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Shelter Shorts March 2014

Shelter Shorts March 2014

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Rivers and Bluffs Monthly Newsletter
Rivers and Bluffs Monthly Newsletter

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Published by: Riversandbluffs Animalshelter on Mar 04, 2014
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Rivers & bluffs animal shelter

2014 Coming up
13th– RABAS Board Meeting 15th– St. Patrick’s Day Parade? 20th-RABAS General Meeting 23rd– Doggie Play Day


Inside This Issue
2014 B OARD

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Dog Obedience Classes – Winter Session are coming to a close. To say the least, this class has been fun. I think we have all had fun and hopefully dogs and their humans have come away with some basic obedience skills. I feel that we have learned from each other as handlers will offer tips to the other handlers about what may work for them and what doesn’t. Almost everyone in both the beginner class and the advanced class has now switched from the classic choker training collar which I have used for more than 30 years to a pinch type training collar. The difference is amazing. I would like to thank Merilee for passing this onto me as well as the rest of the class. Because of the money raised from these classes, 4 cats were spayed/neutered, tested for feline leukemia and FIV and vaccinated for distemper and rabies. Three of the four continue to be cared for with the hope of finding a forever, loving home with the remainder of the money raised. Thanks to all who paid for the classes to help reduce unwanted pet population one pet at a time. Thanks also to Tractor Supply for putting up with us. I really appreciate it. The Spring Session of Dog Obedience Classes will begin on Wednesday, March 12th. Once again they will start at 6 p.m. and will be held at Tractor Supply. If there is any interest in an advanced class, I would be willing to do one again. The cost of the 6 sessions is $60. Dogs need to be current on all vaccinations and need to be free of external and internal parasites. Proof of a topical flea & tick treatment is also required. Class size is limited and I currently have 6 people who have contacted me about the beginner class. For anyone who has taken a class from me previously, I will offer the 6 week spring class for $50. If you or anyone you know are interested, please call me at 326-2914 or reply to this email. Any money raised from dog obedience classes will be used to help spay or neuter stray pets or those in need of financial assistance for these services.



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2014 Board of Directors
SHELTER SHORTS is a monthly newsletter intended to keep Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter volunteers and supporters connected. With everyone’s hectic schedules, we know it is often difficult, if not impossible to attend monthly meetings or to work at all of our fundraisers. Everyone is invited to submit articles for the newsletter. To do so, please call Bev at 608-326-2914 or email her at wyalusing2012@gmail.com.

President- Randy Paske 1300 East Wells Street Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 608-622-7855-– repaske@gmail.com Vice-President / Newsletter Editor— Bev Pozega 32398 Gran Grae Road Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 608-326-2914– wyalusing 2012@gmail.com Treasurer—Jill Cipra 1014 South17th Street Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 608-326-4870– jbcipra@hotmail.com Secretary—Merilee Pleggenkuhle 815 North Wacouta Avenue Prairie du Chien, WI 647-330-2675– merileepleggenkuhle@ Board Member- Julie Whyte 322 South Wacouta Avenue Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 608-306-0499- chipndale322@hotmail.com Board Member- John Ryan 12890 Markley Hollow Road Bagley, WI 53801 608-996-2281 Board Member- Donna Heilmann 1702 East Fowler Street Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Prairie du Chien City Hall. Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. Please use the back door. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. The next general meeting is March 20th. Board Meetings are scheduled for
the 2nd Thursday of odd numbered months. The next board meeting will be on Thursday, March 13th.

Volunteer hours will be collected by Randy P. at monthly meetings or you can email your hours to Randy at repaske@gmail.com.

Treasurer’s Report
Jill Cipra Treasurer

Check us out on the Web
Thanks to randy Paske for keeping this website up to date!

Current balance as of February 20, 2014

Checking Account Balance - $5492.32; Total C.D.s- $133,224.17

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2 shelter shorts/ shorts march 2014

Rivers and Bluffs animal shelter

Past fundraisers

Nelson True Value 2nd Annual Pet Expo was held on Saturday, February 8th. Thanks to everyone who replied to my plea for baked goods. We had an excellent selection of delicious desserts. Total money collected at the Pet Expo came to $562.39, including $247.39 in donations (donation box and dog nail trims provided by Tender Care Animal Hospital) and $315 in sales from pet blankets, baked goods, dog treats, barbeques, German potato salad, pickles and pickled eggs. Expenses for the barbeque totaled $17.80. Thanks to everyone who helped with this event – dog demo volunteers and dogs, bakers, volunteers for the day, True Value, Grant Co. Deputy Jay Fitzgerald and Arod and Tender Care Animal Hospital. Randy P had his tablet there with possible designs of the shelter. I enjoyed being reacquainted with a number of you whom I met at Tractor Supply in December. I think this event was well attended, but the crowd certainly thinned out after noon. We will hopefully revamp it next year to make it bigger and better.

Letter from the editor
FIRST ANNUAL DOGGY PLAY DAY (and maybe the Last Annual Doggy Play Day) will be held on Sunday, March 23rd at The Natural Gait near Harper’s Ferry, Iowa. This came about at the suggestion of Kris Perkins who thought it would be fun if well socialized dogs could get together in an indoor dog park type facility. I mentioned The Natural Gait to her and Kris did all of the leg work. The Natural Gait is a large tent-like horse training facility. It has a sand floor and is enclosed. It is not heated, but hopefully by March 23rd, we will not be concerned about heat. We will also have the use of a lodge that will have tables and electrical plug ins. Cost of renting the facility for the entire day is $100. I believe that we will have more than 10 people, so the cost should be around $10 per family. When I first put this out via email, I had about 12 people respond. I would like payment($10) and proof of vaccinations in advance. This can be mailed to me at the following address: Bev Pozega 32398 Gran Grae Road PdC, WI 53821. Dogs not current on vaccinations will not be allowed. A topical flea and tick preventative is also recommended. I believe there will be hiking trails also. Ticks could easily be active by mid-March, so please protect your dogs. I would also recommend that they have a Lymes vaccination. All participants will need to sign a release on the day of the event. Please note: This is not a RABAS sponsored activity. It is a group of dog crazy people who want to spend time with others while their dogs can interact with other dogs. Please keep in mind that I do not know anything about the facility, but I have heard many positive things about it. Specifics: For those who would like to carpool/caravan, let’s meet at the PdC Regional Tourism Center at noon on Sunday, March 23rd. I will have my cell phone on (608-306-1260) for anyone who is running late or needs directions. I will also email directions to anyone who has signed up to go. Please bring the following: water for your dog, leash and collar, poop pick up bags, your own beverages and a dish to pass. Please include your email, cell phone & home phone number with your payment as well as health records. I will provide plates and plastic ware with any money collected over $100. We will let the dogs play and hike with us first. Potluck will follow at 3 p.m. Please – only well socialized and friendly dogs and no females in heat. If there are smaller dogs who would like to meet earlier, please let me know. I would be willing to meet an hour earlier for the small 3 dogs.

2 march 2014/ shelter shorts 3

RabasRabas- ongoing fundraisers

Kwik Trip gas cards
Kwik Trip Gas Card Sales from January 16th through February 20th totaled $3,525, which is almost $1,000 less than the month before. Profit for KT cards for the month ending February 20th, totaled $352.50 Thanks to everyone who continues to support our efforts through the purchase of these cards. If more would purchase these cards from us, we could realize our goal of a functional building in the near future. The sale of Kwik Trip cards continues to be our easiest and most profitable fund raiser. Please help us by contacting me through this email or by phone – 326-2914, Jill at 326-4870 or Donna at 608-379-2112. We need this shelter and we need it now. Please help us. Purchase one tank of gas per month with KT cards from Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter. You can make a difference in helping to save the lives of unwanted pets.

Make checks payable to RABAS

Phoneraiser –Donna has recently sent a box of phones and cartridges to Phoneraiser. A check was received in mid-February for $29.38. Please continue to save and donate your old cell phones, smart phones and ink cartridges. They can be dropped off at Tender Care Animal Hospital, Radio

U. s. bones
Please continue ordering cat and dog treats from USBones.com. They donate 25% of each order placed, to RABAS!

Attention business owners!!!!
Would you like to advertise your business to hundreds of animal lovers, who spend lots of money on their faithful companions? RABAS is now offering advertising spots in the monthly, Shelter Shorts newsletter! Contact Bev at 608-326-2914 for more information.

Organization Name
Organization Name

00% OFF

List your hours or the time and date of your event.

Describe your location by landmark or area of town.
Describe your special offer, and tell readers to bring in the ad to qualify.

Tel: 555 555 5555
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shelter shorts / march 2014

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Rabas– Rabas– ongoing fundraisers

upcoming fundraisers
Pasta for Pets is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16th. Merilee has come up with an excellent list of live and silent auction items. One person responded to the email requesting help for soliciting items for the auction and one person replied to February’s Shelter Short’s request for donations specific to Pasta to purchase auction items. Thanks to Sally and Roberta for your help with Pasta. Advertising will start the end of March for Pasta. We will need volunteers to help with this event and also volunteers to bake for it. Please promote this event to your friends and family and plan on attending. Princess for an Evening – the date has been set – April 26th. More to come on this as we get a bit closer to the date. This is another event that just seems to fall into place. Once again Princess will be held at Huckleberry’s. Jill has contacted Badger Welding and they will donate a tank of helium. Lynn Rider will also provide a group ballroom dance lesson and Bev has contacted the Andy Jones to be the DJ. Brian Cipra has volunteered to be the photographer once again. Thanks to Jill for taking care of the details and also to Lynn, Huckleberry’s, Badger Welding, Brian and Andy for their help with Princess. We were recently made aware that there are a number of other events taking place on April 26th – a fund raiser for the hospital (Soiree) and the Crazy Legs race in Madison. But this is the only date that is available for Huckleberry’s, Brian, Andy, and Lynn. Nelson True Value Food Stand and Bake Sale is set for Friday, May 9th. As mentioned in an earlier email, this year’s food stand and bake sale will only be one day, instead of the usual two. I did not book the food stand early enough and another organization beat me to Saturday. But we will not need as many baked goods or number of volunteers to help with it being only 1 day. We will still need 3-4 people to help on the day of the event as well as a number of volunteers to bake. If you can help, please let me know. Rooster Andy’s Chicken Q will take place on Thursday, May 29th. We will need a number of volunteers to make this happen. I think we usually start around 10 a.m. and are done at 6. If you cannot help for the entire day, please try to help for part of the day. This is one of our easiest and most profitable fund raiser. More on this as we get closer to the end of May.

Please Save the Dates for the above fund raisers. Remember, we need your help as many hands make light work.

Notes from February meeting
Window Clings – At the February meeting, we discussed increasing memberships, especially Sponsor Memberships by area businesses. We realize that local businesses receive numerous requests for donations from many non-profit organizations, including RABAS. Effective June 1st, membership dues will increase, including Sponsor Memberships. Sponsor Memberships will increase to $150 and all sponsors will receive an attractive window cling. Randy P is researching the most cost effective place to purchase the clings. The window clings will also help to raise awareness for RABAS. An upcoming press release about the need for business sponsorships is planned and will include information on the design of the future building. Membership Dues to Increase – Effective June 1st the cost of membership dues will increase. The new membership fee structure is as follows: Single: $25 Family: $35 Patron: $75 Sponsor: $150

2 march 2014 / shelter shorts 5

Rivers & bluffs animal shelter

Other news

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Anyone? - We forgot to talk about the St. Patrick’s Day Parade at the February meeting. If anyone would like to be in the St. Pat’s Parade on Saturday, March 15th, let me know. I am not sure if registration is required, but if so, I can take care of it. We have been in the parade in the past and it’s always fun. We usually have a number of members with their dogs and spectators enjoy seeing and petting the dogs as we walk past. I believe the parade starts at 10 and we would probably have to line up by 9 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. If anyone is interested, either reply to this email or call me at 326-2914. Adoptions, Losses, People Looking for a New Pet, Pets in Need of a Forever Home Mike & Amy Enlow added a puppy – Chief – to their family. Congrats on the new addition. I can’t wait to meet Chief. A husky mix was found in PdC and is now at Coulee Region Humane Shelter in Onalaska. He has one ear that stands up and one ear that flops over. If you know of anyone who is missing a husky mix fitting this description, please have then contact Coulee Region Humane Shelter. Or if you are considering adding a new dog to your family, you may want to contact CR HS. CRHS will keep the dog for 7 days and then he will be evaluated and hopefully be put up for adoption. Six cats showed up at my friend Sandy’s patio door this past summer. Sandy fed them and provided a shelter for them. The number dwindled to 3 and we knew something would have to be done before spring or she would have dozens of kittens to deal with. With money raised through dog obedience classes and vouchers available from OCooch Mountain Humane Society, Sandy spent a day in Richland Center where the kittens received medical treatment, which included spaying/neutering and vaccinations. Sandy spent a week caring for them after their return from Richland Center, while in a large dog crate and started the socialization process. They became tame enough to pet, but still not tame enough to pick up. Sandy is very allergic to cats and she knew she could not keep them any longer, as much as she wanted to. Releasing them as originally planned was no longer an option for Sandy. She had spent so much time caring for these kittens that she wanted them to have the lives they deserved. On Monday, Sandy, Randi K. and Bev moved the cats to Tender Care. Jami and staff will attempt to socialize the kittens to prepare them for adoption. Sandy stops in every day after work to clean their cage and to play with them. I know that Jami and staff are working as hard as time allows to befriend these kittens. Hopefully soon they will trust people and lose their fear so they can be adopted. These young cats (8 months old) will need homes. If anyone is looking for a cat and willing to be patient, these 3 will need a home and they certainly deserve a chance. They are still not friendly enough to be adopted, but please pass the word that they will soon be looking for the forever home they deserve. Thanks to Jami, Ken and staff for taking on this challenge.

6 rabas / march 2014

Rivers & bluffs animal shelter

Other news

Pet Food Pantry collection boxes have been picked up. The amount of pet food collected this year was considerably less than last year. I believe last year at this time I still had a couple of hundred pounds of food in my porch. I have been out for a number of weeks. I have been receiving at least one phone call per day for the last two weeks for people in need of food to feed their pets. I do hope to resume this program next fall as I believe there is a great need for it.

Membership renewals and donations
Donations: Don & Eileen Klatt; Ray Wrobel; Donna Heilmann – in memory of Deb Dwornik; John & Vickie Howe (Jack & Betty Howe Foundation) in memory of John’s parents.

Memberships – New & Renewals Joe & Kay Schmitz – Sponsor; Sandy Kittle – Sponsor; Randi Kluesner – Family; Paula Gutzmer – Patron; Lu De Guzman – Sponsor
Membership Renewals Memberships are good for one year. There are 5 different levels of membership:
River and Bluffs Animal Shelter Membership Form Student - $5.00 ____ Individual - $15.00 ____ Family - $25.00 ____ $_______ per year. Name:___________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City/State/Zip_____________________________ Email:____________________________________ Phone Number:______________________ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Please mail membership form to: River and Bluffs Animal Shelter Sponsor - $50.00 _____ Patron - $100.00 _____ Benefactor - $500.00

Needed: Your email address!
Please include your email address when filling out your membership form. This is a fast and inexpensive method of communication. Postage, paper, envelopes and printing costs add up! Electronic mailing of the newsletter saves RABAS big $$$$!

I would like to make a monthly pledge of : ________ per month for a total of


PO Box 421, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

march 2014 / rabas 7

Rivers and bluffs animal shelter

Patron members
Jennifer Clements Patricia Dillman Amy & Michael Enlow Paula Gutzmer Stephanie McCumber Laura Nix Mike & Shelly Rider Bob & Diane Witt

Sponsor members
Marilu Bintz Lu DeGuzman Sandy Kittle Gary & Kathy Koch Linda Munson Bonnie Olson Ron Stark Joe and Kay Schmitz Frank & Mary Weeks

family members
Randy & Linda Bedward Tom & Marjorie Bennett Sharon Boylen Donna Cipra Jill & Brian Cipra Mike & Mary Jane Faas Eric & Betty Frydenlund Randi & Mike Kluesner Randy & Kathy Paske Jim & Kathy Powers Jami & Ken Quick Ron & Kathy Quamme John & Judy Ryan Kurt & Peggy Smith Brent Seamans Roberta Spires George & Mary Tilley Steve & Lynda Welter– Honorary

individual members
Tori Armstrong June Burns Alexis Burns Deb Cross Phil Dwornik Dawn Eggers Kelly Fishler Donna Heilmann Janis Hein Joe Hunzeker Kristen Helgerson Kriegl Marty Leeman Deb Luebker Kim Pinkham Merilee Pleggenkuhle Bev Pozega Rosemary Reese Sue Rider Seth Sanders Shirley Wegmuller Sally Whitish Brenda Wilson Julie Whyte

Monthly pledge member
8 & Eileen Klatt Don

Student member
Mollee Whyte

8 shelter shorts / march 2014


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