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Personal/Social Development Lesson Plan

School Counselor: Brea Adams Grade(s): 10th #rade ASCA Student Standards (Domain/Standard/Competencies): Personal/Social Development Standard A: St$dents %ill ac&$ire the kno%ledge, attit$des, and inter'ersonal skill to hel' them $nderstand and res'ect self and others( PS:A2.3: )ecogni*e, acce't, res'ect and a''reciate indi+id$al differences( Standard B: St$dents %ill make decisions, set goals and take necessary action to achie+e goals( PS:B1.7: "emonstrate a res'ect and a''reciation for indi+id$al and c$lt$ral differences( Learning Ob ective(s): 1( St$dents %ill recogni*e the commonalities and di+ersity amongst their classmates( 2( St$dents %ill demonstrate coo'erati+e !eha+ior %hile %orking in gro$'s( ,( St$dents %ill identify and e-'lain ho% the di+ersity of e-'eriences amongst their 'eers can 'ositi+ely im'act their academic en+ironment( !aterials: "o .o% hando$t /0re1test2, 3$man Bingo Worksheet, 4+al$ation /0ost1test2 "rocedure: 1( 5he lesson %ill !egin %ith a "o .o%, %hich %ill also ser+e as the 're1test for the lesson( St$dents %ill !e asked to share their o'inion on feeling comforta!le %ith their classmates and share their tho$ghts on ho% !$ilding relationshi's %ith 'eers can 'ositi+ely im'act them, and the !enefits of a s$''orti+e so'homore class( 2( 6ollo%ing the "o .o%, the co$nselor %ill lead a !rief disc$ssion on st$dents7 res'onses to the &$estions( ,( After the disc$ssion, the 3$man Bingo %orksheet %ill !e distri!$ted to e+eryone( 5he class %ill !e instr$cted that they ha+e ten min$tes to identify one 'erson in the class %ho matches the descri'tion in the Bingo s&$ares and get their signat$re( St$dents can ha+e no more than t%o s&$ares signed !y the same 'erson( 5he first 'erson %ith all of their s&$ares signed %ins BI.#8( 4( 6ollo%ing the acti+ity, the class %ill re+ie% %ho matched each descri'tion( 5he co$nselor %ill read a descri'tion and st$dents %ill raise their hand if they match that descri'tion( St$dents sho$ld !e asked to share details a!o$t their e-'erience /i(e( Which college cam'$s did yo$ +isit9 What co$ntry are yo$r grand'arents from9 Where do yo$ %ork92( :( After the acti+ity de!rief the co$nselor %ill lead st$dents in a disc$ssion( 5he co$nselor %ill ask the follo%ing &$estions to g$ide the disc$ssion; 1 What ne% information did yo$ learn a!o$t yo$r classmates9 Date: Week of March 10th, March 17th & March 24th

Activity: Identifying Similarities, ele!rating "ifferences

1 Who %as s$r'rised to learn of the similarities they ha+e %ith someone else in the class9 1 3o% can learning a!o$t yo$r 'eers !e !eneficial9 1 3o% has learning a!o$t yo$r 'eers !een !eneficial for yo$ today9 <( 6or home%ork, st$dents %ill !e instr$cted to identify fi+e so'homores %ho are not in their social circle /and not in their ad+isory class2 and do a !rief /,1: &$estions2 inter+ie% %ith them( "lan #or $valuation: %o& &ill each o# the #ollo&ing be collected' "rocess data: 5he lesson %ill !e 'resented to 100= of the so'homores in gro$'s of 201,0 in their ad+isory class( "erception data: 1( St$dents re'ort feeling more comforta!le interacting %ith their classmates( 2( >:= of st$dents re'ort that getting to kno% their classmates !etter can ha+e a 'ositi+e im'act on them and their academics( ,( ?0= of st$dents re'ort that de+elo'ing 'ositi+e relationshi' %ith their classmates can create a safer school en+ironment( Outcome data: So'homore teachers re'ort a 10= decrease in intra1gro$' fights, arg$ments and class disr$'tions( 5he n$m!er of so'homore disci'line re'orts decreased !y 10=( (ollo& )p: If there are st$dents %ho do not com'lete the home%ork, the co$nselor %ill organi*e them into gro$'s consisting of :17 st$dents( 5hese gro$'s %ill disc$ss !oth 'ositi+e and negati+e inter'ersonal e-'eriences they ha+e had at school( 5he gro$'/s2 %ill !e asked to !rainstorm %ays they can create 'ositi+e change, a+oid f$t$re negati+e e-'eriences, and ho% they can de+elo' a greater sense of comm$nity %ithin the so'homore class( 5he gro$'/s2 of st$dents %ill them !e charged %ith organi*ing and im'lementing their ideas or acti+ities(