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Sales; R.A. 6552 (Maceda Law)
Where less than two years of installments have been made,
Section 4 of RA 6552 grants the vendee a grace period of not
less than sixty days from the date the installment became due
to pay the amortizations. If the vendee fails to pay at the end of
the grace period, the vendor may cancel the contract 30 days
after the receipt by the vendee of the notice of cancellation.
RUSSEL DE LOS SANTOS, et al., petitioners, v. COURT OF APPEALS, et al.,
respondents, G.R. No. 147912, April 26, 2006. Second Division. Corona, J.
Facts: On certiorari is the decision of the Court of Appeals which dis-
missed the petition !led by the petitioner due to technical grounds.
Petitioners entered into a contact to sell with the private respondent
Pasig Realty and Development Corp. for the purchase of a parcel of land. Peti-
tioners paid the downpayment and issued ten postdated checks. However, only
one of the checks was honored. Respondent demanded payment of all unpaid
amortizations, but petitioners failed to make any payments. This prompted the
corporation to notify the petitioners that it was exercising its option to cancel
the contract with forfeiture of payments made, effective 30 days from notice,
as provided by Section 4 of R.A. 6552 and par. 6 of the contract to sell.
Issue: Whether the private respondent is justi!ed in canceling the contract
to sell and revoking the payments previously made by the petitioners.
Ruling: The petition is DISMISSED. The rescission of the contract and the
consequent forfeiture of the payments were in accordance to the contract itself
and R.A. 6552.
Rule in case a vendee of a real property has paid less than two years of in-
stallments. - In cases such as this where less than two years of installments
have been made, Section 4 of R.A. 6552 grants the vendee a grace period of
not less than sixty days from the date the installment became due to pay the
amortizations. If the vendee fails to pay at the end of the grace period, the
vendor may cancel the contract 30 days after the receipt by the vendee of the
notice of cancellation.
The contract to sell grants the same option to the vendor. - In the same vein,
paragraph 6 of the contract to sell granted the vendor an option to cancel the
contract and forfeit the payments made should the vendee fail to pay any of
the monthly amortizations within 60 days from the due date. Thereafter, the
vendor may dispose of the subject lot to any other person as if said contract
had never been made. Here, petitioners paid P10,000 on June 6, 1988. Despite
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the lapse of more than 60 days as grace period, they continued to default in
their obligation. On January 18, 1989, private respondent corporation opted to
cancel the contract with forfeiture of payments made. Accordingly, thirty days
therefrom, the contract was cancelled and payments made were forfeited.
P.D. No. 957 is not applicable. - Petitioners cannot seek protection from P.D.
957 particularly its provision providing for non-forfeiture of payments when
the vendee desists from further payment due to the failure of the developer or
owner to develop the subdivision. The ocular inspection report showed sub-
stantial compliance on the part of the corporation insofar as the development of
the subdivision was concerned. We have no reason to disturb that !nding.
Trusts; Implied Trusts; Constructive Trusts
Constructive trusts are created by the construction of equity
in order to satisfy the demands of justice and prevent unjust
enrichment. They arise contrary to intention against one who,
by fraud, duress or abuse of con!dence, obtains or holds the
legal right to property which he ought not, in equity and good
conscience, to hold.
PEALS, et al., respondents, G.R. No. 125256, May 2, 2006. Third Division.
Tinga, J.
Facts: For review is the decision of the Court of Appeals ordering the dismiss-
al of the complaint for unlawful detainer and ruled that petitioners are obliged
to turn over the possession of the pertinent portions of the property to private
respondents being the owners thereofe unlawful detainer complaint.
The herein private respondents !led an action for reconveyance of a
portion of land now belonging to Jesus Duran, the herein petitioner. The Court
of Appeals af!rmed the decision of RTC ordering that the portion of the sub-
ject land be conveyed to the plaintiffs subject to reimbursement of the price of
the land for there was a verbal contract of agency between the parties whereby
the petitioner was constituted as an agent. Jesus Duran, the herein petitioner,
!led an action for unlawful detainer which was subsequently denied by the
same division. Hence, this petition.
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Issue: Whether or not an agency was constituted thereby creating a con-
structive trust.
Ruling: The petition is DENIED.
A contract of agency was constituted. - Petitioners` theory that Jesus Duran
was not constituted as an agent because private respondents did not entrust
money to him for the negotiations has no merit. By his own admission, Je-
sus Duran volunteered and was authorized by private respondents to represent
them in the negotiations for the sale of the property. Whether the designation
was as a spokesman or as an agent is immaterial. His actions thereafter should
have been in representation of, not only himself, but also private respondents
as dictated by the principle of equity, which lies at the core of constructive
Implied Trusts; Resulting Trusts vs. Constructive Trusts. - Trusts are either
express or implied. Express trusts are created by the intention of the trustor
or of the parties, while implied trusts come into being by operation of law,
either through implication of an intention to create a trust as a matter of law or
through the imposition of the trust irrespective of, and even contrary to, any
such intention. In turn, implied trusts are either resulting or constructive trusts.
Resulting trusts are based on the equitable doctrine that valuable consideration
and not legal title determines the equitable title or interest and are presumed
always to have been contemplated by the parties. They arise from the nature or
circumstances of the consideration involved in a transaction whereby one per-
son thereby becomes invested with legal title but is obligated in equity to hold
his legal title for the bene!t of another. On the other hand, constructive trusts
are created by the construction of equity in order to satisfy the demands of jus-
tice and prevent unjust enrichment. They arise contrary to intention against one
who, by fraud, duress or abuse of con!dence, obtains or holds the legal right to
property which he ought not, in equity and good conscience, to hold.
The burden of proving the existence of a trust is generally on the party as-
serting its existence. - The burden of proving the existence of a trust is gener-
ally on the party asserting its existence. Such proof must be clear and must sat-
isfactorily show the existence of the trust and its elements. While oral evidence
may be presented to prove the existence of an implied trust, such evidence
must be trustworthy because oral evidence can easily be fabricated. Further,
the evidence must be received by the Courts with extreme caution. The exis-
tence of an implied trust should not be made to rest on loose, equivocal and
inde!nite declarations.
In 1994, we took on the challenge to make more accessible the
latest rulings of the Supreme Court when we introduced the Supreme
Court Advance Decisions (SCAD). Bearing in mind this commitment
and the desire to meet the needs of law practitioners, law students,
bar reviewees and legal researchers, we now oer an improved and
inexpensive alternative to legal research the REX CASE DIGEST.
The REX CASE DIGEST features case briefs of the yearly
Supreme Court Decisions. Designed as a one-stop reference, the REX
CASE DIGEST is packaged with a CD which contains the complete
text of the decisions, thus saving more time, eort and resources in
studying and researching case laws, as well as drafting court pleadings.
This publication is a tting example of our continuing commitment
to provide you with a product that is apt to your needs and resources,
as opposed to the conventional reference that is both time-consuming
and expensive.
Our goal of better serving you does not end with this publication.
Rest assured that we at REX BOOK STORE, INC., shall continue to
nd and introduce ways to develop more products, and to improve
on those we already have, that will suit your needs and give you your
moneys worth.
President, REX Book Store, Inc.
To continue providing quality legal resources in the country,
we present the third installment of the REX CASE DIGEST series.
THE REX CASE DIGEST 2006 contains some one thousand
four hundred fty four (1,454) cases promulgated by the Supreme
Court. These decided cases were digested and thoroughly classied
into the eight (8) bar subjects according to their topics and the issues
In the eld of Civil Law, the Supreme Court claried in Ramirez
v. Ramirez, G.R. No. 165088, March 17, 2006, the application of Articles
1411 and 1412 of the Civil Code. Both articles apply to situations where
the parties are in pari delicto. The Court made it clear that if the act
constitutes a criminal oense, it is Article 1411 which applies. On
the other hand, Article 1412 applies in cases where the cause of the
contract is unlawful or forbidden but does not violate criminal laws. In
SSS v. Vda. de Bailon, G.R. No. 165545, March 24, 2006, the Supreme
Court set the rule in cases of declaration of presumptive death and the
absentee reappears but no steps are taken to terminate the subsequent
marriage of the absentees spouse. In such case, the subsequent
marriage of the absentees spouse will not be terminated regardless
of the knowledge of the fact of the absentees reappearance.
On September 19, 2006, the Supreme Court in the landmark case
of People v. Cabalquinto, G.R. No. 167693, resolved to refrain from
posting in its Internet Web Page the full text of decisions in cases
involving child sexual abuse in response to a letter from a mother of
a child abuse victim. This resolution was contained in A.M. No. 99-7-
06-SC, February 14, 2008. This explains why criminal cases resolved
after September 19, 2006 involving child abuse do not disclose the
real names as well as other pertinent details of the children involved.
Instead, initials were used to conceal their true identity.
The Supreme Court also decided several interesting cases in
Criminal Law during the same year. In Laurel v. Abrogar, G.R.
No. 155076, February 27, 2006, the Court claried the denition of
Theft under Article 308 of the Revised Penal Code. It ruled that the
legislature could not have contemplated the inclusion of the human
voice as property subject to Theft. In Villanueva v. People, G.R.
No. 160351, April 10, 2006, the Court ruled that pointing dirty nger
ordinarily connotes the phrase Fuck you. The Court found this as
similar to the expression Puta or Putangina mo, in local parlance,
thus such expression is not libelous.
Other interesting cases may be found in this volume. We hope
that this will serve as a useful and handy reference for your legal
studies and research.
On behalf of the RBSI Legal Editorial Sta
Maria Theresa P. Cabayan
January 20, 2006
159224 Jose D. Ontimare, Jr. v. Sps. Renato Exemplary 3
and Rosario Elep Damages
161916 Arnelito Adlawan vs. Emeterio Adlawan Co-ownership 4
166183 Sps. Tito Alvaro and Maria Valelo v. Sps. Equitable 6
Osmundo Ternida and Julita Returban Mortgage
January 23, 2006
138088 Car Cool Philippines, Inc. v. Ushio Unjust Enrichment; 8
Realty and Development Corporation Attorneys Fees
163075 Ayala Life Assurance, Inc. v. Ray Burton Contract to Sell; 11
Development Corporation Specic Performance
168464 Zenaida Ramos-Balalio v. Rolando Ramos Possession; Tax 14
168964 Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas v. Compensation 17
Commission on Audit
January 24, 2006
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Dra. Abdulia Rodriguez Foreclosure
134209 Republic of the Philippines v. Application for 22
Celestina Naguiat Registration of Title
163680 Monico San Diego v. Eufrocinio Interpretation; 24
Evangelista Contemporaneous
January 25, 2006
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Virginia Salvador Regulation Act;
141962 Danilo Dumo v. Erlinda Espinas Damages; 29
158687 Frisco Domalsin v. Sps. Juanito Public Domain; 31
and Amalia Valenciano Abandonment;
Forcible Entry
161757 Sunace International Management Agency; Imputed 35
Services, Inc. v. National Labor Relations Knowledge
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January 27, 2006
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Engineers Company Contract
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Patricia Maceren Unilateral
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of Runo Dulay, Sr. Revocation;
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Deceased Josefa Delgado and Collateral
Guillermo Rustia v. Heirs of Marciana Relatives;
Rustia Vda. de Damian Presumption of
Marriage; Right
of Representation;
161524 Laura Marnelego v. Banco Pilipino Perfected Contract 53
Savings and Mortgage Bank
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January 31, 2006
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Bank v. Court of Appeals Payment
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Rail Transit Development Corporation Interpretation
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Philippines, Inc. (RCPI) v. Alfonso Verchez
February 6, 2006
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v. Court of Appeals
February 9, 2006
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v. Perla Manalo Contract of Sale
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February 10, 2006
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Inc. v. Court of Appeals
February 13, 2006
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Resulting Trust
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v. Maria Coronel
February 16, 2006
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and Fortunata Batuyong
February 17, 2006
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Gregorio Trono
February 20, 2006
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Leonidisa Cometa Title
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February 22, 2006
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February 23, 2006
134728 Republic Planters Bank v. Ricardo Actual Damages 101
Montinola, Jr.
February 27, 2006
144723 Larry Estacion v. Noe Bernardo Proximate Cause; 103
Vicarious Liability
165546 Social Security System v. Rosanna Aguas Paternity and 107
February 28, 2006
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United States Lines, Inc. Ination
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Credit Corp. Foreclosure;
March 3, 2006
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March 10, 2006
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Elizabeth Sarmiento
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March 17, 2006
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Barabat Mortgage
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Ramirez Pari Delicto
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Philippine Commercial International Bank
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March 24, 2006
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Victoriano Aballe
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Philippine Commercial International Bank Contracts
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Vda. de Bailon Death
March 28, 2006
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Guerrero Fraud
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March 31, 2006
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Card Corp.
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Cuison-Melgar Incapacity
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Corporation v. People of the Philippines
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Family Savings Bank
April 12, 2006
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April 18, 2006
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April 19, 2006
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Dragnet Clause
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April 25, 2006
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of the Philippines of Title;
April 26, 2006
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Inc. v. Court of Appeals
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Enrique Suplico Buy; Article 1491
147912 Russel delos Santos v. Court of Appeals Maceda Law 209
May 2, 2006
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of Appeals Constructive Trust
142882 Sps. Ricardo and Lydia Llobera v. Josena Consignation 212
127165 Salonga Hernandez Allado v. Olivia Succession; 214
Sengco Pascual Attorneys Fees
150712 Estrella Pigao v. Samuel Rabanillo Implied Trust 217
May 3, 2006
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Corporation v. United Coconut
Planters Bank
May 4, 2006
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Valdes v. Hon. Court of Appeals Detainer
141941 Republic of the Philippines v. Emilio Void Contracts 230
May 19, 2006
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Development Company
139290 Trade and Investment Development Interest 233
Corporation of the Philippines v. Roblett
Industrial Construction Corporation
May 31, 2006
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Beunaventura, Sr.
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Julian Villaruel
June 8, 2006
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Company of North America
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& Company
June 15, 2006
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Inc. v. Court of Appeals Foreclosure
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William Hernandez Mortgage
June 16, 2006
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Tuscany Condominium Corp.
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Bona Fide Tenant
June 20, 2006
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June 21, 2006
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143177 System Corp. v. New World Properties Contracts
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Sps. Alfredo Ong
June 22, 2006
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Maker, Inc.
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Kaufman Mortgage; Fraud
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147561 Stronghold Insurance Co., Inc. v. Surety; Solidary 281
Republic-Asahi Glass Corp. Liability
June 26, 2007
139897 Severina Rodrigo v. Sister Lucia Ancilla Reconveyance; 283
Implied Trust
142941 National Trucking and Forwarding Torts and 285
Corp. v. Right Forwarders Corp. Damages
144635 Programme Incorporated v. Province Lease; 286
of Bataan Ownership
149353 Jocelyn B. Doles v. Ma. Aura Tina Angeles Contract of Sale; 288
Cause or
160406 Sps. Dolores Miranda Provost v. Reconveyance; 290
The Court of Appeals Identity of Lands
June 27, 2006
144215 The Manila Electric Cooperative v. South Fraud; Damages 292
Pacic Plastic Manufacturing Corp.
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Marketing Corp. Damages
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Acapulco Payment; Legal
164948 Diwata Ramos Landingin v. Republic Domestic Adoption 300
of the Philippines Act; Consent
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167379 Primelink Properties & Development Partnership 304
Corp. v. NLRC
153134 Banco Pilipino Savings and Mortgage Consignation 307
Bank v. Antonio Diaz
June 30, 2006
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of Appeals
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Gerardo & Rodriga Roa Ownership;
163663 Greater Metropolitan Manila Solid Waste Contracts; 313
Mgt. Comm. v. Jancom Environmental Validity; Consent
July 14, 2006
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Quirico Macalijos
July 17, 2006
146081 Republic of the Philippines v. Sps. Roberto Reconstitution 319
and Marina Sanchez of Title
148795 Florencia Bulay-og v. Rebecca Bacalso Ownership; 322
149231 Aracleo Erasusta, Jr. v. Court of Appeals Purchaser in 324
Good Faith;
Mortgagee in
Bad Faith
162368 Ma. Armida Perez-Ferraris v. Brix Ferraris Annulment; 327
July 20, 2006
142687 Sps. Francisco v. Court of Appeals Land Registration 330
146874 Republic of the Philippines v. Imperfect Title 332
Socorro Jacob
149542 Alberto Hebron v. Leopoldo Palad Implied Trusts 336
161722 G.Q. Garments, Inc. v. Angel Miranda Actual Damages 338
July 21, 2006
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Carlos Ang Gobonseng, Jr.
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Villanueva Co-ownership
162873 Jose Caoibes, Jr. v. Corazon Caoibes Agreement of 345
Pantoja Parties
July 25, 2006
135149 Manuel Acol v. Philippine Commercial Contracts; 347
Card, Inc. Stipulations
139503 Catalina Jandoc-Gatdula v. Julio Property; 349
Dimalanta Laches
149749 Agapita Diaz v. Court of Appeals Common Carriers; 352
Presumption of
July 27, 2006
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148103 Republic of the Philippines/Mactan-Cebu Co-ownership; 355
International Airport Authority v. Rosa Partition
149418 Sps. Pelagio Gulla v. Heirs of Alejandro Foreshore Land 357
160994 Wilfredo and Swarnie Aromin v. Paulo Co-ownership 359
July 28, 2006
141761 Bankard, Inc. v. Sdr. Antonio Novak Moral Damages 362
136260 Elenita Ishida v. Antusa de Mesa-Magno Contracts 364
170395 Sps. Jesus and Lolita Martir v. Raymundo Compromise 366
July 31, 2006
131408 Vicente Go v. Pura V. Kalaw, Inc. Contracts; 369
141325/ Pelbel Manufacturing Corp. v. Hon. Court Imperfect Title 371
141174 of Appeals
150355 Manila Doctors Hospital v. So Un Torts and 374
Chua and Vicky Ty Damages
150852 Luisa Guanco v. Isidro Antolo Real Estate 377
Sale by Auction
152518 Sps. Prisco Cal v. Mariano Zosa Fraud 379
167684 Jaime Sevilla v. Carmelita Cardenas Marriage; Void Ab 382
153625 Heirs of Marcelino Cabal v. Sps. Lorenzo Property; 384
Cabal Builder in Good
146294 John Abing v. Juliet Waeyan Property Regime 388
of Common-law
133208 Laurencio Ramel v. Daniel Aquino Contracts; 391
August 3, 2006
150862 The Heirs of Atty. Jose Reyes v. Republic Ownership; 394
of the Philippines Compromise
152809 Mercedes Moralidad v. Sps. Diosdado Usufructuary; 395
Pernes Extinguishment
155066 Heirs of the Deceased Pedro Avendao v. Contract to Sell 399
Development Bank of the Philippines
August 7, 2006
137247 Anatalia Ramos v. Sps. Domingo Dizon Equitable 401
140422 Mercedes Cristobal Cruz v. Eufrosina Laches 403
153057 Mr. & Mrs. George Tan v. G.V.T. Breach of Contract; 407
Engineering Services Damages
162037 Heirs of Enrique Diaz v. Elinor Virata Quieting of Title; 411
August 9, 2006
144339 Tiu Hiong Guan v. Metropolitan Bank Suretyship; Joint 413
& Trust Company and Several Liability
157318 Generoso Villanueva v. Estate of Gerardo Sales; Rescission; 415
Gonzaga Mortgage; Good
August 10, 2006
133429 Sps. Virgilio Tamayo v. Heirs of Gavino Mortgage; 418
Dominguez Extrajudicial
Foreclosure; Notice
145844 Ricardo Enriquez, Sr. v. Heirs of Equitable 420
Sps. Nieves and Alfredo Baldonado Mortgage
150711 Caltex (Phil.), Inc. v. PNOC Shipping and Contracts 422
Transport Corporation
166899 Heirs of Pastora Lozano v. The Register Reconstitution 425
of Deeds
August 15, 2006
149019 Delsan Transport Lines, Inc. v. American Common Carriers; 428
Home Assurance Corporation Diligence
August 16, 2006
162895 Maria Elizabeth King v. Megaworld Breach of 431
Properties and Holdings, Inc. Contract; Damages
August 18, 2006
111495 Agripino Villegas v. Court of Appeals Right of First 433
Refusal; Right of
August 28, 2006
150644 Edward Lacson v. Maowee Daban Lacson Support 436
165661 Sps. Mario & Corazon Villalva v. RCBC Delay 438
Savings Bank
August 29, 2006
150429 Roberto Famanila v. The Court of Appeals Consent 440
162734 Marie Antonette Abigail Salientes v. Loran Custody of Minor 442
Abanilla Child
167767 Sps. William & Jeanette Yao v. Reciprocal 443
Carlomagno Matela Obligations
August 30, 2006
145006 David Tan v. People of the Philippines Damages; Civil 445
Indemnity Ex
Delicto; Legal
151312 Heirs of the Late Sps. Pedro Palanca v. Public Land Act 447
Republic of the Philippines
August 31, 2006
146616 Siain Enterprises, Inc. v. F.F. Cruz & Land Registration; 449
Co., Inc. Foreshore Lands;
Preferential Right of
Littoral Owner
150128 Laureano Angeles v. Philippine National Agency 451
152652 Teodoro Sta. Ana v. Lourdes Panlasigue Laches 453
153850 Jovendo del Castillo v. Abundio Orciga P.D. No. 27 455
154156 JMA House, Inc. v. Sta. Monica Industrial Sales; Option to 458
and Development Corporation Buy
166521 Pedro Generosa v. Pacita Prangan-Valera Co-ownership; 462
September 5, 2006
133882 Angela dela Rosa v. Orfelina Roldan Implied Trust 464
September 8, 2006
147791 Construction Development Corporation Culpa Aquiliana 467
of the Philippines v. Rebecca Estrella
151217 Sps. Cesar & Nenita Romulo v. Equitable 470
Sps. Moises Layug, Jr. Mortgage
September 11, 2006
149516 Danny Ugale v. Federico Gorospe Indefeasibility of 473
Torrens Title
160990 Republic of the Philippines v. Sps. Ricardo Conrmation of 475
and Eliza Enriquez Title
September 12, 2006
149140 Victoria Ong v. Ernesto Bogalbal Novation 478
September 15, 2006
132281 Rolendo Deln v. Josena Valdez Double Sale 481
156207 Equitable PCI Bank v. Rowna Ong Unjust Enrichment; 482
163707 Michael Guy v. Hon. Court of Appeals Waiver; Filiation 485
September 19, 2006
140798 Marcelito Quevada v. Court of Appeals Implied Trust 487
157434 Sps. Claro and Nida Bautista v. Buyer in Good 491
Berlinda Silva Faith
September 20, 2006
160867 Bonifacio Nakpil v. Manila Towers Damages; Liability 493
Development Corporation of Lessors
163605 Gil Cembrano v. City of Butuan Payment 497
September 26, 2006
150000 Republic of the Philippines v. Tri-Plus Application for 500
Corporation Original
Burden of Proof
158995 L.G. Foods Corporation v. Hon. Philadelfa Quasi-delict; 503
Pagapong-Agraviador Liability of
September 27, 2006
152948 Almeda Development & Equipment Corp. Culpa Contractual; 506
v. Laurence Almeda Bad Faith; Moral
164601 Sps. Erlinda and Frank Batal v. Culpa Contractual 508
Sps. Luz San Pedro and Kenichiro
October 11, 2006
151322 Mario Copuyoc v. Erlinda de Sola Forcible Entry; 510
Possession de
Facto; Sales;
Delivery; Contract
to Sell
October 12, 2006
167866 Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc. v. Stare Decisis 513
Pepe Pagdanganan
159659 Ruben Sia v. People of the Philippines P.D. No. 957 515
163915 Asian Construction and Development Attorneys Fees; 517
Corporation v. COMFAC Corporation Legal Interest
October 23, 2006
140288 St. Aviation Services Co., Pte., Ltd. Lex Fori 519
v. Grand International Airways
153206 Ong Eng Kiam a.k.a. William Ong v. Legal Separation 520
Lucita Ong
October 27, 2006
132955 Orlando Villanueva v. Hon. Court Damages 522
of Appeals
160832 The Heirs of Emilio Santique v. The Prescription; 523
Heirs of Emilio Calma Laches
168943 Iglesia ni Cristo v. Hon. Thelma Accion 525
Ponferrada Reinvidicatoria
169898 Sps. Anita and Honorio Aguirre v. Ordinary 527
Heirs of Lucas Villanueva Acquisitive
October 30, 2006
138463 Heirs of Cipriano Reyes v. Jose Contract; 530
Calumpang Prescription;
October 31, 2006
167071 Rudy Ampeloquio, Sr. v. Romeo Napiza Prescription; 535
167213 Darrel Cordero v. F.S. Management & Contract to Sell; 537
Development Corporation Rescission;
R.A. No. 6552
November 2, 2006
157906 Joaquinita Capili v. Sps. Dominador and Res Ipsa 539
Rosalita Cardaa Loquitur
165724 Zamora Realty and Development Contract to Sell; 542
Corporation v. Ofce of the President P.D. No. 957
of the Philippines
169891 Philippine National Railways v. Contributory 545
Ethel Brunty Negligence;
Doctrine of Last
Clear Chance;
November 10, 2006
163763 Malayan Realty, Inc. v. Uy Han Yong Lease 548
165879 Maria Ching v. Joseph Goyanko Prohibition on 550
Sale Between
November 16, 2006
159373 Jose Moreno, Jr. v. Private Management Contract of Sale; 551
Ofce Perfection
161136 Wilfredo Vagilidad v. Gabino Co-ownership; 554
Vagilidad, Jr. Sale of Property
by Co-owner
November 20, 2006
156888 Pedro Santiago v. Subic Bay Metropolitan Admissibility of 557
Authority Spanish Titles
162331 Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co. v. Prospectivity of 559
WMC Resources Intl., Pty., Ltd. Laws
170829 Perla Patricio v. Marcelina Dario III Family Home 562
November 22, 2006
152984 William Kwong v. Atty. Ramon Gargantos Implied Novation 565
November 24, 2006
127636 E. Rommel Realty and Development Possession 569
Corporation v. Sta. Lucia Realty and
Development Corporation
160805 Sps. Adiel de la Cena v. Sps. Jose Briones Double Sale 571
171102 ATP Technologies International, Inc. Sublease 573
v. Micron Precision Phils., Inc.
74269/ Solid Homes, Inc. v. Hon. Intemediate Interest 575
92137 Appellate Court
November 27, 2006
140371-72 Dy Yieng Seangio v. Hon. Amor Reyes Disinheritance 577
158676 BPI-Family Bank, Inc. v. Sps. Zenaida Sublease; 579
Domingo & Abundio Domingo Assignment of
November 28, 2006
126890 United Planters Sugar Milling Condonation 583
Company, Inc. v. Court of Appeals
November 29, 2006
141480 Carlos de Guzman v. Toyota Cubao, Inc. Sales; Implied 586
Prescriptive Period
143382 Security Bank and Trust Company v. Mar Conjugal 588
Tierra Corporation Partnership
160347 Arcadio and Maria Luisa Carandang Payment or 590
v. Heirs of Quirino de Guzman Performance;
Solidary Obligation
162037 Heirs of Enrique Diaz v. Elinor Virata Action to Quiet 593
164300 Sps. Benjamin and Agrina Sim v. M.B. Novation 597
Finance Corporation
166496 Josefa Bautista Ferrer v. Sps. Manuel Conjugal 599
Ferrer and Virginia Ferrer Partnership;
169698 Lupo Atienza v. Yolanda de Castro Limited 601
November 30, 2006
163712 Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company Conjugal Property 603
v. Jose Tan
136817 Reynaldo Rodriguez and Nancy Proof of Filiation; 605
Rodriguez v. Concordia Ong Lim Reconstitution of
154565 Remedios Ramos v. Tessie Pabas Possession; 608
167680 Samuel Parilla v. Dr. Prospero Pilar Lease; Useful 610
168035 Melanie Mesina v. Gloria Garcia Prescription 612
December 5, 2006
148014 Sps. Antonio Vizzara v. Conchita Bad Faith 614
172259 Sps. Jaime Benos and Marina Benos Tender and 616
v. Sps. Gregorio Lawilao and Consignation
Janice Gail Lawilao
December 6, 2006
146322 Ernesto Ramas Uypitching v. Abuse of Rights 618
Ernosto Quiamco
142439 Filinvest Land, Inc. v. Hon. Court Agrarian Law; 620
of Appeals P.D. No. 1474
154493 Reynaldo Villanueva v. Philippine Sales; Perfection 623
National Bank
157632 Jose Roque, Jr. v. Jaime Torres Quasi-delict; 626
163509 PICOP Resources, Inc. v. Base Property; Public 629
Metals Mineral Resources Corporation
168158 Heirs of Rosendo Lasam v. Vicenta Probate of Wills 632
170092 Xavierville III Homeowners Stipulation of 635
Association, Inc. v. Xavierville II Parties
Homeowners Association, Inc.
138939 Sps. Alejandro Pang-oden v. Isabel Recovery of 636
Leonen Possession
143491 Republic of the Philippines v. Registration 639
Efren Carrasco of Lands
December 14, 2006
165732 Safeguard Security Agency, Inc. v. Vicarious 641
Lauro Tangco Liability
December 19, 2006
142625 Rogelio Nogales v. Capitol Medical Vicarious 646
Center Liability;
149190 Felicisimo Opriasa v. The City Reconstitution of 651
Government of Quezon City Title; Jurisdiction
167812 Jesus Gozun v. Jose Teolo Mercado Obligations of an 654
December 20, 2006
126619 Uniwide Sales Realty and Resources Solutio Indebiti 656
Corporation v. Titan-ikeda Construction
and Development Corporation
153674 Avon Cosmetics, Inc. v. Jose Marie Franco Contracts; 660
Exclusivity Clause
166704 Agrina Aquintey v. Sps. Felicidad and Novation 663
Rico Tibong
166862 Manila Metal Container Corporation v. Sale 667
Philippine National Bank
January 20, 2006
150443 Sylvia Perez v. People of the Philippines Estafa 671
150762 Coverdale Abarquez v. People Accomplice 676
of the Philippines
156247 Amando Tetangco v. The Hon. Technical 678
Ombudsman Malversation
January 24, 2006
145002 People of the Philippines v. PFC Murder; Passion 680
Floro Malejana and Obfuscation;
January 25, 2006
147932 Laila Ocampo v. The Hon. Secretary R.A. No. 7610; 682
of Justice Cruelty
166326 Esmeraldo Rivera v. People of the Murder; Intent to 684
Philippines Kill
January 27, 2006
133896 Dolores Magno v. People of the Libel; Publication 687
163927 Alfonso Gaviola v. People of the Qualied Theft; 689
Philippines Animus Furandi
January 31, 2006
138874-75 People of the Philippines v. Francisco Minority; Penalty 691
Juan Larraaga
131397 Republic of the Philippines v. R.A. No. 3019; 692
Hon. Aniano Desierto Evident Bad Faith
160257 Robert Lastrilla v. Rafael Granda Falsication of 694
Public Documents
February 6, 2006
164317 Alfredo Ching v. The Secretary of Justice Estafa; P.D. 696
No. 115
150910 Bienvenido Gonzaludo v. People of the Estafa thru 699
Philippines Falsication of Pubic
Document; Deceit
165265 Maribel Jardeleza v. People of the Smuggling; Tariff 702
Philippines and Customs Code;
February 9, 2006
152133 Rollie Calimutan v. People of the Reckless 706
Philippines Imprudence
Resulting in
153979 Regino Sy Catiis v. Court of Appeals Syndicated Estafa 709
February 13, 2006
168101 People of the Philippines v. Gregorio Rape; Special 711
Corpuz Qualifying
February 16, 2006
168737 People of the Philippines v. Edgardo Rape 713
169091 Datu Eduardo Ampo v. The Hon. Court Special Law; 716
of Appeals Mala Prohibita
February 22, 2006
138033 Renato Baleros, Jr. v. People of the Attempted Rape; 717
Philippines Overt Act; Unjust
143487 Tommy Ferrer v. People of the Philippines Homicide; Intent 719
to Kill
February 27, 2006
155076 Luis Marcos Laurel v. Hon. Zeus Abrogar Theft; Access 720
Device Regulation
Act of 1998
February 28, 2006
166479 Rodolfo Velasco v. People of the Attempted Murder; 726
Philippines Treachery
March 3, 2006
135350 The Presidential Ad Hoc Fact-Finding R.A. No. 3019; 728
Committee on Behest Loans v. The Hon. Prescription;
Ombudsman Discovery Rule
170566 People of the Philippines v. Alejandro Rape; Sweetheart 730
Galongui Defense
March 6, 2006
150926 Anita Chua v. People of the Philippines Estafa 733
March 10, 2006
169078 People of the Philippines v. Ricardo Rape 734
March 14, 2006
136388 Anicia Ramos-Andan v. People of the Estafa 736
157171 Arsenia Garcia v. Hon. Court of Appeals R.A. No. 6646 738
March 23, 2006
161877 Ariel Santos v. People of the Philippines R.A. No. 3019; 740
Undue Injury
March 24, 2006
142509 Jose Alemania Buatis, Jr. v. The People Libel; Qualied 742
of the Philippines Privileged
149652 Eduardo Baxinela v. The People of the Self Defense; 746
Philippines Fulllment of
March 28, 2006
162478-50 People of the Philippines v. R.A. No. 3019 749
March 31, 2006
152040 Marikina Auto Line Transport Reckless 751
Corporation v. People of the Philippines Imprudence
Resulting in
Damage to
Property; Sudden
Emergency Rule
April 7, 2006
146217 Anuncio Bustillo v. Sandiganbayan Falsication of 753
Ofcial Documents
167408 Marietta Caugma v. The People of the R.A. No. 3019 755
April 10, 2006
160351 Noel Villanueva v. People of the Oral Defamation; 759
Philippines Slander by Deed
April 20, 2006
145229 Romeo Davalos, Sr. v. People of Malversation of 762
the Philippines Public Funds
April 26, 2006
156521 Julito Operiano v. People of the Homicide; 764
Philippines Proximate Cause
166040 Niel Llave v. People of the Philippines Rape; Laceration; 765
June 15, 2006
144026 Fernando Dizon v. People of the Falsication 769
June 26, 2006
144640 Rodolfo Tigoy v. Court of Appeals Special Penal Laws 773
153794 Sergio Marzonia v. People of the Self-defense 775
June 27, 2006
168217 Joy Lee Recuerdo v. People of the Estafa 777
156643 Francisco Salvador Acejas III v. People Direct Bribery; 780
of the Philippines Conspiracy
June 30, 2006
165711 Hermoso Arriola v. Sandiganbayan Malversation; 782
July 17, 2006
142641 Pacico Arceo v. People of the B.P. 22 785
July 21, 2006
165111 Roberto Chang v. People of the R.A. No. 3019; 787
Philippines Instigation
July 25, 2006
156013 Roberto de Guzman v. Hernando Perez P.D. 603; Child 789
August 9, 2006
169813 Tony Figueroa v. People of the Philippines Libel 792
August 16, 2006
153875 People of the Philippines v. Self-defense 794
Rolando Dagani
170191 People of the Philippines v. Rodolfo Suyu Robbery with Rape 800
August 18, 2006
159208 Rennie Declarador v. Hon. Salvador R.A. No. 9344; 802
Gubaton Suspension of
August 23, 2006
145357-59 Pedro Giron, Jr. v. Sandiganbayan Falsication of 804
Public Documents
August 30, 2006
145006 David Tan v. People of the Philippines B.P. Blg. 22 806
168442 People of the Philippines v. Oscar Arango Statutory Rape 808
August 31, 2006
171271 People of the Philippines v. Elberto Qualifying 810
Tubongbanua Circumstances
September 8, 2006
170643 Jejomar Binay v. The Secretary of Justice Libel; Conditional/ 813
Qualied Privileged
September 15, 2006
150785 Emma Nuguid v. Clarita Nicdao Civil Liability Ex 815
Delicto; B.P. 22
September 19, 2006
167693 People of the Philippines v. Melchor Qualied Rape 817
September 26, 2006
153133 Mely Nierva v. People of the Philippines Conspiracy 818
165065 Melchor Maderazo v. People of the Unjust Vexation 821
166546 People of the Philippines v. Rogelio Qualied Rape 823
170470 People of the Philippines v. Edna Malngan Arson 825
September 27, 2006
168051 People of the Philippines v. Honorato Murder; Treachery 828
Beltran, Jr.
168476 People of the Philippines v. Charlie Gloria Qualied Rape 833
October 17, 2006
146848 GMA Network, Inc. v. Jesus Bustos, M.D. Libel; Qualied 835
October 23, 2006
171449 People of the Philippines v. Jose Lara Murder; Illegal 838
Possession of
October 30, 2006
166401 People of the Philippines v. Alfredo Bon Rape; 841
R.A. No. 9346
169432 People of the Philippines v. Eduardo Taan Murder; 846
October 31, 2006
167084 Monina Pucay v. People of the Philippines Estafa 848
167502 People of the Philippines v. Pablo Cudal Intoxication 850
November 16, 2006
172274 Romeo Cabarlo v. People of the Malversation of 852
Philippines Public Funds
November 20, 2006
155574 Timoteo Garcia v. Sandiganbayan R.A. No. 3019 853
November 27, 2006
149753 Miguel Cosme, Jr. v. People of the Determination of 856
Philippines Indeterminate
168694 People of the Philippines v. Saidamin Entrapment; Buy- 859
Macabalang bust Operation
November 29, 2006
140833 Lacepe Magnanao v. People of the Malversation 864
148971 Alberto Galong v. People of the Self-defense 865
171447 People of the Philippines v. Federico Rape 867
November 30, 2006
171322-24 Marianito Victoriano v. People of the Anti-Graft and 871
Philippines Corrupt Practices
159734/ Rosario Astudillo v. People of the Qualied Theft 873
159745 Philippines
December 6, 2006
159751 Gaudencio Fernando and Rudy Obscene 877
Estorninos v. Court of Appeals Publication and
161007 Celerino Sanchez v. People of the Self-defense 879
169141 People of the Philippines v. Romeo Illegal Sale of 881
del Mundo Shabu; Buy-bust
171017 People of the Philippines v. Zosimo Treachery 883
168628 People of the Philippines v. Emeterio Rape; Intimidation 886
168649 People of the Philippines v. Jose Rape 888
Alvizo Audine
164575 Robert Wa-acon v. People of the Malversation; 893
Philippines Presumption
December 13, 2006
168444 People of the Philippines v. Romeo Rape 895
132925 Marcial Sienes v. People of the Self-defense 898
December 19, 2006
161950 Florencio Campomanes v. People of the Failure to Render 902
Philippines Accounts
December 20, 2006
164358 Theresa Macalalag v. People of the B.P. Blg. 22 906
169251 Demie Uriarte v. People of the Anti-Graft and 908
Philippines Corrupt Practices