhc anoinLing, all covcnanLs,
conLracLs, chains, ícLLcrs, bondagcs, procliviLics, and capLiviLics
LhaL arc conLrary Lo, opposc, or hindcr Lhc íulfillmcnL oí Cod’s
original plan and purposc arc brokcn. I am libcraLcd írom gcncra-
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Lional/saLanic/dcmonic allianccs, allcgianccs, soul Lics, spiriLs oí
inhcriLancc, and curscs. I scvcr Lhcm by Lhc sword oí Lhc Iord,
Lhc blood, and Lhc SpiriL. I spcak Lo my DNA and dcclarc LhaL I am
írcc írom any and all influcnccs passcd down írom onc gcncraLion
Lo anoLhcr—biologically, socially, cmoLionally, physiologically,
psychologically, spiriLually, or by any oLhcr channcl unknown Lo
mc buL known Lo Cod. I rcsisL cvcry spiriL LhaL acLs as a gaLckccpcr
or a doorkccpcr Lo my soul, and I rcnouncc any íurLhcr conscious
or unconscious alliancc, associaLion, allcgiancc, or covcnanL. I
opcn mysclí Lo divinc dclivcrancc. FaLhcr, havc Your way now!
PcríccL Lhosc Lhings conccrning mc (DcuL. 5:9, 7:S–9, Fcclcs. 7:26,
Isa. 6l:l, AcLs S:9–l3, Cal. 5:l, l Tcss. 5:23–24, 2 Tim. 2:25).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL a praycr shicld, Lhc anoinLing, firc walls,
smokc scrccns, and a bloodline íorm hcdgcs oí proLccLion around
mc and hidc mc írom Lhc scourgc oí Lhc cncmy, íamiliar spiriLs,
and any and all dcmonic pcrsonaliLics, making iL difficulL, ií noL
impossiblc, íor Lhcm Lo cffccLivcly Lrack or Lracc mc in Lhc rcalm oí
Lhc spiriL. Tcrc shall bc no pcríoraLions or pcncLraLions Lo Lhcsc
hcdgcs oí proLccLion (Fxod. l2:l3, 1ob l:7–l0, Ps. 9l, Zcch. 2:5).
I release my namc inLo Lhc aLmosphcrc and dcclarc LhaL praycr
warriors, inLcrccssors, and prophcLic waLchmcn arc picking mc up
in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc spiriL. I spcak LhaL Lhcy will noL ccasc or comc
down írom Lhcir waLchLowcrs unLil Lhcir assignmcnLs havc bccn
complcLcd. I dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Lhcy will conducL Lhcir inLcr-
ccssory assignmcnLs undcr Lhc dirccLion oí Lhc Holy SpiriL and
1csus ChrisL, who is my chicí inLcrccssor (1cr. 27:lS, Fzck. 3:l7,
Iukc lS:7, 1ohn l6:l3, Rom. S:26–27, 34, Hcb. 7:25).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL Lhc SpiriL oí Lhc Iord is upon mc—Lhc
spiriL oí wisdom, undcrsLanding, divinc counscl, supcrnaLural
mighL, knowlcdgc, and oí Lhc uLmosL ícar oí 1chovah. As I advancc,
I am divincly cmpowcrcd and incrcasc in skill and undcrsLanding
(Isa. ll:2–3, Fph. l:l7–lS, Col. l:9–ll, 3:l0).
Activation Into War
I obliterate and annihilaLc saLanic imprcssions, illusions, projcc-
Lions, pcrccpLions, suggcsLions, suspicions, and dcccpLions scL up
as a dccoy or an ambush Lo my soul and Lhosc assigncd Lo pray
wiLh mc, íor mc, on bchalí oí mc, and Lhosc who work wiLh mc, arc
assigncd Lo mc, and inLcracL wiLh mc daily (l Kings 22:5–40, AcLs
l3:50, 2 Tcss. 2).
I forcefully resist Lhc wilcs oí Lhc dcvil and prohibiL Lhc hijacking
oí divinc LhoughLs, inspiraLion, rcvclaLion, insighL, wisdom, knowl-
cdgc, and undcrsLanding cmanaLing írom Lhc Lhronc room oí my
hcavcnly FaLhcr, cspccially Lhosc who iniLiaLc, sLimulaLc, susLain,
and rciníorcc my kingdom auLhoriLy in Lhc carLh rcalm and in Lhc
hcavcnlics, and who íaciliLaLc Cod’s rcdcmpLivc purposc (MaLL.
l3:l9, Fph. 6:ll).
I put a halt Lo all disLracLivc, disLurbing, and dcsLrucLivc
mcasurcs. For Lhis rcason was Lhc Son oí Cod madc maniícsL,
LhaL Hc would dcsLroy Lhc works oí Lhc cncmy (1ohn 2:l5–l7, AcLs
l6:l6–l9, l 1ohn 3:S).
I prevail againsL saLanic inhibiLions, prohibiLions, and all limiLa-
Lions. I dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL all invisiblc and invinciblc walls
arc dcsLroycd (1osh. 6:l, Col. l:l6).
I execute divinc judgmcnL againsL saLanic/dcmonic acLiviLics,
and I war in Lhc spiriL oí Flijah and 1chu (l Kings lS, 2 Kings
I disapprove, nulliíy, dismanLlc, canccl, and íorccíully opposc
any saLanic opcraLions, mancuvcrs, manipulaLions, subvcrsions,
sLraLcgics, LacLics, ploLs, plans, and ploys LhaL arc dcsigncd Lo
hindcr, prcvcnL, írusLraLc, íoil, dcny, or dclay Cod’s original plans
and purposcs írom Lhcir quick, swiíL, and spccdy maniícsLaLion,
parLicularly in Lhcir corrccL Limc and scason (Dan. 7:25).
I prohibit Lhc alLcraLion and changing oí any Limc or laws
conccrning my liíc and minisLry or Lhc liíc oí my íamily. I movc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
synchronizcd and syncopaLcd Lo Lhc chorcographic, symphonic,
and orchcsLraLcd movcmcnLs oí Cod (Ccn. l:l–5, Dan. 6:l–l5,
I establish LhaL ií laws, sLaLuLcs, codificaLions, bills, charLcrs, and
consLiLuLions arc changcd, Lhcy arc changcd in my íavor so LhaL I
may prospcr in Lhc placc oí my assignmcnL and Lhc land in which
I am domicilcd (Dan. 6:25–2S).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL my Limcs and scasons arc in Lhc hands
oí Lhc Iord and Lhcy shall noL bc alLcrcd or adjusLcd by anyonc
or anyLhing. I íuncLion undcr Lhc anoinLing oí Lhc sons oí Issa-
char, and Cod givcs mc Lhc divinc abiliLy Lo accuraLcly disccrn my
Limcs and scasons (l Chron. l2:32, Ps. 3l:l5, Fcclcs. 3:l–S, Danicl
I decree and dcclarc LhaL Lhc cycs oí my spiriL íuncLion wiLh 20/20
vision íor corrccL undcrsLanding and inLcrprcLaLion oí divinc movc-
mcnLs. My cars arc in Lunc wiLh Lhc corrccL írcqucncy oí Lhc SpiriL,
and I havc clcar Lransmission (2 Kings 6:l7, 1ob 42:5, Ps. ll9:lS,
Isa. 29:lS, 1cr. l:ll–l6, 2 Cor. 4:4, 7:2, Fph. 4:lS, Rcv. 4:l).
I decree LhaL Lhis day I opcraLc according Lo Cod’s divinc Limc-
Lablc/calcndar. I dccrcc LhaL Cod’s agcnda is my agcnda. I am noL
my own, I havc bccn boughL wiLh a pricc. I Lhcrcíorc submiL mysclí
Lo Him alonc. I dcclarc LhaL, likc 1csus, “I comc: in Lhc volumc oí
Lhc book iL is wriLLcn oí mc” (Ps. 40:7, scc also Ps. l39:l6, l Cor.
7:23, 1amcs 4:7).
Father, overthrow Lhc plans oí Lroublcmakcrs, scorncrs, scoffcrs,
mockcrs, pcrsccuLors, and characLcr assassins. Fxposc saLanic
rcprcscnLaLivcs and granL unLo mc divinc sLraLcgics and LacLics Lo
idcnLiíy, rcsisL, and ovcrcomc ploLs and plans csLablishcd íor my
dcmisc (FsLh. 9:25, Ps. 5:l0, 7:l4–l6, 34:2l, 35:l–S, 52:5, S3:l3–
l7, l4l:l0, Prov. 26:27, 2S:l0, Dan. 3, 6, MaLL. 7:l5–23, 2 Cor.
Activation Into War
Draw ouL Your spcar and sLop Lhcm in Lhcir way.
IcL Lhcm bc coníoundcd and puL Lo shamc.
IcL Lhcm íall by Lhcir own counscls.
IcL Lhcm bc Lurncd back and broughL Lo coníusion.
IcL Lhcm bc as chaff drivcn by Lhc wind.
IcL Lhc angcl oí Lhc Iord pcrsccuLc Lhcm.
IcL Lhcir way bc Lhrough dark and slippcry placcs,
wiLh Lhc angcl oí Lhc Iord pursuing and afflicLing
IcL Lhcm bc puL Lo shamc and dishonor who scck and
rcquirc my liíc.
IcL Lhcm bc Lurncd back and coníoundcd who plan
my hurL.
IcL dcsLrucLion comc Lo Lhcm suddcnly.
IcL Lhcm íall Lo Lhcir own dcsLrucLion.
IcL dcsLrucLion comc upon Lhcm unawarc.
IcL Lhcm sLumblc and íall inLo Lhc vcry dcsLrucLion
Lhcy havc conLrivcd íor mc.
IcL Lhcm bc woundcd and dcsLroycd by Lhc vcry
wcapons Lhcy havc dcviscd íor mc.
IcL Lhcm bc caughL in Lhc samc ncL LhaL Lhcy scL íor
IcL Lhcm íall in Lhc vcry piL LhaL Lhcy dug íor mc.
IcL Lhcm bc hung by Lhc vcry noosc Lhcy consLrucLcd
íor mc.
IcL Lhcm bc burncd in Lhc vcry firc Lhcy havc liL íor
IcL Lhcm bc consumcd by Lhc vcry bcasLs Lhcy havc
prcparcd íor mc.
SLrikc Lhcm down in Lhc vcry acL oí Lhcir mischicí.
IcL Lhcir mischicí bc rcLurncd Lo Lhcm Lwoíold.

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Pluck Lhcm ouL oí Lhcir dwclling placc.
RooL Lhcm ouL oí Lhc land oí Lhc living.
IcL cvil slay Lhcm and dcsolaLion bc Lhcir loL.
Makc Lhcm likc a whccl Lurning in coníusion.
Makc Lhcm as Lhc sLubblc bcíorc Lhc wind.
Makc Lhcm as wood burncd by firc.
PcrsccuLc Lhcm wiLh Your LcmpcsL.
Causc ícar and Lcrror Lo grip Lhcir hcarLs.
IcL Lhcm bc coníoundcd and Lroublcd íorcvcr.
I employ Lhc hosLs oí hcavcn Lo war againsL Lhc hosLs oí dark-
ncss (l Sam. l7). Takc command ovcr, bring Lo a halL, and placc a
moraLorium on íurLhcr dcmonic movcmcnLs and saLanic acLiviLics
cmanaLing írom:
Tc undcrworld and iLs six rcgions (Isa. l4:9, l5,
3S:lS, Dan. 7:l–2S, Rcv. 20:l3–l4)
DcaLh (1ob 34:22, l Cor. l5:55)
Hcll/Shcol/Hadcs (Isa. l4:l9)
Tc gravc (Isa. 3S:l0, Fzck. 3l:l5)
Tc piL (Fzck. 32:23)
Tc abyss, Lhc lowcr rcgion oí Lhc piL (Isa. 3S:l7, Ps.
Rcgions oí Lhc sca (1ob 4l:l–3l, Fzck. 26:l6)
Hcavcns (Fph. 2:6, 6:l2, Rcv. l2:7)
TcrrcsLrial, subLcrrcsLrial, and cclcsLial domains (Isa.
l4:l2–l4, 1cr. l:l0, Iukc ll:l6–26, Rom. S:l4–23,
Phil. 2:l0)
I superimpose Lhc prophcLic word ovcr all aborLivc mcasurcs,
sLraLcgics, and LacLics oí Lhc cncmy (l Tim. l:lS–20).
I overrule and ovcrLhrow, according Lo Isaiah 54:l7, ill-spokcn
words, ill wishcs, cnchanLmcnLs, divinaLions, spclls, hcxcs, curscs,

Activation Into War
wiLchcraíL praycrs, and cvcry idlc word spokcn conLrary Lo Cod’s
original plans and purposcs.
I reverse Lhc cursc associaLcd wiLh Lhcsc uLLcranccs and dccrcc
and dcclarc LhaL Lhcy shall noL sLand, Lhcy shall noL comc Lo pass,
Lhcy shall noL Lakc rooL, and Lhcir violcnL vcrbal dcalings arc
rcLurncd Lo Lhcm Lwoíold.
I declare LhaL cvcry lying Longuc is wrong and LhaL LruLh prcvails.
PuL a hook in Lhcir nosLrils, bridlc Lhcir lips, and hidc mc írom Lhc
scourgc oí Lhcir Longucs (1ob 5:2l, Ps. 5:6–l0, Isa. 37:29).
I come againsL íalschoods, slandcr, spcculaLion, accusaLion,
misrcprcscnLaLion, and characLcr assassinaLion. FaLhcr, causc Lhc
hcavcns Lo bow down wiLh divinc judgmcnL, casL íorLh lighLning
Lo scaLLcr Lhcm, shooL ouL Your arrows Lo dcsLroy Lhcm, scnd Your
hand írom abovc and rid mc oí Lhcm. I will losc no ground or
LcrriLory Lhrough Lhcir undcrmining cfforLs or iniLiaLivcs (l Kings
2l:l–l6, Ps. l44:5–7).
I prohibit Lhc accuscr oí Lhc brcLhrcn írom opcraLing or influ-
cncing Lhc soul or mind oí anyonc who comcs inLo conLacL wiLh
mc (Rcv. l2:l0).
I reverse Lhc cffccL oí any sLigmas and dcclarc LhaL divinc íavor,
gracc, honor, and wcll wishcs now rcplacc any and all ncgaLivc
ícclings, pcrccpLions, and LhoughLs conccrning mysclí, my íamily,
and Lhc work/minisLry LhaL I am callcd Lo accomplish.
I decree and dcclarc LhaL nobiliLy and grcaLncss arc my porLion
(Ccn. l2:l–3, Ps. 5:l2).
Father, írusLraLc Lhc signs oí wiLchcs and warlocks who wiLh-
sLand Lhc anoinLing as You did wiLh 1anncs and 1ambrcs in Lhc
days oí Moscs. Coníound Lhc omcns oí Lhc liars, asLrologcrs,
psychics, prognosLicaLors, sorccrcrs, and Lhc likc. Makc íools oí
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
divincrs, and makc Lhcir dark knowlcdgc íoolishncss (Isa. 44:25,
2 Tim. 3:S).
Rebuke and dismanLlc saLanic allianccs, and arrcsL Lhcm by Lhc
SpiriL. IcL cvcry covcrL and/or clandcsLinc cfforL and cndcavor íail
(2 Chron. 20:35, Nch. 4:7–S, FsLh. 3–9, 1ob 5:l2–l4, Ps. 35:4, 55:9,
70:2, S3:l7, l29:5).
DisappoinL Lhc dcviccs LhaL Lhcy havc craíLcd so LhaL
Lhcir hands cannoL pcríorm Lhcir cnLcrprisc.
Takc Lhcm in Lhcir own craíLy and dcvious ways.
IcL Lhcm mccL wiLh darkncss in Lhc dayLimc and
gropc in Lhc noonday as in Lhc nighL.
Rclcasc divinc viruscs Lo invadc saLanic daLabascs,
and command LhaL Lhcy bc consumcd and dcsLroycd.
IcL all íuLurc diabolical communicaLions and
ncLworking íail. Any aLLcmpLs shall only yicld
incohcrcncy and misundcrsLandings.
Scnd a spiriL oí coníusion among Lhcm.
IcL Lhcir Longucs bc dividcd.
Ovcrrulc and ovcrLhrow saboLagc, subvcrsions, and
IcL cvcry aLLack oí rcLaliaLion íail.
Confirm Lhc words oí Your scrvanL in Lhcir midsL, and pcríorm
Lhc counscl oí Your mcsscngcrs (Isa. 44:26).
Send divinc angclic, prophcLic assaulLs and mancuvcrs againsL
diabolical inLclligcncc (1osh. 5:l3–l4, Ps. l03:20–22).
Arrest Lhosc who opcraLc in Lhc spiriL oí 1czcbcl or Bclial. IcL
Lhcm noL rcsisL Lhc anoinLing, usurp auLhoriLy, or gain any ground
in Lhc naLural or in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc spiriL (l Sam. l0:27, l Kings
l9:l–5, 2l:l–l6).

Activation Into War
I prohibit saLanic maniícsLaLions and spcak LhaL divinc “abor-
Livc” mcasurcs and “miscarriagcs” occur in saLanic wombs and
incubaLors (2 Cor. l0:5).
Now FaLhcr, You havc givcn mc a grcaL work Lo accomplish. I war
íor Lhc rclcasing oí financcs and all rcsourccs LhaL bclong Lo mc.
FvcryLhing prcparcd íor mc bcíorc Lhc íoundaLion oí Lhc world,
LhaL pcrLains Lo my liíc (minisLry, calling) and godlincss comcs Lo
mc now. I shall noL/will noL bc dcnicd. I shall noL/will noL acccpL
subsLiLuLcs. I call in rcsourccs írom Lhc norLh, souLh, casL, and
wcsL. I dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL cvcry rcsourcc ncccssary íor mc
Lo íulfill Cod’s original plans and purposcs comcs Lo mc wiLhouL
dclay now (2 PcL. l:3).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL Lhc wcalLh oí Lhc wickcd is no longcr
laying up íor mc buL is rclcascd now. IcL Lhosc who hold on Lo my
wcalLh longcr Lhan Lhcy should bc afflicLcd and LormcnLcd wiLhouL
rclicí unLil Lhcy rclcasc whaL righLíully bclongs Lo mc. I command
SaLan Lo “cough iL up,” spiL iL ouL, loosc iL, rclcasc iL, and lcL iL go
(1ob 20:l5–lS, Ps. 66:l2, Fcclcs. 2:26).
Jehovah-Jireh, loosc Lhc loins oí kings! In Lhc namc oí 1csus,
command LhaL Lhc Lwo lcavcd gaLcs bc opcncd. Co bcíorc mc and
makc Lhc crookcd placcs sLraighL. Brcak in picccs Lhc gaLcs oí
brass, and cuL asundcr Lhc bars oí iron. CranL unLo mc, according
Lo Your richcs in glory, Your Lcndcr mcrcics and immcasurablc
íavor, Lhc Lrcasurcs oí darkncss, and hiddcn richcs oí sccrcL placcs
(Isa. 45:l–3). I dcclarc LhaL Lhc Cyrus anoinLing flows unhindcrcd
and unconLaminaLcd in my liíc (Isa. 60:l0–l7, Phil. 4:l9).
Lift up your hcads, O yc gaLcs (kccpcrs oí Lhc gaLcs), and bc liíLcd
up íorcvcr, you agc-abiding doors (doorkccpcrs) LhaL Lhc King oí
glory, Lhc Iord sLrong and mighLy, Lhc Iord oí hosLs, may comc
in (Ps. 24:7–l0). I announcc my awarcncss LhaL cannoL dcny Him
acccss. Tcrcíorc, I will noL and cannoL bc dcnicd oí whaL righL-
íully bclongs Lo mc!
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
I decree and dcclarc Lhc rclcasing oí Lhc íorccs oí Lhc CcnLilcs,
Lhc gold and silvcr írom my prophcLic Tarshish, and my prophcLic
quccn oí Shcba Lo comc ladcn wiLh cvcry prccious posscssion/
rcsourcc/cndowmcnL fiL íor Lhc sons and daughLcrs oí Lhc King
oí kings.
I decree and dcclarc LhaL I shall suck Lhc milk oí Lhc CcnLilcs aL
Lhc brcasL oí kings (Isa. 60:l6). I shall bc cnlargcd as Lhc abun-
dancc oí Lhc sca is convcrLcd unLo mc (Isa. 60:5). Tc sons oí
sLrangcrs shall build up my walls, and Lhcir kings shall minisLcr
unLo mc (1ob 27:l6–l7, Isa. 60).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL my Cod has broughL mc inLo my wcalLhy
placc, and I dwcll in my prophcLic Coshcn. I incrcasc in subsLancc
and prospcr in Lhc land whcrcLo I abidc and am scnL as an ambas-
sador oí Cod. As His official rcprcscnLaLivc, all diplomaLic and
arisLocraLic righLs, privilcgcs, rcspccL, and honor arc cxLcndcd Lo
mc. Cracc, LruLh, goodncss, and mcrcy arc my bodyguards.
I decree and dcclarc wisdom is my counsclor, Lhc Holy SpiriL is
my consulLanL, 1csus ChrisL is my advocaLc. Cod, Fl Flyon, my
only judgc has dcclarcd and I Lhcrcíorc csLablish LhaL my officcrs
arc pcacc, my cxacLors righLcousncss, my walls salvaLion, and my
gaLcs praisc (Ccn. 47:27, Isa. 60:l7–lS).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL my scL Limc oí íavor will noL bc írus-
LraLcd (Ps. l02:l3).
I release upon my liíc, minisLry, Lhc livcs oí cvcry íamily mcmbcr,
associaLc, and íricnd Lhc íollowing anoinLings íor wcalLh and pros-
pcriLy so LhaL Cod and Cod’s namc alonc is glorificd:
1abcz anoinLing (l Chron. 4:l0)
Abrahamic anoinLing (Ccn. l2:l–3)
Mclchizcdck anoinLing (Ccn. l4:lS, Hcb. 5:6–l0)
1oscph anoinLing (Ps. l05:2l)
1acobian anoinLing (Ccn. 2S:l, 30:43)

Activation Into War
Isaac anoinLing (Ccn. 26:l–l4)
Mcssiah’s anoinLing (Iukc S:l–3)
Solomaic anoinLing (l Chron. 29, 2 Chron. 9)
Scvcníold Fdcnic anoinLing (Ccn. l:2S, 30, 2:l5)
Uzziahian anoinLing (2 Chron. 26:5–l5)
1oshua anoinLing (1osh. 6:l–3)
I am daily loadcd wiLh bcncfiLs (Ps. 6S:l9).
I come againsL Lhc spiriL oí dcprivaLion. Tc Iord prospcrs Lhc
work oí my hands. By Him and Lhrough Him I accomplish grcaL
cxploiLs. Again I rciLcraLc, I shall noL bc dcnicd (Dan. ll:32)!
I declare succcss and progrcss in 1csus’s namc (2 Cor. 2:l4).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn rulcs and rcigns
(Rcv. ll:l5).
I send Lhcsc words íorLh as Furoclydon winds in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc
spiriL Lo dcmolish and dcsLroy Lhc cncmy’s camps. Causc Lhc íour
winds oí Lhc SpiriL and oí hcavcn Lo blow as dcsLroying, conqucring
winds (1cr. 5l:l, AcLs 27:l4).
I decree and dcclarc LhaL Lhis praycr and all íuLurc praycrs Lakc
on Lhc characLcrisLics oí divinc projccLilcs in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc
spiriL and LhaL Lhcy hiL Lhc bull’s-cyc (Ps. 57:4).
I decree LhaL Lhc laws LhaL govcrn Lhis praycr and all spiriLual
waríarc sLraLcgics and LacLics arc binding by Lhc Word, Lhc blood,
and by Lhc SpiriL (l 1ohn 5:7–S).
I decree LhaL cvcry spiriL rclcascd írom Lhcir diabolical assign-
mcnL now bccomcs a parL oí 1csus’s íooLsLool (Ps. ll0:l).
I seal this prayer in Jesus’s name…amen!

ParT ii
your eNemy
tHe BattlefIeld Is YouR mInd
Where All Is Won or Lost
nc ros1 rrccious commodiLy in Lhc carLh rcalm is Lhc mind. NoL
only is Cod vying íor your minds, buL Lhc cncmy is vying íor your
minds as wcll. RcvclaLion lS:ll–l6 sLaLcs LhaL in Lhc lasL days, Lhc
inLcllccLual propcrLy oí Lhc soul will bc onc oí Lhc commodiLics boughL and
sold in Lhc markcLplacc and uscd Lo drivc cnLirc cconomics:
And Lhc mcrchanLs oí Lhc carLh shall wccp and mourn ovcr hcr,
íor no man buycLh Lhcir mcrchandisc any morc: Lhc mcrchan-
disc oí gold, and silvcr, and prccious sLoncs, and oí pcarls, and
finc lincn, and purplc, and silk, and scarlcL, and all Lhyinc wood,
and all manncr vcsscls oí ivory, and all manncr vcsscls oí mosL
prccious wood, and oí brass, and iron, and marblc, [Lhyinc: or,
swccL] and cinnamon, and odours, and oinLmcnLs, and írankin-
ccnsc, and winc, and oil, and finc flour, and whcaL, and bcasLs,
and shccp, and horscs, and charioLs, and slavcs, and souls oí mcn
[slavcs or bodics]. And Lhc íruiLs LhaL Lhy soul lusLcd aíLcr arc
dcparLcd írom Lhcc, and all Lhings which wcrc dainLy and goodly
arc dcparLcd írom Lhcc, and Lhou shalL find Lhcm no morc aL all.
Tc mcrchanLs oí Lhcsc Lhings, which wcrc madc rich by hcr, shall
sLand aíar off íor Lhc ícar oí hcr LormcnL, wccping and wailing,
and saying, Alas, alas, LhaL grcaL ciLy, LhaL was cloLhcd in finc
lincn, and purplc, and scarlcL, and dcckcd wiLh gold, and prccious
sLoncs, and pcarls!
Tc sLory oí Lhc prodigal son in Iukc l5:ll–32 is a compclling sLory LhaL
shows how Lhc cncmy works againsL us Lhrough our LhoughLs. In Lhis sLory, wc
scc how Lhc god oí Lhis world scduccd an uniníormcd young boy inLo wasLing
his subsLancc (Limc, LalcnL, Lrcasurc, giíLs, abiliLy, inhcriLancc, anoinLing,
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
cxpcricncc, cLc.). Whcn Lhc avcragc pcrson Lhinks oí waríarc, imagcs oí war-
sLrickcn placcs arc conjurcd up. Vcry scldom docs a pcrson Lhink oí Lhc mind
as bcing Lhc baLLlcficld. Tcrc arc a couplc rcaliLics LhaL Lhis sLory brings ouL
abouL spiriLual waríarc.
1. Te battle is not with flesh and blood.
Makc noLc LhaL in vcrsc l2 Lhc son dcmands Lhc porLion oí his inhcriLancc
LhaL was Lo bc dividcd bcLwccn him and his oldcr broLhcr aíLcr Lhcir íaLhcr
dicd, buL Lhc íaLhcr givcs his son whaL hc asks íor. FurLhcr down wc scc LhaL
hc quickly “wasLcd his subsLancc wiLh rioLous living” (v. l3). Ií you undcr-
sLand whaL iL mcans Lo bc a child oí wcalLh and mcans, you will know LhaL
Lhis son would havc bccn rcarcd in an cnvironmcnL whcrc financial sLcward-
ship was paramounL. Tc íacL LhaL hc dcmandcd his inhcriLancc bcíorc Limc
and squandcrcd iL íoolishly Lclls us LhaL somcLhing or someone goL a hold oí
his LhoughLs, Lclling him lics abouL whaL hc dcscrvcd and LhaL hc shouldn’L
havc Lo waiL Lo rcccivc whaL is duc him. Cood parcnLs gcncrally Lcll Lhcir
childrcn Lo bc paLicnL, Lo noL grow up Loo íasL, and Lo usc Lhcir Limc and
rcsourccs wiscly. Tc son rcbcllcd againsL cvcryLhing LhaL his íaLhcr would
havc LaughL him up Lo LhaL poinL, and LhaL kind oí rcbcllion is indicaLivc oí
a dcmonic spiriL aL work. SpiriLual waríarc in iLs purcsL íorm is Lhc council
oí Lhc human mind by any oLhcr spiriL oLhcr Lhan Lhc SpiriL oí Lhc Iord. You
musL disccrn Lhc spiriL LhaL is aL work ovcrLly or covcrLly.
Fphcsians 6:l2 says, “For wc wrcsLlc noL againsL flcsh and blood, buL
againsL principaliLics, againsL powcrs, againsL Lhc rulcrs oí Lhc darkncss oí
Lhis world, againsL spiriLual wickcdncss in high placcs.” IL is obvious LhaL Lhis
son is nciLhcr having a fighL wiLh his íaLhcr nor is anyonc pushing him ouL
oí Lhc ncsL bcíorc iL is Limc. Tcrc is an inLcrnal spiriLual sLrugglc LhaL influ-
cnccd Lhc son’s acLions, and giving in Lo LhaL sLrugglc causcd his dcmisc.
Tc samc is Lruc íor us. Our waríarc is noL wiLh human bcings buL wiLh
Lhc dcvil and his dcmons, who propagaLc docLrincs oí dcvils, hcrcsics, Iuciíc-
rian idcologics, saLanic philosophics, and diabolical imagcry. Our cncmy,
SaLan, aLLcmpLs Lo dcícaL us wiLh sLraLcgy and dccciL Lhrough wcll-laid plans
and dclibcraLc dcccpLions and manipulaLion. Whcn hc spcaks Lo our minds
in an aLLcmpL Lo dcrail us írom íollowing a paLh LhaL lcads us Lo Lhc íulfill-
mcnL oí purposc and dcsLiny, hc ncvcr spcaks Lo us in Lhc sccond pcrson
(“you”). Hc uscs Lhc firsL pcrson (“I”) Lo dcccivc us inLo bclicving LhaL Lhc
Te Battlefield Is Your Mind
LhoughLs running Lhrough our minds arc our LhoughLs and noL suggcsLions,
projccLions, prompLing, or urgcs cmanaLing írom him. Hc bcgins his waríarc
sLraLcgy by bombarding our minds wiLh a clcvcrly dcviscd paLLcrn oí liLLlc
nagging LhoughLs, suspicions, doubLs, ícars, wondcrings, rcasonings, and
Lhcorics. Hc movcs slowly and cauLiously, dclibcraLcly and paLicnLly. Hc will
ncvcr say, “You arc sick,” “you arc poor,” “you should lcavc your church,” or
“you arc ncvcr going Lo makc iL.” Hc will say, “I am sick,” “I am lcaving Lhis
church,” or “I am ncvcr going Lo makc iL,” bccausc hc rcally wanLs us Lo bclicvc
LhaL Lhc LhoughLs hc placcs in our minds arc ours.
I rcmcmbcr rcLurning homc onc nighL aíLcr minisLry. I saL on Lhc cdgc oí
my bcd, and all oí a suddcn, “I” íclL sad. ToughLs sLarLcd racing Lhrough my
mind, and my inLcrnal dialoguc was incrcdibly and unusually ncgaLivc. Sincc I
am a basically posiLivc pcrson, iniLially I dismisscd iL as íaLiguc. Howcvcr, Lhc
LhoughLs bccamc so ovcrpowcring LhaL I bcgan Lo cnLcrLain Lhcm as ií Lhcy
wcrc minc. I wanLcd Lo lcavc Lhc minisLry and íorgcL abouL cvcryLhing and
cvcryonc. Tcn Lhc Holy SpiriL rosc up in mc and insLrucLcd mc Lo fighL againsL
Lhc LhoughLs. I Look on a posLurc oí praycr and spiriLual waríarc, commanding
Lhc spiriL Lo go.
AíLcr binding and loosing and rclcasing Lhc spiriL írom iLs assignmcnL, I
hcard a whoosh sound and íclL a prcscncc lcavc my bcdroom Lhrough Lhc
window. Tc LhoughLs and cmoLions I claimcd as minc wcrc rcally spiriLs oí
dcprcssion, dcaLh (Lrying Lo aborL my minisLry, purposc, and dcsLiny), and
írusLraLion. Tis is how dcccpLivc Lhc wcapons oí Lhc cncmy arc. Rcmcmbcr:
whcn spiriLs comc, Lhcy comc Lo givc diabolical counscl Lo your mind bccausc
Lhis lcvcl oí waríarc is spiriLual, noL carnal.
2. Te mind is the greatest battlefield.
Tc spiriLual sLrugglc prcscnLcd in Lhc sLory oí Lhis losL son íurLhcr provcs
Lhc valuc oí our minds. IL is noL any ouLsidc, physical nccd LhaL causcs Lhc
son Lo ask íor his moncy. Hc is aL war wiLhin himsclí bcLwccn Lhc good LhaL
Cod has íor his liíc and Lhc bad LhaL Lhc cncmy has sLraLcgically planncd íor
him. Tc mind is Lhc grcaLcsL baLLlcficld. WiLhin iL Lhc íaLc oí a man’s cLcr-
niLy is dccidcd, souls arc losL or won, and dcsLinics arc íulfillcd or fizzlcd ouL.
Hcrc is a simplc principlc you can apply as you lcarn abouL bcaLing Lhc cncmy
aL his own gamc. Ií you don’L rcally know whaL Lo pray abouL, obscrvc whaL
Lhc cncmy is doing and pray Lhc opposiLc.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Wc can assumc LhaL Lhc íaLhcr was confidcnL in Lhc promiscs oí Cod
and kncw Lhc LruLh oí 2 CorinLhians l:20: “No maLLcr how many promiscs
Cod has madc, Lhcy arc ‘Ycs’ in ChrisL. And so Lhrough him Lhc ‘Amcn’ is
spokcn by us Lo Lhc glory oí Cod” (Niv). Tc promisc hc musL havc hcld on
Lo was, “Train up a child in Lhc way hc should go: and whcn hc is old, hc
will noL dcparL írom iL” (Prov. 22:6). Tis allowcd him Lo rclcasc his son inLo
Lhc world Lo bc LaughL and rcscucd by 1chovah-Adonnai. In Lhc cnd, Lhc son
was noL ovcrLakcn. Tc Biblc says LhaL “hc camc Lo himsclí” (Iukc l5:l7). Hc
finally camc Lo his scnscs. His mind was rcsLorcd. His soul was rcdccmcd.
Tc baLLlcficld oí his mind was rcclaimcd íor Lhc kingdom.
sTaKiNg claim over The baTTlefield of The miNd
Achicving Lhc kind oí vicLory LhaL was won in Lhc prcvious sLory rcquircs
disciplinc. To gcL Lhis disciplinc, Lhc firsL Lhing is Lo know whaL LhoughLs
qualiíy Lo lcgiLimaLcly bc in your mind. Philippians 4:S says, “Finally,
brcLhrcn, whaLsocvcr Lhings arc Lruc, whaLsocvcr Lhings arc honcsL, whaLso-
cvcr Lhings arc jusL, whaLsocvcr Lhings arc purc, whaLsocvcr Lhings arc lovcly,
whaLsocvcr Lhings arc oí good rcporL, ií Lhcrc bc any virLuc, and ií Lhcrc bc
any praisc, Lhink on Lhcsc Lhings.” Ií your LhoughLs arc noL Lruc, honcsL, jusL,
purc, lovcly, oí good rcporL, or praiscworLhy, do noL allow Lhosc LhoughLs Lo
Lakc rooL in your mind.
Tc sccond Lhing is Lo rcmovc Lhc LhoughLs LhaL should noL bc in your
mind. According Lo 2 CorinLhians l0:4–5, wc havc Lhc powcr in 1csus ChrisL
Lo pull down Lhc sLrongholds SaLan Lrics Lo crccL in our minds and casL
down “imaginaLions, and cvcry high Lhing LhaL cxalLcLh iLsclí againsL Lhc
knowlcdgc oí Cod, and bringing inLo capLiviLy cvcry LhoughL Lo Lhc obcdi-
cncc oí ChrisL.”
IcL us brcak down Lhc divinc sLraLcgics LhaL Cod givcs us in Lhc abovc
1. You must pull down thoughts that do not qualify.
Tis acLion dcnoLcs an cnLirc dcmoliLion, a clcaring away and annihilaLion
oí somcLhing. IL also dcnoLcs Lhc conqucring oí opposing íorccs and hosLilc
parLisans. Francis Frangipanc said, “Tc pulling down oí sLrongholds bcgins
Te Battlefield Is Your Mind
wiLh rcpcnLancc. Whcn 1csus scnL ouL His disciplcs, ‘Lhcy wcnL ouL and
prcachcd LhaL mcn should rcpcnL. And Lhcy wcrc casLing ouL many dcmons
and…hcaling Lhcm’ (Mark 6:l2–l3).”
2. You must eradicate strongholds (ochuroma1)
A sLronghold is a paLLcrn and idca LhaL govcrns individuals, naLions, and
communiLics. Tcy arc mind-scLs, LhoughL paLLcrns, and proccsscs LhaL causc
pcoplc Lo acL, rcacL, and rcspond in a parLicular manncr conLrary Lo Lhc ways
oí Cod and a godly liícsLylc. SLrongholds arc Lhings LhaL you raLionalizc and
jusLiíy. You may say Lhings likc, “My wholc íamily is likc Lhis,” “I can’L hclp
iL. I was born likc Lhis,” “Tis is jusL Lhc way I am,” or “Fvcrybody acLs and
Lhinks Lhis way.” Your raLionalizaLion and jusLificaLion oí ccrLain LhoughLs,
bchavior, and aLLiLudcs íorm a sLronghold. SLrongholds can also bc culLural
You havc Lo undcrsLand LhaL Cod wanLs Lo givc you a bcLLcr way oí living
and opcraLing in Lhc carLh rcalm. All succcssíul dclivcrancc musL bcgin by
firsL rcmoving LhaL which dcícnds Lhc cncmy. In spcaking oí spiriLual waríarc,
Lhc aposLlc Paul cnlisLs Lhc word stronghold Lo dcfinc Lhc spiriLual íorLrcsscs
whcrcin SaLan and his lcgions hidc and arc proLccLcd. Tcsc íorLrcsscs cxisL
in Lhc LhoughL paLLcrns and idcas LhaL govcrn individuals and organizaLions
as wcll as communiLics and naLions. Wc musL noL allow Lhc cncmy Lo hidc
himsclí and his LacLics wiLhin Lhcsc íorLrcsscs. Fvcry arscnal oí Lhc cncmy
musL bc rcmovcd and rcplaccd wiLh Lhc mighLy arscnal oí Lhc Word oí Cod.
“For Lhc word oí Cod is living and acLivc and sharpcr Lhan any Lwo-cdgcd
sword, and picrcing as íar as Lhc division oí soul and spiriL, oí boLh joinLs and
marrow, and ablc Lo judgc Lhc LhoughLs and inLcnLions oí Lhc hcarL” (Hcb.
4:l2, Nts). Trough dclibcraLc ingcsLions oí Cod’s Word, Lhc sLrongholds oí
Lhc cncmy can bc íorccd ouL and Lhc Lhings oí Cod can comc in and occupy
our LhoughL liíc.
Hcrc arc scvcral Lypcs oí sLrongholds wc musL bc awarc oí:
Dcmonic/saLanic. Tcsc will bc discusscd aL lcngLh in chapLcr
6, “Wcapons oí Mass DcsLrucLion” and in chapLcr l0, “Rccon-
1 Strong’s #3794.

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
TcrriLorial. Tcsc rcprcscnL Lhc hicrarchy oí dark bcings who
arc sLraLcgically assigncd by SaLan himsclí Lo influcncc and
conLrol naLions, communiLics, and cvcn íamilics. CcrLain
dcmonic íorccs mass Lo diffcrcnL rcgions Lo íorLiíy parLicular
kinds oí cvil.
Idcological. Tcsc conccrn SaLan’s worldvicw Lhrough philoso-
phics LhaL influcncc culLurc and socicLy. Tcsc sLrongholds arc
porLraycd in 2 CorinLhians l0:5 “CasLing down imaginaLions,
and cvcry high Lhing LhaL cxalLcLh iLsclí againsL Lhc knowl-
cdgc oí Cod, and bringing inLo capLiviLy cvcry LhoughL Lo Lhc
obcdicncc oí ChrisL.”
Pcrsonal. Tcy arc Lhings LhaL SaLan builds Lo influcncc your
pcrsonal liíc—pcrsonal sin, your LhoughLs, your ícclings, your
aLLiLudcs, and your bchavior paLLcrns.
Divinc. Tcsc arc sLrongholds crccLcd by 1chovah-Cibbor Lo
proLccL Lhc kingdom and iLs warriors. (Scc Psalm lS:2–3, Prov-
crbs lS:l0.)
MiliLary. Tcsc arc sLrongholds LhaL arc puL up by Lhc army
oí Cod (you and I) Lo proLccL iLsclí írom cncmy firc. (Scc l
Samucl 23:l4, l9.)
3. You must cast down imaginations.
ParL oí Lhis phrasc comcs írom Lhc Crcck word kathaireo, which mcans
“casLing down” or “smiLLing down.”2
Imaginations is a dcrivaLivc oí Lhc Crcck word íor “imagc” (ekon), iL involvcs
Lhc Lwo idcas oí rcprcscnLaLion and maniícsLaLion. Tis Lcrm dcnoLcs a Lool
uscd íor cngraving or Lo cuL inLo somcLhing which produccs an imagc, which
is Lhcn uscd Lo makc an imprcssion oí LhaL which Lhc insLrumcnL cngravcd.
2 SLrong’s #2507.

Te Battlefield Is Your Mind
4. You must bring thoughts into captivity.
In ordcr Lo rccognizc whaL is wrong in us, wc musL pcrccivc Cod’s sLandard
oí righL. Wc musL lcarn Lo look objccLivcly aL any LhoughLs or aLLiLudcs LhaL
íail Lo coníorm Lo Lhc likcncss and Lcaching oí 1csus. Tosc LhoughLs musL
bc capLurcd and wrong aLLiLudcs crucificd in ordcr Lo sccurc vicLory. RcpcnL
oí Lhosc LhoughLs, asking Cod Lo íorgivc you oí your unbclicí. Tcn arrcsL
Lhc LhoughLs and rcplacc Lhcm wiLh Lhc conícssion oí your íaiLh, Lhc Word
oí Cod.
5. You must renew your mind.
IcL your mind bc rcncwcd by rcading and sLudying Lhc Word oí Cod.
“Whcn you do Lhis you arc Lcaring down a sLronghold oí dcícaL LhaL oncc
opprcsscd you and you arc bcginning Lo rcplacc iL wiLh Lhc godly sLronghold
oí íaiLh. As you conLinuc bcing rcncwcd in Lhc spiriL oí your mind by Lhc
Word oí Cod, you will bcgin walking in Lrcmcndous powcr and pcacc. You
will cnLcr Lhc godly sLronghold oí íaiLh.”
1csus Lclls us in 1ohn S:3l–32 how wc arc Lo sLay vicLorious ovcr Lhc lics
oí SaLan: “ConLinuc in my word, Lhcn arc yc my disciplcs indccd, and yc shall
know Lhc LruLh, and Lhc LruLh shall makc you írcc.”
rePeNTaNce briNgs a chaNge of miNd
Tc mind is Lhc grcaLcsL baLLlcficld bccausc our minds occupy a largc placc in
our livcs, and our LhoughLs casily influcncc our acLions. IL is difficulL Lo csLi-
maLc how much oí Lhc world’s philosophy, cLhics, knowlcdgc, rcscarch, and
scicncc flow írom Lhc powcrs oí darkncss. BuL oí onc poinL wc arc ccrLain:
all argumcnLs and proud obsLaclcs againsL Lhc knowlcdgc oí Cod arc Lhc
íorLrcsscs oí Lhc cncmy.
IL is Lruc LhaL SaLan uscs Lhc mind Lo sccurc our conscnL Lo scL up sLrong-
holds, and wiLh cach cnLiccmcnL Lhc cncmy gains morc ground in our
baLLlcficld. Wc cannoL scparaLc LcmpLaLion and LhoughL, LcmpLaLions arc
offcrcd us in Lhc íorm oí LhoughLs. Sincc our LhoughLs arc so cxposcd Lo Lhc
powcr oí darkncss, wc nccd Lo lcarn how Lo guard Lhcm. Tis work bcgins
Lhc day wc acccpL 1csus inLo our livcs and rcpcnL íor all oí Lhc mcss LhaL wc
allow Lo rcign ovcr us. Tc original dcfiniLion oí repentance is “a changc oí
mind.” Bccausc our minds had bccn so uniLcd wiLh Lhc dcvil, iL is viLal íor
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
us Lo rcccivc írom Cod a changc oí mind bcíorc wc can rcccivc a ncw hcarL
(AcLs ll:lS).
WiLh Lhis ncw hcarL wc musL undcrsLand LhaL wc sLill havc Lhc choicc Lo
allow cvil spiriLs Lhc opporLuniLy Lo aLLack, and unlcss wc volunLarily givc
him Lhis ground, hc has no righL Lo cncroach on our írccdom. Wc havc iL
wiLhin our powcr Lhrough ChrisL Lo opposc cvcry LcmpLing LhoughL, and by
our word iL shall bc sLoppcd.
In Lhis ncxL chapLcr, you will bc givcn highly classificd inLclligcncc inLo
Lhc inncr workings oí SaLan’s army and Lhc kingdom oí darkncss. Tc Biblc
says LhaL wc arc noL ignoranL oí Lhc dcvil’s dcviccs, Lhcrcíorc, wc havc no
righL Lo blamc our lack oí knowlcdgc íor our dcícaL. As you cnLcr Lhis chapLcr,
you will scc LhaL as a soldicr oí Cod, Lhcrc arc no cxcuscs íor dcícaL. Our
Commandcr has morc Lhan adcquaLcly Lraincd and bricícd us íor vicLory.
knowIng YouR enemY
Spiritual Intelligence Agency (SIA)
cw s1ubcN1s or Lhc Biblc, and cvcn vcLcrans wiLh firm spiriLual
íoundaLions and sLudics, oíLcn wondcr abouL Lhis figurc callcd
SaLan. Is SaLan a liLcral bcing` Is hcll a liLcral placc` Is Lhcrc rcally
a kingdom oí darkncss` By Lhoroughly sLudying Lhc Word oí Cod, you will
acquirc a grcaLcr undcrsLanding oí SaLan and his kingdom, Lhus climinaLing
ignorancc, which is onc oí his grcaLcsL wcapons.
Tcrc arc Lwo kingdoms mcnLioncd in Lhc Biblc. Tc linc on Lhc baLLlc-
ficld has bccn drawn bcLwccn Lhc kingdom oí darkncss and Lhc kingdom oí
lighL. Fvcry individual musL choosc onc sidc or Lhc oLhcr. As bclicvcrs, Lhank
Cod wc havc bccn dclivcrcd írom Lhc auLhoriLics LhaL rulc in Lhc kingdom oí
darkncss. Cod has ordaincd LhaL cvcn as ChrisL is Lhc hcad oí Lhc church and
Lhc church is His body, wc arc assurcd oí vicLory ovcr cvcry dcmonic íorcc in
1csus’s namc. (Scc 2 CorinLhians 2:l4, Colossians l:l3.)
AlLhough Lhc Biblc makcs iL clcar LhaL wc havc won Lhc vicLory ovcr SaLan
and his cvil kingdom Lhrough ChrisL, Lhcrc is sLill a war waging íor our souls.
Tcrcíorc, wc musL bc awarc oí who Lhis cncmy is and how hc opcraLcs.
TroughouL Lhc rcsL oí Lhis chapLcr, I am going Lo givc you imporLanL Lhings
Lo know abouL Lhc cncmy so LhaL you can bc cmpowcrcd in your pcrsonal
liíc Lo sLay on Lhc sidc oí vicLory. Kccp your sword—Lhc Biblc—opcn. Wc arc
going Lo movc quickly!
1. Te kingdom of darkness is a literal, spiritual kingdom.
Tink oí Lhc kingdom oí darkncss as you would any oLhcr carLhly, Lcrrcs-
Lrial naLion or counLry. Howcvcr, Lhcrc is onc diffcrcncc, LhaL diffcrcncc lics
in iLs csscncc. Tc kingdom oí darkncss, alLhough liLcral, is noL physical buL
spiriLual in naLurc. (Scc 1udc 6, RcvclaLion lS.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
2. It was instituted by Satan and a host of fallen angels.
Tc Biblc Lclls how Lhis kingdom oí darkncss was crcaLcd. Having scduccd
approximaLcly onc-Lhird oí Lhc angclic hosL, SaLan procccdcd Lo organizc a
íoilcd insurrccLion LhaL subscqucnLly lcd Lo Lhcir cxpulsion írom hcavcn.
WhaL an cvcnL! 1csus dcscribcs iL as a lighL show in Lhc hcavcns (Iukc l0:lS,
Rcv. l2:3–l3).
3. Tis satanic kingdom has a cosmological system.
Tc word cosmology spcaks oí Lhc dynamic arrangcmcnL oí Lhc univcrsc
and Lhc world. Cod crcaLcd Lhc world in an ordcrly íashion. SaLan has crcaLcd
a pcrvcrLcd imiLaLion oí iL. By using such pcoplc as Cain and oLhcr rcbcl-
lious mcn as pawns, hc has succcssíully consLrucLcd a world LhaL in rcaliLy
is noLhing morc Lhan jusL a grcaL magic show wiLh illusions, smokc, and
mirrors Lo íool Lhc blindcd cycs oí man. AlLhough illusory in naLurc, SaLan
has succccdcd in crcaLing a wcll-organizcd sysLcm oí cvil (Ccn. 4:9–24). In
Lhis parLicular porLion oí ScripLurc, wc scc Lhc LcrrcsLrial íoundaLion oí Lhc
kingdom oí darkncss Laking shapc and íorm Lhrough Lhc crcaLion oí cighL
ouL oí Lhc Lwclvc cxisLing sysLcms LhaL comprisc our world:
Social sysLcm (culLurc, cnLcrLainmcnL, languagc, marriagc, or
Rcligious (humanisLic, aLhcisLic, and anLi-Cod)
Tcsc sysLcms, originally dcsigncd by Cod Lo providc Lhc opLimum cnvi-
ronmcnL íor mankind Lo íulfill iLs purposc and maximizc poLcnLial, and Lo
rcach iLs dcsLiny, havc now bccomc Lhc sLrongholds oí dcmonic íorccs. Today
wc can wiLncss Lhc cffccLs oí Lhc prcscncc oí Lhc cncmy in Lhis world. Covcrn-
mcnLs arc corrupL, approximaLcly halí oí all marriagcs cnd in divorcc, and
íamilics LhaL oncc wcrc saíc havcns íor childrcn arc now plagucd wiLh abusc
and domcsLic violcncc, lcaving Lhc cducaLional insLiLuLion wanLing. SaLan
crodcd and corrodcd Lhc íoundaLion and fibcr oí socicLics and insLiLuLions,
Knowing Your Enemy
crcaLing Lhc bcdrock íor sin and iniquiLy Lo bc pcrpcLuaLcd inLcrgcncraLion-
ally. (Scc Ccncsis 6:l–7, RcvclaLion lS:9–l0, 23–24.)
4. God has given us authority and power to expose Satan’s tactics and
overcome his attack.
SaLan rulcs Lhc kingdom oí darkncss. Rcmcmbcr, hc is Lhc princc oí Lhc
powcr oí Lhc air and noL Lhc carLh. Man has bccn givcn dominion ovcr Lhc
carLh rcalm (Ccn. l:2S, Ps. ll5:l5–l6). Tc cncmy’s acLiviLics arc illcgal
bccausc discmbodicd spiriLs wcrc noL givcn auLhoriLy Lo opcraLc on Lhc carLh.
Tis is why SaLan had Lo posscss Lhc body oí a snakc in ordcr Lo gain lcgal
acccss. Posscssion is his currcnL sLraLcgy íor conLrol in Lhc carLh rcalm. Hc
kncw Lhc law oí undcrLaking any iniLiaLivcs in Lhc carLh rcalm. Flcsh and
blood is Lhc spiriLual proLocol íor opcraLing hcrc, a proLocol LhaL cvcn Cod
subjccLs Himsclí Lo. Whcn Cod wanLcd Lo rcdccm Lhc world, Hc camc in Lhc
íorm oí Lhc flcsh Lhrough 1csus ChrisL our Iord, our commanding officcr,
our Ccncral and mighLy Man oí war who has givcn us auLhoriLy ovcr all Lhc
powcr oí Lhc cncmy. IL is up Lo you and mc Lo cníorcc LhaL auLhoriLy (Ps.
S:4–6, ll5:l6, Iukc l0:l9, Fph. 2:2).
5. Satan has set himself up to be a god in the earth realm.
Hc is an imposLcr and an impcrsonaLor (Isa. l4:l2–l4). Sincc Cod aborLcd
his diabolical coup d’ état (aggrcssivc Lakcovcr) in Lhc Lhird hcavcns, SaLan
now aLLcmpLs Lo bccomc a god ovcr Lhc inhabiLanLs oí Lhc carLh. You musL
puL up a rcsisLancc (1amcs 4:7).
6. Satan and his demonic cohorts have the ability to oppress, possess,
and terrorize humanity.
You musL idcnLiíy Lhc spiriLs, Lakc your auLhoriLy ovcr Lhc cncmy, and
bind Lhcir acLiviLics in 1csus’s namc. (Scc Isaiah l4:l5–2l, Danicl 7:25–27,
Mark 3:27, RcvclaLion l2:7–l3.) You will lcarn morc abouL Lhis as you procccd
Lhrough Lhis book.
7. Tis kingdom of darkness has a sophisticated economy.
As wiLh any oLhcr carLhly kingdom, iL Lradcs and LransacLs busincss.
SaLan has builL an cnLirc cvil cmpirc by uLilizing Lhc mosL prccious oí all
commodiLics—inLcllccLual propcrLics and Lhc vcry souls oí mcn. Whcn iL
comcs Lo humaniLy, many pcoplc havc rcplaccd Lhcir lovc oí Cod wiLh Lhc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
lovc oí moncy. FirsL TimoLhy 6:l0 dcclarcs, “For Lhc lovc oí moncy is Lhc rooL
oí all cvil: which whilc somc covcLcd aíLcr, Lhcy havc crrcd írom Lhc íaiLh,
and picrccd Lhcmsclvcs Lhrough wiLh many sorrows.” TroughouL hisLory wc
can Lracc many siníul, unholy, and ungodly acLiviLics and aLrociLics Lo Lhis
inordinaLc affccLion and idolaLrous sLronghold in Lhc minds oí mcn. Iikc Lhc
black widow spidcr LhaL lurcs hcr prcy Lo iLs dcmisc inLo hcr wcb, Lhis saLanic
cconomic sysLcm will lurc any and cvcry soul iL can inLo a wcb dcsigncd íor
dcaLh and dcsLrucLion. (Scc Fzckicl 27:2–26, RcvclaLion lS:ll–22.)
8. Te kingdom of Satan is a kingdom of darkness.
Whcn wc spcak oí Lhc kingdom oí darkncss wc spcak oí any LcrriLory or
domain whcrc Lhcrc is an abscncc oí Cod, divinc rcvclaLion, purposc, and
dcsLiny. SpiriLual blindncss is anoLhcr wcapon oí mass dcsLrucLion. In shorL,
Lhis is an cffccLivc wcapon bccausc, cvcn ií LruLh is prcscnLcd, Lhc blindcd
cannoL scc unlcss Lhcrc is divinc inLcrvcnLion Lhrough salvaLion, hcaling,
and dclivcrancc. Tc Iiving Biblc givcs us Lhc rcason íor Lhis lcvcl oí spiri-
Lual blindncss in 2 CorinLhians 4:4: “SaLan, who is Lhc god oí Lhis cvil world,
has madc him blind, unablc Lo scc Lhc glorious lighL oí Lhc Cospcl LhaL is
shining upon him or Lo undcrsLand Lhc amazing mcssagc wc prcach abouL
Lhc glory oí ChrisL, who is Cod.” (Scc also Ccncsis l:2–4, DcuLcronomy 2S:29,
1ob l2:25, Isaiah 59:l0.)
9. Te kingdom of darkness is accessible to both spirit beings and human
beings who either visit or make their abode there.
Fallcn angcls dwcll Lhcrc. Tis kingdom oí darkncss is noL íar rcmovcd
írom us aL all. As human bcings, wc can abandon Lhc laws oí Cod—Lhc laws
LhaL would bring us Lhc pcacc LhaL surpasscs all undcrsLanding—and livc in
Lhc kingdom oí darkncss as wcll. In RcvclaLion lS:l–4, Lhc Biblc spcaks oí
Babylon. Babylon is Lo Lhc kingdom oí darkncss as WashingLon DC is Lo Lhc
UniLcd SLaLcs, or Iondon is Lo Fngland. Tink oí iL as you would Lhc capiLal
oí your counLry.
10. Like our own worship of the Lord our God, the kingdom of darkness
also has a mode of worship.
1usL as your worship brings you inLo Lhc prcscncc oí Cod, saLanic worship
will bring you inLo Lhc prcscncc oí SaLan. Rcmcmbcr, worship is noL jusL an
acLiviLy in a church or synagoguc, iL also is Lhc liícsLylc you choosc Lo livc on
Knowing Your Enemy
a daily basis. Tc qucsLion LhaL I posc Lo you Loday is, Docs your liíc bring
glory Lo Cod or Lo SaLan` (Scc Danicl 3:l–l5, RcvclaLion l7:l–6.)
11. Te kingdom of darkness can be experienced by both the physical
senses and the spiritual senses.
Tc cxpcricncc oí Lhc kingdom oí darkncss can bc physical, and iL can also
bc spiriLual. I am surc you know somconc who has íallcn inLo drug abusc,
alcoholism, or dcspair. Tcsc arc physical ills, buL Lhcy also havc Lhc powcr Lo
rcndcr Lhc pcrson spiriLually bankrupL undcr iLs influcncc. ScripLurc warns
us Lo sLay away írom Lhc kingdom oí darkncss and iLs acLiviLics, valucs, prin-
ciplcs, and sLandards (Col. 2:20–2l, l 1ohn 2:l5–l7).
The KiNgdom of darKNess:
aN elaboraTely orgaNized KiNgdom
Tc kingdom oí darkncss is wcll cquippcd and vcry rcady Lo fighL a piLchcd
baLLlc using any and all mcans aL iLs disposal. Rcmcmbcr, you arc cngagcd in
a baLLlc wiLh a vcry organizcd sysLcm oí proLocol and chain oí command. Tc
íollowing is a dcscripLion oí Lhc kingdom oí darkncss. Tis may bc Lhc firsL
Limc you arc lcarning abouL Lhc claboraLcly organizcd kingdom and naLion oí
darkncss. BuL likc all good gcncrals, iL is Lo your bcncfiL Lo bc wcll awarc oí
Lhc inncr workings oí Lhc cncmy.
1. Principalities
Tc word principality comcs írom Lhc Crcck word archomai, which, liLcrally
LranslaLcd, mcans “firsL in rank and ordcr.” PrincipaliLics dcrivc Lhcir powcr
dirccLly írom SaLan and arc Lhc highcsL-ranking cnLiLics in SaLan’s army. Tcy
influcncc Lhc affairs oí humaniLy aL a naLional lcvcl, impacLing laws and poli-
cics. Tcy arc so purposc spccific LhaL Lhcy oíLcn cmbody world lcadcrs. Takc
HiLlcr, íor insLancc. A carcíul cxaminaLion oí his liíc will undoubLcdly poinL
Loward dcfiniLc, dcmonic influcncc. (Scc Fzckicl 2S:ll–l9, AcLs S:6–25, Fphc-
sians 3:l0.)
2. Powers
NcxL in Lhc chain oí command wc find powcrs. Tc Crcck word íor powcr,
exousia, spcaks oí dclcgaLcd auLhoriLy. Tcsc arc dcmonic spiriLs LhaL dcrivc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Lhcir jurisdicLional and dclcgaLcd auLhoriLy írom principaliLics. Tcy affccL and
iníccL sLrucLurcs, sysLcms, and Lhc fivc pillars oí our socicLy: marriagc, íamily,
govcrnmcnL, cducaLion, and church. (Scc Fzckicl 2S:l–l0, Colossians 2:l5.)
3. Rulers of the darkness of this world
Kosmokrator and skotos3 arc Lhc Crcck words uscd íor Lhis caLcgory oí
spiriLs. Tcsc spiriLs arc vcry high-ranking officcrs LhaL havc spccializcd juris-
dicLion ovcr Lhc Lwclvc cosmological sysLcms oí Lhc univcrsc and rulc in Lhc
kingdom oí darkncss. Tcy arc rcsponsiblc íor blinding Lhc minds oí pcoplc
Lo LruLh and íor íaciliLaLing sin, wickcdncss, and iniquiLy wiLhin Lhc naLions
oí Lhis world. Tcy arc also rcsponsiblc íor kccping pcoplc in a sLaLc oí dark-
ncss. (Whcn I spcak oí darkncss, I am noL mcrcly spcaking oí Lhc abscncc oí
lighL, buL oí Lhc abscncc oí Cod. Cod is lighL and divinc inspiraLion.) Tcy
affccL Lhc LhoughLs, ícclings, and pcrccpLions oí humaniLy Lhrough mass
mcdia, music, movics, íashion, sporLs, philosophics, and rcligious idcologics.
(Scc Colossians l:l3, RcvclaLion l6:l0, 1udc 6, l3.)
4. Spiritual wickedness in high places
Tc Crcck phrasc pneumatikos poneria epouranios spcaks oí Lypcs oí spiriLs
íound in high and loíLy placcs LhaL arc rcsponsiblc íor anyLhing LhaL is
pcrvcrLcd, dcpravcd, dcbascd, warpcd, or corrupL. Tis spiriL is spokcn oí as
working írom high, loíLy, and hcavcnly placcs LhaL spcak oí noL only cclcs-
Lial zoncs and dimcnsions buL also Lhc mind, which is a Lypc oí a hcavcnly
placc. IL influcnccs, scduccs, and íalscly inspircs acLions, pcrccpLions, moLi-
vaLions, íanLasics, imaginaLions, and appcLiLcs Lhrough Lhc ovcrL or covcrL
aLLack and influcncc oí Lhc mind, affccLing LcrrcsLrial and cclcsLial domains.
(Scc 1crcmiah l:l0, Iukc ll:l6–26, Romans S:l4–23.) According Lo Danicl
l0:l0–l3 Lhcsc spiriLs, opcraLing in Lhc sccond hcavcn, írusLraLc and prohibiL
Lhc maniícsLaLion and answcrs Lo bclicvcrs’ praycrs. PcrccpLions, mind-
scLs, paradigms, idcologics, and bclicí sysLcms arc LwisLcd and pcrvcrLcd Lo
accommodaLc Lhc pcrsonaliLy oí Lhcsc cvil spiriLs. (Scc Isaiah l4:l2–l4, 2
CorinLhians l0:4–5, Fphcsians 2:6, 3:l0.)
3 Strong’s #4655
Knowing Your Enemy
5. Devils and demons
IiLcrally LranslaLcd írom Lhc Crcck word daimonion, demon mcans “disLrib-
uLor oí íorLuncs.”4 A dcmon or dcvil is a supcrnaLural spiriL LhaL posscsscs Lhc
naLurc oí SaLan and has Lhc abiliLy Lo givc and disLribuLc íorLuncs (mammon
oí Lhc unrighLcous), posscss man, and conLrol mind-scLs and acLiviLics. Dcvils
can bc worshipcd, makc pcoplc sick, communicaLc, and involvc Lhcmsclvcs in
a hosL oí oLhcr diabolical acLiviLics. (Scc MaLLhcw 6:24, S:l6, 2S, RcvclaLion
6. Spirits of the underworld
Tcsc spiriLs work wiLh high wiLchcraíL opcraLions (Isa. l4:9, Fzck. 32:l7–
32, 1ob 4l). As mcnLioncd bcíorc, Lhc undcrworld has six rcgions, and nonc
oí which arc placcs you would cvcr wanL Lo go:
DcaLh (l Cor. l5:55, 1ob 34:22)
Hcll/Shcol/Hadcs (Isa. l4:l9)
Tc gravc (Isa. 3S:l0, Fzck. 3l:l5)
Tc piL (Fzck. 32:23)
Tc abyss—Lhc lowcr rcgion oí Lhc piL (Isa. 3S:l7, Ps. 30:3)
Rcgions oí Lhc sca (1ob 4l:l–3l, Fzck. 26:l6)
7. Spirit birds
Rcmcmbcr whcn Noah scnL ouL Lhc dovc who rcLurncd wiLh an olivc
branch, or whcn Cod uscd a bird Lo bring íood Lo Flijah Lhc prophcL` SaLan
also has spiriL birds aL his disposal, only Lhcy arc unclcan and haLcíul (Rcv.
8. Spirit horses and horsemen
Bcíorc Lhcrc wcrc Lanks, airplancs, and Scud missilcs, mcn uscd horscs
and horscmcn whcn Lhcy wcnL Lo war. As in Lhc naLural, so iL is in Lhc spiri-
Lual. Tc spiriLual baLLlcficld is fillcd wiLh spiriL horscs and horscmcn (Rcv.
9:l5–l9, Hag. 2:2l–22).
9. Familiar spirits
Wc can cncounLcr íamiliar spiriLs who work íor SaLan. Tcy arc likc rccon-
naissancc Lcams. Tcir job is Lo spy and Lakc rcporLs back Lo hcadquarLcrs
4 Strong’s #1140

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
(Icv. 20:6). Familiar spiriLs arc dcmonic agcnLs whosc main assignmcnLs
arc Lo bccomc wcll acquainLcd wiLh a pcrson or groups oí pcoplc. In Lhc
Old TcsLamcnL wc find LhaL íamiliar spiriLs arc mcnLioncd in scvcral placcs,
including: IcviLicus l9:3l, 20:6, 27, DcuLcronomy lS:9–l4, 2 Kings 2l:6,
23:24, l Chroniclcs l0:l3–l4, 2 Chroniclcs 33:6, Isaiah S:l9. In Lhc Ncw
TcsLamcnL, wc clcarly scc íamiliar spiriLs aL work. A ícw cxamplcs can bc
íound in MaLLhcw 9:32, l2:43–45, l5:22, l7:l5–lS, Mark 5:l–20, 9:l7–26,
AcLs l6:l6–lS, l9:l5–l6.
Tcsc dcmonic spiriLs propagaLc Lhc will oí Lhcir masLcr, SaLan. Tcy arc
rcsponsiblc íor saLanic survcillancc, diabolical rcconnaissancc, and vigilanLc
acLiviLics. Tcy arc spiriLs wiLh assignmcnLs cmanaLing írom a highly dcvcl-
opcd and complcx saLanic opcraLion dcsigncd Lo kill, sLcal, and dcsLroy. In
ordcr íor you Lo undcrsLand Lhcir íuncLions, rolcs, and porLíolio, modcrn
compuLcr Lcrminologics will cxplain somc oí Lhcir acLiviLics. Tcy gaLhcr
iníormaLion Lhrough obscrvaLion, and crcaLc a comprchcnsivc dossicr on Lhc
pcrson Lo whom Lhcy arc assigncd. Tis iníormaLion would Lhcn bc passcd
on Lo anoLhcr rccording spiriL Lo bc downloadcd inLo saLanic daLabascs íor
íuLurc rcícrcncc. Ií Paul was born during Lhis ccnLury, pcrhaps “Lhc hand-
wriLing” hc rcícrs Lo in Colossians 2:l4 would rcad “DaLabasc.”
Familiar spiriLs usually opcraLc indcpcndcnLly oí Lhc human spiriL.
Howcvcr, Lhcy havc also bccn known Lo posscss human bcings who bccomc
agcnLs. In l Samucl 2S:7 Saul soughL a woman who opcraLcd by íamiliar
spiriLs. Hc Lold his scrvanLs Lo “Scck mc a woman LhaL haLh a íamiliar spiriL,
LhaL I may go Lo hcr, and inquirc oí hcr. And his scrvanLs said Lo him, Bchold,
Lhcrc is a woman LhaL haLh a íamiliar spiriL aL Fndor.”
In Lhis LcxL a íamiliar spiriL has íormcd an unholy alliancc wiLh Lhc wiLch
oí Fndor, who crosscs ovcr Lo Lhc “dark” world and sccs dcmonic acLiviLics.
A íamiliar spiriL, who is awarc LhaL Saul’s anoinLing has bccn liíLcd and who
is awarc oí Lhc dcsolaLc sLaLc oí his spiriLual liíc, communicaLcs wiLh Lhc
íamiliar spiriL who had bccn assigncd Lo Lhc prophcL Samucl. Tc Lwo dccidc
LhaL Lhcir plan Lo puL anoLhcr sLakc in Saul’s prophcLic coffin would bc Lo
impcrsonaLc Samucl, which would bc a simplc diabolical cndcavor bccausc
Lhc spiriL assigncd Lo him would know cvcryLhing abouL him, righL down Lo
his dcporLmcnL, dccorum, pcrsona, and uniquc physiological characLcrisLics.
A íamiliar spiriL oí onc pcrson can communicaLc wiLh Lhc íamiliar spiriL
oí anoLhcr pcrson. TaL is why, in Lhc insLancc oí abusc, Lhc abuscd can bc in
Knowing Your Enemy
anoLhcr ciLy or sLaLc and íccl Lhc prcscncc oí Lhc abuscr, who can pick up his
acLiviLics and whcrcabouLs. Tis is bccausc Lhcy íorm sLrong lincs oí commu-
nicaLion bcLwccn Lhcmsclvcs. Whcn Lhcrc is a covcnanL madc, iL is noL only
madc bcLwccn Lhc pcrsons, buL also Lhc bcLwccn Lhc íamiliar spiriLs assigncd
Lo Lhcm. Tcy íorm aLLachmcnLs in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc spiriL, which arc oíLcn
difficulL Lo brcak. You should ncvcr csLablish any kind oí associaLion wiLh
anyonc or any insLiLuLion wiLhouL firsL gcLLing a grccn lighL írom Lhc FaLhcr.
Familiar spiriLs know Lhc pcrson Lo whom Lhcy arc assigncd so wcll LhaL
Lhcy can cvcn imiLaLc Lhcm. Tis abiliLy produccs Lhc dcccpLivc clcmcnL in a
scancc. Pcoplc arc oíLcn convinccd LhaL Lhc divincr is Lalking and communing
wiLh Lhcir dcad rclaLivcs or lovcd oncs. Tcsc arc noL dcad rclaLivcs buL vcry cvil
spiriLs, aLLcmpLing Lo hold Lhcm capLivc in Lhc darkncss oí Lhcir undcrworld
acLiviLics. Tc Biblc warns us againsL csLablishing any kind oí communicaLion
wiLh íamiliar spiriLs. IcviLicus l9:3l clcarly Lclls us noL Lo rcgard “Lhcm LhaL
havc íamiliar spiriLs, nciLhcr scck aíLcr wizards, Lo bc dcfilcd by Lhcm: I am
Lhc Iorb your Cod.” I bclicvc Saul was awarc oí Lhis commandmcnL. To go
as undcLccLcd as onc who ignorcs a commandmcnL oí Cod, Saul aLLcmpLcd
Lo hidc his rcal idcnLiLy by camouflaging himsclí. As you rcad Lhc accounL
oí his rcndczvous cxpcricncc wiLh Lhc wiLch oí Fndor, you will noLicc LhaL
Lhc íamiliar spiriL kncw who hc was in spiLc oí his masqucradc. FirsL Samucl
2S:3–25 givcs us íurLhcr insighL Lo Lhc acLiviLics oí íamiliar spiriLs. As you
rcad Lhis accounL, plcasc obscrvc Lhc íollowing:
Samucl is dcad.
Tc wiLch sccs “gods” asccnding ouL oí Lhc carLh (rcgions oí
Lhc undcrworld). Tcsc arc acLual íamiliar (dcmonic) spiriLs
disguising Lhcmsclvcs as Samucl.
Tc rcsponsc oí Saul was ícar. Sccond TimoLhy l:7 sLaLcs LhaL
Cod docs noL givc you Lhc spiriL oí ícar.
Familiar spiriLs íorm conícdcraLions, Lracking acLiviLics oí mcn and womcn
oí Cod, divinc visiLaLions, and kingdom iniLiaLivcs Lhrough rcligious spiriLs
as wcll. AcLs l6:l6–2l rccords anoLhcr insLancc whcrc wc rcad oí a young
woman who was ablc Lo work wiLh íamiliar spiriLs. Tc inLcnL was Lo discrcdiL
Paul’s minisLry by dccciving Lhc pcoplc, causing Lhcm Lo bclicvc LhaL hc was
associaLcd wiLh hcr.

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Familiar spiriLs know your “hoL spoLs.” Tcy know which buLLons Lo push.
Tcy know your wcakncsscs and sLrcngLhs, likcs and dislikcs, passions and
pcL pccvcs, whaL gcLs you going, whaL upscLs you, whaL disLracLs you, your
dcsircs, your ambiLions—cvcryLhing!
Familiar spiriLs havc Lhrcc diffcrcnL assignmcnLs:
Ccographical assignmcnLs (Mark 5:l–l0)
CulLural assignmcnLs (Num. 33:50–55)
Individual assignmcnLs (l Sam. 2S:3–9, l Chron. l0:l3)
To accomplish Lhcir goals and purposc, Lhcy can usc:
Animals (i.c., black caLs, írogs)
Talisman (any objccL or piccc oí cloLhing LhaL wiLchcs and
warlocks and oLhcr workcrs oí Lhc craíL usc Lo Lransícr spclls
and hcxcs)
Pcoplc whosc livcs arc characLcrizcd by dcmonic/saLanic
Familiar spiriLs acL as iníormanLs Lo a largcr ncLwork oí dcmons who
íuncLion as a kind oí saLanic inLclligcncc. (Scc Danicl ll:30.) Tcir porLío-
lios includc Lhcir rolcs as iníormanLs and council Lo SaLan and oLhcr highly
spccializcd principaliLics, powcrs, or rulcrs oí Lhc darkncss oí Lhis world. I
can imaginc Lhcm rcporLing Lo saLanic councils, bringing Lo Lhc Lablc iníor-
maLion LhaL would bc uLilizcd in Lhc dcsigning oí aLLacks and sLrongholds,
and crcaLing wcapons oí mass dcsLrucLion dcsigncd Lo kill and dcsLroy indi-
viduals, íamilics, minisLrics, communiLics, and naLions.
Familiar spiriLs obscrvc vcry sLricL proLocols. AlLhough Lhcy arc noL
cmploycd Lo aLLack, in addiLion Lo Lhc aíorcmcnLioncd Lasks, Lhcir job dcscrip-
Lions would also includc Lhc cxamining oí spiriLual hcdgcs oí proLccLion builL
around bclicvcrs in an aLLcmpL Lo idcnLiíy and locaLc pcríoraLions. 1ob l:7–ll
and 3:25 rccord cxamplcs oí Lhis acLiviLy. Fcar crcaLcd a pcríoraLion in 1ob’s
hcdgc, Lhus allowing SaLan Lo scnd in his agcnLs Lo sLcal, kill, and dcsLroy.
In íulfilling Lhcir rolcs as counscl Lo SaLan, high-ranking principaliLics,
and powcrs, Lhcy offcr suggcsLions Lo Lhcm as Lo how bcsL Lo kccp an indi-
vidual in bondagc. In Lhis insLancc, gaLckccpcrs and doorkccpcrs would bc
cmploycd Lo allow or prohibiL acccss Lo an individual, íamily, communiLy,
Knowing Your Enemy
naLion, organizaLion, or minisLry. Fvcry ciLy, counLry, íamily, pcrson, and any
living cnLiLy has gaLcs and doors, hcncc Psalm 24:7–l0: “IiíL up your hcad, O
yc gaLcs, and bc yc liíL up, yc cvcrlasLing doors, and Lhc King oí glory shall
comc in. Who is Lhis King oí glory` Tc Iorb sLrong and mighLy, Lhc Iorb
mighLy in baLLlc. IiíL up your hcads, O yc gaLcs, cvcn liíL Lhcm up, yc cvcr-
lasLing doors, and Lhc King oí glory shall comc in. Who is Lhis King oí glory`
Tc Iorb oí hosLs, hc is Lhc King oí glory. Sclah.”
Conccrning you as a human bcing, you havc Lhrcc gaLcs and nincLccn doors
Lo your soul and body LhaL providc porLals Lhrough which spiriLs cnLcr. Tcy
arc as íollows:
Portals Trough Which Spirits Can
Enter the Soul or Body
Gates Doors
IusL oí Lhc flcsh OlíacLory (2)
IusL oí Lhc cycs Visual (2)
Pridc oí liíc AudiLory (2)
KincsLhcLic (l)
CusLaLory (2)
RcproducLivc/scxual (4)
FliminaLion (2)
MoLion and movcmcnL (2)
AcLion and accomplishmcnLs (2)
Makc Cod Lhc FaLhcr, Cod Lhc Son, and Cod Lhc Holy SpiriL your ncw gaLc
and doorkccpcr.
10. Unclean spirits
SaLan cvcn commands unclcan spiriLs—ycs, Lhc samc spiriLs 1csus casL
ouL. As Lhc Word suggcsLs, Lhis spiriL is rcsponsiblc íor lcwd, promiscuous,
and immoral acLiviLics. (Scc Mark l:27.)
11. Evil spirits
SaLan commands vicious and malicious spiriLs LhaL arc rcsponsiblc íor
promoLing Lcrriblc, dchumanizcd condiLions. Tcy work in conccrL wiLh oLhcr
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
spiriLs Lo causc misíorLuncs, mishaps, and accidcnLs and Lo inciLc criminal
acLiviLics. (Scc Iukc 7:2l.)
12. Seducing spirits
SaLan commands scducing spiriLs, which arc rcsponsiblc íor aLLracLing and
drawing you inLo a wrong or íoolish coursc oí acLion. Many íall vicLim Lo Lhis
kind oí spiriL. (Scc l TimoLhy 4:l.)
13. Archangels
SaLan was a crcaLcd bcing, along wiLh all oLhcr angclic bcings. Hc was also
onc oí Lhc highcsL-ranking angcls, along wiLh Michacl and Cabricl. According
Lo Fzckicl 2S:ll–l7 and oLhcr passagcs oí ScripLurc, SaLan had a kingdom
on FarLh. Hc ícll and lcd a hosL oí angcls inLo rcbcllion againsL Cod. Hc
was Lhrown ouL oí hcavcn, and has bccomc a rulcr oí Lhis world’s sysLcms:
Lhc princc oí Lhc powcr oí Lhc air. Hc is cunning, wickcd, and insidious. Hc
opposcs all LhaL is oí Cod and cvcryLhing LhaL is good. (Scc Isaiah l4:l2–l4.)
saTaN’s Names
MosL oí us know LhaL SaLan has morc Lhan onc namc. Whcn 1csus wcnL abouL
dclivcring pcoplc and casLing ouL dcmons, Hc callcd Lhc dcmons ouL by namc
(Mark 5:9–l5, Iukc S:30). By 1csus’s vicLorious cxamplc, iL would bc bcLLcr
íor us on our baLLlcficld Lo bc prcparcd by knowing Lhcsc namcs:
Iuciícr (Isa. l4:l2–l4)
Dcvil and SaLan (Rcv. l2:9)
Bcclzcbub (MaLL. l0:25, l2:24)
Advcrsary (l PcL. 5:S–9)
Bclial (2 Cor. 6:l5)
Dragon (Rcv. l2:3–l2, l3:l–4, 20:l–3)
ScrpcnL (2 Cor. ll:3, Rcv. l2:9)
Tc god oí Lhis world (2 Cor. 4:4)
Tc princc oí Lhis world (1ohn l2:3l)
Princc oí Lhc powcr oí Lhc air (Fph. 2:l–3)
Accuscr oí Lhc brcLhrcn (Rcv. l2:l0)
Tc cncmy (MaLL. l3:39)
Tc LcmpLcr (MaLL. 4:3)
Tc wickcd onc (MaLL. l3:l9, 3S)
Knowing Your Enemy
The NaTure of saTaNic sPiriTs
Pcoplc oíLcn makc Lhc crror oí bclicving SaLan is a caricaLurcd bcing wiLh
rcd horns and a piLchíork. SaLan is much morc Lhan LhaL, and hc is powcríul.
Hcrc arc somc characLcrisLics oí SaLan and his dcmons:
Tcy arc noL human (Fph 6:l2).
Tcy arc cvil (1udg. 9:23).
Tcy arc inLclligcnL and wisc (l Kings 22:22–24).
Tcy arc powcríul (Mark 5:l–lS).
Tcy arc bcings wiLh pcrsonaliLics (AcLs l9:l5–l6).
Tcy Lalk and communicaLc (Mark 5:6–7).
Tcy íccl (MaLL. S:29).
Tcy havc knowlcdgc (AcLs l9:l5).
Tcy congrcgaLc and ícllowship (l Cor. l0:20–2l).
Tcy “prcach” docLrincs (l Tim. 4:l).
Tcy havc dcsircs (MaLL. S:2S–3l).
Tcy havc a will (MaLL. l2:43–45).
Tcy can work miraclcs (Rcv. l6:l3–l4).
Tcy posscss supcrnaLural sLrcngLh (Mark 5:l–lS).
Tcy ícar Cod (1amcs 2:l9).
Tcy Lravcl (Mark 5:7–l2).
Tcy impcrsonaLc pcoplc (l Sam. 2S:3–9).
Tcy know Lhcir íaLc (MaLL. S:29).
Tcy rccognizc Lhosc who havc powcr ovcr Lhcm (AcLs
Tcy arc rcsponsiblc íor cvcry cvil known Lo man (Fph. 6:ll).
The scoPe of Their acTiviTies aNd
Proof of Their PreseNce
Tc scopc oí dcmonic acLiviLics is boLh broad and divcrsc. Among Lhcm arc:
Dcaíncss and dumbncss (MaLL. 9:32–33)
Blindncss (MaLL. l2:22)
Cricí (l Sam. l:7–S)
VcxaLion (MaLL. l5:22)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
ProvocaLion (l Chron. 2l:l)
Murdcr (Ps. l06:36–3S)
Suicidc (MaLL. l7:l5)
IdolaLry (l Kings 22:53)
Convulsions (Mark 9:20)
IusLs (1ohn S:44)
Coníusion and sLriíc (1amcs 3:l5–l6)
Falsc worship (DcuL. 32:l7)
Frror, hcrcsy, and íalsc docLrinc (l Tim. 4:l–2)
Sickncss and discasc (MaLL. 4:23–24)
TormcnLs (MaLL. l5:22)
DcccpLion (l 1ohn 4:l–6)
Iying (l Kings 22:2l–24)
Wickcdncss (Iukc ll:26)
Fcar (2 Tim. l:7)
Worldlincss (l 1ohn 2:l5–l7)
Bondagc (Rom. S:l5)
Discord (Prov. 6:l6–l9)
Violcncc (Mark 9:22)
BcLrayal (1ohn l3:2)
Opprcssion (AcLs l0:3S)
PcrsccuLion (Rcv. 2:l0)
1calousy (l Sam. l9:l–ll)
Falsc prophccy (l Sam. lS:S–l0)
SLcaling (1ohn l0:l0)
FighLing/wrcsLling (Fph. 6:l0–lS)
Now LhaL you arc morc knowlcdgcablc abouL Lhc sLrucLurc and organiza-
Lion oí Lhc kingdom oí darkncss, lcL’s movc on Lo scc whaL kinds oí wcapons
Lhc cncmy uscs so LhaL wc know how Lo cffccLivcly plan our dcícnsc and
weaPons of mass destRuCtIon
Hiroshima of the Spirit
nc cNcrv rorrs and íorgcs a grcaL varicLy oí wcapons. Somc arc
morc apparcnL Lhan oLhcrs, such as abusc and afflicLions. OLhcrs arc
noL as cvidcnL, such as Lhc spiriL oí indiffcrcncc and írusLraLion.
In scvcral placcs, Lhc Biblc porLrays SaLan as a crouching lion waiLing íor
Lhc mosL opporLunc momcnL Lo pouncc upon his unsuspccLing prcy. FirsL
PcLcr 5:S cxhorLs us Lo “bc sobcr, bc vigilanL, bccausc your advcrsary Lhc dcvil,
as a roaring lion, walkcLh abouL, sccking whom hc may dcvour.” Tc word
may is Lhc kcy word in Lhis passagc. IL says Lo mc LhaL SaLan cannoL dcvour
cvcryonc. Hc cannoL dcvour you ií you arc awarc oí his LacLics and sLraLc-
gics, bccausc Lhc wcapons you fighL wiLh arc íar grcaLcr Lhan his according
Lo 2 CorinLhians l0:4–5. From Lhis scripLurc alonc wc can concludc LhaL Lhc
wcapons Lhc cncmy uscs againsL us arc primarily carnal in naLurc: oncs LhaL
involvc Lhc mind, will, and cmoLions.
In ordcr Lo dcícnd againsL SaLan and his dcccpLivc aLLacks, wc musL
firsL undcrsLand whaL wc arc dcícnding againsL. Imaginc, íor cxamplc, LhaL
you arc a gcncral wiLh Lcns oí Lhousands oí soldicrs and wcapons aL your
command. Tc baLLlcficld is piLch black—and as cvcnLs would havc iL, you
don’L aL Lhis momcnL havc nighL-vision gogglcs and cquipmcnL. You know ouL
Lhcrc somcwhcrc is anoLhcr gcncral wiLh his baLLalions, buL you don’L know
how many soldicrs hc has on Lhc baLLlcficld. You don’L know ií your soldicrs
will bc íacing Lanks, cannons, plancs, or missilcs. You don’L know whcLhcr
Lhc Lcrrain is mounLainous or wcL and swampy. Can you plan a baLLlc cffcc-
Livcly` AbsoluLcly noL! FvcryLhing would bc gucsswork. BoLh you and your
soldicrs would bc aL a disadvanLagc and in grcaLcr dangcr oí bcing killcd.
Our gcncral, Lhc Iord 1csus ChrisL, is noL an uniníormcd gcncral. Hc knows
Lhc cncmy, his arscnal, and Lhc Lcrrain. Tc baLLlcficld is Lhc mind, and Lhc
wcapons…wcll, you arc abouL Lo discovcr.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
The eNemy’s weaPoNs agaiNsT
The childreN of god
WhaL íollows aL Lhc cnd oí Lhis chapLcr is a lisL oí inLrinsic (inLcrnal), cxLrinsic
(cxLcrnal), and csoLcric (obscurc/hiddcn) wcapons Lhc cncmy could possibly
cmploy in his aLLack againsL you. For casc oí rcícrcncc, wcapons havc bccn
alphabcLizcd. ScripLurc rcícrcnccs arc givcn Lo providc íurLhcr biblical insighL
and rcvclaLion oí how Lhc cncmy uLilizcs Lhcsc wcapons. Rcad cach sccLion
carcíully and praycríully.
AbandonmcnL is whcn a pcrson wiLhdraws Lhcir prcscncc and supporL írom
anoLhcr pcrson or organizaLion, rcncgcs on Lhcir duLy, rcsponsibiliLy, and
obligaLion, and bcLrays covcnanL or commiLmcnL. Tc cncmy scduccs pcoplc,
parLicularly Lhosc who play a kcy rolc in Lhc liíc oí anoLhcr pcrson or organi-
zaLion’s dcvclopmcnL and progrcss, Lo rcncgc on commiLmcnLs and conLracLs
and Lo walk away írom rclaLionships and rcsponsibiliLics. Tis acL oí abdica-
Lion has Lhc powcr Lo causc grcaL cmoLional pain, financial hardship, spiriLual
misalignmcnL, organizaLional chaos, and coníusion in Lhc abandoncd. Aban-
donmcnL can bc physical, psychological, and cmoLional and can occur wiLh
onc’s job or carccr, a poliLical or miliLary posL, and wiLhin íamily rclaLion-
ships. Paul cxpcricnccd minisLcrial abandonmcnL, buL Cod providcd íor him
Lhrcc individuals—TimoLhy, Mark, and Iukc—Lo cncouragc and rcírcsh him
during his scason oí LcsLing. (Scc 2 TimoLhy 4:9–lS.)
Issucs arising írom abandonmcnL, such as Lhc inabiliLy Lo LrusL, manipula-
Lion, shamc, ícar oí rcjccLion, lonclincss, suspicion, addicLions, codcpcndcncy,
and a hosL oí oLhcr maladapLivc scLs oí bchavior inLcrícrc wiLh Lhc vicLim’s
abiliLy Lo íosLcr íuLurc hcalLhy and loving rclaLionships.
Tcrc arc Lwo pcrspccLivcs I wanL Lo givc conccrning aborLion. FirsL, I offcr
Lhc LradiLional. According Lo Lhc American Heritage Dictionary, aborLion is an
induccd LcrminaLion oí prcgnancy and cxpulsion oí an cmbryo or ícLus. Oncc
Lhc woman or young girl conscnLs and acLually undcrgocs an aborLion, shc
bccomcs boLh vicLim and pcrpcLraLor. Tc aborLion docs noL mcrcly makc
Weapons of Mass Destruction
a pcrson “unprcgnanL,” buL iL also molds boLh Lhc woman and Lhosc who
supporL and pcríorm aborLion inLo murdcrcrs. IL opcns Lhc door íor a spiriL
oí dcaLh Lo dcsLroy oLhcr arcas oí Lhcir livcs, crcaLing cyclcs oí dcaLh LhaL
allow Lhc cncmy Lo acccss Lhcir livcs Lo sLcal, kill, and dcsLroy noL only Lhc
qualiLy oí Lhcir livcs buL also busincss vcnLurcs, rclaLionships, and minis-
Lrics. IL also scnds Lhc spiriL oí dcaLh down Lo íuLurc gcncraLions. Iong-Lcrm
ramificaLions arc mind-boggling.
Tc sccond has Lo do wiLh spiriLual aborLion. Tc spiriL oí aborLion noL
only affccLs Lhc physical womb, buL iL also affccLs all LwcnLy-six wombs oí
Lhc spiriL. Tcsc wcapons arc mcLiculously craíLcd Lo dcsLroy an individual,
busincsscs, minisLrics, organizaLions, or any oLhcr cnLiLy’s chancc oí maxi-
mizing poLcnLial or Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc. OLhcr aborLivc acLiviLics LhaL
Lhc cncmy is involvcd in arc murdcr, accidcnLs, prcmaLurc dcaLhs, saboLagc,
and lcss obvious acLiviLics such as lazincss, gossip, ícar, undcrbclicí, and
slandcr. Fach onc oí Lhcsc aborLivc acLiviLics affccLs onc or morc arcas oí a
pcrson’s liíc and has Lhc powcr Lo LcrminaLc Lhings such as minisLrics, busi-
ncss opporLuniLics, rclaLionships, purposc, and poLcnLial.
SpiriLual aborLion kills Lhc many diffcrcnL blcssings LhaL hcavcn is prcg-
nanL wiLh íor you, your drcams and visions, plans and purposc, dcsircs and
aspiraLions. Tc dclivcrcd adulL Hcbrcw slavcs ncvcr madc iL inLo Lhc Prom-
iscd Iand. Tcir cnLirc íuLurc prospcriLy and liíc was aborLcd bccausc oí ícar
and unbclicí. Tcrc is such a high lcvcl oí misundcrsLanding whcn iL comcs Lo
aborLion LhaL Lhc cncmy has crcaLcd a sLronghold in many socicLics Lhrough
misundcrsLanding and miscducaLion oí Lhc masscs.
Abusc is dcfincd as Lhc misLrcaLmcnL oí somcLhing or somconc, and iL can
maniícsL iLsclí in various íorms: physical (punching, hiLLing, slapping,
pinching, shaking, lcss-Lhan-adcquaLc carc and supporL, and impropcr
adminisLraLion oí drugs, LrcaLmcnLs, or mcdicaLion), psychological (rcpcaL-
cdly making somconc íccl unhappy, anxious, aíraid, humiliaLcd, or dcvalucd),
scxual (acLs LhaL involvc physical or nonphysical harassmcnL, prccludcs
conscnL, or Lhc powcr imbalancc is Loo grcaL íor Lhcir conscnL Lo bc consid-
crcd valid), financial or maLcrial (Lhc misusc oí a vulncrablc pcrson’s moncy,
propcrLy, posscssions, or insurancc, or blocking acccss Lo Lhcsc maLcrial
goods, dcnying Lhc righLs oí a compcLcnL adulL Lo complain, Lo voLc, or Lo
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
scck indcpcndcnL lcgal advicc, and sLcaling a vulncrablc pcrson’s moncy,
propcrLy, posscssions, or insurancc, or cxLorLion Lhrough LhrcaLs and misap-
propriaLion), insLiLuLional (Lhc pracLicc oí an abusivc rcgimc or culLurc LhaL
dcsLroys Lhc digniLy and rcspccL Lo which cvcry pcrson is cnLiLlcd and occurs
whcn Lhc individual’s wishcs and nccds arc sacrificcd íor Lhc smooLh running
oí an insLiLuLion, organizaLion, or homc), social (inLcnLional or uninLcnLional
cxclusion írom a valucd acLiviLy, dcnial oí acccss Lo communiLy cvcnLs/
groups, or dcnicd acccss Lo íricnds and íamily), discriminaLory (opprcssivc
and discriminaLory aLLiLudcs Loward a pcrson’s disabiliLy, including physical
or lcarning disabiliLy, ill mcnLal hcalLh, or scnsory impairmcnL, racc, agc,
gcndcr, rcligion, culLural background, or scxual oricnLaLion).
Whcn I Lalk abouL accidcnLs, I am noL only rcícrring Lo Lhosc LhaL arc sccm-
ingly causcd by human crror buL also uncxplainablc cvcnLs causcd by íorccs
ouLsidc oí human insLigaLion. I bclicvc LhaL saLanic íorccs can insLigaLc
caLasLrophic cvcnLs. Tcsc occurrcnccs arc aborLivc undcrLakings dcsigncd
Lo írusLraLc or íoil Lhc will oí Cod in Lhc carLh rcalm. In AcLs 27:9–44 onc
oí 1csus’s disciplcs narraLcd an cvcnL LhaL is an cxamplc oí a saLanically
orchcsLraLcd accidcnL waiLing Lo happcn. Tis passagc shows a wcll-planncd
aLLcmpL by Lhc cncmy Lo saboLagc Lhc mission oí 1csus in Lhc counLry oí Lhc
Ccrgcscncs, whcrc Lhcrcin awaiLcd a dcmon-posscsscd individual divincly
schcdulcd íor dclivcrancc LhaL day. Had Lhc cncmy succcssíully complcLcd
Lhis undcrLaking, livcs would havc bccn losL and Lhc dcmoniac would havc
rcmaincd undcr Lhc conLrol and influcncc oí SaLan.
AccusaLion is Lhc acL oí aLLribuLing blamc and wrongdoings. Tis is onc oí
Lhc cncmy’s wcapons oí choicc whcn iL comcs Lo disLurbing pcrsonal pcacc,
undcrmining purposc, and dcsLroying íaiLh in Cod, parLicularly ií Lhc accu-
saLions arc íabricaLcd. Tc accuscr oí Lhc brcLhrcn will noL only pcrsonally
accusc you, buL also, likc a masLcr chcss playcr, hc uscs oLhcr pcoplc as pawns
Lo bring you Lo Lhc poinL oí hcaring him dcclarc “chcckmaLc” and dcícaLing
you complcLcly. Whcncvcr you scc individuals accusing onc anoLhcr, or you
bcgin Lo accusc and poinL fingcrs, ask yoursclí Lhis qucsLion: Is Lhc accuscr oí
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Lhc brcLhrcn aL Lhc hclm oí Lhis` AccusaLions can go írom onc cxLrcmc Lo Lhc
oLhcr: Lhc blaLanL, such as indicLmcnLs and impcachmcnLs, and Lhc sublimc,
such as insinuaLions and innucndos. (Scc Danicl 6:l–7, RcvclaLion l2:l0.)
Tcrc arc boLh popular and proícssional dcfiniLions íor Lhc word addiction.
Whcn a laypcrson aLLcmpLs Lo dcfinc whaL an addicLion is, usually Lhcy will
dcscribc a pcrson who is addicLcd Lo somcLhing LhaL crcaLcs an unhcalLhy
habiL or a social discasc. According Lo Lhc American Heritage Dictionary, an
addicLion is a compulsivc physical or psychological nccd íor habiL-íorming
subsLanccs, acLiviLics, or cxpcricnccs. (Scc Iukc 2l:34, Romans 6:l6.) An
addicLion is also characLcrizcd by a bchavior pcríormcd in rcsponsc Lo an
obscssion. AddicLions can spin off inLo whaL is psychologically Lcrmcd as
obscssivc-compulsivc disordcrs (OCD). For casc oí rcícrcncc, I havc lisLcd
addicLions undcr Lwo hcadings:
SubsLancc: alcohol, hcroin, Lobacco, solvcnLs, cocainc, crack,
cannabis, caffcinc, sLcroids, Lranquilizcrs, hallucinogcns,
amphcLamincs, ccsLasy, painkillcrs, barbiLuraLcs
Social: ovcrcxcrcising, scx, scxual pcrvcrsions, pornography,
caLing disordcrs (anorcxia, bulimia, ovcrcaLing), Lcchno-addic-
Lions (compuLcr gamcs, cybcr scx), work, gambling, oniomania
(compulsivc shopping)
AdulLcry is a volunLary scxual rclaLionship bcLwccn a marricd pcrson and
a pcrson oLhcr Lhan Lhcir spousc. IL is a íorm oí bcLrayal LhaL involvcs Lhc
brcaking oí a covcnanL and is an claboraLcly craíLcd wcapon oí mass dcsLruc-
Lion. Tis saLanic Lool is uscd Lo corrodc Lhc insLiLuLions oí marriagc and
íamily and ulLimaLcly causcs Lhc vcry íabric oí a jusL and moral socicLy or
naLion Lo íray aL iLs scams. Tc adulLcrcr or adulLcrcss bcLrays Lhcir marriagc
vow and lics in ordcr Lo covcr up Lhcir sin. Tc dcccpLivc naLurc oí adulLcry
is LhaL Lhc individuals involvcd bclicvc no onc clsc is hurL by Lhcir acLiviLics.
Tc ícclings oí bcLrayal, hurL, sadncss, angcr, and gricí arc causcd noL jusL
bccausc onc oí Lhc parLncrs cngagcs in a scxual rclaLionship wiLh anoLhcr,
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
buL also bccausc Lhc cxclusiviLy and sccrccy oí Lhc rclaLionship causcs íccl-
ings oí bcLrayal and inLcnsc cmoLional pain. To know LhaL your parLncr is
sharing an inLimaLc spiriLual or cmoLional connccLion wiLh somconc clsc can
bc cxLrcmcly disconccrLing.
AdvcrsiLics arc calamiLous circumsLanccs and condiLions LhaL causc anguish,
afflicLion, disLrcss, physical discomíorL, and psychological damagc. Tcsc liíc-
alLcring and somcLimcs liíc-LhrcaLcning cvcnLs can bc naLional, financial,
physical, organizaLional, minisLcrial, spiriLual, or psychological in naLurc.
(Scc Provcrbs 24:l0, Colossians l:24.)
An afflicLion is a paLhological (dcviaLion írom normalcy) condiLion oí mind,
body, soul, or spiriL LhaL produccs suffcring, sickncsscs, discasc, or condiLions
difficulL Lo LrcaL, curc, or ovcrcomc by human inLcrvcnLions. Tc ulLimaLc
curc, oí coursc, is divinc inLcrvcnLion. Tc lisL oí afflicLions includc: Lrials and
LribulaLions, sorrows oí Lhc soul (dcprcssion, rcjccLion, inícrioriLy complcx,
lonclincss), physical ailmcnLs, cmoLional hardship, misíorLuncs, saLanically
induccd vcxaLion, saLanic/dcmonic provocaLion, incurablc discasc and sick-
ncss, advcrsiLy, abandonmcnL, calamiLics and caLasLrophcs, disLrcss, and
mcdical cmcrgcncics.
Tc Hcbrcw word íor angcr is anaph, which, whcn liLcrally LranslaLcd, mcans,
“rapid brcaLhing írom passion.”
An angry pcrson is oíLcn spokcn oí as
somconc who boils wiLh angcr, or who is hoLhcadcd. Tis is bccausc cxLrcmc
angcr affccLs cvcry parL oí our bcing. Tc Holy SpiriL’s prcscncc in our livcs
should bc Lhc gaLckccpcr Lo our soul. Tc cncmy wanLs Lo makc you or pcoplc
associaLcd wiLh you cmoLional volcanocs, crraLically crupLing and disrupLing
pcacc. Don’L lcL your (or anyonc clsc’s) hoL Lcmpcr and cmoLions gcL Lhc bcsL
oí you, crcaLing irraLional, ungodly rcsponscs and bchavior, ícar, LrcpidaLion,
and hosLilc cnvironmcnLs íor oLhcrs Lo livc in. Tc cncmy would lovc Lo havc
you livc a liíc drivcn by angcr raLhcr Lhan bcing lcd by Lhc SpiriL oí Cod. Hc
wanLs Lo makc you an cmoLional puppcL on a diabolical sLring and opcn prcy
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Lo Lhc cncmy. According Lo Provcrbs 25:2S, “Hc LhaL haLh no rulc ovcr his
own spiriL is likc a ciLy LhaL is brokcn down, and wiLhouL walls.” (Scc also
Ccncsis 49:6–7.)
AnxicLy is Lhc apprchcnsivc, uncasy, and disLrcsscd sLaLc oí mind conccrning
rcal or imagincd íuLurc possibiliLics, probabiliLics, or cvcnLualiLics. Tis
condiLion causcs a kind oí mcnLal prison LhaL, whcn noL counLcracLcd by
íaiLh in Cod, will inviLc ícar, hopclcssncss, dcprcssion, worry, and drcad Lo
bccomc ícllow inmaLcs who will placc your prcscnL and íuLurc on lockdown.
To rcndcr Lhis wcapon incffccLivc, Lhc aposLlc Paul cncouragcs us Lo usc our
anxicLics as praycr poinLs and prophcLic praisc rcporLs (Phil. 4:6).
Whcn Lhc spiriL oí apaLhy is prcscnL, iL causcs a pcrson Lo bccomc indiffcrcnL
and dcscnsiLizcd Lo circumsLanccs or condiLions, ulLimaLcly producing a
liLcral numbing oí Lhc soul and an cmoLional calcificaLion oí Lhc hcarL. Having
spcnL many ycars in bondagc, Lhc childrcn oí Isracl wcrc aLLackcd wiLh Lhis
wcapon. Tc psalmisL rccordcd Lhcir blucs in Psalm l37:l–4: “By Lhc rivcrs
oí Babylon wc saL and wcpL whcn wc rcmcmbcrcd Zion. Tcrc on Lhc poplars
wc hung our harps, íor Lhcrc our capLors askcd us íor songs, our LormcnLors
dcmandcd songs oí joy, Lhcy said, ‘Sing us onc oí Lhc songs oí Zion!’ How can
wc sing Lhc songs oí Lhc Iorb whilc in a íorcign land`” (Niv).
aPProval-seeKiNg acTiviTies
Pcoplc who cngagc in approval-sccking acLiviLics arc pcoplc who will do
anyLhing Lo gcL affirmaLion and acccpLancc írom oLhcrs. Approval-sccking
individuals lack pcrsonal powcr, sclí-worLh, digniLy, and a scnsc oí signifi-
cancc. Approval-sccking acLiviLics arc drivcn by ícar. Tc insLigaLing spiriL
will causc you Lo ícar ncgaLivc rcsponscs and íccdback and Lo bccomc so
approval dcpcndcnL LhaL you barLcr away all your Limc, cncrgy, and pcrsonal
prcícrcnccs jusL íor affirmaLion and approval. SomcLimcs Lhcsc acLiviLics will
comc across as noblc and alLruisLic. Ií you carcíully cxaminc Lhc moLiva-
Lions bchind mosL acLiviLics, you will noLicc Lhcy arc usually insLigaLcd by
Lhc nccd Lo bc sccn, affirmcd, or acccpLcd. AcLiviLics can rangc írom saying
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
ycs whcn you rcally wanL or should say no (bccoming a ycs-man), or a LoLal
dcnial oí sclí. BuL in saying no, dccp down insidc ií you rcally cxplorc whaL is
going on, you arc cngaging in acLiviLics LhaL invalidaLc your significancc and
imporLancc as an individual írcc Lo makc dccisions indcpcndcnL oí anoLhcr’s
Approval-sccking shcnanigans will causc you Lo bccomc a íccl-good junky
addicLcd Lo Lhc affirmaLion oí oLhcrs and íocusing solcly on Lhcir affirma-
Lions. You lcL oLhcrs havc Lhcir way wiLh you, say whaLcvcr Lhcy wanL Lo you,
LrcaL you any way Lhcy wanL, walk all ovcr you, and LrcaL you likc a doormaL
in cxchangc íor a hiL oí praisc. Oí coursc, you lovc whcn Lhcy call you good,
godly, sainLly, and angclic. Your pcrsonal prcícrcncc and opinion, criLical
Lhinking, purposc, vision, and dcsircs arc inconscqucnLial whcn juxLaposcd
Lo anoLhcr. For you, approval sccking bccomcs Lhc quinLcsscnLial dcfiniLion
oí dcgradaLion, sclí-bcLrayal, and sclí-abusc, dcsLroying auLhcnLiciLy and
inLcgriLy oí sclí.
ArgumcnLs arc carnal, sclí-ccnLcrcd, or dcmonically insLigaLcd vcrbal
conflicL, disagrccmcnL, or irraLional prcsupposiLion prcscnLcd Lo supporL
an crroncous LhoughL, opinion, or posiLion. Tis wcapon is uscd Lo scducc
pcoplc away írom Lhc LruLh, Lo avoid rcsponsibiliLy, or as an alibi Lo covcr
Lhc LruLh. Many rclaLionships, minisLrics, and marriagcs cnd up saboLagcd,
undcrmincd, or dcsLroycd bccausc oí Lhis parLicular wcapon. AL all cosLs, a
child oí Cod should avoid Lhis kind oí conLrovcrsy bccausc according Lo TiLus
3:9, iL is usclcss and unprofiLablc. (Scc also 2 TimoLhy 2:23.)
As Lhc word suggcsLs, an aLLachmcnL is LhaL which SaLan uscs Lo mainLain
allianccs and connccLion Lo somcLhing LhaL is noL good íor you or has Lhc
powcr Lo undcrminc and dcsLroy purposc, poLcnLial, and dcsLiny bccausc iL
íaciliLaLcs carnaliLy and unrighLcousncss. ALLachmcnLs can cxisL on many
lcvcls and can Lakc on many diffcrcnL íorms, such as íood, pcoplc, condi-
Lions, cnvironmcnLs, or bchaviors. Tcy can cxisL prior Lo salvaLion and long
aíLcr a pcrson rcccivcs Lhc Iord as his or hcr Savior. A good cxamplc oí Lhis
is conLaincd in Lhc accounL oí Simon Lhc sorccrcr in AcLs S:lS–24. Fvcn aíLcr
Weapons of Mass Destruction
his convcrsion, rcsiduc írom his acLiviLics in Lhc occulL was sLill cvidcnL.
AlLhough hc had bccn convcrLcd, hc sLill nccdcd dclivcrancc.
aTTeNTioN-seeKiNg acTiviTies
In liíc you will run across pcoplc who will do anyLhing Lo gain ccnLcr sLagc
and Lo bc aL Lhc ccnLcr oí cvcryonc’s aLLcnLion. Tcsc individuals usually
arc sLarvcd íor aLLcnLion, plagucd wiLh Lhc spiriL oí jcalousy, or jusL plain
insccurc. SLcmming írom Lhcir upbringing, Lhis sLaLc usually is Lhc rcsulL oí
having noL rcccivcd appropriaLc aLLcnLion in Lhcir uniquc lovc languagc.
Avoidancc acLiviLics arc socially, cmoLionally, or psychologically gcncraLcd
disordcrs whcrcby a pcrson shuns rcsponsibiliLics or circumvcnLs accounL-
abiliLy Lhrough jusLificaLion, cxcuscs, or alibis. Usually a pcrson who is skillcd
in Lhis arca will bc scduccd inLo living a hcrmiL-Lypc liíc, avoiding coníron-
LaLional siLuaLions, uncomíorLablc condiLions, or anyLhing LhaL movcs Lhcm
ouL oí Lhcir abnormal comíorL zonc.
Backlash is Lhc spiriLual rcpcrcussion an individual cxpcricnccs aíLcr making
spiriLual inroads in praycr and gaining ncw LcrriLorics Lhrough spiriLual
waríarc acLiviLics. Tis is saLanic quid pro quo, as Lhc saying gocs: “You kill my
caL, I’ll kill your dog.” Do noL bc inLimidaLcd. Bc likc David—don’L givc up or
givc in. Don’L Lhrow in Lhc Lowcl or raisc a whiLc flag oí dcícaL. Ií Lhc cncmy
causcs any losscs or scLbacks, pursuc, prcvail, and rccovcr all! (Scc l Samucl
Tc word backsliding is an old Fnglish Lcrm uscd Lo dcscribc Lhc rcgrcssivc
acLion oí an individual who, having madc progrcss Loward a morc cLhically,
morally, and spiriLually cnrichcd liíc, rcvcrLs back Lo a lcss-Lhan-admirablc
liíc oí immoraliLy, spiriLual dcpraviLy, and spiriLual and cmoLional immaLu-
riLy. Whcn Lhc spiriL oí backsliding hiLs you, iL has Lhc poLcnLial Lo causc you
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Lo movc ouL oí a highcr lcvcl oí opcraLing in Lhc spiriL Lo a lowcr, inícrior
sLaLc oí cxisLcncc. (Scc 1crcmiah 3:6–l4, 2 Tcssalonians 2:l–3.)
bad rePuTaTioNs
In Philcmon l:l0–ll, Paul makcs an appcal on bchalí oí a broLhcr who appar-
cnLly had a bad rcpuLaLion. A rcpuLaLion is Lhc valuc, asscssmcnL, or a kind oí
social raLing placcd upon a pcrson bascd on Lhc pcrccpLion oí Lhcir characLcr,
imagc, and acLiviLics. Tc Biblc clcarly sLaLcs, “Man lookcLh on Lhc ouLward
appcarancc” (l Sam. l6:7). Wc can havc good rcpuLaLions or bad rcpuLaLions.
AnoLhcr pcrson’s asscssmcnL oí us can bc accuraLc or inaccuraLc. PcrccpLion
is rcaliLy Lo Lhc pcrson pcrcciving. Tc cncmy uscs Lhis íacL Lo LwisL and
disLorL our pcrccpLions.
In Lhc Biblc days, a band was a Lhin sLrip oí flcxiblc maLcrial uscd íor cncircling
and binding onc objccL Lo anoLhcr, or Lo hold a numbcr oí objccLs LogcLhcr.
Using Lhis analogy, bands can Lhcrcíorc bc rcícrrcd Lo as saLanic rcsLraining
dcviccs LhaL prohibiL progrcss, growLh, and dcvclopmcnL by causing a pcrson
Lo bc bound Lo siLuaLions, circumsLanccs, condiLions, pcoplc, habiLs, LhoughL
and bchavior paLLcrns, acLiviLics, and subsLanccs. Bands can bc physical,
psychological, or cmoLional. (Scc IcviLicus 26:l3, Isaiah 52:2, 5S:6.)
beseTTiNg siN
According Lo Hcbrcws l2:l, a bcscLLing sin would bc any hindrancc LhaL SaLan
uscs Lo LhwarL Lhc progrcss oí a bclicvcr so LhaL hc cannoL finish a parLicular
coursc oí acLion.
BcLrayal is a powcríul wcapon LhaL robs a pcrson oí his or hcr LrusL in somc-
Lhing or somconc Lhrough Lhc violaLion oí covcnanL, conLracLs, or vcrbal
agrccmcnLs. Tis wcapon causcs inLcnsc gricí oí Lhc soul. Tcrc arc Lwo
picccs oí advicc I wanL Lo givc you ií you havc bccn bcLraycd. FirsL, ncvcr
allow yoursclí Lo Lakc on Lhc rolc oí a vicLim. And sccond, do noL givc your
pcrsonal powcr away. Rcmcmbcr, you havc a Cod who will ncvcr bcLray you.
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Hc has madc a covcnanL wiLh you LhaL Hc will ncvcr brcak. (Scc Psalm 55:4–
6, l2–l4.)
BiLLcrncss, Lhc íruiL oí uníorgivcncss, causcs dccp-scaLcd rcscnLmcnL, haLrcd,
and ill will. Tis acrimonious cmoLion is Lhc rcsulL oí anguish, disappoinL-
mcnL, or scvcrc gricí. IL is bclicvcd by many psychoLhcrapcuLic pracLiLioncrs
and spiriLual lcadcrs LhaL biLLcrncss is Lhc rooL causc oí arLhriLis and a hosL oí
oLhcr cmoLional, spiriLual, psychological, and physiological maladics. BiLLcr-
ncss is a wcapon LhaL, oncc cffccLivcly uLilizcd againsL you, will affccL cvcry
íaccL oí your liíc. IL crodcs rclaLionships, LainLs pcrccpLion, conLaminaLcs
anoinLing, and hindcrs Lruc libcrLy in Lhc spiriL. Tc spiriL oí biLLcrncss, acLing
as a doorkccpcr, will makc iLs vicLim hosLilc, anLagonisLic, acrimonious, and
opcn Lo oLhcr dcmonic acLiviLics. (Scc 1crcmiah 4:lS, Hcbrcws l2:l5.)
bliNd sPoTs
Has anyonc cvcr poinLcd ouL a procliviLy, acLion, habiL, or aLLiLudc LhaL you
supposcdly dcmonsLraLcd and LhaL you sworc was incorrccL` Do you know
anyonc who, no maLLcr how many pcoplc accusc Lhcm oí saying or doing
somcLhing, Lhcy simply cannoL scc whaL pcoplc arc rcícrring Lo` Havc you
cvcr bccn Lold somcLhing abouL yoursclí by morc Lhan onc pcrson LhaL you
flaLly dcnicd bccausc you couldn’L scc whaL Lhcy wcrc Lalking abouL` Tis is
whaL wc call a blind spoL. Tcy arc Lhings in our livcs LhaL wc do unknow-
ingly LhaL offcnd, hurL, or insulL oLhcrs. Rcmcmbcr, cvcn ií Lhcsc Lhings arc
obvious Lo oLhcrs and a pcrson poinLs Lhcm ouL Lo you, you will noL bc ablc Lo
scc whaL Lhcy arc Lalking abouL. (Scc Psalm 5l:6, 2 CorinLhians 3:l4, 4:4.)
Bondagc is a condiLion whcrc a pcrson is placcd in a sLaLc oí subjugaLion
Lo an “owncr” or a “masLcr” who psychologically, cmoLionally, or physically
rcsLrains Lhcm by íorcc, powcr, or influcncc. Bondagc has many íaccs, wcars
many masks, and crcaLcs cmoLional, physical, financial, and spiriLual pris-
oncrs ouL oí iLs vicLims. Pcoplc can bc in bondagc Lo such Lhings as drugs,
alcohol, and scx. (Scc Fxodus l3:3.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
cares of The world
Carcs oí Lhc world can bc anyLhing causing a bclicvcr Lo pursuc worldly
Lhings, busincss vcnLurcs, and Lhc acquisiLion oí posscssions aL Lhc cxpcnsc
oí Lhcir pursuiL oí Cod, His Word, and His kingdom. (Scc MaLLhcw l3:22.)
CarnaliLy is Lhc appcLiLc oí Lhc flcsh and soul. (Scc l CorinLhians 3:3–4.) IL
is Lhc prcoccupaLion wiLh onc’s appcLiLc and saLiaLion oí urgcs, drivcs, and
celesTial barricades
Havc you cvcr praycd and íclL LhaL your praycrs wcrc jusL hiLLing Lhc cciling`
Havc you cvcr aLLcmpLcd Lo pursuc a Cod-givcn idca, mandaLc, or mission,
only Lo íccl as ií cvcry aLLcmpL was hindcrcd by somc unsccn íorcc` You
mighL havc cncounLcrcd whaL I call a “cclcsLial barricadc.” CclcsLial barricadcs
arc saLanic mancuvcrs, barricrs, blocks, cncumbranccs, and hindranccs LhaL
obsLrucL, hindcr, and prohibiL movcmcnL in Lhc spiriL rcalm and írusLraLc Lhc
progrcss oí a vision, drcam, mandaLc, mission, praycr, or Lhc plan oí Cod íor
your liíc. (Scc Danicl l0:l2–l3.)
Chains, ícLLcrs, and shacklcs arc anyLhing LhaL confinc movcmcnL, hindcr
progrcss, and causc capLiviLy, opprcssion, and bondagc. (Scc 1udgcs l6:5–6,
lS–2l, Psalm 6S:6.)
Adam and Fvc wcrc prospcrous unLil complaccncy scL in. Isracl had bccomc
socially and poliLically prospcrous undcr Lhc lcadcrship oí 1oshua unLil Lhc
spiriL oí complaccncy scL in. Complaccncy kills passion, sLranglcs drivc and
moLivaLion, and lulls a pcrson’s scnscs Lo slccp unLil Lhcy arc unawarc oí Lhcir
dcficicncics, Lhcir nccd íor Cod, and Lhc nccd Lo do somcLhing abouL Lhcir
condiLion. Tis spiriL is so powcríul LhaL iL will causc you Lo losc your scnsc
oí urgcncy, vigilancc, and awarcncss, and Lo walk Lhrough liíc unconscious.
(Scc l CorinLhians l5:34, Fphcsians 5:l4.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Tc cncmy uscs Lhis wcapon Lo causc you Lo makc conccssions Lo Lhings
LhaL arc spiriLually dcLrimcnLal. In Lhc casc oí a bclicvcr, iL is Lhc lowcring
oí a biblical sLandard and Lhc abaLcmcnL oí a convicLion. (Scc Romans l4:l6,
1amcs l:S.)
Tc spiriL oí condcmnaLion causcs mcnLal and cmoLional LormcnL by saLani-
cally imposing an ovcrwhclming scnsc oí guilL, long-Lcrm rcmorsc, and shamc
in spiLc oí a conícsscd sin and a rcpcnLcd hcarL. Rcmcmbcr—Cod convicLs,
SaLan condcmns. (Scc Romans S:l.)
A conícdcraLc is onc who supporLs anoLhcr in a criminal acL as an accomplicc
or an ally. (Scc Psalm S3:5, Isaiah 7:2.)
coNTamiNaTed aNoiNTiNg
A conLaminaLcd anoinLing is causcd whcn somconc who is minisLcring, minis-
Lcrs wiLhouL íull and LoLal submission Lo Lhc Holy SpiriL. Tc purc anoinLing
bccomcs conLaminaLcd bccausc iL flows írom Lhc soulish rcalm raLhcr Lhan a
rcgcncraLcd and consccraLcd spiriL. (Scc 1udc l0–l3.)
coverT oPeraTioNs
CovcrL opcraLions arc high-powcrcd, camouflagcd, saLanic sLraLcgics uscd Lo
hindcr and írusLraLc Lhc work oí Lhc Iord, Lo disLracL minisLcrs, Lo dcsLroy
Lhcir influcncc and minisLry, and Lo uLLcrly dcsLroy Lhc livcs oí sainLs in
gcncral. (Scc AcLs l6:l4–20.)
CovcLousncss causcs an individual Lo lusL íor whaL righLíully bclongs Lo
oLhcrs. Tis spiriL acLs as a doorkccpcr Lo jcalousy, haLrcd, cnvy, sLriíc,
murdcr, slandcr, adulLcry, and a hosL oí oLhcr cvil works oí Lhc flcsh. (Scc
Romans l3:9.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
CulLurcs íorm whcn Lwo or morc individuals band LogcLhcr in rcsponsc
Lo pcrccivcd nccds and Lhcn combinc Lhcir abiliLics and rcsourccs Lo mccL
Lhosc nccds. Oncc íormcd, culLurcs arc rcsponsiblc íor socially LransmiLLing
bchavior paLLcrns, arLs, bclicís, insLiLuLions, and all oLhcr producLs oí human
work and LhoughL. CulLurc shapcs your awarcncss oí cvcryLhing around
you and how you rcacL Lo Lhings. Many Limcs Lhc cncmy aLLcmpLs Lo scducc
bclicvcrs inLo placing morc cmphasis on Lhcir carLhly culLurc raLhcr Lhan
Lhc culLurc oí Lhc kingdom oí Cod, which Lakcs prcccdcncc ovcr all naLional,
organizaLional, and parochial culLurcs. (Scc AcLs S:5–l3.)
DcaLh is Lhc mosL dcadly wcapon SaLan has in his arscnal (pun inLcndcd). IL
dcmands Lhc aLLcnLion oí humaniLy and Lhc curiosiLy oí scicncc. IL commands
Lhc aLLcnLion oí all mcdia and culLurc. IL promoLcs Lhc salc oí ncwspapcrs,
books, and liíc insurancc and providcs ploLs íor Hollywood. DcaLh cvcn has
a way oí causing pcoplc Lo carcíully wcigh Lhcir acLions írom Lhc pcrspcc-
Livc oí cLcrniLy. DcaLh incorporaLcs Lhosc occurrcnccs LhaL arc unLimcly and
uncxpccLcd, such as suicidcs, homicidcs, accidcnLs, loss oí rcpuLaLion, loss oí
hopc, or divorcc. Tc pain and agony cxpcricnccd by Lhosc mourning Lhcir
losscs arc oíLcn so inLcnsc and unbcarablc LhaL Lhcy bccomc vulncrablc Lo
iLs scducLion and swcpL away inLo cLcrniLy by iLs dark and spindly hands.
UnLimcly dcaLh aborLs dcsLinics, cxccuLcs purposc, and assassinaLcs poLcn-
Lial. (Scc 1crcmiah 9:2l.)
Tis wcapon causcs íraudulcncc, dupliciLy, undcrhandcdncss, chcaLing, and
Lhc willíul bcLrayal oí confidcncc and LrusL. Tis surrcpLiLious bchavior
rcquircs you Lo bc vigilanL, alcrL, and disccrning oí Lhc spiriLs working and
lurking around you. Takc noLhing and no onc íor granLcd. AlLhough Lhc cncmy
uscs all íorms oí dcccpLion, Lhc highcsL íorm oí dcccpLion is sclí-dcccpLion.
DcuLcronomy ll:l6 warns us Lo “Lakc hccd Lo yoursclvcs, LhaL your hcarL bc
noL dcccivcd, and yc Lurn asidc, and scrvc oLhcr gods, and worship Lhcm.”
(Scc also 1oshua 9:l–l2, l CorinLhians 6:9, 2 TimoLhy 3:l3.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
degeNeraTive diseases
From Lhc momcnL wc arc conccivcd, Lhc proccsscs oí liíc arc carricd ouL by
our biological cxccuLor callcd DNA. Our DNA holds Lhc gcncLic codc íor our
liíc, hcalLh, and íor Lhc uniquc physical ícaLurcs oí our bodics. DNA has Lhc
divinc blucprinL íor our body, programming our cclls Lo mainLain opLimum
hcalLh írom birLh Lo dcaLh. Tc body is a magnificcnL biological sysLcm LhaL
providcs an carLh-suiL íor our spiriLs and, oncc fillcd wiLh Lhc Holy SpiriL,
providcs a vcsscl Lhrough which Cod conducLs His affairs in Lhc carLh rcalm.
DcgcncraLivc discascs arc Lhc mcans by which SaLan inLcrícrcs wiLh Lhc liíc
Cod wanLs íor us all. (Scc 1ob 33:2l, Psalm 22:l4–l7, 1ohn 5:l–6.)
Tis wcapon causcs man Lo hold on Lo íalsc pcrccpLions, imagcs, conccpLs,
bclicís, and opinions gcncraLcd by dcmons, cmbracing Lhcm as ií Lhcy wcrc
LruLh and rcaliLy. (Scc 2 Tcssalonians 2:ll.) Tc dclusion may maniícsL
iLsclí as any oí Lhc íollowing Lypcs: pcrsccuLory (Lhc individual bclicvcs hc
or shc is bcing LhrcaLcncd or misLrcaLcd by oLhcrs), grandiosc (Lhc individual
bclicvcs LhaL Lhcy arc cxLraordinarily imporLanL pcoplc or arc posscsscd oí
cxLraordinary powcr, knowlcdgc, or abiliLy), jcalous (Lhc individual íocuscs
on Lhc suspccLcd uníaiLhíulncss oí a spousc or scxual parLncr), “croLimaLic”
(an individual convinccs Lhcmsclvcs LhaL somc pcrson oí cmincncc, usually
somconc Lhcy do noL havc closc conLacL wiLh or havc ncvcr mcL buL wiLh
whom Lhcy írcqucnLly havc corrcspondcd, is in lovc wiLh Lhcm), somaLic (a
íalsc bclicí íocuscd on a dclusional physical abnormaliLy or disordcr, likc
íalsc prcgnancics), and folie à deux (an cxLrcmcly rarc Lypc oí sharcd dclu-
sion, rcsulLing írom a closc rclaLionship wiLh somconc clsc who alrcady has
a dclusions disordcr).
Dcprcssion has bccomc a prcvalcnL mcnLal discasc in our world Loday.
Tis wcapon causcs psychoLic or ncuroLic condiLions, and cmoLional and
physiological disordcrs. (Scc Psalm 69:20, ll9:2S, MaLLhcw 26:3S.) IL is
characLcrizcd by an inabiliLy Lo conccnLraLc, insomnia, consLanL ícclings
oí cxLrcmc sadncss, lack oí moLivaLion, irriLabiliLy, wiLhdrawal Lcndcncics,
wcighL loss or gain, lonclincss, íaLiguc, and LhoughLs oí suicidc, cspccially
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
whcn Lhc spiriL oí hopclcssncss scLs in. As Lhc word implics, iL crcaLcs an
ovcrall íccling oí hcavincss. Tis spiriL aLLackcd Flijah, David, and 1csus.
Whilc 1csus ovcrcamc His dcprcssion Lhrough praycr and David Lhrough Lhc
rcading oí Cod’s Word, Flijah ovcrcamc his dcprcssion Lhough divinc inLcr-
vcnLion. Cod insLrucLcd him Lo gcL up and gcL going.
DcprivaLion is Lhc condiLion oí bcing cxLrcmcly poor, dcsLiLuLc. (Scc 2
Kings 6:25.) IL divcsLs a pcrson oí his or hcr Cod-givcn digniLy and a good
qualiLy oí liíc. DcprivaLion íalls undcr Lhc íollowing caLcgorics: social (bcing
rcsLraincd írom cnjoying inLcracLion wiLh ccrLain pcoplc bascd on social or
cconomic diffcrcnccs), slccp (cxLcndcd pcriods oí wakcíulncss or a dccrcasc
in slccp ovcr an cxLcndcd pcriod), privacy (Lhc divcsLmcnL oí Lhc righL Lo
bc írcc oí unsancLioncd inLrusion), parcnLal (physical and cmoLional dcLach-
mcnL oí parcnLs írom childrcn), financial (wiLhdrawal oí financial supporL,
loss oí incomc, uncmploymcnL, undcrcmploymcnL rcsulLing in a lack oí moncy
íor íood, housing, cloLhing, and LransporLaLion), carly childhood (insufficicnL
or lack oí íood, housing, cloLhing, saícLy, nurLurancc, lovc, guidancc, carc,
conccrn, or dirccLion), and cmoLional (privaLion oí affccLion, aLLcnLion, dircc-
Lion, cmpaLhy, nurLurancc, sLrcngLh, and undcrsLanding)
Many bclicvcrs suffcr írom ícclings oí hopclcssncss in Lhcir ChrisLian walk
and minisLry. Tcsc cmoLions arc characLcrisLic oí Lhc spiriL oí discouragc-
mcnL LhaL occurs whcn a parLicular cxpccLaLion is unmcL. “Why arL Lhou casL
down, O my soul` and why arL Lhou disquicLcd in mc` hopc Lhou in Cod: íor
I shall ycL praisc him íor Lhc hclp oí his counLcnancc” (Ps. 42:5).
DisillusionmcnL is a powcríul wcapon oí divinaLion LhaL causcs a íccling oí
dccp, sorrowíul unhappincss and woc. Tis psychological wcapon was íorgcd
and succcssíully uscd againsL Flijah, onc oí Lhc mosL powcríul prophcLs in Lhc
Biblc. AíLcr cxpcricncing a grcaL vicLory ovcr Lhc inícrnal cncmics oí Isracl,
SaLan rcLaliaLcd wiLh a dcaLh LhrcaL issucd Lhrough Lhc mouLh oí 1czcbcl.
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Tis affccLcd Flijah so dccply LhaL hc was prcparcd Lo givc up cvcryLhing,
including his liíc. (Scc l Kings l9:l–4.)
Disobcdicncc is Lhc disposiLion LhaL dcfics and rcsisLs auLhoriLy, and Lhc
rcíusal or íailurc Lo obcy a mandaLc, dirccLivc, or command. IL is rcbcllion
againsL known auLhoriLy. According Lo l Samucl l5:23, Cod considcrs disobc-
dicncc a íorm oí wiLchcraíL. Tc LhoughL oí disobcdicncc bcing associaLcd
wiLh wiLchcraíL is chilling Lo mc, cspccially as iL rclaLcs Lo bclicvcrs who
sinccrcly lovc Lhc Iord and wanL Lo scrvc Him. FirsL PcLcr 2:l3–l5 cncour-
agcs you Lo “submiL yoursclvcs Lo cvcry ordinancc oí man íor Lhc Iord’s sakc:
whcLhcr iL bc Lo Lhc king, as suprcmc, or unLo govcrnors, as unLo Lhcm LhaL
arc scnL by him íor Lhc punishmcnL oí cvildocrs, and íor Lhc praisc oí Lhcm
LhaL do wcll. For so is Lhc will oí Cod, LhaL wiLh wcll doing yc may puL Lo
silcncc Lhc ignorancc oí íoolish mcn.” (Scc l Samucl l5:l–3, l3–24.)
DivinaLion, a word uscd inLcrchangcably wiLh wiLchcraíL, is characLcrizcd
by occulL acLiviLics, dcccpLion, conLrol, and ícar. (Scc Fxodus 22:lS, DcuLcr-
onomy lS:l0, 1crcmiah 27:9.) Individuals uLilizc saLanic and diabolical agcnLs,
LacLics, and sLraLcgics íor Lhc purposcs oí íorcLclling cvcnLs and conLrolling
pcoplc, animals, cnvironmcnLs, Lhings, and siLuaLions. Tcir LacLics involvc:
ill-spokcn words, ill wishcs, cnchanLmcnLs, spclls, hcxcs, curscs, wiLchcraíL
praycrs, idlc words spokcn conLrary Lo Cod’s original plans and purposcs,
Lalisman, asLrology, palmisLry, crysLal gazing, íorLunc-Lclling, íalsc prophccy,
sooLhsaying, and docLrincs oí dcvils. (For a morc comprchcnsivc look aL Lhc
spiriL oí divinaLion, plcasc rcícr Lo chapLcr 9.)
According Lo l CorinLhians l3, lovc is pcríccL. UníorLunaLcly, wc livc in a lcss-
Lhan-pcríccL world wiLh lcss-Lhan-pcríccL pcoplc who havc grand wcddings
buL noL so grand cxpcricnccs wiLhin Lhc insLiLuLion oí marriagc. Communica-
Lion suffcrs, a parLncr chcaLs, rclaLionships crumblc, lovcrs lcavc, or midliíc
happcns. Divorcc íor somc sccmingly bccomcs Lhc only soluLion íor Lhcir
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
docTriNes of devils
A docLrinc is a rulc, principlc oí law, or a sLaLcmcnL oí official govcrnmcnL
policy, cspccially in íorcign affairs and miliLary sLraLcgics. DocLrincs oí dcvils
Lhcrcíorc, arc Lhosc rulcs, govcrnmcnLal policics, and principlcs oí laws LhaL
do noL adhcrc Lo or rcflccL biblical principlcs. SaLan is skillíul aL prcaching
another gospel. Tc unsuspccLing and innoccnL bccomc casy prcy bccausc
many scck Lo bc enlightened raLhcr Lhan scck Cod. Tc Ncw Agc movcmcnL is
an cxamplc oí Lhis dcccpLion. (Scc MaLLhcw 6:22–23, l TimoLhy 4:l.)
docTriNes of maN
As wiLh docLrincs oí dcvils, Lhcsc arc principlcs or laws mcn hold and arc
promulgaLcd Lhrough poliLical policics, laws, lcgislaLivc cdicLs, cducaLional
curricula, rcligious LcncLs, and Lcachings. (Scc MaLLhcw l5:9.)
DoubL is characLcrizcd by ícclings oí unccrLainLy and misgivings. Tis was
onc oí Lhc wcapons uscd againsL Adam and Fvc in Lhc Cardcn oí Fdcn. Onc
oí Lhc Lhings you should ncvcr allow Lhc cncmy Lo causc you Lo doubL is Lhc
Word oí Cod. 1csus promiscs us in MaLLhcw 24:35 LhaL “hcavcn and carLh
shall pass away, buL my [His] words shall noL pass away.” DoubL is noL ncccs-
sarily a sin. BuL iL has Lhc powcr Lo makc you sin. DoubL simply says, “I nccd
morc iníormaLion.” Howcvcr, whcn doubL lcads Lo unbclicí, Lhis is whcrc sin
cnLcrs Lhc picLurc. IL is ncvcr a crimc Lo rcquirc morc iníormaLion, buL makc
ccrLain you arc gaining LhaL iníormaLion írom Lhc corrccL sourcc. Bc carcíul
LhaL SaLan docs noL scducc you inLo qucsLioning Lhc validiLy oí Lhc Word oí
Cod or Cod Himsclí. (Scc Ccncsis 3:l–7, Mark ll:23.)
Enmeshment is a popularly uscd Lcrm in íamily Lhcrapy liLcraLurc whcn
spcaking abouL codcpcndcncc. IL was madc popular by Lhc work oí Salvador
FnmcshmcnL rcícrs Lo an cxLrcmc íorm oí proximiLy and inLcn-
siLy in íamily inLcracLions LhaL incviLably corrodc and wcakcn boundarics LhaL
dcfinc individual auLonomy unLil a kind oí íusion occurs. Tis íusion crcaLcs a
dysíuncLional íamily culLurc LhaL cmoLionally handicaps íamily mcmbcrs Lo
Weapons of Mass Destruction
a poinL oí Lhcm noL having a clcar scnsc oí sclí, rcndcring mcmbcrs Loo wcak
Lo íuncLion in an individualisLic, diffcrcnLiaLcd way. Ccncrally spcaking, Lhis
condiLion lcads a pcrson Lo bccomc psychologically influcnccd, conLrollcd by,
muLually rclianL upon, or nccding anoLhcr pcrson Lo íulfill Lhcir own nccds
or Lo complcLc Lhcm as a pcrson. According Lo Mclody BcaLLic in hcr book
Codependent No More, cnmcshmcnL “causcs pcoplc Lo bccomc cmoLionally and
psychologically consumcd in a dysíuncLional rclaLionship in which Lhcy allow
somconc clsc’s LhoughLs, opinions, cmoLions, and bchavior Lo conLrol Lhcm.”

(Scc l Kings ll:l–5.)
Whcn I Lhink oí Lhc word entangle, I Lhink oí somconc caughL in a wcb LhaL
sLagnaLcs growLh, progrcss, or dcvclopmcnL and kccps a pcrson sLuck in
circumsLanccs Lhcy rcally wanL Lo bc dclivcrcd írom. FnLanglcmcnLs can bc
social, rclaLional, íamilial, organizaLional, spiriLual, psychological, or finan-
cial in naLurc. Oncc Cod dclivcrs you írom anyLhing, bc carcíul bccausc Lhc
dcvil will scck Lo causc you Lo íall inLo Lhc samc or similar cnLanglcmcnLs
again. (Scc Fxodus l4:3, 2 PcLcr 2:20.)
FLhniciLy rclaLcs Lo a parLicular group oí pcoplc who sharc a common and
disLincLivc racc or linguisLic, rcligious, or culLural hcriLagc. SaLan uscs Lhis
wcapon cffccLivcly Lo kccp bclicvcrs scparaLcd. (Scc 1ohn 4:7–9, l9–20.)
An cvcnLualiLy is a possibiliLy oí somcLhing occurring, or Lhc conscqucncc oí
an acLion. FvcnLualiLics opcraLc by a law callcd Lhc law oí causc and cffccL.
(Scc Hosca S:7.) SaLan oíLcn blinds your mind and dcccivcs you inLo bclicving,
dcnying, or ignoring LhaL Lhis principlc will bc suspcndcd bascd on your dcsirc
or ignorancc (Cal. 6:7). A parLicular ouLcomc may noL comc Lo pass immc-
diaLcly aíLcr an acL LhaL dcfics biblical principlcs, buL cvcnLually cvcry sccd
sown will havc iLs harvcsL. For insLancc, aíLcr a long pcriod oí alcoholism, a
pcrson givcs Lhcir hcarL Lo Lhc Iord only Lo discovcr, monLhs laLcr, LhaL Lhcy
havc sclcrosis oí Lhc livcr. Bccausc Lhc individual íccls LhaL Cod should havc
hcalcd Lhcm sincc Lhcy gavc up Lhc crror oí Lhcir ways (alcoholism), dcmonic
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
spiriLs may scducc Lhcm inLo bclicving LhaL Cod docs noL carc and cvcnLu-
ally Lhcy backslidc. AnoLhcr cxamplc is Lhc powcr oí Lhc spokcn word. Idlc,
capriciously spokcn words will cvcnLually maniícsL inLo rcaliLy. (Scc Provcrbs
lS:2l.) You havc probably hcard oí a sclí-íulfilling prophccy. For cxamplc: “I
ncvcr havc moncy aL Lhc cnd oí Lhc monLh,” Lhcn—you gucsscd iL—whcn Lhc
cnd oí Lhc monLh comcs, you do noL havc moncy. Or: “Tis always happcns Lo
mc,” “Ií iL ain’L onc Lhing, iL’s anoLhcr,” “I’m sick and Lircd oí Lhis.” FvcnLually,
you will bc boLh sick and Lircd.
false burdeNs
To bc burdcncd íor pcoplc and siLuaLions is cxpccLcd oí all sainLs, cspccially
whcn iL comcs Lo Lhc rcdcmpLivc purposc oí Cod bcing maniícsLcd. Howcvcr,
SaLan wanLs Lo puL íalsc burdcns upon you LhaL causc unduc sLrcss, prcssurc,
and discomíorL. Tcsc burdcns arc casily disLinguishablc írom Lhc auLhcnLic
oncs in LhaL Lhcy arc hcavy, oíLcn unbcarablc, and do noL comc írom Cod.
1csus said in MaLLhcw ll:29–30, “Takc my yokc upon you, and lcarn oí mc,
íor I am mcck and lowly in hcarL: and yc shall find rcsL unLo your souls. For
my yokc is casy, and my burdcn is lighL.”
false eNTiTlemeNT
Falsc cnLiLlcmcnL is a spiriL LhaL causcs pcoplc Lo íccl Lhcy dcscrvc, havc a
righL Lo, or havc claim Lo somcLhing LhaL is rcally noL Lhcirs. IL could bc a
posiLion, moncy, aLLcnLion, a LiLlc, cloLhing, or jusL abouL anyLhing. In Lhc
Biblc, SaLan uscd Lhis wcapon Lhrough Ahab againsL NaboLh. Ahab wanLcd
propcrLy LhaL bclong Lo NaboLh and ploLLcd and planncd his dcmisc. Tis
spiriL is rclcnLlcss. IL will noL sLop unLil iLs lusL and covcLousncss arc saLiaLcd.
(Scc l Kings 2l:l–l6.)
false exPecTaTioNs
Tis onc wcapon, in parLicular, has bccn uscd Lo dcsLroy many good rcla-
Lionships, minisLrics, and organizaLions. FxpccLaLions arc good Lo havc,
parLicularly Lhosc LhaL arc rcasonablc and Lhosc LhaL you havc íor yoursclí.
BuL whcn Lhcy cncroach upon anoLhcr pcrson’s írccdom oí choicc or Lhcy arc
unknown Lo oLhcrs, Lhcy can bccomc a dcsLrucLivc clcmcnL. 1csus losL many
Weapons of Mass Destruction
oí His íollowcrs bccausc Lhcy had íalsc cxpccLaLions oí Him. David ovcrcamc
Lhis wcapon by placing his cxpccLaLions upon Lhc Iord. (Scc Psalm 62:5.)
false imPressioNs
Tc mind is a vcry powcríul Lhing. Tc cncmy, knowing iLs capabiliLics, supcr-
imposcs crroncous pcrccpLions oí rcaliLy upon iL. Tis is Lhc wcapon LhaL was
uscd againsL boLh Paul and 1csus by causing pcoplc Lo íalscly pcrccivc Lhcm.
(Scc Iukc ll:l4–l9.)
family ecceNTriciTies aNd idiosyNcrasies
SomcLimcs SaLan will aLLcmpL Lo shorL-circuiL complcLc dclivcrancc by Lclling
us LhaL Lhcrc arc ccrLain pcculiariLics in our livcs LhaL givc us a disLincLion
írom oLhcr individuals, such as parLicular acLions, pcrccpLions, and bchav-
iors LhaL arc characLcrisLic oí our íamily. IL could bc shyncss or a Lcndcncy
Lo lic or fighL. IL is posLulaLcd LhaL sincc ccrLain hcrcdiLary characLcrisLics
arc passcd down Lhrough our DNA, spiriLs oí inhcriLancc (dcmonic spiriLs)
can aLLach Lhcmsclvcs Lo Lhc DNA and bc passcd down gcncraLionally. An
cxamplc oí Lhis is Abraham and his dcsccndanLs, Isaac and 1acob. Tcy all
had Lhc procliviLy Lo lic undcr prcssurc. (Scc Fxodus 20:5, 34:7.)
Fcar is a powcríul wcapon Lhc cncmy uscs againsL Lhc sainLs. Tis was onc
oí Lhc wcapons uscd Lo pcncLraLc 1ob’s hcdgc oí proLccLion (1ob 3:25). IL is
acLually uscd Lo pcríoraLc and pcncLraLc our íaiLh. Fcar has a divcrsiLy oí
cxprcssions, buL l 1ohn 4:lS says, “Tcrc is no ícar in lovc, buL pcríccL lovc
casLcLh ouL ícar: bccausc ícar haLh LormcnL. Hc LhaL ícarcLh is noL madc
pcríccL in lovc.”
fiery darTs
During biblical days, ficry darLs wcrc poinLcd missilcs liL wiLh firc and Lhrown
aL a LargcL. Using Lhis as a mcLaphor, Paul spcaks oí Lhis wcapon in Fphcsians
6:l6. Today, Lhcsc spiriLual ficry darLs can bc cnflamcd by angcr, jcalousy,
biLLcrncss, and ragc, and íaiLh is rcquircd Lo counLcracL Lhcir cffccL and Lo
proLccL us.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Fircbrands wcrc uscd as a Lypc oí wcapon. Tc Lail oí an animal, such as a íox,
would bc scL on firc, Lhc animal Lhcn scL loosc usually in a ficld or Lhrough a
villagc scLLing, alighLing anyLhing in iLs paLh. A fircbrand can bc likcncd Lo
inLcnsc opposiLion and “hcaLcd” waríarc.
Hc LhaL passcLh by, and mcddlcLh wiLh sLriíc bclonging noL Lo
him, is likc onc LhaL LakcLh a dog by Lhc cars. As a mad man who
casLcLh fircbrands, arrows, and dcaLh, so is Lhc man LhaL dcccivcLh
his ncighbour, and saiLh, Am noL I in sporL`
—Provcrbs 26:l7–l9
frieNdly fire
IL is a íacL LhaL noL all casualLics oí war arc causcd by Lhc cncmy, buL somc-
Limcs by Lhosc closcsL Lo us. Tis is noL Lo imply LhaL Lhcy havc malicious
inLcnL, LhaL Lhcy arc moLivaLcd Lo dcsLroy us, or inLcnLionally harm us. BuL
Lhcy can bc uscd by Lhc cncmy Lo accidcnLally hurL or dcsLroy us in spiLc oí
Lhcir sinccrc lovc íor us. Onc oí Lhc rcasons why Lhis wcapon is so powcríul is
LhaL Lhc acLual wcapons uscd arc Lhcir lovc and posiLivc rcgard, raLhcr Lhan
Lhcir haLrcd or ill will Loward us. Two cxamplcs oí íricndly firc arc íound in
MaLLhcw l6:20–23 and AcLs l6:l6–23. Tc firsL is PcLcr and 1csus.
SomcLimcs pcoplc arc mislcd inLo bclicving LhaL SaLan rcquircs insidi-
ously moLivaLcd individuals Lo accomplish his Lasks. Tis is noL always Lhc
casc bccausc his sLraLcgy would bc Loo obvious. To accomplish anyLhing in a
pcrson’s liíc, parLicularly ií LhaL pcrson is maLurcd in Lhc Lhings oí Lhc Iord
and scnsiLivc in Lhc SpiriL, SaLan will havc Lo Lakc a morc clandcsLinc approach
in his aLLack againsL Lhcm.
My sLrong counscl Lo you Loday would bc Lo Lakc noLhing and no onc íor
granLcd. Tc oncs wc lovc, and Lhc oncs LhaL lovc us, could vcry wcll bc uscd
Lo provokc us inLo Lhc íoríciLurc oí divinc opporLuniLics, minisLrics, and ulLi-
maLcly Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc, maximizaLion oí poLcnLial, and rcaching
our dcsLiny.
Onc oí Lhc rcasons why I bclicvc Lhis parLicular sLraLcgy is so powcríul
is LhaL wc arc usually morc rclaxcd around pcoplc wiLh whom wc arc closc,
so wc lcL our hair down, so Lo spcak. Tcrc arc íour caLcgorics oí pcoplc Lhc
Weapons of Mass Destruction
cncmy will usc: íamily (c.g., Moscs, Aaron, and Miriam), íricnds (PcLcr and
1csus), busincss parLncrs and minisLcrial collcagucs (Paul and Barnabas), and
confidanLs, counsclors, and mcnLors (David and AhiLhophcl).
FrusLraLions rcsulL írom Lhc íailurc Lo rcach somc valucd objccLivc or achicvc
Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc. (Scc Fzra 4:l–5.)
geNeraTioNal curses
A gcncraLional cursc opcraLcs by a spiriLual law callcd Lhc “anccsLry law.” You
havc probably hcard Lhc adagc, “Tc applc docs noL íall Loo íar írom Lhc Lrcc.”
WhaL Lhis mcans is LhaL ccrLain characLcrisLics, Lcndcncics, and pcculiariLics
uniquc Lo ccrLain íamilics arc passcd down gcncLically. So many ChrisLians
misundcrsLand Lhc Lcrm curse. According Lo ScripLurc, a gcncraLional cursc
is Lhc naLural ouLcomc oí an acL oí dcfianL disobcdicncc passcd down írom
onc gcncraLion Lo anoLhcr. (Scc Fxodus 20:5, Numbcrs l4:lS, DcuLcronomy
ll:26–2S.) Fzckicl lS:2 says, “Tc íaLhcrs havc caLcn sour grapcs, and Lhc
childrcn’s LccLh arc scL on cdgc.” Tis wcapon oí Lhc cncmy plays iLsclí ouL
in íamily and communiLy pcculiariLics, ccccnLriciLics, social/cLhnic LraiLs,
Lcndcncics, oddiLics, paLhological condiLions oí mind and body, individualiLics
(DNA), passions, moLivcs, inLcnLions, agcndas, habiLs, idcologics, pcrccpLions,
LcmpcramcnLs, pcrsonaliLics, illncss, and dcgcncraLivc/congcniLal discascs.
Ií SaLan’s characLcrisLic is LhaL oí a snakc, Lhcn gossip can bc likcncd Lo Lhc
vcnom oí a snakc. Tis wcapon is madc powcríul bccausc iL uscs rumor,
hcarsay, scnsaLionalizcd Lalking, and commcnLary Lo undcrminc and dcsLroy
a pcrson’s imagc, influcncc, rcpuLaLion, rclaLionships, namc, and cvcn íuLurc.
In my opinion, Lhis wcapon has bccn Lhc causc oí morc dcsLrucLion Lhan all
wars combincd! 1amcs wriLcs in 1amcs 3:5–6, “Fvcn so Lhc Longuc is a liLLlc
mcmbcr, and boasLcLh grcaL Lhings. Bchold, how grcaL a maLLcr a liLLlc firc
kindlcLh! And Lhc Longuc is a firc, a world oí iniquiLy: so is Lhc Longuc among
our mcmbcrs, LhaL iL dcfilcLh Lhc wholc body, and scLLcLh on firc Lhc coursc
oí naLurc, and iL is scL on firc oí hcll.” 1csus warns us abouL Lhc misusc oí
Lhc Longuc and Lhc cLcrnal judgmcnL LhaL awaiLs individuals who rcíusc Lo
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
bring Lhcir Longuc undcr Lhc subjccLion oí Lhc lordship oí ChrisL. Hc sLaLcs in
MaLLhcw l2:36–37, “BuL I say unLo you, LhaL cvcry idlc word LhaL mcn shall
spcak, Lhcy shall givc accounL Lhcrcoí in Lhc day oí judgmcnL. For by Lhy
words Lhou shalL bc jusLificd, and by Lhy words Lhou shalL bc condcmncd.”
(Scc FcclcsiasLcs l0:ll, l TimoLhy 5:l3.)
CuilL is causcd whcn a parLicular principlc is violaLcd or a law brokcn. Wc also
Lcnd Lo íccl guilLy whcn wc havc noL livcd up Lo cxpccLaLions and sLandards
LhaL wc havc scL íor oursclvcs. Ií wc bclicvc LhaL wc “should” havc bchavcd
diffcrcnLly or wc “oughL” Lo havc donc bcLLcr, wc likcly will íccl guilLy.
AlLhough gcnuinc guilL is a hcalLhy cmoLion, SaLan can pcrvcrL iL by Lurning
iL írom a rcmorscíul awarcncss oí having donc somcLhing wrong Lo sclí-
rcproach. Whcn Lhis happcns, wc know LhaL SaLan has pcrvcrLcd a hcalLhy
cmoLion inLo a dcadly wcapon. Whcn guilL assails you, raLhcr Lhan wallowing
in your guilL Lo Lhc poinL oí dcícaL, pray a praycr similar Lo Psalm 5l:l–l2.
Ovcrcoming guilL and shamc docs noL mcan noL caring abouL your acLions. IL
involvcs Laking rcsponsibiliLy íor whaL you did and coming Lo Lcrms wiLh iL.
HabiLs arc unconscious paLLcrns oí bchavior LhaL arc acquircd by írcqucnL
rcpcLiLion oí a LhoughL, acLion, or rcacLion, and LhaL csLablish a disposiLion
oí Lhc mind, characLcr, or manncrism. Whcn a bchavior is pracLiccd, day
aíLcr day, you will naLurally Lrain yoursclí Lo íorm habiLs. As you rcgularly
pcríorm Lhis habiL, you bccomc skillcd aL your bchavior. IL bccomcs casy and
comíorLablc íor you Lo Lakc Lhis acLion ovcr and ovcr again. UlLimaLcly, you
bcgin pcríorming Lhis acLion auLomaLically. Tis acLion has now bccomc your
rouLinc bchavior. HabiLual bchaviors can bc bcncficial and libcraLing Lo you
bccausc oí your abiliLy Lo pcríorm Lhcsc Lasks wiLhouL having Lo consciously
Lhink abouL your cvcry acLion. HabiLs can also bc dcsLrucLivc. Tcy can limiL
our cffccLivcncss, sLunL our pcrsonal growLh, cuL ycars írom our livcs, crcaLc
anLagonisLic dynamics in rclaLionships, alicnaLc lovcd oncs, and basically
corrodc a good qualiLy oí liíc. Bad habiLs can bc likcncd Lo playing Russian
roulcLLc: disasLcr is always immincnL. (Scc 2 PcLcr 2:l9.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
HarassmcnL is an cxaspcraLing and disLurbing annoyancc or irriLaLion
LhaL LhrcaLcns or undcrmincs pcrsonal pcacc and LranquiliLy. By uLilizing
Lhis wcapon, SaLan can opprcss and vicLimizc Lhc bclicvcr. (Scc Nchcmiah
4:l–3.) HarassmcnL can comc in Lhc íorm oí vcrbal abusc, scxual miscon-
ducL, unrcalisLic dcmands, sLalking, or conLinuous Lclcphonc calls. Typcs
oí harassmcnL includc: scxual (unwanLcd, unwclcomcd scxual commcnLs or
acLions, including Louching, scxual insulLs, sLaring, unwanLcd “complimcnLs”
LhaL makc Lhc LargcL uncomíorLablc, and scxual rumors or innucndo), racial
(racisL commcnLs and slurs bascd on skin color, languagc, or naLional origin),
vcrbal (namc calling, dcrogaLory sLaLcmcnLs, bullying, insulLing, or inLimida-
Lion), rcligious (inLolcrancc oí somconc’s rcligious bclicís), ablcisL (insulLing
somconc bascd on a rcal or assumcd physical or mcnLal disabiliLy), classisL
(making íun oí, bcliLLling, or dcmcaning somconc bascd on sociocconomic
sLaLus), and scapcgoaLing (holding onc pcrson or group rcsponsiblc íor a
íamily’s, organizaLion’s, or communiLy’s problcms, isolaLing or rcjccLing a
pcrson or group oí pcoplc).
Hcrcsics arc biblical LruLhs and docLrincs conLaminaLcd by conLrovcrsial or
unorLhodox opinions, íalsc inLcrprcLaLions, and docLrincs oí man. (Scc l
CorinLhians ll:l9, 2 PcLcr 2:l.)
Homosexuality, in iLs broadcsL scnsc, is a Lcrm crcaLcd by nincLccnLh ccnLury
LhcorisLs Lo dcscribc Lhc lusLíul prcdilccLion, scxual oricnLaLion, and
cmoLional inLcrcsL in mcmbcrs oí Lhc samc scx. WhcLhcr a pcrson is convinccd
Lhcy wcrc born LhaL way, LhaL iL is a lcarncd bchavior, or LhaL iL is a prcícr-
cncc, Romans l:5–2S convinccs mc LhaL iL is a saLanically originaLcd, dcvianL
bchavior uscd Lo undcrminc Lhc biblical dcfiniLion oí íamily and marriagc
and Lo promoLc mcrc sLimulaLion wiLhouL Lhc abiliLy Lo procrcaLc.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
IdolaLry is a dccp dcvoLion and immodcraLc affccLion oí an objccL or a pcrson
LhaL displaccs Lhc Lypc oí lovc and honor Cod cxpccLs írom His crcaLion. (Scc
Psalm 97:7.)
Ignorancc is Lhc wanL íor knowlcdgc in gcncral, or in rclaLion Lo a parLicular
subjccL, Lhc sLaLc oí bcing uncducaLcd or uniníormcd. IL is noL jusL Lhc lack oí
knowlcdgc LhaL dcsLroys, iL is Lhc lack oí Lhc nccd íor knowlcdgc such as Lhc
knowlcdgc oí Cod. Scc Hosca 4:6.
Encarta offcrs us Lhc íollowing dcfiniLion íor Lhc word immaturity: “childish:
lacking Lhc wisdom or cmoLional dcvclopmcnL normally associaLcd wiLh
adulLs (disapproving),” such as pouLing, whining, plcading, nagging, Lhrowing
LanLrums, dcpcndcncc, and irrcsponsibiliLy.
InccsL is dcfincd as scxual rclaLions bcLwccn pcrsons closcly rclaLcd cnough
LhaL marriagc would bc considcrcd illcgal or íorbiddcn. Tis wcapon, uscd
írom Lhc days oí IoL, has bccn uscd íor opcning doors in many pcoplc’s livcs
Lo pcrvcrsion, psychoLic or ncuroLic condiLions, hcinous criminal acLiviLics,
and inLcrgcncraLional dysíuncLions. (Scc Ccncsis l9:30–37.)
Indiffcrcncc causcs hopc, purposc, and vision Lo bc rcplaccd by apaLhy.
According Lo Nobcl Prizc–winning auLhor Flic Wicscl, “Tc opposiLc oí lovc
is noL haLc, iL’s indiffcrcncc. Tc opposiLc oí arL is noL uglincss, iL is indiffcr-
cncc. Tc opposiLc oí íaiLh is noL hcrcsy, iL is indiffcrcncc. And Lhc opposiLc
oí liíc is noL dcaLh, iL is [Lhc íailurc Lo valuc liíc broughL on by onc Lhing
(Scc Psalm l37:l–4.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
InLrinsic, cxLrinsic, conscious, or unconscious Lhings LhaL prcvcnL, rcsLrain,
block, or supprcss. (Scc Iukc lS:35–39.)
IniquiLy is Lo sin as Lhc rooL oí a Lrcc is Lo Lhc íruiL. IniquiLy comcs írom Lhc
Hcbrcw word avon and liLcrally mcans “Lo makc crookcd, pcrvcrsc, LwisLcd,
corrupL, and immoral.” In many rcligious circlcs, iL is rccognizcd as Lhc
bcdrock oí gcncraLional curscs. (Scc Numbcrs l4:lS–l9, 1crcmiah 36:3.)
InsccuriLics crcaLc a condiLion LhaL is physically or psychologically unsLablc,
cmoLionally unccrLain, and is markcd by a lacking in confidcncc in onc’s
abiliLy, purposc, and poLcnLial. InsccuriLics oíLcn show up, íor cxamplc,
whcn wc arc in Lhc midsL oí somconc wc pcrccivc Lo bc bcLLcr, morc capablc,
LalcnLcd, cducaLcd, or aLLracLivc Lhan wc pcrccivc oursclvcs Lo bc. (Scc Fxodus
An insulL can bc dcfincd as Lhc abascmcnL, bcliLLlcmcnL, dcgradaLion, and
vcrbalizaLion oí a low opinion oí somcLhing or somconc. Tc powcr oí an
insulL should noL bc undcrcsLimaLcd bccausc iL has Lhc innaLc abiliLy oí having
a long-Lcrm cffccL long aíLcr iL has bccn cxpcricnccd, such as ícar, anxicLy,
dcprcssion, low sclí-csLccm, poor sclí-imagc, and crosion oí confidcncc.
(Scc Provcrbs lS:l4.) Tcy can Lakc on Lhc íorm oí swcaring, sLcrcoLyping,
prcjudicc, racial slurs, off-color jokcs, gcncralizaLions, accusaLions, ncgaLivc
pcrsonal asscssmcnLs, blasphcmy, inappropriaLc bchavior, or uninLcnLional
or inLcnLional brcach oí proLocol. Tcrc arc íour Lypcs oí insulLs: pragmaLic
(mcLhodically dclivcrcd so as Lo offcnd, humiliaLc, provokc, scapcgoaL, or
hurL dccply), caLharLic (hosLilc vcnLing oí cmoLions), ovcrL (opinions, íccl-
ings, pcrccpLions, or vcrbal coníronLaLions inLcndcd and pcrccivcd by boLh
parLics), and covcrL/passivc-aggrcssivc (insulLs LhaL “sink in” laLcr).
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Tis is a saLanic acL or insLancc oí hindcring, impcding, or obsLrucLing Cod’s
work and Lhc íulfillmcnL oí dcsLiny and purposc. (Scc Fzra 4:l–6.)
iNviNcible obsTrucTioNs
Sincc pcrccpLion is cvcryLhing SaLan will aLLcmpL Lo affccL our pcrccpLion oí
whaL is and whaL is noL possiblc. Hc will crcaLc a mounLain ouL oí a molchill,
cvcn Lhough hc knows LhaL wiLh Cod, noLhing is impossiblc. In onc insLancc,
Lhc cncmy convinccd an cnLirc naLion LhaL iL was noL possiblc Lo ovcrcomc
or dcícaL Lhcir obsLrucLion. Howcvcr, Lhrough Lhc powcr oí 1chovah-Cibbor,
David ovcrcamc ColiaLh, Lhc “invinciblc” obsLrucLion oí Lhc naLion oí Isracl.
(Scc l Samucl l7:22–27, 40–5l.)
iNvisible barriers
Invisiblc barricrs can bc cmoLional, psychological, spiriLual, financial, racial,
social, naLional, rcgional, global, parochial, or poliLical in naLurc. Tc sLory oí
Simon Lhc sorccrcr dcmonsLraLcs Lwo caLcgorics undcr which Lhcsc wcapons
íuncLion. (Scc AcLs S:5–25.)
FxLrinsic: SaLan skillíully uscs a varicLy oí cxLcrnal íorccs Lo
obsLrucL, dclay, and írusLraLc Lhc plans and purposc oí Cod.
Fxamplcs oí Lhcsc íorccs arc culLural limiLaLions, LradiLions,
poliLical lcgislaLion, rcligious pracLiccs, social riLuals, wiLch-
craíL, cconomic opprcssion, and miscducaLion.
InLrinsic: SaLan also uscs a varicLy oí inLcrnal íorccs,
cmoLions, and aLLiLudcs. Fxamplcs includc ícar, doubL, habiLs,
iniquiLics, prcjudiccs, pcrccpLions, aLLiLudcs, ignorancc, pridc,
sclí-dcccpLion, and codcpcndcncc.
Tc old Fnglish word íor irriLaLion is vex. IrriLaLions arc Lhings LhaL gcL
undcr your skin and can bc likcncd Lo an annoying fly buzzing around you.
Psychological and physical in naLurc, an irriLaLion is characLcrizcd by any
sLimulus LhaL produccs a sLaLc oí annoyancc LhaL disLracLs onc írom íocus and
Weapons of Mass Destruction
conscious Lhinking. IL can also givc risc Lo írusLraLion, angcr, offcnsc, rcscnL-
mcnL, and bad ícclings. IrriLaLions arc vcry subjccLivc and arc prcdicaLcd on
an individual’s Lolcrancc lcvcl and abiliLy Lo íocus and conccnLraLc. Fxamplcs
oí Lhis arc: pcoplc Lalking bchind you aL a movic, a waiLrcss mixing up your
ordcr, Lardincss, nagging, skin irriLaLions, cLc. (Scc Numbcrs 25:l7–lS.)
1calousy is an cmoLion provokcd by any pcrccivcd LhrcaL Lo a rclaLionship.
MosL pcoplc usc Lhc word jealousy inLcrchangcably wiLh envy. Howcvcr,
Lhcrc is a diffcrcncc. 1calousy sLcms írom insccuriLy, a scnsc oí owncrship,
or obscssion. A jcalous pcrson usually docs noL wanL anyonc clsc Lo sharc
whaL or who Lhcy “posscss.” Convcrscly, cnvy causcs a pcrson Lo covcL Lhc
posscssion oí anoLhcr. 1calousy may involvc varying dcgrccs oí cmoLions
such as sadncss, angcr, anxicLy, and ragc. Howcvcr, many psychologisLs havc
dcfincd jcalousy as Lhc scnsc oí “disLrcss” or “discomíorL” cxpcricnccd ovcr
a parLncr’s rcal or imagincd involvcmcnL wiLh anoLhcr. Fvcn Lhough jcal-
ousy occurs in all Lypcs oí dyadic rclaLionships, cxLrcmc cascs arc commonly
associaLcd wiLh romanLic rclaLionships. IL has bccn rcporLcd LhaL in Lhcsc
cxLrcmc cascs, jcalousy has bccn known Lo drivc pcoplc Lo commiL hcinous
crimcs. (Scc Provcrbs 6:34, Song oí Solomon S:6.)
1udgmcnLalism is Lhc inclinaLion Loward making moral judgmcnLs bascd on
pcrsonal conLcxL and prcícrcncc. Pcoplc havc a Lcndcncy Lo judgc oLhcrs in an
aLLcmpL Lo íorcc Lhcm inLo coníormiLy, basically bccausc Lhcy íccl somc kind
oí ícar oí Lhcir own skclcLons in Lhc closcL or bccausc whaL Lhcy scc in oLhcrs
may bc hiddcn dccp wiLhin Lhcmsclvcs. (Scc 1amcs 4:ll–l2.)
lacK of sPiriTual eNdowmeNTs
Iack oí íaiLh, íruiL oí Lhc SpiriL, wisdom, íocus, purposc, hopc, or submission
íalls undcr Lhis caLcgory. (Scc Danicl 5:27.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
lacK of submissioN To auThoriTy
Iack oí submission Lo auLhoriLy is causcd by Lhc spiriLs oí pridc and rcbcl-
lion. Pcoplc who do noL submiL Lo auLhoriLy arc sclí-willcd, sLubborn, and
uniníormcd abouL Lhc dangcrs associaLcd wiLh Lhis kind oí rccalciLranL
bchavior. Miriam and Aaron, alLhough closc kin Lo Moscs, wcrc drivcn by
Lhis spiriL and íailcd Lo íully submiL Lo Lhcir broLhcr Moscs’s lcadcrship. Tis
spiriL lcd Lhcm Lo rcbcl againsL Moscs’s auLhoriLy, assuming LhaL bccausc oí
Lhc similariLy in calling, officc, and anoinLing, submission was unncccssary.
(Scc Numbcrs l2:l–2.)
Tc cncmy is awarc LhaL Lhis powcríul wcapon oíLcn gocs undcLccLcd bccausc
iL docs noL appcar dcmonic aL firsL blush. SloLhíulncss and inacLiviLy lcads Lo
povcrLy, a lack oí íulfillmcnL oí purposc, and impoLcncc. Tc old-Limcrs uscd
Lo say LhaL idlcncss is Lhc “dcvil’s workshop.” (Scc Provcrbs 26:l3–l5.)
Iics arc íalsc dcclaraLions, disLorLcd íacLs, and íabricaLcd sLaLcmcnLs uscd Lo
dcccivc or givc an incorrccL pcrccpLion. Tc Crcck word íor lic is pseudologos,
whcrc pseudo mcans “íalsc” and logos mcans “word or dcclaraLion.” (Scc l
TimoLhy 4:l–2.)
IusL can bc dcfincd as a sLrong dcsirc oí Lhc flcsh and Lhc dcsircs, appcLiLcs,
and cravings oí Lhc soul. To Lhc bclicvcr, lusL is Lhc canccr oí Lhc soul. IL
produccs lcanncss oí Lhc soul so LhaL aíLcr iL has complcLcd iLs assignmcnL,
according Lo Lhc aposLlc 1amcs, iL brings sin and Lhcn dcaLh. (Scc CalaLians
5:l6, l9–2l, 1amcs l:l4–l5, 2 PcLcr 2:lS, l 1ohn 2:l6.)
ManipulaLion is Lhc cmploymcnL oí shrcwd or dcvious acLiviLics and LacLics
in an aLLcmpL Lo Lakc advanLagc oí anoLhcr. IL is noL only uscd Lo dominaLc or
conLrol, buL also Lo subLly, undcrhandcdly, or dcccpLivcly hidc Lruc inLcnLions.
Fvcn Lhough manipulaLion involvcs a varicLy oí mancuvcrs, LacLics, and ploys,
Weapons of Mass Destruction
a pcrson who is skillcd in Lhis bchavior will avoid any ovcrL display oí aggrcs-
sion whilc simulLancously inLimidaLing, bamboozling, and cajoling or cocrcing
oLhcrs inLo giving Lhcm whaL Lhcy wanL. CovcrL acLiviLics arc mosL oíLcn Lhc
vchiclc uscd íor inLcrpcrsonal manipulaLion. Insccurc pcoplc or pcoplc wiLh
powcr arc primc LargcLs íor saLanic manipulaLions. In Lhc firsL insLancc, SaLan
wanLs insccurc pcoplc Lo íccl morc powcrlcss, and in Lhc sccond insLancc, SaLan
wanLs Lo usurp powcr írom Lhc powcríul. Typcs oí manipulaLion includc:
Vcrbal: innucndo, ícar, namc-calling, flaLLcry, raLionalizaLion,
avoidancc, nagging, crying, scrcaming
RclaLional: whining, cocrcion, ulLimaLums, bullying, vicLimiza-
Social: propaganda, mcdia and prinLcd maLcrials, halí-LruLhs,
whiLc lics, íalsc advcrLiscmcnL, covcrL opprcssion/conLrol
MaLcrialism is Lhc Lhcory or docLrinc LhaL physical wcll-bcing and worldly
posscssions consLiLuLc Lhc grcaLcsL good and highcsL valuc in liíc. Tc
íollowing Lcrms and phrascs bcsL dcscribc and dcfinc materialism: wcalLh
sccking, prcícrs cxLravagancc and opulcncc, sclí-ccnLcrcd, sclí-sccking,
supcrficial, bclicvcs Lhc biggcr Lhc paychcck, Lhc morc imporLanL Lhc
pcrson, compcLiLivc, sclfish, prcoccupicd wiLh moncy, scnsc oí cnLiLlc-
mcnL, pridc, comparison, compcLiLivc, imagc is cvcryLhing, sccks sLaLus
and powcr rclaLivc Lo pccrs/collcagucs, will marry íor moncy, cosL cquaLcs
wiLh valuc, looks down Lhcir nosc aL oLhcrs, prcjudiccd opinions, disdains
financial insccuriLy, avoids losing sLaLus and conLrol, looking good is
morc imporLanL Lhan comíorL, bclicvcs in succcss Lhrough appcaranccs,
sLaLus-sccking, buys sLaLus symbols, sccond placc is noL good cnough,
manipulaLivc, has a nccd íor applausc, ccnLcr oí aLLcnLion, noL gcncrous,
lovcs Lo win awards, docs Lhings primarily íor own bcncfiL, gcLs angry
whcn Lhcy don’L gcL whaL Lhcy wanL, uscd Lo gcLLing Lhcir way, prcícrs
insLanL graLificaLion. (Scc Mark S:36.)

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
FducaLion, Lhc dcvclopmcnL oí undcrsLanding, musL bc disLinguishcd írom
Lraining, Lhc dcvclopmcnL oí skill. FducaLion in iLs purcsL scnsc is dcsigncd
Lo cmpowcr individuals Lo íulfill purposc and maximizc poLcnLial. Tcrc-
íorc, miscducaLion is iLs anLiLhcsis. Modcrn cducaLion has bccn lcgislaLivcly
subvcrLcd inLo Lraining, wiLh Laxpaycr’s prccious dollars bcing squandcrcd
Lo producc skillcd individuals whosc cducaLional cxpcricncc has sLrippcd
Lhcm oí clcvcn csscnLial clcmcnLs oí succcss and prospcriLy. Tcsc clcmcnLs
producc hcalLhy, cmoLionally sLablc, cconomically cmpowcrcd, conLribuLing
mcmbcrs oí any socicLy. Tcy arc crcaLivc Lhinkcrs, sclí-awarc, principlc
drivcn, moLivaLcd, spiriLually awarc, sclí-disciplincd, and criLical Lhinkcrs.
Tcy havc good liíc skills, inLcrpcrsonal skills, crisis managcmcnL skills,
rcsourcc managcmcnL skills, problcm-solving skills (vs. vicLimizaLion), and
criLical consciousncss skills.
MiscducaLion is rcsponsiblc íor Lhc consLrucLion oí an arLificial
consciousncss hcld LogcLhcr by mcdia propaganda aL Lhc cxpcnsc oí an
auLhcnLic criLical consciousncss, which givcs an individual Lhc abiliLy Lo
pcrccivc LruLh írom crror, Lo rcsisL sysLcmic, social, poliLical, psychological,
rcligious, or cconomic opprcssion, and Lo Lakc acLion againsL Lyrannical,
auLocraLic, iron-fisLcd clcmcnLs wiLhin a socicLy conLrollcd by Lhc princc
oí Lhc powcr oí Lhc air, who, according Lo 2 CorinLhians 4:4, blinds Lhc
minds oí pcoplc.
In my rcscarch, I camc across Lhc íollowing disLurbing quoLc LhaL provcs
Lhc cncmy’s dclibcraLc cfforLs Lo miscducaLc cnLirc populaLions:
In our drcam, wc havc limiLlcss rcsourccs and Lhc pcoplc yicld
Lhcmsclvcs wiLh pcríccL dociliLy Lo our molding hand. Tc
prcscnL cducaLional convcnLions íadc írom our minds, and
unhampcrcd by LradiLion, wc work our own good will upon a
graLcíul and rcsponsivc íolk. Wc shall noL Lry Lo makc Lhcsc
pcoplc or any oí Lhcir childrcn inLo philosophcrs or mcn oí
lcarning or scicncc. Wc arc noL Lo raisc up írom among Lhcm
auLhors, oraLors, pocLs, or mcn oí lcLLcrs. Wc shall noL scarch
íor cmbryos oí grcaL arLisLs, painLcrs, or musicians. Nor will wc
chcrish cvcn Lhc humblcr ambiLion Lo raisc up írom among Lhcm
Weapons of Mass Destruction
lawycrs, docLors, prcachcrs, poliLicians, sLaLcsmcn, oí which wc
now havc amplc supply.
—Frcdcrick CaLcs, l9l3
DirccLor Oí ChariLy
Rockcícllcr FoundaLion
To sLaLc morc clcarly, Lhc sccular cducaLional sysLcm is dcsigncd Lo scpa-
raLc Lhc masscs inLo Lwo classcs: Lhc cliLc minoriLy who bccomc Lhc ruling
class, and Lhc brainwashcd, nonLhinking working class. Whcn Lhc Biblc
was rcmovcd írom schools as onc oí Lhc main LcxL, so was Lhc abiliLy íor
individuals Lo LranslaLc words, languagc, and iníormaLion inLo comprchcn-
sion, rcvclaLion, and maniícsLaLion. Cod’s dcsign íor cducaLion is uniíying
and cmpowcring, making iL possiblc íor all Lo bcncfiL and succccd. BuL now,
wiLhouL Lhc Biblc as Lhc main LcxL, wc havc madc oursclvcs vulncrablc Lo
Lhc dcccpLion LhaL Lruc succcss, írccdom, and prospcriLy is noL a rcaliLy íor
cvcryonc or musL bc obLaincd Lhrough uncLhical mcans. According Lo Fphc-
sians 4:l4, Lhcy arc “Losscd Lo and íro, and carricd abouL wiLh cvcry wind oí
docLrinc, by Lhc slcighL oí mcn, and cunning craíLincss, whcrcby Lhcy lic in
waiL Lo dcccivc.”
Ií Lhis sLaLcmcnL is Lruc, Lhcn miscducaLion is an claboraLcly craíLcd, saLan-
ically imposcd, anLi-inLcllccLual plan supporLcd by govcrnmcnLs (pcrhaps in
somc cascs ignoranLly and in oLhcrs conscnsually) Lo Lrain a skillcd-bascd
(noL inLcllccLually sLimulaLcd) pcoplc Lo work Lo crcaLc wcalLh íor oLhcrs Lo
cnjoy. Sincc Lhc wcalLh oí Lhc sinncr is laid up íor Lhc jusL, wc nccd Lo bc
rccducaLcd in ordcr Lo maLcrializc Lhc ncxL grcaL wcalLh Lransícr. Miscduca-
Lion cripplcs our abiliLy noL only Lo Lhink criLically and solvc problcms, buL iL
also inhibiLs us írom making Lhc Word oí Cod acLivc in our livcs. Rcal cduca-
Lion brings LogcLhcr cducaLion and rcvclaLion. Tis is kcy bccausc wiLhouL
rcvclaLion Lhcrc can bc no maniícsLaLion and wc arc noL ablc Lo scc Cod’s
promiscs maLcrializc.
Pcrhaps Lhc bcsL way Lo grasp Lhis diabolical wcapon is Lo cxaminc Lhc
sLory oí Hclcn Kcllcr.
As a blind and dcaí child, Hclcn livcd much likc an animal, rushing
írom onc scnsaLion Lo anoLhcr. Shc was Lraincd Lo bc animalisLic, a pcrson
surviving a disabiliLy, raLhcr Lhan cducaLcd Lo bc a pcrson living wiLh a
disabiliLy, unLil Annc Mansficld Sullivan was inLroduccd inLo hcr world.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
WiLhin a shorL pcriod oí bccoming Hclcn’s Lcachcr, Sullivan was ablc Lo
imparL Lhc conccpL oí languagc Lo hcr, lcaving only onc cducaLional moun-
Lain lcíL Lo conqucr, which hcld Lhc sccrcL Lo unlocking Hclcn’s poLcnLial
hiddcn bcncaLh hcr disabiliLy: comprchcnsion and Lhc awakcning Lo
mcaning. Tc Lurning poinL was whcn Hclcn saw Lhc corrclaLion bcLwccn
Lhc waLcr LhaL slippcd Lhrough hcr fingcrs and Lhc word waLcr shc had bccn
Tis simplc buL liíc-alLcring cvcnL madc iL possiblc íor Hclcn Lo bcgin
undcrsLanding insLcad oí simply rcpcaLing whaL Annc was Lcaching hcr.
Hclcn had bccn Lraincd Lo rcpcaL Lhc word waLcr, buL iL wasn’L unLil shc
combincd Lhc cxpcricncc oí íccling waLcr and Lrying Lo communicaLc Lhc
word waLcr simulLancously LhaL Hclcn gaincd Lhc wondcríul giíL oí mcaning
and comprchcnsion oí languagc. Tcsc Lwo clcmcnLs, oncc kcpL írom Lhc
cducaLion proccss, will kccp a group oí pcoplc unconsciously opprcsscd and
bclicving LhaL Lhcir opprcsscd sLaLc is normal. Up Lo LhaL poinL, Hclcn had
bccn likc a wcll-Lraincd animal, mcmorizing words, spcaking Lhcm, and
rccciving praisc írom Annc. BuL now, suddcnly, iL camc Lo hcr! Tc word
waLcr acLually rcícrrcd Lo, poinLcd Lo, mcanL Lhc cxubcranL liquid LhaL ran
Lhrough hcr fingcrs.
So Lhc Lruc and grcaLcsL casualLy oí spiriLual waríarc is noL Lhc human
body, buL Lhc human mind. Tis is pcrhaps Lhc grcaLcsL LravcsLy oí Lhis
wcapon oí mass dcsLrucLion: Lhc dcmisc oí Lhc human soul.
MisíorLuncs arc circumsLanccs LhaL bring calamiLy, hardship, and diffi-
culL and challcnging Limcs. Tis wcapon has a varicLy oí íaccs, namcly
unLimcly dcaLhs, loss oí incomc, accidcnLs, and cconomic hardship. (Scc 2
Kings 4:l.)
MisLrusL is a íccling oí unccrLainLy abouL a siLuaLion or misgivings abouL a
pcrson or organizaLion. (Scc l Samucl lS:l–9.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
moviNg ouT of The TimiNg of The lord
Tis is a powcríul wcapon uscd againsL individuals callcd inLo minisLry.
Trough a sLrong saLanic provocaLion, boLh David and Saul movcd ouL oí Lhc
Liming oí Lhc Iord much Lo Lhc dcLrimcnL oí Lhcir dcsLinics. Wc rcad in l
Samucl how Lhc inLcrnal prcssurcs oí insccuriLy wcrc uscd as an inLrinsic
wcapon Lo causc Saul Lo disrcgard Lhc Iord’s call Lo waiL. In Lhc casc oí David,
alLhough iL was his kingly rcsponsibiliLy Lo conducL a ccnsus oí Lhc pcoplc, iL
was noL in Lhc Liming oí Lhc Iord. Hcncc, noL only wcrc Lhcrc scvcrc pcrsonal
conscqucnccs, buL also an cnLirc naLion was affccLcd. As wc waiL on Cod íor
our minisLry, wc musL also rcmcmbcr LhaL sincc our Limcs and scasons arc
in Lhc hand oí Lhc Iord, Lhcrc is no nccd Lo bc anxious, rushcd, or hurricd
in Lhc maLuraLion proccss Lhrough impaLicncc or saLanic provocaLion. (Scc l
Chroniclcs 2l:l, Romans l2:7.)
CircumsLanccs, siLuaLions, and pcoplc may somcLimcs appcar as ií Lhcy havc
no posiLivc characLcrisLic or valuc. SomcLimcs our judgmcnLs arc bascd on
pasL cxpcricncc or irraLional LhoughLs. NcgaLiviLy alLcrs Lhc pcrccpLion oí
an individual and causcs Lhcm Lo rcmovc Lhc coloríul dynamics oí liíc and
Lhc world and painLs Lhcm gray and grim. NcgaLiviLy docs noL only alLcr a
pcrson’s prcscnL liíc, buL iL also alLcrs Lhcir íuLurc. According Lo Numbcrs
l4, onc day oí ncgaLiviLy has Lhc powcr Lo Lakc a pcrson inLo a ycar’s worLh
oí bondagc. SusLaincd ncgaLiviLy changcs a pcrson’s mood, affccLs Lhcir rcla-
Lionships, and supprcsscs Lhcir immunc sysLcm. (Scc Numbcrs l4:26–34.)
NcLs arc Lhings SaLan placcs in your liíc LhaL lcad Lo siLuaLions írom which
cscapc is difficulL. Tc InLcrncL has now bccomc onc oí his modcrn-day
wcapons oí choicc, Lhrough which individuals havc bccn inLroduccd and hcld
capLivc Lo pcrvcrLcd cybcrspacc acLiviLics. (Scc FcclcsiasLcs 7:26.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
An obscssion is a compulsivc fixaLion upon an idca, cmoLion, or pcrson.
Obscssions arc opcn doors Lo somc oí Lhc mosL hcinous crimcs and LwisLcd
acLiviLics. (Scc 2 Samucl l3:l–2, ll–l2, l4.)
Offcnscs arc uscd by SaLan Lo causc you Lo Lransgrcss bascd on your displca-
surc, angcr, or rcscnLmcnL oí somconc’s acLion displaycd or words spokcn Lo
or againsL you. Whcn an offcnsc is allowcd Lo rcmain and ícsLcr, Lhc cncmy
noL only uscs iL Lo dcsLroy you or Lhc individual, buL also Lhis wcapon acLu-
ally undcrmincs spiriLual auLhoriLy. Scck Lo lovc Lhc Word oí Cod, cspccially
ScripLurc LhaL spcaks abouL íorgivcncss and lovc. Tc íollowing Lwo passagcs
írom Lhc Biblc will inoculaLc you Lo Lhc cffccLs oí Lhis wcapon: Psalm ll9:l65
and Iukc l7:l–l0.
According Lo Provcrbs 2S:3, Lhis wcapon is likc a “swccping rain which
lcavcLh no íood.” IL LoLally ravishcs Lhc soul and lcavcs iL wanLing as iL sLcals
your digniLy and qualiLy oí liíc. Tank Cod LhaL Hc “anoinLcd 1csus oí Naza-
rcLh wiLh Lhc Holy ChosL and wiLh powcr: who wcnL abouL doing good, and
hcaling all LhaL wcrc opprcsscd oí Lhc dcvil, íor Cod was wiLh him” (AcLs
l0:3S, scc also Fzckicl 22:29).
overT oPeraTioNs
Tcrc arc Limcs whcn SaLan’s aLLack upon you rcquircs a lcss-Lhan-obvious
LacLic. Fqually, Lhcrc arc oLhcr Limcs whcn his aLLack is “in your íacc” and
obvious. Tis is whaL I call an ovcrL aLLack. IL is bold and brazcn, and SaLan
dcfiniLcly wanLs Lo gcL Lhc glory. (Scc l Samucl 30:l–S.)
Peer Pressure
Pccr prcssurc is Lhc cxLcrnal prcssurc cxcrLcd upon an individual by
collcagucs, íricnds, and associaLcs LhaL psychologically affccLs Lhcm, causing
Lhcm Lo íundamcnLally coníorm Lo a spccific codc oí conducL, mind-scL, and
basic way oí living. Pccr prcssurc makcs you livc by Lhc sLandards oí man
Weapons of Mass Destruction
raLhcr Lhan Lhosc csLablishcd by Cod. Sincc Lhc word peer is dcfincd as, “a
pcrson who has cqual sLanding wiLh anoLhcr or oLhcrs, as in rank, class, or
agc,” Lhc phrasc peer pressure prccmpLs Lhc noLion LhaL Lhis phcnomcnon is
spccific Lo Lccnagcrs. TaL is Lo say LhaL no maLLcr how young or old you arc,
cvcryonc is susccpLiblc Lo iL. (Scc l Samucl l5:l9–2l.)
Pcrvcrsions arc any kind oí acLion LhaL Cod considcrs dcvianL, corrupL, or vilc.
Provcrbs l7:20 sLaLcs, “Hc LhaL haLh a íroward hcarL findcLh no good: and hc
LhaL haLh a pcrvcrsc Longuc íallcLh inLo mischicí.” (Scc Ccncsis l9:l–ll.)
Posscssion is Lhc sLaLc oí bcing rulcd, conLrollcd, and dominaLcd by an cvil
spiriL. (Scc MaLLhcw S:l6, 2S, l2:22, Mark l:32.)
PovcrLy is a sLaLc oí cconomic dcficicncy characLcrizcd by Lhc lack oí capaciLy
Lo obLain Lhc basic ncccssiLics oí liíc or maLcrial comíorLs. Tc uníorLunaLc
Lhing abouL individuals who cxpcricncc povcrLy is LhaL Lhcy oíLcn blamc
Lhcir sLaLc on Lhc Iord raLhcr Lhan on Lhc rcal culpriL—SaLan. PovcrLy causcs
a lack oí acccss. (Scc RuLh l:2l, Psalm l2:5.)
Prcjudicc is a prcconccivcd prcícrcncc or idca LhaL lcads Lo Lhc dcvclopmcnL
oí advcrsc judgmcnL, opinion, or bclicí prior Lo and wiLhouL knowlcdgc or
cxaminaLion oí Lhc íacLs. IL is also an irraLional suspicion or haLrcd oí a
parLicular group, racc, or rcligion. Tc cncmy uscs Lhis wcapon Lo scparaLc
and dividc. As iL rclaLcs Lo Lhc church, Lhis wcapon is cmploycd in an aLLcmpL
Lo undcrminc Lhc prcaching oí Lhc gospcl and Lhc uniLy oí Lhc SpiriL among
bclicvcrs oí diffcrcnL cLhniciLics, naLionaliLics, and dcnominaLional prcícr-
cnccs. (Scc AcLs l0:9–l5.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Pridc is Lo Lhc kingdom oí darkncss whaL humiliLy is Lo Lhc kingdom oí
lighL. In íacL, pridc is Lhc íoundaLion upon which Lhc kingdom oí darkncss is
builL. Pridc is csscnLially a dcclaraLion oí indcpcndcncc írom Cod bccausc iL
produccs an inordinaLc opinion oí sclí and pcrsonal supcrioriLy. Tc spiriL oí
pridc causcd SaLan Lo bclicvc LhaL hc could bc Cod. (Scc Provcrbs ll:2, l6:lS,
Tis wcapon is íormcd in Lhc mind oí individuals causing Lhcm Lo aLLribuLc
Lhcir aLLiLudcs, ícclings, or supposiLions Lo anoLhcr. In our LcxL, Iaban accuscs
1acob oí Lhc vcry Lhing hc did during 1acob’s carccr wiLhin his corporaLion.
Hc projccLcd his guilL onLo anoLhcr. (Scc Ccncsis 3l:36–42.)
A provocaLion is a pcrLurbing sLimulus LhaL inLcnLionally inciLcs or rouscs
you Lo acLions and acLiviLics LhaL arc usually diamcLrically opposcd Lo Lhc
will oí Cod. (Scc l Chroniclcs 2l:l–3, 7–S.)
Rapc is Lhc violaLion oí Lhc physiological, psychological, and cmoLional sclí
by anoLhcr. IL is onc oí Lhc many wcapons Lhc spiriL oí pcrvcrsion uscs Lo
dcsLroy an individual’s qualiLy oí liíc.
AlLhough rapc is vicwcd as a violcnL scxual crimc pcrpcLraLcd by malcs
againsL ícmalcs, sLaLisLics show LhaL a small numbcr oí cascs havc bccn
rcporLcd whcrc Lhc vicLim has bccn malc. NcvcrLhclcss, rapc is noL abouL
scx. IL is morc Lhan jusL an acL oí scxual violcncc. IL is an acL oí Lhc cxcr-
Lion oí powcr and conLrol ovcr anoLhcr pcrson. Rapc is liíc LhrcaLcning and
liíc alLcring, iL scvcrcly LraumaLizcs Lhc vicLim. For many vicLims, rapc is
a dcfining momcnL LhaL dividcs Lhcir liíc inLo Lwo parLs: liíc bcíorc Lhc
rapc and liíc aíLcr. In somc mcasurc, Lhc samc is Lruc íor Lhosc who arc
closcsL Lo Lhc vicLim including Lhcir childrcn and malc rclaLionships such as
husbands, íaLhcrs, broLhcrs, and malc companions. For all, onc singlc inci-
dcncc oí rapc rcshapcs and rcmolds pcrccpLions oí sclí, how Lhcy inLcracL
Weapons of Mass Destruction
wiLh oLhcrs, and how Lhcy and Lhcir lovcd oncs conducL Lhc affairs oí Lhcir
livcs in Lhc íuLurc.
Rapc is a disLurbingly írcqucnL crimc. IL is also onc oí Lhc lcasL-rcporLcd
crimcs in parL bccausc many vicLims ícar how Lhcy mighL bc LrcaLcd ií Lhcy
divulgc whaL has happcncd. (Scc 1udgcs l9:22–2S.)
Rcbcllion is Lo Lhc kingdom oí darkncss as righLcousncss, pcacc, and joy in
Lhc Holy SpiriL is Lo Lhc kingdom oí lighL. IL is Lhc vcry íoundaLion upon
which SaLan builL his kingdom oí sin and iniquiLy. Rcbcllion is a dcmonic
disposiLion LhaL lcads Lo dcfiancc oí auLhoriLy, insurrccLion, and violcncc.
(Scc l Samucl l5:23.)
Tc wcapon oí rcgrcL is a saLanic aborLivc wcapon bccausc iL kccps you
connccLcd Lo your pasL raLhcr Lhan living íor Lhc íuLurc. Rcmcmbcr, ycsLcrday
is in Lhc Lomb, and Lomorrow is ycL in Lhc womb. RcgrcL lcd 1udas Lo hang
himsclí. His oLhcr opLion would havc bccn conícssion, rcpcnLancc, and rcsLo-
raLion—Lhrcc acLs LhaL had Lhc poLcnLial oí salvaging his minisLry and giving
him a íuLurc. RcgrcLs lcd pcoplc Lo livc wiLh “I wish,” “whaL ií,” and “ií only.”
(Scc MaLLhcw 27:l–5.)
Whcn Cod crcaLcd mankind, Hc crcaLcd boLh malc and ícmalc in His imagc. I
bclicvc LhaL onc oí Lhc Lhings LhaL makcs man likc Cod is Lhc inhcrcnL dcsirc
Lo bc rccognizcd, valucd, acccpLcd, and apprcciaLcd. RcjccLion undcrmincs
LhaL naLural, Cod-givcn characLcrisLic LhaL prcdisposcs cach onc oí us wiLh
Lhc dcsirc Lo bc lovcd, chcrishcd, and apprcciaLcd noL íor whaL wc do, havc,
or aLLain, buL íor jusL bcing an individual who has bccn ícaríully and wondcr-
íully madc. RcjccLion is onc oí Lhc ways Lhc cncmy undcrmincs sclí-worLh,
sclí-csLccm, sclí-imagc, purposc, and poLcnLial. RcjccLion comcs in Lwo basic
íorms: covcrL and ovcrL. CovcrL can bc characLcrizcd by somconc saying
Lhcy lovc and supporL you buL ncvcr showing iL. OvcrL is morc obvious. IL
compriscs vcrbal, physical, or social osLracizing, isolaLion, discriminaLion,
and scgrcgaLion.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
RcjccLion írom oLhcrs oíLcn lcads Lo Lhc rcjccLion oí sclí, which produccs
ícclings oí worLhlcssncss and inícrioriLy, dcprcssion, cmoLional isolaLion,
inLrospccLion, pcríccLionism, irrcsponsibiliLy, guilL, and sclí-haLrcd. Pcoplc
who havc livcd undcr consLanL rcjccLion cvcnLually havc a difficulL Limc
cxprcssing ícclings, asscrLing himsclí/hcrsclí, or Laking conLrol oí his/hcr
liíc. RcjccLcd pcoplc rcjccL as a rcsulL oí an acquircd dcícnsc mcchanism. (Scc
Mark S:3l, l2:l0.) For a grcaLcr sLudy, plcasc scc chapLcr 9.
RcligiosiLy is a sysLcm oí bclicís, principlcs, crccds, dogmas, and íaiLh Lo
which an individual adhcrcs. (Scc CalaLians l:l3–l4, 1amcs l:26–27.)
RcscnLmcnL is an irraLional mind-scL crcaLcd by Lhc cncmy LhaL causcs a
pcrson Lo íccl indignaLion or ill will Loward anoLhcr as a rcsulL oí a rcal or
imagincd gricvancc. (Scc Ccncsis 4:l–S.)
RcLaliaLion is a wcapon uscd Lo gcL back aL somconc, cspccially ií you arc
making spiriLual inroads in praycr and spiriLual waríarc. Tc morc you war
againsL Lhc cncmy, Lhc morc hc will dcsirc Lo gcL back aL you. Tc IaLin phrasc
íor Lhis is quid pro quo. You will advancc on onc hand, Lhcn Lhc cncmy will
aLLcmpL Lo causc you Lo losc ground on Lhc oLhcr. Tc ulLimaLc inLcnL is íor
you Lo losc conLrol oí your cmoLions, losc hopc, and Lo brcak your íocus. Hc
may rcLaliaLc by hiLLing your financcs, íamily, marriagc, íricndships, busi-
ncss, or any oLhcr arca hc íccls will wcakcn you in your baLLlc. (Scc FsLhcr
SaboLagc is uscd Lo causc malicious dcsLrucLion Lo an individual or Lhc ccssa-
Lion oí a work, a causc, a rclaLionship, or a minisLry. (Scc Nchcmiah 6:l–6.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
saTaNic coNceNTraTioN
SaLanic conccnLraLion is Lhc LoLal íocus oí saLanic powcrs upon a spccific
objccL or pcrson. SaLan oíLcn íocuscs on onc pcrson in a íamily, a church, a
LcrriLory, or a group oí pcoplc Lo Lhc cxclusion oí oLhcrs. Usually Lhis pcrson
has a divinc purposc LhaL LhrcaLcns SaLan. Tc íollowing arc cxamplcs oí indi-
viduals who camc undcr Lhis aLLack. Rcad Lhc rcícrcnccs íor íurLhcr cxposurc
and cnlighLcnmcnL: 1oscph (Ccn. 37–39), Lhc naLion oí Isracl (Fxod. l–l2),
FsLhcr and Mordccai (FsLh. l–S), Nchcmiah (Nch. 4, 6:l–l6), and 1csus (Lhc
In l CorinLhians 5:l–5 Lhc cncmy aLLcmpLcd Lo noL only dcsLroy an indi-
vidual Lhrough scandal, buL also Lo undcrminc Lhc influcncc oí Lhc local
asscmbly wiLhin iLs communiLy as wcll. In MaLLhcw l6:2l–26, 1csus rcbukcd
PcLcr bccausc hc pcrccivcd LhaL SaLan had scL him up íor a scandalous undcr-
Laking in His liíc. In Lhis LcxL, Lhc word offence comcs írom Lhc Crcck word
skandalon and is probably a dcrivaLivc oí anoLhcr Crcck word kampt, which is
a Lrap sLick (bcnL sapling) or a snarc (figuraLivc causc oí displcasurc or sin),
which givcs occasion íor somconc Lo Lrip, sLumblc, or íall. Kampt is Lhc acLual
íccling oí bcing offcndcd or Lhc Lhing LhaL causcs Lhc offcnsc. Scandal is Lhc
Fnglish LranslaLion íor Lhis word. Te American Heritage Dictionary dcfincs Lhis
word as “a publicizcd incidcnL LhaL brings abouL disgracc or offcnds Lhc moral
scnsibiliLics oí socicLy, a pcrson, Lhing, or circumsLancc LhaL causcs or oughL
Lo causc disgracc or ouLragc.”
A scandal can causc irrcvcrsiblc damagc Lo rcpuLaLion or characLcr, cspc-
cially ií Lhcrc is a public disclosurc oí immoral or grossly impropcr bchavior.
Scandals causc shamc, cmbarrassmcnL, and disgracc. Tcy can bc causcd by
Lalk or cxprcssions oí injurious, malicious sLaLcmcnLs LhaL arc damaging Lo
onc’s characLcr. According Lo Provcrbs 22:l, “A good namc is raLhcr Lo bc
choscn Lhan grcaL richcs, and loving íavour raLhcr Lhan silvcr and gold.”
Tis wcapon is uscd jusL as baiL is uscd íor fish. IL is dcsigncd Lo cnLicc, aLLracL,
or draw a pcrson inLo a wrong or íoolish coursc oí acLion. ScducLions can bc
vcrbal or nonvcrbal. (Scc 2 Kings 2l:9, Fzckicl l3:l0, l TimoLhy 4:l.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Tc spiriL oí shamc produccs an inLcrnal íccling LhaL wc arc grossly and
unbcarably flawcd as a pcrson. IL scduccs us inLo bclicving LhaL wc arc
inadcquaLc, bad, and no good. Tcsc ícclings impcdc Lhc maximizaLion oí
poLcnLial and Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc. In somc pcoplc, iL can rcsulL in low
sclí-csLccm and a poor conccpL oí sclí. Shamc can involvc íamily sccrcLs,
pcrsonal íailurcs, and poor sclí-imagc. IL can sLcm írom issucs likc alco-
holism, abusc, aborLion, bankrupLcy, uncmploymcnL, or divorcc. Tis wcapon
is dcsigncd Lo crodc Lhc auLhcnLiciLy oí who you rcally arc: a pcrson crcaLcd
in Lhc imagc and likcncss oí Cod. Shamc brings wiLh iL a scnsc oí worLh-
lcssncss, mcaninglcssncss, dcprcssion, compulsivc disordcrs, a dccp scnsc oí
inícrioriLy, inadcquacy, alicnaLion, hclplcssncss, vicLimizaLion, and isolaLion.
(Scc 2 Samucl l3:l–2, l4–20.)
Tc Hcbrcw word íor sin is chattath, írom Lhc rooL chatta, and in Crcck iL is
hamartia. BoLh oí Lhcsc words mcan “Lo miss Lhc mark.” Tcy arc words LhaL
inLimaLc somcLhing is off LargcL. As iL rclaLcs Lo Cod’s Iaw, Lhcy mcan LhaL
onc has íailcd Lo mccL Lhc sLandard or misscd Lhc LargcLcd mark scL by Cod
íor us. Cod’s mark or sLandard is His Iaw. Tcrcíorc sin is Lhc Lransgrcssion
oí any oí Lhc laws oí Cod. FirsL 1ohn 3:4 offcrs Lhc biblical dcfiniLion oí sin:
“Whosocvcr commiLLcLh sin LransgrcsscLh also Lhc law: íor sin is Lhc Lrans-
grcssion oí Lhc law.” Sin is Lhc Lransgrcssion oí any oí Lhc laws oí Cod.
In days oí old, snarcs wcrc Lrapping dcviccs. Tcy primarily consisLcd oí a
noosc and wcrc uscd íor capLuring animals. In your liíc a snarc is a saLanic
wcapon LhaL you should vicw as a sourcc oí dangcr or somcLhing LhaL causcs
difficulLy in cscaping circumsLanccs LhaL arc dcsigncd Lo causc your dcmisc.
Snarcs may comc as a rclaLionship or habiL-íorming acLiviLics. (Scc l Samucl
Weapons of Mass Destruction
sPiriTs of affiNiTy
Tis spiriL dcsigns wcapons LhaL Lakc a pcrson inLo idolaLry, causing Lhcm Lo
losc íavor wiLh Cod. Fxodus 20:2–3 sLaLcs, “I am Lhc Iorb Lhy Cod, which
havc broughL Lhcc ouL oí Lhc land oí FgypL, ouL oí Lhc housc oí bondagc. Tou
shalL havc no oLhcr gods bcíorc mc.” Tis wcapon was uscd in Lhc liíc oí many
biblical characLcrs such as King Solomon, 1choshaphaL, and Lhc childrcn oí
Isracl. (Scc l Kings 3:l, 2 Chroniclcs lS:l, Fzra 9:l4.)
sPiriTual miscarriage
SpiriLual miscarriagc is sponLancous, diabolically iniLiaLcd spiriLual loss oí
divinc purposc and dcsLiny. Tis wcapon was uscd cffccLivcly againsL IoL’s
wiíc. (Scc Ccncsis l9:l5–26.)
Tis saLanic wcapon aLLcmpLs Lo characLcrizc or brand you as disgraccíul or
ignominious. IL aLLachcs “labcls” upon a pcrson, many oí which arc difficulL
Lo “shakc off.” (Scc MaLLhcw l2:24.)
A sLronghold is a mcnLal paradigm, idcology, hcrcsy, iníormaLion, docLrinc,
dogma, docLrincs oí mcn and dcvils, or any oLhcr mind-scL SaLan uscs Lo
conLrol Lhc dcsLiny oí an individual. Hc also uscs sLrongholds Lo kccp cnLirc
groups oí pcoplc (communiLics, naLions, kingdoms) in bondagc. Tis powcríul
wcapon blinds Lhc minds and binds Lhc will. Hc will usc culLurc, íashion,
music, poliLical propaganda, rcligious and culLic acLiviLics, or anyLhing clsc as
a Lypc oí íorLrcss, hiding and camouflaging himsclí so as Lo go undcLccLcd by
Lhc masscs. (Scc Romans l:2l, 2 CorinLhians l0:4, Fphcsians 4:lS.)
sTumbliNg blocKs
SLumbling blocks arc Lhosc Lhings LhaL obsLrucL movcmcnL and causc spiri-
Lual insLabiliLy. In Lhc original Hcbrcw LcxL, Lhc word mikashowl had Lhc
connoLaLion oí an individual whosc anklcs could noL supporL Lhcir wcighL,
Lhus Lhcy would consLanLly sLumblc and íall. (Scc Fzckicl l4:3–4, l PcLcr 2:S,
l 1ohn 2:l0, RcvclaLion 2:l4.)
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
suicidal ThoughTs
Flijah is onc oí our grcaLcsL cxamplcs oí Lhc cffccLivcncss oí Lhis wcapon in
Lhc liíc oí a bclicvcr. Fvcn 1csus was aLLackcd by Lhis spiriL. 1usL prior Lo
His crucifixion, Hc was aLLackcd in Lhc Cardcn oí CcLhscmanc. (Scc l Kings
l9:l–4, MaLLhcw 26:3S.)
ThorN iN The flesh
A Lhorn in Lhc flcsh is an arca oí wcakncss LhaL SaLan is allowcd Lo consis-
LcnLly íocus on so LhaL, as a rcsulL oí Lhc cxisLcncc oí Lhc Lhorn, Lhc individual,
likc Paul, íosLcrs a LoLal dcpcndcncc on Cod and noL sclí. (Scc 2 CorinLhians
TradiTioNs of meN
TradiLions arc clcmcnLs oí a culLurc passcd down írom gcncraLion Lo gcncra-
Lion, cspccially by oral communicaLion and modcling. (Scc MaLLhcw l5:2–3,
6, Mark 7:3.)
TraNsfereNce of sPiriTs
Transícrcncc oí spiriLs is Lhc LransmigraLion oí a spiriL írom onc pcrson Lo
anoLhcr. Tis can happcn by laying on hands, associaLion, scxual cncounLcrs,
incanLaLion, conLracLs, covcnanLs, oaLhs, or Lalisman. (Scc l CorinLhians
Unbclicí is anoLhcr powcríul wcapon. IL diffcrs írom doubL in LhaL doubL says,
“I nccd morc iníormaLion.” Unbclicí, on Lhc oLhcr hand, says, “No maLLcr
how much iníormaLion you givc mc, I sLill don’L bclicvc.” Tc firsL gcncraLion
oí Hcbrcws who wcrc dclivcrcd írom Lhc hand oí Pharaoh dicd bccausc oí
Lhcir unbclicí. Tis wcapon rcsLrains Lhc powcr oí Cod. (Scc MaLLhcw l3:5S,
Hcbrcws 4:l–2, ll.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Tis wcapon consisLs oí moral, psychological, physical, or cnvironmcnLal
dcfilcmcnL. (Scc Mark l:23, 26–27.)
Tis powcríul inLrinsic wcapon is uscd by a dcmoLivaLing spiriL, driving a
paradigm LhaL will causc you Lo:
Avoid succcss-rclaLcd acLiviLics
DoubL your abiliLy
Assumc succcss is rclaLcd Lo luck, cducaLion, moncy, “who you
know,” or Lo oLhcr íacLors ouL oí your conLrol. Tus, cvcn whcn
succcssíul, iL isn’L as rcwarding Lo Lhc unmoLivaLcd pcrson
bccausc Lhcy don’L íccl rcsponsiblc or iL docsn’L incrcasc his/
hcr pridc and confidcncc
QuiL whcn having difficulLy bccausc you bclicvc íailurc is
causcd by a lack oí abiliLy which you “obviously don’L havc”
Choosc Lasks LhaL arc noL challcnging, passion- or purposc-
Work wiLh liLLlc drivc or cnLhusiasm bccausc ouLcomc isn’L
LhoughL Lo bc rclaLcd Lo cfforL
Uníorgivcncss is Lhc rcíusal Lo rclcasc somconc írom an offcnsc or wrong-
doing. Uníorgivcncss gricvcs Lhc Holy SpiriL and is somcLimcs onc oí Lhc
mosL difficulL sins Lo conícss and Lo gcL ovcr bccausc wc so oíLcn Lhink wc
musL íccl iL cmoLionally whcn wc íorgivc somconc. Tc vcry acL oí íorgivcncss
is an acL oí our will and noL our cmoLions. Ií uníorgivcncss is lcíL Lo ícsLcr, iL
has Lhc poLcnLial Lo givc risc Lo biLLcrncss. CharacLcrisLics oí uníorgivcncss
includc angcr, hurL, rcscnLíulncss, rcplaying an cvcnL or words spokcn, or
vcngcancc. As long as an acL oí wrongdoing or Lhc assailanL rcmains in your
LhoughLs, you havc noL íorgivcn. SomcLimcs you havc Lo íorgivc yoursclí Loo.
Don’L gricvc Lhc SpiriL by holding on Lo Lhings Loo long. CasL your carcs on
Lhc Iord. Forgiving mcans lcaving cvcryLhing in Cod’s hands, rccalling LhaL
ulLimaLcly, vcngcancc is His. (Scc Mark ll:25–26.)

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
uNholy alliaNces
Unholy allianccs arc ungodly, closc associaLions csLablishcd Lhrough dcmonic
influcnccs so as Lo rciníorcc saLanic plans and purposcs in your liíc. (Scc
Danicl ll:l–6.)
uNsaNcTified souls
AlLhough many bclicvcrs arc Lruly and sinccrcly savcd, Lhcir souls rcmain
unconvcrLcd. (Scc Iukc 22:3l–32.) Tc íollowing arc arcas in our livcs LhaL
can bccomc unsancLificd: agcndas, ambiLions, appcLiLcs, dcsircs, idcologics,
inLcnLions, moLivcs, passions, pcrccpLions, and philosophics.
vaiN imagiNaTioN
Narcissism and arrogancc oí Lhc mind oíLcn lcad bclicvcrs inLo morc dcpcn-
dcncc on sclí, cducaLion, good looks, inLclligcncc, or Lhc likcs, Lhan dcpcndcncc
on Cod. Tis is a Lrick oí Lhc cncmy bccausc wiLhouL Cod wc arc noLhing. (Scc
Ccncsis S:2l, DcuLcronomy 29:l9, 3l:2l.)
CcLLing back aL and gcLLing cvcn wiLh somconc arc Lwo acLs oí rcvcngc. CcLLing
rcvcngc should ncvcr bc on Lhc Longuc oí a bclicvcr. Tcrc arc univcrsal, spir-
iLual laws LhaL work íor us ií wc arc wrongcd. Bcsidcs, Cod rcminds us in
Romans l2:l9 LhaL vcngcancc bclongs Lo Him, and LhaL Hc will rcpay any
wrongdoing. So rcmcmbcr LhaL Lhc ncxL Limc you arc LcmpLcd by Lhc cncmy
Lo gcL somconc back.
Tc cncmy will aLLcmpL Lo ovcrwhclm, harass, and cxaspcraLc you—don’L lcL
him. Tis is noL your baLLlc, Lhc baLLlc bclongs Lo Lhc Iord. Co inLo praycr
and spiriLual waríarc againsL Lhis spiriL. InsisL LhaL iL ccasc and dcsisL in Lhc
namc oí Lhc Iord. (Scc FcclcsiasLcs 4:6, AcLs l2:l.)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
In Lhis LcxL violcncc is likcncd Lo winc, which incbriaLcs and causcs a pcrson
Lo losc rcason. Violcncc is hidcous bccausc iL docs noL Lakc inLo considcraLion
laws, pcrsonhood, pcrsonal posscssions, propcrLy, or Lhc righL Lo livc. (Scc
Psalm ll:5, 73:6, Provcrbs 4:l7.)
War is Lhc sLaLc oí opcn, armcd, and prolongcd conflicL bcLwccn naLions, orga-
nizaLions, and pcoplc. Tc cncmy lovcs Lo kccp Lhings sLirring and in moLion
in ordcr Lo dcrail, disLracL, and dcsLroy. SaLan cmploys dcmonic spiriLs Lo
crcaLc discord and disharmony in your rclaLionships, cspccially wiLh Lhosc
who havc a divinc assignmcnL. In an aLLcmpL Lo camouflagc your rcal íoc, hc
will aLLcmpL Lo blind you spiriLually and cmoLionally by causing you Lo íocus
on Lhc pcrson or siLuaLion hc uscs raLhcr Lhan on Lhc spiriL LhaL is bchind Lhc
conflicL. Rcmcmbcr, no maLLcr who or whaL hc uscs, hc is Lhc culpriL bchind
cvcry conflicL and baLLlc. (Scc 2 CorinLhians 7:5, 1amcs 4:l.)
WcighLs arc saLanic burdcns. Tcy can comc in a varicLy oí shapcs and íorms,
such as cmoLional wcighLs, which can bc yours or somconc clsc’s, finan-
cial wcighLs, or psychological wcighLs. Tcy arc worrics, carcs, or conccrns
inLcndcd Lo kccp you carLhbound. (Scc Provcrbs ll:l.)
worKs of The flesh
Tc works oí Lhc flcsh arc carnally moLivaLcd acLiviLics and sclí-sccking
cndcavors LhaL kccp an individual írom living a kingdom-oricnLcd liícsLylc.
(Scc CalaLians 5:l9–2l.)
According Lo l 1ohn 2:l6, worldlincss is characLcrizcd by Lhc lusL oí Lhc
flcsh, Lhc lusL oí Lhc cycs, and Lhc pridc oí liíc. 1ohn’s sLaLcmcnL conLrasLs
iLsclí wiLh Lhings LhaL arc in Cod as opposcd Lo bcing in Lhc world. Whcn a
pcrson looks íor cnjoymcnL, succcss, and Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc ouLsidc
oí Lhc will oí Cod, Lhis is worldlincss. IL is likc building your housc on sand
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
as opposcd Lo on a firm íoundaLion. Whcn cmoLional, cconomic, rclaLional,
or spiriLual sLorms comc, a worldly pcrson has noLhing oí subsLancc on which
Lo wcaLhcr Lhc sLorms. Worldlincss Lo a ChrisLian amounLs Lo íoolishncss
bccausc cvcn Lhough you may gain carnal Lhings, your gain will bc aL Lhc
cxpcnsc oí your soul. (Scc Mark S:36.)
Worry is an apprchcnsivc or disLrcsscd sLaLc oí mind. 1csus givcs us much
insighL inLo Lhc íuLiliLy oí worry, cspccially in lighL oí our alLcrnaLivc—íaiLh
and bclicving in our hcavcnly FaLhcr as 1chovah-1irch, Lhc providcr and Lhc
givcr and susLaincr oí liíc. Worry cannoL changc anyLhing buL your physical
and mcnLal wcll-bcing. Worry is a conLribuLing íacLor oí high blood prcssurc,
insomnia, anxicLy, and a wholc hosL oí oLhcr condiLions. Rcmcmbcr, don’L
pray ií you arc going Lo worry, and don’L worry ií you arc going Lo pray. (Scc
MaLLhcw 6:27–34.)
In biblical days a yokc was a crossbar wiLh Lwo U-shapcd picccs LhaL cncirclc
Lhc nccks oí a pair oí oxcn or oLhcr draíL animals working LogcLhcr. Onc
animal would bc Lhc lcadcr, Lhc oLhcr Lhc íollowcr. Ií Lhc íollowcr aLLcmpLcd
Lo go in anoLhcr dirccLion, Lhc lcad animal would rcdirccL iL by jcrking iLs
ncck. Tc jcrk would causc discomíorL and cvcn pain. Tis acLiviLy was
undcrLakcn noL only Lo incrcasc producLiviLy, buL also Lo Lamc and Lrain lcss-
domcsLicaLcd animals. Iikcwisc wiLh SaLan, hc will aLLcmpL Lo yokc you Lo a
spiriL whosc assignmcnL is Lo lcad you inLo a dirccLion away írom Cod and
Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc. Yokcs arc SaLan’s way oí dcrailing you and alLcring
your dcsLiny. Bcing yokcd Lo Lhc cncmy rcmovcs your írccdom oí choicc.
CounteRattaCkIng tHe
weaPons of tHe enemY
Ready, Aim, Fire!
s rroriscb, I am now going Lo rclcasc Lo you Lhc spiriLual counLcr-
aLLacks Lo Lhc cncmy’s wcapons oí mass dcsLrucLion írom chapLcr 6.
You arc rcady Lo Lakc Lhis on. InsLcad oí warm-ups or pracLicc runs,
you arc going Lo gain your Lraining in Lhc ficld. Wc will movc alphabcLically
down Lhc lisL, gaining ground as wc procccd Lhrough cach onc.
Abandonment counterattack
Ask Cod Lo givc you your prophcLic TimoLhy, Mark, or Iukc on whom
you can dcpcnd in your Limc oí nccd. QuoLc Psalm 27:l0: “Whcn my íaLhcr
[covcring, anyonc rcsponsiblc Lo íaciliLaLc organizaLional or rclaLional
dcsLiny] and my moLhcr [anyonc rcsponsiblc íor financial, cmoLional, and
moral supporL] íorsakc mc, Lhcn Lhc Iorb will Lakc mc up.”
Abortion counterattack
Ask Lhc Iord Lo íorgivc you and Lo írcc you írom all prcscnL and íuLurc
ramificaLions associaLcd wiLh an aborLion or aborLivc acLiviLics. Rcnouncc all
saLanic conLracLs and covcnanLs wiLh Lhc spiriL oí dcaLh. Brcak soul Lics and
sLrongholds associaLcd wiLh aborLivc acLiviLics. Bind Lhc spiriL oí dcaLh, and
brcak dcaLh cyclcs írom your liíc, homc, busincss, marriagc, childrcn, and
lovcd oncs. Conícss LhaL your body is Lhc Lcmplc oí Lhc Holy SpiriL, clcanscd
and sancLificd by Lhc blood oí 1csus ChrisL. Closc all spiriLual porLals Lo your
soul írom Lhc cncmy. FsLablish 1chovah as Lhc gaLckccpcr and doorkccpcr
Lo your soul. Build praycr hcdgcs around your liíc, busincss, minisLry, and
rclaLionships, and around Lhc livcs oí your lovcd oncs.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Abuse counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc daily Fxodus l9:5. I am Cod’s Lrcasurcd posscssion. Hc
will causc cvcryLhing Lo work LogcLhcr íor mc bccausc Hc lovcs mc wiLh an
cvcrlasLing lovc. I rclcasc mysclí írom bcing cnsnarcd by uníorgivcncss and
rcccivc divinc cmpowcrmcnL Lo walk away írom Lhc abusc and Lakc conLrol
ovcr my dcsLiny. I dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL wiLh Cod all Lhings arc possiblc,
and Loday, according Lo Philippians 3:l3, I íorgcL Lhosc Lhings LhaL arc bchind
and rcach íorLh unLo Lhosc Lhings LhaL arc bcíorc. Hcal mc oí all hurL and
pain: “Tou arL my hiding placc, Lhou shalL prcscrvc mc írom Lroublc, Lhou
shalL compass mc abouL wiLh songs oí dclivcrancc” (Ps. 32:7).
Accident counterattack
QuoLc Psalm 9l:9–l2: “Bccausc Lhou hasL [I havc] madc Lhc Iorb, which is
my rcíugc, cvcn Lhc mosL High, Lhy [my] habiLaLion, Lhcrc shall no cvil bcíall
Lhcc [mc], nciLhcr shall any plaguc comc nigh Lhy [my] dwclling. For hc shall
givc his angcls chargc ovcr Lhcc [mc], Lo kccp Lhcc [mc] in all Lhy [my] ways.
Tcy shall bcar Lhcc [mc] up in Lhcir hands, lcsL Lhou [I] dash Lhy [my] íooL
againsL a sLonc.” Bind Lhc spiriLs oí inhcriLancc, and dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL
you arc írcc írom all accidcnLs in 1csus’s namc. Comc againsL cvcry aborLivc
acLiviLy and acL oí saboLagc in 1csus’s namc.
Accusation counterattack
Ask Cod Lo vindicaLc you in Lhc namc oí 1csus. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL
no wcapon íormcd againsL you will prospcr and LhaL cvcry lying Longuc is
silcnccd. Comc againsL íalschoods, slandcr, spcculaLion, accusaLion, misrcprc-
scnLaLion, and characLcr assassinaLion. Ask Cod Lo causc Lhc hcavcns Lo bow
down wiLh divinc judgmcnL, Lo casL íorLh lighLning Lo scaLLcr His accuscr,
and Lo scnd His hand írom abovc and rid you oí Lhcm (Ps. l44:5–7). Ask Cod
Lo prohibiL Lhc accuscr oí Lhc brcLhrcn írom opcraLing or influcncing Lhc soul
or mind oí anyonc who comcs inLo conLacL wiLh mc (Rcv. l2:l0). Dccrcc and
dcclarc LhaL your namc is associaLcd wiLh inLcgriLy, holincss, righLcousncss,
and uprighLncss, and LhaL Lhc Iord will vindicaLc you in duc scason. Main-
Lain a posLurc dicLaLcd by 1amcs 4:7: “SubmiL yoursclvcs Lhcrcíorc Lo Cod.
RcsisL Lhc dcvil, and hc will flcc írom you.”
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Addictions counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL according Lo l CorinLhians 6:l9, your body is
Lhc Lcmplc oí Lhc Holy SpiriL. Brcak Lhc sLronghold oí addicLion. Ask Cod Lo
rcmovc Lhc appcLiLc íor Lhc Lhing or pcrson. FsLablish Cod as Lhc gaLckccpcr
and doorkccpcr oí your soul. Ask Cod Lo bring hcaling and rcconciliaLion Lo
cvcry pcrson ncgaLivcly affccLcd by your addicLion. Rcnouncc íuLurc acLivi-
Lics wiLh anyLhing or anyonc associaLcd wiLh addicLivc acLiviLics. Ask Cod Lo
cclipsc Lhc addicLion wiLh purposc. War in Lhc spiriL, and dccrcc and dcclarc
LhaL all diabolical sLrongholds arc dcsLroycd and spiriLs oí inhcriLanccs arc
scvcrcd and prohibiLcd írom influcncing any íuLurc acLiviLics.
Adultery counterattack
Tc firsL sLcp Loward rcsoluLion and hcaling is naming iL íor whaL iL is,
acknowlcdging LhaL iL happcncd raLhcr Lhan prcLcnding iL did noL in Lhc hopc
LhaL iL and Lhc ícclings associaLcd wiLh iL would jusL go away. Tc acL oí adul-
Lcry nccds Lo bc admiLLcd raLhcr Lhan raLionalizcd or dcícndcd. NcxL, Lhc
ícclings nccd Lo bc cxprcsscd, noL cxplaincd, by boLh parLics. Tcrc may bc
ícar, angcr, hurL, sadncss, and gricí, or cvcn ragc. PcLiLion Lhc Iord Lo hclp
you Lo íorgivc and Lo cmpowcr you Lo movc on in lovc. Brcak and rcnouncc
scxual soul Lics. Ask íor íorgivcncss. Ask Cod Lo rcsLorc commiLmcnL Lo covc-
nanL. Build a hcdgc oí proLccLion around your mind and body. FasL and pray
íor Lhc dcsirc íor Lhc oLhcr individual Lo bc brokcn. Ask Cod Lo puriíy Lhc
mind by Lhc blood, Lhc Word, and Lhc SpiriL.
Adversity counterattack
QuoLc Isaiah 59:l9, and ask Cod Lo givc you a sLrong supporL sysLcm Lo
cncouragc and gird you up during Limcs oí advcrsiLy according Lo Provcrbs
Afflictions counterattack
QuoLc Psalm 34:l9, and ask Cod íor divinc inLcrvcnLion. Dcclarc and dccrcc
LhaL you arc proLccLcd by 1chovah-Cibbor, 1chovah-Nissi, and 1chovah-Rapha.
ConLinuc Lo build praycr shiclds, firc walls, and praycr hcdgcs around yoursclí
and your lovcd oncs, minisLry, and busincss. Pray Lhc praycrs írom chapLcr 3.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Anger counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc: “I will noL bc drivcn by angcr buL by Lhc Holy SpiriL.”
Ask Cod Lo rclcasc Lhc íruiL oí Lhc SpiriL and lcL iL saLuraLc your soul. Bind
cvcry spiriL LhaL aLLcmpLs Lo conLrol your cmoLions. Claim 1ohn S:36 íor
yoursclí and íor anyonc bound by Lhc spiriL oí angcr: “Ií Lhc Son Lhcrcíorc
shall makc you írcc, yc shall bc írcc indccd.”
Anxiety counterattack
Pray according Psalm 20:7.
Apathy counterattack
Pray according Lo Psalm 42:ll, and bind Lhc spiriL oí apaLhy and dccrcc
and dcclarc LhaL Lhc anoinLing dcsLroys cvcry yokc and liíLs cvcry burdcn.
Rcccivc Lhc joy oí Lhc Iord as your sLrcngLh.
Approval-seeking activities counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcsLorc your auLhcnLic sclí. Ask Cod Lo rcmovc írom your
mcnLal and psychological porLíolio all aLLcnLion-sccking acLiviLics and Lo
placc your íccL on a paLh LhaL lcads you Lo a purposc-drivcn, principlc-oricn-
LaLcd liíc. Bind all ícclings oí powcrlcssncss and ask Cod Lo rcsLorc your
pcrsonal paramcLcrs oí powcr, sclí-worLh, and digniLy. Ioosc Lhc spiriL LhaL
pcrpcLuaLcs irraLional LhoughL proccsscs, and makc iL a parL oí Lhc íooLsLool
oí 1csus according Lo Hcbrcws l:l3. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL your affirmaLion
comcs írom Psalm l39:l4: “I will praisc Lhcc, íor I am ícaríully and wondcr-
íully madc: marvcllous arc Lhy works, and LhaL my soul knowcLh righL wcll.”
Arguments counterattack
Pray TiLus 3:9.
Attachments counterattack
Brcak all dcmonic and saLanic aLLachmcnLs. Scvcr Lhcm by Lhc blood and
by Lhc SpiriL. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL you arc írcc írom all alliancc covcnanLs
and conLracLs LhaL havc noL originaLcd írom Lhc hcarL and mind oí Cod.
Attention-seeking activities counterattack
Pray according Lo 1crcmiah 3l:3.
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Avoidance counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc, “Cod haLh noL givcn us Lhc spiriL oí ícar, buL oí powcr,
and oí lovc, and oí a sound mind” (2 Tim. l:7), and “By Lhcc I havc run
Lhrough a Lroop, and by my Cod havc I lcapcd ovcr a wall” (Ps. lS:29). Brcak
Lhc spiriL oí ícar and irrcsponsibiliLy.
Backlash counterattack
Scck Cod íor a divinc sLraLcgy Lo counLcr Lhc aLLack oí Lhc cncmy. Cird up
Lhc loins oí Lhc mind wiLh rcsolvc LhaL you cannoL bc ovcrcomc and dcícaLcd
bccausc, according Lo l 1ohn 4:4, “CrcaLcr is hc LhaL is in you, Lhan hc LhaL
is in Lhc world.”
Backsliding counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL according Lo Hcbrcws 6:lS–l9, “[I] havc a sLrong
consolaLion…lay hold upon Lhc hopc scL bcíorc us [mc]: which hopc wc [I] havc
as an anchor oí Lhc [my] soul, boLh surc and sLcadíasL,” in 1csus’s namc. Ask
Cod Lo makc your íccL likc hinds’ íccL and Lo granL you spiriLual sLabiliLy.
Bad reputations counterattack
Pray Lhis praycr or a praycr similar Lo Lhis: Father, I cry out unto the God
of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God who is able to change both my name and
nature. According to Proverbs 22:1 and Ecclesiastes 7:1, a good name is better than
precious ointments, and it is better to be chosen than to have great riches. Terefore
I decree and declare that my name is associated with holiness, righteousness, integ-
rity, favor, and excellence. Give me a good name. Amen.
Bands counterattack
Pray: Father, please free me from the bands of wickedness. ULilizc Lhc powcr oí
Lhc wcapons oí praycr and íasLing (MaLL. l7:2l).
Besetting sin counterattack
Pray according Lo Psalm 5l.
Betrayal counterattack
Pray Lhis praycr: Father, as You heal me of my heart of disappointment, bitter-
ness, sadness, anger, rage, and pain, I thank You for all of Your promises. Help me
to believe again and to trust again. Amen. (Scc l CorinLhians l:20.) Rcmcmbcr
LhaL your hopc is in Cod.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Bitterness counterattack
Choosc Lo lcL go and íorgivc. Ask Cod Lo rcmovc Lhc rooL oí biLLcrncss
írom you and Lo allow His gracc Lo pcrmcaLc your mind, soul, and cmoLions.
Blind spots counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcvcal Lo you Lhc LruLh abouL yoursclí and Lo dclivcr you írom
any aLLiLudc, bchavior, or acLion LhaL hindcrs hcalLhy inLcracLions wiLh
oLhcrs. Ask Cod Lo rcmovc all spiriLual blindncss and vcils so LhaL you Lruly
can livc a liíc oí pcrsonal inLcgriLy and auLhcnLiciLy oí sclí in 1csus’s namc.
Bondages counterattack
Pray according Lo Isaiah 6l:l–3.
Cares of the world counterattack
Rcad Colossians 2:20–2l: “Whcrcíorc ií yc bc dcad wiLh ChrisL írom Lhc
rudimcnLs oí Lhc world, why, as Lhough living in Lhc world, arc yc subjccL Lo
ordinanccs, (Touch noL, LasLc noL, handlc noL)`” Tcn rcad MaLLhcw 6:33:
“BuL scck yc firsL Lhc kingdom oí Cod, and his righLcousncss, and all Lhcsc
Lhings shall bc addcd unLo you.”
Carnality counterattack
“Tis I say Lhcn, Walk in Lhc SpiriL, and yc shall noL íulfil Lhc lusL oí Lhc
flcsh” (Cal. 5:l6).
Celestial barricades counterattack
Usc a combinaLion oí praycr and íasLing. Rciníorcc your praycr cfforLs by
cngaging in Lhc praycr oí agrccmcnL. Ask Cod Lo scnd divinc angclic assis-
Lancc Lo rcmovc all hindranccs and barricrs in 1csus’s namc.
Chains/fetters/shackles counterattack
“IcL Lhc high praiscs oí Cod bc in Lhcir mouLh, and a Lwocdgcd sword in
Lhcir hand, Lo cxccuLc vcngcancc upon Lhc hcaLhcn, and punishmcnLs upon
Lhc pcoplc, Lo bind Lhcir kings wiLh chains, and Lhcir noblcs wiLh ícLLcrs oí
iron, Lo cxccuLc upon Lhcm Lhc judgmcnL wriLLcn: Lhis honour havc all his
sainLs. Praisc yc Lhc Iorb” (Ps. l49:6–9).
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Complacency counterattack
Ask Cod Lo granL you an alcrLncss oí mind, zcal, and an urgcncy oí spiriL.
Pray Lhc íollowing: “Scc Lhcn LhaL yc walk circumspccLly, noL as íools, buL
as wisc, rcdccming Lhc Limc, bccausc Lhc days arc cvil. Whcrcíorc bc yc noL
unwisc, buL undcrsLanding whaL Lhc will oí Lhc Iord is” (Fph. 5:l5–l7).
Compromise counterattack
Bind Lhc compromising spiriL. Supcrimposc Lhc spiriLs oí convicLion, cxccl-
lcncc, and rcsolvc.
Condemnation counterattack
“For Cod scnL noL his Son inLo Lhc world Lo condcmn Lhc world, buL LhaL
Lhc world Lhrough him mighL bc savcd” (1ohn 3:l7). “Ií Lhc Son Lhcrcíorc
shall makc you írcc, yc shall bc írcc indccd” (1ohn S:36).
Confederates counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Cod will coníusc Lhc communicaLions oí cvcry
saLanically orchcsLraLcd conícdcraLion and dispcrsc Lhcir gaLhcrings. Pray
Lhc praycrs in chapLcr 3.
Contaminated anointing counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc a írcsh supply oí Lhc unconLaminaLcd anoinLing. Ask
Cod Lo sancLiíy your soul and spiriL according Lo TiLus 3:5 by Lhc washing oí
rcgcncraLion and rcncwing oí Lhc Holy ChosL.
Covert operations counterattack
Ask Cod Lo cxposc, dcsLroy, and dismanLlc cvcry diabolical covcrL opcra-
Lion. IcL Lhc dcsLroying winds oí Lhc SpiriL blow in judgmcnL againsL cvcry
work oí darkncss in 1csus’s namc. Dcclarc and dccrcc Isaiah 54:l7: “No
wcapon LhaL is íormcd againsL Lhcc shall prospcr, and cvcry Longuc LhaL shall
risc againsL Lhcc in judgmcnL Lhou shalL condcmn. Tis is Lhc hcriLagc oí Lhc
scrvanLs oí Lhc Iorb, and Lhcir righLcousncss is oí mc, saiLh Lhc Iord.”
Covetousness counterattack
Pray Lhc íollowing vcrscs: “Tc mcck shall caL and bc saLisficd: Lhcy shall
praisc Lhc Iorb LhaL scck him: your hcarL shall livc íor cvcr” (Ps. 22:26), “NoL
LhaL I spcak in rcspccL oí wanL: íor I havc lcarncd, in whaLsocvcr sLaLc I am,
LhcrcwiLh Lo bc conLcnL” (Phil. 4:ll).
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Culture counterattack
“And bc noL coníormcd Lo Lhis world: buL bc yc Lransíormcd by Lhc
rcncwing oí your mind, LhaL yc may provc whaL is LhaL good, and acccpL-
ablc, and pcríccL, will oí Cod” (Rom. l2:2). Supcrimposc Lhc culLurc oí Lhc
kingdom oí hcavcn ovcr all-opposing culLurcs. Dccrcc and dcclarc Iukc ll:2:
“Ty kingdom comc. Ty will bc donc, as in hcavcn, so in carLh.”
Death counterattack
Dcclarc Romans S:2: “For Lhc law oí Lhc SpiriL oí liíc in ChrisL 1csus haLh
madc mc írcc írom Lhc law oí sin and dcaLh”, Psalm llS:l7: “I shall noL dic,
buL livc, and dcclarc Lhc works oí Lhc Iorb”, and l CorinLhians l5:55: “O
dcaLh, whcrc is Lhy sLing` O gravc, whcrc is Lhy vicLory`”
Deception counterattack
“HowbciL whcn hc, Lhc SpiriL oí LruLh, is comc, hc will guidc you inLo all
LruLh: íor hc shall noL spcak oí himsclí, buL whaLsocvcr hc shall hcar, LhaL
shall hc spcak: and hc will shcw you Lhings Lo comc” (1ohn l6:l3). “Wc arc oí
Cod: hc LhaL knowcLh Cod hcarcLh us, hc LhaL is noL oí Cod hcarcLh noL us.
Hcrcby know wc Lhc spiriL oí LruLh, and Lhc spiriL oí crror” (l 1ohn 4:6).
Degenerative diseases counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL by Lhc prccious blood oí 1csus, all sickncss,
ailmcnLs, dcgcncraLivc condiLions, and discasc arc hcalcd. Makc Lhcsc dccla-
raLions: I am libcraLcd írom allianccs, allcgianccs, curscs, and spiriLs oí
inhcriLancc. I scvcr Lhcm by Lhc sword oí Lhc Iord. Hc is 1chovah-Ropha, Lhc
Iord who hcals mc. I spcak Lo my DNA and dcclarc LhaL I am írcc írom any
and all influcnccs passcd down írom onc gcncraLion Lo anoLhcr, biologically,
socially, cmoLionally, physiologically, psychologically, nuLriLionally, spiri-
Lually, or by any oLhcr channcl unknown Lo mc buL known Lo Cod. Dccrcc
and dcclarc LoLal divinc alignmcnL gcncLically, sysLcmically, psychologically,
biochcmically, physiologically, mcnLally, and ncurologically. Fnsurc you arc
íccding your body nuLriLious írcsh íruiL and vcgcLablcs, drinking sufficicnL
waLcr, cxcrcising, and laughing aL lcasL scvcn Limcs a day. I arbiLrarily sclccLcd
Lhc numbcr scvcn bccausc iL is Cod’s pcríccL numbcr. “A mcrry hcarL docLh
good likc a mcdicinc: buL a brokcn spiriL dricLh Lhc boncs” (Prov. l7:22).
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Delusion counterattack
“And yc shall know Lhc LruLh, and Lhc LruLh shall makc you írcc” (1ohn
S:32). Bind cvcry spiriL LhaL LwisLs and pcrvcrLs your mind and LhoughLs. Ask
Cod Lo placc LruLh in your hcarL and Lo dclivcr you írom all dclusions.
Depression counterattack
“To appoinL unLo Lhcm LhaL mourn in Zion, Lo givc unLo Lhcm bcauLy íor
ashcs, Lhc oil oí joy íor mourning, Lhc garmcnL oí praisc íor Lhc spiriL oí hcavi-
ncss, LhaL Lhcy mighL bc callcd Lrccs oí righLcousncss, Lhc planLing oí Lhc
Iorb, LhaL hc mighL bc glorificd” (Isa. 6l:3). Ask Cod Lo rcmovc Lhc spiriL oí
hcavincss. CcL up, opcn your curLains, hclp somconc lcss íorLunaLc Lhan you
(visiL Lhc hospiLal, rcad Lo somconc in Lhc nursing homc), sLarL journaling,
sing, dancc, rcad Lhc Word oí Cod, play sooLhing music, go ouLsidc, worship,
ícllowship. Rcbukc Lhc spiriL oí dcprcssion. Dccrcc and dcclarc—Lhc joy oí
Lhc Iord is my sLrcngLh.
Deprivation counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí dcprivaLion, and dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Lhrough divinc
inLcrvcnLion rivcrs oí succcss, progrcss, and prospcriLy bcgin Lo flow. Dccrcc
and dcclarc LhaL Lhc anoinLing oí Cyrus is rclcascd, and iL flows according Lo
Isaiah 45:l–3, “Tus saiLh Lhc Iorb Lo his anoinLcd, Lo Cyrus, whosc righL
hand I havc holdcn, Lo subduc naLions bcíorc him, and I will loosc Lhc loins
oí kings, Lo opcn bcíorc him Lhc Lwo lcavcd gaLcs, and Lhc gaLcs shall noL bc
shuL, I will go bcíorc Lhcc, and makc Lhc crookcd placcs sLraighL: I will brcak in
picccs Lhc gaLcs oí brass, and cuL in sundcr Lhc bars oí iron: and I will givc Lhcc
Lhc Lrcasurcs oí darkncss, and hiddcn richcs oí sccrcL placcs, LhaL Lhou maycsL
know LhaL I, Lhc Iorb, which call Lhcc by Lhy namc, am Lhc Cod oí Isracl.”
Discouragement counterattack
Pray Lhcsc Biblc passagcs: “My soul, waiL Lhou only upon Cod, íor my
cxpccLaLion is írom him” (Ps. 62:5). “Tc hopc oí Lhc righLcous shall bc glad-
ncss: buL Lhc cxpccLaLion oí Lhc wickcd shall pcrish” (Prov. l0:2S).
Disillusionment counterattack
Cird up your mind. Pray wiLhouL ccasing. Bind Lhc spiriL oí disillusion-
mcnL. Ask Cod Lo givc you a vision oí a íuLurc characLcrizcd by succcss and Lo
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
bring your liíc back inLo divinc alignmcnL. “PuL on Lhc wholc armour oí Cod,
LhaL yc may bc ablc Lo sLand againsL Lhc wilcs oí Lhc dcvil” (Fph. 6:ll).
Disobedience counterattack
Pray Lhcsc vcrscs: “SubmiL yoursclvcs Lo cvcry ordinancc oí man íor Lhc
Iord’s sakc: whcLhcr iL bc Lo Lhc king, as suprcmc” (l PcL. 2:l3). “Iikcwisc,
yc youngcr, submiL yoursclvcs unLo Lhc cldcr. Yca, all oí you bc subjccL onc
Lo anoLhcr, and bc cloLhcd wiLh humiliLy: íor Cod rcsisLcLh Lhc proud, and
givcLh gracc Lo Lhc humblc” (l PcL. 5:5). “In LhaL I command Lhcc Lhis day Lo
lovc Lhc Iorb Lhy Cod, Lo walk in his ways, and Lo kccp his commandmcnLs
and his sLaLuLcs and his judgmcnLs, LhaL Lhou maycsL livc and mulLiply: and
Lhc Iorb Lhy Cod shall blcss Lhcc in Lhc land whiLhcr Lhou gocsL Lo posscss
iL” (DcuL. 30:l6).
Divination counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí divinaLion. Dccrcc Lhc lordship oí ChrisL. Pray Lhc
“Praycrs íor AcLivaLion InLo Waríarc” in chapLcr 3.
Divorce counterattack
Forgivc, rclcasc, and lcL go oí angcr, dcprcssion, and biLLcrncss. Ask Cod Lo
rcmovc ícclings oí rcscnLmcnL, bcLrayal, cmbarrassmcnL, and lonclincss. CcL
on wiLh your liíc. Rcbuild your worLh and significancc bascd on purposc and
visions íor a brighL and bcLLcr íuLurc. Takc onc day aL a Limc. Takc rcsponsi-
biliLy íor your own liíc and ícclings.
Doctrines of devils counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí scducLion. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL LruLh prcvails. Build
praycr shiclds and hcdgcs around your mind.
Doctrines of man counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí crror. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL LruLh prcvails.
Doubt counterattack
Pray LhaL your mind is sLcadíasL, immovcablc, and always abounding in
Lhc work and Word oí Lhc Iord. Dccrcc, according Lo 2 Tcssalonians 2:2,
LhaL you arc noL shakcn in your mind, and rcíusc Lo bc Lroublcd by Lhc aLLack
oí scvcral spiriLs, words, or any circumsLancc.
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Enmeshments counterattack
Brcak soul Lics, psychological and cmoLional aLLachmcnLs, and sLrongholds.
Rcnouncc codcpcndcncy, and dcclarc LhaL all prcscnL and íuLurc rclaLionships
arc hcalLhy, muLually bcncficial, and inLcrdcpcndcnL.
Entanglements counterattack
DcsLroy cnLanglcmcnLs. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL 1chovah givcs you Lhc
sLrcngLh and couragc Lo brcak írcc oí cvcry cnLanglcmcnL. “SLand íasL Lhcrc-
íorc in Lhc libcrLy whcrcwiLh ChrisL haLh madc us írcc, and bc noL cnLanglcd
again wiLh Lhc yokc oí bondagc” (Cal. 5:l).
Ethnicities counterattack
“WiLh all lowlincss and mcckncss, wiLh longsuffcring, íorbcaring onc
anoLhcr in lovc, cndcavouring Lo kccp Lhc uniLy oí Lhc SpiriL in Lhc bond oí
pcacc. Tcrc is onc body, and onc SpiriL, cvcn as yc arc callcd in onc hopc
oí your calling, onc Iord, onc íaiLh, onc bapLism, onc Cod and FaLhcr oí
all, who is abovc all, and Lhrough all, and in you all” (Fph. 4:2–6). “Tcrc is
nciLhcr 1cw nor Crcck, Lhcrc is nciLhcr bond nor írcc, Lhcrc is nciLhcr malc
nor ícmalc: íor yc arc all onc in ChrisL 1csus” (Cal. 3:2S).
Eventualities counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Cod and Cod alonc holds Lhc kcy Lo your íuLurc:
“‘For I know Lhc plans I havc íor you,’ dcclarcs Lhc Iorb, ‘plans Lo prospcr you
and noL Lo harm you, plans Lo givc you hopc and a íuLurc’” (1cr. 29:ll, Niv).
False burdens counterattack
Pray Lhis vcrsc írom Isaiah: “And iL shall comc Lo pass in LhaL day, LhaL his
burdcn shall bc Lakcn away írom off Lhy shouldcr, and his yokc írom off Lhy
ncck, and Lhc yokc shall bc dcsLroycd bccausc oí Lhc anoinLing” (Isa. l0:27).
(Scc also Isaiah 9:4.)
False entitlement counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí Bclial. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL you will noL losc anyLhing
Cod has givcn Lo you in 1csus’s namc. Ask Cod Lo rclcasc angcls Lo marshal
and proLccL Lhc boundarics and bordcrs oí all physical, spiriLual, and inLcllcc-
Lual propcrLics and all your posscssions. Build a hcdgc oí proLccLion around
yoursclí and cvcryLhing and cvcryonc associaLcd wiLh you in 1csus’s namc.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
False expectations counterattack
Pray according Lo Psalm 20:7: “Somc LrusL in charioLs and somc in horscs,
buL wc LrusL in Lhc namc oí Lhc Iorb our Cod” (Niv). You arc a Cod oí covc-
nanL, and cvcry promisc in You is ycs and amcn. Tcrcíorc, I placc my hopc
and íaiLh in You and You alonc. Tank You íor bringing pcoplc inLo my liíc
whosc words and promisc I can dcpcnd on.
False impressions counterattack
Pray Lhc íollowing praycr: In the name of Jesus, I obliterate, annihilate, and
prohibit satanic impressions, illusions, projections, perceptions, suggestions, suspi-
cions, and deceptions set up as a decoy or an ambush to my soul and those assigned
to pray with me, for me, and on behalf of me, those who work with me, are assigned
to me, and interact with me daily. Amen. (Scc l Kings 22:5–40, AcLs l3:50, 2
Tcssalonians 2:l–l0.)
Family eccentricities and idiosyncrasies counterattack
Pray: I decree and declare that, by the anointing, covenants, contracts, chains,
fetters, bondages, proclivities, and captivities that are contrary to, oppose, or hinder
the fulfillment of God’s original plan and purpose, are broken. I am liberated from
soul ties and generational, satanic, and demonic alliances, allegiances, and curses
or spirits of inheritance. I sever them by the blood and by the Spirit. I speak to my
DNA and declare that I am free from any and all influences passed down from one
generation to another, biologically, socially, emotionally, physiologically, psycho-
logically, spiritually, or by any other channel unknown to me but known to God.
I resist every spirit that acts as a doorkeeper to my soul and renounce any further
conscious or unconscious alliance, association, allegiance, or covenant. I open myself
to divine deliverance. Father, have Your way now! Perfect those things concerning
me. Amen. (Scc DcuLcronomy 5:9, 7:S–9, FcclcsiasLcs 7:26, Isaiah 6l:l, AcLs
S:9–l3, CalaLians 5:l, l Tcssalonians 5:23–24, 2 TimoLhy 2:25.)
Fear counterattack
Pray Psalm 27:l–6.
Fiery darts counterattack
Pray: Father, I lift up the shield of faith today and quench the fiery darts of the
wicked one.
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Firebrands counterattack
Pray according Lo Lhis passagc oí ScripLurc: “And say unLo him, Takc hccd,
and bc quicL, ícar noL, nciLhcr bc íainLhcarLcd íor Lhc Lwo Lails oí Lhcsc
smoking fircbrands, íor Lhc ficrcc angcr oí Rczin wiLh Syria, and oí Lhc son
oí Rcmaliah” (Isa. 7:4).
Friendly fire counterattack
Ask Cod Lo cnablc you Lo accuraLcly disccrn Lhc spiriLs oí man. Bind all
illcgal acLiviLics conccrning your liíc. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL a praycr shicld,
Lhc anoinLing, and Lhc bloodlinc íorm a hcdgc oí proLccLion LhaL hidcs you
írom íamiliar spiriLs and all oLhcr dcmonic pcrsonaliLics, making iL difficulL
ií noL impossiblc íor Lhcm Lo cffccLivcly Lrack or Lracc you in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc
SpiriL. Tcrc shall bc no pcríoraLions or pcncLraLions. (Scc Fxodus l2:l3, 1ob
l:7–l0, Psalm 9l.)
Frustration counterattack
Rclcasc Lhc spiriL oí Nchcmiah upon you. Dcclarc and dccrcc succcss and
progrcss in 1csus’s namc.
Generational curses counterattack
Brcak gcncraLional curscs in 1csus’s namc. Iivc a liíc oí obcdicncc. “Tcrc-
íorc ií any man bc in ChrisL, hc is a ncw crcaLurc: old Lhings arc passcd away,
bchold, all Lhings arc bccomc ncw” (2 Cor. 5:l7).
Gossip counterattack
Pray according Lo Psalm 3 and Psalm l9:l4.
Guilt counterattack
DcLcrminc Lo Lakc pcrsonal rcsponsibiliLy íor rccognizing your shorLcom-
ings. Ask Cod íor íorgivcncss, íorgivc yoursclí, and makc rcparaLions whcrc
Habits counterattack
PracLicc sclí-disciplinc. FnlisL Lhc supporL oí íamily and íricnds by sharing
wiLh Lhcm. Tis onc acL oí public accounLabiliLy will makc iL morc difficulL
Lo back ouL or compromisc. FnlisL a parLncr whcn possiblc. FcclcsiasLcs 4:9
sLaLcs, “Two arc bcLLcr Lhan onc, bccausc Lhcy havc a good rcward íor Lhcir
labour.” Focus on Lhc cnd rcward and havc íun. IL is so much casicr Lo íorm
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
a ncw habiL ií iL is pcrccivcd as cnjoyablc. Bc prcparcd Lo rcward yoursclí ií
you achicvc your goal.
Harassment counterattack
Pray Lhc “Praycrs íor AcLivaLion InLo Waríarc” in chapLcr 3. Rcvcrsc, ovcr-
rulc, and vcLo cvcry acL and ill-spokcn and ncgaLivc word. Bind Lhc cncmy,
and dcclarc Isaiah 54:l7, “No wcapon LhaL is íormcd againsL Lhcc shall
prospcr, and cvcry Longuc LhaL shall risc againsL Lhcc in judgmcnL Lhou shalL
condcmn. Tis is Lhc hcriLagc oí Lhc scrvanLs oí Lhc Iorb, and Lhcir righ-
Lcousncss is oí mc, saiLh Lhc Iorb.”
Heresies counterattack
Dcclarc and dccrcc LhaL LruLh prcvails. Bind Lhc spiriL oí dcccpLion, íalsc-
hoods, and lying.
Homosexuality counterattack
“WiLh mcn iL is impossiblc, buL noL wiLh Cod: íor wiLh Cod all Lhings arc
possiblc” (Mark l0:27). “I bcsccch you Lhcrcíorc, brcLhrcn, by Lhc mcrcics oí
Cod, LhaL yc prcscnL your bodics a living sacrificc, holy, acccpLablc unLo Cod,
which is your rcasonablc scrvicc. And bc noL coníormcd Lo Lhis world: buL bc
yc Lransíormcd by Lhc rcncwing oí your mind, LhaL yc may provc whaL is LhaL
good, and acccpLablc, and pcríccL, will oí Cod” (Rom. l2:l–2).
Idolatry counterattack
Pray Fxodus 20:3, “Tou shalL havc no oLhcr gods bcíorc mc.”
Ignorance counterattack
Ask Cod Lo givc you knowlcdgc, undcrsLanding, prudcncc, and wisdom.
Rcmcmbcr Provcrbs 9:l0: “Tc ícar oí Lhc Iorb is Lhc bcginning oí wisdom:
and Lhc knowlcdgc oí Lhc holy is undcrsLanding.”
Immaturity counterattack
“BuL spcaking Lhc LruLh in lovc, may grow up inLo him in all Lhings, which
is Lhc hcad, cvcn ChrisL” (Fph. 4:l5). “As ncwborn babcs, dcsirc Lhc sinccrc
milk oí Lhc word, LhaL yc may grow Lhcrcby” (l PcL. 2:2). “BuL grow in gracc,
and in Lhc knowlcdgc oí our Iord and Saviour 1csus ChrisL. To him bc glory
boLh now and íor cvcr. Amcn” (2 PcL. 3:lS).
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Incest counterattack
Scc chapLcr 9 Lo bind Lhc spiriL oí pcrvcrsion. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL
Lhc íamily linc is clcanscd írom all pcrvcrsions in 1csus’s namc. Dccrcc and
dcclarc LhaL by Lhc anoinLing, covcnanLs, conLracLs, chains, ícLLcrs, bond-
agcs, procliviLics, and capLiviLics LhaL arc conLrary Lo, opposc, or hindcr
Lhc íulfillmcnL oí Cod’s original plan and purposc arc brokcn. I am libcr-
aLcd írom soul Lics, gcncraLional, saLanic, and dcmonic allianccs, allcgianccs,
curscs, and spiriLs oí inhcriLancc. I scvcr Lhcm by Lhc blood and by Lhc spiriL.
I dcclarc LhaL I am írcc írom any and all influcnccs passcd down írom onc
gcncraLion Lo anoLhcr—biologically, socially, scxually, cmoLionally, physi-
ologically, psychologically, spiriLually, or by any oLhcr channcl unknown Lo
mc buL known Lo Cod. Tc blood oí 1csus ChrisL scLs mc írcc írom all soulish
and carnal prcdilccLions and prcdisposiLions oí Lhc flcsh, and clcanscs my
body, soul, and spiriL oí all psychic and gcncraLional conLaminaLcs. I rcsisL
cvcry spiriL LhaL acLs as a doorkccpcr Lo my soul and rcnouncc any íurLhcr
conscious or unconscious alliancc, associaLion, allcgiancc, or covcnanL. I opcn
mysclí Lo divinc dclivcrancc. FaLhcr, havc your way now! PcríccL Lhosc Lhings
conccrning mc. (Scc DcuLcronomy 5:9, 7:S–9, FcclcsiasLcs 7:26, Isaiah 6l:l,
AcLs S:9–l3, CalaLians 5:l, 2 TimoLhy 2:25, l Tcssalonians 5:23–24.)
Indifference counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcsLorc Lhc joy oí your salvaLion and Lo givc you a zcal íor liíc
and living.
Inhibitions counterattack
Pray: I prevail against satanic inhibitions, prohibitions, and all limitations. I
decree and declare that all invisible and invincible walls are destroyed. (Scc Colos-
sians l:l6.)
Iniquity counterattack
Pray Psalm 32:5: “I acknowlcdgcd my sin unLo Lhcc, and minc iniquiLy
havc I noL hid. I said, I will conícss my Lransgrcssions unLo Lhc Iorb, and
Lhou íorgavcsL Lhc iniquiLy oí my sin. Sclah.”
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Insecurity counterattack
“For iL is Cod which workcLh in you boLh Lo will and Lo do oí his good plca-
surc” (Phil. 2:l3). Rcly on Lhc cnabling powcr oí Lhc Holy SpiriL, íor Lhc SpiriL
in you is íar sLrongcr Lhan anyLhing in Lhc world. (Scc l 1ohn 4:4.)
Insults counterattack
Pray: I obliterate and annihilate satanic impressions, insults, prejudice, harass-
ments, projections, perceptions, suggestions, suspicions, and deceptions set up as
a decoy or an ambush to my soul and those assigned to pray with me, for me, on
behalf of me, those who work with me, are assigned to me, and interact with me
daily. (Scc l Kings 22:5–40, AcLs l3:50, 2 Tcssalonians 2:l–l0.) Build praycr
hcdgcs and firc walls around your mind, will, and cmoLions. I ovcrrulc and
ovcrLhrow according Lo Isaiah 54:l7, ill-spokcn words, ill wishcs, cnchanL-
mcnLs, curscs, and cvcry idlc word spokcn conLrary Lo Cod’s original plans
and purposc. I rcvcrsc Lhc cffccLs associaLcd wiLh Lhcsc insulLs and dccrcc
LhaL Lhcy shall noL sLand, Lhcy shall noL comc Lo pass, they shall not take root.
Tcir violcnL vcrbal dcalings arc rcLurncd Lo Lhcm Lwoíold. Amcn.”
Interference counterattack
Ask Cod íor supcrnaLural inLcrvcnLion. Pray Lhc “Praycrs oí AcLivaLion
InLo Waríarc” in chapLcr 3.
Invincible obstructions counterattack
Pray 2 Samucl 22:30: “For by Lhcc I havc run Lhrough a Lroop: by my Cod
havc I lcapcd ovcr a wall.” And pray MaLLhcw l7:20: “Ií yc havc íaiLh as a grain
oí musLard sccd, yc shall say unLo Lhis mounLain, Rcmovc hcncc Lo yondcr
placc, and iL shall rcmovc, and noLhing shall bc impossiblc unLo you.”
Invisible barriers counterattack
“Fvcry vallcy shall bc fillcd, and cvcry mounLain and hill shall bc broughL
low, and Lhc crookcd shall bc madc sLraighL, and Lhc rough ways shall bc
madc smooLh” (Iukc 3:5). Fmploy Lhc anoinLing oí Zcrubbabcl and prophcsy
gracc Lo cvcry mounLain (Zcch. 4:6–7).
Irritations counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcmovc Lhc irriLaLions or Lo providc divinc inoculaLions.
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Jealousy counterattack
Ask Cod Lo dclivcr you or Lhc pcrson closcly associaLcd wiLh you írom Lhc
spiriL oí jcalousy.
Judgmentalism counterattack
“1udgc noL, and yc shall noL bc judgcd: condcmn noL, and yc shall noL bc
condcmncd: íorgivc, and yc shall bc íorgivcn” (Iukc 6:37).
Lack of spiritual endowments counterattack
Ask Cod Lo givc you your spiriLual inhcriLancc and Lruc richcs in ChrisL
1csus. Bind Lhc spiriL oí lack, and spcak abundancc. “Tc young lions do lack,
and suffcr hungcr: buL Lhcy LhaL scck Lhc Iorb shall noL wanL any good Lhing”
(Ps. 34:l0). “Ií any oí you lack wisdom, lcL him ask oí Cod, LhaL givcLh Lo all
mcn libcrally, and upbraidcLh noL, and iL shall bc givcn him” (1amcs l:5).
Lack of submission to authority counterattack
“SubmiL yoursclvcs Lhcrcíorc Lo Cod. RcsisL Lhc dcvil, and hc will flcc
írom you” (1amcs 4:7). “SubmiL yoursclvcs Lo cvcry ordinancc oí man íor Lhc
Iord’s sakc: whcLhcr iL bc Lo Lhc king, as suprcmc” (l PcL. 2:l3). “Iikcwisc,
yc youngcr, submiL yoursclvcs unLo Lhc cldcr. Yca, all oí you bc subjccL onc
Lo anoLhcr, and bc cloLhcd wiLh humiliLy: íor Cod rcsisLcLh Lhc proud, and
givcLh gracc Lo Lhc humblc” (l PcL. 5:5).
Laziness counterattack
“Tc hand oí Lhc diligcnL shall bcar rulc: buL Lhc sloLhíul shall bc undcr
LribuLc” (Prov. l2:24). “Iovc noL slccp, lcsL Lhou comc Lo povcrLy, opcn Lhinc
cycs, and Lhou shalL bc saLisficd wiLh brcad” (Prov. 20:l3).
Lies counterattack
“And yc shall know Lhc LruLh, and Lhc LruLh shall makc you írcc” (1ohn
S:32). Bind Lhc spiriL’s lics, íalschood, and crror, and loosc Lhcm írom Lhcir
assignmcnL. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL LruLh prcvails.
Lusts counterattack
Pray CalaLians 5:l6.
Manipulation counterattack
Pray according Lo Fphcsians 6:l0–lS.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Materialism counterattack
Pray Lhis passagc: “BuL scck yc firsL Lhc kingdom oí Cod, and his righ-
Lcousncss, and all Lhcsc Lhings shall bc addcd unLo you” (MaLL. 6:33).
Miseducation counterattack
Pray according Lo 2 PcLcr 3:lS.
Misfortunes counterattack
Usc Lhc “Praycrs oí AcLivaLion InLo Waríarc” in chapLcr 3 íor íurLhcr praycr
sLudy on Lhis Lopic.
Mistrust counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcvcal Lhc inLcnL and conLcnL oí a pcrson’s hcarL. Disccrn Lhc
spiriL oí Lhosc opcraLing around you and inLcracLing wiLh you. Ask Cod Lo
makc you morc LrusLing.
Moving out of the timing of the Lord counterattack
Ask Cod Lo allow you Lo movc in Lhc anoinLing oí Lhc sons oí Isaachar so
LhaL you will disccrn Lhc propcr Limc and scason íor all Lhings. Dccrcc and
dcclarc LhaL you arc synchronizcd and syncopaLcd Lo Lhc Liming oí Lhc Iord,
moving in His will and wiLh Lhc prophcLic “cloud.”
Negativity counterattack
Pray according Lo Philippians 4:S.
Nets counterattack
In Lhc namc oí 1csus, I Lakc Lhc sword oí Lhc spiriL and scvcr all ncLs
and dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL whom Lhc Son scLs írcc is írcc indccd! I dccrcc
and dcclarc LhaL cvcry unholy alliancc and associaLion is scvcrcd in 1csus’s
Obsession counterattack
FasL and pray according Lo Isaiah 5S:5–ll.
Offenses counterattack
Pray Lhis praycr: Father, I release (name the person) from all offenses I have
held in my heart. Forgive me for my resentment, hatred, anger, and displeasure.
Deliver me from this self-imposed bondage. Close every portal that gives the spirit
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
of unforgiveness access to my soul. I worship You as I decree and declare that where
the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
Oppression counterattack
Pray according Lo Fzckicl 46:lS.
Overt operations counterattack
Pray according Lo Fphcsians 6:l0–lS.
Peer pressure counterattack
Pray according Lo Romans l2:2.
Perversions counterattack
“Bc noL wisc in Lhinc own cycs: ícar Lhc Iorb, and dcparL írom cvil” (Prov.
3:7). Brcak Lhc hold oí cvcry cvil, unclcan powcr ovcr your liíc in 1csus’s namc.
Dcclarc LhaL Lhc blood oí 1csus ChrisL clcanscs you írom all sin. Ask Cod Lo
rcmovc Lhc appcLiLc íor Lhis sin. Brcak ungodly soul Lics, rcnouncc diabolical
conLracLs, and dcsLroy unholy allianccs. Shun Lhc vcry appcarancc oí cvil.
Ask Lhc Holy SpiriL Lo cxposc and dcsLroy cvcry sLronghold and clcansc you
írom scxual pcrvcrsions. Fill your hcarL and mind wiLh Lhc Word oí Lhc
Iord, and dccrcc LhaL godly LhoughLs, visions, and drcams rcplacc immoral,
dcgrading LhoughLs, drcams, nighLmarcs, and íanLasics. Dccrcc and dcclarc
your írccdom in 1csus’s namc. “Blcsscd arc Lhc purc in hcarL: íor Lhcy shall
scc Cod” (MaLL. 5:S).
Possession counterattack
“And iL shall comc Lo pass in LhaL day, LhaL his burdcn shall bc Lakcn away
írom off Lhy shouldcr, and his yokc írom off Lhy ncck, and Lhc yokc shall bc
dcsLroycd bccausc oí Lhc anoinLing” (Isa. l0:27).
Poverty counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí povcrLy. Ask Cod Lo givc you an opcn hcavcn and divinc
inspiraLion, and Lo opcn sLrcams oí incomc. Makc ccrLain you arc paying your
LiLhcs and planLing sccds. A sccd docs noL ncccssarily havc Lo bc moncy. You
can sow sccds oí hospiLaliLy, kind dccds, and acLs oí scrvicc and Limc.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Prejudice counterattack
Pray CalaLians 3:2S: “Tcrc is nciLhcr 1cw nor Crcck, Lhcrc is nciLhcr bond
nor írcc, Lhcrc is nciLhcr malc nor ícmalc: íor yc arc all onc in ChrisL 1csus.”
Pride counterattack
Pray Lhcsc passagcs: “BuL hc givcLh morc gracc. Whcrcíorc hc saiLh, Cod
rcsisLcLh Lhc proud, buL givcLh gracc unLo Lhc humblc” (1amcs 4:6), “Humblc
yoursclvcs in Lhc sighL oí Lhc Iord, and hc shall liíL you up” (v. l0).
Projections counterattack
Pray: I obliterate and annihilate satanic impressions, illusions, projections,
perceptions, suggestions, suspicions, and deceptions set up as a decoy or an ambush
to my soul and those assigned to pray with me, for me, on behalf of me, those who
work with me, are assigned to me, and interact with me daily in Jesus’s name.
Amen. (Scc l Kings 22:5–40, AcLs l3:50, 2 Tcssalonians 2:l–l0.)
Provocation counterattack
Pray LhaL Cod will granL you Lhc abiliLy Lo disccrn Lhc spiriL oí provoca-
Lion whcncvcr iL is opcrablc. Forccíully rcsisL iL in 1csus’s namc. Dccrcc and
dcclarc LhaL you arc lcd by Lhc SpiriL oí Lhc Iord.
Rape counterattack
Brcak Lhc silcncc, spcak up, and spcak ouL. Scck ChrisLian counscling.
Involvc lovcd oncs and íamily mcmbcrs in Lhc counscling scssions. Scck a
powcríul, saíc, acccpLing, and supporLivc climaLc íor you Lo rclcasc painíul
ícclings wiLhouL ícar oí criLicism, judgmcnL, rcjccLion, or humiliaLion. ULilizc
praycr sLraLcgy írom chapLcr 3. IL may sccm as ií you will ncvcr hcal, buL
in your wcakncss and sadncss, Cod’s sLrcngLh is madc pcríccL. Build praycr
shiclds, firc walls, and praycr hcdgcs around your liíc, mind, soul, and
spiriL. Progrcss Lhrough Lhc gricving proccss (psychologisLs offcr Lhc firsL
fivc sLagcs, buL I havc addcd Lhc lasL Lwo): dcnial, rcscnLmcnL, bargaining,
dcprcssion, acccpLancc, rcgaining pcrsonal powcr, and living liíc on purposc).
Trough 1csus ChrisL Lhcrc is liíc aíLcr dcaLh. Allow Lhc uncondiLional lovc oí
Lhc FaLhcr Lo hcal you.
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Rebellion counterattack
Pray wiLhouL ccasing. Bind Lhc spiriL oí rcbcllion. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL
pcacc, compliancc, and obcdicncc arc supcrimposcd ovcr Lhc spiriL oí rcbcl-
Regret counterattack
Ask Cod Lo cmpowcr you Lo ovcrcomc Lhc pain, guilL, shamc, and humilia-
Lion oí Lhc pasL. Iivc liíc on purposc. Iivc liíc in Lhc now. AcccpL íorgivcncss.
ForgcL Lhc pasL, and look íorward Lo whaL lics ahcad (Phil. 3:l3).
Rejection counterattack
Ask Cod Lo show you your Lruc worLh in Him. Do noL scck affirmaLion
írom oLhcrs aL Lhc cxpcnsc oí Lhc affirmaLion LhaL Cod givcs you. Scc your-
sclí as Cod sccs you. “To Lhc praisc oí Lhc glory oí his gracc, whcrcin hc haLh
madc us acccpLcd in Lhc bclovcd” (Fph. l:6).
Religiosity counterattack
Pray MaLLhcw 6:l0: “Ty kingdom comc. Ty will bc donc in carLh, as iL is
in hcavcn.”
Resentment counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcmovc Lhc pain and gricvancc and Lo supply you wiLh an
abundancc oí íorgivcncss.
Retaliation counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL no acL oí rcLaliaLion will prospcr. ConLinuc Lo
rciníorcc your praycr shicld and hcdgcs oí proLccLion. FsLablish Lhc Codhcad
as your gaLckccpcr and doorkccpcr.
Sabotage counterattack
Bind and loosc Lhc spiriL oí SanballaL and Tobiah. Ask Cod Lo sLrcngLhcn
your hands as you work as unLo Lhc Iord. Ask Cod Lo supcrnaLurally susLain
you. Build praycr shiclds and hcdgcs around your rclaLionships, pcrsonhood,
minisLry, and busincss. ObliLcraLc and annihilaLc saLanic imprcssions, illu-
sions, projccLions, pcrccpLions, suggcsLions, suspicions, and dcccpLions scL
up as a dccoy or an ambush Lo your soul and Lhosc assigncd Lo pray wiLh you,
íor you, on bchalí oí you, Lhosc who work wiLh you, arc assigncd Lo you, and
inLcracL wiLh you daily. (Scc l Kings 22:5–40, AcLs l3:50, 2 Tcssalonians
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
2:l–l0.) Pray: Father, overthrow the plans of troublemakers, scorners, scoffers,
mockers, persecutors, and character assassins. Expose satanic representatives, and
grant unto me divine strategies and tactics to identify, resist, and overcome plots
and plans established for my demise. Amen. (Scc FsLhcr 9:25, Psalm 5:l0, 7:l4–
l6, 34:2l, 35:l–S, 52:5, S3:l3–l7, l4l:l0, Provcrbs 26:27, 2S:l0, Danicl 3, 6,
MaLLhcw 7:l5–23, 2 CorinLhians ll:l4–l5.)
Satanic concentration counterattack
Pray LhaL a praycr shicld, Lhc anoinLing, and Lhc bloodlinc íorm a hcdgc oí
proLccLion LhaL hidcs you írom íamiliar spiriLs and all oLhcr dcmonic pcrson-
aliLics, making iL difficulL íor Lhcm Lo cffccLivcly Lrack or Lracc you in Lhc
rcalm oí Lhc SpiriL. Tcrc shall bc no pcríoraLions or pcncLraLions.
Scandal counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcmovc you írom all appcarancc oí cvil and Lo íorgivc and
clcansc you. Ask Cod Lo granL you Lhc íruiL oí Lhc SpiriL and Lo wipc your
imagc clcan írom Lhc acLiviLics associaLcd wiLh Lhc scandal and Lhc rcsidual
cffccLs in 1csus’s namc. Pray LhaL Cod will vindicaLc your rcpuLaLion and
rccnginccr your characLcr. Pray Psalm 5l.
Seduction counterattack
Ask Cod Lo scducLion-prooí your spiriL by giving you Lhc giíL oí wisdom
and disccrning oí spiriLs. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL LruLh cxposcs crror and
LhaL lighL dispcls all darkncss in 1csus’s namc.
Shame counterattack
Pray Romans S:26–29: “Iikcwisc Lhc SpiriL also hclpcLh our infirmiLics:
íor wc know noL whaL wc should pray íor as wc oughL: buL Lhc SpiriL iLsclí
makcLh inLcrccssion íor us wiLh groanings which cannoL bc uLLcrcd. And hc
LhaL scarchcLh Lhc hcarLs knowcLh whaL is Lhc mind oí Lhc SpiriL, bccausc hc
makcLh inLcrccssion íor Lhc sainLs according Lo Lhc will oí Cod. And wc know
LhaL all Lhings work LogcLhcr íor good Lo Lhcm LhaL lovc Cod, Lo Lhcm who
arc Lhc callcd according Lo his purposc. For whom hc did íorcknow, hc also
did prcdcsLinaLc Lo bc coníormcd Lo Lhc imagc oí his Son, LhaL hc mighL bc
Lhc firsLborn among many brcLhrcn.” “Rcmcmbcr yc noL Lhc íormcr Lhings,
nciLhcr considcr Lhc Lhings oí old. Bchold, I will do a ncw Lhing, now iL shall
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
spring íorLh, shall yc noL know iL` I will cvcn makc a way in Lhc wildcrncss,
and rivcrs in Lhc dcscrL” (Isa. 43:lS–l9).
Sin counterattack
Pray l 1ohn l:9: “Ií wc conícss our sins, hc is íaiLhíul and jusL Lo íorgivc us
our sins, and Lo clcansc us írom all unrighLcousncss.”
Snares counterattack
Pray Psalm 9l:3: “Surcly hc shall dclivcr Lhcc írom Lhc snarc oí Lhc íowlcr,
and írom Lhc noisomc pcsLilcncc.” Rcmcmbcr: “Foolish and unlcarncd qucs-
Lions avoid, knowing LhaL Lhcy do gcndcr sLriícs. And Lhc scrvanL oí Lhc Iord
musL noL sLrivc, buL bc gcnLlc unLo all mcn, apL Lo Lcach, paLicnL, in mcck-
ncss insLrucLing Lhosc LhaL opposc Lhcmsclvcs, ií Cod pcradvcnLurc will
givc Lhcm rcpcnLancc Lo Lhc acknowlcdging oí Lhc LruLh, and LhaL Lhcy may
rccovcr Lhcmsclvcs ouL oí Lhc snarc oí Lhc dcvil, who arc Lakcn capLivc by
him aL his will” (2 Tim. 2:23–26).
Spirits of affinity counterattack
Rcad MaLLhcw 22:36–37: “MasLcr, which is Lhc grcaL commandmcnL in Lhc
law` 1csus said unLo him, Tou shalL lovc Lhc Iord Lhy Cod wiLh all Lhy hcarL,
and wiLh all Lhy soul, and wiLh all Lhy mind.”
Spiritual abortion counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí spiriLual aborLion. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL cvcryLhing
LhaL nccds Lo bc birLhcd Lhrough praycr and supplicaLion will bc birLhcd in
iLs corrccL Limc and scason. Tcrc will bc no aborLions and no sLillbirLhs in
1csus’s namc.
Spiritual miscarriage counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL your liíc is synchronizcd Lo Cod’s original plan
and purposc and LhaL Lhcrc will bc no miscarriagc oí anyLhing Cod has
planncd íor your liíc.
Stigmatization counterattack
Iivc your liíc in cxacL conLrasL Lo Lhc sLigma. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Cod
is your dcícnsc.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Strongholds counterattack
Pray according Lo Nahum l:7 and 2 CorinLhians l0:3–6.
Stumbling blocks counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcmovc all sLumbling blocks and Lo bccomc Lhc lighL Lo your
Suicidal thoughts counterattack
Pray according Lo Isaiah 26:3 and Philippians 4:7.
Torn in the flesh counterattack
Build praycr shiclds and firc walls around your liíc. Dccrcc and dcclarc
according Lo Psalm S9:2l–23: “WiLh whom my hand shall bc csLablishcd:
minc arm also shall sLrcngLhcn him. Tc cncmy shall noL cxacL upon him,
nor Lhc son oí wickcdncss afflicL him. And I will bcaL down his íocs bcíorc his
íacc, and plaguc Lhcm LhaL haLc him.” I am sLrcngLhcncd by Lhc arm oí Lhc
Iord. Tc cncmy shall noL cxacL himsclí againsL mc. FaLhcr, wccd ouL all who
opposc mc and haLc mc. Do noL allow cvil Lo comc nigh Lo my dwclling. You
arc my hiding placc. I dwcll in Lhc sccrcL placc oí Lhc MosL High Cod.
Traditions of men counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn rcigns and rulcs ovcr Lhc
affairs oí man.
Transference of spirits counterattack
SLudy chapLcr 9. Bind and loosc any spiriL LhaL has bccn Lransícrrcd in
1csus’s namc. Command Lhcm Lo loosc Lhcir hold.
Unbelief counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Lhc spiriL oí unbclicí is supcrimposcd by Lhc spiriL
oí íaiLh.
Uncleanness counterattack
Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Lhc cnvironmcnL, spiriL, or mind oí a pcrson is
purificd and clcanscd by Lhc blood, by Lhc SpiriL, and by Lhc Word oí Lhc
Iord. Command cvcry unclcan spiriL Lo lcavc in Lhc namc oí 1csus. Dccrcc
and dcclarc LhaL Lhc íormcr occupicd spacc is swcpL clcan in 1csus’s namc.
Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy
Underachievement counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí undcrachicvcmcnL. Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL Lhrough
ChrisL you can íulfill purposc, maximizc poLcnLial, and bring glory Lo Lhc
namc oí Lhc Iord. ScL Lhc bar oí achicvcmcnL highcr.
Unforgiveness counterattack
Dcclarc MaLLhcw 6:l4–l5.
Unholy alliances counterattack
Ask Cod Lo assisL you in disccrning Lhc spiriLs oí Lhosc who opcraLc around
you. Bind cvcry spiriL LhaL is diabolically assigncd Lo you, and dccrcc and
dcclarc LhaL no wcapon íormcd againsL you shall prospcr.
Unsanctified souls counterattack
Pray Lhc íollowing passagcs: “Bchold, Lhou dcsircsL LruLh in Lhc inward parLs:
and in Lhc hiddcn parL Lhou shalL makc mc Lo know wisdom. Purgc mc wiLh
hyssop, and I shall bc clcan: wash mc, and I shall bc whiLcr Lhan snow. Makc
mc Lo hcar joy and gladncss, LhaL Lhc boncs which Lhou hasL brokcn may rcjoicc.
Hidc Lhy íacc írom my sins, and bloL ouL all minc iniquiLics. CrcaLc in mc a clcan
hcarL, O Cod, and rcncw a righL spiriL wiLhin mc. CasL mc noL away írom Lhy
prcscncc, and Lakc noL Lhy holy spiriL írom mc” (Ps. 5l:6–ll), “Whcrcíorc lay
aparL all filLhincss and supcrfluiLy oí naughLincss, and rcccivc wiLh mcckncss
Lhc cngraíLcd word, which is ablc Lo savc your souls” (1amcs l:2l).
Vain imagination counterattack
Pray 2 CorinLhians l0:4–6: “(For Lhc wcapons oí our waríarc arc noL carnal,
buL mighLy Lhrough Cod Lo Lhc pulling down oí sLrong holds,) casLing down
imaginaLions, and cvcry high Lhing LhaL cxalLcLh iLsclí againsL Lhc knowlcdgc
oí Cod, and bringing inLo capLiviLy cvcry LhoughL Lo Lhc obcdicncc oí ChrisL,
and having in a rcadincss Lo rcvcngc all disobcdicncc, whcn your obcdicncc is
Vengeance/vindictiveness counterattack
Pray Hcbrcws l0:30: “For wc know him LhaL haLh said, Vcngcancc bclon-
gcLh unLo mc, I will rccompcnsc, saiLh Lhc Iord. And again, Tc Iord shall
judgc his pcoplc.” Tis is no lighL maLLcr. Cod has warncd us LhaL Hc will hold
us Lo accounL. Cod will judgc His pcoplc. Nobody is gcLLing by wiLh anyLhing,
bclicvc mc. IcL Cod bc Cod!
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Vexations counterattack
Pray Lhc “Praycrs oí AcLivaLion InLo Waríarc” in chapLcr 3.
Violence counterattack
Bind Lhc spiriL oí violcncc and dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL pcacc, collaboraLion,
jusLicc, and rcconciliaLion rcplacc violcncc. Pray Lhc “Praycrs oí AcLivaLion
InLo Waríarc” in chapLcr 3.
Wars/conflicts counterattack
Pray Lhc íollowing ScripLurcs: Isaiah 9:6–7, 26:3, l2, 1crcmiah 29:7, ll,
Psalm l22:6, Isaiah 54:l3, Philippians 4:7, Colossians 3:l5, 1amcs 3:lS
Weights counterattack
Pray Lhis vcrsc írom Hcbrcws l2:l, “Whcrcíorc sccing wc also arc
compasscd abouL wiLh so grcaL a cloud oí wiLncsscs, lcL us lay asidc cvcry
wcighL, and Lhc sin which doLh so casily bcscL us, and lcL us run wiLh paLicncc
Lhc racc LhaL is scL bcíorc us.”
Works of the flesh counterattack
Pray CalaLians 5:lS–2l. Try rcading iL írom Tc Mcssagc vcrsion oí Lhc
Worldliness counterattack
Dcclarc l 1ohn 2:l5.
Worry counterattack
“TrusL in Lhc Iorb wiLh all Lhinc hcarL, and lcan noL unLo Lhinc own
undcrsLanding. In all Lhy ways acknowlcdgc him, and hc shall dirccL Lhy
paLhs” (Prov. 3:5–6). Dccrcc and dcclarc LhaL your Cod shall supply all your
nccd according Lo His richcs in glory.
Yokes counterattack
Ask Cod Lo rcmovc Lhc prcdilccLion Lo go againsL His will. Ask Him Lo
granL you disciplinc, consisLcncy, and a lovc íor His Word. Dccrcc and dcclarc
LhaL yokcs arc brokcn and burdcns arc liíLcd by rcason oí Lhc anoinLing in
1csus’s namc.
ParT iii
biNdiNg The sTroNgmaN
geaRIng uP foR Battle
What Are Your Weapons?
ncN 1nc Iorb iniLially inLroduccd mc Lo Lhc conccpLs oí inLrinsic
and cxLrinsic wcapons, Lhcy wcrc mcrcly rcvclaLional words LhaL
wcrc downloadcd inLo my conscious mind by Lhc Holy SpiriL as
Hc Lraincd mc in Lhc arL oí sLraLcgic praycr and spiriLual waríarc. I cmploycd
Lhcsc Lcrms in my praycr vocabulary and laLcr addcd Lhcm as onc oí Lhc
waríarc dcclaraLions in chapLcr 3. A ícw monLhs aíLcr Lhc iniLial rcvclaLion,
my spiriL rcally graspcd Lhc Lruc mcaning oí Lhcsc Lcrms, and Lhc Holy SpiriL
oncc again bcgan Lo rcvcal Lo mc how poLcnL Lhc scripLural dcclaraLion “no
wcapon íormcd againsL mc shall prospcr” rcally was. My paradigm insLanLly
shiíLcd írom Lhc mcrc uLLcrancc oí a phrasc LhaL providcd mc wiLh an inLcl-
lccLually conccpLualizcd arscnal, and Lhc undcrsLanding oí how Lhc wilcs oí
Lhc dcvil arc acLually cxccuLcd, Lo an undcrsLanding oí how powcríul inLrinsic
and cxLrinsic saLanic wcapons rcally arc.
Tis onc dcclaraLion opcncd my cycs Lo scc how covcrL Lhc aLLack oí
Lhc cncmy rcally was in my own liíc. I bcgan Lo makc inquirics oí Lhc Iord
conccrning Lhc divcrsiLy and magniLudc oí Lhcsc wcapons oí mass dcsLruc-
Lion. I was awarc oí somc oí Lhcm, buL noL all. I wanL Lo ask you Lwo qucsLions:
Has anyonc cvcr quoLcd Lo you Lhc scripLurc Lakcn írom Isaiah 54:l7: “No
wcapon íorgcd againsL you will prcvail” (Niv)` Has anyonc cvcr cxplaincd
Lo you whaL Lhc wcapons wcrc` Wcll, I wanL you Lo know LhaL you can boLh
disccrn and idcnLiíy how Lhc cncmy is fighLing againsL you, Lhc wcapon(s) hc
has dcsigncd íor your dcmisc, and how Lo succcssíully counLcracL.
Tis chapLcr has bccn wriLLcn Lo arm you wiLh spccific insighLs inLo Lhc
acLual wcapons you should usc. Tis is noL dcsigncd Lo alarm, buL Lo arm you
íor cffccLivc baLLlc.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
your arseNal
Ií a miliLary is going Lo win a war, Lhcrc arc Lhrcc imporLanL qucsLions LhaL
musL bc answcrcd:
Who is Lhc cncmy`
Whcrc is Lhc baLLlc`
WhaL arc your wcapons`
Tc answcr Lo Lhc firsL qucsLion is obvious. Tc cncmy is SaLan and his
cohorLs, as wc discusscd in chapLcr 5. Sincc Lhc rcbcllion oí SaLan and onc-Lhird
oí Lhc angcls, Lhis world has bccn in combaL againsL dcmonic íorccs. Having
claboraLcly csLablishcd an insidious miliLary spiriLual íorcc, SaLan conLinucs
Lo íulfill his mission: Lo sLcal, kill, and dcsLroy all LhaL bclongs Lo Cod and is
godly. Wc discusscd Lhc answcr Lo Lhc sccond qucsLion in chapLcr 4, and now in
Lhis chapLcr wc will unvcil your arscnal oí supcrnaLural wcaponry.
Tis arscnal is Lhc mcLhod in which you wicld counLcracLs Lo Lhc cncmy’s
wcapons and how you rclcasc Lhc spiriLs LhaL plaguc you, your íamily, your
communiLy, and Lhc naLion. 1usL so you don’L Lhink I havc lcíL you hanging,
I will givc you Lhc counLcraLLacks Lo Lhc cncmy’s wcapons and how Lo rclcasc
cvil spiriLs írom Lhcir assignmcnLs in chapLcr 9.
BuL íor now, lcL’s go ovcr whaL wc do know abouL our wcapons. FirsL, wc
know LhaL Lhc wcapons wc fighL wiLh arc powcríul and opcraLc aL Lhcir pcak
in Lhc spiriL rcalm (2 Cor. l0:3–6). Tc sccond Lhing wc know is LhaL nonc
oí Lhc wcapons Lhc cncmy íorms againsL us will succcssíully puL us ouL oí
commission and LhaL wc havc a hcriLagc oí vicLory in Cod (Isa. 54:l7). Tc
mosL imporLanL Lhing wc arc now awarc oí is LhaL wc havc bccn cquippcd íor
Lhis baLLlc, and Lhcrc arc many wcapons madc availablc Lo us. IcL’s look aL
Lhcm now.
Praycr is Lhc kcy Lo cffccLivc spiriLual waríarc. Praycr rclcascs Cod’s flow
inLo your liíc so LhaL you can dcícaL Lhc cncmy. IL is a Lwo-way communi-
caLion sysLcm, whcrcby you communicaLc wiLh Cod and Cod communicaLcs
wiLh you. Ií wc bccomc wcak during Lhc baLLlc, praycr links us in Lo Cod’s
sLrcngLh, cspccially whcn wc pray in Lhc spiriL. Praycr is also Lhc surcsL way
Lo rcccivc Cod’s insLrucLions and commands and Lo lcan upon His infiniLc
Gearing Up for Battle
wisdom. Wc bccomc morc sufficicnL Lhrough praycr, and iL is during praycr
LhaL wc can cxchangc hopclcssncss íor divinc inLcrvcnLion and hclp.
FasLing is a spiriLual disciplinc LhaL incrcascs our praycr powcr. IL humblcs
Lhc soul and givcs us Lhc abiliLy Lo bccomc lascr sharp in our spiriLual walk
wiLh Cod. IL is noL only an cxccllcnL mcans oí dcLoxificaLion oí Lhc body, buL
iL is also a dcLoxificaLion oí Lhc soul and spiriL. Mark 9:29 Lclls us LhaL somc-
Limcs gaining Lhc vicLory ovcr ccrLain LacLics oí Lhc cncmy “can comc íorLh
by noLhing, buL by praycr and íasLing.”
RcsLricLing Lhc body írom ccrLain íood also allows us Lo puL our flcsh undcr
submission and can hclp us gcL a hold oí Lhc scparaLion oí spiriL and flcsh.
Tis will cnhancc our abiliLy Lo war in Lhc spiriL, having puL Lhc physical and
carnal undcr subjccLion.
Isaiah 5S:6–9 also Lalks abouL íasLing bcing a mcans oí loosing Lhc bands
oí wickcdncss, opprcssion, hcavy burdcns, yokcs, afflicLion, povcrLy, and
FirsL 1ohn 5:4 and MaLLhcw 2l:22 Lcll us LhaL our íaiLh is whaL cnsurcs
our vicLory ovcr Lhc god oí Lhis world, and iL guaranLccs LhaL whaL wc ask Lo
bc dclivcrcd írom, hcalcd oí, and cmpowcrcd íor will bc donc. As wc addrcss
Lhis powcríul wcapon, rcad whaL F. M. Bounds said:
In any sLudy oí Lhc principlcs, and proccdurc oí praycr, oí iLs
acLiviLics and cnLcrpriscs, firsL placc, musL, oí ncccssiLy, bc givcn
Lo íaiLh. Hc must bclicvc, whcrc hc cannoL provc. In Lhc ulLimaLc
issuc, praycr is simply íaiLh, claiming iLs naLural ycL marvclous
prcrogaLivcs—íaiLh Laking posscssion oí iLs illimiLablc inhcri-
Lancc. Truc godlincss is jusL as Lruc, sLcady, and pcrscvcring in
Lhc rcalm oí íaiLh as iL is in Lhc provincc oí praycr. Morcovcr:
whcn íaiLh ccascs Lo pray, iL ccascs Lo livc. FaiLh docs Lhc impos-
siblc bccausc iL brings Cod Lo undcrLakc íor us, and noLhing is
impossiblc wiLh Cod. How grcaL—wiLhouL qualificaLion or limiLa-
Lion—is Lhc powcr oí íaiLh! Ií doubL bc banishcd írom Lhc hcarL,
and unbclicí madc sLrangcr Lhcrc, whaL wc ask oí Cod shall surcly
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
comc Lo pass, and a bclicvcr haLh vouchsaícd Lo him “whaLsocvcr
hc saiLh.”
Te blood of Jesus
Trough Lhc shcd blood oí 1csus ChrisL, wc havc alrcady won and ovcr-
comc all oí Lhc íorccs oí Lhc cncmy. RcvclaLion l2:7–ll says:
And Lhcrc was war in hcavcn: Michacl and his angcls íoughL againsL
Lhc dragon, and Lhc dragon íoughL and his angcls, and prcvailcd
noL, nciLhcr was Lhcir placc íound any morc in hcavcn. And Lhc
grcaL dragon was casL ouL, LhaL old scrpcnL, callcd Lhc Dcvil, and
SaLan, which dcccivcLh Lhc wholc world: hc was casL ouL inLo Lhc
carLh, and his angcls wcrc casL ouL wiLh him. And I hcard a loud
voicc saying in hcavcn, Now is comc salvaLion, and sLrcngLh, and
Lhc kingdom oí our Cod, and Lhc powcr oí his ChrisL: íor Lhc
accuscr oí our brcLhrcn is casL down, which accuscd Lhcm bcíorc
our Cod day and nighL. And Lhcy ovcrcamc him by Lhc blood oí
Lhc Iamb, and by Lhc word oí Lhcir LcsLimony, and Lhcy lovcd noL
Lhcir livcs unLo Lhc dcaLh.
According Lo FcclcsiasLcs 7:l2, moncy is a dcícnsc againsL Lhc cncmy.
Moncy in Lhc hands oí Lhc unrighLcous is uscd Lo undcrwriLc unrighLcous-
ncss, buL moncy in Lhc hands oí Lhc righLcous can bc uscd Lo undcrwriLc Lhc
propagaLion oí Lhc gospcl.
Who would know Lhis wcapon bcLLcr Lhan King Solomon` His words in
FcclcsiasLcs 9:l3–lS rcvcal how wisdom dcícaLcd an army grcaLcr Lhan Lhc
onc wiLh Lhc wisdom.
Tis wisdom havc I sccn also undcr Lhc sun, and iL seemed grcaL
unLo mc: Lhcrc was a liLLlc ciLy, and ícw mcn wiLhin iL, and Lhcrc
camc a grcaL king againsL iL, and bcsicgcd iL, and builL grcaL
bulwarks againsL iL: now Lhcrc was íound in iL a poor wisc man,
and hc by his wisdom dclivcrcd Lhc ciLy…Tcn said I, Wisdom is
Gearing Up for Battle
bcLLcr Lhan sLrcngLh…Wisdom is bcLLcr Lhan wcapons oí war: buL
onc sinncr dcsLroycLh much good.
—Fmphasis addcd
Te Word of God
In Fphcsians 6 wc find Lhc spiriLual armor LhaL wc arc Lo gird oursclvcs
wiLh. Vcrsc l7 Lalks abouL onc oí Lhc mosL íormidablc wcapons wc havc
acccss Lo—Lhc Word oí Cod, which is rcícrrcd Lo in Lhis LcxL as Lhc hclmcL
oí salvaLion and Lhc sword oí Lhc SpiriL. Tc sword oí Lhc SpiriL cnablcs us Lo
quickly and kccnly disccrn spiriLs, LhoughLs, and inLcnLs (Hcb. 4:l2).
Te name of Jesus
Tc namc oí 1csus calls us Lo rcpcnLancc (AcLs 2:3S). IL is by rcpcnLancc, as
wc havc alrcady discovcrcd, LhaL Cod givcs us a changc oí mind, and wc arc
Lhcn ablc Lo ward off Lhc LcmpLaLions oí Lhc cncmy.
In Philippians 2:9–ll wc rcad, “Cod also haLh highly cxalLcd him, and
givcn him a namc which is abovc cvcry namc: LhaL aL Lhc namc oí 1csus cvcry
kncc should bow, oí Lhings in hcavcn, and Lhings in carLh, and Lhings undcr
Lhc carLh, and LhaL cvcry Longuc should conícss LhaL 1csus ChrisL is Iord, Lo
Lhc glory oí Cod Lhc FaLhcr” (cmphasis addcd).
Te person of Jesus
WiLh 1csus dwclling in us, wc arc grcaLcr Lhan any powcr aL work in Lhc
world (l 1ohn 4:4).
Te anointing
According Lo Isaiah l0:27, cvcry burdcn LhaL is on our shouldcrs and cvcry
yokc around our nccks will bc dcsLroycd by Lhc powcr oí Lhc anoinLing. Tc
anoinLing is Lhc powcr, provisions, and prcscncc oí Cod maniícsLcd Lhrough
Lhc pcrson oí Lhc Holy SpiriL.
Te prophetic anointing
RcvclaLion ll:5–6 Lalks abouL Lhc powcr oí Lhc prophcLic in Lhc midsL oí
spiriLual waríarc: “And ií any man will hurL Lhcm, firc procccdcLh ouL oí Lhcir
mouLh, and dcvourcLh Lhcir cncmics: and ií any man will hurL Lhcm, hc musL
in Lhis manncr bc killcd. Tcsc havc powcr Lo shuL hcavcn, LhaL iL rain noL
in Lhc days oí Lhcir prophccy: and havc powcr ovcr waLcrs Lo Lurn Lhcm Lo
blood, and Lo smiLc Lhc carLh wiLh all plagucs, as oíLcn as Lhcy will.”
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Spirit praying
SpiriL praying, or morc commonly praying in Lhc spiriL, is csscnLial in any
bclicvcr’s arscnal oí wcapons. According Lo 1udc 20, Lhis wcapon has Lhc
abiliLy Lo sLrcngLhcn Lhc inncr man. Fphcsians 6:lS Lclls us LhaL wc musL
sLay in Lhc mind-scL oí spiriL praying, bcing cvcr waLchíul. Praying in Lhc
spiriL also hclps us whcn wc don’L know whaL Lo pray or whaL is wrong in
ccrLain siLuaLions. IL allows our spiriLs Lo pray ouL dirccLly inLo Lhc inLcr-
ccssion room oí Lhc Holy SpiriL, whcrc Hc is ablc Lo scarch our hcarLs and
inLcrccdc sLraLcgically on our bchalí. (Scc Romans S:26–27.)
Allow Lhc Holy SpiriL acccss Lo your praycr liíc and Lo disciplinc you. Hc is
morc Lhan happy Lo inLcrccdc on your bchalí or givc you Lhc words Lo uLLcr.
Tongues of men
SomcLimcs, iL is noL always casy íor us Lo rccall ScripLurc word íor word.
Whcn LhaL happcns, ií you can jusL spcak Lhc principlc, you will cxpcricncc
posiLivc rcsulLs. Icarn Lo fill your mind wiLh good, posiLivc, and biblical
LhoughLs. Sincc your words arc Lhc sccondary conduiL oí your LhoughLs, prac-
Licc mcdiLaLing in Lhc Word oí Cod day and nighL so LhaL whcn you spcak,
your spccch will bc auLomaLically aligncd wiLh Lhc Word oí Lhc Iord. (For a
rcícrcncc Lo Lhis wcapon, scc l CorinLhians l3:l.)
Tongues of angels
Whcn I spcak oí Longucs oí angcls, I am noL spcaking oí somcLhing spooky.
Tc “Longucs oí angcls” is Lhc languagc LhaL angcls undcrsLand. Tis is purcly
Lhc Word oí Cod dcclarcd. According Lo Psalm l03:20–2l, whcn you spcak
Cod’s Word and dcclarc His words ovcr your circumsLanccs, angcls rcspond,
cxccuLing and cníorcing iL ovcr your siLuaLions and circumsLanccs. (For a
rcícrcncc Lo Lhis wcapon, scc l CorinLhians l3:l.) Cod hasLcns His Word Lo
pcríorm iL, whilc giving angcls chargc ovcr us (Ps. 9l:ll, 1cr. l:l2).
Wc do noL praisc bccausc wc íccl good. Wc praisc bccausc praisc is a
wcapon oí waríarc. Psalm l49:5–9 says, “IcL Lhc sainLs bc joyíul in glory:
lcL Lhcm sing aloud upon Lhcir bcds. IcL Lhc high praiscs oí Cod be in Lhcir
mouLh, and a Lwocdgcd sword in Lhcir hand, Lo cxccuLc vcngcancc upon Lhc
hcaLhcn, and punishmcnLs upon Lhc pcoplc, Lo bind Lhcir kings wiLh chains,
and Lhcir noblcs wiLh ícLLcrs oí iron, Lo cxccuLc upon Lhcm Lhc judgmcnL
Gearing Up for Battle
wriLLcn: Lhis honour havc all his sainLs. Praisc yc Lhc Iorb.” Praisc is also
Cod’s will íor us (l Tcss. 5:lS), and whcn wc arc walking in Lhc will oí Cod,
wc arc assurcd vicLory.
1udgcs 5:lS–22 shows us how Lhc pcoplc oí Cod uscd dancing in Lhc hcaL
oí baLLlc:
Zcbulun and NaphLali wcrc a pcoplc LhaL jcopardcd Lhcir livcs
unLo Lhc dcaLh in Lhc high placcs oí Lhc ficld. Tc kings camc
and íoughL, Lhcn íoughL Lhc kings oí Canaan in Taanach by Lhc
waLcrs oí Mcgiddo, Lhcy Look no gain oí moncy. Tcy íoughL írom
hcavcn, Lhc sLars in Lhcir courscs íoughL againsL Siscra. Tc rivcr
oí Kishon swcpL Lhcm away, LhaL ancicnL rivcr, Lhc rivcr Kishon. O
my soul, Lhou hasL Lroddcn down sLrcngLh. Tcn wcrc Lhc horsc-
hooís brokcn by Lhc mcans oí Lhc pransings, Lhc pransings oí
Lhcir mighLy oncs.
For Lhis wcapon, wc gcL a dirccL command írom Lhc Iord in Fzckicl 6:ll:
“Tis is whaL Lhc Sovcrcign Iorb says: SLrikc your hands LogcLhcr” (Niv).
Tc sLory oí Lhc childrcn oí Isracl and Lhc wall oí 1cricho is Lhc pcríccL
cxamplc oí how cffccLivc sLomping and marching is Lo our spiriLual waríarc.
(Scc 1oshua 6:l–2l.)
Tc sccond parL oí Fzckicl 6:ll providcs a complcmcnLary cross-rcícrcncc,
Lclling us Lo “sLamp wiLh Lhy íooL, and say, Alas íor all Lhc cvil abominaLions
oí Lhc housc oí Isracl! íor Lhcy shall íall by Lhc sword, by Lhc íaminc, and by
Lhc pcsLilcncc.”
Tis wcapon also has iLs origin in Lhc baLLlc oí 1cricho. Whcn 1oshua
shouLcd, Lhc walls oí 1cricho collapscd. (Scc 1oshua 6:l–2l.)
Sccond Kings 3:l5–l9 says, “BuL now bring mc a minsLrcl. And iL camc
Lo pass, whcn Lhc minsLrcl playcd, LhaL Lhc hand oí Lhc Iorb camc upon
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
him. And hc said, Tus saiLh Lhc Iorb, Makc Lhis vallcy íull oí diLchcs. For
Lhus saiLh Lhc Iorb, Yc shall noL scc wind, nciLhcr shall yc scc rain, ycL LhaL
vallcy shall bc fillcd wiLh waLcr, LhaL yc may drink, boLh yc, and your caLLlc,
and your bcasLs. And Lhis is buL a lighL Lhing in Lhc sighL oí Lhc Iorb: hc will
dclivcr Lhc MoabiLcs also inLo your hand. And yc shall smiLc cvcry ícnccd
ciLy, and cvcry choicc ciLy, and shall ícll cvcry good Lrcc, and sLop all wclls oí
waLcr, and mar cvcry good piccc oí land wiLh sLoncs.”
The good fighT
As Lhc cncmy wagcs war againsL you, rcmcmbcr LhaL you arc fighLing the good
fight of faith. Your conccnLraLion should noL mcrcly rcsL upon whaL happcns
Lo you, buL also upon whaL is happcning in you and your rcsponsc Lo whaL
happcns Lo you. BuL don’L givc up, and don’L givc in. Wc noL only prcvail, wc
also ovcrcomc cvcry aLLack. Rcmcmbcr, Lhc flip sidc oí vicLory is waríarc, and
Lhc flip sidc oí waríarc is vicLory. FiLhcr way, you win.
So, my broLhcrs and sisLcrs, “Cird up Lhc loins oí your mind, bc sobcr, and
hopc Lo Lhc cnd” (l PcL. l:l3). Do noL givc up in Lhis baLLlc, and do noL lcL Lhc
cncmy wcar you down. Rcmain “sLcdíasL, unmovcablc, always abounding in
Lhc work oí Lhc Iord, íorasmuch as yc know LhaL your labour is noL in vain in
Lhc Iord” (l Cor. l5:5S).
Now wc movc on Lo Lhc sLraLcgics and LacLics oí how wc can cffccLivcly usc
Lhc wcapons wc jusL uncovcrcd.
engagIng tHe fIgHt
Strategies and Tactics for Spiritual Warfare
iNbiNc 1nc s1roNcrtN” is a biblical disciplinc LaughL by 1csus
ChrisL. IL is a Lool ChrisLians can usc Lo fighL againsL Lhc powcrs oí
Lhc dark kingdom. IcL us cxaminc Lhc usc oí Lhis Lool in ScripLurc:
And hc was casLing ouL a dcvil, and iL was dumb. And iL camc Lo
pass, whcn Lhc dcvil was gonc ouL, Lhc dumb spakc, and Lhc pcoplc
wondcrcd. BuL somc oí Lhcm said, Hc casLcLh ouL dcvils Lhrough
Bcclzcbub Lhc chicí oí Lhc dcvils. And oLhcrs, LcmpLing him, soughL
oí him a sign írom hcavcn. BuL hc, knowing Lhcir LhoughLs, said unLo
Lhcm, Fvcry kingdom dividcd againsL iLsclí is broughL Lo dcsolaLion,
and a housc dividcd againsL a housc íallcLh. Ií SaLan also bc dividcd
againsL himsclí, how shall his kingdom sLand` bccausc yc say LhaL
I casL ouL dcvils Lhrough Bcclzcbub. And ií I by Bcclzcbub casL ouL
dcvils, by whom do your sons casL Lhcm ouL` Lhcrcíorc shall Lhcy bc
your judgcs. BuL ií I wiLh Lhc fingcr oí Cod casL ouL dcvils, no doubL
Lhc kingdom oí Cod is comc upon you. Whcn a sLrong man armcd
kccpcLh his palacc, his goods arc in pcacc: buL whcn a sLrongcr Lhan
hc shall comc upon him, and ovcrcomc him, hc LakcLh írom him all
his armour whcrcin hc LrusLcd, and dividcLh his spoils. Hc LhaL is
noL wiLh mc is againsL mc: and hc LhaL gaLhcrcLh noL wiLh mc scaL-
LcrcLh. Whcn Lhc unclcan spiriL is gonc ouL oí a man, hc walkcLh
Lhrough dry placcs, sccking rcsL, and finding nonc, hc saiLh, I will
rcLurn unLo my housc whcncc I camc ouL. And whcn hc comcLh, hc
findcLh iL swcpL and garnishcd. Tcn gocLh hc, and LakcLh Lo him
scvcn oLhcr spiriLs morc wickcd Lhan himsclí, and Lhcy cnLcr in, and
dwcll Lhcrc: and Lhc lasL sLaLc oí LhaL man is worsc Lhan Lhc firsL.
—Iukc ll:l4–26
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
When you engage in the administration of deliverance, you must ensure
you are biblically correct.
Usc Lhc mcLhods in Lhis chapLcr wiLh confidcncc, knowing LhaL, according
Lo l 1ohn 3:S, Lhis was Lhc purposc íor which “Lhc Son oí Cod was mani-
ícsLcd, LhaL hc mighL dcsLroy Lhc works oí Lhc dcvil.” May Lhc SpiriL oí Lhc
Iord rcsL upon you so LhaL all your cndcavors arc iniLiaLcd by and subjccL Lo
Lhc SpiriL oí Lhc Iord.
Tc SpiriL oí Lhc Iord is upon mc, bccausc hc haLh anoinLcd mc Lo
prcach Lhc gospcl Lo Lhc poor, hc haLh scnL mc Lo hcal Lhc brokcn-
hcarLcd, Lo prcach dclivcrancc Lo Lhc capLivcs, and rccovcring oí
sighL Lo Lhc blind, Lo scL aL libcrLy Lhcm LhaL arc bruiscd.
—Iukc 4:lS
As you pray, you must totally rely on the Holy Spirit.
Fvcn as Lhc Holy SpiriL lcd 1csus in all Lhings, Hc musL also lcad you. Do
noL bc prcsumpLuous whcn iL comcs Lo dcLcrmining who nccds dclivcrancc
and who docs noL. Tc Holy SpiriL opcraLcs likc Lhc sonar cquipmcnL dccp-
sca divcrs usc Lo íaLhom Lhc dcpLhs oí Lhc occan. Tc Holy SpiriL is Hc who
has Lhc abiliLy Lo scarch and íaLhom Lhc hcarLs oí mcn. FirsL CorinLhians
2:l0 sLaLcs, “BuL Cod haLh rcvcalcd Lhcm unLo us by his SpiriL: íor Lhc SpiriL
scarchcLh all Lhings, yca, Lhc dccp Lhings oí Cod.” Hc will hclp you Lo disccrn,
LcsL, rcsisL, and rcjccL dcmonic spiriLs and Lhcir acLiviLics.
Iikcwisc Lhc SpiriL also hclpcLh our infirmiLics: íor wc know noL
whaL wc should pray íor as wc oughL: buL Lhc SpiriL iLsclí makcLh
inLcrccssion íor us wiLh groanings which cannoL bc uLLcrcd. And
hc LhaL scarchcLh Lhc hcarLs knowcLh whaL is Lhc mind oí Lhc
SpiriL, bccausc hc makcLh inLcrccssion íor Lhc sainLs according Lo
Lhc will oí Cod.
—Romans S:26–27
Sincc Lhc Holy SpiriL knows Lhc hcarLs oí mcn, Hc can communicaLc His
knowlcdgc Lo you as a bclicvcr during your praycr and inLcrccssion. You Lhcn
will bc cmpowcrcd by Cod Lo acL in accordancc wiLh Lhc prompLings, sLirrings,
lcading, and insighL Lhc Holy SpiriL givcs. Rcmcmbcr, onc oí your grcaLcsL
dcícnsc mcchanisms is Lo sLay connccLcd wiLh Lhc Holy SpiriL as you pray.
Engaging the Fight
Charge yourself up in the Holy Spirit.
1usL as a car baLLcry or a ccll phonc runs ouL oí powcr, ncccssiLaLing a
rcchargc, Lhc bclicvcr can rcchargc his spiriLual baLLcry by praying in Lhc
Holy SpiriL (l Cor. l4:4, 1udc 20). Tis disciplinc should bc a parL oí your
daily praycr vigil. IL is also a wondcríul mcans by which spiriLual powcr is
accrucd íor praycr and during praycr.
Take dominion.
Usc auLhoriLy in Lhc namc oí 1csus, and don’L bc aíraid Lo Lakc dominion
ovcr Lhc sLrongman. MaLLhcw l6:l9 sLaLcs LhaL Cod has givcn us “Lhc kcys oí
Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn.” Tc onc who has Lhc kcys has acccss, which indicaLcs
Whcn iL comcs Lo spiriLual waríarc, do noL acccpL subsLiLuLcs or compro-
miscs. Do noL back off, back down, givc up, or givc in. Cod has givcn you
auLhoriLy ovcr all oí Lhc dcvil’s abiliLy according Lo Iukc l0:l9. Fphcsians
l:20–23 sLaLcs LhaL SaLan is undcr your íccL. TaL mcans LhaL hc docs noL
havc auLhoriLy ovcr you, buL you havc auLhoriLy ovcr him.
You musL risc up and Lakc Lhc auLhoriLy by supcrimposing Lhc will oí
Cod ovcr Lhc will and all acLiviLy oí Lhc cncmy. Hc is opcraLing illcgally in
Lhc carLh rcalm. May I rcmind you LhaL hc is noL Lhc princc oí Lhc powcr oí
Lhc carLh, buL “Lhc princc oí Lhc powcr oí Lhc air” according Lo Fphcsians
2:2. Tcrcíorc, risc up and Lakc your righLíul posiLion as Cod’s dcpuLizcd
agcnL. InsisL LhaL hc comply wiLh Lhc biblically bascd Lcrms issucd by you.
Tc Biblc sLaLcs LhaL in your kingly posLurc, you havc bccn givcn powcr Lo
dccrcc a Lhing, and iL will bc csLablishcd. (Scc 1ob 22:2S.) Whcn you dccrcc
a Lhing in 1csus’s namc, Lhc cncmy is awarc LhaL you arc noL suggcsLing
or cvcn giving him an opLion or advicc. Hc undcrsLands LhaL whcn you
comc in 1csus’s namc, hc musL ccasc and dcsisL his illcgal acLiviLics aL oncc!
Why` Bccausc in Isaiah 45:23, Cod Himsclí sLaLcs, “I havc sworn by mysclí,
Lhc word is gonc ouL oí my mouLh in righLcousncss, and shall noL rcLurn,
LhaL unLo mc cvcry kncc shall bow, cvcry Longuc shall swcar.” IL is íurLhcr
sLaLcd in Philippians 2:l0–ll, “TaL aL Lhc namc oí 1csus cvcry kncc should
bow, oí Lhings in hcavcn, and Lhings in carLh, and Lhings undcr Lhc carLh,
and LhaL cvcry Longuc should conícss LhaL 1csus ChrisL is Iord, Lo Lhc glory
oí Cod Lhc FaLhcr.”
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Become proficient in the mechanics of binding and loosing.
Binding and loosing is a way Lo conLrol saLanic acLiviLics. Whcn wc arc
born, wc do noL know how Lo do anyLhing. Ovcr Limc, wc lcarn Lo roll ovcr, siL
up, crawl, walk, and run. Fvcn ií you havc no cxpcricncc in binding or loosing
praycr and work, you can bccomc proficicnL aL iL Lhrough pracLicc, sLudy, and
Lraining. Rcmcmbcr, you havc Lo sLarL crawling bcíorc you walk and run.
Or clsc how can onc cnLcr inLo a sLrong man’s housc, and spoil his
goods, cxccpL hc firsL bind Lhc sLrong man` and Lhcn hc will spoil
his housc.
—MaLLhcw l2:29
Vcrily I say unLo you, WhaLsocvcr yc shall bind on carLh shall bc
bound in hcavcn: and whaLsocvcr yc shall loosc on carLh shall bc
looscd in hcavcn.
—MaLLhcw lS:lS
Binding and loosing is likc drawing up conLracLs LhaL musL bc adhcrcd
Lo in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc spiriL. As iL rclaLcs Lo dcmonic íorccs and acLiviLics,
binding immobilizcs dcmonic acLiviLics by imposing or commanding adhcr-
cncc Lo a spccific alLcrnaLivc dirccLivc. Ioosing is Lhc opposiLc oí binding.
IL cxLricaLcs, dischargcs, and rclcascs dcmonic íorccs írom spccific dirccLivc
or obligaLory acLiviLy. Sincc MaLLhcw lS:lS sccms Lo indicaLc LhaL binding
and loosing arc incxLricably connccLcd, Lhcn wc musL considcr binding and
loosing as a singlc kcy. Ií you arc going Lo bind, you musL loosc, ií you arc
going Lo loosc, you musL bind. You cannoL usc onc wiLhouL Lhc oLhcr.
Tc qucsLion I’m mosL írcqucnLly askcd is, WhaL do I bind, and whaL
do I loosc` Simply puL, you bind Lhc acLiviLics oí SaLan and his cohorLs,
you loosc any cffccL LhaL Lhcir prcscncc has had, and Lhcn you rclcasc Lhc
kingdom (Cod’s divinc rulc) counLcrparL. Tc dcvil has no choicc in Lhc
maLLcr buL Lo rclinquish his posiLion.
Whcn 1csus adminisLcrcd dclivcrancc Lo pcoplc Lhcrc was cvidcncc LhaL
noL only was Lhc sLrongman and spiriL gonc, buL Lhc cffccLs oí Lhcir prcscncc
wcrc gonc as wcll.
And, bchold, Lhcrc was a woman which had a spiriL oí infirmiLy
cighLccn ycars, and was bowcd LogcLhcr, and could in no wisc liíL
Engaging the Fight
up hcrsclí. And whcn 1csus saw hcr, hc callcd hcr Lo him, and said
unLo hcr, Woman, Lhou arL looscd írom Lhinc infirmiLy. And hc
laid his hands on hcr: and immcdiaLcly shc was madc sLraighL,
and glorificd Cod.
—Iukc l3:ll–l3
Tc íollowing arc simplc principlcs Lo íollow:
FsLablish your lcgal righLs and auLhoriLy in ChrisL 1csus.
Usc Lhc namc oí 1csus (ncvcr assumc you havc powcr in and
oí yoursclí).
DcLcrminc Lhc sLrongman and subordinaLc spiriLs.
Bind Lhcir works, and makc Lhcm a parL oí Lhc íooLsLool oí
Rcmind dcmonic spiriLs LhaL Lhcy musL comply bccausc 1csus
camc Lo “dcsLroy Lhc works oí Lhc dcvil” (l 1ohn 3:S).
Ioosc cvcry sign, sympLom, and condiLion associaLcd wiLh
Lhcir prcscncc.
Rclcasc Lhc kingdom oí hcavcn counLcrparL.
Rciníorcc your praycr liíc wiLh íasLing.
Rcmain submiLLcd Lo Lhc SpiriL oí Lhc Iord.
RcsisL Lhc dcvil, and hc will flcc.
Usc Lhc Word oí Lhc Iord.
Do not allow any strongholds to remain.
Dcclarc and dccrcc LhaL all maLcrials uscd Lo consLrucL Lhc sLrongholds
arc now dcmolishcd and uLLcrly dcsLroycd. Ask Lhc Holy SpiriL Lo dcmolish
sLrongholds and Lo swccp all rcsiduc away.
Close doors and establish God as the new doorkeeper and gatekeeper.
Pray LhaL Cod bccomcs Lhc ncw doorkccpcr and gaLckccpcr oí your ciLy,
counLry, naLion, pcrsonagc, íamily, and minisLry. Tc Biblc dcclarcs LhaL
Lhc powcr oí our words affccL changc in our livcs, homcs, cnvironmcnL,
communiLics, ciLics, and naLions. Pray íor Lhc pcacc oí Lhc ciLy so LhaL you
can havc pcacc as wcll.
IiíL up your hcad, O yc gaLcs, and bc yc liíL up, yc cvcrlasLing
doors, and Lhc King oí glory shall comc in. Who is Lhis King oí
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
glory` Tc Iorb sLrong and mighLy, Lhc Iorb mighLy in baLLlc.
IiíL up your hcads, O yc gaLcs, cvcn liíL Lhcm up, yc cvcrlasLing
doors, and Lhc King oí glory shall comc in. Who is Lhis King oí
glory` Tc Iorb oí hosLs, hc is Lhc King oí glory. Sclah.
—Psalm 24:7–l0
Establish your legal right in the name of Jesus.
Using Lhc namc oí 1csus mcans LhaL your acLiviLics arc backcd up in Lhc
powcr and auLhoriLy oí Lhc anoinLcd Onc oí Cod, who dcclarcd Lhc cxLcnL,
powcr, and magniLudc oí His anoinLing in Lhc íollowing vcrsc:
And 1csus camc and spakc unLo Lhcm, saying, All powcr is givcn
unLo mc in hcavcn and in carLh. Co yc Lhcrcíorc, and Lcach all
naLions, bapLizing Lhcm in Lhc namc oí Lhc FaLhcr, and oí Lhc Son,
and oí Lhc Holy ChosL: Lcaching Lhcm Lo obscrvc all Lhings whaLso-
cvcr I havc commandcd you: and, lo, I am wiLh you alway, cvcn unLo
Lhc cnd oí Lhc world. Amcn.
—MaLLhcw 2S:lS–20
Identify the strongman and the subordinate spirits.
Tc sLrongman and subordinaLc spiriLs will bc cxposcd in Lhc ncxL chapLcr.
Tcrc I havc prcparcd a simplc manual íor you Lo idcnLiíy Lhc sLrongman and
Lhc dcLails oí subordinaLc spiriLs, Lhcir signs, sympLoms, and maniícsLaLions.
My suggcsLion is Lo cxplorc cach sLrongman LhaL rclaLcs Lo a spccific spiriL.
Ask Cod how Lo procccd in praycr. Hc mighL insLrucL you Lo war againsL onc
or all oí Lhcm.
Utilize a prayer journal.
A praycr journal will makc your praycr Limc morc cffccLivc. Usc Lhc “Praycrs
oí AcLivaLion InLo BaLLlc” írom chapLcr 3 as you go inLo your praycr Limc.
Pray under cover.
Don’L bc a rcncgadc. Makc surc you sLay undcr your pasLor or praycr
lcadcrs’ covcring. SLay submiLLcd.
Getting Delivered and Overcoming the Enemy
Nc rctsoN rtNv pcoplc do noL cxpcricncc Lhc kind oí succcss Lhcy
wanL whcn cngaging in spiriLual waríarc is bccausc oí gcncraliza-
Lion or ignorancc. Do noL íall inLo Lhc Lrap oí making a swccping
gcncralizaLion, and do noL war ignoranLly. SpiriLs arc so masLcríul in Lhcir
waríarc. Tcy cnginccr many dcccpLivc acLiviLics LhaL somcLimcs could íool
Lhc mosL skillcd spiriLual warrior. Flip Lhrough chapLcr 6, and find Lhc spiriLs
LhaL you arc dcaling wiLh. You will scc LhaL Lhis lisL conLains Lhc main spiriL
or sLrongman and Lhc ways in which cach spiriL can maniícsL iLsclí in your
liíc. Tcsc arc callcd subordinaLc spiriLs. WiLh Lhis lisL in hand, you arc íacing
a winning baLLlc. As Lhc old C. I. 1oc carLoons uscd Lo say, “Knowing is halí
Lhc baLLlc.”
Rcalizc LhaL your rcliancc is upon Lhc Iord and noL your skill. Tcrcíorc,
as you cngagc in waríarc, iL is imporLanL Lo wipc ouL all associaLcd spiriLs.
Apprisc yoursclí oí Lhc uniquc characLcrisLics oí Lhc sLrongman. Covcr your-
sclí wiLh Lhc armor oí Lhc Iord, and bcgin Lo bind and loosc, uLilizing Lhc
auLhoriLy oí 1csus’s namc. Ask Cod Lo bring LoLal dclivcrancc Lo you, your
íamily, your ciLy, your minisLry, and your naLion.
In Lhis chapLcr, I am going Lo cxposc Lhc sLrongman and Lhc subordi-
naLc spiriLs LhaL can infilLraLc your mind, financcs, íamily hisLory, hcalLh,
íuLurc, and cvcn your naLion. Wc arc going Lo war LogcLhcr íor vicLory in all
Lhcsc arcas. I am going Lo givc spccific scripLural rcícrcnccs íor cach oí Lhcsc
spiriLs, buL I didn’L do Lhc work íor you. You will nccd your sword (Lhc Biblc,
Lhc Word oí Cod) ncarby as you cngagc Lhc cncmy Lhrough Lhcsc ncxL Lwo
sccLions. Wc will procccd alphabcLically.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
sPiriT of absalom
Tc spiriL oí Absalom is a rcncgadc spiriL LhaL uscs scducLion and prcLcnsc
in ordcr Lo íulfill iLs diabolical opcraLions. IL is dcsigncd Lo undcrminc
and dcsLroy purposc, poLcnLial, and Lhc influcncc and auLhoriLy oí mcn
and womcn oí Cod who hold sLraLcgic posiLions in Lhc kingdom oí Cod.
Transícrring loyalLy írom onc pcrson Lo anoLhcr, iL’s plan is Lo dividc and
conqucr. IL íorms a vcry sLrong alliancc wiLh Lhc spiriL oí pcrvcrsion and Lhc
spiriL oí AhiLhophcl in ordcr Lo cxccuLc iLs sLraLcgics and plans. Tis spiriL
dcfics divinc auLhoriLy and aLLcmpLs Lo dcny a bclicvcr his basic human and
kingdom righLs. Individuals who harbor biLLcrncss and uníorgivcncss arc
casily ovcrLakcn by Lhis spiriL and bcgin Lo movc wiLh a vcngcancc, íorcc-
íully and dccisivcly sLicking Lo Lhc ncrvc ccnLcr oí an organizaLion, minisLry,
or rclaLionship unLil iL is broughL undcr Lhcir conLrol and auLhoriLy.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Absalom
2 Samucl l3:l–l9:S
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Absalom
BcLrayal Conspiracy Cunning craíLincss
DcccpLion Dcfiancc Diabolical alliancc
DisrcspccL Dividcd allcgiancc HaughLincss
HosLiliLy Hypocrisy Irrcvcrcncc
1calousy IusL Iying
Murdcr Pcrvcrsion
PloLLing Lhc dcmisc oí powcr,
influcncc, and rcspccL
Powcr sLrugglc PrcLcnsc Pridc
Rcbcllion ScdiLion ScducLion
Sclí-cxalLaLion Sclí-righLcousncss Trcachcry
Undcrmining minisLry
and influcncc
Usurping auLhoriLy
Tc spiriL oí submission, inLcgriLy, purposc, Liming oí Lhc Iord, Lhc hcarL
oí a scrvanL, inLcgriLy, humiliLy, aposLolic anoinLing, wisdom, pcacc, LruLh,
and prophcLic inLcrccssion.
sPiriT of addicTioN
An addicLion is a complcx illncss wiLh physical and psychological sympLoms
and widc-scalc social ramificaLions. IL affccLs noL only Lhc pcrson buL also
his íamily, íricnds, and social cnvironmcnL. Tc pcrson afflicLcd by Lhis
spiriL lacks conLrol ovcr his acLiviLics and bchaviors, and insLcad Lhc acLivi-
Lics and bchaviors havc Lakcn conLrol ovcr him. In csscncc, an addicLion is
any progrcssivc abusc oí somcLhing LhaL is difficulL or impossiblc Lo conLrol.
In our naLural world, Lhc way Lo rccovcry is long and painíul, and Lhcrc is
always Lhc dangcr oí rclapsing. Howcvcr, wiLh Cod all Lhings arc possiblc.
AddicLions can bc caLcgorizcd by Lhc íollowing:
SubsLancc: alcohol, hcroin, Lobacco, solvcnLs, cocainc,
cannabis, caffcinc, mcLhadonc, bcnzodiazcpincs, hallucino-
gcns, amphcLamincs, ccsLasy, painkillcrs, barbiLuraLcs, and
Social: cxcrcisc, scx, scxual pcrvcrsion, pornography, caLing
(anorcxia, bulimia, ovcrcaLing, bingc caLing, cmoLional
caLing), Lcchno (compuLcr gamcs, cybcr scx, InLcrncL), work,
gambling, and oniomania (an abnormal impulsc íor buying
Scriptural reference for spirit of addiction
Romans l3:l4, l4:23, CalaLians 5:24, Philippians 3:l9, l TimoLhy 3:3, S,
TiLus l:7, 2:3, l PcLcr 2:ll,
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of
the spirit of addiction
Abusc AdulLcry AfflicLions
Alcoholism Anorcxia AnLagonism
AnLichrisL acLiviLics AnxicLy BcLrayal
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Bondagcs Bulimia CarnaliLy
Codcpcndcncy Compromisc
Compulsivc spcnding ConLaminaLcd anoinLing Crimc
Crookcdncss Cybcr scx DcaLh
DccciL DcccpLion Dcfiancc
Dcnial Dcpcndcncy Dcprcssion
DcsLrucLion DishoncsLy Dishonor
Disillusion Drcams Drug abusc
DysíuncLions FaLing disordcrs
Fcar FilLhy lucrc Cambling
Crccd Cross darkncss HabiLs
HallucinaLion HaLrcd HomoscxualiLy
HypcrscnsiLiviLy IdolaLry IndcpcndcnL spiriL
IniquiLy InordinaLc affccLions KlcpLomania
Iack oí conLrol IusLs Iying
ManipulaLion Masochism MasLurbaLion
McnLal brcakdowns MisrcprcscnLaLion Moncy laundcring
Murdcr/aborLion Ncurosis NighLmarcs
Oniomania Opprcssion OvcrcaLing
Pcdophilia Pcrvcrsion Pornography
Pridc ProsLiLuLion
Psychosis PsychoLic bchavior Railing
RioLous living Rolc rcvcrsal Sadomasochism
SccrcLism Sccularism ScducLion
Sclí-ccnLcrcdncss Sclfishncss Sclí-loaLhing
Shamc Sin Slavcry
Snarcs Social/rclaLional violaLions SpiriLual darkncss
SLcaling SLubbornncss Suicidc
Suspicion TcmpLaLion Tcrror
TradiLional cnLrcnchmcnL Unclcanncss VicLimizaLion
Violcncc ViLiaLion oí will Voycurism
WiLhdrawal Worldlincss
SalvaLion, hcaling balm oí Cilcad, purposc, Liming oí Lhc Iord, Lhc hcarL
oí a scrvanL, inLcgriLy, aposLolic anoinLing, pcacc, LruLh, íruiL oí Lhc SpiriL,
ícar oí Lhc Iord, disciplinc, and honcsLy
sPiriT of affiNiTy
Tis spiriL íalls inLo fivc caLcgorics: soul Lics, íamiliar spiriLs, spiriLs oí inhcri-
Lancc/gcncraLional curscs, carnaliLy, and unholy allianccs. AlLhough cach oí
Lhc aíorcmcnLioncd play an inLcgral rolc wiLh Lhis sLrongman and íorm a
vcry solid bond, wc will dcal wiLh Lhc sLrongman oí carnaliLy as a scparaLc
hcading and soul Lics, íamiliar spiriLs, inhcriLancc/gcncraLional cursc, and
unholy allianccs undcr Lhis hcading.
1. Soul ties
Soul Lics havc Lhc powcr Lo aLLracL, uniLc, and crcaLc íorccs oí connccLcd-
ncss (covcnanLs) bcLwccn Lwo cnLiLics or individuals íor Lhc purposc oí Lhc
rciníorccmcnL oí divinc or diabolical inLcnLs. Conccrning diabolical inLcnLs
and purposcs, Lhc ulLimaLc aim is Lo disLracL and dcrail an individual, Lhus
dcsLroying his chanccs oí íulfilling purposc, maximizing his poLcnLial, and
rcaching his dcsLiny. Tis spiriL robs cnLiLics oí Lhcir innoccncc, puriLy,
sinccriLy, and íocus, and oíLcn acLs as a doorkccpcr íor oLhcr spiriLs. FirsL
Kings ll:l–l3 rccords how Solomon had soul Lics wiLh many womcn. Tis lcd
Lo Lhc downíall oí his kingdom.
BuL noL cvcry soul Lic is diabolical, such as marriagc, íricndship, íamily,
ccclcsiasLical, and covcring, mcnLorship, or lcadcrship soul Lics. Howcvcr, Lhc
cncmy can usc Lhcsc Cod-givcn rclaLionships and LwisL and pcrvcrL Lhcm in
ordcr Lo íulfill his plans and purposcs. Tcsc saLanic soul Lics can happcn
Lhrough ccrLain kinds oí rclaLionships, scxual parLncrs, dcmonic influcnccs,
and organizaLions such as lodgcs, ccrLain rcligions, or culLs.
2. Familiar spirits
As wc discusscd in chapLcr 5, “Knowing Your Fncmy,” íamiliar spiriLs arc
dcmonic agcnLs whosc main assignmcnL is Lo bccomc wcll acquainLcd wiLh
a pcrson or groups oí pcoplc. Tcy arc dcsigncd Lo kill, sLcal, and dcsLroy
gcographical arcas, culLurcs, and individuals. Fvcry ciLy, counLry, íamily,
pcrson, and any living cnLiLy has cnLry poinLs—gaLcs and doors—LhaL wc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
discusscd in chapLcr 5. To accomplish Lhcir goals, íamiliar spiriLs havc Lhc
abiliLy Lo usc animals, Lalisman (any objccL or piccc oí cloLhing LhaL wiLchcs
and warlocks and oLhcr workcrs oí Lhc craíL usc Lo Lransícr spclls and hcxcs),
and pcoplc whosc livcs arc characLcrizcd by dcmonic/saLanic allianccs.
Tcsc spiriLs arc parLicularly cffccLivc in scanccs. Using dcccpLion, Lhcy
aLLcmpL Lo hold pcoplc capLivc in Lhc darkncss oí Lhcir undcrworld acLiviLics.
IcviLicus l9:3l clcarly warns us againsL csLablishing any kind oí communica-
Lion wiLh íamiliar spiriLs.
3. Spirits of inheritance and generational curses
Fxodus 20:5 makcs us awarc oí inLcrgcncraLional spiriLs LhaL arc rcsponsiblc
íor producing íamily and communiLy pcculiariLics, anccsLral ccccnLriciLics,
idiosyncraLic issucs, cLhnic LraiLs, social Lcndcncics, clannish oddiLics, paLho-
logical condiLions oí Lhc mind and body, individualiLics, íundamcnLal valucs,
culLurcs, passions, moLivcs, inLcnLions, agcndas, habiLs, idcologics, pcrccp-
Lions, LcmpcramcnLs, pcrsonaliLics, illncsscs, dcgcncraLivc discascs, and
congcniLal discascs.
4. Unholy alliances: diabolical confederations and associations
Tcsc principaliLics and spiriLs idcnLiíy and mobilizc oLhcr principali-
Lics and spiriLs Lo íorm conícdcraLions. Tcy may bc configurcd as lcgions,
as wiLh Lhc Cadarcnc in Mark 5:l–20, or usc cnLirc communiLics, naLions,
or individuals in ordcr Lo accomplish Lhcir hcinous mandaLcs and insidious
assignmcnLs such as Lhc mob in AcLs l6:l2–24. Unholy allianccs uniLc spiriL
Lo spiriL, spiriL Lo soul, spiriL Lo body, body Lo body, or soul Lo body. Tis kind
oí saLanic acLiviLy can ciLhcr influcncc írom wiLhouL or Lakc on Lhc íorm oí
LoLal posscssion whcn Lhc idcnLiLy, pcrsonaliLy, and Lhc will oí a spiriL bcing is
supcrimposcd upon Lhc idcnLiLy, pcrsonaliLy, and will oí Lhc hosL. Tcy affccL
humaniLy spiriLually—mind, will, dcsLiny, purposc, giíLs, abiliLy, convicLion,
bclicí sysLcm, valuc, culLurc, or cLhics, psychologically—cmoLions, pcrson-
aliLy, LcmpcramcnL, unconscious bchavior and acLiviLy, or pcrccpLion, and
ncurologically—Lhc ncrvous and limbic sysLcm.
Unholy allianccs producc sLrongholds, vain imaginaLions, high Lhings,
ungodly ambiLions, corrupL dcsircs, bondagcs, habiLs, saLanic soul Lics,
ungodly aLLachmcnLs and cnLanglcmcnLs, affiniLics, bcscLLing sin, snarcs,
sLumbling blocks, yokcs, ungodly covcnanLs, and a varicLy oí inLrinsic and
cxLrinsic wcapons.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of affinity
Soul Lics: Numbcrs 33:55, 2 Samucl l3:l–22, l Kings ll:l–l3,
l2:6–2l, 2 Kings lS:l–5, l Chroniclcs ll:l–25, Mark 5:l–l0,
Iukc ll:52–l2:3, l CorinLhians 6:l3–lS, Fphcsians 4:l6
Familiar spiriLs: IcviLicus l9:3l, 20:6, 27, DcuLcronomy lS:9–
l4, 2 Kings 2l:6, 23:24, l Chroniclcs l0:l3–l4, 2 Chroniclcs
33:6, Isaiah S:l9, MaLLhcw 9:32, l2:43–45, l5:22, l7:l5–lS,
Mark 5:l–20, 9:l7–26, AcLs l6:l6–lS, l9:l5–l6
SpiriLs oí inhcriLancc and gcncraLional curscs: Fxodus 20:5
Unholy allianccs: l Kings ll:l–5, Danicl 5:lS–2l, 6:l–l0,
ll:29–33, Nchcmiah 2:l7–l9, 4:l–3, Psalm S3:l–S, Fzckicl
2S:l–l9, MaLLhcw 2S:l2–l5, Mark 5:l–20, Iukc 9:50–56, AcLs
7:54–60, S:S–25, l6:l2–24, l CorinLhians 6:l5–l6, Fphcsians
6:l2, RcvclaLion l6:l3–l4
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of affinity
AccusaLions AddicLions AffiniLics
AfflicLions AilmcnLs Allianccs
AlLcraLions AssaulLs AssociaLions
ALLachmcnLs (Lalisman, books,
cloLhing, íurniLurc, jcwclry)
ALLracLions Bands
BcscLLing sin Bondagcs Burdcns
CalcificaLion oí Lhc hcarL CharacLcr assassinaLions
Conclusions Coníusion ConnccLions
ConLaminaLions ConLcnLions CovcnanLs
DcccpLions Dccisions DcíccLs
Dcnial Dcprcssion DcprivaLion
Diabolical procliviLics and
DiscouragcmcnLs Discascs Disillusions
Disordcrs DisLorLions DivinaLion
Divisions Drcams DysíuncLions
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
FnmcshmcnLs FnLanglcmcnLs Family sccrcLs
FanLasics FrusLraLions Class ccilings
HabiLs HarassmcnLs Hiddcn agcndas
High Lhings Illusions Imprcssions
Impurc moLivcs IníccLions InfirmiLics
InhibiLions InordinaLc affccLions InsinuaLions
Insomnia InsulLs InLcrccpLions
InLcrícrcncc IrriLaLions 1usLificaLions
Knowlcdgc blocks IusLs ManipulaLions
MisíorLuncs Mishaps MisiníormaLion
MisrcprcscnLaLions MisundcrsLandings NcgoLiaLions
NcuroLic and psychoLic
bchaviors and Lcndcncics
Opprcssion PcrsccuLions Pcrvcrsions
Pcrvcrsions oí LhoughLs PcrvcrLcd imaginaLions ProhibiLions
ProjccLions ProvocaLions Psychosis
QucsLionablc moLivcs RaLionalizaLions RclaLions
Rcprcssion oí mcmorics RcsisLancc RcsoluLions
Rulings SaLanic barricrs
ScducLion Slandcrs Snarcs
SpcculaLions SLigmas SLirrings
SLrangc occurrcnccs SLrongholds
Subvcrsions Supprcssion oí cmoLions Suspicions
TcmpLaLions UncLhical bchavior
Ungodly ambiLions Unholy dcsircs VcxaLions
VicLimizaLion ViLiaLion oí will WcighLs
Pursuc an inLimaLc pcrsonal rclaLionship wiLh Lhc Iord (Ps. 42:l), usc Lhc
dcclaraLions in Lhc “Praycrs oí AcLivaLion InLo Waríarc” in chapLcr 3.
sPiriT of afflicTioN
AfflicLions arc Lhc paLhological condiLions oí Lhc body, soul, or spiriL. Tis
word comcs írom Lhc Hcbrcw word ra, which liLcrally LranslaLcd mcans “Lo
brcak inLo picccs or Lo dcvour.” IL connoLcs a spiriL LhaL is assigncd Lo causc
disLrcss, discasc, and Lo ulLimaLcly dcsLroy. Tc spiriL oí afflicLion works wiLh
all major maladics and calamiLics. Psalm 34:l9 sLaLcs, “Many arc Lhc afflic-
Lions oí Lhc righLcous: buL Lhc Iorb dclivcrcLh him ouL oí Lhcm all.”
Scriptural reference for the spirit of affliction
Psalm 34:l9
Signs, symptoms, manifestations of the spirit of affliction
Abnormal growLhs on or
in Lhc body
Abusc Achcs/pains
AlicnaLion Angcr ArgumcnLs
Biological disordcrs BiLLcrncss Blccding
CompcLiLion DcbL Dcprcssion
DcprivaLion DiscouragcmcnL Discasc
DisillusionmcnL Divorcc
Fxccssivc sclí-analysis Family sccrcLs FaLiguc
Fcar FcasLing/íasLing syndromc FilLhy LhoughLs
Cambling addicLion CuilL CuilL Lrips
HarassmcnL InccsL IncfficicnL rccall
IníccLions Insomnia IsolaLion
ILching Iack Ionclincss
McnLal illncss NighL Lcrrors NighLmarcs
Opprcssion Phobias Polarizcd cmoLions
Poor mcmory Posscssion PovcrLy
Prcjudicc RcjccLion Rcprcssion
Rcvcngc Shamc Supprcssion
Unclcan íanLasics Uníorgivcncss Worry
Yo-yo dicLing
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Hcaling Lo Lhc mind, body, soul, and spiriL, financcs, prospcriLy, and
succcss, alignmcnL Lo biblical principlcs and dicLary laws, miraclcs, signs and
wondcrs, wisdom, budgcLing, inspiraLion, counscl, mighL, paLicncc, Lhc will
oí Cod, hopc, íaiLh, and salvaLion, and íorgivcncss írom Cod íor sin, back-
sliding, misusc oí Longuc, rcscnLmcnL, pridc, impcniLcncc, misLrcaLmcnL oí
oLhcrs, hardncss oí Lhc hcarL, idolaLry, and hypocrisy
sPiriT of ahab (codePeNdeNcy)
Tis spiriL works in conjuncLion wiLh Lhc spiriL oí 1czcbcl. Tc individual
opcraLing undcr Lhc influcncc oí Lhc spiriL oí Ahab complics wiLh wishcs,
commands, and dirccLivcs givcn by Lhosc influcnccd or posscsscd by Lhc
1czcbcl spiriL, cvcn whcn iL gocs againsL Lhcir own pcrsonal will and convic-
Lion. Tis spiriL undcrmincs a pcrson’s righLs and auLhoriLy and LoLally
opcns Lhcm Lo bc disrcspccLcd and Lo havc Lhcir boundarics violaLcd, bc
Lhcy LcrriLorial, pcrsonal, or psychological. Tis spiriL is a doorkccpcr, and
iLs discrcLion opcns doors Lo oLhcr principaliLics and sLrongholds.
Codcpcndcncy is also a common LraiL oí Lhc spiriL oí Ahab. Codcpcn-
dcncy is whcn a pcrson is so prcoccupicd wiLh rcscuing and hclping oLhcrs
LhaL Lhcy lcL Lhc oLhcr pcrson’s bchavior affccL Lhcm. Tcy arc obscsscd
wiLh conLrolling LhaL pcrson’s bchavior, cmoLions, pcrccpLions, liícsLylc,
and acLions by aLLcmpLing Lo mainLain balancc in a highly sLrcssíul, highly
addicLivc aLmosphcrc. Somc assumc Lhc rolc oí hcro, scapcgoaL, or comc-
dian. Tcy gain rclicí by divcrLing aLLcnLion írom Lhc rcal problcm and
noL aLLracLing aLLcnLion Lo sclí. Individuals caughL up in Lhis syndromc
usually projccL Lhcmsclvcs as “Lhc pcríccL child,” Lhc “surrogaLc parcnL/
spousc,” and Lhc likc. Tcy arc also clingy and smoLhcring. Whcn codc-
pcndcnL childrcn grow up, Lhcy conLinuc Lo play rolcs unLil somcLimcs iL
bccomcs dcsLrucLivc.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Ahab
l Kings l6:33, lS:l7–lS
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Ahab
AlicnaLion Blind obcdicncc Compromisc
Coníusion Cowardicc Dcmonic slavcry
DcpcndcnL pcrsonaliLy Dcprcssion DiscouragcmcnL
DisillusionmcnL Fxccssivc sclí-analysis
Fcar oí auLhoriLy
Fcar oí rcjccLion Fcar oí rcLaliaLion CuilL Lrips
ImmoraliLy upon
IncfficicnL rccall
IncrLia InsccuriLy Insomnia
InLimidaLion Iack oí sclí-cxprcssion
IosL liLLlc boy/girl
MarLyr syndromc NoL íccling wcll Opprcssion
Physical wcarincss/íaLiguc Poor mc/why mc` Poor mcmory
Psychic manipulaLion RcjccLion syndromc Rcligious marLyr
Rcprcssion Sclí-blamc Suicidal Lcndcncy
Supprcssion Worry/anxicLy
Pcacc, sclí-conLrol, righLcousncss, lovc, boldncss, sound mind, call on
1chovah-Adonai, purposc, hopc, maLuriLy, libcrLy, indcpcndcncc, poLcnLial,
and lcadcrship
sPiriT of amNoN
Tc spiriL oí Amnon, Lhrough lusL and Lhc cmploymcnL oí dcvious sLraLcgics,
pcrpcLuaLcs inccsL wiLhin a íamily linc. Tis powcríul spiriL can lic dormanL
and go undiscovcrcd íor ycars. IL acLs as a doorkccpcr Lo spiriLs oí affiniLy,
pcrvcrsion, and a hosL oí oLhcr spiriLs LhaL undcrminc Lhc sancLiLy oí Lhc
íamily, marriagc, and Lhc homc. InccsL is scxual acLiviLy bcLwccn nuclcar and
cxLcndcd íamily mcmbcrs: parcnLs wiLh childrcn, scxual rclaLions bcLwccn
siblings, cousins, unclcs, aunLs, sLcp-parcnLs, and grandparcnLs. Tc spiriL
oí Amnon is an insidious spiriL LhaL csLablishcs a sLrong conícdcraLion wiLh
Lhc appcLiLcs oí Lhc soul, and iL will sLop aL noLhing unLil iLs lusLíul dcsircs
arc saLisficd. IL docs noL allow Lhc hosL Lo bc consLraincd by convicLions or
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
inLcrnal mcchanisms oí righL and wrong, and iL will oíLcn lcad iLs hosL Lo
jusLiíy or raLionalizc iLs acLions.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Amnon
2 Samucl l3:l–22
Signs, symptoms, and manifestation of the spirit of Amnon
Abusc AffiniLy AlicnaLion
AnxicLy AssaulL CarnaliLy
Cocrcion CondcmnaLion DcaLh
DcccpLion Dcnial Dcprcssion
Dishonor DisrcspccL Family sccrcLs
Fcar CuilL HaLrcd
InappropriaLc Louching InLimidaLion Iow pcrccpLion oí sclí
IusL ManipulaLion Obscssion
Pcdophilia Pcrvcrsion PloLLing
Rapc ScducLion Scxual addicLions
Shamc TormcnL Violcncc
ProLccLion, purposc, íorgivcncss, convicLion oí Lhc Holy SpiriL, holincss,
righLcousncss, lovc, Lhc will oí Cod, Cod- and ChrisL-ccnLcrcdncss, dclivcr-
ancc, and pcacc
sPiriT of aNaNias aNd saPPhira (fraud)
Tis spiriL lurks in Lhc church, always rcady Lo pouncc upon Lhc bclicvcr,
cspccially during Limcs oí giving. ILs ulLimaLc purposc is LoLal cradicaLion
and annihilaLion oí individuals assigncd Lo pcrpcLuaLc Lhc liíc oí Lhc church
or minisLry. IL hidcs ouL in Lhc anoinLing and disguiscs iLsclí as a “willing”
givcr. MoLivaLion and opporLuniLy arc Lhc clcmcnLs LhaL gcncrally undcrlic
Lhc commission oí íraud. Tcsc could Lakc Lhc íorm oí cconomic nccd or gain,
grccd, prcsLigc or rccogniLion (pcrson íccls LhaL Lhcy arc shrcwd cnough Lo
coníound and coníusc oLhcrs and can commiL íraud and corrupLion wiLhouL
bcing discovcrcd or dcLccLcd), and moral supcrioriLy (pcrson may íccl LhaL Lhcy
arc morally supcrior Lo Lhosc oí Lhc vicLim, organizaLion, or Lhc minisLry).
IL is also imporLanL Lo undcrsLand LhaL vcry oíLcn Lhc pcrpcLraLor oí íraud
raLionalizcs his acLions. For insLancc an cmploycc accuscd oí íraud is likcly
Lo raLionalizc his acLion by saying or bclicving LhaL his low pay jusLifics Lhc
acLion or LhaL sincc cvcrybody is doing iL, hc is also wcll wiLhin his righL Lo
do iL.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Ananias and Sapphira
l Samucl 2:l3–l7, AcLs 5:l–l0
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of Ananias and Sapphira
Abusc oí privilcgcs Abusc/misusc
Abusc/misusc oí
propcrLy and asscLs
BcLrayal Brcach oí confidcncc Bribcry
Camouflagc ConccalmcnL ConflicL oí inLcrcsL
CorrupLion Cunning craíLincss DcccpLion
DishoncsLy DisrcspccL oí Lhc anoinLing
DisrcspccL oí Lhc
FmbczzlcmcnL Failurc Lo pay LiLhcs Failurc Lo pay vows
Falsc claims Falsc sLaLcmcnLs
FalsificaLion or
alLcraLion oí rccords or
FavoriLism Financial íraud Crccd
Hoarding Hypocrisy IdcnLiLy LhcíL
Illcgal financial
InduccmcnL Insidcr Lrading
Insurancc íraud InLcnLional dcccpLion InLcrncL íraud
Iack oí accounLabiliLy Ioss Iying
ManipulaLion Mcdical íraud
MisapplicaLion oí
accounLing policics
misapplicaLion oí asscLs
Mislcading acLions
MisrcprcscnLaLion oí
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of Ananias and Sapphira
Purchasc íor pcrsonal
Rccording oí
LransacLion wiLhouL
Rigging Sclfishncss
Supprcssion or omission oí
Lhc cffccLs oí LransacLions
írom rccords
Unbclicí Uníair pracLiccs WiLhholding
Tc spiriL oí LruLh, giving anoinLing, wisdom, loyalLy, obcdicncc, ícar oí
Cod, and covcnanL
sPiriT of The aNTichrisT
Whcn wc spcak oí Lhc spiriL oí Lhc anLichrisL, wc arc spcaking oí Lhis spiriL
opcraLing on Lwo dimcnsions: onc in which Lhc aposLlc Paul spcaks oí as Lhc
prcvailing and pcrvasivc mind-scL LhaL is dominaLcd by a principaliLy, and
Lhc oLhcr, Lhc acLual cmbodimcnL oí SaLan himsclí. Tis spiriL opposcs Cod
and anyLhing or anyonc LhaL is godly.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of the antichrist
2 Tcssalonians 2:4, l 1ohn 2:9, lS, 4:3
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of the antichrist
“Cold lovc” SaLanic “miraclcs” AlicnaLion
AnLagonism AsLrology Blasphcmy
CarnaliLy Church spliLs Communism
CompcLiLion ConLaminaLcd anoinLing CounLcríciL anoinLing
CriLicism DcaLh DcccpLion
Dcfiancc DcscrLion Division
DocLrincs oí dcvils Falsc rcligion HaLc
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of the antichrist
Humanism Hypocrisy IdolaLry
InLimidaLion InLolcrancc Iics
Iovc oí moncy IusL Iying wondcrs
Masqucrading as Cod or onc
oí His minisLcrs
McnLal bondagc
Murdcr Ncw Agc OcculLism
OpposiLion Lo Lhc
powcr oí Cod
Opprcssion Opprcssion oí bclicvcrs
PcrsccuLion oí Lhc
Pcrvcrsion Pridc
Psychics Rcbcllion RcligiosiLy
Rcligious spiriL SaboLagc SpiriL oí Babylon
SpiriL oí 1czcbcl Subvcrsion TradiLions
UnrighLcousncss WiLchcraíL Works oí Lhc flcsh
ProphcLic and aposLolic anoinLing, spiriL oí libcrLy, LruLh, holincss, and
disccrning oí spiriLs
sPiriT of aPaThy
Tis spiriL causcs a lack oí inLcrcsL or conccrn, cspccially conccrning maLLcrs
oí imporLancc. IL also causcs dullncss oí Lhc spiriL, blindncss oí Lhc hcarL,
and lcanncss oí Lhc soul. ApaLhy is rcsponsiblc íor Lhc aborLion oí purposc
and Lhc undcrmining oí poLcnLial.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of apathy
Psalm l37:l–4, RcvclaLion 3:l4–l9
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of apathy
CarnaliLy Dcprcssion DcLachmcnL
DisillusionmcnL DisinLcrcsL Disrcgard
DoubL Cloom and doom Cricí
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of apathy
Hopclcssncss InaLLcnLivcncss Indiffcrcncc
InscnsibiliLy IrraLional LhoughLs IrrcsponsibiliLy
Iack oí commiLmcnL Iack oí conccrn Iaodiccan spiriL
IcLhargy IisLlcssncss IusL
NcuroLic bchavior NonparLicipaLion UnsupporLivc
NoLhing Lo dic íor NoLhing Lo livc íor Opprcssion
PcrsccuLion complcx RcsLlcssncss Sadncss
Slccpincss SloLhíulncss SLubbornncss
Unconccrn Unrcsponsivcncss VicLimizaLion
Fxpcdicncc, urgcncy, joy, and a scnsc oí significancc, mcaning, and
sPiriT of babyloN
Babylon is an acLual placc LhaL cxisLs in Lhc dimcnsion oí Lhc spiriL world.
Babylon is a sysLcm oí conLrol. IL has iLs own cosmological sysLcm, which is
Lhc cxacL anLiLhcsis oí Lhc kingdom oí Cod. IL has iLs own poliLical sysLcm,
lcgislaLivc bodics, and govcrnmcnLs, jusL likc any oLhcr physical, naLural
kingdom, naLion, or counLry. ILs principlcs, policics, and rcligious pracLiccs
arc promoLcd by Lhc docLrincs oí man and dcvils and pcrmcaLc LhroughouL
Lhc Lwclvc sysLcms oí Lhc univcrsc. IL is assigncd Lo hindcr, írusLraLc, and
saboLagc Lhc íulfillmcnL oí purposc, undcrminc dcsLinics, and imprison Lhc
souls oí man. Tc spiriLs oí bchcmoLh, lcviaLhan, mammon, FgypL, Pharaoh,
and Hcrod íuncLion wiLh Lhc spiriL oí Babylon, íorming a sLrong conícdcra-
Lion wiLhin many naLions and counLrics and conLrolling Lhcir dcsLinics as
wcll as Lhc dcsLinics oí Lhcir ciLizcnship.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Babylon
1crcmiah 42:l–l2, 5l:l, Iukc 22:l–5, RcvclaLion l6:S–l7:lS, lS:l–l2
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Babylon
Scc “SpiriLs oí FgypL, Pharaoh, and Hcrod.”
sPiriTs of behemoTh aNd leviaThaN
Tc Book oí 1ob graphically dcpicLs Lhc spiriLual powcrs and sLrcngLh oí
Lhcsc principaliLics as unconqucrablc by human ingcnuiLy. I cauLion rcadcrs
Lo cnsurc LhaL Lhcy arc fighLing wiLhin Lhcir mcasurc oí rulc and fighLing
undcr divinc covcring. Do noL go hcad-Lo-hcad wiLh Lhis principaliLy. Allow
spiriLual generals Lo iniLiaLc and orchcsLraLc praycr and spiriLual waríarc
acLiviLics conccrning Lhcsc spiriLs. Rcmcmbcr Lo pray undcr divinc covcring!
BchcmoLh has a dinosaur or a largc, monsLrous spiriL. IL is an opprcssivc,
powcríul, hippopoLamus-likc crcaLurc, known íor iLs supcrnaLural sLrcngLh.
IL affccLs idcologics, poliLical/miliLary sLrcngLh, and rcligious/culLural sLrong-
holds, involvcs wiLchcraíL (conLrol), may Lakc ycars Lo dismanLlc/dcsLroy
(communicaLion), and bccomcs violcnL whcn aLLackcd. IcviaLhan, on Lhc
oLhcr hand, is a crocodilc-likc sca scrpcnL. IL is symbolic oí SaLan (Rcv. l2)
and is unconqucrablc by human sLrcngLh or carnal wcapons
Wc musL implorc 1chovah-Cibbor Lo divincly causc Lhcir sincws Lo bc
rippcd and Lhcir boncs Lo bc crushcd.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of behemoth and leviathan
1ob 40:l5–24, 1ob 4l:l–34, Psalm 74:l4, Psalm l04:26, Isaiah 27:l
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations for the spirit of behemoth and
Scc “SpiriL oí Opprcssion” and “SpiriLs oí FgypL, Pharaoh, and Hcrod.”
sPiriT of mammoN
Mammon is Lhc financial and cconomic sysLcm and currcncy oí Babylon. IL
has a pcrsonaliLy and can bc madc a íricnd or íoc, a masLcr or a slavc. Tc
word mammon is Chaldcan in origin and is LranslaLcd in Fnglish as “wcalLh.”
In Lhc Old TcsLamcnL, wc arc Lold LhaL Lhc wcalLh (mammon) oí Lhc wickcd
is laid up íor Lhc righLcous. Howcvcr, wc musL bc vcry carcíul Lo rcmcmbcr
LhaL our prioriLics musL bc in ordcr as wc approach Lhis parLicular spiriL. In
pursuing mammon, wc musL firsL bc sold ouL Lo Cod. MaLLhcw 6:24 sLaLcs,
“No man can scrvc Lwo masLcrs: íor ciLhcr hc will haLc Lhc onc, and lovc Lhc
oLhcr, or clsc hc will hold Lo Lhc onc, and dcspisc Lhc oLhcr. Yc cannoL scrvc
Cod and mammon.” Sccondly wc musL makc Lhc pursuiL oí His kingdom our
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Scriptural reference for the spirit of mammon
MaLLhcw 6:33, Iukc l6:9, ll
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations for the spirit of mammon
Scc “SpiriL oí Opprcssion” and “SpiriLs oí FgypL, Pharaoh, and Hcrod.”
sPiriT of balaam
Tc spiriL oí Balaam is a spiriL LhaL causcs an individual Lo compromisc his
convicLions, íoríciL minisLry, disobcy divinc dirccLivcs, and scll his soul íor
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Balaam
1amcs l:l3–l6, 2 PcLcr 2, 1udc l–l9, RcvclaLion 2:l4
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Balaam
BcLrayal CarnaliLy Compromisc
ConLaminaLcd anoinLing FilLhy lucrc Fraud
Crccd IniquiLy IusL
MisrcprcscnLaLion Pcrvcrsion Sclí-ccnLcrcdncss
Sclfishncss Sin TcmpLaLion
PuriLy oí hcarL, consccraLcd liíc, inLcgriLy, honcsLy
sPiriT of belial
Tis ouLlaw spiriL works in conícdcraLion wiLh Lhc spiriL oí 1czcbcl. IL is a spiriL
assigncd Lo dcsLroy influcncc, saboLagc minisLrics, undcrminc auLhoriLy, and
pilícr propcrLy. I call Lhis spiriL Lhc spiriLual mob bccausc oí iLs gangsLcrlikc
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Belial
DcuLcronomy l3:l3, 1udgcs l9:22–23, l Samucl l:l6, 2:l2, l0:27, 25:l7,
30:22, l Kings 2l:l0–l3
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Belial
CarnaliLy CharacLcr assassinaLion DcccpLion
Falsc accusaLion Falschood Cossip
HarassmcnL InsubordinaLion IusL
Iying Maligning characLcr Murdcr
Pcrvcrsion Pilícring Rcbcllion
RioLous living SaboLagc Sclfishncss
ScnsualiLy Slandcr Trcachcry
UnrighLcousncss Violcncc WiLchcraíL
Works oí darkncss
Tc spiriL oí 1chu, Lhc ícar oí Lhc Iord, and boldncss
sPiriT of carNaliTy
Tc word carnality comcs írom Lhc Crcck word sarkikos, which, whcn Lrans-
laLcd inLo Fnglish, connoLcs “roLLcn” flcsh. AnLispiriLual in naLurc, Lhis spiriL
appcals Lo Lhc appcLiLc oí Lhc soul. Isaiah 29:S givcs us grcaLcr insighL, “IL
shall cvcn bc as whcn an hungry man drcamcLh, and, bchold, hc caLcLh, buL
hc awakcLh, and his soul is cmpLy: or as whcn a LhirsLy man drcamcLh, and,
bchold, hc drinkcLh, buL hc awakcLh, and, bchold, hc is íainL, and his soul
haLh appcLiLc.” IusLs arc cvil dcsircs LhaL rcadily cxprcss Lhcmsclvcs in bodily
acLiviLics. Tcy arc Lhc “naLural” Lcndcncy oí Lhc flcsh and Lhc soulish capaciLy
and procliviLy Lo graviLaLc Loward Lhings LhaL arc cvil. Somc lusLs may charac-
LcrisLically bc “rcfincd,” as in Lhc pridc oí liíc, buL Lhcy arc sLill lusLs. Dcsirc in
and oí iLsclí is noL Lo bc ícarcd. Cod promiscs us Lhc dcsircs oí our hcarLs
in Psalm 37:4. IusL, howcvcr, is pcrvcrLcd dcsirc LhaL lcads Lo sin. Whcn
lusL prcvails in our livcs, wc may gcL whaL wc wanL, buL wc will losc whaL
wc havc.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of carnality
Numbcrs ll:4–5, 3l–33, MaLLhcw 5:2S, Romans l:27, 6:l2, 7:7, 24, S:5–
S, l3:l4, l CorinLhians l0:6–l0, l2:7–l0, CalaLians 5:l6–l7, l9–2l, 22–23,
Fphcsians 4:29, 5:5, Colossians 2:lS, 1amcs l:l3–l6, 4:l–6, l 1ohn 2:l6
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of carnality
AddicLions (oí all
AdulLcry Alcoholism Anarchy
Angcr AnimosiLy Arrogancc
BiLLcrncss Brawling Clamor
Comparing Complaining Compromiscs
CovcLousncss CruclLy DcaLh
DcccpLion DisconLcnLmcnL DissaLisíacLion
DissaLisíacLion wiLh
Cod’s provisions
DoubL Drunkcnncss
Fffcminacy FmulaLions Fnvy
Frror Fvil LhoughLs and dcsircs FxLorLion
Falsc wiLncss FaulL finding FaulLy pcrspccLivcs
FighLing FilLhy languagc Flamboyancc
Formalism FornicaLion Cambling
CluLLony CrandiosiLy Crccd
Crumbling HaLrcd Hcrcsics
gcncraLional pridc
Hoarding IdolaLry
Ill will ImmoraliLy IngraLiLudc
IniquiLics oí Lhc hcarL InordinaLc sophisLicaLion 1udgmcnLalism
Killing KlcpLomania Iasciviousncss
IusLs (oí all kinds) Iying Malicc
Murdcrs Narcissism Pcrvcrsion
Plagucs/discascs PrcsumpLuous living Pridc
Pridc oí posscssion Quarrcling Ragc
Railing Rcbcllion RcligiosiLy
RcscnLmcnL Rcviling ScdiLions
ScducLion (cnLicing) Sclfishncss Scxual sins
Slandcr SpiLc SLcaling
SLriíc SLubbornncss SupcrioriLy
TcmpLaLions Unclcanncss UngraLcíulncss
UnrighLcousncss Vain glory Variancc
WiLchcraíL Worldlincss WraLh
Dclivcrancc, holincss, íruiL oí Lhc SpiriL, and maniícsLaLions oí Lhc SpiriL
sPiriT of comPeTiTioN
Tis spiriL crcaLcs rivalry bcLwccn cnLiLics LhaL compcLc íor Lhc samc prizc
or profiL. Tis spiriL is slick and covcrLly íulfills iLs mission. CompcLiLion
is a door-kccping spiriL. IL opcns doors Lo oLhcr sLrongcr and morc dcadly
Scriptural reference for the spirit of competition
Fzra 4:l9, 1ohn 9:l6, l0:l9
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of competition
AccusaLions AlicnaLion AnLagonism
Brokcn rclaLionships ConLcmpL ConLcnLion
DccciL Dcfiancc DcLachmcnL
Discord Disharmony Divorcc
FmulaLion Camc playing Cossip
Hcrcsy Hypocrisy Ill will
IsolaLion 1calousy OpposiLion
Rcbcllion RcscnLmcnL RcLaliaLion
Rivalry ScdiLion Slandcr
SpiLc SLigmaLizaLion SLriíc
TcrriLorialism Undcrhandcdncss Uníair pracLiccs
WiLhholding WraLh
Fcllowship, uniLy, lovc, íorgivcncss, harmony, compliancc, obcdicncc, and
The sPiriT of coNfusioN
Tc spiriL oí coníusion causcs disordcr and disarray in Lhc liíc and rclaLion-
ships oí many pcoplc. IL also causcs an individual Lo livc in a sLunncd and
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
cluLLcrcd condiLion, coníusing Lhc mind, bcwildcring Lhc cmoLions, and
disLrcssing rclaLionships. Tis spiriL works wiLh Lhc spiriL oí madncss.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of confusion
l CorinLhians l4:33, 1amcs 3:l6
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of confusion
Aimlcssncss ArgumcnLaLivcncss ALLiLudcs
Awkwardncss BafflcmcnL Bcdlam
BcíuddlcmcnL BcwildcrmcnL CluLLcr
CovcLousncss Dcícnsivcncss Disarray
DiscomfiLurc Discomposurc Disordcr
DisorganizaLion DisLracLion Doublc-mindcdncss
FmbarrassmcnL FmoLional disLurbancc Fnvy
Fcclings oí disconLcnLmcnL
and rcscnLmcnL
FlusLcr FrcLLing
Furor HumiliaLion HypnoLic (sLupor) sLaLc
Iack oí dirccLion
Iack oí disccrnmcnL/
Iack oí goals
Iack oí purposc Ioss oí mcmory Ioss oí mcnLal íaculLy
Ncrvousncss Pandcmonium PcrplcxiLy
PcrLurbaLion PrcoccupaLion Sclí-conscious disLrcss
Shamc SpiLc SLriíc
Trancclikc sLaLcs TumulL Turmoil
Uproar UpscLs
Tc mind oí ChrisL, Cod’s original plan and purposc, and pcacc, lovc, and
soundncss oí mind and ordcr
sPiriT of deaf aNd dumb
AlLhough Lhis spiriL is sccn Lhrough many counLrics and communiLics, iL is
oíLcn assigncd Lo childrcn and spouscs oí lcadcrship. IL acLs as boLh a door
and gaLckccpcr íor oLhcr spiriLs and disLracLs Lhc man or woman oí Cod írom
íulfilling Lhcir assignmcnL. Tc dcaí and dumb spiriL is known Lo LargcL chil-
drcn, aLLaching iLsclí Lo a baby whilc ycL in Lhc womb.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of deaf and dumb
Mark 9:25
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of deaf and dumb
ALLcnLion dcficiL
Childish sclí-will
Convulsions Daydrcaming Dcaíncss (naLural/spiriLual)
Dcprcssion Drug and alcohol abusc FxLrcmc immaLuriLy
InabiliLy Lo spcak
Rcprcssion Scizurcs
Slccpincss (cspccially whilc
rcading or hcaring Lhc Word
oí Cod)
Spccch impcdimcnLs Suicidal LhoughLs
Suddcn/involunLary body
movcmcnLs or sounds
Dclivcrancc, libcrLy, liíc, divinc hcalLh, and hcaling
sPiriT of deaTh
Tis spiriL is assigncd Lo LcrminaLc and causc cnLiLics Lo bccomc cxLincL.
Tcrc arc many kinds oí dcaLh an cnLiLy can cxpcricncc: physical, cmoLional,
spiriLual, rclaLional (divorcc), social (loss oí influcncc or rcpuLaLion, liíc-
imprisonmcnL), and financial (íailurc Lo pcrccivc opporLuniLics or Lhc
misappropriaLion oí íunds).
Scriptural reference for the spirit of death
Psalm lS:5, 55:l5, S6:l3, ll6:3, Hosca l3:l4, Romans 6:23
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of death
AborLion AccidcnLs BcLrayal
CharacLcr assassinaLion Dcprcssion DcprivaLion
Dcspondcncy DiscouragcmcnL Discasc
DisillusionmcnL Divorcc FmoLional wounds
FraLricidc Cossip Cricí
Homicidc HomoscxualiLy Hopclcssncss
Ill-spokcn words ImprisonmcnL Indiffcrcncc
IsolaLion 1calousy Ioss
Ioss oí hopc Ioss oí vision IosL opporLuniLics
Maligning oí characLcr Miscarriagc MorbidiLy
Murdcr Opprcssion Railing
Slandcr Sorrow SpiriLual blindncss
SLigmaLizaLion Suicidc Tcrminal illncsscs
Unbclicí UnLimcly dcaLh Wagcs oí sin
Cang rapc Drivc-by shooLing RcprobaLion
Divinc hcaling, hcalLh, liíc, and rcvcrsal oí Lhc dcaLh cyclc
sPiriT of dePressioN
Dcprcssion is a mcnLal discasc LhaL plagucs cvcry socicLy. Psychologically
spcaking, dcprcssion is a psychoLic or ncuroLic condiLion characLcrizcd by
inabiliLy, ícclings oí hcavincss and mclancholy, cxLrcmc sadncss, hopclcss-
ncss, and oíLcn insomnia.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of depression
Isaiah 6l:3
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of depression
AnxicLy Chronic íaLiguc Coníusion
Crying spclls Darkncss oí mind DcjccLion
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of depression
DcpcndcnL pcrsonaliLy
(nccd assisLancc Lo
achicvc “normal” Lhings)
Dcspair DcspcraLion
Dcspondcncy DisLracLions Fxccssivc slccping
Fcclings oí alicnaLion Fcclings oí lonclincss FrusLraLion
Cloomincss Homicidal Lcndcncy Hopclcssncss
Incrcasc in appcLiLc Insomnia
Irrcgular slccping
Iack oí íocus IisLlcssncss Ioss oí appcLiLc
Ioss oí cncrgy Ioss oí íocus Mclancholy
Mcmory loss Nccd íor assisLancc Nccd íor approval
NonchalanL aLLiLudc PrcoccupaLions Sadncss
Slccpincss SLaring inLo spacc
SLrong cxLcrnal locus oí
Suicidal Lcndcncy Unhappincss
Tc anoinLing, pcacc, Lhc mind oí ChrisL, and joy
sPiriT of desolaTioN
Tis spiriL causcs loss, abandonmcnL, a sLaLc oí anguish, and dcprivaLion.
DcsolaLion can bc maniícsLcd as a naLural phcnomcnon, an cmoLional, phys-
ical, social, or psychological condiLion. Tis spiriL causcs loss, abandonmcnL,
a sLaLc oí anguish, dcprival, barrcnncss, and Lhc lack oí prospcriLy.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of desolation
1crcmiah 44:22, MaLLhcw l2:25
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of desolation
AccusaLion Dcprcssion Crccd
Hardship Hopclcssncss IdolaLry
ImmoraliLy 1calousy MorbidiLy
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of desolation
Murdcr Opprcssion Phariscc/Sadduccc spiriL
PovcrLy Rcligion ScdiLion
SpiriLual bondagc SpiriLual darkncss SpiriLual dryncss
Subvcrsion Suspicion UnrighLcous mammon
UnrighLcousncss VcxaLion
Mcckncss, modcraLion, puriLy oí hcarL, a spiriL oí vcngcancc, holincss, and
Lruc and purc worship
sPiriT of diviNaTioN
Tis spiriL is oíLcn onc oí Lhc spiriLs rcsponsiblc íor blaLanL anarchy oí Lhc
pcw and rcbcllion oí parishioncrs. Tc spiriL oí rcbcllion is Lhc íoundaLion
upon which SaLan and Lhc kingdom oí darkncss is builL. Tc divinaLion prin-
cipaliLy oíLcn aLLcmpLs Lo counLcríciL Lhc work oí Lhc Holy SpiriL. Rcbcllion
is Lo divinaLion as Lhc anoinLing is Lo Lhc Holy SpiriL.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of divination
DcuLcronomy lS:l0–l2, AcLs l6:l6
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of divination
Anarchy ícar AccusaLions AddicLions
AfflicLions AilmcnLs Alcoholism
Allianccs AlLcraLions AnLagonism
AssaulLs AssociaLions AsLral projccLion
ALLachmcnLs (Lalisman,
books, cloLhing,
íurniLurc, jcwclry, cLc.)
AuLomaLic wriLings Bands Black magic
Blasphcmy Burdcns CharacLcr assassinaLions
Charms Cocrcion ConccnLraLions
Conclusions Coníusion ConjuraLion
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of divination
ConnccLions ConLaminaLions ConLcnLions
ConLrol ConLrolling spiriL CulLic acLiviLics/riLuals
DcccpLions Dccisions DcíccLs
Dcmonic acLiviLics Dcnial Dcprcssion
DcprivaLion DcsolaLion DisabiliLics
DiscouragcmcnLs Discascs Disillusions
Disordcrs DisLorLions DivinaLion
Divincrs Divisions Drcamcrs
Drcams Drugs DysíuncLions
FnchanLcrs FnLanglcmcnLs Falsc prophcLs
Familiar spiriLs FanLasics ForLunc Lclling
FrusLraLions HarassmcnLs Hcxcs
Horoscopc Hypnosis IdolaLry
Ill-spokcn IlluminaLi IlluminaLion
Illusions Imprcssions Impurc moLivcs
IncanLaLions IníccLions InfirmiLics
InhibiLions InordinaLc affccLions InsinuaLions
InsulLs InLcrccpLions InLcrícrcncc
IrriLaLions 1usLificaLions ManipulaLions
Masonry Mind conLrol MisíorLuncs
Mishaps MisiníormaLion MisrcprcscnLaLions
MisundcrsLandings Murdcr Nccromancy
NcuroLic and psychoLic
bchaviors and
OcculL Omcns Opprcssion
Ouija board Palm rcading PcrsccuLions
Pcrvcrsions PrognosLicaLion ProhibiLions
ProjccLions ProvocaLions Psychic acLiviLics
Railing RaLionalizaLions Rcbcllion
RclaLions RcsisLancc RcsoluLions
Rulings SaLanic opcraLions ScducLion
Slandcrs Snarcs Sorccry/sooLhsaying
SpcculaLions SpiriL oí Bclial SLigmas
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of divination
SLirrings SLrangc occurrcnccs Subvcrsions
Suicidc SupcrsLiLion Suspicions
Tca lcaí rcadcrs TcmpLaLions Uncxplainablc accidcnLs
UnrighLcous mammon VcxaLion/gricí VicLimizaLion
Violcncc Voodoo WaLcr waLchcrs
WhiLc magic WiLchcraíL Wizardry
Words/wishcs/malicc AborLion UnLimcly dcaLh
Financial hardship DcsolaLion SpiriLual blindncss
1czcbcl spiriL SpiriL oí Lhc anLichrisL SpiriLual sLupor
Tc anoinLing, Lhc maniícsLaLion oí Lhc giíLs oí Lhc SpiriL, prophcLic
anoinLing, aposLolic anoinLing, anoinLing oí Flijah, anoinLing oí 1chu
sPiriTs of egyPT, Pharaoh, aNd herod
Tc spiriL oí FgypL is a spiriL LhaL opprcsscs groupings oí pcoplc aL a naLional
or global lcvcl. On Lhc onc hand, Lhcsc spiriLs uLilizc Lhc body and souls oí
man Lo íurLhcr Lhcir cconomic and spiriLual causc, and on Lhc oLhcr hand,
Lhcy arc rcsponsiblc íor aborLion and assassinaLion. Tc grcaLcsL aLrociLy is
noL bccoming a physical prisoncr oí war, buL bccoming psychological prisoncr
oí war.
TyPes of slavery Today
Bonded labor affccLs millions oí pcoplc around Lhc world.
Pcoplc bccomc bondcd laborcrs by Laking or bcing Lrickcd inLo
Laking a loan íor as liLLlc as Lhc cosL oí mcdicinc íor a sick
child. To rcpay Lhc dcbL, many arc íorccd Lo work long hours,
scvcn days a wcck, up Lo 365 days a ycar. Tcy rcccivc basic
íood and shclLcr as “paymcnL” íor Lhcir work, buL Lhcy may
ncvcr pay off Lhc loan, which can bc passcd down íor gcncra-

Early and forced marriage affccLs womcn and girls who arc
marricd wiLhouL choicc and arc íorccd inLo livcs oí scrviLudc
oíLcn accompanicd by physical violcncc.
Forced labor affccLs pcoplc who arc illcgally rccruiLcd by
individuals, govcrnmcnLs, or poliLical parLics and íorccd Lo
work—usually undcr LhrcaL oí violcncc or oLhcr pcnalLics.
Slavery by descent is whcrc pcoplc arc ciLhcr born inLo a
slavc class or arc írom a group LhaL socicLy vicws as suiLcd Lo
bcing uscd as slavc labor.
Trafficking involvcs Lhc LransporL or Lradc oí pcoplc—
womcn, childrcn, and mcn—írom onc arca Lo anoLhcr íor Lhc
purposc oí íorcing Lhcm inLo slavcry condiLions, prosLiLuLion,
pornography, pcddling, cLc.
Child labor affccLs many childrcn around Lhc world who arc
cmploycd in work LhaL is harmíul Lo Lhcir hcalLh and wclíarc,
such as swcaL shops.
OLhcr Lypcs oí slavcry includc cmoLional slavcry, psychological
slavcry, insLiLuLionalizcd rcligion, insLiLuLionalizcd slavcry,
and opprcssion.
Tc individuals conLrollcd by Lhis spiriL would havc Lo lcarn:
To livc as a írcc pcrson
Problcm-solving skills
Social skills
Dccision-making skills
CriLical Lhinking skills
Valucs clarificaLion
How Lo budgcL
Planning and goal scLLing
Rcsourcc managcmcnL

Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Egypt, Pharaoh, and Herod
Fxodus l:7–22, 3:7, MaLLhcw 2:l6
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirits of Egypt, Pharaoh, and Herod
AborLion Abusc AddicLions
AffiniLics AfflicLions AilmcnLs
Alcoholism AlicnaLion
AlicnaLion írom Lhc liíc
oí Cod
Allianccs AnimalizaLion AnLagonism
AnLichrisL AnLichrisL acLiviLics AnLi-ScmiLism
AparLhcid ApaLhy Arrogancc
ArLificial íabricaLion oí
AssaulLs AssociaLions
ALhcism ALLachmcnLs ALLracLions
Backlash Backsliding Bands
BcraLing BcscLLing Sin BcLrayal
Bio-chcmical alLcring
Lcchniqucs (ícar, cLc.)
Black shccp syndromc Blasphcmy
Blind LrusL Bondagc BruLalizaLion
CalcificaLion oí Lhc
CasLigaLion CasLraLion
CaLasLrophicaLion oí
Ccnsorship ChaLLcl slavcry Chcmical abusc
Child abusc Class disLincLion Codcpcndcncy
Cocrcion Communism Comparison
CompcLiLion Coníusion ConnccLions
Conspiracy Consumcrism ConLaminaLions
ConLcmpL ConLracLs CorrupLion
CovcnanLs Criminal acLiviLics CriLicism
Crookcdncss Crossbrccding Crucifixion
CruclLy CulLural cnLrcnchmcnL CulLural crosion
CulLural hypnoLism DcaLh Dcbauchcry
DcíccLs Dcfiancc DchumanizaLion
DcmasculinizaLion Dcnial Dcpcndcncc
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirits of Egypt, Pharaoh, and Herod
Dcprcssion DcprivaLion DcscrLion
DcsLabilizaLion oí Lhc
DcsLrucLion oí a scnsc
oí significancc/idcnLiLy/
DcvaluaLion DcvianL bchavior
Diabolical procliviLics
and appcLiLcs
DicLaLorship DisabiliLics
Disapproval DiscouragcmcnL DiscriminaLion
Disdain Discasc DiscmpowcrmcnL
DiscníranchiscmcnL Disharmony DisillusionmcnL
DisLrusL DisuniLy Dividc and conqucr
DivinaLion Divisions DocLrincs oí dcvils
DocLrincs oí man Dominancc Drcad
Drug addicLion Fconomic hardship Fconomic impoLcncc
Fconomic opprcssion Fgo graLificaLion FmbarrassmcnL
FmoLional condiLioning FmoLional dcprivaLion FmoLional slavcry
FnLanglcmcnLs Fnvy
FradicaLion oí pcrsonal/
cLhnical/naLional idcnLiLy
Frosion and cradicaLion
oí Lhcocracy sysLcm and
human righLs
Frosion oí sclí-imagc
and worLh
Fscapism Family pridc Family sccrcLs
FanLasics Fcar FilLhy lucrc
Forccd labor FrusLraLion CcncLic manipulaLion
Ccnocidc Class ccilings CrandiosiLy
Crccd Cricí Cross darkncss
Cuilc HabiLs Hangings
HarassmcnL Hard-hcarLcdncss Hardship
Harshncss HaLrcd Hclplcssncss
Hcrodism High Lhings HiLlcrism
Hopclcssncss Humanism HumiliaLion
IdolaLry Ignominy ImaginaLions
ImmaLuriLy ImmoraliLy Impaircd will
ImprisonmcnL Impurc moLivcs IncarccraLion
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirits of Egypt, Pharaoh, and Herod
IndcpcndcnL ícmalc/
dcpcndcnL malc
IndcpcndcnL spiriL Indiffcrcncc
Indiffcrcncc oí Lhc
opprcsscd Lo Lhcir
circumsLanccs and plighL
IndignaLion IníccLions
Inhuman condiLions/
InjusLicc Insomnia InsLiLuLionalizc racism
Insufficicncics InsulLs
procliviLics and
InLcrnal unrcsL InLcrrclaLion issucs InLimidaLion
Invasions oí pcrsonal
IrraLional LhoughLs and
IrriLaLions 1calousy 1udgmcnLalism
1usLificaLion Knowlcdgc blocks Iabcling
Ianguagc disinLcgraLion Icarncd hclplcssncss Icgalism
IcgalizaLion Ionging íor bclonging Ioss oí digniLy
IusL (all íorms) Iynching Maiming
MaladapLivc scLs oí
Malc casLigaLion Malc/ícmalc rolc rcvcrsal
Malicc ManipulaLion
MarLyrdom oí godly
MasLcr-slavc rclaLions MaLcrialism Mcmory loss
McnLal afflicLion McnLal/cmoLional Mind conLrol
MiscducaLion MisíorLuncs Mishaps
MisLrcaLmcnL MisLrusL MisundcrsLandings
Moncy laundcring Murdcr MuLilaLion
NaLional dcgradaLion
NcuroLic and psychoLic
bchaviors and
Opprcssion PanLhcism PcrplcxiLy
PcrsccuLion complcx Pcrvcrsion Pcrvcrsions oí LhoughLs
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirits of Egypt, Pharaoh, and Herod
Physical abusc
Poor nuLriLional habiLs
Poor sclí-pcrccpLion Pornography
PosL-LraumaLic sLrcss
PovcrLy Prcjudicc PrcmaLurc dcaLh
Pridc ProhibiLions ProsLiLuLion
ProvocaLion Psychic coníusion Psychological bondagc
Psychological gamcs Psychological rapc
Racial clcansing Racial profiling Railing
Racial Profiling MarginalizaLion
Rapc RaLionalizaLion Rcbcllion
RcjccLion Rcligious spiriL Rcprcsscd angcr
Rcprcssion Rcprcssion oí mcmorics RcpudiaLion
RcscnLmcnL RcsisLancc RcsoluLions
Ridiculc Rulings SaboLagc
SancLions SaLanic barricrs Scorn
Sccularism ScdiLion ScducLion
ScgrcgaLion Sclí-confidcncc Sclí-haLrcd
Sclfishncss Scxual abusc Scxual dysíuncLion
Scxual harassmcnL Scxual slavcry Shamc
Sickncss Sin Singlc parcnLing
Slandcr Slavc Lradc Slavcry (all íorms)
Snarcs Social condiLioning Social ouLcasLs
Social rapc
Soul Lics
SpiriLual aborLions SpiriLual abusc SpiriLual adulLcry
SpiriLual barrcnncss SpiriLual bondagc SpiriLual darkncss
SpiriLual crosion SpiriLual miscarriagcs SLigmaLizaLion
SLrongholds SLubbornncss SLumbling blocks
Subliminal condiLioning Suicidc Supprcssion
Supprcssion oí cmoLions
Supprcssion oí
Supprcssion oí gcncLic
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirits of Egypt, Pharaoh, and Herod
Supprcssion oí will SurrogaLc parcnLing Survcillancc
Survival skills Suspicion SysLcmic lics
Tcrror TrcaLs TormcnL
TradiLions oí man Trcachcry
Tyrannical govcrnancc/
UndcrcmploymcnL Undcrmining oí righLs
UncLhical bchavior Uníair pracLiccs Ungodly ambiLions
Unholy dcsircs UnrighLcous mammon VcxaLion
VicLimizaLion Violcncc ViLiaLion oí will
Wars WcighLs WhiLc-collar crimc
Whorcdom Willic lynchism WiLchcraíL
Worldlincss WraLh Yokc
Tc hand oí Cod, divinc visiLaLions, Cod’s mcrcy, Lhc arrows oí Cod, righ-
Lcousncss Lo bc cxalLcd, naLional rcvival, soul-winning, Lhc spiriL oí Flijah,
Lhc spiriL oí LruLh, Lhc ícar oí 1chovah, salvaLion and dclivcrancc, prophcLic
and aposLolic anoinLing, Lhc spiriL oí 1chu, Lhc ícar oí Lhc Iord, boldncss, Lhc
rulcs oí cngagcmcnL, 1chovah-Cibbor, lcgions oí hcavcnly angcls, kingdom
oí Cod and iLs principlcs and mandaLcs, Lhc anoinLing oí cvangclism and
sPiriT of fear aNd TormeNT
Tc spiriL oí ícar is rclcascd Lo aLLack Lhc pcacc, couragc, vision, and íaiLh
oí individuals, crcaLing a dcbiliLaLing sLronghold in Lhcir mind. IL also has
Lhc powcr Lo aborL purposc, dcrail divinc dcsLinics, and assassinaLc íuLurc
hopc and íaiLh in Lhc powcr oí Cod. IL is oí cxLrcmc imporLancc Lo comprc-
hcnd Lhc insidious naLurc oí Lhis spiriL rclaLivc Lo our íuLurc, bccausc Lhc
way wc pcrccivc or Lhink abouL Lhc íuLurc acLually sculpLs and conLours how
wc handlc Lhc prcscnL. Fcar comcs írom Lhc rooL word phobos, which mcans,
“LhaL which may causc flighL.” Tis is also whcrc wc gcL Lhc word phobia, which
is a pcrsisLcnL irraLional ícar oí somcLhing LhaL is so sLrong LhaL iL compcls
us Lo avoid Lhc objccL oí Lhc ícar. IL is a psychological rcacLion Lo somcLhing
or somconc who poscs a LhrcaL Lo our scnsc oí sccuriLy and saícLy. IL also
dcnoLcs cmoLional unrcsL and “dis-casc” causcd by unccrLainLy oí onc’s abiliLy
Lo ovcrcomc siLuaLions and challcngcs in liíc—financial, spiriLual, physical,
social, maLcrial, psychological, or cmoLional disabiliLy. DcuLcronomy 2:25
indicaLcs LhaL ícar is cxpcricnccd noL only on an individual basis buL also aL
a naLional lcvcl. Cod promiscs Lhc IsracliLcs LhaL Hc will “bcgin Lo puL Lhc
drcad oí Lhcc and Lhc ícar oí Lhcc upon Lhc naLions LhaL arc undcr Lhc wholc
hcavcn, who shall hcar rcporL oí Lhcc, and shall Lrcmblc, and bc in anguish
bccausc oí Lhcc.” Tcrc arc diffcrcnL dcgrccs oí ícar:
Alarm: iniLial rcalizaLion oí dangcr
FrighL: suddcn and momcnLary
Drcad: sLrongcr in inLcnsiLy, drcad grips Lhc hcarL as iL anLici-
paLcs impcnding cvcnLs LhaL arc difficulL or impossiblc Lo
avoid, rcndcring Lhc pcrson hclplcss and powcrlcss ovcr iL.
Tcrror: ovcrpowcring, inLcnsc, and dcbiliLaLing
Horror: a combinaLion oí ícar and avcrsion
Panic: suddcn, íranLic ícar LhaL robs a pcrson oí rcason
Dismay: apprchcnsion LhaL robs a pcrson oí couragc and
powcr Lo acL cfficicnLly and cffccLivcly
ConsLcrnaLion: a sLaLc oí oíLcn paralyzing dismay characLcr-
izcd by coníusion and hclplcssncss
TrcpidaLion: drcad characLcrizcd by Lrcmbling
Scriptural reference for the spirit of fear and torment
Ccncsis 32:ll, 1ob 3:25, Psalm 9l:5, Isaiah S:ll–l4, 1onah l:l0, Iukc
2l:2l, Romans S:l5, 2 TimoLhy l:7, l 1ohn 4:lS
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of fear and torment
Acrophobia (ícar oí
Agoraphobia (ícar oí
opcn spaccs)
Alarm Alcoholism
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of fear and torment
AmaLhophobia (ícar oí
AnxicLy Apiphobia (ícar oí bccs)
AsLrophobia (ícar oí
Aviaphobia (ícar oí
BaLrachophobia (ícar oí
Blcnnophobia (ícar oí
CaLagclophobia (ícar oí
ClausLrophobia (ícar oí
cncloscd spaccs)
CondcmnaLion ConsLcrnaLion ConLrol
Criminal acLiviLics Crying Cynophobia (ícar oí dogs)
Dccidophobia (ícar oí
making dccisions)
Dismay DoubL
Drcad Drug addicLion
FlccLrophobia (ícar oí
Frcmophobia (ícar oí
bcing alonc)
FxLrcmc shyncss FaLalism
Fcar oí changc Fcar oí íailurc Fcar oí pcoplc
Fcar oí pcoplc’s opinions Fcar oí succcss ForgcLíulncss
Camophobia (ícar oí
CaLophobia (ícar oí caLs)
Ccphyrophobia (ícar oí
crossing bridgcs)
Cynophobia (ícar oí
Hcavincss Horror
Hydrophobia (ícar oí
InsccuriLics Insomnia
InLimidaLion by
Kakorraphiaphobia (ícar
oí íailurc)
Ionclincss ManipulaLion
Kcraunophobia (ícar oí
DiscouragcmcnL DisillusionmcnL
Musophobia (ícar oí
NighLmarcs NighL Lcrrors
NycLophobia (ícar oí
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of fear and torment
Ochlophobia (ícar oí
Odyncphobia (ícar oí
Ophidiophobia (ícar oí
Opprcssion OvcrscnsiLiviLy Panic
Phobias Pining
Pnigcrophobia (ícar oí
Pyrophobia (ícar oí firc)
Scholionophobia (ícar oí
Sciophobia (ícar oí
Ccrmophobia (ícar oí
Sphcksophobia (ícar oí
Tcchnophobia (ícar oí
TcpidiLy Tcrror
Talassophobia (ícar oí
Lhc occan)
Clossophobia (ícar oí
pcríorming, sLagc írighL)
Triskaidckaphobia (ícar
oí Lhc numbcr LhirLccn)
Tropophobia (ícar oí
moving or making
Powcr, lovc, sound mind, boldncss, pcacc, spiriLual mindcdncss, libcrLy,
and couragc
sPiriT of idolaTry
Onc oí Lhc works oí Lhc flcsh, and a masLcr spiriL uscd by SaLan Lo conLrol
corporal and corporaLc dcsLinics, idolaLry is Lhc subsLiLuLc íor Cod and salva-
Lion. Whcn you placc anyLhing or anyonc ahcad oí Cod, and Hc is prccmpLcd
as Lhc zcniLh oí pursuiLs and affccLion, Lhis is idolaLry. IdolaLry has many
modi opcrandi, such as social, naLural, hisLorical, spiriLual, and culLural. Tc
spiriL oí idolaLry scduccs pcoplc and naLions Lo display cxLravaganL cmoLional
íorms oí Lhc worship oí Lhings and/or pcoplc, whilc csLablishing sLrongholds
oí LradiLional, culLural pracLiccs and bclicís. IdolaLry can maniícsL iLsclí
Lhrough philosophics, cducaLion, and poliLical acLiviLics. IL also opcns doors
Lo dcmonic acLiviLics. According Lo Fzckicl, idolaLry originaLcs in Lhc mind oí
SaLan and is projccLcd inLo Lhc minds oí mankind.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Scriptural reference for the spirit of idolatry
l Samucl l5:23, Fzckicl l4:l–S, Habakkuk 2:lS, l CorinLhians l2:2, Cala-
Lians 5:20, Colossians 3:5
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of idolatry
AsLrology CarnaliLy Coníusion
ConLrol CovcLousncss CulLic pracLiccs
DcgradaLion DocLrincs oí dcvils FnslavcmcnL oí cmoLion
FnLanglcmcnL FnLiccmcnL Frror
Fvil dcsircs Fvil LhoughLs Falsc prophccics
Falsc worship Fcar FornicaLion
Crccd Hcrcsics Humanism
ImmoraliLics ImpuriLics InordinaLc affccLion
Knowlcdgc block IusL Murdcr
NaLional/cLhnical LraiLs,
Lcndcncics, and oddiLics
Pcrvcrsion Posscssion Pridc
RcligiosiLy Sclí-ccnLcrcdncss Unbclicí
Unclcanncss WiLchcraíL
Truc/purc worship (in spiriL and LruLh), righLcousncss, holincss, rcpcn-
Lancc, and prophcLic anoinLing
sPiriTs of Jealousy aNd eNvy
1calousy is likcncd unLo a raging firc LhaL is ouL oí conLrol and dcsLroys
cvcryLhing iL Louchcs. 1calous pcoplc arc dcsLrucLivc pcoplc. Tcy arc also
posscssivc pcoplc. Tcy smoLhcr and arc ovcrly posscssivc oí cvcryLhing and
cvcryonc. 1calousy will drivc man Lo accomplish Lhings LhaL arc conLrary Lo
Lhc will oí Cod. King Saul and Nabal arc Lwo biblical cxamplcs LhaL comc Lo
mind oí how jcalous pcoplc opcraLc. (Scc l Samucl 25:l–l7.)
“WhaL abouL Cod`” you may ask. “Docsn’L Lhc Biblc say LhaL Hc is jcalous`”
Whilc Lhis is Lruc, Cod’s jcalousy, simply sLaLcd, mcans LhaL Cod owns cvcry-
Lhing and Hc docs noL wanL anyonc Lo abusc whaL is His (Fxod. 34:l4, DcuL.
4:24). Wc arc mcrc sLcwards oí whaL rcally bclongs Lo Cod. Tcrcíorc, wc do
noL havc Lhc righL Lo say whaL anoLhcr pcrson can or cannoL cnjoy. Wc cannoL
dicLaLc Lo Cod who should or should noL havc Lhc righL or privilcgc Lo cnjoy
whaL Hc allows pcoplc Lo cnjoy.
Fnvy, on Lhc oLhcr hand, is slighLly diffcrcnL írom jcalousy. According Lo
American Heritage Dictionary, envy is dcfincd as “a íccling oí disconLcnL and
rcscnLmcnL arouscd by and in conjuncLion wiLh dcsirc íor Lhc posscssions or
qualiLics oí anoLhcr.” Fnvy will convincc you LhaL oLhcr pcoplc arc so much
luckicr, smarLcr, morc aLLracLivc, bcLLcr off, morc cducaLcd, or cnjoy bcLLcr
rclaLionships Lhan you do. Fnvy, Lhcrcíorc, is Lhc dcsirc íor oLhcrs’ LraiLs,
posscssions, sLaLus, abiliLics, or siLuaLions. MosL pcoplc Lcnd Lo usc Lhc words
envy and jealousy inLcrchangcably, buL Lhcrc is a diffcrcncc. Fnvy is wanLing
whaL somconc clsc has whilc jcalousy is noL wanLing somconc Lo havc or
cnjoy whaL you havc.
Scriptural reference for the spirits of jealousy and envy
l Samucl lS:5–ll, 25:l–l7, 1ob 5:2, Provcrbs 3:3l, 6:34, l4:30, 23:l7, 27:4,
Song oí Solomon S:6, Fzckicl S:l–l2
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirits of jealousy and envy
“Kccping up wiLh Lhc
Abusc Agony
Arrogancc AssumpLions Babylon
Bcgrudging aLLiLudc Bclial BcliLLlcmcnL
Bullying CharacLcr assassinaLion Coníusion
ConLcnLion CovcLousncss CriLicism
Cursing DcccpLion Dcrision
Discord FmbczzlcmcnL FnLiLlcmcnL
FxLrcmc compcLiLion Fcar FrusLraLion
Cossip Crccd IdcnLiLy LhcíL
IdolaLry Ill will Ill wishcs
Ill-spokcn words InsccuriLy 1czcbcl
1usLificaLion IusL Iying
Malicc Maligning ways ManipulaLion
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirits of jealousy and envy
MisrcprcscnLaLion oí
Mocking Murdcr
Obscssion Opprcssion Pain
Posscssivcncss Pridc ProjccLion
Ragc Railing RcjccLion
RcscnLmcnL SaboLagc ScdiLions
Sclí-ccnLcrcdncss Slandcr SpiLc
SLriíc Survcillancc TaunL
TcíL TrcaLs TormcnL
Undcrmining (purposc) UnsupporLivcncss Violcncc
WiLchcraíL WiLhholding iníormaLion
BroLhcrly lovc, kindncss, mcckncss, rcspccL, cclcbraLion, and saLisíacLion
sPiriT of Jezebel
(aNarchy, coNTrol, aNd wiTchcrafT)
Tc spiriL oí 1czcbcl is pious, puffcd up wiLh pridc, and blaLanLly disrcgards
dclcgaLcd auLhoriLy. IL works conLrary Lo Lhc laws oí spiriLual proLocol,
rcíuscs Lo submiL, and insLcad, rallics íor Lhc auLhoriLy and influcncc LhaL
righLíully bclongs Lo Cod’s appoinLcd lcadcrship. Tc 1czcbcl spiriL opcraLcs
Lhrough boLh malcs and ícmalcs and appcals Lo Lhc iniquiLy oí Lhc hcarL
oíLcn uLilizing Lhosc ovcrLakcn by Lhc spiriL oí Ahab Lo íulfill iLs wishcs and
dcsircs. Failurc Lo obligc or obcy Lhis spiriL will causc iL Lo rcLaliaLc violcnLly.
Tc 1czcbcl spiriL haLcs Lhc prophcLic, holincss, and righLcousncss, and iL
ploLs and plans Lhc dcmisc oí dclcgaLcd auLhoriLy.
Tcrc arc Lwo disLincL maniícsLaLions oí Lhc spiriL oí 1czcbcl spokcn oí
in ScripLurc. Tc firsL, íound in l Kings, is assigncd Lo prophcLs. Tc oLhcr
rcícrcncc is íound in Lhc Book oí RcvclaLion and is assigncd Lo masqucradc
as a prophcL. Tc namc Jezebel mcans “unmarricd.” Fvcry child oí Cod is
“marricd” Lo 1chovah. Wc arc His brides. 1czcbcl opcraLcs in Lhc flcsh and
is guilLy oí íornicaLion and harloLry. Tis spiriL drivcs iLs hosL Lo commiL
spiriLual íornicaLion, consisLcnLly concciving “basLard” childrcn íor SaLan: iLs
lovcr. Tis spiriL is powcríul bccausc iL can marshal saLanic cohorLs aL a singlc
command. (Scc also “SpiriL oí DivinaLion.”)
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Jezebel
l Kings lS:2l–25, 2 Kings 9, RcvclaLion 2:lS–29
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Jezebel
AdulLcry (scxual/
Anarchy Angcr ApaLhy
Arrogancc Bclial BiLLcrncss
Blasphcmy CarnaliLy CompcLiLion
Compromisc ConLcnLion ConLrol
DcccpLion Fnvy FacLions
Falsc, dcccpLivc
Falsc docLrinc (oí mcn) Falsc Lcaching
FrusLraLing growLh and
maLuraLion proccss
HaLrcd HaLrcd oí auLhoriLy Hcrcsy
Hiddcn agcnda IdolaLry InsccuriLy
InsccuriLy proLccLcd by
InsubordinaLion Irrcvcrcncc
1calousy Iack oí íaiLh in Cod IusL íor powcr
IusLíul affccLions Maligning oí characLcr ManipulaLion
Mind conLrol OpinionaLcd Ovcrconfidcncc
Paranoia PcrsccuLion
Physical rcsLrainLs/
ProhibiLion oí poLcnLial ProphcLic counLcríciL Railing (vcrbal abusc)
Rcbcllion Rcligious holincss RcLaliaLion
SaLanic and dcmonic
ScdiLion ScducLion
Sclí-appoinLmcnL Sclí-sufficicncy Scxual sins
Showing displcasurc
(íacially, cmoLionally,
Slandcr SpiriL oí conLrol
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Jezebel
SpiriL oí ícar SpiriL oí rcjccLion SpiriLual íornicaLion
SpiriLual whorcdom Survcillancc Suspicion
Usurping auLhoriLy VaniLy Violcncc
Works againsL Lhc
Works oí Lhc flcsh
Financial hardship
RcpcnLancc, holincss, godlincss, Lhc anoinLing, prophcLic anoinLing,
humiliLy, spiriL oí Flijah and 1chu, giíL oí disccrning oí spiriLs, righLcous-
ncss, firc oí Lhc Iord, Lcrror oí Lhc Iord, brcaking Lhc cursc oí whorcdom,
ordcr Lhc vcils oí curscs, dcccpLion, and conLrol Lo bc Lorn down and rippcd
Lo shrcds, brcak chains and soulish Lics írom currcnL and pasL gcncraLions
sPiriT of Judas
Tis spiriL is assigncd Lo “movcrs and shakcrs” in Lhc kingdom (Lhosc who
arc likc 1csus) Lo violaLc allcgiancc Lo Lhcm. Tcy givc aid and iníormaLion Lo
Lhc cncmics oí Lhc onc Lo whom Lhcy arc assigncd. In Lhc miliLary, a sleeper is
onc who has undcrcovcr, surrcpLiLious assignmcnLs. Hc looks, acLs, Lalks, and
walks likc “onc oí us,” buL has an assignmcnL írom anoLhcr camp. Tis spiriL
can rcmain undcrcovcr and undcLccLcd íor ycars bcíorc iL sLrikcs.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Judas
MaLLhcw 26:25
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Judas
BcLrayal DcccpLion DisloyalLy
Doublc-crossing Doublc-mindcdncss DupliciLy
FaiLhlcssncss Falscncss FilLhy lucrc (lovc oí moncy)
Foul play Fraud InfidcliLy
IusL NoncommiLLal SaboLagc
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Judas
ScdiLion TraiLorship Trcachcry
Trcason UníaiLhíulncss Worldlincss
Ordcr, proLocol, humiliLy, uniLy, Lhc mind oí ChrisL, submission, hopc,
íaiLh, fidcliLy, LrusLworLhincss, and íaiLhíulncss
sPiriT of Korah (rebellioN)
Tis spiriL causcs insurrccLion Lo arisc wiLhin Lhc ranks oí lcadcrship. IL is a
spiriL LhaL íorms unholy allianccs and convinccs lcadcrship Lo rcbcl againsL
divinc and dclcgaLcd auLhoriLy (c.g., pasLors, cldcrship). IL rcíuscs Lo givc
honor and rcspccL Lo whom iL is duc bccausc iL causcs iLs hosLs Lo íccl LhaL
Lhcy arc cqual in sLaLus, sLaLion, and call. Tis spiriL is likc a canccr LhaL
quickly sprcads wiLhin a local church. In ordcr Lo climinaLc Lhc conLamina-
Lion wiLhin Lhc ranks oí lcadcrship, Lhis spiriL musL bc opcnly challcngcd,
judgcd, and íorccíully cxpcllcd.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Korah
Numbcrs l6:l–l9
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Korah
AccusaLion Arrogancc
Backsliding oí
ConíronLaLion CorrupLion CulLural cursc
DccciL DisillusionmcnL DisrcspccL
DisrcspccL íor proLocol Dividc and conqucr FaulL finding
HosLiliLy IniquiLous hcarLs 1udgmcnLal aLLiLudc
Ioss oí confidcncc in
spiriLual lcadcrship
MinisLcrial cursc Powcr hungcr
Powcr sLrugglc PrcsumpLion Railing
Rcbcllion RcvolL againsL lcadcrship Rivalry
SaboLagc Undcrmining auLhoriLy
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Ordcr, proLocol, humiliLy, uniLy, Lhc mind oí ChrisL, submission, hopc,
íaiLh, and longsuffcring
sPiriT of madNess or meNTal illNess
I wanL Lo handlc Lhis caLcgory as scnsiLivcly as possiblc bccausc Lhcrc arc
a varicLy oí conLribuLing íacLors LhaL may causc mcnLal illncss, such as
hormonal imbalancc, physical and cmoLional abusc, drug addicLion, and so
on. Inasmuch as I am awarc LhaL Lhcrc arc ccrLain condiLions LhaL can bc
causcd by spiriLs oí opprcssion, I am cqually awarc LhaL Cod docs noL placc
any íorm oí illncss upon us. In wriLing Lhis sccLion, I am noL implying LhaL
Lhc cncmy has posscsscd cvcryonc who displays characLcrisLics oí mcnLal
illncss. I am, howcvcr, saying LhaL wc nccd Lo placc Lhc blamc on Lhc char-
acLcr írom which Lhcsc uníorLunaLc condiLions cmanaLc: SaLan himsclí.
RcvclaLion lS:ll–l3 spcaks oí SaLan uLilizing Lhc mcnLal capaciLy oí man
Lo íulfill his plans and purposcs in Lhc carLh rcalm. Onc oí Lhc ways hc uLilizcs
Lhc minds oí mcn is Lo crcaLc mcnLal disordcrs and irraLional, obscssivc
bchaviors, impairing Lhc capaciLy Lo íuncLion adcquaLcly and appropriaLcly.
Tc NaLional Alliancc íor Lhc McnLally Ill dcfincs mcnLal illncss as “a group
oí disordcrs causing scvcrc disLurbanccs in Lhinking, íccling, and rclaLing,”
which diminishcs onc’s abiliLy Lo copc wiLh normal dcmands.
mcnLal and cmoLional difficulLics includc anxicLy disordcrs, subsLancc abusc,
Alzhcimcr’s discasc, and phobias.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of madness or mental illness
Mark 5:l–20
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of madness or mental illness
AddicLions AlicnaLion Alzhcimcr’s
Bipolar Compulsivc bchavior Coníusion
Crazincss DcaLh Dclusional projccLions
DcmcnLia DcpcndcnL disordcr Dcprcssion
DcrangcmcnL Drcad FmbarrassmcnL
Fcar Fccling down CrandiosiLy
HypcrscnsiLiviLy HysLcria InícrioriLy complcx
InordinaLc wiLhdrawal InsaniLy IrraLional LhoughLs
Iack oí moLivaLion Iunacy Magical Lhinking
Mania Mclancholy Mcmory loss/rccall
McnLal illncss
Murdcr MuLilaLion Ncrvousncss
Ncurosis Obscssivcncss Opprcssion
Panic disordcr Paranoia
PcrsccuLory paranoid
PcrsonaliLy disordcrs
Phobia Poor rccall Posscssivcncss
Psychosis PsychosomaLic illncss Schizophrcnia
ScniliLy Shamc SociopaLh condiLions
Supprcssion Tcrror UnconLrollcd crying
UnworLhincss Violcncc Worry
Iovc, Lhc mind oí ChrisL, rcsLoraLion, hcaling, dclivcrancc, and pcacc
sPiriT of murder
Tis spiriL works wiLh Lhc six spiriLs oí Lhc undcrworld. IL sccks Lo causc
prcmaLurc dcaLh as iL unlawíully Lakcs a pcrson’s righL Lo livc.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of murder
Psalm l0:S, MaLLhcw l5:l9
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of murder
AborLion AssassinaLion
FxccuLion Fcar
FraLricidc Cossip Homicidc
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of murder
IníanLicidc InLimidaLion ManslaughLcr
MuLilaLion PcrsccuLion SaboLagc
Scandal Slandcr SpiriL oí Hcrod
SpiriL oí Pharaoh SLigmaLizaLion Suicidc
Tcrror VicLimizaLion Violcncc
Tc mind oí ChrisL, íaiLh, hopc, lovc, liíc in ChrisL 1csus, Lhc anoinLing,
Lhc spiriL oí rcsurrccLion, and Lhc spiriL oí Flijah
sPiriT of Nabal
Tc namc Nabal is liLcrally LranslaLcd as “vilc, sLupid, or íoolish.” ScripLurc
sLaLcs LhaL hc was churlish. Nabal’s namc in Hcbrcw is Qaheh. IL liLcrally
mcans “crucl, impudcnL, and rough.” You may know pcoplc who, no maLLcr
how kindly Lhcy arc LrcaLcd, ncvcr rcciprocaLc wiLh kindncss. Tcy walk
around as ií Lhcy havc a chip on Lhcir shouldcrs and arc mad aL Lhc wholc
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Nabal
l Samucl 25:2–ll
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Nabal
Abusc ApaLhy Churlishncss
CruclLy DifficulL pcrsonaliLy Dishonor
DisinLcrcsL Disrcgard DisrcspccL
DisrcspccL íor auLhoriLy Cricí HarassmcnL
Hard-hcarLcdncss Hardncss Impudcncc
Indiffcrcncc InscnsibiliLy InsubordinaLion
Irrcvcrcncc IcLhargy Noncompliancc
ObsLinacy Sclfishncss ScvcriLy
Sorrowíul SLiff ncck SLingincss
SLubbornncss VulgariLy
HumiliLy, coopcraLion, pcacc, mcrcy, and paLicncc
sPiriT of oPPressioN
Working in conjuncLion wiLh Lhc spiriL oí Pharaoh, Lhc spiriL oí opprcs-
sion arbiLrarily cxcrciscs saLanic powcrs Lo opprcss and causc mcnLal and
cmoLional sLrcss. IL vicLimizcs iLs hosL by Laking away his righLs and digniLy.
Tis spiriL also crcaLcs a “slavc” mcnLaliLy so LhaL cvcn aíLcr a pcrson is dcliv-
crcd írom Lhc cluLchcs oí iLs rclcnLlcss hands, Lhc individual musL bc cxposcd
Lo cmpowcring Lcachings in ordcr íor a paradigm shiíL Lo Lakc placc.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of oppression
DcuLcronomy 24:l4–l5, Psalm 22:24, 25:l6, 55:l–l5, Provcrbs lS:l4, AcLs
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of oppression
ApaLhy BchcmoLh Bclial
Brcakdowns MagnificaLion oí siLuaLions Chronic wcarincss
Communism CondcmnaLion Coníusion
CrcaLion oí subculLurcs
(social ouLcasLs)
DcícaLism Dcprcssion
Dcspair Dcspondcncy
DcsLrucLion oí a
scnsc oí significancc/
idcnLiLy and dirccLion
DiscouragcmcnL DisuniLy DominaLion oí will
FaLing disordcrs FmoLional pain
FnslavcmcnL oí
FnLrapmcnL oí
FradicaLion oí pcrsonal/
cLhical/naLional idcnLiLy
Frosion oí sclí-
Falsc/no cxpccLaLions FaLalism HarassmcnL
Hcavincss Hclplcssncss Hcrod
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of oppression
InabiliLy Lo rcspond
appropriaLcly Lo
challcngcs, conflicL, or
IncarccraLion oí
InícrioriLy complcx Insomnia
Invasion oí pcrsonal
1czcbcl Knowlcdgc block Iack oí connccLcdncss
Iack oí dirccLion Iack oí moLivaLion Iack/loss oí appcLiLc
Ianguagc dcLcrioraLion/
IcviaLhan Ionclincss
Ionging íor bclonging Ncrvousncss NighL ícars/Lcrrors
PosL-LraumaLic sLrcss
ProhibiLion oí íulfillmcnL
oí pcrsonal purposc
Psychological cnslavcmcnL Rcprcssion
SaboLagc oí poLcnLial Sclí-íulfilling prophccics Slavcry
Social, cmoLional,
psychological, Lcmporal,
spiriLual afflicLions
SpiriL oí Hcrod
SLrcss SubjugaLion oí hopc
Supprcssion oí
Undcrmining oí purposc VicLimizaLion AlicnaLion
MarginalizaLion FxploiLaLion Racial profiling
Dclivcrancc, aposLolic anoinLing, prophcLic anoinLing, pcacc, hcaling,
mcrcy, and libcrLy. For íurLhcr mcasurcs oí dclivcrancc, scc also Lhc spiriL oí
sPiriT of PerversioN
Tis spiriL causcs an individual or groups oí pcoplc Lo dcviaLc írom whaL is
moral, cLhical, righL, and good. Working wiLh an unclcan spiriL, iL causcs iLs
hosL Lo obsLinaLcly pcrsisL in an crror or a íaulL. Many individuals plagucd,
LormcnLcd, opprcsscd, or posscsscd wiLh Lhis spiriL will bc wrongly and
sLrongly sclí-willcd or sLubborn and markcd by a disposiLion LhaL opposcs
and conLradicLs. Tis Fnglish word comcs írom Lhc Hcbrcw rooL word aqash,
which has Lhc connoLaLion oí bcing LwisLcd and disLorLcd, Lhus Lhc Fnglish
words false, crooked, forward, and perverse.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of perversion
DcuLcronomy 32:5, Provcrbs 2S:lS
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of perversion
AccusaLion AdulLcry BcsLialiLy
BiLLcrncss “BuLchism” Cannibalism
Child abusc Chronic promiscuiLy CondcmnaLion
ConLrol CorrupLion Cross-drcssing
Cursing Dcbauchcry DccciL
DcccpLion DishoncsLy DivinaLion
DogmaLisms Drag quccn Fffcminacy
FxaggcraLion FxhibiLionism Falschood
FcLishism FilLhy languagc/LhoughLs FlaLLcry
FlirLaLion FornicaLion Cossip
Cuilc HomoscxualiLy ImaginaLion
ImmoraliLy Impurc moLivcs InccsL
Indcccncy InflcxibiliLy InordinaLc affccLions
InsLabiliLy Icsbianism IusLs oí cvcry kind
Iying ManipulaLions Masochism
Nymphomania Paraphilia Pcdophilia
Pcrvcrsions Pornography ProíaniLy
ProsLiLuLion ProvocaLivc drcssing Railing
Rapc Rcbcllion RcligiosiLy
Sadism ScducLion Scxual pcrvcrsions
Scxual violcncc/LorLurc Scxually cxpliciL drcams Slandcr
Sodomy SLubbornncss TransvcsLiLism
Trcachcry Unclcanncss UncLhical dcalings
UnnaLural affccLions VaniLy VicLimizaLion
Vilcncss Voycurism WiLchcraíL
WraLh Zoophilic
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
RighLcousncss, holincss, sclí-conLrol, dclivcrancc, hcaling, Lhc brcaking oí
soul Lics, íruiL oí Lhc SpiriL, and disciplinc
sPiriT of PoverTy aNd fiNaNcial curses
Tis spiriL crcaLcs an aLmosphcrc oí financial inícrLiliLy, dcficicncy, lack, and
an inícrior qualiLy oí liíc.
Scriptural reference for spirit of poverty and financial curses
Nchcmiah 5:l–ll, Provcrbs ll:24, l3:lS, Malachi 3:S–l2
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the
spirit of poverty and financial curses
AddicLion ApaLhy Bcgrudging giving
DcarLh DcbL DcíccL
Dcíraud Dcprcssion DcprivaLion
DcsLiLuLion Drug Lrafficking FmbczzlcmcnL
FxLravagancc Faminc Fcar oí lack
Financial cursc Fraud Cambling
Crccd Hardship Hoarding
Ignorancc ImpropricLy
InabiliLy Lo makc or kccp
Indigcncc IngraLiLudc 1udgmcnL
Iack Iazincss Iiving abovc mcans
NoL rcLurning LiLhcs Opprcssion Paupcrism
PcsLilcncc Pridc PrivaLion
Sclfishncss Shamc ShorLagc
Sickncss SLingincss WanL
ProspcriLy, libcraliLy in giving, íaiLh, LruLh, and abundancc
sPiriT of Pride
Pridc’s origin comcs írom Lhc vcry hcarL oí SaLan. In a way, iL can bc said LhaL
SaLan himsclí spawncd Lhis spiriL. Pridc is an inflaLcd pcrccpLion oí onc’s
own digniLy and sclí-worLh. Whcn pridc maniícsLs iLsclí, iL oíLcn maniícsLs
as arrogancc, disdainíul conducL or LrcaLmcnL, haughLincss, and cvcn íalsc
humiliLy. Pridc is a proLccLor oí “sclí.” IL docs noL bcLray or cxposc sclí. IL is
obscsscd wiLh sclí.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of pride
Provcrbs l6:lS, Fzckicl 2S:l3–l9
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of pride
Arrogancc BiLLcrncss Bondagc
ConcciL ConLrol CorrupL mind
Crookcd DcccpLion (all íorms) Dcícnsivcncss
Disobcdicncc Disrcgard oí auLhoriLy DisrcspccL
Dominancc FgoLism Falsc humiliLy
Cuilc HaLrcd HaughLincss
Hoarding Indcpcndcncc Insolcncc
InsubordinaLion 1calousy IoíLincss
Malicc ObsLinacy OvcríamiliariLy
Passivc-aggrcssivc Pcrvcrsc PcrvcrLcd imaginaLion
PcrvcrLcd mind-scL Posscssivcncss PovcrLy
ProíaniLy Rcbcllion RcscnLmcnL
ScgrcgaLion Sclí-absorbcd Sclí-ccnLcrcdncss
Sclí-imporLancc Sclfishncss
Sclí-promoLion (oíLcn aL
anoLhcr’s cxpcnsc)
Sclí-proLccLion Sclí-righLcousncss ScparaLism
SLingincss SLriíc SLrong dclusion
UnconLrollcd angcr UnLcachablc spiriL VaniLy
Waywardncss WiLchcraíL WiLhholding sclí
Truc humiliLy, submission, rcpcnLancc, a spiriL oí giving, and íaiLh
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
sPiriT of rebellioN
Working wcll wiLh Lhc spiriL oí pridc, rcbcllion rcsisLs govcrnmcnL and
auLhoriLy in all íorms. IL drivcs iLs hosLs Lo blaLanLly disobcy. IL is noncom-
plianL Lo proLocol or ordcr. Tis spiriL crcaLcs a disposiLion LhaL dcfics
auLhoriLy Lo Lhc poinL oí insurrccLion.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of rebellion
DcuLcronomy 3l:27, l Samucl l5:23
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of rebellion
Arrogancc ConcciL ConLcmpL
Dcícnsivcncss Dcfiancc Disdain
Disobcdicncc HaughLincss Indcpcndcncc
InsubordinaLion IoíLincss Noncompliancc
ObsLinacy Pridc Rcbcllion
RccalciLrancc RcjccLion oí auLhoriLy RcsisLancc
Scorn ScgrcgaLion Sclí-ccnLcrcdncss
Sclí-imporLancc Sclfishncss Sclí-proLccLion
Sclí-righLcousncss ScparaLism SLriíc
Unrulincss VaniLy Waywardncss
HumiliLy, submission, rcpcnLancc, lovc oí Cod, and compliancc
sPiriT of reJecTioN
RcjccLion is Lhc rcíusal oí acccpLing a pcrson or a Lhing. Tis spiriL drivcs
pcoplc Lo rcíusc Lo acccpL, rccognizc, givc affccLion Lo, submiL, bclicvc, makc
usc oí, and Lo socially or poliLically osLracizc anoLhcr pcrson aíLcr cxamina-
Lion. Tc pcrson LhaL rcjccLs usually has an unrcalisLic sLandard by which hc
or shc mcasurcs a Lhing or a pcrson. Tis is onc spiriL I bclicvc mosL pcoplc
havc bccn aLLackcd by. Dcpcnding on your rcsponsc, rcjccLion can Lakc Lhc
wind ouL oí your sail and causc you Lo driíL aimlcssly Lhrough liíc wiLhouL
Lhc knowlcdgc oí your Lruc worLh and digniLy. Always rcmcmbcr, “all Lhings,
whaLsocvcr yc shall ask in praycr, bclicving, yc shall rcccivc” (MaLL. 2l:22).
Scriptural reference for the spirit of rejection
l Samucl l5:26, l6:l, l4–23, lS:S–l5
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of rejection
“Nobody lovcs mc”
syndromc (sclí-piLy)
Abusc oí sclí and
AddicLions Angcr AnLisocial disordcr
AnxicLy Bashíulncss BcLrayal
BiLLcrncss Codcpcndcncy Comparison
DcccpLion DcjccLion Dcnial
DisappoinLmcnL and
DiscrcdiL DiscsLccm Disgracc
Dishonor DisrcpuLc DisLrusL
DysíuncLion DysíuncLions FaLing disordcr
FmoLional callousncss FmoLional insLabiliLy FmoLional Lrauma
FmoLional vicLimizaLion
FvicLion Fxilc Falsc/no cxpccLaLions
FavoriLism Fcar oí bcing alonc
Fcar oí íurLhcr
Fcclings oí noL bcing
Fcclings oí rcjccLion CrandiosiLy
Cricí Hopclcssncss HumiliaLion
HysLcria Ignominy Ignorc/ncglccL
InabiliLy Lo rcccivc/givc
InhibiLion InsccuriLics
Insignificancc InLcnsc cmoLional pain InLrovcrsion
1usLificaLion oí
inappropriaLc word/
Iack oí confidcncc
Iashing ouL Ionclincss Iow sclí-worLh
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of rejection
MisLrusL Murdcr
Nccd íor approval/
NcgaLivism Ncurosis Opprcssion
OvcrcompcnsaLion OvcrproLccLion OvcrscnsiLiviLy
PosL-LraumaLic sLrcss
Psychological vicLimizaLion Rcprcssion RcpudiaLion
SaboLagc (rclaLionships/
Sadncss/crying Schizophrcnia
Scorn ScgrcgaLion Sclí-consciousncss
Sclí-dcprcciaLion Sclí-íulfilling prophccy Scx íor lovc
Shamc Shun Social isolaLion
Suicidc Suspicions TormcnL
VcxaLion Workaholism WorLhlcssncss
Iovc, Lhc mind oí ChrisL, rcsLoraLion, hcaling, dclivcrancc, íaiLh, hopc,
and íorgivcncss
sPiriT of religioN
A spiriL oí rcligion porLrays iLsclí as having a vcry high dcvoLion Lo Cod or a
dciLy, buL mcrcly dcccivcs iLs hosLs inLo placing morc cmphasis on rcligious
acLiviLics Lhan a Lruc rclaLionship wiLh Cod. In Lhc Lrial oí 1csus, wc scc
anoLhcr spiriL callcd Lhc spiriL oí Barabas, which sccks Lo makc scapcgoaLs oí
oLhcrs. IL is a spiriL LhaL assassinaLcs and maligns.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of religion
CalaLians l:l3–l4, MaLLhcw 23:l7, Iukc ll:37–54, l TimoLhy 4:l–2
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of religion
“Holicr Lhan Lhou”
AborLion AnccsLral worship
AnLagonism Arrogancc Blasphcmy
CharacLcr assassinaLion ConLrol CulLism
DcccpLion DcnominaLionalism Disharmony
DisuniLy Division DocLrincs oí dcvils
DogmaLism DupliciLy FmoLionalism
Fablcs Falsc aposLolic anoinLing
Falsc cvangclisLic
Falsc pasLoral anoinLing
Falsc pcdagogical
(Lcaching) anoinLing
Falsc prophcLic
Falsc rcvclaLion Falschood Formalism
Hcrcsy Hircling anoinLing Hypocrisy
InsLiLuLionalizcd abusc
Irrcvcrcncc 1udgmcnLalism IibaLions
NcgaLivism Nonsubmissivcncss ObsLinacy
OcculLism Pharisccism PolariLy in mcmbcrship
Pridc ProsccuLion oí LruLh RcligiosiLy
RiLualism Sacrilcgc Sadducccism
ScapcgoaLing ScducLion Sclí-righLcousncss
SpiriL oí Barabas SpiriLism SpiriLual adulLcry
SupcrsLiLion TradiLionalism Trcachcry
Unbclicí Unholy UnLcachablcncss
Vain babbling Voodoo
Tc SpiriL oí LruLh, prophcLic anoinLing/uLLcrancc, disccrning oí spiriLs,
and Lhc spiriL oí 1ohn Lhc BapLisL. Also, dcclarc LhaL Lhc Iamb oí Cod 1csus
ChrisL has bccn slain cvcn bcíorc Lhc íoundaLions oí Lhc world. Apply Lhc
blood Lo Lhc doorposLs oí your soul.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
sPiriT of saboTage
Tc spiriL oí saboLagc opcraLcs as sLrong dcmonic influcnccs LhaL drivc pcoplc
Lo aborL Lhc progrcss and succcss oí divincly ordaincd projccLs, purposcs,
rclaLionships, organizaLion, sclí, poLcnLial, and dcsLinics. IL sLirs up jcalousy,
rcscnLmcnL, and suspicion, and is oíLcn vindicLivc Loward Lhc pcrson who
dcLccLs iLs prcscncc. SaboLagc can makc you boLh vicLim and pcrpcLraLor so
LhaL cvcn whcn you pronouncc judgmcnL on oLhcrs, you cxposc and pronouncc
judgmcnL upon yoursclí. Tis spiriL is so skillíul iL will usc you as a pawn
and a puppcL on a sLring, prohibiLing you írom dcLccLing iLs hand upon you
and Lhc sLrings LhaL manipulaLc you. Working wiLh íamiliar spiriLs, who acL
as Lhcir rcconnaissancc, iníorming Lhcm oí brcaks in hcdgcs oí proLccLion,
sLrcngLhs, wcakncsscs, and procliviLics oí boLh Lhc pcrpcLraLor and vicLim,
iLs works wiLh a wcll-LhoughL-ouL plan.
I havc discovcrcd LhaL many agcnLs uscd arc noL only Lhosc wiLh mali-
cious inLcnL, buL also Lhosc who sinccrcly lovc us and wanL whaL’s bcsL íor us.
Considcr Lhc incidcnL MaLLhcw rccords in MaLLhcw l6:2l–23, whcrc PcLcr
unwiLLingly was bcing uscd in an aLLcmpL Lo saboLagc Lhc mission oí 1csus.
Tc Book oí Nchcmiah also rccords Lhc characLcrisLics and bchavior oí Lhis
Rcmcmbcr as you cxaminc Lhc acLiviLics oí Lhis spiriL LhaL you will
discovcr LhaL you arc boLh vicLim and pcrpcLraLor. Whcn Lhc Iord givcs you
vicLory ovcr Lhis spiriL, you will noLicc LhaL a vcil will bc liíLcd and scalcs oí
dcccpLion will íall írom your spiriLual cycs. FvcryLhing LhaL you LhoughL was
rcal will crumblc bcíorc you and cvaporaLc likc a miragc. TruLh will prcvail
and scL you írcc írom anyLhing builL upon íabricaLions, lics, íalschood, and
Scriptural reference for the spirit of sabotage
Nchcmiah 2:l0, l7–20, 4:l, 4–7, 9, l3–l4, 6:l–l4
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of sabotage
“CuLLhroaL” acLiviLics AbandonmcnL AborLivc acLiviLics
Abusc AccusaLions AddicLion
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of sabotage
AdulLcry AlicnaLion AllcgaLion
AnLichrisL spiriL AnxicLy Arrogancc
ALLachmcnL Backlash
Bad habiLs (caLing, social,
spcnding, cLc.)
Bad rcpuLaLion Bclligcrcncc BcLrayal
Blasphcmc CarnaliLy CasLigaLion
Ccnsorship CharacLcr assassinaLion Church spliLs
CompcLiLion Compromising CondcmnaLion
Coníusion Conspiracy CorrupLion
CovcrL bchavior
CrcaLing wcdgcs in
CruclLy DcaLh DcccpLion
DcmoralizaLion DcrailmcnL DcscrLion
DcsolaLion Diabolical Lraps DifficulL pcrsonaliLy
Disapproval DisassociaLion Disbclicí
DiscouragcmcnL DiscníranchiscmcnL Dishonor
DisloyalLy DisrcspccL DisrcspccL oí auLhoriLy
DisrupLion DocLrinc oí dcvils Doublc-mindcdncss
FmbczzlcmcnL FmoLional scducLion Fnvy
Frosion oí sclí-worLh
and imagc
Fvil FabricaLion
FaiLhlcssncss Falsc prophccics Falschood
Family sccrcLs FaLiguc FaulL finding
Fcclings oí
FornicaLion Fraudulcncc FrusLraLion
CluLLony Cossip CrandiosiLy
Crccd Cricí CuilL-Lripping
HarassmcnL Hard-hcarLcdncss Harshncss
HaLrcd Hclplcssncss Hypocrisy
IdcnLiLy LhcíL Ignorancc Impudcncc
IncriminaLion Indiffcrcncc IndignaLion
IncffccLivc dccision-
IniquiLy InsurrccLion
IrraLional Lhinking Irrcvcrcncc IsolaLion
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of sabotage
1calousy 1udgmcnLalism 1usLificaLion
Knowlcdgc block Iack oí accounLabiliLy Iack oí LrusL
Icanncss oí Lhc soul IcLhargy Ioss
Ioss oí íocus Ioss oí moLivaLion Malicious dcsLrucLion
ManipulaLion McnLal afflicLion
MisrcprcscnLaLion oí
Mockcry Murdcr Noncompliancc
ObsLinacy Offcnscs OpposiLion
Opprcssion Passivc-aggrcssivc Pcrvcrsion
PloLLing and planning
Lhc dcmisc oí
Poor nuLriLional habiLs
Prcjudicc Pridc ProjccLions
Psychological gamcs RaLionalizaLion Rcbcllion
RccriminaLion RcjccLion RcligiosiLy
Rcligious spiriLs RcscnLmcnL Rcvcngcíulncss
Ridiculc Rivalry Rumors
SanballaL and Tobiah Scandal Schcmcs
SccrcLivcncss ScducLion Sclí-ccnLcrcdncss
Sclí-doubL Sclfishncss Sclí-saboLagc
ScvcriLy Shamc Silcncc/silcnL LrcaLmcnL
Slandcr Snarcs Sorrowíul
SpiriL oí scorn SpiriLual blindncss SLcaling
SLigmaLizaLion SLingincss SLriíc
SLubbornncss Subvcrsion SupcrficialiLy
Supprcsscd cmoLions SurrcpLiLious acLiviLics Survcillancc
Suspicion TrcaLcning TradiLions oí mcn
Trcachcrics Troublc-making UlLcrior moLivcs
UlLimaLums Unconícsscd sins Undcrhandcdncss
Undcrmining acLiviLics/
Undcrmining and
dcsLroying covcnanL
Undcrmining LrusL
Uníorgivcncss Unholy allianccs VcxaLion
VicLimizaLion Violcncc VulgariLy
Wcarincss WiLchcraíL WiLhholding
Praycr, íasLing, inLcrccssion, 1chovah-Cibbor, Lhc SpiriL oí LruLh, disccrn-
mcnL oí spiriLs, rcpcnLancc, Lhc wisdom oí Cod, and rcvclaLion oí Lhc hiddcn
sccrcLs oí Lhc hcarL
sPiriT of samaria
According Lo Lhc prophcL Fzckicl, Samaria was known íor iLs spiriLual
harloLry and adulLcry in LhaL iL promoLcd convcnicncc in worship, compro-
misc oí holincss, and mcdiocriLy in Lhc scrvicc oí Lhc Iord, which cvcnLually
lcd Lhc childrcn oí Isracl Lo cmbracc carnaliLy, scnsualiLy, and idolaLry as a
way oí liíc, posscssing a íorm oí godlincss, buL dcnying Lhc powcr Lhcrcin.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of Samaria
Fzckicl 23:l–20
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Samaria
“Holicr Lhan Lhou”
RcligiosiLy AborLion
AnccsLral worship AnLagonism Arrogancc
Blasphcmy CarnaliLy CharacLcr assassinaLion
Compromisc ConLrol CulLism
DcccpLion DcnominaLionalism Disharmony
DisuniLy Division DocLrincs oí dcvils
DogmaLism DupliciLy FmoLionalism
Fablcs Falsc aposLolic anoinLing
Falsc cvangclisLic
Falsc pasLoral anoinLing
Falsc pcdagogical
(Lcaching) anoinLing
Falsc prophcLic
Falsc rcvclaLion Falschood Formalism
FornicaLion Hcrcsy Hircling anoinLing
Hypocrisy IdolaLry
InsLiLuLionalizcd abusc Irrcvcrcncc 1udgmcnLalism
Icwdncss IibaLions IusL
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of Samaria
NcgaLivism Nonsubmissivcncss ObsLinacy
OcculLism Pcrvcrsion Pharisccism
PolariLy in mcmbcrship Pridc ProsccuLion oí LruLh
Rcbcllion Rcligious spiriL RiLualism
Sacrilcgc Sadducccism ScapcgoaLing
ScducLion Sclí-righLcousncss SpiriL oí Barabas
SpiriLism SpiriLual adulLcry SpiriLual harloLry
SupcrsLiLion TradiLionalism TradiLions oí man
Trcachcry Unbclicí Unholy
UnrighLcousncss UnLcachablcncss Vain babbling
Voodoo Whorcdom WiLchcraíL/sorccry
1chovah-Cibbor, holincss, and Lhc SpiriL oí LruLh
sPiriT of seducTioN
Tc spiriL oí scducLion opcns Lhc gaLcs oí Lhc soul oí man, ciLics, and naLions
(naLural and spiriLual) Lo Lhc spiriL oí pcrvcrsion. IL is a counLcríciL oí Lhc
anoinLing and an imiLaLor oí Lhc Holy SpiriL. IL íorms a sLrong conícdcraLion
wiLh Lhc spiriL oí rcligion and is íuclcd by Lhc spiriL oí Lhc anLichrisL.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of seduction
l Kings ll:l–S, l TimoLhy 4:l–6, RcvclaLion 2:20–23
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of
AsLrology CarnaliLy Charmcrs
DcccpLion DivinaLion DocLrincs oí dcvils
FnchanLcrs Falsc aposLlcs Falsc prophcLs
Falsc rcligion Falsc Lcachcrs FlaLLcry
FornicaLion HomoscxualiLy Humanism
Hypocrisy IdolaLry IniquiLous
Iying Miraclc workcrs Pcrvcrsion
PrognosLicaLors Psychics Rcncgadcs
SaLanic sLupor ScnsualiLy SpiriL oí 1czcbcl
SpiriLual adulLcry SpiriLual idolaLry SubLlcLy
Warlocks WiLchcraíL
Tc anoinLing oí Lhc Holy SpiriL, giíLs oí Lhc SpiriL, disccrning spiriLs, SpiriL
oí LruLh, Lhc wraLh oí Cod (Fzck. l3:ll–l5), and Lhc prophcLic anoinLing
sPiriT of shame
Tis spiriL influcnccs shamc-bascd socicLics, homcs, and íamilics. IL causcs
painíul cmoLions, a sLrong scnsc oí guilL, cmbarrassmcnL, unworLhincss, and
disgracc. Many pcoplc who grow up in shamc-bascd homcs and communi-
Lics walk Lhrough liíc likc cmoLional puppcLs. Tcy arc casily manipulaLcd
and oíLcn usc manipulaLion Lo gcL pcoplc Lo do whaL Lhcy wanL. Tcy also
walk around wiLh ícclings oí unworLhincss, poor sclí-imagc, and sclí-worLh.
UncondiLional lovc, posiLivc rcgard, and dccp inncr hcaling arc nccdcd íor
anyonc plagucd by Lhis spiriL. Rcad 2 Samucl l3 íor grcaLcr undcrsLanding
oí shamc.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of shame
Psalm 69:7
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of shame
AbandonmcnL Abusc ApaLhy
Blamc Boundary violaLion Codcpcndcncc
CompcLiLion Coníusion ConLrol
Dishonor DisLrcss DysíuncLion
Fffcminacy FmbarrassmcnL FmoLional dcprivaLion
FnslavcmcnL oí
Frosion oí sclí-csLccm
FxaspcraLion Fxccssivc sclí-analysis
FxLcrnal locus oí
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of shame
Falsc humiliLy FaulLy pcrspccLivcs Fcar
FcLish bchavior Flawcd vicw oí sclí FornicaLion
Cambling Cossip Cricí
CuilL Hcavincss Hclplcssncss
HomoscxualiLy Hopclcssncss HumiliaLion
HypcrscnsiLiviLy Hypochondria Ignominy
ImmaLuriLy Impaircd will ImpropricLy
InccsL Insignificancc InsLabiliLy
InLimidaLion IsolaLion Knowlcdgc block
Iack oí connccLcdncss
IiLLlc boy/girl
Ioss oí pcrccpLion IusL McnLal anguish
MolcsLaLion Mourning MuLilaLion
NighLmarcs OsLracizaLion OvcrcompcnsaLion
OvcrscnsiLiviLy Paranoid pcrsonaliLy PcríccLionism
Pcrvcrsion Phobias Physical abusc
PosL-LraumaLic sLrcss
ProjccLions ProsLiLuLion PscudoinLimacy
Psychological pain PsychosomaLic illncss RccnacLmcnLs
RcjccLion RcpcLiLion compulsion Sadncss
Sclí-loaLhing Scxual addicLions Shamc-bascd homcs
Shamc-bascd rclaLionships Shamc-bascd socicLics Sodomy
SpiriLs oí inhcriLancc SLigmaLizaLion SubsLancc abusc
Suspicion Unholy alliancc VicLimizaLion
Hcaling, dclivcrancc, íaiLh, inLcgriLy, rcsLoraLion, hopc, and Lhc íruiL oí
Lhc SpiriL
sPiriT of susPicioN
Tis spiriL scduccs pcoplc inLo íorming judgmcnLs and arriving aL conclusions
bascd on whaL appcars Lo bc íacLual. IL is a spiriL LhaL crcaLcs insccuriLics,
division, and sLrong misLrusL. Duc Lo iLs naLurc, iL oíLcn works aL crcaLing
and susLaining disuniLy.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of suspicion
l Samucl lS:S–l5
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of suspicion
AlicnaLion AnxicLy Apprchcnsion
AssumpLion CriLicism Discord
DisuniLy DoubL Cossip
ImaginaLion IsolaLion 1udgmcnLalism
Iack oí LrusL MisjudgmcnL MisLrusL
MisundcrsLanding Paranoia Prcjudicc
PrcsumpLion SkcpLicism SpcculaLion
FaiLh, honcsLy, inLcgriLy, rcsLoraLion, and harmony
sPiriT of TradiTioN
Tis spiriL is rcsponsiblc íor Lhc passing down oí clcmcnLs oí a culLurc,
philosophics, bchaviors, and habiLs írom gcncraLion Lo gcncraLion. Tis spiriL
works wiLh Lhc spiriL oí rcligion and Lhc spiriL oí unbclicí. IL íorms a sLrong-
hold LhaL íaciliLaLcs Lhc rcjccLion oí LruLh, Lhus hindcring Lruc worship and
rcvival. Tis spiriL is a powcríul gaLckccpcr LhaL prohibiLs Lhc prcaching oí
Lhc gospcl wiLhin a parLicular culLurc, rcgion, or naLion, and iniLiaLcs and
insLigaLcs boLh Lhc pcrsccuLion and marLyrdom oí any child oí Cod who
darcs Lo vcnLurc inLo iLs jurisdicLion wiLh Lhc gospcl.
Scriptural reference for the spirit of tradition
Mark 7:S, Colossians 2:S
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of the spirit of tradition
“Holicr Lhan Lhou”
AborLion AnccsLral worship
AnLagonism AnLi-ScmiLism ArgumcnLs
Arrogancc Blasphcmy Bondagc
CharacLcr assassinaLion CondcmnaLion ConLcnLion
ConLrol CulLism DcccpLion
DcnominaLionalism Disharmony DisuniLy
Division DocLrincs oí dcvils DocLrincs oí man
DogmaLism DupliciLy FmoLionalism
Falsc aposLolic
Falsc cvangclisLic
Falsc pasLoral anoinLing
Falsc pcdagogical
(Lcaching) anoinLing
Falsc prophcLic
Falsc rcvclaLion Falschood Formalism
HarassmcnL Hcrcsy High Lhings
Hircling anoinLing Hypocrisy IdolaLry
InordinaLc sophisLicaLion InsLiLuLionalizcd abusc InLcllccLualism
Irrcvcrcncc 1udgmcnLalism Icgalism
IibaLions MarLyrdom NcgaLivism
Nonsubmissivcncss ObsLinacy OcculLism
PcrsccuLion Pharisccism PolariLy in mcmbcrship
Pridc ProsccuLion oí LruLh RaLionalizaLion
RcligiosiLy Rcligious spiriL
RcsisLancc Lo movcs oí
RcsisLancc Lo LruLh RiLualism Sacrilcgc
Sadducccism ScapcgoaLing SccrcL sccLs
ScducLion Sclí-righLcousncss ScparaLism
SpiriL oí Barabas SpiriLism SpiriLual adulLcry
SLrongholds SupcrsLiLion TradiLionalism
Trcachcry Unbclicí Unholy allianccs
UnLcachablcncss Vain babbling Voodoo
Rcvival, visiLaLion oí Cod, aposLolic, prophcLic anoinLing, and Lhc SpiriL
oí LruLh
uNcleaN sPiriTs
According Lo RcvclaLion l6:l3, Lhis spiriL has a íroglikc characLcrisLic and is
dirccLly associaLcd wiLh idolaLry, wiLchcraíL, and vilcncss. Tis spiriL works in
conícdcraLion wiLh many oLhcr spiriLs and is oíLcn a doorkccpcr in Lhc livcs
oí individuals and a gaLckccpcr in naLions, ciLics, and communiLics, such as
biblical Sodom and Comorrah. An unclcan spiriL cnLanglcs iLsclí wiLh Lhc
vcry csscncc oí Lhc pcrson who iL posscsscs. IL is a spiriL LhaL is noL always
casy Lo idcnLiíy bccausc oí iLs inLcnL Lo scducc, influcncc, and cvcnLually
posscss an individual. Howcvcr, ií you carcíully lisLcn Lo Lhc conLcnLs oí Lhc
hosL’s convcrsaLions, or waLch Lhc liícsLylc oí Lhc hosL, Lhis spiriL will cvcnLu-
ally rcvcal iLsclí Lhrough scxual innucndocs, lcwd convcrsaLions, drcss codcs,
bchaviors, and filLhy cnvironmcnLs.
Tis spiriL undcrmincs poLcnLial, LainLs and conLaminaLcs Lhc anoinLing,
displaccs individuals, and disposscsscs Lhcm oí boLh Lhcir spiriLual and
naLural righLs. In my rcscarch, I discovcrcd LhaL many pcoplc in Lhc Biblc
who wcrc posscsscd by an unclcan spiriL suffcrcd írom convulsions. Tis
spiriL has Lhc powcr oí a LoLal ruinaLion oí a pcrson’s liíc bccausc iL aLLacks
Lhc mind, body, and spiriL, corroding Lhc íoundaLion oí moral and cLhical
living. Bccausc oí Lhc naLurc oí Lhis spiriL, vcry ícw pcoplc who livc a liíc
plagucd by Lhis spiriL, whcLhcr malc or ícmalc, livc ouL halí Lhcir liíc cxpcc-
Lancy wiLh a good qualiLy oí liíc. Tcy gcncrally dic, marLyrcd by Lhcir own
lusLs. According Lo Mark l:2l–26, Lhc propcnsiLics oí Lhis spiriL is Lo LwisL
and pcrvcrL Lhc vcry naLurc oí iLs hosL and will bc aL iLs mosL violcnL and vilc
sLaLc as soon as Lhcrc is a dcLcrminaLion LhaL iLs vicLim dcsircs convcrsion
and Lo scrvc Cod.
Scripture references for unclean spirits
Zcchariah l3:2, MaLLhcw l2:43, Mark 3:ll, l CorinLhians l0:2l
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of unclean spirits
AbandonmcnL Abusc AddicLions
AdulLcry AnLichrisL AnLichrisL rcligions
ApaLhy Bashíulncss BcLrayal
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of unclean spirits
Blamc Boundary violaLion CarnaliLy
ChcaLing Codcpcndcncc CompcLiLion
Coníusion ConLrol Convulsions
CulLism DcaLh DcccpLion
Dcmonic acLiviLics Dcnial DcpraviLy
Disapproval DiscrcdiL DiscriminaLion
Discasc DiscsLccm Disgracc
Dishonor DisillusionmcnL DisloyalLy
DisrcpuLc DisLrcss DivinaLion
DocLrincs oí dcvils DysíuncLion FaLing disordcrs
FmbarrassmcnL FmoLional callousncss FmoLional dcprivaLion
FmoLional LormcnL FmoLional Lrauma FmoLional vicLimizaLion
FmpLincss FnmcshmcnL
FvicLion FxaspcraLion Fxccssivc sclí-analysis
Fxilc FxLcrnal locus oí conLrol Falsc/noncxpccLaLions
FanLasics FaulLy pcrspccLivcs Fcar
Fcclings oí rcjccLion FcLish bchavior Flawcd vicw oí sclí
FornicaLion Foulncss Cambling
Cossip CrandiosiLy Cricí
CuilL Hcavincss Hclplcssncss
HomoscxualiLy Hopclcssncss HumiliaLion
HypcrscnsiLiviLy Hypochondria IdolaLry
Ignominy Ignorc/NcglccL ImmaLuriLy
ImmoraliLy Impaircd will Impurc moLivcs
Impurc LhoughLs InccsL InordinaLc affccLions
InsccuriLics Insignificancc InsLabiliLy
Irrcvcrcncc IsolaLion Icanncss oí Lhc soul
Icwdncss Ionclincss Iow sclí-worLh
IusL Iying ManipulaLion
McnLal afflicLions McnLal anguish MolcsLaLion
Nccd íor approval/
NighLmarcs NonconíormiLy ObsccniLy
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of unclean spirits
Opprcssion OsLracizaLion OvcrscnsiLiviLy
Paranoid pcrsonaliLy Pcdophilia PcríccLionism
Pcrvcrsions Phobia Phobias
Physical abusc Physiological bondagc Pornography
PosL-LraumaLic sLrcss
PovcrLy PrcLcnsc
ProjccLions Propaganda ProsLiLuLion
PscudoinLimacy Psychological pain
PsychosomaLic illncss Rcbcllion RccnacLmcnLs
RcpcLiLion compulsion Sadncss Scorn
ScducLion ScgrcgaLion Sclí-consciousncss
Sclí-íulfilling prophccy Sclí-loaLhing Scxual addicLions
Scxual cnslavcmcnL Scxual innucndocs Scxually cxpliciL drcams
Shamc-bascd homcs
Shamc-bascd socicLics
Shun Social isolaLion Sodomy
Soul Lics SpiriLs oí inhcriLancc SLcaling
SLigmaLizaLion SubsLancc abusc Suicidc
SupcrsLiLions Suspicion TainLcd anoinLing
TradiLions oí mcn Unclcanncss Unholy alliancc
VcxaLion VicLimizaLion Vilcncss
Voycurism WiLchcraíL WorLhlcssncss
Dclivcrancc, holincss, righLcousncss, and Lhc íruiL oí Lhc SpiriL
vexaTioN sPiriTs
Tis spiriL changcs Lhc qualiLy or condiLion oí livcs Lhrough consLanL harass-
mcnL, annoyancc, and irriLaLion. IL is cspccially assigncd Lo Lhosc in pursuiL
oí purposc. IL crcaLcs ícclings or cxaspcraLion, oíLcn driving Lhc vicLim Lo
givc up.
Scriptural reference for vexation spirits:
Numbcrs 25:l7–lS, 33:55, Fzra 4:l–6, FcclcsiasLcs 4:6, AcLs l2:l
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
Signs, symptoms, and manifestations of vexation spirits
AccusaLion AddicLion AggravaLion
Annoyancc AnLagonism AnxicLy
BiLLcrncss Coníusion Dclirium
Dcspondcncy DiscouragcmcnL DisgusL
DisillusionmcnL DisLracLion DisLrcss
Drcad FmoLional insLabiliLy FxaspcraLion
FrusLraLion HosLiliLy Hounding
HypcracLiviLy Indccision IrriLaLion
Knowlcdgc block McnLal agiLaLion Opprcssion
Painíul LhoughLs Paranoia ProvocaLion
Rcprcssion RcsLlcssncss SLrcss
Subvcrsion Tcnsion Undcrmining purposc
VicLimizaLion Wcarincss Worry
ProphcLic anoinLing, íavor oí Cod, disccrning oí spiriLs, and a hcdgc oí
foRwaRd maRCH!
N 1ncsc its1 days, Cod is marshalling praycr warriors who arc anoinLcd
Lo gain jurisdicLional auLhoriLy ovcr Lhc powcrs oí darkncss so LhaL íami-
lics, communiLics, govcrnmcnLs, minisLrics, corporaLions, counLrics,
kingdoms, and naLions arc broughL back inLo divinc alignmcnL and individ-
uals íulfill purposc and maximizc Lhcir pcrsonal poLcnLial. Tis is Lo bc donc
by cffccLivcly supcrimposing Lhc plans and purposcs oí Cod ovcr Lhc plans
and purposcs oí Lhc cncmy Lhrough Lhc cffccLivc usc oí Lhc Word oí Cod.
Tc Holy SpiriL will bccomc a Lypc oí drill sergeant whosc rcsponsibiliLy is
Lo Lrain you in Lhc arL oí sLraLcgic praycr and spiriLual waríarc. Hc will also
Lrain you Lo bccomc a snipcr in Lhc rcalm oí Lhc spiriL and cnablc you Lo hiL
Lhc swiíLcsL oí moving saLanic and dcmonic LargcLs. As wiLh David, Hc will
also Lrain you Lo conqucr Lhc provcrbial dcmonic bcar, lion, and gianL. IL is
my praycr LhaL you havc lcarncd Lhc principlcs and sLraLcgics conLaincd in
Lhis book and LhaL Cod will raisc you up as an Fnd Timc spiriLual warrior
and prophcLic snipcr.
During your praycr Limc, Lhc Iord may cvcn placc Lhc spiriL oí a waLchman
upon you, and you may pcrccivc ciLhcr acLiviLics LhaL arc a parL oí Cod’s divinc
will or Lhosc LhaL arc diabolical in naLurc. (Scc Fzckicl 3:l7.) Ií divinc, prcvail
in praycr according Lo whaL is pcrccivcd, saying, “Ty kingdom comc. Ty will
bc donc” (MaLL. 6:l0). Ií Lhc acLiviLy is oí a diabolical origin, pray againsL iL
using Lhc Lools, wcapons, sLraLcgics, and LacLics conLaincd in Lhis manual.
Tc Biblc, indicaLing LhaL Lhcrc is powcr in numbcrs, clcarly sLaLcs LhaL ií
Lwo Louch and agrcc on anyLhing LhaL is askcd, “iL shall bc donc” and LhaL
“onc [can] chasc a Lhousand, and Lwo [can] puL Lcn Lhousand Lo flighL” (MaLL.
lS:l9, DcuL. 32:30). Praying wiLh oLhcrs incrcascs your powcr basc. Howcvcr,
onc oí Lhc rcasons wc do noL gcL Lhc kinds oí praycr brcakLhroughs wc dcsirc
whcn wc pray in groups, and wiLh oLhcrs, is bccausc many Limcs individuals
in Lhc group may bc aL diffcrcnL lcvcls oí spiriLual maLuriLy and cannoL pull
Lhcir wcighL, or wc arc using diffcrcnL praycr sLraLcgics, LacLical approachcs,
and vocabulary.
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
I havc cvcn wiLncsscd Limcs whcn individuals gaLhcr LogcLhcr Lo pray and
Lhc individual praycr agcnda is a diffcrcnL praycr agcnda írom Lhc group. Tc
dcvil, knowing LhaL Cod commcnds His blcssings in Lhc midsL oí uniLy (Ps.
l33), will aLLcmpL Lo saboLagc Lhc spiriL oí uniLy so LhaL alLhough wc arc in
onc placc, wc arc noL onc in mind, inLcnL, or languagc. Truc uniLy is whcn
wc arc onc and in agrccmcnL on all lcvcls oí waríarc. I sLrongly rccommcnd
LhaL whcn a church calls a praycr mccLing, Lhc cnLirc praycr group should
bc praying írom Lhc samc sLancc, using Lhc samc languagc, and agrccing on
Lhc samc agcnda. Tis book is wriLLcn Lo accommodaLc Lhis, so LhaL cvcn
young ChrisLians can pray aL Lhc samc lcvcl oí cffccLivcncss and inLcnsiLy as
scasoncd and vcLcran sainLs. Tis book is inLcndcd Lo íaciliLaLc Lhis lcvcl oí
uniLy as wc “Louch and agrcc” in 1csus’s namc.
Whcn praying íor spccific Lhings conccrning Lhc church, minisLry, or orga-
nizaLions, iL is imporLanL LhaL any and all spiriLual acLiviLics bc accuraLcly
rccordcd and submiLLcd Lo Lhc chicí praycr warrior, praycr Lcam, and your
pasLor so LhaL your insighL may bc accuraLcly judgcd and LhaL you may rcccivc
íull supporL and rciníorccmcnL in praycr.
As you pray and war in Lhc spiriL, rcmcmbcr Lo usc your lcgal righL and
spiriLual auLhoriLy. Cod has placcd Lhc cncmics undcr your íccL and givcn
you powcr Lo Lrcad on scrpcnLs and scorpions, and ovcr all Lhc powcr oí Lhc
cncmy, noLhing shall by any mcans hurL you. “NoLwiLhsLanding in Lhis…Lhc
spiriLs arc subjccL unLo you” (Iukc l0:20). Show no mcrcy Lo Lhc cncmy as
you cmploy Lhcsc sLraLcgics and LacLics. According Lo 2 CorinLhians 2:l4, Cod
will causc you Lo Lriumph. Rcmcmbcr LhaL you arc noL fighLing wiLh Lhc flcsh
and blood, buL againsL spiriLual bcings who usc human agcnLs Lo íulfill Lhcir
purposc in Lhc carLh rcalm. Sincc your wcapons arc noL carnal, buL mighLy
Lhrough Cod (2 Cor. l0:4), Lhcn “No wcapon LhaL is íormcd againsL [you]
shall prospcr, and cvcry Longuc LhaL shall risc againsL [you] in judgmcnL
[you] shalL condcmn. Tis is Lhc hcriLagc of the servants of the L, and their
righteousness is of me, saith the L” (Isa. 54:l7, cmphasis addcd).
annihilaLc—Lo dccisivcly dcícaL, Lo nulliíy or rcndcr void
arrcsL—Lo subjugaLc, bring undcr subjccLion, and causc Lo ccasc
bind—Lo irrcvocably placc undcr lcgal obligaLion. IL mcans Lo prohibiL undcsirablc
spiriLual acLiviLics (as you would ií you wcrc Lo issuc a rcsLraining ordcr). SaLan
is lcgally obligaLcd Lo obscrvc all Lcrms and agrccmcnLs as ouLlincd by you, Lhc
issucr, wiLhin your praycr.
conícdcraLc—an ally (pcrson, groups oí pcrsons, counLry) or accomplicc who assisLs in a
ploL or supporLs a criminal acL
conLcnLion—a sLaLc markcd by conflicL, discord, division, sLriíc, and hosLilc cncounLcrs.
SaLan cmploys dcmonic spiriLs Lo crcaLc discord in our rclaLionships, cspccially
Lhosc who havc a divinc assignmcnL íor iLs cxisLcncc
covcrL opcraLions—covcrcd, hiddcn, noL casily dcLccLcd acLiviLics
dcccpLion/illusion—Lhc inLcnLional acL oí chcaLing, mislcading, or Lhc willíul acL oí
misrcprcscnLaLion oí íacLs and LruLh. Paul warns us Lo judgc noLhing bcíorc
iLs Limc. Hc also cxhorLs us Lo walk aíLcr Lhc SpiriL so LhaL wc may ovcrcomc
Lhc lusL oí Lhc flcsh (Cal. 5:l6).
dcclarc—Lo sLaLc cmphaLically and auLhoriLaLivcly
dccrcc—an auLhoriLaLivc ordcr, dirccLivc, or command cníorccd by law. In our kingdom
rolc, wc musL acccpL our Cod-givcn jurisdicLional auLhoriLy and cffccLivcly
uLilizc our powcr Lhrough Lhc spokcn word
disallow—Lo íorbid and rcíusc Lo allow
disapprovc—Lo rcíusc Lo approvc, or Lo rcjccL
DNA—a sclí-rcplicaLing nuclcic acid LhaL carrics gcncLic iníormaLion in cclls and is
rcsponsiblc íor Lhc synLhcsis oí RNA. DNA consisLs oí Lwo long chains oí
nuclcoLidcs LwisLcd inLo a doublc hclix (a spiral íorm or sLrucLurc) and joincd
by hydrogcn bonds, Lhc scqucncc oí which dcLcrmincs individual hcrcdiLary
characLcrisLics. IL is posLulaLcd LhaL dcmonic spiriLs (known as spiriLs oí
inhcriLancc) aLLach Lhcmsclvcs Lo Lhc DNA and arc passcd down as procliviLics,
idiosyncraLic bchaviors, íamily LraiLs, and pcculiariLics.
domicilc—a dwclling placc, homc, or rcsidcncc
cmploy—Lo uLilizc Lhc scrvicc or assisLancc oí anoLhcr
cníorcc—Lo compcl obscrvancc oí or obcdicncc Lo, Lo imposc and compcl
csLablish—Lo cnacL, insLiLuLc, and firmly sccurc
cxccuLc—Lo Lakc acLion in accordancc wiLh spccific divinc rcquircmcnLs
íorbid—Lo rcíusc Lo allow
Coshcn—a prophcLic spiriLual placc in Cod LhaL proLccLs bclicvcrs írom judgmcnL
and diabolical acLiviLics imposcd upon spccific pcrsons, rcsiding in spccific
gcographical rcgcnLs and spccial locaLions
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
harassmcnL—an cxaspcraLing, disLurbing annoyancc or irriLaLion LhaL LhrcaLcns or
undcrmincs pcrsonal pcacc and LranquiliLy. SaLan’s ulLimaLc plan is Lo opprcss
and vicLimizc Lhc pcrson hc is harassing.
illusion—an crroncous pcrccpLion oí rcaliLy
imprcssion—conccpLion, noLion, idca, or íccling projccLcd upon a pcrson by an ouLsidc
spiriLual sourcc
inhibiLions—inLrinsic or cxLrinsic Lhings LhaL prcvcnL, rcsLrain, block, or supprcss
appropriaLc rcacLions and rcsponscs
injuncLion—an obligaLory dirccLivc, command, mandaLc, or ordcr inLcndcd Lo cnsurc
inLcrícrcncc—a saLanic acL or insLancc oí hindcring, impcding, or obsLrucLing Cod’s
work and Lhc íulfillmcnL oí dcsLiny and purposc
inLcrccpLion—Lo sLop, rcrouLc, or inLcrrupL progrcss or an inLcndcd coursc
limiLaLions—anyLhing LhaL rcsLricLs, consLrains, rcsLrains, conLrols, confincs, or curbs
loosc—Lo cmancipaLc or rclcasc írom an assignmcnL, conLracLcd acLiviLics/posL, or
undcsirablc sLaLc oí confincmcnL or imprisonmcnL. As bclicvcrs, wc havc Lhc
powcr Lo rclcasc dcmonic spiriLs írom any and all diabolical assignmcnLs givcn
by SaLan LhaL ulLimaLcly will bc conLrary Lo Lhc will oí Cod.
ncgoLiaLions—Lhc skill and abiliLy Lo rcach an agrccmcnL Lhrough Lhc acL oí bargaining.
As a bclicvcr, ncvcr, ncvcr ncgoLiaLc wiLh Lhc cncmy.
obliLcraLc—Lo dcsLroy complcLcly so as Lo lcavc no cvidcncc oí prior cxisLcncc
ovcrL opcraLion—Lhc anLiLhcsis oí covcrL opcraLions, in LhaL Lhc works oí Lhc cncmy arc
obvious and casily dcLccLcd
ovcrLhrow—Lo causc dcsLrucLion and downíall Lhrough Lhc usc oí sLraLcgic mancuvcrs
and dccisivc LacLics
prohibiLion—a law, ordcr, or dccrcc LhaL íorbids, rcsLricLs, or sLops somcLhing írom
projccLions—aLLiLudcs, ícclings, or supposiLions aLLribuLcd Lo and imposcd upon
provocaLion—a pcrLurbing sLimulus LhaL inLcnLionally inciLcs or rouscs you Lo acLion. In
Lhc casc oí SaLan, acLions and acLiviLics arc always diamcLrically opposcd Lo
Lhc will oí Cod íor your liíc.
rcbukc—Lo dcnunciaLc, condcmn, and ccnsurc
rcsisL—Lo dcfianLly and couragcously wiLhsLand and rcmain firm againsL Lhc acLions,
cffccLs, or íorcc oí anoLhcr
rulcs oí cngagcmcnL—a dirccLivc issucd by a compcLcnL miliLary auLhoriLy LhaL
dclincaLcs (dcscribcs, rclaLcs, rcvicws) Lhc limiLaLions and circumsLanccs
undcr which íorccs will iniLiaLc and cxccuLc combaL cngagcmcnL wiLh oLhcr
íorccs cncounLcrcd
ruling—a dccrcc, proclamaLion, judgmcnL, command, auLhoriLaLivc dccision, or rcgulaLion
announccd by a lawíul or unlawíul auLhoriLy aíLcr considcrablc dclibcraLion. In
Lhis insLancc, wc ovcrLhrow any ruling rclcascd by SaLan bccausc his auLhoriLy
has bccn usurpcd and is boLh illcgal and unlawíul.
saLanic alliancc—allicd union insLigaLcd and hcld LogcLhcr by spiriLs, íormcd Lo advancc
Lhc inLcrcsLs and causcs oí SaLan
saLanic conccnLraLion—Lhc LoLal íocus oí saLanic powcrs upon individuals, organizaLions,
govcrnmcnLs, minisLrics, cLc. SaLan oíLcn íocuscs on onc pcrson in a íamily,
church, LcrriLory, or group oí pcoplc aL Lhc cxclusion oí oLhcrs. Usually Lhis
pcrson or group oí pcoplc havc a divinc purposc LhaL LhrcaLcns SaLan, and LhaL
hc sccks Lo aborL (c.g., 1oscph, Lhc naLion oí Isracl, FsLhcr, Danicl, and 1csus).
saLanic daLabasc—using modcrn-day compuLcr vcrnacular, SaLan downloads iníormaLion
LhaL hc uscs Lo accusc Lhc sainLs bcíorc Cod. Hc also uscs iníormaLion Lo dcrail
and dcsLroy, undcrminc and saboLagc a bclicvcr as wcll.
saLanic wombs—spiriLual dimcnsions whcrc saLanic ploLs, plans, and schcmcs arc
incubaLcd, waiLing íor Lhc mosL opporLunc Limc íor Lhcir maniícsLaLion
spiriL—a supcrnaLural bcing
spiriLual aborLion—as in Lhc naLural, so iL is in Lhc spiriL. Tc cncmy sccks Lo apprchcnd
and arrcsL wombs oí Lhc spiriL in ordcr Lo LcrminaLc LhaL which is divinc so
LhaL his plans and purposc can bc maniícsLcd, Lhus supcrimposing iLsclí ovcr
and againsL Lhc plans and purposc oí Cod.
spiriLual incubaLion—Lhc acL oí bcing hcld in a spiriLual locaLion dcsigncd Lo providc
Lhc opLimal cnvironmcnL íor divinc or diabolical plans and purposcs Lo bc
maniícsLcd aL a íuLurc daLc
spiriLual miscarriagcs—sponLancous, spiriLual, and diabolically iniLiaLcd loss oí divinc
purposc and dcsLiny
spiriLual womb—a spiriLual/physical dimcnsion or locaLion whcrc somcLhing is gcncraLcd
and incubaLcd awaiLing Lhc propcr Limc and scason íor iLs maniícsLaLion
sLigma—discrcdiL or disgracc dcsigncd Lo undcrminc rcpuLaLion, inLcgriLy, influcncc, or
spiriLual auLhoriLy
sLirring—an agcnL, an acLion, or a condiLion LhaL cliciLs or accclcraLcs a physiological or
psychological acLiviLy or rcsponsc
sLraLcgy—Lhc scicncc and arL oí miliLary command as applicd Lo Lhc ovcrall planning
and conducL oí largc-scalc combaL opcraLions
sLrongman—a principaliLy oí high rank and ordcr assigncd as a gaLckccpcr Lo a pcrson,
pcoplc, or gcographical rcgion. Tis cnLiLy is rcsponsiblc íor proLccLing LhaL
which SaLan dccms his posscssion.
subordinaLc—LhaL which is subjccL Lo Lhc auLhoriLy or conLrol oí anoLhcr
subvcrsion—organizcd opposiLion inLcndcd Lo ovcrLhrow auLhoriLy
suggcsLions—warnings, hinLs, or clucs LhaL subLly signal Lhc cxisLcncc oí somcLhing LhaL
you may havc ovcrlookcd or havc bccn unawarc oí
supcrimposc—Lo lay or placc somcLhing on or ovcr somcLhing clsc, Lhus prohibiLing or
ovcrruling Lhc cffccL oí Lhc Lhing iL rcplaccs
you—redefiNed: True domiNioN sTarTs
wiTh KNowiNg who you are
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abandonmcnL 64, 6S, lll, l72, l77, 205, 20S, 2l3,
abominaLion(s) l45, l93
aborLion(s) 64–65, l03, lll, l33, l56, l67, l76,
lS0, lS2, lS5, l97, 207, 2ll, 2l6
spiriL oí 65
Absalom, spiriL oí l54
abusc(s) 50, 53, 56, 63, 65, 70, S7, l03, ll2,
l55–l56, l6l, l64–l65, l75, lS2, lS5,
lS7, l90–l9l, l93, l96, l9S, 20l, 205,
207–20S, 2ll, 2l3–2l4, 2l6–2l7, 2l9
accusaLion(s) 33, 66–67, S9, ll2, l59, l7l, l73,
l77–l7S, l95, 20l, 20S, 220
acrophobia lS7
addicLion(s) 64, 67, ll3, l55, l59, l6l, l64, l72, l75,
l7S, lS2–lS3, lSS, l96, 202, 205, 20S, 2l4,
2l7, 2l9–220
spiriL oí l55
adulLcry 67, 75, ll3, l55, l72, lS5, l93, 20l, 207,
209, 2ll–2l3, 2l6–2l7
affiniLics l5S–l59, lS2
affiniLy l04, l33, l63–l64
spiriL oí l57, l59
afflicLion(s) l, l7, 63, 6S, ll3, l4l, l55, l59, l6l,
l7S, lS2, lS4–lS5, 200, 2l0, 2lS
spiriL oí l6l
agcnda(s) 30, S5, l07, l5S, l60, l93, 222
aggravaLion 220
agoraphobia lS7
Ahab, spiriL oí l62–l63, l92
AhiLhophcl, spiriL oí l54
ailmcnL(s) 6S, llS, l59, l7S, lS2
aimlcssncss l74
alcoholism 53, Sl, l03, l55, l72, l7S, lS2, lS7
alicnaLion l03, l6l, l63–l64, l66, l73, l77, lS2,
l96, 200, 209, 2l5
alliancc(s) 2S, 34, 56, 70, l07, ll4, llS, l22, l25,
l2S–l29, l35, l54, l57–l59, l7S, lS2,
l95–l96, 2l0, 2l4, 2l6, 2l9
alLcraLion(s) 29, l59, l65, l7S
amaLhophobia lSS
ambiLion 5S, 94, l07, l5S, l60, lS6
Amnon, spiriL oí l63–l64
Ananias and Sapphira, spiriL oí l65–l66
anarchy l72, l7S, l92–l93
anccsLral worship 207, 2ll, 2l6
angcr 67–6S, S3, 9l, 97, l07, ll3–ll5, l20, l23,
l2S, l6l, l72, lS5, l93, 203, 205
spiriL oí ll4
animals 5S, 79, l04, ll0, l5S
animosiLy l72
annoyancc S7, 90, 2l9–220
anLagonism l55, l66, l73, l7S, lS2, 207, 2ll,
2l6, 220
anLichrisL spiriL 209
anLisocial disordcr 205
anxicLy 69, S9, 9l, l09, ll4, l55, l63–l64, l76,
lSS, l96, 205, 209, 2l5, 220
apaLhy 69, SS, ll4, l67, lS2, l93, l9S–l99, 202,
2l3, 2l7
spiriL oí 69, ll4, l67–l6S
apiphobia lSS
apprchcnsion lS7–lSS, 2l5
argumcnLs/argumcnLaLivc 47, 70, ll4, l6l, l74,
arrogancc l0S, l72, lS2, l9l, l93, l95, 203–204,
207, 209, 2ll, 2l6
assaulL(s) 34, l59, l64, l7S, lS2
associaLion(s) 2S, 57, l06–l07, l22, l25, l2S,
l5S–l59, l7S, lS2
assumpLion(s) l9l, 2l5
asLrology 79, l66, l7S, l90, 2l2
aLLachmcnL(s) 57, 70, ll4, l2l, l5S–l59, l7S, lS2,
aLLcnLion 6, 7l, 76, 7S, S2, 93, ll4, l62, l75
aLLracLions l59, l7S, lS2
audiLory 59
aviaphobia lSS
awkwardncss l74
Babylon, spiriL oí l67–l6S
backsliding 7l, ll5, l62, lS2, l95
spiriL oí 7l
bafflcmcnL l74
Balaam, spiriL oí l70
bands 72, ll5, l4l, l59, l7S, lS2
Barabas, spiriL oí 206–207, 2l2, 2l6
bashíulncss 205, 2l7
bcdlam l74
bcíuddlcmcnL l74
bcgrudging l9l
giving 202
bchcmoLh l6S–l69, l99
spiriL oí l69
Bclial 34, 60, l9l, l93, l99
spiriL oí l2l, l70–l7l, l79
bcliLLlcmcnL S9, l9l
bclligcrcncc 209
bcscLLing sin 72, ll5, l5S–l59, lS2
bcsLialiLy 20l
bcLrayal 62, 67–6S, 70, 72, 76, ll5, l20, l54,
l55, l65, l70, l76, lS2, l94, 205, 209,
bcwildcrmcnL l74
biLLcrncss 73, S3, l07, ll5–ll6, l20, l54, l6l,
l72, l93, 20l, 203, 205, 220
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
spiriL oí 73
black magic l7S
blamc 4S, 66, 99, l63, l96, 2l3, 2lS
blasphcmy S9, l66, l7S, lS2, l93, 207, 2ll, 2l6
blcnnophobia lSS
blind obcdicncc l63
bondagc(s) 27, 5S, 62, 69, 73–74, 97, l04–l05,
ll6, l2l–l22, l25, l2S, l56, l5S–l59,
l67, l7S, lS2, lS5, lSS, 203, 2l6, 2l9
boundary violaLion 2l3, 2lS
brawling l72
brcakdown(s) l56, l99
burdcn(s) 3, l2, 2l, 27, S2, l09, ll4, l2l, l29,
l36, l4l, l43, l59, l7S, lS2
cannibalism 20l
carnaliLy 70, 74, ll6, l56–l57, l64, l66–l67,
l70–l72, lS2, l90, l93, 209, 2ll–2l2,
spiriL oí l7l
casLigaLion lS2, lS4, 209
caLagclophobia lSS
caLasLrophicaLion lS2
characLcr assassinaLion(s) 33, ll2, l59, l7l,
l76, l7S, l9l, l97, 207, 209, 2ll, 2l6
charm(s, -cr) l7S, 2l2
child abusc lS2, 20l
childish sclí-will l75
chronic íaLiguc l76
chronic wcarincss l99
church spliLs l66, 209
clamor l72
cluLLcr l74
codcpcndcncy 64, l2l, l56, l62, lS2, 205
cocrcion 93, l63–l64, l7S, lS2
cold lovc l66
communism l66, lS2, l99
comparing l72
compcLiLion l6l, l66, l73, lS2, l9l, l93, 209,
2l3, 2lS
spiriL oí l73
complaccncy, spiriL oí 74
compromisc(s) ll7, l23, l49, l56, l63, l70,
l72, l93, 2ll
compulsivc bchavior l96
concciL 203, 204
conccnLraLion(s) 27, l02, l32, l46, l59, l7S
conclusions l59, l7S, 2l4
condcmnaLion 75, ll7, l64, lSS, l99, 20l, 209,
spiriL oí 75
coníronLaLion(s) l, S9, l95
coníusion 3l–32, 62, 64, l59, l63, l76, l7S,
lS2, lS5, lS7, l90–l9l, l96, l99, 209,
2l3, 2lS, 220
spiriL oí 34, l73–l74
congcniLal discasc(s) S5, l5S
conjuraLion l7S
connccLions l59, l79, lS2
conspiracy l54, lS2, 209
conLaminaLion(s) l59, l79, lS2, l95
conLcmpL l73, lS2, 204
conLcnLion(s) 26–27, l59, l73, l79, l9l, l93,
conLrol(s) 6, 25, 46, 5l, 55, 66, 79, Sl, 92–93,
l00–l02, l05–l06, ll2, ll4, l50,
l54–l56, l63, l6S, l69, l77, l79, lS4,
lS6, lSS–l90, l93–l94, 20l–203, 207,
2ll, 2l3, 2l6, 2lS
spiriL oí l93
convulsions 62, l75, 2l7–2lS
corrupL(ion), corrupL mind 50, 54, S9, 9S, l5S,
l64, l65, lS2, l95, 20l, 203, 209
counLcríciL l66, l7S, l93, 2l2
covcnanL 5, 27–2S, 57, 64, 67, 72–73, l06, lll,
ll3–ll4, l22, l25, l57–l5S, l59, l66,
lS2, 2l0
covcrL bchavior 209
covcLousncss 75, S2, ll7, l72, l74, l90–l9l
cowardicc l63
criLicism l30, l66, lS2, l9l, 209, 2l5
crookcdncss l56, lS2
cruclLy l72, lS2, l9S, 209
culL(s)(ism), culLic pracLiccs l90, 207, 2ll, 2l6, 2lS
culLural assignmcnL(s) 5S
cursing l9l, 20l
cynophobia lSS
darkncss oí mind l76
daydrcaming l75
dcaí(ncss) 6l, 95, l75
spiriL oí l74–l75
dcaLh l2, l6, 32, 43, 52, 55, 65, 76–7S, S4, SS, 92,
96, lll, llS, l30, l42, l45, l56, l64, l66,
l72, l75, l76, lS0, lS2, lS5, l96–l97,
209, 2lS
spiriL oí 65, lll, l75, l76
dcbauchcry lS2, 20l
dcbL l6l, lS0, 202
dcccpLion(s) 20, 29, 42, 62, 76, 79, S0, 90, llS,
l22, l26, l30–l3l, l54, l56, l5S, l59,
l64–l66, l7l–l72, l79, lSS, l9l, l93–
l94, 20l, 203, 205, 207–209, 2ll–2l2,
2l6, 2lS
dccidophobia lSS
dcícaLism l99
dcíccLs l59, l79, lS2
dcícnsivcncss l74, 203–204
dcfiancc l00, l54, l56, l66, l73, lS2, 204
dcíraud 202
dcgcncraLivc discasc 77, llS, l5S
dcjccLion l76, 205
dclirium 220
dclusional 77, l96
dcmcnLia l96
dcmon(ic) l7, 27, 2S, 32, 42, 45–46, 49, 50–5l, 53,
55–5S, 60–6l, 66, 6S, 77, Sl, S3, 92, l00,
l07, l0S, ll4, l22, l23, l25, l32, l40,
l4S, l50–l5l, l57–l5S, 20S, 22l
acLiviLics 6, 29, 56, 6l, 73, l50, l79, lS9, l93,
slavcry l63
dcmoralizaLion 209
dcnial 66, 70, l30, l56, l59, l64, l79, lS2, 205,
dcnominaLionalism 207, 2ll, 2l6
dcprcssion 27, 43, 6S, 69, 77–7S, S9, l0l, l03,
ll9–l20, l30, l56, l59, l6l, l63–l64,
l67, l75–l77, l79, lS3, lSS, l96, l99,
202, 205
spiriL oí ll9, l76–l77
dcprivaLion 7S, ll9, l59, l6l, l76–l77, l79, lS3,
202, 2l3, 2lS
spiriL oí 37, ll9
dcrailmcnL 209
dcrision l9l
dcscrLion l66, lS3, 209
dcsirc(s) 5, 20, 5S, 6l, 65, 70, 74, Sl, 92, l0l–l02,
l07, ll3, l24, l5S, l60, l63, l7l–l72,
lS6, l90–l92, 2l7, 22l
dcsolaLion 32, l47, l59, l77, l79–lS0, lS3, 209
spiriL oí l77–l7S
dcspair 53, l77, l99
dcspcraLion l77
dcspondcncy l76–l77, l99, 220
dcsLiLuLion 202
dcsLrucLion 3l, 45, 52, 5S, 67, S5, 96, l02, lll,
l39, l56, lS3, l99, 2l0
dcLachmcnL 7S, l67, l73
diabolical 2, 25, 27, 34, 37, 42–43, 5l, 55–56, 6S,
79, 95, ll3, ll7, l29, l54, l57, l5S–l59,
lS3, 22l
alliancc l54
Lraps 209
disabiliLics l59, l79, lS3
disappoinLmcnL 73, 79, ll5, 205
disapproval lS3, 205, 209, 2lS
disarray l73, l74
disassociaLion 209
disbclicí 209
discomfiLurc l74
discomposurc l74
disconLcnLmcnL l72, l74
discord 62, l0S, l73, l9l, 2l5
discouragcmcnL(s) 7S, ll9, l59, l6l, l63, l76, l79,
lS3, lSS, l99, 209, 220
spiriL oí 7S
discrcdiL 57, 205, 2lS, 227
discasc(s) l7, 25, 62, 67–6S, 77, S5, llS, l5S–l59,
l6l, l72, l76, l79, lS3, l96, 2lS
discníranchiscmcnL lS3, lS5, 200, 209
discsLccm 205, 2lS
disgracc l03, 205, 2l3, 2lS, 227
disgusL 220
disharmony l0S, l73, lS3, 207, 2ll, 2l6
dishoncsLy l56, l65, 20l
dishonor 3l, l56, l64, l9S, 205, 209, 2l3, 2lS
disillusionmcnL 7S, ll9, l6l, l63, l67, l76, lS3,
lSS, l95, 2lS, 220
spiriL oí ll9
disinLcrcsL l67, l9S
disloyalLy l94, 209, 2lS
disobcdicncc 79, S5, l20, l35, 203–204
disordcr(s) 67, 7l, 77, l03, l56, l59, l6l, l73–l75,
l79, lS5, l96–l97, l99, 200, 205–206,
2l4, 2lS–2l9
disorganizaLion l74
disrcgard(s) 96, l67, l92, l9S, 203
disrcspccL l54, l62, l64–l65, l95, l9S, 203, 209
disrupLion 209
dissaLisíacLion l72
disLorLion(s) l59, l79
disLracLion l74, l77, 220
disLrcss 6S–69, 9l, l09, l6l, l74, 2l3, 2lS, 220
disLrusL lS3, 205
disuniLy lS3, l99, 207, 2ll, 2l5–2l6
dividc and conqucr l54, lS3, l95
dividcd allcgiancc l54
divinaLion 32, 7S–79, l20, l59, l7S–l79, lS3, 20l,
2l2, 2lS
spiriL oí 79, l20, l7S–l79, lS3, l93
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
divinc counscl, spiriL oí 2S
division(s) 45, l59, l66, l79, lS3, 207, 2ll,
divorcc 50, 76, 79, l03, l20, l6l, l73, l75–l76
docLrincs oí
dcvils 42, 79–S0, l05, l20, l66, lS3, l90, 207,
2ll–2l2, 2l6, 2lS
man S0, S7, l20, l6S, lS3, 2l6
dogmaLism(s) 20l, 207, 2ll, 2l6
dominancc lS3, 203
dominaLion oí will l99
doors l0, 35, 59, SS, 97, l5l–l52, l57, l62, l73,
doublc-mindcd(ncss) l74, l94, 209
doubL 43, S0, 90, l06, l20, l4l, l47, l67, l72, lSS,
2l0, 2l5
drcad 69, lS3, lS7–lSS, l96, 220
drcam(s, -cr) 65, 74, 94, l29, l56, l59, l79, 20l,
drug and alcohol abusc 53, l55–l56, l75, l79, lS3,
lSS, 202
drug Lrafficking 202
drunkcnncss l72
dumb, spiriL oí l47, l74–l75
dupliciLy 76, l94, 207, 2ll, 2l6
dysíuncLion(s)(al) S0–Sl, SS, l56, l59, l75, l79,
lS5, 205, 2l3, 2lS
caLing disordcr(s) 67, l56, l99, 205, 2lS
ccccnLriciLics S5, l22, l5S
cffcminacy l72, 20l, 2l3
cgoLism 203
FgypL, spiriL(s) oí lS0, lS2, 200
clccLrophobia lSS
Flijah, spiriL oí 29, lS6, l94, l9S
cmbarrassmcnL l03, l20, l74, lS3, l96, 2l3, 2lS
cmbczzlcmcnL l65, l9l, 202, 209
cmoLional(-ism) 24, 64, 6S–69, 7l–73, 75, 77–7S,
S7–SS, 90, l00–l0l, l09, lll, l2l, l55,
l75–l77, lSl, lS3–lS5, lS7, lS9, l96,
l99–200, 205, 207, 2ll, 2l3, 2l6, 2lS
callousncss 205, 2lS
dcprivaLion lS3, 2l3, 2lS
disLurbancc l56, l74
insLabiliLy l6l, 205, 220
pain 64, 6S, l99, 205
scducLion 209
vicLimizaLion 205, 2lS
cmpLincss 205, 2lS
cmulaLion(s) l72–l73
cnchanLcr(s) l79, 2l2
cnmcshmcnL(s) S0–Sl, l2l, l60, 2l3, 2lS
cnslavcmcnL oí cmoLions l99, 2l3
cnLanglcmcnL(s) Sl, l2l, l5S, l60, l79, lS3, l90
cnLiccmcnL 47, l90
cnLrapmcnL oí pcrccpLion l99
cnvy 4, 75, 9l, l72, l74, lS3, l90–l93, 209
cradicaLion oí pcrsonal/cLhnical/naLional idcnLiLy
lS3, l99
crcmophobia lSS
crosion oí sclí-csLccm/imagc lS3, 2l3
crror 6l–62, 66, Sl, 94, l27, l32, l72, lS3, l90,
spiriL oí llS, l20
cvil l3, 22, 32, 46, 4S–52, 54, 57, 59, 6l, 75, 99,
ll2, ll7, l29, l32, l34, l40, l45, l7l, 209
dcsirc l7l, l90
LhoughLs l72, l90
cxaggcraLion 20l
cxaspcraLion 2l3, 2lS–220
sclí-analysis l6l, l63, 2l3, 2lS
slccping l77
cxhibiLionism 20l
cxLcrnal locus oí conLrol l77, 2l3, 2lS
cxLorLion 66, l72
cxLravagancc 93, 202
compcLiLion l9l
immaLuriLy l75
shyncss lSS
íablcs 207, 2ll, 2l6
íabricaLion lS2, 20S–209
íacLions l93
íailurc Lo pay vows l65
íaiLh, spiriL oí l34
íaiLhlcssncss l94, 209
accusaLion l7l
aposLolic anoinLing 207, 2ll, 2l6
dcccpLivc anoinLing l93
cvangclisLic anoinLing 207, 2ll, 2l6
cxpccLaLions S2–S3, l22
humiliLy 203, 2l4
pcdagogical (Lcaching) anoinLing 207, 2ll,
prophcLic anoinLing 207, 2ll, 2l6
rcligion l66, 2l2
Lcaching l93
worship 62, l90
íamiliar spiriL(s) 2S, 55–5S, l23, l32, l57–l59,
l79, 20S
íamily 9, l4, 25, 27, 29, 33, 36, 45, 50, 54, 5S–59,
64, 66–67, S0, S3, S5, S7, l02, l22–l23,
l25, l30, l40, l5l, l53, l55, l57, l63,
lS3, 226
pcculiariLics S5, l5S
sccrcLs l03, l60–l6l, l64, lS3, 209
íaminc l45, 202
íanLasics 54, l29, l60–l6l, l79, lS3, 2lS
íaLalism lSS, l99
íaLiguc 43, 77, l6l, l63, 209
íaulL finding l72, l95, 209
íaulLy pcrspccLivcs l72, 2l4, 2lS
ícar l7, 20, 2S, 32, 4l, 57–5S, 6l–62, 65, 6S–69,
79, S3, S9–9l, 93, l00, ll3, l22–l24,
l29–l30, l56–l57, l6l, l64, l66, l7l,
l7S, lS2–lS3, lS6–l9l, l96–l97, 205,
209, 2l4, 2lS
oí auLhoriLy figurcs l63
oí lack 202
oí pcoplc’s opinions lSS
oí rcjccLion 64, l63
oí rcLaliaLion l63
oí succcss lSS
spiriL oí 57, ll5, lS6–lS9, l94
ícclings 27, 33, 46, 54, 67–6S, 77, 7S, S0, S9, 9l,
99, l0l, l03, ll3–ll4, l20, l30, l76, 205,
209, 2l3, 2lS–2l9
oí alicnaLion l77
oí disconLcnLmcnL and rcscnLmcnL l74
oí lonclincss l77
oí noL bcing wanLcd 205
ícLishism 20l
fighLing 4–5, 62, l39, l46, l69, l72, 222
filLhy 2l7
languagc l72, 20l
lucrc l56, l70, lS3, l94
LhoughLs l6l, 20l
financial curscs 202
flamboyancc l72
flaLLcry 93, 20l, 2l2
flirLaLion 20l
íormalism l72, 207, 2ll, 2l6
íornicaLion 4, l72, l90, l92–l94, 20l, 209,
2ll–2l2, 2l4, 2lS
íraLricidc l76, l97
írcLLing l74
íricndship(s) l02, l57
írusLraLing growLh and maLuraLion proccss l93
írusLraLion(s) 43, 63, S5, 9l, l23, l60, l77, l79,
lS3, l9l, 209, 220
íuror l74
gambling 67, l55–l56, l6l, l72, 202, 2l4, 2lS
gamc playing l73
gamophobia lSS
gaLcs 3, 20, 23, 35, 36, 59, ll9, l5l–l52, l57, 2l2
gaLophobia lSS
gcographical assignmcnLs 5S
gcphyrophobia lSS
gcrmophobia lS9
giving, spiriL oí 203
gloom and doom l67
gluLLony l72, 209
gossip 65, S5, l23, l7l, l73, l76, l9l, l97, 20l,
209, 2l4–2l5, 2lS
grandiosiLy l72, lS3, l96, 205, 209, 2lS
grccd l56, l64–l65, l70, l72, l77, lS3, l90–l9l,
202, 209
gricí 62, 67, 72–73, ll3, l67, l76, lS0, lS3, l9S,
205, 209, 2l4, 2lS
grumbling l72
guilc lS3, 20l, 203
guilL 75, S6, 99, l0l, l23, l3l, l6l, l63–l64, 205,
209, 2l3–2l4, 2lS
guilL-Lripping 209
gusLaLory 59
habiLs 72, S5–S6, 90, l23, l56, l5S, l60, l77, lS3,
lS5, 209–2l0, 2l5
harassmcnL(s) 27, 65, S7, l24, l26, l60–l6l, l7l,
l79, lS3, lS5, l93, l9S–l99, 209, 2l6,
hard-hcarLcdncss lS3, l9S, 209
haLc, haLrcd 4, 73, 75, S4, SS, 99, l0l, l2S, l34,
l56, l64, l66, l69, l72, lS3, lS5, l93,
203, 209
haughLincss l54, 203–204
hcavincss 27, 7S, l76, lSS, l99, 2l4, 2lS
spiriL oí ll9
hclplcssncss l03, lS3–lS4, lS7, l99, 209, 2l4, 2lS
hcrcsy, hcrcsics 42, 62, S7–SS, l05, l24, l72–l73,
l90, l93, 207, 2ll, 2l6
Hcrod l6S–l70, lS0, lS2–lS6, l99–200
spiriL oí l9S, 200
hcx(cs) 32, 5S, 79, l5S, l79
hiddcn agcnda l60, l93
high Lhings l5S, l60, lS3, 2l6
anoinLing 207, 2ll, 2l6
His (Cod’s) mouLh, spiriL oí l2
hoarding l65, l72, 202–203
“holicr Lhan Lhou” aLLiLudc 207, 2ll, 2l6
homicidc(s), homicidal Lcndcncy 76, l76–l77, l97
homoscxualiLy S7, l24, l56, l76, lS4, 20l, 2l2,
2l4, 2lS
hopclcssncss 69, 7S, l4l, l6S, l76–l77, lS3, 200,
205, 2l4, 2lS
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
spiriL oí 7S
horoscopc l79
hosLiliLy l54, lSS, l95, 220
hounding 220
humanism l67, lS3, l90, 2l2
humiliLy 99, l20, l27, l55, l94–l96, l99, 203–204,
hydrophobia lSS
hypcracLiviLy 220
hypcrscnsiLiviLy l56, l97, 2l4, 2lS
hypnoLic (sLupor) sLaLc l74
hypochondria 2l4, 2lS
hypocrisy l54, l62, l65, l67, l73, 207, 209,
2ll–2l2, 2l6
hysLcria l97, 205
idcologics 42, 54, S5, l07, l5S, l69
idolaLry 62, SS, l04, l24, l56, l62–l63, l67,
l72, l77, l79, lS3, lS9, l9l, l93, 207,
2ll–2l3, 2l6–2lS
spiriL oí lS9–l90
ignominy lS3, 205, 2l4, 2lS
ignorancc 20, 49, 79, Sl, SS, 90, l24, l53, 202, 209
ill-spokcn words 32, 79, l26, l76, l9l
illncss S5, l55, l5S, l6l, l76, l96–l97, 2l4, 2l9
illusion(s) 29, 50, l22, l30–l3l, l60, l79
ill will 73, S4, l02, l72–l73, l9l
imaginaLion(s) 25, 44, 46, 54, l0S, l35, l5S, l60,
lS3, 20l, 203, 2l5
immoraliLy upon rcqucsL/íorcc/cocrcion l63
impaircd will lS3, 2l4, 2lS
imprcssions 29, S3, l22, l26, l30–l3l, l60, l79
impropricLy 202, 2l4
impurc, impuriLics l90
moLivcs l60, l79, lS3, 20l, 2lS
LhoughLs 2lS
Lo rcccivc/givc lovc 205
Lo rcspond appropriaLcly Lo challcngcs, con-
flicL, or criscs 200
Lo spcak l75
inaLLcnLivcncss l6S
incanLaLion(s) l06, l79
incarccraLion oí moLivaLion 200
inccsL SS, l25, l6l, l63, 20l, 2l4, 2lS
incrcasc in appcLiLc l77
indcccncy 20l
indccision 220
indcpcndcnL, indcpcndcncc 66, 70, 99, l63, lS4,
spiriL l56, lS4
indiffcrcncc SS, l25, l6S, l76, lS4, l9S, 209
spiriL oí 63
indignaLion l02, lS4, 209
individual(s, -iLics) ll, 45, 49, 5S, 64–67, 69–7l,
75–77, 79–Sl, S3–S5, 9l, 94–l02, l05, l09,
ll3, l54, l57–l5S, l62, l64, l70, l73, lSl,
lS6–lS7, l99–200, 2l7, 22l–222
assignmcnL(s) 5S
incfficicnL rccall l6l, l63
incrLia l63
iníanLicidc l9S
iníccLion(s) l60–l6l, l79, lS4
inícrioriLy complcx 6S, l97, 200
infirmiLics l32, l4S, l60, l79, lS4
inflcxibiliLy 20l
ingraLiLudc l72, 202
inhibiLion(s) 29, S9, l25, l60, l79, 205
iniquiLics oí Lhc hcarL l72
iniquiLy 5l, 54, S5, S9, l00, l25, l56, l70, lS4,
l92, 209
affccLion(s) 52, l56, l60, l79, l90, 20l, 2lS
sophisLicaLion l72, 207, 2ll, 2l6
wiLhdrawal l97
insccuriLy S9, 9l, 93, 96, l26, l63, l9l, l93
inscnsibiliLy l6S, l9S
insignificancc 205, 2l4, 2lS
insinuaLions 67, l60, l79
insolcncc 203
insomnia 77, l09, l60–l6l, l63, l76–l77, lS4,
lSS, 200
insLabiliLy l05, 20l, 2l4, 2lS
insLiLuLionalizcd abusc 207, 2ll, 2l6
insubordinaLion l7l, l93, l9S, 203–204
insulL(s) 2l, 73, S7, S9, l26, l60, l79, lS4
insurrccLion l, 22, 50, l00, l95, 204, 209
inLcllccLualism 2l6
inLcnsc cmoLional pain 6S, 205
inLcnLion(s) 2, 6, 27, 45, S5, 92, l07, l5S
inLcrccpLion(s) 27, l60, l79
inLcrícrcncc 27, 90, l26, l60, l79, lS4
inLimidaLion S7, l63–l64, l67, lS4, lSS, l9S, 2l4
inLrovcrsion 205
invasion(s) oí pcrsonal privacy lS4, 200
irraLional Lhinking, irraLional LhoughLs 97, l6S,
lS4, l97, 209
irrcgular slccping
habiLs l77
paLLcrns l77
irrcvcrcncc l54, l93, l9S, 207, 209, 2ll, 2l6, 2lS
irriLaLion(s) S7, 90–9l, l26, l60, l79, lS4,
isolaLion l0l, l03, l6l, l73, l76, 205–206, 209,
2l4–2l5, 2lS–2l9
jcalousy 62, 75, S3, 9l, l27, l54, l73, l76–l77,
lS4, l90–l9l, l93, 203, 20S, 2l0
spiriL oí 7l, l27, l90–l92
1chu, spiriL oí l7l, lS6
1czcbcl 7S, l62, lS0, l9l–l92, 200
spiriL oí 34, l62, l67, l70, l92–l94, 2l3
1ohn Lhc BapLisL, spiriL oí 207
1udas, spiriL oí l94–l95
judgmcnLalism 9l, l27, l72, lS4, 207, 2l0–2ll,
jusLificaLion(s) 45, 7l, l60, l79, lS4, l9l, 205, 2l0
kakorraphiaphobia lSS
kcraunophobia lSS
killing l72
kincsLhcLic 59
klcpLomania l56, l72
knowlcdgc block(s) l60, lS4, l90, 200, 2l0, 2l4,
Korah, spiriL oí l95
oí accounLabiliLy l65, 2l0
oí appcLiLc 200
oí commiLmcnL l6S
oí conccrn l6S
oí confidcncc 205
oí connccLcdncss 200, 2l4
oí conLrol l56
oí dirccLion l74, 200
oí íaiLh in Cod 9l, l93
oí íocus l77
oí goals l74
oí moLivaLion 77, l97, 200
oí prospcriLy l77
oí purposc l74
oí sclí-cxprcssion l63
oí LrusL 2l0, 2l5
spiriL oí l27
Iaodiccan spiriL l6S
lasciviousncss l72
lashing ouL 205
lcgalism lS4, 2l6
lcLhargy l6S, l9S, 2l0
lcviaLhan, spiriL oí l6S–l69, 200
libaLion(s) 207, 2ll, 2l6
libcrLy, spiriL oí l67
lics, lying 33, 42, 47, 62, 67, 92–93, ll2, l24, l27,
l54, l56, l65, l67, l7l–l72, lS6, l9l,
20l, 20S, 2l3, 2lS
wondcrs l67
lisLlcssncss l6S, l77
liLLlc boy/girl syndromc l63, 2l4
living abovc mcans 202
lodgcs and oLhcr sccrcL organizaLions l57
loíLincss 203–204
lonclincss 64, 6S, 77, l20, l6l, l77, lSS, 200, 205,
2l4, 2lS
Iord, S piriL oí Lhc 27–2S, 42, l29–l30, l4S, l5l
oí appcLiLc l77, 200
oí confidcncc in spiriLual lcadcrship l95
oí cncrgy l77
oí íocus l77, 2l0
oí hopc 76, l76
oí mcmory l74
oí moLivaLion 2l0
oí pcrccpLion 2l4
oí vision l76
lovc oí moncy 52, l67, l94
low pcrccpLion oí sclí l64
lusL(s, -cd) 4, 4l, 59, 62, 75, S2, 92, l09, ll6,
l27, l54, l56, l60, l63–l64, l67–l6S,
l70–l72, lS4, l90–l9l, l93–l94, 20l,
2ll, 2l4, 2l7–2lS
madncss, spiriL oí l74, l96
magical Lhinking l97
malicious dcsLrucLion l02, 2l0
maligning oí characLcr l76, l93
mammon 55, l67–l69, l7S, lS0, lS6
spiriL oí l69–l70
manipulaLion(s) 29, 42, 64, 92–93, l27, l56, l60,
l63–l65, l79, lS3–lS4, lSS, l9l, l93,
20l, 2l0, 2l3, 2lS
marriagc(s) 50, 54, 67, 70, 79, S7–SS, l02, lll,
l57, l63, lSl, lSS
marLyr syndromc l63
masochism l56, 20l
masonry l79
mclancholy l76–l77, l97
mcmory loss/poor rccall l77, lS4, l97
mcnLal ll, 66, 69, 75, 77, S7, l05, l09, ll4, l56,
l6l, l67, l74, l76, lS4, l96–l97, l99,
2l0, 2l4, 2lS
afflicLions 2lS
agiLaLion 220
disordcrs l75
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
opprcssion l97
mcnLal illncss, spiriL oí l96
mind conLrol l79, lS4, l93
miraclc workcr(s) 2l3
miscarriagc 35, l04, l33, l76, lS5, 227
misíorLunc(s) 60, 6S, 96, l2S, l60, l79, lS4
mishap(s) 60, l60, l79, lS4
misiníormaLion l60, l79
mislcading acLions l65
misrcprcscnLaLion(s) 33, ll2, l56, l60, l70, l79
oí LruLh l65, l92, 2l0
misLrusL 96, l2S, lS4, lSS, l97, 206, 2l5
mockcry 2l0
molcsLaLion 2l4, 2lS
morbidiLy l76–l77
moLion and movcmcnL 59
moLivcs S5, l07, l5S, l60, l79, lS3, 20l, 2l0, 2lS
murdcr(s) 62, 65, 75, l54, l56, l67, l7l–l72, l76,
l7S–l79, lS4, l90, l92, l97, 206, 2l0,
spiriL oí l97–l9S
musophobia lSS
muLilaLion lS4, l97–l9S, 2l4
Nabal, spiriL oí l9S
narcissism l0S, l72, l90
naLional/cLhnical LraiLs, Lcndcncics, and oddiLics
S5, l5S, l90
nccromancy l79
nccd l–5, l0, l5–l7, l9, 2l, 43, 47, 67, 69, 74, S0,
SS, 93, 95, 97, l06, lll, ll3, l36, l53,
l64, l77, l96
íor approval l77, 206, 2lS
íor assisLancc l77
ncgaLivism 206–207, 2l2, 2l6
ncgoLiaLions 27, l60, l79, 225
Nchcmiah S7, l02, l59, 202, 20S
spiriL oí l23
ncrvousncss l74, lSS, l97, 200
ncurosis l56, l60, l97, 206, 2lS
ncuroLic and psychoLic bchaviors and Lcndcncics
l60, l79, lS4
Ncw Agc S0, l67
nighL ícars/Lcrrors l6l, lSS, 200
nonchalanL aLLiLudc l77
noncommiLLal l94
nonsubmissivcncss 207, 2l2, 2l6
noL íccling wcll l63
nycLophobia lSS
nymphomania 20l
obcah l79
obsLinacy l56, lS4, l9S, 203–204, 207, 2l0, 2l2,
occulL(ism) 7l, 79, l67, l79, 207, 2l2, 2l6
ochlophobia lS9
odyncphobia lS9
olíacLory 59
omcns 33, l79
ophidiophobia lS9
opposiLion S4, l73, 2l0
Lo Lhc powcr oí Cod l67
opprcssion 27, 62, 74, 90, 93–94, 9S, l29, l4l, l56,
l60–l6l, l63, l67–l6S, l76, l7S–l79,
lSl, lS3–lS4, lS9–l90, l92, l96–l97,
202, 206, 2l0, 2l9–220
spiriL(s) oí l69–l70, l96, l99–200
organizaLion(s) l5, 45, 59, 62, 64–66, S2, S7, 96,
l0S, l54, l57, l65, 206, 20S, 222
osLracizaLion 2l4, 2l9
Ouija board l79
ovcrcompcnsaLion l97, 206, 2l4
ovcrconfidcncc l93
ovcríamiliariLy 203
ovcrproLccLion 206
ovcrscnsiLiviLy lS9, 206, 2l4, 2l9
ovcrwcighL 206
painíul LhoughLs 220
palm rcading l79
pandcmonium l74
paranoia l93, l97, 2l5, 220
paraphilia 20l
passion(s) 5S, 6S, 74, S5, l07, l5S
passivc-aggrcssivc 203, 2l0
paLhological condiLion(s) oí Lhc mind and body 6S,
S5, l5S, l6l
pcdophilia l56, l64, 20l, 2l9
pcrccpLion(s) 29, 33, 54, 72–73, 77, S3, S5, S9–90,
92, 97, l00, l07, l22, l26, l30–l3l, l5S,
l62, l64, l74, lS5, l99, 203, 2l4
pcríccLionism l0l, l97, 2l4, 2l9
pcrplcxiLy l74, lS4
pcrsccuLion(s) 2l, 62, l60, l67–l6S, l79, lS4, l93,
l9S, 2l5–2l6
pcrsccuLory paranoid sLaLc l97
pcrsonaliLy(-iLics) 27–2S, 54, 6l, S5, l23, l32, l5S,
l63, l69, l77, l9S, 209, 2l4, 2l9
disordcrs l97
pcrLurbaLion l74
pcrvcrsion(s) 67, SS, 9S, l25, l29, l54—l56, l60,
l63–l64, l67, l70–l72, l79, lS4, l90,
20l, 206, 2l0, 2l2–2l4, 2l9
spiriL oí l00, l25, l54, 200–20l, 2l2
pcsLilcncc l33, l45, 202
Pharaoh l06, l6S, 200
spiriL oí l6S–l70, lS0, lS2–lS6, l9S–200
Phariscc/Sadduccc spiriL l7S
phobia(s) l6l, lS6, lS9, l96–l97, 206, 2l4, 2l9
physical 24, 43, 49, 53, 64–6S, 72–73, 77–7S, S7,
90, 93, l0l, l06, l09, l2l, l4l, l55, l6S,
l75, l77, lS0–lSl, lS5, lS7, l96, 2l4,
rcsLrainLs/consLrainLs l93
wcarincss/íaLiguc l63
physiological/cmoLional dysíuncLions l75
pining lS9
plagucs l43, l72, l76
ploLLing and planning Lhc dcmisc oí insLiLuLions/
pcoplc 2l0
ploLLing Lhc dcmisc oí powcr, influcncc, and rcspccL
pnigcrophobia lS9
polariLy in mcmbcrship 207, 2l2, 2l6
poor 43, 7S, l03, l42, l4S, l63, lS5, l97, 2l0
mcmory l6l, l63
sclí-imagc S9, l03, 2l3
pornography 67, l55–l56, lSl, lS5, 20l, 2l4, 2l9
posscssion(s) 9, l4, l6–l7, 26, 36, 5l, 65–66, 74,
9l, 93, 99, l0S, ll2, l2l, l29, l4l, l5S,
l6l, l72, l90–l9l
posL-LraumaLic sLrcss disordcr lS5, 200, 206, 2l4,
povcrLy 92, 99, l27, l29, l4l, l6l, l7S, lS5, 200,
203, 2l4, 2l9
spiriL oí l29, 202
powcr(s) l–5, 9–l0, l2, lS, 20–22, 27, 42, 44,
47–4S, 5l, 53, 5S, 60–6l, 64–65, 69–70,
72–73, 77, S0, S2, S9–90, 93–94, 97–9S,
l00, l02, l06, ll4–ll5, l26, l29–l30,
l4l–l43, l47, l49, l5l–l52, l54, l57,
l67, l69, lS6–lS7, lS9, l93, l99, 2ll,
2l7, 22l–222
hungcr l95
sLrugglc l54, l95
prcjudicc(s, -cd) S9–90, 93, 99, l26, l30, l6l, lS5,
2l0, 2l5
prcmaLurc dcaLh(s) 65, lS5, l97
prcoccupaLion(s) 74, l74, l77
prcLcnsc l54, 2l9
pridc 59, 90, 93, 99, l06, l09, l30, l54, l56, l62,
l67, l7l–l72, lS3, lS5, l90, l92–l93,
202–204, 207, 2l0, 2l2, 2l6
spiriL oí 92, 99, 203–204
principaliLy(-ics) 2, 4, 6, 22, 42, 53, 5S, l5S, l62,
l66, l69, l7S
proíaniLy 20l, 203
prognosLicaLor(s) 33, 2l3
prohibiLion(s) 29, l25, l60, l79, lS5, l93, 200
projccLion(s) 29, 43, 99, l22, l26, l30–l3l, l60,
l7S–l79, l92, l96, 206, 2l0, 2l4, 2l9
prosccuLion oí LruLh 207, 2l2, 2l6
prosLiLuLion l56, lSl, lS5, 20l, 2l4, 2l9
provocaLion(s) 27, 62, 6S, 96–97, l00, l30, l60,
l79, lS5, 220, 225
spiriL oí l30
psychic(s) 33, l25, l63, l67, l79, lS5, 2l3
psychological 24, 64–65, 67–6S, 72–73, 7S, Sl, 90,
94, l00, l06, l09, ll4, l2l, l55–l56, l62,
l75, l77, lS0–lSl, lS5–lS7, l97, 200,
205, 2l4, 2lS–2l9
cnslavcmcnL 200
gamcs lS5, 2l0
vicLimizaLion 206, 2l9
psychosis l56, l60, l97
psychosomaLic illncss l97, 2l4, 2l9
pyrophobia lS9
quarrcling l72
ragc S3, 9l, ll3, ll5, l72, l92
railing l56, l72, l76, l79, lS5, l92–l93, l95, 20l
rapc l00, l30, l64, l76, lS5, 20l
cmoLional l97, 205, 2lS
psychological lS5, l97, 205, 2lS
raLionalizaLion(s) 45, 93, l60, l79, lS5, 2l0, 2l6
rcbcllion 42, 60, 79, 92, l0l, l3l, l40, l54, l67,
l7l–l72, l7S–l79, lS5, l93, l95, 20l,
203–204, 2l0, 2l2, 2l9
spiriL oí l3l, l7S, 204
rccriminaLion 2l0
rcjccLion 64, 6S, l0l–l02, l30–l3l, l6l, l63, lS5,
l92, 204–205, 2l0, 2l4–2l5, 2lS
spiriL oí l94, 204–206
syndromc l63
rcligion(s), rcligiosiLy, rcligious 50, 54, 57, 66,
S0–Sl, S7, S9–90, 94, 99, l02, l05, l3l,
l57, l66–l69, l72, l7S, lSl, lS5, l90,
20l, 206–207, 2l0–2l2, 2l6–2l7
holincss l93
marLyr l63
spiriL oí 206–207, 2l2, 2l5
rcncgadc(s) l52, l54, 2l3
rcprcssion l60–l6l, l63, l75, lS5, 200, 206, 220
rcprobaLion l76
rcproducLivc/scxual 59
rcscnLmcnL 73, 9l, 9S, l02, l20, l2S, l30–l3l,
l62, l72–l74, lS5, l9l–l92, 203, 20S,
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
rcsisLancc 26–27, 5l, l60, l79, lS5, 204
Lo movcs oí Cod 2l6
Lo LruLh 2l6
rcsoluLion(s) ll3, l60, l79, lS5
rcsLlcssncss l6S, 220
rcsurrccLion, spiriL oí l9S
rcLaliaLion 34, l02, l3l, l63, l73, l93
rcviling l72
rcvolL againsL lcadcrship l95
ridiculc lS5, lSS, 2l0
rioLous living 42, l56, l7l
riLualism 207, 2l2, 2l6
rivalry l73, l95, 2l0
ruling(s) 25, 95, l60, l79, lS5
saboLagc(d) 2, 34, 65–66, 70, l02, ll2, l3l,
l67–l6S, l70–l7l, lS5, l92, l94–l95,
l9S, 200, 206, 20S–2l0, 222
spiriL oí 20S–209
sacrilcgc 207, 2l2, 2l6
Sadducccism 207, 2l2, 2l6
sadism 20l
sadncss 67, 77, 9l, ll3, ll5, l30, l4l, l6S,
l76–l77, 206, 2l4, 2l9
Samaria l7, 2ll
spiriL oí 2ll–2l2
SanballaL and Tobiah 2l0
spiriL oí l3l
saLanic and dcmonic acLiviLics l93
saLanic opcraLions 29, l60, l79
schcmcs 20, 2l0, 226
schizophrcnia l97, 206
scholionophobia lS9
sciophobia lS9
scorn(crs) 30, l32, lS5, 204, 206, 2l9
spiriL oí 2l0
sccularism l56, lS5
scducLion 76, l03, l32, l54, l56, l60, l64, l72,
l79, lS5, l93, 20l, 207, 209–2l0, 2l2,
2l6, 2l9
spiriL oí l20, 2l2
scgrcgaLion l0l, lS5, 203–204, 206, 2l9
appoinLmcnL l93
blamc l63
ccnLcrcdncss l56, l70, l90, l92, 203–204,
conscious disLrcss l74
consciousncss 206, 2l9
dcprcciaLion 206
cxalLaLion l54
íulfilling prophccy S2, 206, 2l9
imporLancc 203–204
promoLion 203
proLccLion 203–204
righLcousncss l54, 203–204, 207, 2l2, 2l6
sufficicncy l93
sclfishncss l56, l66, l70–l72, lS5, l9S, 202–204,
scniliLy l97
scnsualiLy l7l, 2ll, 2l3
scparaLism 203–204, 2l6
scx íor lovc 206
cxpliciL drcams 20l, 2l9
parLncrs l57
pcrvcrsions 67, l29, 20l
sins l72, l93
violcncc l00, 20l
shamc 3l, 64, 75, S6, l03–l04, l3l–l32, l56, l6l,
l64, l74, lS5, lS9, l97, 202, 206, 2l0, 2l3
spiriL oí l04, 2l3–2l4
showing displcasurc l93
sickncss 25, 62, 6S, llS, lS5, 202
skcpLicism 2l5
slandcr(s) 33, 65, 75, ll2, l60, l7l–l73, l76, l79,
lS5, l92–l93, l9S, 20l, 2l0
slavcry l56, l63, lS0–lS3, lS5, 200
slccpincss l6S, l75, l77
sloLhíulncss 92, l6S
snarc(s) l03–l04, l33, l56, l5S, l60, l79, lS5, 2l0
afflicLions lS5, 200
isolaLion 206, 2l9
sooLhsaying l7, 79, l79
sorccry l79, 2l2
soul Lics 2S, lll, ll3, l2l–l22, l25, l29, l57–l59,
lS5, 202, 2l9
spcculaLion(s) 33, ll2, l60, l79, 2l5
spccch impcdimcnLs l75
sphcksophobia lS9
spiriLism 207, 2l2, 2l6
adulLcry lS5, 207, 2l2–2l3, 2l6
blindncss 52, ll6, l76, lS0, 2l0
bondagc l7S, lS5
darkncss l56, l7S, lS5
íornicaLion l92, l94
harloLry 2ll–2l2
idolaLry 2l3
whorcdom l94
spiLc 57, 75, S4, l72–l74, l92
sLcaling 62, 66, l56, l72, 2l0, 2l9
sLigmaLizaLion l05, l33, l73, l76, lS5, l9S, 2l0,
2l4, 2l9
sLingincss l66, l9S, 202–203, 2l0
sLirring(s) l09, l4S, l60, lS0
sLrangc occurrcnccs l60, lS0
sLrcss S2, lS5, l99–200, 206, 2l4, 2l9–220
sLriíc 4, 62, 75, S4, l72–l74, l92, 203–204, 2l0
sLrong dclusion 203
sLronghold(s) l3, 25, 44–47, 50, 52, 5S, 65, l05,
lll, ll3, l2l, l29, l34, l5l, l5S, l60,
l62, l69, lS5–lS6, lS9, 2l5–2l6
sLubbornncss l56, l6S, l72, lS5, l9S, 20l, 2l0
sLumbling block(s) l05, l34, l5S, l60, lS5
subjugaLion oí hopc 200
submission 75, 9l–92, l27, l4l, l95–l96, 203–204
spiriL oí l55
subLlcLy 2l3
subvcrsion(s) 29, 34, l60, l67, l7S, lS0, 2l0, 220
suicidc, suicidal 62, 76–77, l06, l34, l56, l75–l77,
lS0, lS5, l9S, 206, 2l9
Lcndcncy l63, l77
supcrficialiLy 2l0
supcrioriLy l00, l65, l72
supcrnaLural mighL, spiriL oí 2S
supcrsLiLion(s) lS0, 207, 2l2, 2l6, 2l9
supprcssion l60–l6l, l63, l66, lS5–lS6, l97, 200
survcillancc 27, 56, lS6, l92, l94, 2l0
suspicion(s) 29, 43, 64, 99, l22, l26, l30–l3l, l56,
l60, l7S, lS0, lS4, lS6, l94, 206, 20S,
2l0, 2l4, 2l9
spiriL oí 2l4–2l5
Lalisman 5S, 79, l06, l5S–l59, l7S
LaunL l92
Lca lcaí rcadcr lS0
Lcchnophobia lS9
LcmpcramcnL(s) S5, l5S
LcmpLaLion(s) 20–2l, 23, 47, l43, l56, l60, l70,
l72, lS0
Lcnsion 220
LcrriLorialism l73
Lcrror(s) 26, 32, l56, l6l, lS6–lS9, l94, l97, l9S,
Lhalassophobia lS9
LhrcaLcning 6S, l00, 2l0
LormcnL(s) 4l, 62, 75, S3, l64, lS6–lSS, l92, 206,
LorLurc 20l
LradiLion(s) 90, 94, l06, l34, l67, lS6, 2l0, 2l2,
spiriL oí 2l5–2l6
LradiLional(ism) 207, 2l2, 2l6
cnLrcnchmcnL 64, l56, lS6, lS9
Lrancclikc sLaLcs l74
LransvcsLiLism 20l
Lrcachcry l54, l7l, lS6, lS9, l95, 20l, 207, 2l2,
Lriskaidckaphobia lS9
Lropophobia lS9
LruLh(s) 6, 22, 24, 33, 36, 44, 47, 52, 54, 70, 77,
S7, 93, 94, ll6, llS, ll9–l20, l24, l27,
l32–l33, l35, l55, l57, l65–l67, l90,
l92, 202, 207, 20S, 2l0, 2l2, 2l5–2l6
spiriL oí 6, llS, l66, lS6, 207, 2ll–2l3, 2l6
Lurmoil l74
ulLcrior moLivcs 2l0
ulLimaLums 93, 2l0
unbclicí 47, 65, S0, l06, l34, l4l, l66, l76, l90,
207, 2l2, 2l6
spiriL oí l34, 2l5
unclcanncss l34, l56, l72, l90, 20l, 2l9
unconccrn l6S
angcr 203
crying l97
undcrachicvcmcnL l06, l35
spiriL oí l35
undcrhandcdncss 76, l73, 2l0
auLhoriLy l95
minisLry and influcncc l54
oí purposc 200
undcrsLanding, spiriL oí 2S
undcrworld acLiviLics 57, l5S
uncLhical dcalings 20l
uncxplainablc accidcnLs l60, lS0
uníorgivcncss 73, l07, ll2, l29, l35, l54, l6l, 2l0
ungraLcíulncss l72
unhappincss 7S, l77
unholy 52, 56, l60, lS6, 207, 2l2
allianccs l07, l2S–l29, l35, l57–l59, l95,
2l0, 2l4, 2l6, 2l9
uniLy oí Lhc SpiriL 99, l2l
unnaLural affccLions 20l
unrcsponsivcncss l6S
unrighLcous mammon l7S, lS0, lS6
unrighLcousncss 70, l33, l42, l67, l7l–l72, l7S,
unsupporLivc l6S, l92
unLcachablc(ncss) 207, 2l2, 2l6
spiriL 203
unworLhincss l97, 2l3
uproar l74
upscLs 5S, l74
usurping auLhoriLy l54, l94
Tnc Ruics or FNctccrcN1
vain(iLy) 25, l0S, l35, l46, l5S, l72
babbling 207, 2l2, 2l6
glory l72
variancc l72
vcngcancc 26, l07–l0S, ll6, l35, l44, l54
spiriL oí l7S
vcrbal abusc S7, l93
vcxaLion(s) 62, 6S, l0S, l36, l60, l7S, lS0, lS6,
206, 2l0, 2l9–220
vicLimizaLion 93–94, l03, l56, l60, l6S, lS0, lS6,
lS9, l9S, 200–20l, 205, 206, 2l0, 2l4,
2lS, 2l9, 220
vilcncss 20l, 2l7, 2l9
violcncc 50, 62, l00, l0S, l36, l56, l64, l7l,
lS0–lSl, lS6, l92, l94, l97–l9S, 20l,
2l0, 2l4
spiriL oí l36
visual 59
voodoo lS0, 207, 2l2, 2l6
voycurism l56, 20l, 2l9
warlock 33, 5S, l5S, 2l3
waLchman, spiriL oí a 22l
waLcr waLchcrs lS0
waywardncss 203–204
wcarincss l63, l99, 2l0, 220
wcighLs l09, l36, l60, lS6
whiLc magic lS0
whorcdom lS6, l94, 2l2
wickcdncss 22, 42, 54, 62, ll5, l34, l4l
wisdom, spiriL oí lS, 2S
wiLchcraíL 33, 55, 79, 90, l67, l69, l7l–l72, lS0,
lS6, lS9–l90, l92, l94, 20l, 203, 2l0,
2l2–2l3, 2l7, 2l9
wiLchcs 33, 5S, l5S
wiLhholding l66, l73, l92, 2l0
sclí 203
wizardry lS0
workaholism 206
oí darkncss l7l
oí Lhc flcsh 75, l09, l36, l67, lS9, l94
worldlincss 62, l09–ll0, l36, l56, l70, l72, lS6,
l95, 2l2
worry 69, ll0, l36, l6l, l63, l97, 220
worLhlcssncss l02, l04, 206, 2l9
wraLh l72–l73, lS6, 20l, 203–204, 2l3
yokc(s) l2–l3, 2l, 25, S2, ll0, ll4, l2l, l29, l36,
l4l, l43, l5S, l60, lS6
to ContaCt CIndY tRImm:
Cindy Trimm InLcrnaLional
242 Mcdical Boulcvard
SLockbridgc, CA 302Sl
Tcl: 67S-565-9SSS Fax: 67S-565-SS99
Fmail: iníoø
Wcb siLc:
Here is another dynamic message by
Ci ndy Tri mm that will help you activate
God’s power in your life.
If you want your life to change, it all starts with what you think
and say. In her authoritative, declarative style, Cindy Trimm helps
you achieve victory over your circumstances
through spoken declarations. Begin each day
right by commanding your morning.


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